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The infamous Andy Milonakis began his antics on the internet where he developed a cult following, including the recognition of Kimmel, who in turn started featuring Milonakis on his ABC late night show "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Between his Internet notoriety and new found TV audience, this eventually catapulted Milonakis to land his own outlandish series, The Andy Milonakis Show, which now makes its way over to MTV2, serving up a hardcore Milonakis-loving audience that continues to grow.


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News Articles about Andy Milonakis

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MTV 6/5/07 Justin Long, Anna Faris, Andy Milonakis 'Waiting ...' For A Sequel No Longer

Digital Spy 9/28/06 Third 'Milonakis' season confirmed

NPR 5/30/06 A Short-Lived Fan of Andy Milonakis

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Detroit Free Press 4/7/06 World According to Andy: Quirky comedian talks about new season, DVD

Hartford Courant 3/31/06 Charming `Andy Milonakis Show' First Of Two Funny MTV2 Offerings

AllHipHop 3/28/06 Andy Milonakis: Real Talk

Celebrity Spider 3/27/06 Andy Milonakis Pranks Hollywood With Paris Hilton Gag

Chicago Tribune 3/26/06 Milonakis: Work is hard

NY Times 3/26/06 The Return of the Weirdest Guy in School

Metromix 3/26/06 Comedy on the mean streets of New York

Celebrity Spider 2/28/06 Andy Milonakis Show DVD Released in Conjunction With Season 2 Premiere

The Beacon 9/19/05 Andy Milonakis takes child's play to another level

Washington Post 8/11/05 Who's the Comedian?

Denver Post 7/29/05 Weird is the word for Andy Milonakis - funny too

Lycos 7/13/05 Movers & Shakers: Hubcap Hurling, Milonakis & Valentino

Village Voice 7/1/05 Yay Wacktards!

USA Today 6/23/05 How 'Andy' stacks up

NY Daily News 6/22/05 Pranks, but no thanks!

Totally Coins 3/23/03 Elfin Singer Delights Viewers


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