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Entertainment Weekly 5/1/14 Cameron Diaz helps Jimmy Fallon photobomb tourists -- Video

People 4/28/14 Cameron Diaz Is Ready to Babysit Drew Barrymore's Daughters

Zap2It 4/24/14 Watch Cameron Diaz race Jimmy Fallon in roller golf on 'The Tonight Show'

E!Online 4/22/14 Cameron Diaz Hasn't Used 20 Years

E!Online 4/11/14 Cameron Diaz On Relationships: "I Don't Know if Anyone is Really Monogamous"

E!Online 4/4/14 Cameron Diaz Clears Up Her Stance on Pubic Hair: "It's There for a Reason!"

US Magazine 3/18/14 Cameron Diaz Skinny Dips in Caribbean at 41, Flaunts Bikini Body: See the Sexy Pictures

People 3/6/14 Cameron Diaz Talks Racy Sex Tape Scenes with Jason Segel: 'We Had Each Other's Backs'

TV Guide 3/5/14 Video: New Annie Trailer Shows Off Cameron Diaz's Mean Side

People 2/3/14 Photos: Cameron Diaz's First Shoe Designs For Pour La Victoire

People 1/10/14 Cameron Diaz: 'I Like the Way I Look Now Better Than at 25'

Hollywood Reporter 1/2/14 Cameron Diaz 'Praises Pubes' in New Book

People 12/19/13 Cameron Diaz Playing Fashion Photographer With Women Of All Shapes and Sizes Will Make Your Day

Digital Spy 11/13/13 Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan in 'Annie' remake - picture

Hollywood Reporter 10/17/13 Cheetah Prints and Bullet Holes: Cameron Diaz' Dark Style in 'The Counselor'

E!Online 9/18/13 Cameron Diaz Flips Off Paparazzi (Again!)—See the Star's Latest Middle-Finger Pic

Hollywood Reporter 9/11/13 'The Counselor' Clip: Cameron Diaz Is Dangerous

NY Daily News 9/4/13 Cameron shows off sprawling West Village apartment in Elle Decor: 'I wanted a place that felt very homey'

Hollywood Reporter 7/22/13 Cameron Diaz Is Pour La Victoire's New Artistic Director (Report)

E!Online 6/27/13 Cameron Diaz and Penélope Cruz Go Topless Together in New Movie—See the Steamy Pic

Hollywood Reporter 6/26/13 Cameron Diaz to Play Miss Hannigan in 'Annie'

E!Online 6/25/13 Cameron Diaz Flips Off the Paparazzi—Again

People 10/2/12 Cameron Diaz Says It's Great Being Single – So Far

People 7/23/12 Cameron Diaz Strips Down to Her Sports Bra at N.Y.C. Bash

E!Online 5/31/12 Drew Barrymore Joined by BFF Cameron Diaz for Final Wedding Dress Fitting

People 5/7/12 Cameron Diaz & Jennifer Lopez: What They Think About Motherhood

People 5/2/12 Cameron Diaz Cried After Chopping Her Hair

E!Online 4/30/12 Cameron Diaz Explains How She and Gwyneth Paltrow "Became Very Close" Friends

US Magazine 4/12/12 Hot! Cameron Diaz, 39, Dons Teeny Orange Bikini in Hawaii

Zap2It 3/31/12 Kids Choice Awards 2012: Cameron Diaz, Usher embrace the slime

E!Online 2/28/12 Cameron Diaz: Pregnancy and Giving Birth Are "Really Fun"...Say What?

US Magazine 1/26/12 Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker and Anna Kendrick Debut Baby Bumps

Daily Mail 1/25/12 There's something about Cameron: Miss Diaz reveals a suspiciously wrinkle-free look

US Magazine 1/16/12 Whoa! Cameron Diaz Shows Off Super Muscular Frame in Too-Tight Dress

E!Online 1/3/12 Cameron Diaz Cuts Her Hair Short—Do You Like?

Daily Mail 12/21/11 Full throttle! Charlie's Angels star Cameron Diaz revs up for some fun in a go-kart

Daily Mail 12/9/11 Cameron Diaz sports baby bump in What To Expect When You're Expecting

Daily Mail 12/7/11 Scruffy Cameron Diaz looks to be in need of some beauty sleep - but still slips on her high heels to totter along in

Daily Mail 11/17/11 Is romance on the menu? Cameron Diaz and P. Diddy seen enjoying cozy dinner dates

Digital Spy 11/16/11 Cameron Diaz dating P Diddy?

Daily Mail 10/31/11 Cameron Diaz seems the worse for wear as she leaves Halloween party with dollar bills stuffed into her belt

Daily Mail 10/7/11 Cameron Diaz jets in to London to watch on-screen flame Jude Law star in Anna Christie

Daily Mail 9/23/11 'I have a lot of love for her': A-Rod insists he's still on good terms with Cameron Diaz after split

People 9/15/11 Cameron Diaz & Alex Rodriguez Off Again, Says Source

Digital Spy 9/6/11 Cameron Diaz going on 'girly' holiday with Cheryl Cole?

Examiner 8/30/11 Cameron Diaz and Cheryl Cole in new 'What to Expect' set photos

Examiner 8/25/11 Photos of Cameron Diaz faking pregnancy on set of 'What To Expect

Daily Mail 7/20/11 There's something about Colin: Cameron Diaz jokes around on set of new movie with the fabulous Mr Firth

Hollywood Reporter 6/23/11 Cameron Diaz to Appear on Bear Grylls' 'Man vs. Wild' (Report)

People 6/23/11 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz's 'Uncomfortable' Sex Scene

LA Times 6/22/11 About (Late) Last Night: Cameron Diaz removes Jon Stewart's stitches, cracks up with Jimmy Fallon

People 6/22/11 Cameron Diaz Still Laughing About Alex Rodriguez Popcorn Photo

MTV 6/21/11 Cameron Diaz Says Playing Crappy 'Bad Teacher' Was Refreshing

US Magazine 6/21/11 Cameron Diaz to Alex Rodriguez: "I Love You Too Much"

Daily Mail 6/21/11 Remember me? Cameron Diaz greets ex Justin Timberlake with a kiss on the red carpet

MTV 6/21/11 Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake Hit 'Bad Teacher' Black Carpet

Digital Spy 6/20/11 Cameron Diaz: 'Men don't want to see women being bad'

Digital Spy 6/17/11 Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake "love each other"

E!Online 6/13/11 How Is Cameron Diaz Now Linked to Leonardo DiCaprio and Tiger Woods?

Digital Spy 6/13/11 Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz talk 'Bad Teacher'

USA Today 6/13/11 Cameron Diaz works out with Prince Harry

Digital Spy 6/9/11 Justin Timberlake: 'Cameron Diaz has my humor'

Daily Mail 6/7/11 Separating? Cameron Diaz and A-Rod couldn't be more a couple as they climb aboard his private jet

US Magazine 6/7/11 Photos: Affectionate Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez Squash Split Talk

People 6/7/11 Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez Scout Property

Extra 6/6/11 Cameron Diaz on Movie Sex with Her Ex, Justin Timberlake

E!Online 6/6/11 Jennifer Aniston Flaunts New BF While Cameron and A-Rod Get Caught "Holding Hands"

Digital Spy 6/6/11 Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez 'spotted on LA dates'

Digital Spy 6/6/11 Justin Timberlake: 'Cameron Diaz sex scenes easy'

Daily Mail 6/3/11 Cameron Diaz 'hurt and betrayed' amid claims of split with boyfriend A-Rod

Daily Mail 6/3/11 Cameron Diaz starts a boob job fund to impress her ex Justin Timberlake... but it's for her new film Bad Teacher

Daily Mail 5/20/11 Cowgirl Cameron Diaz swaps her Daisy Dukes for head to toe denim while filming Gambit remake

NY Daily News 5/6/11 Cameron Diaz up for lead role in film adaptation of 'What to Expect When You're Expecting'

Digital Spy 5/6/11 Cameron Diaz to take lead in 'Expecting'?

Digital Spy 5/5/11 Cameron Diaz: 'Women get better with age'

People 5/4/11 Cameron Diaz: Marriage Isn't Right for Everyone

Daily Mail 5/4/11 'I'm off the fried foods': Buff Cameron Diaz shares her diet secrets while posing in a swimsuit and heels

USA Today 5/4/11 Cameron Diaz: dating A-Rod is "awesome"

Daily Mail 4/14/11 Cameron Diaz highlights her sun-kissed skin with bright white (and very tight) outfit

US Magazine 3/19/11 Exclusive Photos: Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez Play Happy Family With His Kids

Daily Mail 2/14/11 Cameron Diaz is every inch the proud girlfriend as A-Rod receives baseball award

Daily Mail 2/11/11 Through the keyhole: Cameron Diaz and A-Rod hunt for a luxury love nest in Miami

Digital Spy 2/10/11 Diaz 'flattered' by Kids' Choice Award nod

BBC 2/2/11 Cameron Diaz joins Colin Firth in Gambit remake

Daily Mail 1/26/11 After Miami, Hawaii and London, Cameron Diaz and A-Rod take a trip to Paris

Digital Spy 1/14/11 Cameron Diaz: 'Bikini pictures rude'

Daily Mail 1/13/11 Cameron Diaz enjoys a night at the basketball with the man who made her millions

US Magazine 12/23/10 Bikini-Clad Cameron Diaz Takes a Dip with Shirtless A-Rod

Daily Mail 12/22/10 Cameron Diaz flashes her enviably pert bottom in a skimpy bikini as she soaks up the sun down Mexico way

TMZ 12/20/10 Cameron Diaz -- Poolside with A.Rod & Kids

TMZ 11/29/10 Cameron & A-Rod Hose Each Other Off

Daily Mail 11/25/10 All aboard the love boat! Cameron Diaz and A-Rod reunite for round two of their on/off romance

Daily Mail 10/26/10 Cameron Diaz has a Glee-full night out at Bardot in Hollywood with actor Matthew Morrison

E!Online 10/24/10 Glee's Matthew Morrison and Cameron Diaz: New Couple Alert?

Daily Mail 10/4/10 Why the long face? Cameron Diaz looks glum on movie set... maybe she's missing A-Rod

Daily Mail 9/29/10 So how does Tom Cruise (5ft 7) stand as tall as heel-wearing Cameron Diaz (5ft 9)?

Daily Mail 9/28/10 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz take their summer box office flop to Japan

Daily Mail 9/7/10 It's a love game! Cameron Diaz and A-Rod attend US Open separately (but can't keep their eyes off each other)

Daily Mail 8/31/10 Cam off it! Cameron Diaz treated to a birthday dinner by A-Rod but they're still 'just friends'

USA Today 8/19/10 Cameron Diaz tops list of riskiest celeb searches

Daily Mail 7/23/10 It's a starry starry Knight for Cameron Diaz as she wears stunning sparkly minidress for premiere

Daily Mail 7/23/10 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz launch attack on the Stig in bid to reveal his secret identity

BBC 7/22/10 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz to take Top Gear test

US Magazine 7/22/10 Cameron Diaz: Getting Married for Life is "Bulls**t"

Digital Spy 7/21/10 Cameron Diaz admits to 'Shrek' heartbreak

Digital Spy 7/21/10 Cameron Diaz 'buys $10m house'

Digital Spy 7/8/10 Diaz: 'Fame makes you who you are'

Daily Mail 7/7/10 Cameron Diaz is hanging out with a mystery man in Brazil (but is she nuts about him?)

Daily Mail 6/24/10 Cameron squirms in her seat after forgetting the name of her own character while promoting Knight And Day

NY Daily News 6/23/10 Cameron Diaz forgets 'Knight and Day' character's name, June Havens, on Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show'

NY Daily News 6/22/10 'Knight and Day' review: Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz make popcorn flick pop

Daily Mail 6/18/10 'I'm attracted to girls and like animalistic sex': Cameron Diaz shocks fans with graphic confession

Daily Mail 6/16/10 Tom Cruise sends Cameron Diaz into a fit of giggles as they joke around on photo shoot

Daily Mail 6/15/10 Cameron Diaz is beautiful in a tiny blue bikini as she relaxes on Hawaiian family break

Gather 6/4/10 New Knight And Day Featurette With Tom Cruise And Cameron Diaz Takes Us Behind The Scenes

Digital Spy 6/2/10 Cameron Diaz: "Lots of Sex" Is My "Fountain of Youth"

Digital Spy 5/31/10 Cameron Diaz 'not ready for family'

Digital Spy 5/31/10 Cameron Diaz hoping to "offend everyone"

Gather 5/28/10 New Trailer And Clip For Tom Cruise And Cameron Diaz In Knight And Day

Daily Mail 5/17/10 Shrek Forever After premiere: Cameron Diaz is no ogre in sexy little red dress

Gather 5/28/10 New Trailer And Clip For Tom Cruise And Cameron Diaz In Knight And Day

Daily Mail 5/17/10 Shrek Forever After premiere: Cameron Diaz is no ogre in sexy little red dress

Gather 5/13/10 Kate Hudson - New Almay Ambassador - Mad At Ex's New Flame Cameron Diaz

Zap2It 5/4/10 Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz to present at MTV Movie Awards; 'Twilight' stars absent so far
Daily Mail 4/22/10 Cameron Diaz flashes her enviable long legs as she lunches in New York ahead of the Shrek premiere

Digital Spy 4/14/10 Cameron Diaz 'dating Alex Rodriguez' 3/31/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010: Knight & Day Extended Trailer

Daily Mail 3/30/10 Cameron Diaz shows off stunning figure and enviably long legs in cropped shirt and denim hotpants on film set

NY Post 3/30/10 Cruise & Diaz make my 'Day' 3/29/10 Cameron Diaz Movies: Hot Diaz Wears Short Shorts Filming Bad Teacher

E!Online 3/29/10 Who's the Lovely Leggy Lady in Daisy Dukes?

Daily Mail 3/22/10 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are reunited on the set of their new film Bad Teacher

E!Online 3/15/10 Justin Timberlake Reunites With Cameron Diaz

E!Online 3/11/10 So What Does Jessica Biel Think of Justin Timberlake's Steamy Sex Scene With Cameron Diaz?

Access Hollywood 3/2/10 Justin Timberlake To Star With Cameron Diaz In ‘Bad Teacher’

Daily Mail 2/3/10 Cameron Diaz displays her perfect poise as she chills out in the Caribbean with a bikini yoga workout

Daily Mail 1/28/10 Stunt-weary Tom Cruise collapses into the arms of Cameron Diaz

Instyle 1/22/10 Cameron Diaz goes scarlet on the Golden Globes red carpet

Cinema Blend 12/10/09 With Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz Has The Chance To Be Funny Again

Daily Mail 11/30/09 Cameron Diaz goes running with the bulls... on the back of Tom Cruise's motorbike

Splash News 11/26/09 Cameron Diaz Doesn't Mind Turning 40

Hindustan Times 10/21/09 Cameron Diaz confused in life

Zap2It 9/16/09 Jay Leno grills Tom Cruise (and Cameron Diaz)

Boston Globe 8/21/09 Keanu Reeves dating burger babe Cameron

Digital Spy 8/5/09 Diaz: 'I'd love to do new Angels film'

Digital Spy 7/29/09 Diaz 'accepts stranger's proposal'

Digital Spy 7/28/09 Diaz confirms 'Green Hornet' role

Digital Spy 7/23/09 Diaz: 'I couldn't follow Andrews's act'

Daily Mail 7/20/09 Cameron Diaz hits the dancefloor with Jude Law as Holiday co-stars bump into each other in club

Digital Spy 7/16/09 Diaz: 'I owe career to my parents'

Daily Mail 7/6/09 'I'm not going to be the 23-year-old ingénue again,' says Cameron Diaz..

Digital Spy 6/28/09 Diaz 'honoured' by Hollywood star

Daily Mail 6/26/09 Don't call me ditzy: She's Hollywood's favourite blonde - but will Anyone now take Cameron Diaz seriously

Daily Mail 6/25/09 Cameron Diaz grows up as an actress but her leggy premiere look shows she's young at heart

USA Today 6/25/09 Cameron Diaz's motherhood role is a big-screen 'Keeper'

Daily Mail 6/23/09 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes turn out to support Cameron Diaz as she gets a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

NY Daily News 6/23/09 Actress Cameron Diaz earns a star for her summer style in white Oscar de la Renta frock and red belt

Wall Street Journal 12/2/08 John Mayer Gives a Rolex President to Jessica Simpson & Jennifer Aniston but Not to Cameron Diaz
Digital Spy 11/12/08 Cameron Diaz Plans To Meet Boyfriend's Mother

Celebrity Spider 10/14/08 Cameron Diaz Schooling Paul Sculfor
Celebrity Spider 10/8/08 Cameron Diaz: 'I'm A Spoiled Brat'

Digital Spy 10/6/08 Diaz: 'I'm used to getting my own way'
Celebrity Spider 10/3/08 Cameron Diaz Nearly Turned Down Mary Role

Celebrity Spider 10/2/08 Cameron Diaz Pays Tribute To Dad At Movie Screening

Celebrity Spider 9/30/08 David Walliams' Cheeky Offer To Cameron Diaz
Celebrity Spider 9/30/08 Cameron Diaz Rules Out Marriage To Sculfor

Digital Spy 9/30/08 Walliams: 'I paid Diaz to do splits'
Celebrity Spider 9/21/08 Cameron Diaz Plays 'Cougar' On TV
Celebrity Spider 9/10/08 Cameron Diaz's Long List Of Demands For Her Man

Celebrity Spider 9/3/08 Eva Mendes Seeks Advice From Lucy Liu And Cameron Diaz

Extra 9/3/08 Cameron a Model GF at U.S. Open
TMZ 9/3/08 Diaz Locks Up Aniston's Sloppy Seconds
Celebrity Spider 8/25/08 Cameron Diaz Rescues Injured Dog

People 8/25/08 Doggy Drama! Cameron Diaz Rescues Injured Pup

Celebrity Spider 8/18/08 Anna Faris Still Upset About Cameron Diaz Controversy 8/13/08 Cameron Diaz is Hollywood's top earning actress

Digital Spy 8/6/08 Cameron Diaz 'not ready to settle down'
Digital Spy 7/30/08 Cameron Diaz: 'I want a big bottom'

Celebrity Spider 6/26/08 Cameron Diaz Engaged?
This Is London 6/26/08 Now Cameron Diaz fuels engagement rumours as she flashes huge sparkler on her wedding finger
Celebrity Spider 6/25/08 Cameron Diaz Steps Up Romance With Jennifer Aniston's Ex

This Is London 6/25/08 Revealed: The embarrassing photos Cameron Diaz's new man Won't want her to see
TMZ 6/24/08 Cameron Diaz Takes Her Leftovers to Go
Extra 6/23/08 Diaz and Aniston Trade Partners
Celebrity Spider 6/20/08 New Hollywood 'Star' Names Unveiled
Celebrity Spider 6/13/08 Justin Timberlake Credits Diaz Romance For Teaching Him About Women
Sky 6/13/08 Cam: More Love Goss
Digital Spy 6/12/08 Cameron Diaz 'still pining for Timberlake'
Digital Spy 6/11/08 Diaz 'rows with Abercrombie shop staff'
Digital Spy 6/5/08 Paltrow: 'I'll force myself to get pregnant'
NY Daily News 6/4/08 Cameron Diaz couples up with Jennifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend
Digital Spy 6/4/08 Diaz: 'I love burger and fries'
Sky 6/4/08 Cam's Love Riddle

Digital Spy 6/4/08 Cameron Diaz 'romances' Essex model

Celebrity Spider 6/3/08 Cameron Diaz Dating Aniston's Ex?
E! Online 6/3/08 Cameron Diaz Loves Recycling
Sky 6/3/08 Cam's New Celeb Man?
Celebrity Spider 6/2/08 Sean 'Diddy' Combs Slams Cameron Diaz Rumors
Digital Spy 6/2/08 Diddy 'romances' Diaz at Prince party
Daily News 6/2/08 Cameron Diaz and Diddy a touchy topic
TMZ 5/30/08 Antonio: Cameron's Got the Best Seat in the House
This Is London 5/22/08 There's something different about Mary... she's a baldie
Celebrity Spider 5/13/08 Cameron Diaz: 'I Get Better With Age'
Celebrity Spider 5/11/08 Cameron Diaz Isn't Phased By Growing Older
Chicago Sun-Times 5/9/08 Wedded miss in new Kutcher, Diaz comedy
Detroit News 5/9/08 Appealing actors make 'Vegas' a better gamble than it deserves to be
Seattle PI 5/8/08 Don't fret about laughs staying in Vegas with Diaz and Kutcher
Celebrity Spider 5/6/08 Ashton Kutcher: 'Cameron Diaz Is Fitter Than Me'
Celebrity Spider 5/6/08 Cameron Diaz Gives Up Searching For Mr. Right
Daily Record 5/6/08 Cameron Diaz: I won't find my Prince Charming

This Is London 5/2/08 Smiling Cameron Diaz makes emotional return to the red carpet in a minidress

NY Daily News 5/2/08 Cameron Diaz returns to the red carpet after her father's death

Sky News 4/28/08 Cam's Sad Note

Celebrity Spider 4/25/08 Cameron Diaz Not Hospitalized

NY Daily News 4/24/08 Cameron Diaz denies seeking medical treatment for stress after death of dad

E!Online 4/24/08 Mourning Cameron Sitting Out Movie Junket

Ananova 4/24/08 Diaz misses movie premiere

Digital Spy 4/23/08 Cameron Diaz to take a year off work

Celebrity Spider 4/22/08 Cameron Diaz Hospitalized After Father's Death

Daily Mail 4/22/08 Grieving Cameron Diaz comforted by Justin Timberlake at memorial service for her father

E! Online 4/21/08 Exes Mark the Soft Spot at Diaz Funeral

Boston Globe 4/21/08 Cameron Diaz's ex support

Celebrity Spider 4/17/08 Cameron Diaz Confirms Dad's Death

BBC 4/17/08 Grieving actress Diaz thanks fans

E! Online 4/16/08 Diaz "Deeply Appreciative" of Support Following Dad's Death

Stuff 4/16/08 Cameron Diaz rocked by dad's shock death

TMZ 4/16/08 Cameron Diaz's Father Dies From Pneumonia

Celebrity Spider 4/14/08 Cameron Diaz: "I Love My Toned Body"

Monsters & Critics 4/12/08 Cameron Diaz's secret admirer

Digital Spy 4/12/08 Cameron Diaz turns her back on LA

Toronto Star 4/12/08 The view from the top is hopeful

Celebrity Spider 4/11/08 Cameron Diaz Loves Karaoke in New York

Extra 4/11/08 Cam, '4Real'

TMZ 4/11/08 Gerard Butler -- Cam's Just Another Bitch to Me

TMZ 4/10/08 Cam: Thanks for the Flowers, I'm Not Your Bud

New Zealand Herald 4/10/08 Cameron Diaz and Gerard Butler double date with Reese and Jake

Hello! 4/10/08 Light-hearted action for Cameron as she lenses heart-wrenching flick

Extra 4/7/08 Spartan Love for Cameron?

Celebrity Spider 4/6/08 Cameron Diaz Dating Gerard Butler

Celebrity Spider 4/4/08 Cameron Diaz Swaps L.A. for New York

Digital Spy 4/4/08 Diaz: 'There's no shame in being happy'

Celebrity Spider 4/2/08 Cameron Diaz Likes "Pretty" Compliments 4/1/08 Cameron Diaz says men put off because she's 'a lot of woman'

Now Magazine 4/1/08 Cameron Diaz is an inspiration to little people

Extra 3/12/08 Something About Matty?

Hello! 2/22/08 Birthday hugs for Drew from best pal Cameron at pre-Oscars party

TMZ 2/19/08 Cameron and Drew Get Waxed

Sky News 2/19/08 Cameron, is that you?

Sky News 2/12/08 Meet Little Miss Daredevil 

Digital Spy 2/12/08 Diaz and Pompeo compete for luxury pad

Digital Spy 2/5/08 Cameron Diaz in New York club dance-off

Sky News 1/31/08 Cameron's Speed Date

Boston Globe 1/29/08 Eva Mendes' Diaz fart-off

Celebrity Spider 1/9/08 Cameron Diaz Changed Hair Color to Attract Men

Daily Mail 12/11/07 A chance meeting could have rekindled romance between Justin and Cameron

Charlotte Observer 11/26/07 Diaz stars in TV's 'Shrek the Halls'

Celebrity Spider 11/5/07 Cameron Diaz & James Marsden to Play Husband & Wife in Horror Film

Celebrity Spider 10/2/07 Cameron Diaz Dating Bradley Cooper?

Boston Globe 10/2/07 Cameron Diaz's new man

Sky News 10/1/07 Who's Cam's footy pal?

Celebrity Spider 9/25/07 Cameron Diaz Edits National Geographic Kids

Sky News 9/20/07 Guess the beach rump

Sky News 9/5/07 Who's made Cam mad?

Digital Spy 8/30/07 Simpson jealous of Diaz and Mayer

Digital Spy 8/26/07 Law plans romantic break with Diaz

TMZ 8/25/07 L.A.'s Most Eligible -- Clooney and Diaz

ABC 8/20/07 John Mayer & Cameron Diaz Hook Up Again

MTV 8/17/07 Cameron Diaz In A Thriller? A Look At 'The Box' That Could Change Her Career

Sky News 8/17/07 More Cam Dating Buzz

Digital Spy 8/16/07 Diaz spotted with Jessica Simpson's ex

Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 Jude Law and Cameron Diaz "Just Friends"

Sky News 7/31/07 Who does Cam heart?

Celebrity Spider 7/30/07 Jude Law Reportedly Dating Cameron Diaz

Entertainmentwise 7/21/07 Cameron Diaz Teams Up With Al Gore For TV Show

Daily Mail 7/17/07 Water babe Cameron Diaz is a bikini thriller

Sky News 7/17/07 A-List Bikini Butt Alert

TMZ 7/16/07 Cam's Wet Bikini Stroll

Daily Mail 7/16/07 Water babe Cameron is a bikini thriller

Hello! 7/16/07 Surfer girl Cameron in her element buoyed by new romance

Sky News 7/13/07 Cameron's Eco Romance

Showbiz Spy 7/12/07 Cameron Diaz's New Boyfriend

Sky News 7/12/07 Cam's Man Worries

Entertainment Weekly 7/6/07 World Beat

Celebrity Spider 7/3/07 Cameron Diaz Denies Criss Angel Split Involvement

Sky News 7/3/07 Cam Denies Affair

Celebrity Spider 7/2/07 Cameron Diaz Named in Magician Split

Sky News 9/3/07 Is Paris Now Perfect?

E!Online 7/2/07 Criss Angel's Wife Wants to Conjure Cameron Diaz

Extra 7/2/07 Cameron Diaz Dragged into Divorce Scandal

Daily Mail 6/30/07 The one thing Cameron's new beau can't magic away - his wife

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 Cameron Diaz: "I Deserve an Oscar for Happiness"

E!Online 6/29/07 Diaz, Carrey Land Post-Game Roles

Zap2It 6/29/07 Cameron Diaz Hops into 'The Box'

Hollywood Reporter 6/29/07 'Box' is a dark place for Diaz

Ananova 6/29/07 Diaz boxed into horror role

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Mike Myers Left Injured by Cameron Diaz

Coming Soon 6/28/07 Cameron Diaz in Richard Kelly's Box

Digital Spy 6/27/07 Cameron Diaz unable to commit to movies

Celebrity Spider 6/25/07 Cameron Diaz Apologizes for Bag Faux Pas

E! Online 6/25/07 Cameron Cops to Commie Carryall

Extra 6/25/07 Justin and Jessica Raise Temperatures; Cameron Raises Eyebrows

Zap2It 6/25/07 Cameron Diaz Offends Peru With Maoist Handbag

Daily Mail 6/25/07 Cameron Diaz, her 'Mao' bag and a row in the land of the Incas

Celebrity Spider 6/23/07 Cameron Diaz Fashion Faux-Pas Offends Country

NY Daily News 6/23/07 Diaz's fashion gives Peru bad taste

Celebrity Spider 6/21/07 Cameron Diaz Holidays in Peru

Jam! 6/19/07 Diaz explores ancient Inca capital

Celebrity Spider 6/16/07 Cameron Diaz Eyes Future on a Farm

Celebrity Spider 6/15/07 Cameron Diaz Takes a Break From Working

Celebrity Spider 6/13/07 Cameron Diaz: "Justin Timberlake and I Still Love Each Other"

Extra 6/12/07 Are Cameron and Justin Getting Back Together?

Sky News 6/12/07 Cam, Just, Love and Us

Digital Spy 6/12/07 Diaz insists she still loves Timberlake

Hello! 6/11/07 Cameron and Justin still close at German premiere of ' Shrek'

Daily Mail 6/11/07 Cameron Diaz's dazzling London arrival

BBC 6/11/07 Diaz and ex attend Shrek premiere

Dot Music 6/11/07 Diaz-Timberlake at 'Shrek' premiere

Hello! 6/8/07 Antonio sweeps Cameron off her feet in Paris

TMZ 6/8/07 JT and Cam: Fakin' It

Herald Sun 6/7/07 Cameron Diaz – ogre exposed

CBS 6/7/07 Angel's Magic Words For Diaz: "I Love You"

People 6/7/07 Criss Angel (Sort Of) Explains Cameron Diaz Shout-Out

Hello 6/6/07 Surfer girl Cameron shapes up on Hawaiian break

Sky News 6/4/07 Cameron's Hot Night

Daily Mail 6/4/07 Posh and Cameron Diaz’s embarrassing fashion double up

Celebrity Spider 6/3/07 Criss Angel: "There's No Way Cameron Diaz Would Date Me"

Celebrity Spider 6/1/07 Criss Angel Denies Dating Cameron Diaz Reports

Celebrity Spider 5/29/07 Cameron Diaz Disgusted by Fans of Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Spider 5/25/07 Criss Angel Gushes About "Amazing" Cameron Diaz

Detroit News 5/25/07 Cameron Diaz opens new 'Shrek' in Taiwan

TVNZ 5/22/07 Diaz walks green carpet in Oz 5/22/07 Cameron's back and blonde

Celebrity Spider 5/20/07 Cameron Diaz Surprised With Foreign Stamp Honor

Celebrity Spider 5/18/07 Cameron Diaz: "Princess Fiona is Beautiful"

Celebrity Spider 5/17/07 Cameron Diaz Weds Ashton Kutcher in New Vegas Movie

TMZ 5/17/07 Cam & Drew's She-Date

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 Cameron Diaz Bares a Breast on Ellen

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 Cameron Diaz: "Don't Hold My Beauty Against Me"

Digital Spy 5/16/07 Cameron talks of split with Justin

Jam! 5/16/07 Diaz, Kutcher gamble on 'Vegas'

Hollywood Reporter 5/16/07 Diaz, Kutcher hit jackpot in Fox's 'Vegas'

Daily Mail 5/16/07 Heartbreak for Minnie Driver as fiancé runs off with Cameron Diaz

Digital Spy 5/16/07 Diaz dating illusionist Criss Angel?

Daily Record 5/16/07 Cam Hell On A-List 

Sky News 5/16/07 Cameron's New Fella

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 Cameron Diaz Wins Battle Over Shrek Character

Extra 5/15/07 Cameron Diaz Finds New Love?

TMZ 5/15/07 Is There Something about Cameron?

Celebrity Spider 5/14/07 Cameron Diaz: "Let Kids Believe Princess Fiona is For Real"

TMZ 5/14/07 Cam Rockin' Huge Stones

New Zealand Herald 5/14/07 Cameron Diaz: 'The last couple of years have been hell'

Sky News 5/14/07 Cameron's Dodge Hair

Celebrity Spider 5/9/07 Cameron Diaz Loves Her New Nose

CBS 5/9/07 Diaz Doesn't Worry About Seeing Her Ex

TMZ 5/9/07 Cameron Coos: "We're the Popular Kids!"

Sky News 5/9/07 Cameron Plays Games

Celebrity Spider 5/8/07 Cameron Diaz's Weekend Ruined by Paris Hilton's Jail Sentence

Celebrity Spider 5/8/07 Cameron Diaz Fights For an Even Greener Shrek 4

Extra 5/8/07 Cameron Gets Candid: Would She Ever Adopt?

Celebrity Spider 5/7/07 All Eyes on Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake at Shrek Premiere

Daily Mail 5/7/07 Reunited: Justin and Cameron's 'fairytale' kiss

Coming Soon 5/6/07 Would Cameron Diaz Do a Charlie Angels 3?

Denver Post 5/6/07 Timberlake, Diaz meet at Shrek premiere

Celebrity Spider 5/2/07 Cameron Diaz Gave Jeffrey Katzenberg Blessing to Cast Justin Timberlake

Celebrity Spider 4/28/07 Cameron Diaz "Freaked Out" by Paparazzi

Daily Mail 4/20/07 Cameron Diaz in a daze after partying with Paris

US Magazine 4/20/07 Us @ Night: Cameron Pops in on Her Friends

Celebrity Spider 4/12/07 Cameron Diaz: "I Have No Plans to be a Mother"

Celebrity Spider 4/10/07 Justin Timberlake: "Don't Bad Mouth Cameron Diaz"

Sky News 4/10/07 Justin talks Cameron

Daily Mail 4/3/07 Cameron Diaz gets her sexy back

Celebrity Spider 4/2/07 Cameron Diaz Still Looking for Love

TMZ 4/2/07 Cameron's Sand Bags

Celebrity Spider 4/1/07 Cameron Diaz Loves British Food

Digital Spy 3/31/07 Cameron Diaz addicted to scones

TMZ 3/27/07 Gestatin' with Cam

Celebrity Spider 3/23/07 Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz Spark Reunion Rumors

Celebrity Spider 3/9/07 Cameron Diaz Fears for Reincarnation

Sky News 3/9/07 Cam's next life wish

Hello 3/7/07 LA girls Eva and Cameron looking fit and fabulous

Celebrity Spider 3/1/07 Cameron Diaz Comforts Elisha Cuthbert Over Justin Timberlake Song

TMZ 3/1/07 Cameron Diaz Can't Hold a Man

TMZ 2/26/07 Cameron All Wet Before Oscars

Sunday Mirror 2/25/07 Keep off the grass, Cam

Hello! 2/22/07 Drew and Cameron flying high on singletons' support

TMZ 2/22/07 Cameron and Drew Fly Solo

Sky News 2/20/07 Who's Making Cam Laugh?

Celebrity Spider 2/19/07 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz Reunite?

Celebrity Spider 2/19/07 Cameron Diaz Dating Hounsou

Celebrity Spider 2/17/07 Cameron Diaz Settles With US Tabloid

Media Guardian 2/17/07 Diaz wins libel damages over 'smooch' claim

E!Online 2/16/07 Diaz Beats Down Enquiring Minds Again

Extra 2/16/07 Cameron Diaz's Secret Date with an Oscar Nominee?

Zap2It 2/16/07 Diaz Gets Damages for 'Smooching' Story

BBC 2/16/07 Libel damages for US actress Diaz

TMZ 2/16/07 Cameron Gets Sweaty

Celebrity Spider 2/15/07 Kelly Slater Dismisses Cameron Diaz Romance With Brazilian Girlfriend

TMZ 2/15/07 Cam 'n Kelly Party -- with Pam?

Celebrity Spider 2/13/07 Kelly Slater and Cameron Diaz Just Good Friends

Hello! 2/7/07 Drew and Cameron's girly Valentine's plans

Digital Spy 2/3/07 Timberlake speaks to Diaz on birthday

Sky News 1/29/07 What Justin is missing

Us 1/24/07 Cameron’s Jealous Rage

Daily Mail 1/22/07 Cameron surfs her blues away

Celebrity Spider 1/21/07 Kelly Slater's Mother: "Cameron Diaz is Not Dating My Son"

Celebrity Spider 1/19/07 Surf's Up for Cameron Diaz

Extra 1/19/07 Cameron Diaz Hangs Ten with Kelly Slater

Extra 1/19/07 Was Julia Roberts Intimidated by Cameron Diaz?

TMZ 1/19/07 Justin's Replacement?

Celebrity Spider 1/18/07 Cameron Diaz: "I'm Very Happy With My Life"

Celebrity Spider 1/18/07 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz in Post Awards Show Spat

MegaStar 1/18/07 JT and Diaz's Golden tiff

TMZ 1/18/07 Cameron's New Dude -- Rebound Or Revenge?

Celebrity Spider 1/17/07 Cameron Diaz to Move Back in With Parents

TMZ 1/17/07 Cameron Doesn't Do Security Lines

Sky News 1/15/07 Sienna Pals Up With Cam

Celebrity Spider 1/14/07 Justin Timberlake Opens Up A Little About Cameron Diaz Split

Celebrity Spider 1/13/07 Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz Kept Separate at Golden Globes

Celebrity Spider 1/12/07 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz Confirm Split

Daily Mail 1/12/07 The end of Justin and Cameron - the beginning of Justin and Scarlett?

BBC 1/12/07 Diaz and Timberlake confirm split

TMZ 8/4/06 Carmen Electra is The New Anna Nicole

Celebrity Spider 8/3/06 Dennis Rodman: "Carmen Electra is Still in Love With Me"

Sky News 1/12/07 Cam And Just Speak

E!Online 1/11/07 Diaz, Timberlake Confirm Uncoupling

Daily Mail 1/10/07 Justin who? Cameron puts on a big smile for the cameras

MegaStar 1/4/07 The end for Just and Cam?

Daily Mail 1/4/07 Split rumours grow as Justin Timberlake attends premiere alone

Sky News 1/4/07 Are Cam And Justin Over?

Extra 1/3/07 Is It 'Bye, Bye, Bye' for Justin and Cameron?

Celebrity Spider 12/26/06 Cameron Diaz Likes to Sleep too Much to Become a Mother

Courier Mail 12/23/06 Diaz plays it cool

Digital Spy 12/23/06 No current baby plans for Cameron Diaz

Herald Sun 12/21/06 Happy Diaz

TMZ 12/21/06 Celebrity Wish List: Cameron Diaz

Celebrity Spider 12/15/06 Cameron Diaz Urges Hollywood to Take Responsibility Over Size Zero Celebs

Celebrity Spider 12/15/06 Cameron Diaz Finds Successful Paparazzi Strategy

Daily Mail 12/15/06 Now Cameron Diaz hits out at the skinny stars

Celebrity Spider 12/14/06 Cameron Diaz: "Pamela Anderson is Hot"

Celebrity Spider 12/13/06 Cameron Diaz Confused by British Terms

Celebrity Spider 12/11/06 Cameron Diaz: "I'm in Love With Jude Law"

Digital Spy 12/11/06 Diaz plans nose job after surfing accidents

Daily Mail 12/8/06 Diaz to face the surgeon

Hello! 11/30/06 Cameron and Kate make Jude's day

MTV 11/30/06 Lindsay? Cameron? Mischa? Who Should Be The Next Wonder Woman?

AHN 11/29/06 Cameron's Mini Dress Slip

Sky News 11/29/06 Will Cameron Marry?

TMZ 11/28/06 Cam Slams Door on Marriage

Celebrity Spider 11/27/06 Cameron Diaz Refuses to Quit Snowboarding

TMZ 11/27/06 Cameron Can't Keep Her Hands Off Justin

Celebrity Spider 11/22/06 Cameron Diaz Fears Family Commitment

Celebrity Spider 11/21/06 Cameron Diaz Slams Hawaiian Holiday Home Reports

Celebrity Spider 11/18/06 Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake Invest in Hawaiian Home?

TMZ 11/15/06 Cam and Justin's CrazyExpensiveBeachPad

Celebrity Spider 11/11/06 Cameron Diaz Explains Paparazzi Violence

Celebrity Spider 11/11/06 Cameron Diaz Explains Paparazzi Violence

Zap2It 11/10/06 Diaz Wants a Nose Job

Sky News 11/10/06 Cam's Nose Job Plans

TMZ 11/9/06 Justin & Cam: Sexy, Back, and Loaded with Bags

Daily Mail 11/8/06 There really is something about Cameron

Celebrity Spider 10/31/06 Cameron Diaz Close to Settlement With Tabloid

Celebrity Spider 10/17/06 Cameron Diaz Photographer Loses Appeal Over Topless Images

BBC 10/17/06 Diaz photographer fails in appeal

Hollywood Reporter 10/4/06 'Game' over for Muccino, Diaz, Carrey

Celebrity Spider 9/22/06 Cameron Diaz Accuses Photographer of Assault With a Deadly Weapon

Sky News 9/22/06 What is Cam's Style?

BBC 9/21/06 Police examine Diaz assault claim

NY Daily News 9/21/06 Cops hunt fotog in Diaz near-miss

Digital Spy 9/21/06 Police probe Diaz 'assault' case

Zap2It 9/20/06 Diaz: Paparazzo Tried to Hit Her With His Car

TMZ 9/8/06 Diaz Goes Apartment Huntin' in NYC

Celebrity Spider 9/6/06 Justin Timberlake on Cameron Diaz: "We're Not Engaged"

Zap2It 9/6/06 Carrey and Diaz Face 'Consequences'

Digital Spy 9/6/06 Carrey and Diaz to reunite onscreen

Digital Spy 9/5/06 Timberlake denies marriage rumours

Coming Soon 9/1/06 Carrey & Diaz Reunite for Muccino's Game

TMZ 8/24/06 There's Something About Cameron

Celebrity Spider 8/15/06 Justin Timberlake Too Busy for Marriage Says Grandmother

Celebrity Spider 8/9/06 Justin Timberlake Vows to Let Press Into His Wedding to Cameron Diaz

Boston Globe 8/7/06 Cameron's love shack

Sky News 8/2/06 Who's Got a Six Pack?

Celebrity Spider 8/1/06 Cameron Diaz: "Fiona Allows Me to be Skinny and Spotty"

TMZ 7/31/06 Cameron and Justin's Hawaiian Getaway

Celebrity Spider 7/19/06 Timbaland: "Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are not Getting Married"

Celebrity Spider 7/13/06 Cameron Diaz Ring Fuels Engagement Rumors

Celebrity Spider 7/7/06 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz Head to Paris to Heal Rift

Sky News 7/6/06 What is Cam Up To?

TMZ 7/5/06 Justin, Cameron and Drew -- In Seine

Celebrity Spider 6/29/06 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz Recover "Rough Patch"

Sky News 6/26/06 Cam And Justin Update

TMZ 6/26/06 Justin Timberlake... Invisible?

Celebrity Spider 6/23/06 Justin Timberlake Dumps Cameron Diaz

Celebrity Spider 6/14/06 Cameron Diaz Acts For Free

Zap2It 5/15/06 Depp Is Best, Diaz Is Worst Autograph Signer

Sky News 5/8/06 Who's Sister is This?

Celebrity Spider 4/5/06 Cameron Diaz Awarded Damages in Photographer Battle

BBC 4/5/06 Actress Diaz wins legal damages

Zap2It 4/3/06 Diaz Victorious in Topless Photo Case

Celebrity Spider 3/25/06 Justin Timberlake Slams Split Rumors

NY Daily News 3/24/06 Talk persists that Justin & Cameron won't altar status

Celebrity Spider 3/7/06 Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake Get Skates On

Celebrity Spider 2/20/06 Cameron Diaz's Lucky Escape

Sunday Mirror 2/19/06 Diaz Inches From Death

Stuff 2/16/06 Diaz confronts Timberlake over Ricci reports

Hello! 2/10/06 Cameron Diaz 'on holiday' in snowy Surrey

Digital Spy 1/14/06 Diaz and Timberlake expecting baby?

Celebrity Spider 1/4/06 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz Help Injured Skier

Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz to go Backpacking

Ananova 12/13/05 Jude and Cameron take Holiday

Sky News 11/30/05 Cameron: "I Will Marry"

Celebrity Spider 11/29/05 Cameron Diaz Tipped for Sound of Music

BBC 11/29/05 Andrews tips Diaz for Music role

Dot Music 11/28/05 Diaz 'is ideal Sound of Music Star'

Celebrity Spider 11/25/05 Cameron Diaz Under Fire for "Spastic" Comment

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 Cameron Diaz: "Justin Timberlake and I Will Never Share Our Secrets"

Ananova 11/11/05 Cameron won burping award

Ananova 11/9/05 Why Cameron's always late

TVNZ 11/9/05 Diaz wraps up for premiere

Sky News 11/8/05 Cameron Comes To Town

This is London 11/8/05 Diaz covers up for premiere

BBC 11/8/05 Diaz gets nasty for family drama

Ananova 11/8/05 Cameron likes to stroke her shoes

BBC 11/8/05 Actress Diaz attends movie launch

Celebrity Spider 11/7/05 Cameron Diaz Hopes New Movie Will Get Her Taken Seriously

Celebrity Spider 11/7/05 Cameron Diaz Wants a 34 Year Marriage With Justin Timberlake

Digital Spy 11/7/05 Diaz slams plastic surgery

Celebrity Spider 10/23/05 Cameron Diaz Lectures University Students

Hello! 10/20/05 Cameron, Calista and Harrison go green

Celebrity Spider 10/18/05 Cameron Diaz Wanted to Become a Scientist

Celebrity Spider 10/8/05 Ellen DeGeneres Gets Cameron Diaz Hooked on Poker

Digital Spy 10/8/05 Diaz flirts with pensioners on movie set

Celebrity Spider 10/6/05 Cameron Diaz Confused by "Promiscuous" Brits

Zap2It 10/6/05 Diaz Baffled by 'Incestuous' Brits

Sky News 10/6/05 Cam Thinks We're Sex Mad

Zap2It 10/5/05 Diaz Dances Around Personal Questions

Celebrity Spider 10/4/05 Cameron Diaz Shocked by Gate Crashing Fan

Coming Soon 10/4/05 One Diaz Fits All

Celebrity Spider 9/29/05 Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet to Play Lonely Hearts

Celebrity Spider 9/29/05 Valentino Slams Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz for Bad Dress Sense

BBC 9/28/05 Diaz and Roberts 'bag lady' jibe

Metro 9/28/05 Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz "bag ladies" -Valentino

Celebrity Spider 9/25/05 Cameron Diaz Snaps at Snappers

Herald Sun 9/21/05 Diaz and Collette sock it to each other

Teen Hollywood 9/20/05 Diva Diaz 9/17/05 Diaz lays low

Celebrity Spider 9/16/05 Photographer in Cameron Diaz Topless Photo Case Sentenced

Daily Mail 9/16/05 Cameron's cool as she gets cruel

New Zealand Herald 9/16/05 Diaz plays slutty, thieving sister in new film

BBC 9/16/05 Cameron Diaz photographer jailed 9/15/05 Cameron Diaz: Tabs are all lies

Metro 9/15/05 Man gets prison in Cameron Diaz topless photo case

Jam! 9/15/05 Diaz gets nasty in 'In Her Shoes'

Jam! 9/15/05 MacLaine, Diaz on 'In Her Shoes'

Stuff 9/15/05 Diaz ends sabbatical in unflattering role

Celebrity Spider 9/14/05 Cameron Diaz Doesn't Want to Live With Justin Timberlake

Herald Sun 9/9/05 Cameron Diaz to launch cinemas

Celebrity Spider 8/31/05 Cameron Diaz: "Rumors Can't Touch Us"

Celebrity Spider 8/28/05 Shirley McClaine Disapproves Of New Cameron Diaz Movie Poster

MTV 8/24/05 Justin Timberlake Didn't Cheat On Cameron Diaz, Tabloid Admits

Celebrity Spider 8/12/05 Cameron Diaz Wants to Adopt

Celebrity Spider 8/11/05 Cameron Diaz: "Men Sag Too"

Celebrity Spider 8/10/05 Drew Barrymore: "I Want to be Cameron Diaz's Bridesmaid"

Celebrity Spider 7/30/05 Cameron Diaz Wins Cheating Libel Case

Zap2It 7/29/05 Diaz Wins Libel Cheating Case

Daily Mail 7/29/05 Diaz's 'hair gel' scene voted funniest ever

Guardian 7/29/05 Sun pays damages to Diaz over 'snog' claims

BBC 7/29/05 Actress Diaz wins libel damages

Celebrity Spider 7/26/05 Photographer Convicted in Cameron Diaz Case

BBC 7/26/05 Cameron Diaz: Hollywood crowd-pleaser

NY Daily News 7/26/05 Snap decision! Diaz photog guilty

MTV 7/26/05 Cameron Diaz Photographer Convicted For Topless Photo Plot

This Is London 7/26/05 Man guilty over Diaz shots

BBC 7/26/05 Man guilty in Diaz topless case

BBC 7/26/05 Cameron's victory for the common superstar

Celebrity Justice 7/25/05 Photographer Convicted in Diaz Photos Case

USA Today 7/25/05 Photographer convicted in Diaz photos case

Celebrity Spider 7/23/05 Cameron Diaz Case Rested

NBC 7/23/05 Jury Gets Case In Diaz Topless Photo Trial

Celebrity Spider 7/22/05 Rutter Never Asked For Cameron Diaz Signature

BBC 7/22/05 Diaz extortion trial defence ends

Seattle Times 7/22/05 Defense rests in Diaz photos case

BBC 7/21/05 Diaz signature 'looked authentic'

Celebrity Spider 7/20/05 Experts Declare Cameron Diaz Signature Was Forged

CBS 7/20/05 Did Cameron Diaz Sign A Release?

BBC 7/20/05 Diaz photographer begins defence

NY Daily News 7/19/05 Diaz didn't sign release: expert

Celebrity Spider 7/17/05 Cameron Diaz: 'I Loved My Breasts In Kinky Shoot'

Daily Record 7/16/05 I've No Problem With Showing My Boobs

NY Daily News 7/16/05 A bad pair at Cameron trial

Celebrity Spider 7/15/05 Cameron Diaz Violated by Photographers Demands

Celebrity Spider 7/15/05 Cameron Diaz Testifies in Trial Over Topless Snapshots

This is London 7/15/05 'I'm proud of topless shots'

Zap2It 7/15/05 Diaz Not Blushing Over Topless Photos

BBC 7/15/05 Diaz 'sickened' by photo threat

NY Daily News 7/15/05 Thumping her chest

Celebrity Justice 7/14/05 Diaz Testifies Against Photographer in Court

This is London 7/14/05 Trial over steamy Diaz pictures

BBC 7/14/05 Cameron D expected in court

BBC 7/14/05 Diaz topless photo trial begins

NY Daily News 7/14/05 Lights, Cameron, action in pix trial

Zap2It 7/13/05 Toronto Fest Scores Diaz, Paltrow Premieres

Zap2It 7/13/05 Cameron Diaz's Topless Photo Trial Selects Jury

BBC 7/13/05 Jury selected in Diaz photo trial

Celebrity Justice 7/12/05 Diaz to Testify Against Photographer in Court

Detroit News 7/12/05 Paltrow, Diaz lead Toronto fest premieres

NY Daily News 7/12/05 Diaz set for closeup in kinky-photo trial

Daily Mail 7/1/05 Wanted: Two girls to star alongside Diaz


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