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Jam! 1/31/08 Paris, Elisha in make out session?

Daily Mail 1/31/08 New couple alert: Paris Hilton spotted kissing 24 star Elisha Cuthbert

Sky News 11/30/07 Elisha Grows Up

Celebrity Spider 11/7/07 Elisha Cuthbert Loses Her Cool With Valet

IGN 11/1/07 Babe of the Day: Elisha Cuthbert

Celebrity Spider 8/29/07 Elisha Cuthbert's Exes Crash Party

Celebrity Spider 8/29/07 Elisha Cuthbert Splits From Hockey Beau

CTV 8/22/07 Elisha Cuthbert takes aim at gun violence

Hollywood Reporter 8/7/07 Cuthbert, Allen to tell 'Wives' tale

Celebrity Spider 7/15/07 Elisha Cuthbert Wants to be in Superhero Movie

Celebrity Spider 7/13/07 Elisha Cuthbert Wants Bigger Role in 24 Movie

Celebrity Spider 7/13/07 Elisha Cuthbert Almost Dies in New York Road Accident

TV Guide 7/12/07 Out of Captivity, Elisha Cuthbert Is Ready for More 24

IGN 7/10/07 Movie Babe of the Day: Elisha Cuthbert

Celebrity Spider 7/9/07 Elisha Cuthbert Thanks Luck for Success

Celebrity Spider 7/6/07 Elisha Cuthbert's Flight Superstitions

Coming Soon 7/5/07 Exclusive Interview: Elisha Cuthbert

Digital Spy 7/5/07 '24' star reveals flying fear

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 Elisha Cuthbert Lands Comedy Role

TMZ 6/28/07 Paris Takes Cuthbert's Sloppy Seconds

Coming Soon 6/27/07 Excl: Cuthbert to Wrangle Allen's Six Wives

TMZ 6/10/07 Elisha Rodham Clinton

Celebrity Spider 5/7/07 Elisha Cuthbert Blames Britney Spears for Short Cut

MTV 3/12/07 Elisha Cuthbert Gets 'Sassy,' Ponders Future Of '24'

TMZ 3/12/07 Hilton & Cuthbert: Shop U.

Celebrity Spider 3/1/07 Cameron Diaz Comforts Elisha Cuthbert Over Justin Timberlake Song

MTV 2/22/07 Elisha Cuthbert Gets Her Sassy On In Unusual Romantic Comedy

TMZ 11/14/06 Elisha: The B*tch Next Door

TMZ 11/2/06 Elisha Ditches Boyfriend for Paris

Hello! 9/21/06 Elisha, Gwyneth and Cate go on a lunch date in Hollywood

TMZ 9/12/06 Cuthbert's Semi-Nude Autograph Cut Down

Zap2It 8/21/06 Cuthbert Not 'Quiet' About Sexual Abuse

NY Daily News 8/20/06 One non-blond?

Celebrity Spider 8/15/06 Elisha Cuthbert Battles Emotions Playing Sex Abuse Victim

MTV 8/14/06 Elisha Cuthbert's Acting Speaks Louder Than Her Beauty In 'The Quiet'

Chicago Sun Times 8/6/06 Cuthbert puts tears to good use in 'The Quiet'

TMZ 7/31/06 Elisha's Angry Man

Celebrity Spider 7/24/06 Elisha Cuthbert's Ideal 24 Hours Would Be Dull

Jam! 7/24/06 Cuthbert in talks for 'Sassy'

Celebrity Spider 7/23/06 Elisha Cuthbert Keeps Her Clothes On

Celebrity Spider 4/25/06 Elisha Cuthbert Thrilled With Playstation 24 Game

Celebrity Spider 4/17/06 Elisha Cuthbert to Show Her Art

Celebrity Spider 3/7/06 Elisha Cuthbert: "Give My Character a Chance"

Celebrity Spider 2/13/06 Elisha Cuthbert and William Devane Return to "24"

USA Today 2/12/06 Troublesome Kim returns to terrorize '24' viewers

Celebrity Spider 11/28/05 Elisha Cuthbert and Trace Ayala Wait to Wed

Celebrity Spider 10/31/05 Elisha Cuthbert Worried About Acting Alongside Paris Hilton

Celebrity Spider 10/31/05 Elisha Cuthbert Keeps Her Clothes On

Celebrity Spider 10/28/05 Elisha Cuthbert Drunk Under the Table by Paris Hilton

Celebrity Spider 10/20/05 Elisha Cuthbert to Front Weezer in New Video

MTV 10/18/05 Elisha Cuthbert Takes Over Weezer But Rivers Won't Have Any Of It

Jam! 5/26/05 Q & A with Elisha Cuthbert

Coming Soon 5/9/05 Elisha Cuthbert is Kept in Captivity

Coming Soon 5/6/05 Waxing Poetic

Bergen Record 5/2/05 Talking to: Elisha Cuthbert

Jam! 5/1/05 Elisha Cuthbert a real scream

Sky News 4/29/05 Elisha Enjoys A Good Smack

NY Daily News 8/28/04 'Girl' signs on 'Dot'-ted line

Zap2It 8/27/04 Cuthbert Tries to Keep 'Dot' Calm

Hollywood Reporter 8/27/04 Cuthbert on 'Dot' as star, producer

TeeVee 8/26/04 In Defense of Kim Bauer

Ananova 8/20/04 Justin the wedding singer?

News.com.au 6/4/04 Elisha to marry JT's pal

Teen Hollywood 6/3/04 Cuthbert To Wed

Teen Hollywood 5/28/04 Elisha Cuthbert quits '24'

WOKR 5/28/04 Elisha Cuthbert Leads Chain of Resignations at 24

Teen Music 5/3/04 Diaz Warns Timberlake Over Cuthbert Friendship

Sky.com 4/21/04 Justin Shares His Moves

Ananova 4/21/04 Justin helps Girl Next Door star with her moves

Teen Hollywood 4/20/04 Timberlake Gives Cuthbert Dancing Tips

Teen Hollywood 4/15/04 Cuthbert Is Bauer

NBC13 4/9/04 Review: 'Girl Next Door' Is Worth A Peep


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