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E!Online 11/12/12 Jake Gyllenhaal Holds Hands With Mystery Woman—See the Pic

Digital Spy 11/8/12 Jake Gyllenhaal only wants challenging work

Examiner 7/25/12 New 'End of Watch' official photos show off Jake Gyllenhaal

Digital Spy 7/17/12 Jake Gyllenhaal in 'End of Watch' clip

Hollywood Reporter 4/19/12 Jake Gyllenhaal Set to Take Off-Broadway Bow

Digital Spy 3/20/12 Jake Gyllenhaal for dual 'An Enemy' roles

E!Online 3/12/12 Watch Now: Jake Gyllenhaal Kills It (Literally) in Bloody Music Video

Digital Spy 3/2/12 Jake Gyllenhaal's 'End of Watch' to be released in September in US

US Magazine 1/26/12 Exclusive Video: Taylor Swift "Haunted" by Jake Gyllenhaal, Wrote Songs About Him

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/11 Jake Gyllenhaal, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Director Anton Corbijin on Berlin Festival Jury

Digital Spy 12/19/11 Jake Gyllenhaal, Charlotte Gainsbourg join Berlin Film Festival jury

Digital Spy 11/14/11 Jake Gyllenhaal to star in 'The Way, Way Back'?

E!Online 9/6/11 Jake Gyllenhaal Doubles His Pleasure: Weekend Date With Rashida Jones…and Anna Kendrick?

Digital Spy 9/5/11 Jake Gyllenhaal has lunch date with Rashida Jones

US Magazine 9/1/11 Exclusive: Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon Chat About "Vain" Ex Jake Gyllenhaal

Examiner 8/18/11 Photos of bald Jake Gyllenhaal on 'End of Watch' set surface

Digital Spy 8/3/11 Jake Gyllenhaal goes bald for 'End of Watch' role

Daily Mail 7/15/11 Jake Gyllenhaal ends up at scene of LA gang shooting after riding along with police to research role

NY Daily News 7/14/11 Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena witness gang shooting during police ride-along in South L.A.

E!Online 7/12/11 Jake Gyllenhaal Opens Wide for Worm on Man vs. Wild

LA Times 7/11/11 Bear Grylls talks about manning up with Jake Gyllenhaal for 'Men vs. Wild'

People 7/7/11 Jake Gyllenhaal Eats a Worm on Man Vs. Wild

Zap2It 7/6/11 'Man vs. Wild': Jake Gyllenhaal's Icelandic adventure sneak peek videos

TV Guide 6/29/11 Video: Jake Gyllenhaal Toughs It Out on Man vs. Wild

US Magazine 6/21/11 Jake Gyllenhaal Braves Icelandic Wilderness for Man vs. Wild

E! Online 6/21/11 Boys Gone Wild! Bear Grylls Helps Jake Gyllenhaal Discover Himself

E! Online 6/3/11 Caught! Jake Gyllenhaal's Bromantic Movie Date

Digital Spy 5/26/11 Jake Gyllenhaal wants "comfortable" date

Hollywood Reporter 5/19/11 Jake Gyllenhaal Claims Defamation By Photoshop Over Underwear Photo

People 4/26/11 Jake Gyllenhaal Shaves His Head

Daily Mail 4/23/11 Close shave for Jake Gyllenhaal as he transforms into a tough cop for new role

Digital Spy 4/7/11 Jake Gyllenhaal not dating Jessica Lowndes

Digital Spy 4/6/11 Jake Gyllenhaal dating '90210' Lowndes?

Hollywood Reporter 4/1/11 How Jake Gyllenhaal Wooed Duncan Jones to Direct 'Source Code'
LA Times 3/31/11 About (Late) Last Night: Jon Stewart plays matchmaker for Jake Gyllenhaal

E!Online 3/29/11 Jake Gyllenhaal: Why Making Source Code Sickened Him

E!Online 3/13/11 Jake Gyllenhaal Pissed Off by Urinal Photographer at SXSW

E!Online 3/2/11 Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Have "Intense" Talk—but What About?

E! Online 2/25/11 Jake Gyllenhaal Excels at "Fake Connecting"

Us Magazine 2/11/11 Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan Get Chummy

USA Today 1/21/11 Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift get together in Nashville

Digital Spy 1/13/11 Swift "feels really burned" by Gyllenhaal

Hollywood Reporter 1/10/11 Jake Gyllenhaal: Natalie Portman Is the 'Audrey Hepburn of Our Generation'

MTV 1/5/11 Jake Gyllenhaal's Love Life: From Kirsten Dunst To Taylor Swift

People 1/4/11 Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Break Up: Source

US Magazine 12/10/10 New Pic: Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift Go for a Drive

US Magazine 12/10/10 Exclusive Video: Gwyneth Paltrow Hosts Private Dinner for Taylor and Jake

E!Online 12/2/10 Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal: When Will They Meet Again?

People 11/30/10 Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Share Coffee – Again

Extra 11/28/10 The Best Jake Gyllenhaal Movie Moments

Digital Spy 11/26/10 Swift 'spends Thanksgiving with Gyllenhaal'

Extra 11/22/10 Trailer! Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Source Code'

People 11/22/10 Jake Gyllenhaal: Sex Scenes with Anne Hathaway a 'Tough Job'

TV Guide 11/20/10 Jimmy Fallon, Jake Gyllenhaal Sing Sarah Palin Song on Late Night

E!Online 11/18/10 Anne Hathaway: Sex With Jake Gyllenhaal Hurts

Gather 11/18/10 Jake Gyllenhaal Gossips On Love & Other Drugs

E!Online 11/9/10 Don't Ask Jake Gyllenhaal About Taylor Swift

People 11/8/10 Jake Gyllenhaal Dodges Taylor Talk

Digital Spy 11/3/10 Gyllenhaal 'loved working with Downey Jr'

E!Online 11/3/10 Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift: The Couple That Licks Together Sticks Together

Digital Spy 11/3/10 Gyllenhaal 'filmed nude scenes for new film'

US Magazine 11/2/10 Exclusive: Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal Have Flirty Ice Cream Date

US Magazine 10/26/10 Exclusive: Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal Go Apple Picking

People 10/25/10 Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Share a 'Friendly' Brunch in Brooklyn

Us Magazine 10/19/10 Paltrow a "Nightmare Hormonal Mess" Working With Gyllenhaal

E!Online 9/24/10 Adam Levine: Stop Thinking Jake Gyllenhaal Is Gay

Daily Mail 9/10/10 Brokeback Mountain’s Mr Soulful Jake Gyllenhaal turns into macho man

Daily Mail 8/20/10 Millionaire Jake Gyllenhaal desperately tries to avoid a parking ticket

Extra 7/14/10 Jake Gyllenhaal 'Stands Up to Cancer'
Daily Mail 6/19/10 Jake Gyllenhaal takes his eye off the ball after catching sight of a shapely brunette at LA Lakers game

Digital Spy 5/30/10 Gyllenhaal: 'I had to stop being serious'

Digital Spy 5/29/10 Gyllenhaal: 'Kids should follow hearts'

USA Today 5/26/10 Jake Gyllenhaal finally gets to play games in 'Prince of Persia'

E!Online 5/20/10 Jake Gyllenhaal: Bring on the Damn Musical

Access Hollywood 5/18/10 Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘Prince of Persia’ Co-Star Gemma Arterton Is ‘Gorgeous’

People 5/11/10 Jake Gyllenhaal Hits the Shower for His Fitness Routine

Extra 5/10/10 Jake Gyllenhaal to Play 'Broadway Joe'?

E!Online 5/9/10 Jake Gyllenhaal's Prince-ly Secret: Playing Video Games

Herald Sun 4/15/10 Gyllenhaal remembers mate Heath Ledger

LA Times 4/13/10 GQ coverboy Jake Gyllenhaal on his parents' divorce, Heath Ledger's death

Digital Spy 4/7/10 Jake Gyllenhaal dating Isabel Lucas?

Access Hollywood 4/6/10 Jake Gyllenhaal’s Secret To Buff Biceps: Parkour

Cinema Spider 3/26/10 Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About "Brothers" Movie Now Out on DVD

E!Online 3/7/10 Jake Gyllenhaal, Hungry and Ready to Mingle

TMZ 2/9/10 Jake Gyllenhaal -- On the Rebound

Digital Spy 1/8/10 Gyllenhaal siblings 'are always competing'

Digital Spy 1/8/10 Gyllenhaal, Damon considered for 'Avatar'

E!Online 12/22/09 Reese & Jake: Life Goes On After Split

Access Hollywood 12/16/09 Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Split

Extra 12/16/09 Why Reese Witherspoon Broke Up With Jake Gyllenhaal

Access Hollywood 12/11/09 Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon Shoot Down Engagement Rumors

Post Gazette 12/4/09 Jake Gyllenhaal gets Steelers tattoo after stay in city

E!Online 11/30/09 Have Reese and Jake Discovered Each Other’s Vices?

Digital Spy 11/30/09 Witherspoon, Gyllenhaal deny split claims

US Magazine 11/18/09 Kirsten Dunst on Ex Jake Gyllenhaal: "We're Not Good Friends"

Gather.com 11/2/09 Disney Releases Prince of Persia Trailer

Access Hollywood 10/21/09 Reese Witherspoon On Her ‘Part Time Job’ & Life With Jake Gyllenhaal

Digital Spy 9/7/09 Maggie Gyllenhaal 'feels sorry for Jake'

E!Online 8/27/09 Gyllenhaal, Applegate Keep It Kosher With Grover

Daily Mail 7/27/09 Drenched Gemma Arterton swept off her feet by Jake Gyllenhaal on Prince of Persia set

Access Hollywood 7/21/09 Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Prince of Persia’ Poster Revealed

LA Times 7/21/09 Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley battle for time in 'Prince of Persia'

TMZ 6/23/09 Jake & Reese -- A Perfect Match

Daily Mail 6/22/09 Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal show off their his and hers gym outfits
TV Guide 11/21/08 No Wedding Bells for Reese and Jake in Near Future

Digital Spy 11/15/08 Gyllenhaal buffs up for 'Persia' lead
Celebrity Spider 10/17/08 Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's Parents File For Divorce

Celebrity Spider 10/15/08 Reese Witherspoon Praises 'Supportive' Jake Gyllenhaal
Celebrity Spider 10/7/08 Reese Witherspoon And Jake Gyllenhaal Looking For London Home

Chicago Sun-Times 10/7/08 Reese, Jake going strong

People 8/12/08 Jake and Reese Get Cozy in Marrakech
ET Online 8/12/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Rocks New Bod

Celebrity Spider 8/4/08 Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal 'Not Engaged'

Celebrity Spider 8/3/08 Reese Witherspoon To Wed?

Extra 8/3/08 Reps: Gyllenspoon Wedding Rumors 'Lies'
NY Daily News 8/3/08 Are Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal engaged?

This Is London 7/8/08 Shabby and chic: Sleek Reese Witherspoon outsmarts Jake Gyllenhaal's 'homeless style'

E! Online 7/8/08 Can Somebody Spare a Dime for Jake Gyllenhaal?
Celebrity Spider 7/2/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Siblings To Honor Heath Ledger At Batman Premiere

Sky 6/30/08 Reese 'N' Jake Married?
The Hollywood Reporter 6/9/08 Scribe set for untitled Jake Gyllenhaal film
Celebrity Spider 6/6/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Tops Gay Icon Poll

Boston 6/3/08 Gay icon Jake Gyllenhaal
Celebrity Spider 5/29/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Anxious To Start Family With Reese Witherspoon?
Celebrity Spider 5/26/08 Jake Gyllenhaal & Jessica Biel's Nailed Hit By More Problems
TMZ 5/26/08 GyllenSpoon Walk the PDA Line

Celebrity Spider 5/21/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Is Prince Of Perisa

Celebrity Spider 5/20/08 Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Were Destined To Be Lovers
E!Online 5/20/08 Gyllenhaal Crowned Disney's Prince

Celebrity Spider 5/14/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Slams Wedding Rumors
Extra 5/14/08 Gyllenspoon Headed to Altar?
Celebrity Spider 4/27/08 Jake Gyllenhaal "Really Loves" Reese Witherspoon

Celebrity Spider 4/25/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Plans Restaurant Venture

New Zealand Herald 4/10/08 Cameron Diaz and Gerard Butler double date with Reese and Jake

Digital Spy 4/10/08 Gyllenhaal offered 'Prince of Persia'

Celebrity Spider 4/3/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Finds Strong Woman in Reese Witherspoon

TMZ 4/1/08 The Ex-Husband Elephant in the Room

TMZ 3/31/08 Jake a Fake?

TMZ 3/20/08 Brokefoot Mountain?

Celebrity Spider 3/14/08 Jake Gyllenhaal's Sporting Injury

Extra 3/13/08 Jake and Reese in Love Shack?

Extra 3/3/08 Reese and Jake: SoHo in Love

TMZ 3/3/08 Gyllenspoon Bores It Up In NYC

Celebrity Spider 2/18/08 Kirsten Dunst Denies Substance Abuse Caused Split With Jake Gyllenhaal

Enquirer 2/18/08 Friends are worried about Jake

Digital Spy 1/31/08 Gyllenhaal 'happy' to be gay icon

Hello! 1/31/08 Grief-stricken Jake takes time out from new movie to mourn Heath

News.com.au 1/24/08 Gyllenhaal to help Ledger's daughter

Extra 1/23/08 Where is Jake Gyllenhaal?

Celebrity Spider 1/22/08 Reese Witherspoon Denies Jake Gyllenhaal Proposal Stories

Digital Spy 11/22/07 Report: Witherspoon spurns Jake marriage

Zap2It 11/5/07 Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel Get 'Nailed'

Hollywood Reporter 11/5/07 Gyllenhaal in bed with Biel for 'Nailed'

TMZ 11/1/07 Jake's Pap Smack

TMZ 10/29/07 Gyllenspoon: Couple or Couple of Fakers?

TMZ 10/28/07 Jake and Reese: A Pair of Ghouls?

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal's "Romantic Weekend

This is London 10/24/07 Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal come out as a couple during a romantic trip to Rome

Celebrity Spider 10/23/07 Jake Gyllenhaal Punched Jarhead Co-Star for Real

Sky News 10/24/07 Reesenhaal: It's Official

Extra 10/23/07 Jake and Reese Back On?

NY Post 10/21/07 Gyllenhaal: Film Shows Torture Is Wrong

Celebrity Spider 10/19/07 Reese Witherspoon Denies Romance With Jake Gyllenhaal

Entertainment Weekly 10/18/07 Jake Gyllenhaal: The Road to 'Rendition'

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Jake Gyllenhaal: "I Hate Preachy Message Films"

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Jake Gyllenhaal: "I'm Not Just a Pretty Face"

Sky News 10/16/07 Jake's naked hobby

Hello! 10/11/07 Reese and Jake giving nothing away at premiere of new flick

TMZ 10/11/07 Done with Ryan, Reese Gets Snapped with Jake

Sky News 10/11/07 Oh Jake, No No No

Zap2It 10/9/07 Jake Gyllenhaal's Over the 'Moon'

Zap2It 9/18/07 Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire Are 'Brothers'

Entertainment Weekly 9/7/07 Jake at Stake

Extra 9/7/07 Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal: The Movie that Started it All!

TMZ 9/7/07 Jake Gyllenhaal Gets His Wings

TMZ 8/23/07 Jake G. Likes Candy

Sky News 8/9/07 Jake's New Blonde

Celebrity Spider 8/2/07 Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon Back Together Again

Sky News 8/2/07 Has Jake dumped us?

TMZ 7/31/07 Reese and Jake on the Down Low

Digital Spy 7/25/07 Gyllenhaal tops gay poll

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Reese Witherspoon Splits From Jake Gyllenhaal

Sky News 6/27/07 Reese's Break-Up

TMZ 5/31/07 Reese and Jake Spotted Together ... Kinda

Daily Mail 5/17/07 Gyllenhaal is daunted by attending another screening of his film

Extra 5/9/07 Reese and Jake -- Caught Together

TMZ 5/7/07 Jake and Austin Book It

TMZ 5/2/07 Jake & Reese -- They're Tight on the 101

Hello! 4/16/07 Jake helps honour Jennifer at Hollywood award ceremony

People 4/12/07 Why Reese Witherspoon Fell for Jake Gyllenhaal

Extra 4/10/07 Did a Newly Single Reese Pursue Jake Gyllenhaal?

TMZ 4/10/07 Jake's New BFF

Celebrity Spider 4/4/07 Jake Gyllenhaal Saves Family From Fire

TMZ 4/4/07 Jake in Spandex

Extra 3/28/07 Is Reese on the Rebound with Jake Gyllenhaal?

TMZ 3/27/07 Joggin' Jake Gyllenhaal

Celebrity Spider 3/8/07 Jake Gyllenhaal Turns Detective

Sky News 3/8/07 Is Reese Dating Jake?

TMZ 3/7/07 Witherspoon and Gyllenhaal Romance Rumor

Inside Entertainmnt 3/7/07 Jake's gitch gander

Newsday 3/5/07 It's an inside job

Entertainment Weekly 3/4/07 Role Call: Jake Gyllenhaal

TMZ 3/1/07 All Signs Point to Jake

MTV 2/13/07 Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo Hunt Ultimate Serial Killer In 'Zodiac'

Sky News 1/26/07 Jake wants a woman

Extra 1/25/07 Jake Gyllenhaal: Looking for Mrs. Right

Sky News 1/22/07 Sexy Jake Steps Out

Celebrity Spider 1/15/07 Jake Gyllenhaal Showcases Singing Skills

Zap2It 1/10/07 'Prada,' Gyllenhaal Get Gay Vote

Celebrity Spider 12/29/06 Gyllenhaals Flee Fire at Inn

BBC 12/29/06 Brokeback actor flees house fire

E!Online 12/28/06 Gyllenhaal Sibs Flee Fire

Sky News 12/29/06 Jake The Hero

TMZ 11/15/06 Reese (Broke)Back on the Rebound?

Celebrity Spider 10/9/06 Kirsten Dunst: "Jake Gyllenhaal Romance is Over For Good"

TMZ 10/4/06 Get Inside Jake Gyllenhaal's Pants

Sky News 9/29/06 Who's Jake Hugging?

Celebrity Spider 9/28/06 Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon Join Political Thriller

Hello! 9/28/06 Hunky Jake takes time out with godmother Jamie

Hollywood Reporter 9/27/06 Gyllenhaal, Witherspoon in 'Rendition'

Sky News 9/25/06 Whose new mansion?

Digital Spy 9/10/06 Dunst speaks about Gyllenhaal break-up

TMZ 7/26/06 Body By Jake

TMZ 7/24/06 Jake Wants to Be Lance

TMZ 7/4/06 Jake Gyllenhaal: Celebrity Athlete of the Year

Hello! 6/2/06 Jake takes time out with filmmaker Bart

Celebrity Spider 4/29/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Offends Gulf War Veterans

Sky News 4/24/06 Who's the Skater Girl?

Stuff 3/9/06 Jake and Keira spotted on dates

MTV 3/2/06 'Brokeback To The Future' Creators Hope Heath And Jake Don't Hate Them

Celebrity Spider 2/27/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Changes Attitude to Acting

Sunday Mirror 2/26/06 Exclusive: I Put the Ache into Jake 

Celebrity Spider 2/21/06 Heath Ledger Asks Jake Gyllenhaal to be Godfather

Celebrity Spider 2/21/06 Jake Gyllenhaal's Brokeback Mountain Shirt Sells for $101,000

Celebrity Spider 2/17/06 Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger to Appear on Will & Grace?

Sky News 2/17/06 Whose Dad is This?

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Oscar Momento to Mother

Celebrity Spider 2/4/06 Sienna Miller Hope She's a Better Kisser Than Jake Gyllenhaal

Celebrity Spider 1/28/06 Emotional Jake Gyllenhaal Brought Kirsten Dunst Heartbreak to Brokeback Set

Celebrity Spider 1/16/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Tackles Busboying on TV Show

Ananova 1/16/06 Jake's a kitchen romantic

Celebrity Spider 1/13/06 Jake Gyllenhaal: "Paul Newman Taught Me to Drive"

Toledo Blade 1/8/06 The case for Jake

Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Owes Success to Ancestor

Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal Back Together For New Years Eve

Chicago Sun-Times 1/1/06 Expert analysis: Gyllenhaal, Ledger

Daily Mail 12/23/05 Jake finds war is all in-fighting

Jam! 12/23/05 Jake's gay ol' time

Celebrity Spider 12/20/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Suffered With Unfriendly Ang Lee

USA Today 12/16/05 Gyllenhaal becomes a man

This is London 12/15/05 Jake dives in at the deep end

Celebrity Spider 12/13/05 Jake Gyllenhaal is Sister's Most Brutal Critic

Chicago Sun-Times 12/11/05 Dirty Laundry: Jake Gyllenhaal

Entertainment Weekly 12/8/05 Role Call: Jake Gyllenhaal

Zap2It 12/7/05 Gyllenhaal Gets Twisted on 'Brokeback Mountain'

Teen Hollywood 12/5/05 Jake Gyllenhaal: Up High on the “Mountain”

Celebrity Spider 11/22/05 Bisexual Rumors Flatter Jake Gyllenhaal

Celebrity Spider 11/14/05 Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard Lived Together During Jarhead Filming

Philly.com 11/13/05 Sarsgaard, Gyllenhaal bunk up during film

Jam! 11/12/05 Gyllenhaal recalls Alta's beauty

CBS 11/8/05 Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Jarhead'

Celebrity Spider 11/7/05 Speedo Shame for Prankster Jake Gyllenhaal

Celebrity Spider 11/7/05 Jake Gyllenhaal's Homeless Shelter Bar-Mitzvah

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Attacked Jarhead Co-Star

Celebrity Spider 11/2/05 Madonna Hails Brave Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger

NY Daily News 11/2/05 Jake's new body of work

Zap2it 11/1/05 'Jarhead' Makes a Man Out of Gyllenhaal

Celebrity Spider 10/31/05 Jake Gyllenhaal's Milk Licking Beginnings

Jam! 10/28/05 Gyllenhaal goes mad for 'Jarhead'

Celebrity Spider 10/24/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Excited About Military Video Diary

Celebrity Spider 10/22/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Mentally Drained by Bootcamp Experience

Celebrity Spider 10/21/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Lost a Tooth on Jarhead Set

Celebrity Spider 10/11/05 Jake Gyllenhaal: "Ang Lee and Sam Mendes Changed My Life"

Celebrity Spider 10/9/05 Jake Gyllenhaal an Peter Sarsgaard Make a Pact Not to Discuss Jarhead Dispute

Toronto Star 9/17/05 Behind blue eyes

Celebrity Spider 8/18/05 Is Kirsten Dunst Carrying Jake Gyllenhaal's Baby?

Celebrity Spider 6/17/05 Jake Gyllenhaal's Passion for Salt

Celebrity Spider 5/13/05 Eva Green: "Jake Gyllenhaal Was Too Scared to Star in Dreamers"

Celebrity Spider 5/7/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Linked to Catalina Moreno

Jam! 4/19/05 Gyllenhaal, Downey Jr. join Zodiac film

Zap2It 4/19/05 Gyllenhaal, Downey Sign for 'Zodiac'

MTV 4/19/05 Gyllenhaal, Downey Jr. Sign On For Serial-Killer Thriller

Hollywood Reporter 4/19/05 Gyllenhaal, Downey align for 'Zodiac'

Celebrity Spider 4/8/05 Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal Laugh Off Marriage

Ananova 4/4/05 Kirsten and Jake to tie the knot

Contact Music 2/2/05 Gyllenhaal's Support Each Other

Ananova 12/16/04 Kirsten and Jake to marry?

Teen Hollywood 12/15/04 Dunst and Gyllenhaal to wed

Digital Spy 12/15/04 Dunst and Gyllenhaal to marry

Ananova 11/16/04 Kirsten and Jake back together

Contact Music 11/15/04 Gyllenhaal Struggled With Painful Gay Scenes

Contact Music 11/1/04 Gyllenhaal And Dunst Back Together?

Zap2It 10/27/04 Gyllenhaal Gears up for Gulf War Memoir

Toronto Star 10/27/04 Gyllenhaal cast as lead in Jarhead

Hollywood Reporter 10/21/04 Uni drafts Gyllenhall, Foxx, Black for 'Jarhead'

Contact Music 10/21/04 Dunst Hints At Gyllenhaal Reunion

Contact Music 10/18/04 Dunst and Gyllenhaal back Together

Contact Music 10/3/04 Gyllenhaal to be Male Bridget Jones

Ananova 9/29/04 Kirsten hasn't ruled out reconciliation with Jake

Webindia123.com 9/26/04 Kirsten Dunst goes hiding from Jake Gyllenhall

Ananova 9/26/04 Kirsten comes clean on Gyllenhaal split

Contact Music 9/16/04 Dunst Sick Of Talking About Gyllenhaal

Ananova 8/11/04 Scarlett wants to date Kirsten's ex

Teen Hollywood 8/10/04 Scarlett Pursues Jake Gyllenhaal

Ananova 8/9/04 Kirsten tried to spice up relationship

Digital Spy 8/8/04 Dunst talks about split from Gyllenhaal

Ananova 7/29/04 Dunst 'broke Gyllenhaal's heart'

Teen Hollywood 7/21/04 Dunst Dumps Gyllenhaal

Digital Spy 7/21/04 'Spider-Man' star Dunst "dumps" Gyllenhaal

Ananova 7/21/04 Kirsten dumps Jake

BBC 7/2/04 Don't worry Jake, Aunty Kirsten's here

Teen Hollywood 5/31/04 Gyllenhaal Juggled Jobs Before Films

Teen Hollywood 5/28/04 Dunst Sacrifices Premiere For Gyllenhaal

Ananova 5/28/04 Jake Gyllenhaal as Superman

Contact Music 10/3/04 Gyllenhaal to be Male Bridget Jones

Ananova 9/29/04 Kirsten hasn't ruled out reconciliation with Jake

Webindia123.com 9/26/04 Kirsten Dunst goes hiding from Jake Gyllenhall

Ananova 9/26/04 Kirsten comes clean on Gyllenhaal split

Contact Music 9/16/04 Dunst Sick Of Talking About Gyllenhaal

Ananova 8/11/04 Scarlett wants to date Kirsten's ex

Teen Hollywood 8/10/04 Scarlett Pursues Jake Gyllenhaal

Ananova 8/9/04 Kirsten tried to spice up relationship

Digital Spy 8/8/04 Dunst talks about split from Gyllenhaal

Ananova 7/29/04 Dunst 'broke Gyllenhaal's heart'

Teen Hollywood 7/21/04 Dunst Dumps Gyllenhaal

Digital Spy 7/21/04 'Spider-Man' star Dunst "dumps" Gyllenhaal

This Is London 7/21/04 Kirsten and Jake split

USA Today 7/21/04 Gyllenhaal, Dunst call it quits; Diaz, Timberlake still on

The Sun 7/21/04 Kirsten Dumpst flying solo

Ananova 7/21/04 Kirsten dumps Jake

BBC 7/2/04 Don't worry Jake, Aunty Kirsten's here

Teen Hollywood 5/31/04 Gyllenhaal Juggled Jobs Before Films

Teen Hollywood 5/28/04 Dunst Sacrifices Premiere For Gyllenhaal

Ananova 5/28/04 Jake Gyllenhaal as Superman

News.com.au 5/27/04 Pin-up's riding a tsunami

Teen Hollywood 5/27/04 Jake Lands Superman Role?

BBC 5/27/04 Jake takes a leak on set

BBC 5/27/04 Jake almost snogs fan at 'Day After Tomorrow' Premiere

News.com.au 5/27/04 Indie pin-up happy to ride a tsunami  

Teen Hollywood 5/26/04 Jake Gyllenhaal: Melting the Ice

Teen Hollywood 5/26/04 Gyllenhaal Cares About the Environment

Seattle Times 5/24/04 Gyllenhaal makes move from indies to big-budget films

Killer Movies 5/24/04 Jake Gyllenhaal Talks 'The Day After Tomorrow'

Times Online 5/23/04 Jake’s progress

Guardian 5/22/04 Jake, baby Jake

Star Online 5/21/04 Up close with Gyllenhaal

Alameda Times Star 5/15/04 Jake Gyllenhaal: An actor who's ready for action

BBC 5/12/04 Jake Gyllenhaal defends Ice Age movie

Teen Hollywood 5/11/04 Dunst Happy That Jake Isn't Spider-man

Teen Hollywood 5/4/04 DiCaprio, Gyllenhaal and Maguire Want Same Film

Teen Hollywood 5/4/04 Dunst: Jake And I Aren't Like Ben And Jen

BBC 10/21/02 Jake Gyllenhall Interview


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