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Just Jared 5/8/11 Jamie Lynn Spears: Palms Place with Maddie

E!Online 4/4/11 Jamie Lynn Spears Turns 20 While Big Sis Britney Hangs in Vegas

USA Today 4/4/11 Jamie Lynn Spears tweets photo of daughter

Cafe Mom 9/10/10 Did 'Teen Mom' Jamie Spears Inspire the Hit Show?

TMZ 8/17/10 Jamie Lynn Spears -- Reconciling with My Baby

US Magazine 8/17/10 Check Out How Big Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby Daughter Is

Monsters and Critics 5/17/10 Jamie Lynn Spears `heading off to college`

Hollywood Gossip 4/4/10 Happy Birthday, Jamie Lynn Spears

Showbiz Spy 3/2/10 Jamie Lynn Spears in Custody Battle With Baby Daddy

People 2/7/10 Jamie Lynn Spears Moves out – and Moves on with New Guy

E!Online 2/7/10 Jamie Lynn Spears Moves On After Baby Daddy Split
Star Magazine 1/14/10 Jamie Lynn Spears Gettin' Wiggy with It

US Magazine 12/22/09 Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara Split

Celebrity Gossip 11/25/09 Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge: Broadway Lovers

Daily Mail 9/1/09 Britney Spears and sister Jamie Lynn show off their impressive bikini bodies in the Miami heat

US Magazine 8/31/09 Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Show Off Bikini Bods in Miami

TMZ 8/10/09 Jamie Lynn & Baby Get Gas
TMZ 10/12/08 Maddie's First of Many Trips to Wal-Mart

Celebrity Spider 10/10/08 Lynne Spears' Hopes For Daughters
Celebrity Spider 10/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Wants To Be A College Mother
MTV 10/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Responds To Rumors Of Fiance Casey Aldridge's Infidelity

NY Daily News 10/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears not getting married, but is she pregnant?
Daily Mail 10/9/08 Britney's teen sister Jamie Lynn Spears denies she's pregnant with baby No.2

Celebrity Spider 10/8/08 Jamie Lynn Spears: 'I'm Still With Casey And We Plan To Marry'
Celebrity Spider 10/8/08 Tabloid Report: Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant Again

TMZ 10/8/08 Jamie Lynn NOT Pregnant
Daily Mail 10/8/08 Oops! Has she done it again? Britney's sister Jamie Lynn Spears 'pregnant with baby No.2'
USA Today 10/8/08 Young celeb parents: When will we hear wedding bells?

NY Daily News 9/24/08 Lynne Spears: Jamie Lynn 'crucified' for teen pregnancy while Palin family 'celebrated'

Celebrity Spider 9/22/08 Police Hunt For Missing Spears Photographs 
Zap2It 9/22/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Breastfeeding Pic Prompts Probe
Rocky Mountain News 9/17/08 Spears tells how Jamie Lynn revealed pregnancy

TMZ 9/14/08 Deconstructing Britney's Brother-in-Law

TMZ 9/15/08 Britney & Jamie Lynn: Mommies Night Out

Jam! 9/12/08 Look-alike Spears dupes photogs

Celebrity Spider 9/11/08 Jonas Brothers Offer Support To Spears Sisters 
Celebrity Spider 9/11/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Gives Mom's Book The Thumbs Up

Celebrity Spider 7/30/08 Jamie-Lynn Spears Plans Wedding
Entertainmentwise 7/30/08 Jamie Lynn Spears' Wedding & Baby Plans
E! Online 7/30/08 Calling Jamie Lynn Spears
NY Daily News 7/11/08 Jamie Lynn Spears tries homemaking
Celebrity Spider 7/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears: 'First Birth Was Surreal'
MTV 7/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Describes 'Perfect Delivery' And New Motherhood
NY Daily News 7/9/08 Meet Jamie Lynn Spears' baby girl
Extra 7/9/08 Jamie Lynn 'Focused on Family'
NY Post 7/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears poses with baby for mag cover
Entertainmentwise 7/8/08 Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby Daddy Out Of The Picture?
Celebrity Spider 7/1/08 Last-Minute Baby Drama For Jamie Lynn Spears
TMZ 6/26/08 Jamie Lynn to Mom: Help Me With My Baby!
Celebrity Spider 6/23/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Fools Paparazzi
Extra 6/23/08 Jamie Lynn Leaves Hospital
Celebrity Spider 6/20/08 Jamie Spears Thrilled With New Baby
E! Online 6/20/08 Spears & Baby: To Grandmother's House They Go
Extra 6/20/08 Jamie Lynn Will Be a 'Great Mom'
Celebrity Spider 6/19/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Baby Daughter
TMZ 6/19/08 Careful Daddy, That's a Live One!
Zap2It 6/19/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Gives Birth to Baby Girl
TMZ 6/19/08 Jamie Lynn: Beforebirth
Jam! 6/19/08 Report: Jamie Lynn to give birth
Digital Spy 6/19/08 Jamie Lynn 'expecting child today'
CBS News 6/19/08 Reports: Britney's Sis Has Baby
TMZ 6/19/08 Jamie Lynn: No Longer Pregnant
E! Online 6/19/08 Jamie Lynn Sprouts!
Celebrity Spears 6/5/08 Jamie Lynn Spears And Aldridge Land First Home
Celebrity Spider 6/5/08 Jamie Lynn Spears 'Stalker' Arrested
USA Today 6/5/08 Photographer accused of stalking younger Spears
Jam! 6/5/08 Jamie Lynn photographer arrested
TMZ 6/2/08 Jamie Lynn's New Crib
This Is London 5/29/08 Britney's pregnant teenage sister 'arguing with fianc over pre-nup'
TMZ 5/28/08 Big Markdowns for Unwed Pregnant Teen Couples
Now Magazine 5/21/08 Jamie Lynn Spears is expecting a girl
Sky 5/21/08 Jamie Lynn Tells All
TMZ 5/16/08 Jamie Lynn On All Fours -- Yama-Hee-Ha!
X17Online 5/12/08 Jamie Lynn and Casey Spend Mother's Day Together!
Celebrity Spider 5/8/08 Jamie Lynn Spears' Keen To Slim Down After Birth
Entertainment Wise 5/8/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Tired Of Baby Fat
Celebrity Spider 5/7/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Needs Help Naming Unborn Daughter
Celebrity Spider 5/7/08 Britney Spears Gives Sister Advice On Motherhood

E!Online 5/6/08 Jamie Lynn Goes Out on Top
5/5/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Hosts Baby Shower

Zap2It 5/1/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Expecting a Girl in June

TMZ 4/30/08 Jamie Lynn: Baby Rides in Style

Extra 4/30/08 Jamie Lynn: Baby Steps Out

San Francisco Chronicle 4/30/08 Jamie Lynn Spears expecting a girl

TMZ 4/28/08 Jamie Lynn's Man in Prison Stripes

E!Online 4/25/08 Ma Spears Should Have "The Talk" With Jamie Lynn

TMZ 4/25/08 Jamie Lynn: Burger Bun in the Oven

MTV 4/23/08 Lynne Spears Gets Into War Of Words With Magazine Over Britney, Jamie Lynn Comments

TMZ 4/21/08 Jamie Lynn Baby Bumpin'

Celebrity Spider 4/17/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Househunts in Mississippi

Extra 4/16/08 Jamie Lynn is thirsty

Enquirer 4/10/08 Brawlin' Jamie Lynn Speared

Celebrity Spider 4/8/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Ordered by Mom to Sign Pre-Nup

TMZ 4/8/08 Jamie Lynn: Baby with a Bump

Celebrity Spider 4/7/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Turns 17 on a Budget

Extra 4/7/08 Jamie Lynn: My Preggo Burger Birthday

TMZ 4/7/08 Jamie Lynn's Man Is Loaded

People 4/5/08 Jamie Lynn Spends 17th Birthday Shopping, Eating Out

TMZ 4/5/08 Jamie Lynn -- Hello Ruby Tuesday

TMZ 4/4/08 America's Favorite Unwed Pregnant Teen Turns 17

Celebrity Spider 4/3/08 Britney Spears to Host Sister Jamie Lynn's Wedding

People 4/3/08 Britney Spears's Birthday Shopping for Jamie Lynn

Stuff 4/3/08 Jamie Lynn asks Britney to be bridesmaid

Metro 4/3/08 Britney's mum demands pre-nup for sis

TMZ 4/1/08 Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers -- I Used To Be a Star

Extra 4/1/08 Jamie Lynn's T-shirt Tell-All

Daily Mail 4/1/08 Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, shows off her new engagement ring

Celebrity Spider 3/30/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Confirms Engagement With a T-Shirt

People 3/28/08 Jamie Lynn's Baby Registry: From Teething Rings to Car Seats

Celebrity Spider 3/27/08 Cousin Confirms Jamie Lynn Spears Engagement

Celebrity Spider 3/26/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Reportedly Engaged

Zap2It 3/25/08 Report: Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged

Extra 3/25/08 Jamie Lynn Engaged

Celebrity Spider 3/16/08 Britney Spears Splashes Out on Ocean Themed Nursery for Jamie Lynn

Digital Spy 3/15/08 Cyrus cried over Jamie Lynn news

Daily Mail 3/14/08 Britney Spears' pregnant sister, 16, covers up her baby bump

TMZ 3/6/08 Jamie Lynn Is Seriously "Miss Guided"

Digital Spy 3/5/08 Spears 'won't attend sister's wedding'

Celebrity Spider 3/5/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Plans Blue Nursery

Arizona Republic 3/3/08 Jamie Lynn Spears expecting a boy

Celebrity Spider 2/29/08 Uncle: "Jamie Lynn Spears Was Unplanned - Just Like Her Baby"

Celebrity Spider 2/26/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Passes GED Exam

TMZ 2/21/08 Jamie Lynn -- Baby Needs a Home Y'all

Showbiz Spy 2/21/08 Jamie Lynn Spears: “I’m not pregnant!”

Digital Spy 2/20/08 Jamie Lynn 'has hard-partying lifestyle'

TMZ 2/15/08 Jamie-Lynn Goes to Bat for Her Dad

TMZ 2/9/08 Jamie Lynn Is a Good Mother ... to Her Dog

Daily Mail 2/6/08 Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears takes the opportunity to party while her parents look after sister Britney

Entertainmentwise 2/5/08 'Jamie Lynn Spears Not Allowed To See Baby's Father'

Sky News 2/5/08 Jamie Lynn in Hiding?

Fametastic 2/5/08 Jamie Lynn Spears flees Louisiana for dad’s home in LA

Celebrity Spider 1/31/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Buys Boyfriend New Truck

E!Online 1/29/08 Sixteen, Pregnant—and a Hit

USA Today 1/29/08 Jamie Lynn Spears' TV show, 'Zoey 101,' returns

Celebrity Spider 1/24/08 Jamie Lynn Spears to Give New Baby to Mother

Celebrity Spider 1/17/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Valentines Day Card Line Still to Go on Sale

Sofachip 1/17/08 More People Watched Zoey 101 Recently, but there's more Trouble for Jamie Lynn Spears

Celebrity Spider 1/17/08 Publicists Deny Sick Jamie Lynn Spears Miscarriage Story

Celebrity Spider 1/16/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Inadvertently Becomes PETA Poster Girl

Celebrity Spider 1/12/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Not Dumped by Boyfriend

TMZ 1/12/08 "Top Model" Goes Off on the Spears Sisters

Celebrity Spider 1/11/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Angers Restaurant Staff

Dot Music 1/11/08 Jamie: Baby Dad Chat

Celebrity Spider 1/10/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Uses Juno for Support

Daily Mail 1/10/08 Who's the daddy: Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears dumped by boyfriend who demands proof of paternity

Celebrity Spider 1/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Teen Pregnancy Boosts Zoey 101 Ratings

NY Post 1/8/08 Spears Baby Boom

TMZ 1/7/08 Jamie-Lynn: GED Not IUD

Celebrity Spider 1/4/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Zoey 101 to be Broadcast

Celebrity Spider 1/3/08 Jamie Lynn Spears TV Show Axed

Baltimore Sun 1/2/08 Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy: It's not just about her

NY Post 1/2/08 Zoel Faces Finals

Extra 1/2/08 Is Jamie Lynn Leaning on K-Fed for Support?

Tucson Citizen 1/1/08 'Zoey 101' star must leave show

Celebrity Spider 12/31/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Jealous of Cheating Boyfriend

LA Times 12/31/07 Jamie Lynn Spears is not the first teen to have a baby

Detroit News 12/28/07 The year of Spears

Celebrity Spider 12/27/07 Report - Casey Aldridge Not the Father of Jamie Lynn Spears Baby

Deseret News 12/27/07 Nickelodeon is Spears-ed

Borowitz 12/26/07 How to Talk to Your Child about Jamie Lynn Spears

People 12/26/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Hometown Support

Mountain Express 12/26/07 How Mama Spears raised her girls

NY Post 12/25/07 Spears 'Great Mom': Dr. Phil

Celebrity Spider 12/24/07 Lynn Spears Book Will be Released

Celebrity Spider 12/24/07 Mike Huckabee Salutes Jamie Lynn Spears

Chicago Tribune 12/24/07 Dr. Phil supports Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears' mom

NY Post 12/24/07 Britney Sis' Beau Opts To Lay Low 

TMZ 12/24/07 Jamie Lynn a Good Parent? Look to the Stars

Celebrity Spider 12/22/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Aunt Hints at Planned Pregnancy

Celebrity Spider 12/22/07 Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge to Marry

Celebrity Spider 12/22/07 Britney Spears Buys Gifts for Pregnant Sister

MTV 12/22/07 Jamie Lynn Spears' Hometown Reacts: Residents Respond To Pregnancy News

MTV 12/22/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Made 'The Right Decision,' Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Says

NY Daily News 12/21/07 Nick spin docs try to cure Jamie-Lynn Spears mess

News.com.au 12/21/07 Jamie Spears's family think Britney is a bad influence

TMZ 12/21/07 Jamie Lynn Did Not Terminate Her ... Mom's Book

Newsday 12/21/07 Li'l Jamie Lynn upstages Britney with pregnancy

Digital Spy 12/21/07 Casey Aldridge won't face rape charges

TMZ 12/21/07 Jamie Lynn Advised by "Zoey" Co-Star, 15

Rocky Mountain News 12/21/07 Teen Spears' baby daddy eludes media

Digital Spy 12/21/07 Jamie Lynn agrees $1m baby photo deal

News.com.au 12/21/07 Pregnant Jamie-Lynn Spears' tell-all OK interview

Daily Telegraph 12/21/07 Pregnant Spears' sex lessons

Celebrity Spider 12/20/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Family Adores Father-to-be Casey Aldridge

Celebrity Spider 12/20/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Can't Wait to Find Out Baby's Sex

The Trades 12/20/07 Editorial: Pop Culture Non-Parenting and the "Shock" of Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby

Detroit News 12/20/07 How do you tell a 10-year-old that ’Zoey’ is pregnant?

MTV 12/20/07 Jamie Lynn Spears' Pregnancy: Is It Legal?

Access Hollywood 12/20/07 Dr. Gail Saltz On What To Tell Your Kids About Jamie Lynn

NY Daily News 12/20/07 It's Ethics 101: Nickelodeon needs to nix Jamie Lynn Spears

E!Online 12/20/07 Jamie Lynn's Uncertain Future

MTV 12/20/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnancy Spurring Possible Nickelodeon Special

CBS 12/20/07 More Fallout From Jamie Lynn's Pregnancy

TMZ 12/20/07 Brit to Jamie Lynn: You're a Hot Mama 2 B

Digital Spy 12/20/07 Spears' aunt: Jamie Lynn wants attention

TMZ 12/20/07 Casey's Uncle: We're Shocked ... And We Aren't

TMZ 12/20/07 Principal Cashes In on Jamie Lynn

This is London 12/20/07 Boyfriend of pregnant teen Jamie Lynn Spears could face statutory rape charges

Jam! 12/20/07 Spears' dad devastated by news

CBS 12/20/07 Huckabee's Happy Spears Is Keeping Her Baby

Celebrity Spider 12/19/07 Kevin Federline Knew About Jamie Lynn's Pregnancy Before Britney

Celebrity Spider 12/19/07 Britney Spears Denies Sister Jamie Lynn is Pregnant

Celebrity Spider 12/19/07 Dad Angry at Jamie Lynn Spears Tell All Interview

Celebrity Spider 12/19/07 Jamie Lynn Broke News to Mother With a Note

Celebrity Spider 12/19/07 Lynne Spears Parenting Book "Delayed" Indefinitely

Celebrity Spider 12/19/07 Britney Spears "Unaware" of Sister's Pregnancy

Celebrity Spider 12/19/07 Britney Spears Sister Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant

MTV 12/19/07 Jamie Lynn Spears' Pregnancy Met With Shock, Support From Celebs And Fans

USA Today 12/19/07 Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy has folks talking

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/07 Spears pregnancy won't affect 'Zoey'

Daily Mail 12/19/07 Oh baby, baby: Britney Spears' sister pregnant at 16

CNN 12/19/07 How do you talk to kids about Britney's sister?

CNN 12/19/07 Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy raises legal questions

TMZ 12/19/07 Jamie Lynn's Back-End Deal

Extra 12/19/07 Jamie Lynn Had Denied She Had a Serious Boyfriend

MTV 12/19/07 Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's Sister, Is Pregnant

IGN 12/18/07 Jailbait Spears Expecting

E!Online 12/18/07 Just Call Her Aunt Britney

Celebrity Spider 11/9/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Dumps Student Boyfriend

Media Life Magazine 11/9/07 Step on aside, Britney, for Jamie Lynn

Sky News 11/9/07 Jamie Lynn's Single 

Celebrity Spider 10/9/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Comes to Britney's Rescue

The Sun 10/9/07 Woman attacks Spears sister

TMZ 10/8/07 Irate Woman Bitches at Britney -- Sis Steps In

TMZ 10/7/07 Britney and Sis Run for the Border

Extra 8/22/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Candid
The Gossip Girls 6/10/07 Emma Roberts and Jamie-Lynn Spears Do Nancy Drew

Sky News 3/12/07 Jamie: the new Britney?

Daily Mail 12/20/06 Britney takes kid sister to a tattoo parlour

TMZ 9/18/06 Jamie Lynn's Pajama Party

TMZ 9/1/06 Brit Imparts Wisdom on Jamie-Lynn

Irish Examiner 4/16/06 Spears' sibling song

Buffalo News 3/10/06 Britney Spears' sister aces showbiz '101'

Toronto Star 2/21/06 Jamie Lynn attends the school of frock

Celebrity Spider 9/7/05 Jamie Lynn Spears to Help Hurricane Victims

Journal Now 8/18/05 Tweens: They're loving seeing themselves in Jamie Lynn Spears

Celebrity Spider 7/8/05 Jamie and Britney Spears Show Off Art Skills on Dog Bowls

Teen TV 5/4/05 Spears' Sister Gives Ellen Cheerleading Lessons

Relish 2/20/05 Jamie Lynn: Britney's kid sister becomes a star in her own right
CBS 1/28/05 Britney's Lil' Sis Making Waves

Teen Television 1/21/05 This Year's Spears, Jamie Lynn

FOX News 1/7/05 Britney's Kid Sister to Star in TV Show

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