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News Articles about Hilary Duff

E!Online 8/15/13 Hilary Duff Debuts Bold Eyebrows—See the Funny Pic

People 6/26/13 Hilary Duff's Dog Lola Dies

E!Online 4/30/13 Two and a Half Men First Look: Hilary Duff and Ashton Kutcher Couple Up—See the Pics

Entertainment Weekly 4/30/13 'Two and a Half Men': See Hilary Duff get cozy with Ashton Kutcher -- Photo

Reality TV Magazine 4/3/13 Hilary Duff Joins Ashton Kutcher On Two And A Half Men

People 4/2/13 Spotted: Hilary Duff and Her Mini Hockey Player Luca

Zap2It 4/2/13 Hilary Duff to get drunk on 'Two and a Half Men': Details on Ashton Kutcher's latest love interest

E!Online 12/13/12 Hilary Duff Removes Extensions, Flaunts Real Hair

TV Guide 12/4/12 Hilary Duff Shows Off Weight Loss, Back in Skinny Jeans After Giving Birth

People 10/15/12 Hilary Duff: Why I’m Happy to Be a Young Mom

People 9/5/12 Hilary Duff Trades Diapers for Dancing in West Hollywood

People 8/14/12 Hilary Duff Tweets Son Luca's Latest Milestone: Teething

E!Online 8/13/12 Hilary Duff Returning to TV

People 6/29/12 Hilary Duff Shares Another Adorable Baby Picture

E!Online 6/18/12 Hilary Duff Sued Over Car Accident

People 6/4/12 Hilary Duff Says She Loves Changing Diapers

US Magazine 6/2/12 Hilary Duff: I'm "Working Hard" to Lose the Baby Weight

People 4/26/12 Hilary Duff: Motherhood's Biggest Shock Is No Sleep

US Magazine 4/20/12 Hilary Duff: Breastfeeding Is "Challenging, but Wonderful"

TV Guide 4/19/12 Hilary Duff Keeps Her Son's Umbilical Cord Stump in a Drawer

People 4/18/12 Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Step Out for Grown-Up Dinner Date

People 4/14/12 Hilary Duff: Postpartum Body Backlash Adds Pressure

People 4/13/12 Hilary Duff Shares a New Family Snapshot

US Magazine 4/13/12 Hilary Duff: I Didn't "Love Being Pregnant"

E!Online 4/6/12 Which Celeb Mom Can't Stop Tweeting Photos of Her Tiny Tyke?

Hollywood Reporter 4/3/12 Hilary Duff Shares First Image of Two-Week-Old Son, Luca (Photo)

E!Online 4/2/12 Cute Overload: Hilary Duff Tweets First Photo of Baby Luca—or at Least His Feet

People 4/2/12 Hilary Duff Picks Up Supplies for Son Luca

Hollywood Reporter 3/22/12 Hilary Duff Gives Birth to Baby Boy

People 3/22/12 Hilary Duff Welcomes a Son

US Magazine 1/22/12 Hilary Duff Hits Recording Studio 7 Months Pregnant

People 1/18/12 Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Go to Dog Park with Their Pups

Digital Spy 1/6/12 Hilary Duff: 'I'm a little afraid of motherhood'
Daily Mail 12/26/11 Pregnant Hilary Duff dresses up her baby bump as she shops with husband Mike Comrie

Daily Mail 12/12/11 Pregnant Hilary Duff stocks up with enormous grocery shop as she proudly displays her growing baby bump

Daily Mail 12/11/11 And she was all Yellow! Hilary Duff flaunts her baby bump in tight fitted jumper

Daily Mail 12/7/11 Hilary Duff shows off her bump in a tight top as she reveals she has finally embraced her changing figure

US Magazine 11/15/11 Pregnant Hilary Duff: It's Better to Wear Tight Things

Daily Mail 11/8/11 Hilary Duff begins nesting in her new family home (which looks set to house more animals than Noah's Ark!)

Daily Mail 10/28/11 Pregnant Hilary Duff keeps active by attending Pilates with sister Hailey

E! Online 10/20/11 Pregnant Hilary Duff Reveals Post-Baby Plans

Daily Mail 10/20/11 She does deserve a pamper! Ashley Tisdale takes pregnant Hilary Duff for manicure as Disney stars reunite

Daily Mail 10/19/11 That's better: Jennifer Garner shows Hilary Duff and Beyonce how to do pregnancy chic

Daily Mail 10/19/11 Pregnant Hilary Duff can't get enough of her tight clothes donning short striped dress to take her dog to the vet

E!Online 10/18/11 Pregnant Hilary Duff Dishes on Morning Sickness, Baby Names and Having More Kids

E!Online 10/17/11 Hilary Duff Is a "Third-Grade Dropout"?

Digital Spy 10/14/11 Hilary Duff reveals that she is expecting baby boy

MTV 10/10/11 Hilary Duff Thinks She's Having A Baby Boy

E!Online 9/28/11 Happy Birthday to Baby Bumpin' Hilary Duff!

Daily Mail 9/28/11 Yummy mummy in training: Pregnant Hilary Duff shows off plenty of thigh in a tiny mini skirt and boots

People 9/9/11 Fitness Guru Harley Pasternak Dishes on Hilary Duff’s Workout Routine

Daily Mail 9/5/11 'Makes me want to cry!': Pregnant Hilary Duff gets emotional after massive crowd turns out to meet her in Brazil

Digital Spy 8/29/11 Hilary Duff 'paid $100k for Bonnie and Clyde axe'

Daily Mail Getting ready to be a yummy mummy? Pregnant Hilary Duff steps out in tiny Daisy Dukes and studded heels

Digital Spy 8/22/11 Hilary Duff 'dropped from Bonnie and Clyde film'

Daily Mail 8/18/11 Hilary Duff shows off her buff motherly bod in a revealing pair of leggings and a fitted top

People 8/15/11 Hilary Duff 'Overwhelmed' by Well Wishes for Her Pregnancy

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/11 Hilary Duff Reveals Pregnancy on Official Website

US Magazine 8/10/11 See Hilary Duff's Sexy Danskin Campaign Pic

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/11 Hilary Duff Reveals Pregnancy on Official Website

US Magazine 8/10/11 See Hilary Duff's Sexy Danskin Campaign Pics

Digital Spy 8/3/11 Hilary Duff 'hopes for new album and kids'

E!Online 7/12/11 Bikini Shot of the Day: Hilary Duff's Sexy Stuff

TMZ 7/10/11 Hilary Duff -- Lizzie McGuire in a Bikini

Daily Mail 6/3/11 Show us some leg! Hilary Duff looks a million dollars as she runs to the cash point

Digital Spy 5/26/11 Hilary Duff: 'Marriage changed my life'

TMZ 5/5/11 Hilary Duff -- Dropped From Bonnie & Clyde Movie

People 3/31/11 Hilary Duff Goes Back to Blonde

Daily Mail 3/25/11 Three's a crowd! Hilary Duff crashes her sister Haylie's date night

Daily Mail 3/24/11 Hilary Duff goes hell for leather in skyscraper heels as she visits school children

People 3/21/11 Hilary Duff Debuts New Bangs on Twitter

E! Online 2/20/11 Hilary Duff: Why Is She Jealous of Carrie Underwood?

Daily Mail 2/17/11 Hilary Duff ditches the blonde look as she spends six hours in the hair salon

E! Online 1/20/11 Hilary Duff Proves She's Not Pregnant

People 1/19/11 Hilary Duff Says Pregnancy Reports Are 'Not True'

Just Jared 12/17/10 Hilary & Haylie Duff: 'Peach Plum Pear' Pair

Digital Spy 12/3/10 Hilary Duff 'wants musical return'

Daily Mail 11/5/10 Big hair day: Hilary Duff puffs up her mane into a bizarre bouffant

TV Guide 11/3/10 Hilary Duff Taps Into Her Inner Mean Girl for Community

Digital Spy 11/3/10 Q&A: Hilary Duff chats 'Community'

E! Online 11/1/10 Why Are Hilary Duff and Joel McHale Throwing Down on the Set of Community?

Digital Spy 10/28/10 Hilary Duff: 'Fan tattooed my name on arm'

Extra 10/22/10 Hilary Duff Cooks Up 'Elixir'

E! Online 10/22/10 Mystery of Hilary Duff's Missing Wedding-Day Tooth Solved

Digital Spy 10/22/10 Hilary Duff 'loses tooth on wedding day'

USA Today 10/12/10 Hilary Duff's first novel, 'Elixer,' aims for young readers

People 9/30/10 Hilary Duff Darkens Up Her Hair: Love It or Hate It?

Scripted TV Fans 9/27/10 Hilary Duff to Guest Star on “Community”

Daily Mail 9/8/10 The honeymoon continues newlyweds Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie

E! Online 8/29/10 Hilary Duff Goes Darker During Pre-Emmy Pampering
Daily Mail 8/22/10 Mrs Comrie aka Hilary Duff starts her married life with a trip to the supermarket

US Magazine 8/20/10 Newlywed Hilary Duff Debuts Dark New 'Do'

Daily Mail 8/19/10 Wedded bliss: Hilary Duff beams with happiness as she arrives in Mexico for her honeymoon

Daily Mail 8/19/10 New bride Hilary Duff looks radiant in the first official wedding picture

US Magazine 8/18/10 Hilary Duff Signed a Prenup

E! Online 8/15/10 Hilary Duff Marries Her Disney-Worthy Prince

Extra 8/15/10 Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Tie the Knot

Daily Mail 6/24/10 Bride-to-be Hilary Duff works up a sweat as she gets ready for her dream day

Female First 6/23/10 Hilary Duff - All You Need To Know

Daily Mail 6/12/10 Hilary Duff buys $3.85m Beverly Hills mansion ahead of marriage to hockey star Mike Comrie

E! Online 4/29/10 Style Showdown: Hilary Duff vs. Halle Berry

Digital Spy 4/27/10 Hilary Duff "relaxed" over wedding plans

Indian Express 4/19/10 Determination for success led to stardom for Hilary Duff

Digital Spy 4/18/10 Hilary Duff: 'I want to judge X Factor'

E! Online 4/13/10 Hilary Duff Forgets She's Engaged to Mike Comrie

US Magazine 3/17/10 Hilary Duff Doesn't Want to Wear a "Cupcake" Wedding Dress

US Magazine 3/9/10 Hilary Duff to Write Young Adult Novel

Digital Spy 2/22/10 Hilary Duff "surprised" by proposal

US Magazine 2/22/10 New Details on Hilary Duff's Huge Engagement Ring

Daily Mail 2/20/10 Hilary Duff announces she is engaged as ex-boyfriend Joel Madden and Nicole Richie reveal they are to wed

E!Online 2/19/10 Hilary Duff Engaged

Celebrity Gossip 1/9/10 Hilary and Haylie Duff: Paty’s Sisterly Fun

Daily Mail 1/6/10 Hilary Duff finds a novel way to walk her dog... by taking it for a ride on an airport trolley

Sify 12/11/09 Hilary Duff's new tattoo tells her to 'shine'

LA Times 12/11/09 Hilary Duff's brat is tamed in 'According to Greta'

US Magazine 11/10/09 Video: Watch the Buzzed-About Gossip Girl Threesome -- Starring Hilary Duff

NY Daily News 10/21/09 New Hilary Duff movie 'In the Business of Falling in Love' a lot like 'Sex and the City'

Scripted TV Fans 10/19/09 Hilary Duff Guest Stars Tonight on Gossip Girl

Zap2It 10/5/09 'Gossip Girl': Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks fight the Nazis

Scripted TV Fans 10/19/09 Hilary Duff Guest Stars Tonight on Gossip Girl

Zap2It 10/5/09 'Gossip Girl': Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks fight the Nazis

Scripted TV Fans 10/2/09 Gossip Girl Interview - Hilary Duff

E!Online 9/3/09 Check Out the First Official Photo of Movie Star Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl

Daily Mail 9/3/09 Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Hilary Duff have a roaring time on set in Twenties flapper dresses

Digital Spy 8/28/09 Duff halts filming on 'Gossip Girl' set?

Zap2It 8/27/09 'Gossip Girl' guest Hilary Duff caught kissing Blake Lively's boyfriend

Daily Mail 8/26/09 Hilary Duff gets a touch of the make-up artist's brush as she hits Gossip Girl set

NY Daily News 8/16/09 Hilary Duff brings Blessings in a Backpack program to Colombia to distribute food to poor children

Zap2It 8/10/09 Casting Call: Hilary Duff is big 'Business,' Mike Vogel has 'Trauma'

LA Times 7/1/09 'Gossip Girl': Hilary Duff rings in freshman year

Zap2It 7/1/09 Hilary Duff goes undercover on 'Gossip Girl'

MTV 7/1/09 Hilary Duff To Join 'Gossip Girl'

Daily Mail 6/24/09 Brrr! Hilary Duff looks chilly as she ventures into the sea

Cinema Spider 1/27/09 Hilary Duff to Guest Star on Ghost Whisperer April 10

Zap2It 11/17/08 NBC Developing Hilary Duff Series

TV Guide 11/14/08 Hilary Duff Returns To Television

Washington Post 11/14/08 NBC Signs Development Deal With Hilary Duff

This Is London 11/10/08 Hilary Duff Treats Her Dogs Ruff
Celebrity Spider 11/6/08 Hilary Duff's Video Censored

NY Daily News 10/29/08 Bye, bye, Lizzy McGuire! Hilary Duff turns up the sex appeal for 'Reach Out'

Rocky Mountain News 10/22/08 Hilary Duff touts food for needy program in Ind.

Celebrity Spider 10/10/08 Hilary Duff Joins Gay Respect Campaign 

TMZ 9/26/08 Gravity Fights Paparazzi, Wins -- Duff Laughs

Celebrity Spider 9/3/08 Jessica Biel and Duff Sisters Called On As Bridesmaids

Celebrity Spider 8/28/08 Hilary Duff's Father Jailed in Birthday Party Row

Celebrity Spider 8/28/08 Hilary Duff Not Engaged

NY Daily News 8/28/08 Hillary Duff's dad thrown in jail as divorce battle gets ugly

Jam! 8/28/08 Dad off to jail over Duff party
Celebrity Spider 8/16/08 Hilary Duff Engaged?

FOX News 6/30/08 Pop Tarts: Hilary Duff Survived Putting a Scorpion Down Her Pants
Entertainment Weekly 6/24/08 Hilary Duff Joins 'Stay Cool'
Zap2It 6/24/08 Hilary Duff Hopes To 'Stay Cool'

Celebrity Spider 5/25/08 Hilary Duff Wows Writers With Film Extremes
Sky 5/20/08 Hilary's Pants-Pest Pluck

Celebrity Spider 5/15/08 John Cusack Was Surprised By 'Gifted' Hillary Duff
Gossip Girls 5/8/08 Hilary Duff and Katharine McPhee Get Alluring

Celebrity Spider 5/5/08 Hilary Duff To Head Search For New Broadway Star

Celebrity Spider 4/29/08 Hilary Duff Denies Plans to Star in 90210 Remake

Celebrity Spider 4/27/08 Hilary Duff in 90210 Remake Talks

NY Daily News 4/26/08 'Beverly Hills 90210' has eyes for Hilary Duff

E!Online 4/25/08 Exclusive- Hilary Duff to Star in New 90210?

Celebrity Spider 4/18/08 Hilary Duff Hates "Good Girl" Label

Digital Spy 4/17/08 Duff opens up about Lavigne, Lohan feuds

News.com.au 4/7/08 Hilary Duff takes on 'slutty' role

Enquirer 3/25/08 Hilary: Smoke Free

TMZ 3/6/08 TMZ 3/6/08 Kat Von D -- Hey "Miami," You're Finished

TMZ 2/24/08 Hil and Haylie Duff Get Some Chow

TMZ 2/14/08 Duff Gonna Make You Sweat 'Til You Bleed

Herald Sun 1/31/08 Hilary Duff wants to move on with dignity

Celebrity Spider 1/15/08 Hilary Duff Denies Lip-Syncing

Boston Globe 1/15/08 'Murderer' Hilary Duff

Extra 12/21/07 Duff Sisters in Showdown with Paparazzi

TMZ 12/20/07 Duff Sisters vs. Photogs -- Nuclear Confrontation

Portable Planet 12/15/07 Hilary Duff Surprises Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus

Celebrity Spider 12/14/07 Bar Manager Covers Hilary and Haylie Duff's Bill

Celebrity Spider 12/13/07 Hilary Duff Reads Hockey Book to Wow Mike Comrie

Sky News 12/10/07 Hil's skinny pressure

Celebrity Spider 12/6/07 Hilary Duff Not Ready for Marriage

Zap2It 10/2/07 Hilary Duff Finds Romance in 'Greta'

Celebrity Spider 9/24/07 Hilary Duff's Boyfriend Hands Her the Keys to $100,000 Mercedes

TMZ 9/15/07 Nicole Clone Protects Duff Sisters

Jam! 9/11/07 Live Review: Hilary Duff in London, ON JLC, London - September 10, 2007

Jam! 9/8/07 Concert Review: Hilary Duff -ACC, Toronto - September 8, 2007

Jam! 9/6/07 Concert Review: Hilary Duff Scotiabank Place, Ottawa - Sept. 5, 2007

Chart Attack 8/31/07 Hilary Duff Collecting Food For The Needy At Concerts

NY Times 8/29/07 Amid All the Cheers, a Few Signs of Change

Pioneer Press 8/23/07 Hilary Duff proves to be the anti-Lindsay Lohan

Celebrity Spider 8/21/07 Hilary Duff Banned From Buying Porsche

Sky News 8/21/07 Whose Skimpy Outfit?

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 Hilary Duff Terrifies Pals With Driving Skills

Westward 8/15/07 Hilary Duff Tries to Maintain Her Dignity

Digital Spy 8/11/07 Duff only looking for famous boyfriends

Inside Bay Area 8/9/07 Hilary Duff's our heroine — she brings 'Dignity' to pop music

Seattle Times 8/6/07 Concert Review: Hilary Duff concert like a Disney video — with stilettos

Celebrity Spider 8/3/07 Hilary Duff and Nick Cannon to Host "Teen Choice 2007" August 26 on FOX

Seattle Times 8/3/07 Hilary Duff is dancing with "Dignity"

Celebrity Spider 8/2/07 Hilary Duff Reportedly Dating Hockey Player

Times Colonist 8/2/07 Hilary Duff keeps it real

Jam! 8/2/07 Concert Review: Hilary Duff at Rexall Centre, Edmonton - Aug. 1, 2007

Jam! 8/2/07 Hilary serves lunch to needy

Zap2It 8/1/07 Duff and Cannon To Host Teen Choice Awards

Jam! 8/1/07 Concert Review: Hilary Duff at the Saddledome, Calgary - July 31, 2007

USA Today 7/30/07 On stage and behind the scenes with Hilary Duff

Jam! 7/29/07 Concert Review: Hilary Duff at MTS Centre, Winnipeg - July 28, 2007

Jam! 7/28/07 Hilary Duff keeps 'Dignity' in tact

TMZ 7/26/07 Hilary's Got a New Pucking Dude

Celebrity Spider 7/24/07 Clean Freak Hilary Duff Can't Sleep in a Mess

People 7/20/07 Hilary Duff Dishes On Hollywood Dating Scene

TMZ 7/16/07 Hilary -- Breaking Her Back for Gay Fans

TMZ 7/13/07 Brody and Frankie Go Duff Diving

Celebrity Spider 7/12/07 Hilary Duff's Strict Boyfriend Rules

Celebrity Spider 7/11/07 Hilary Duff Stunned by Joel Madden's Break Up Behavior

TMZ 7/9/07 Brody and Hilary: Just Friends?

Celebrity Spider 7/6/07 Hilary Duff Limits Her Spending

Sky News 7/6/07 Hilary's Bikini Frolic

People 7/5/07 Hilary Duff Talks About Success, Gossip and Loving Dr. Dre

TMZ 7/5/07 Duff's Stuff Not Enough

Celebrity Spider 7/4/07 Hilary Duff Slams Hollywood Casting Executives

Digital Spy 7/4/07 Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan make amends

TMZ 7/3/07 Duff Sisters Hitch a Ride with Jenner

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Hilary Duff: "I Got Too Thin"

Dot Music 6/20/07 Cusack defends Duff's acting

Celebrity Spider 6/19/07 Hilary Duff U.S. Tour Dates Announced

Jam! 6/16/07 Duff gone wild in 'War, Inc.'

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Hilary Duff: "I Had a Good Childhood"

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Hilary Duff: "Britney Spears Depression Was Inevitable"

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 Hilary Duff Summer Canadian Tour Announced

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 Hilary Duff: "Split Song is About My Parents, Not Joel Madden"

Digital Spy 5/22/07 Duff and Lavigne continue public feud

Celebrity Spider 5/17/07 Hilary Duff's Difficult Acceptance of Joel Madden's Nicole Richie Romance

TMZ 5/10/07 Hilary the Snake Charmer?

Orlando Sentinel 5/9/07 Hilary Duff steps ahead with 'Dignity'

Toledo Blade 4/29/07 Hilary Duff breaks no creative ground, but disc is a solid effort

Chart Attack 4/25/07 Hilary Duff Receives Death Threats At MuchMusic

Jam! 4/25/07 Hilary Duff avoids party crowd

Sky News 4/23/07 Hilary parties with pals

Celebrity Spider 4/16/07 Hilary Duff's "Dignity" Is the Highest Selling Debut of the Week

Celebrity Spider 4/16/07 Hilary Duff Defends Joel Madden Romance as They Become Friends

Celebrity Spider 4/14/07 Hilary Duff: "I Was To Skinny"

CBS 4/13/07 Hilary: Joel And I E-Mail All The Time

TV Guide 4/12/07 Hilary Duff enjoys single life with some "Dignity"

Jam! 4/11/07 Duff enters at No. 3 in Canada

Female First 4/9/07 Hilary Duff's rain song

San Francisco Chronicle 4/8/07 Pop Quiz: Hilary Duff

Seattle Times 4/7/07 Hilary Duff comes of age in both music and film

Celebrity Spider 4/5/07 Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff Unlikely Friends After Ending Five Year Feud

Jam! 4/4/07 Duff gets serious on fourth effort

IGN 4/3/07 Hilary Duff - Dignity

Celebrity Spider 4/2/07 Hilary Duff: "There is Too Much Pressure to be Thin"

NY Daily News 4/2/07 Duff enough

Digital Spy 4/2/07 Lopez, Duff join size zero debate

USA Today 4/2/07 Duff finds 'Dignity' in words

Courier Mail 4/1/07 Hilary dumps teen queen tag

Celebrity Spider 3/29/07 Hilary Duff Considered Scrapping Love Album After Madden Split

Digital Spy 3/29/07 Duff: 'I'd give up singing for acting'

Celebrity Spider 3/23/07 Hilary Duff: "I'm Not Singing About Nicole Richie"

CNN 3/22/07 New, glamorous Hilary Duff strives for 'Dignity'

Celebrity Spider 3/20/07 Hilary Duff: "David Beckham's Too Old for Me"

Daily Mail 3/20/07 Hilary's swipe at rival Lindsay

Celebrity Spider 3/19/07 Hilary Duff's Kebab Lessons

Sky News 3/19/07 Hil's Skinny Struggle

Celebrity Spider 3/15/07 MTV Hilary Duff Special to Premiere April 2nd; New Album to Debut April 3rd

MTV 3/15/07 John Cusack Convinces Hilary Duff To Play Pop Star One More Time

Celebrity Spider 3/14/07 Hilary Duff Agonized Over Joel Madden and Nicole Richie

Celebrity Spider 3/14/07 Hilary Duff Thanks London Fire Fighters

Celebrity Spider 3/11/07 Hilary Duff Disses Paris Hilton

Celebrity Spider 3/9/07 Hilary Duff Slams Joel Madden and Nicole Richie in New Songs

Extra 1/26/07 Hilary Duff: 'Being Single is Exciting'

Celebrity Spider 1/21/07 Hilary Duff Stalker Sentenced to Four Months Behind Bars

BBC 1/20/07 Jail for actress Duff's stalker

National Enquirer 1/9/07 Hilary Duff is a Living Doll

Metro 1/4/07 Duffs take different paths

Celebrity Spider 12/26/06 Hilary Duff Become Barbie Doll

Celebrity Spider 12/22/06 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Dropped Restraining Order After Apology

E!Online 12/22/06 Hilary Duff Plays with Barbie

CBS 12/22/06 Hilary Duff Becomes a Barbie Doll

Zap2It 12/22/06 Duff Dolled Up for Barbie

CBS 12/21/06 Duff's No Fan Of Her Ex's New Squeeze

Celebrity Spider 12/20/06 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Drop Half of Stalker Case

Celebrity Spider 11/30/06 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Split Because of Stalker?

Celebrity Spider 11/29/06 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Officially Split

Celebrity Spider 11/28/06 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Split?

Zap2It 11/28/06 Duff-Madden Romance Over

E!Online 11/28/06 Madden Rebuffed by Duff

Sky News 11/28/06 Is Hilary single again?

Celebrity Spider 11/27/06 Hilary Duff: "I Make Up With Joel Madden in Front of Paparazzi"

Celebrity Spider 11/17/06 Hilary Duff Hailed a Heroine by Hurricane Relief Charity

Celebrity Spider 11/8/06 Hilary Duff Accused Stalker Pleads Not Guilty

Celebrity Spider 11/8/06 Hilary Duff Praises Bulgarian Eating Habits

BBC 11/8/06 Duff 'stalker' pleads not guilty

USA Today 11/8/06 Teen pleads not guilty to stalking Duff

Celebrity Spider 11/7/06 Man Jailed After Allegedly Threatening to Kill Hilary Duff

BBC 11/7/06 Actress Duff's 'stalker' arrested

Zap2It 11/6/06 Duff's Stalker Arrested for Alleged Death Threats

TMZ 11/5/06 Man Busted After Allegedly Threatening to Kill Duff

Digital Spy 10/26/06 Hilary Duff designs clothing range

TMZ 10/23/06 Hilary Duff's Mad Dash Through LAX

TMZ 10/20/06 Hilary Is a Barbie Girl

Jam! 10/19/06 Cusack, Duff, Tomei find 'Stuff'

TMZ 10/18/06 Hilary Duff: Stalk and Shop

Celebrity Spider 10/17/06 Aaron Carter: "I Cheated on Hilary Duff"

TMZ 10/17/06 Hilary Takes Comfort with Mickey Ds

Celebrity Spider 10/13/06 Hilary Duff Seeks Restraining Order Against Russian "Stalker"

Zap2It 10/13/06 Duff, Madden Seek Stalker Restraining Orders

TMZ 10/12/06 Hilary Duff & Joel Madden: We're In Mortal Danger

Under Cover 10/6/06 Hilary Duff To Appear In New ‘Sims’ Game

News.com.au 10/5/06 EA signs Hilary Duff

Celebrity Spider 10/4/06 Hilary Duff Offers Financial Advice to Teenagers

TMZ 10/3/06 Hilary's Dirty Little Secrets

Courier Mail 9/24/06 The right materials

News.com.au 9/14/06 Hilary's sibling revelry

Celebrity Spider 9/12/06 Hilary Duff Approves of Joel Madden's Girlfriend Sophie Monk

TMZ 9/11/06 Hilary & Joel -- Game On

TMZ 9/1/06 Hilary Gets Off Her Duff for Seventeen

Celebrity Spider 8/31/06 Hilary Duff Endorses Cosmetic Surgery

Celebrity Spider 8/31/06 Hilary Duff Slams "Dumb" Diets

TMZ 8/29/06 Hilary Duff Helps Out in New Orleans

Celebrity Spider 8/23/06 Hilary Duff Donates to Disaster Recovery

CBS 8/22/06 Hilary Duff, Almost 19

Celebrity Spider 8/21/06 Hilary and Haylie Duff Turn Trailer into Kennel Club

NY Times 8/19/06 In ‘Material Girls,’ Those Daffy Duff Sisters Play Rich, Daffy ... Sisters

CBS 8/18/06 It's A 'Material' World For The Duffs

Celebrity Spider 8/17/06 Hilary and Haylie Duff Design Barbie Clothes for Japanese Dolls

ABC 8/17/06 Hilary and Haylie's Not-So-Simple Life

Extra 8/11/06 Duff Sisters Take their Act to the Big Screen

MTV 8/3/06 Hilary Duff: Psychedelic Dance Star? Singer Shoots Trippy Clip For New Single

Zap2It 8/2/06 Duff Draws Military Crowd at Free Concert

Orlando Sentinel 8/2/06 Duff Performs for Military Families

Celebrity Spider 7/28/06 Hilary Duff Denies Virginity Quote

Toronto Star 7/27/06 Hilary's fans just want to have fun

Jam! 7/26/06 Live Review: Hilary Duff in London
Celebrity Spider 7/13/06 Hilary and Haylie Duff Inspire Hot Selling Jeans

NBC13 7/3/06 Hilary Duff Says She's Still A Virgin

Celebrity Spider 7/1/06 Hilary Duff Devastated by "Puff" Story

Celebrity Spider 7/1/06 Hilary Duff Shocked by Hometown Pals

Celebrity Spider 6/28/06 Hilary Duff Dumped Bad Friends

Celebrity Spider 6/22/06 Joel Madden Takes Hilary Duff to His Maryland "Ghetto"

Celebrity Spider 6/16/06 Hilary Duff: "I'm Still a Virgin"

Celebrity Spider 6/15/06 Hilary Duff: "My Music is Misunderstood

Celebrity Spider 6/15/06 Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan Keep Their Distance

Celebrity Spider 6/14/06 Hilary Duff Slams New York Times Critic

Washington Post 6/12/06 The Crowd Goes Mild for Hilary Duff at Extravalooza

Celebrity Spider 6/2/06 Hilary Duff's Dog Gets Blog

Celebrity Spider 5/14/06 Hilary Duff Slammed by Animal Rights Group

Guardian 5/1/06 Hilary Duff, Hammersmith Apollo, London

Celebrity Spider 4/19/06 Hilary Duff Hates Paparazzi But Loves Celebrity Magazines

Celebrity Spider 3/14/06 Hilary Duff Begs Rocker Boyfriend for a Sewing Machine

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Fantasia Barrino, Hilary & Haylie Duff and to Appear at Nascar Race

NMC 2/15/06 Hilary and Ciara Posing For Candie's

Celebrity Spider 2/11/06 Hilary Duff "Joel Will Never Cheat on Me"

Celebrity Spider 2/10/06 Hilary Duff in Talks With Hollywood Madam

Celebrity Spider 2/8/06 Hilary Duff Blasts Eating Disorder Claims

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Fantasia Barrino, Hilary & Haylie Duff and to Appear at Nascar Race

NMC 2/15/06 Hilary and Ciara Posing For Candie's

Celebrity Spider 2/11/06 Hilary Duff "Joel Will Never Cheat on Me"

Celebrity Spider 2/10/06 Hilary Duff in Talks With Hollywood Madam

Celebrity Spider 2/8/06 Hilary Duff Blasts Eating Disorder Claims

Metro 1/27/06 Being Hilary Duff

Jam! 1/23/06 Hilary wows young Toronto fans

Celebrity Spider 1/18/06 Hilary Duff Gave Joel Madden Early Relationship Ultimatum

Jam! 1/12/06 Live Review: Hilary Duff in Edmonton

Jam! 1/10/06 Exclusive interview with Hilary Duff

Celebrity Spider 1/9/06 Joel Madden and Hilary Duff Laugh Off Marriage Reports

Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 Hilary Duff: "Don't Be Fooled by My Image"

Celebrity Spider 12/14/05 Hilary Duff Visits Grieving Family

News.com.au 12/12/05 Teen queen shines

Celebrity Spider 12/8/05 Joel Madden and Hilary Duff are Complete Opposites

News.com.au 12/5/05 The right Duff

Celebrity Spider 11/28/05 Hilary Duff to Host West Coast Segments of Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve

Celebrity Spider 11/24/05 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Have Reality TV Fun at Home

Celebrity Spider 11/11/05 Hilary Duff Exhausted by Manic Year

News.com.au 11/10/05 'I've never dissed Duff'

MTV 11/9/05 Hilary Duff Puts Everything On Hold To Do Nothing

Celebrity Spider 11/5/05 Hilary Duff Scorns Youthful Marriages of Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson

Boston Globe 11/4/05 Hilary Duff World hits AOL next week

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Hilary Duff Snubbed Joel Madden

Celebrity Spider 11/2/05 Hilary Duff Traumatized by Suicidal Fan

Orlando Sentinel 11/2/05 Lohan, Duff, Crow Added to Awards Show

Celebrity Spider 11/1/05 Hilary Duff Possible Star in New Poltergeist Movie

Celebrity Spider 10/27/05 Hilary Duff Admires Natalie Portman for Keeping Things Quiet

Cinema Spider 10/25/05 Eva Longoria, Hilary and Haylie Duff to Star in Foodfight!

Cinema Spider 10/12/05 Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear and Chris Noth Star in The Perfect Man DVD

Celebrity Spider 9/30/05 Hilary Duff Partners With Elizabeth Arden

Undercover 9/30/05 Hilary Duff Has Her Own Smell

Celebrity Spider 9/29/05 Hilary Duff Urges Fans to Get Fit

Zap2It 9/29/05 Duff Never Fully Dressed without a Scent

NY Daily News 9/22/05 Pooling allies in teen queen tiff

MTV 9/21/05 Hilary Says She Worried About Fan Reaction To Madden-Produced Music

Undercover 9/11/05 Hilary Duff Gives Two Millions Meals To Victims

Celebrity Spider 9/2/05 Hilary Duff Donates Cash for Katrina Victims

Detroit News 9/2/05 Duff to donate $250K for Katrina victims

Celebrity Spider 9/1/05 Lindsay Lohan's Reconciliation With Hilary Duff Rebuffed

Celebrity Spider 9/1/05 Hilary Duff's Phone Problem

NY Times 9/1/05 These Kids Today: A Bit Pop, a Bit Punk

Celebrity Spider 8/31/05 Hilary Duff Visits War Heroes

Jam! 8/31/05 Duff still 'Most Wanted' in Canada

Celebrity Spider 8/29/05 Hilary Duff Slams Raunchy Teen Stars

Celebrity Spider 8/29/05 Hilary Duff to Change the World

Celebrity Spider 8/25/05 Hilary Duff Has Veneers to Cover Bad Teeth

Celebrity Spider 8/24/05 Hilary Duff's Best Tops Charts

Jam! 8/24/05 Duff is 'Most Wanted' on Cdn. charts

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 Hilary Duff House Hunting in NYC

The Capital Times 8/22/05 Teen phenom Duff wows fans

Celebrity Spider 8/19/05 Hilary Duff Cuts Out Fries to Slim Down

Sky 8/19/05 Hilary's Amazing Hair Swap

IGN.com 8/16/05 Hilary Duff - Metamorphosis

Celebrity Spider 8/15/05 Hilary Duff: "I'd Rather Sing Off Key Than Mime"

MTV 8/13/05 Hilary Says She Doesn't Totally Disagree With Lip-Synching

Jam! 8/12/05 The Hilary Duff interview

Celebrity Spider 8/10/05 Hilary Duff Hosts & The Black Eyed Peas Perform on "The Teen Choice Awards"

Zap2It 8/5/05 Hilary Duff Reveals Teens' Choices

Celebrity Spider 8/3/05 Tour Schedule for Hilary Duff

Celebrity Spider 8/3/05 Hilary Duff Praised by PETA

News.com.au 8/1/05 Another Lohan point

Celebrity Spider 7/30/05 Hilary Duff Bans Confetti Use at Shows

Roanoke Times 7/28/05 Hilary Duff: in love and on stage here

Celebrity Spider 7/27/05 Hilary Duff Struggles Face to Face

MTV 7/26/05 Hilary Duff's Intimacy Issue: Stage Fright In Reverse

Celebrity Spider 7/24/05 Hilary Duff Hits Back at Snobby Students

Celebrity Spider 7/24/05 Hilary Duff Still Confused About Lindsay Lohan Feud

Celebrity Spider 7/22/05 Hilary Duff Gets Crafty to Keep Her Dog Warm

Celebrity Spider 7/22/05 Hilary Duff Spends Big Cash on Chihuahua's Clothes

Celebrity Spider 7/21/05 Hilary Duff Vows To Keep Relationship Private

Chart Attack 7/21/05 Hilary Duff And Joel Madden Go Public, Baby

MTV 7/20/05 Hilary Duff, Joel Madden Go Public With Lovestyle Of The Rich And Famous

Celebrity Spider 7/19/05 Hilary Duff Kept Joel Madden Collaboration A Secret

Chicago Sun-Times 7/19/05 Is she for real?

Celebrity Spider 7/18/05 Hilary Duff Amused By Eminem's Rap About Her Buttocks

Celebrity Spider 7/18/05 Hilary Duff Has A Disturbing Stage Experience In Venezuela

MTV 7/18/05 Hilary Draws The Line At Collaborating With Good Charlotte

Celebrity Spider 7/15/05 Hilary Duff Loses Her Wardrobe Before First Show

Celebrity Spider 7/13/05 Hilary Duff and Rob Schneider to Host The 2005 Teen Choice Awards

Chart Attack 7/13/05 Hilary Duff Announces Details Of Greatest Hits LP

MTV 7/13/05 Hilary Duff Launches Tour Amid Sea Of Glow Sticks, In (Gasp!) Only One Outfit

Zap2It 7/12/05 Duff, 'Deuce' to Host Teen Choice Awards


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