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Zap2It 5/24/15 Kim Kardashian's one-year wedding anniversary is making her feel super nostalgic

Zap2It 5/22/15 Proof Kanye's 'All Day' was definitely written with Paul McCartney's help

E!Online 5/19/15 Kanye West ''Grossly Over-Censored'' During Billboard Music Awards Performance: He Was ''Seriously...

TV Guide 5/18/15 Billboard Music Awards: Taylor Swift Comes Out on Top, Kanye Gets Booed

Billboard 5/14/15 Kanye West's 'Bound 2' Goes PG, Is Re-Created as a Children's Book

Zap2It 5/12/15 Kanye West is vaguely a doctor now

People 5/12/15 Kanye West Gives a Shout-Out to Fellow 'Artist' George W. Bush

Zap2It 5/11/15 Kanye West went way over the top on Kim Kardashian's Mother's Day gifts

Zap2It 5/3/15 Attention everyone, Kanye West says he's changing the name of his 'So Help Me God' album

US Magazine 4/20/15 Kanye West Emerged From Nitrous Trip at the Dentist's Office With "New Attitude on Everything"

TV Guide 4/16/15 Kanye West, Taylor Swift Among Time's 100 Most Influential People

Zap2It 4/16/15 Time 100: Kanye West praises himself for Internet-breaking truthbombs

TV Guide 4/14/15 North West Baptized in Israel

People 4/13/15 Kanye West's Armenia Concert Shut Down After He Jumps into Lake, Is Mobbed by Fans

Access Hollywood 4/7/15 Kanye West, Photographer Settle Lawsuit Over Airport Attack

People 4/6/15 Madonna on Collaborating with Kanye West: 'It's a Little Bit of a Bullfight'

People 3/30/15 KUWTK: Kanye West Lashes Out at Kim Kardashian's Trainer for Saying She Can't Lose 15 Lbs.

Hollywood Reporter 3/17/15 Kanye West's Nude Kim Kardashian Tweets Got 28 Million Views, Says Twitter

E!Online 3/16/15 Kanye West Shares Nude Screenshots of Kim Kardashian, Says "I'm So Lucky"—See the Pics

E!Online 3/16/15 Kanye West to Headline 2015 Glastonbury Music Festival in England

US Magazine 3/11/15 Kanye West's Rep Denies His Laptop Was Stolen in Paris: "There's Been No Leak of Personal Data"

TV Guide 3/9/15 Madonna Calls Kanye the "Black Madonna"

Zap2It 3/8/15 $60K for a bag of air from Kanye West's concert? Kim Kardashian smells a new product line

E!Online 3/4/15 Kanye West Performs New Music During Surprise Concert at Koko in London—Watch

Zap2It 3/1/15 God Help Him: Kanye West announces new album while 'SNL' is poking fun at him

TV Guide 2/27/15 Kanye West Apologizes to Beck and Bruno Mars

E!Online 2/26/15 Kanye West Apologizes to Beck and Bruno Mars on Twitter

Zap2It 2/26/15 Shock of the century: Kanye West finds humility and apologizes to Beck

People 2/26/15 Kanye West Apologizes to Beck, Cries on Camera Over Late Fashion Mentor

E!Online 2/26/15 Kim Kardashian Licks Kanye West's Nostril in Intimate Instagram Pic

Zap2It 2/26/15 Kim Kardashian pulls a 'Scandal' and Huckleberry Quinns Kanye West

ET Online 2/26/15 Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Build Palatial Playground for Daughter North

US Magazine 2/20/15 Amber Rose Goes on Twitter Rant Against Kanye West After Interview Diss

Zap2It 2/20/15 Amber Rose outclasses ex Kanye West: 'We once loved each other'

US Magazine 2/20/15 Kanye West Responds to Fern Mallis on Twitter, Claims He "Had to Overcome" Fame, Bigotry

US Magazine 2/20/15 Kanye West Admits His Grammys Stunt Was "Hypocritical," Hadn't Even Heard Beck's Album

People 2/19/15 Kanye West Basically Hasn't Taken Off His Burgundy Velour Sweatshirt Since the Grammys

US Magazine 2/18/15 Kanye West, Taylor Swift Break Bread Together Post Feud and Grammys Reunion -- Get All the Details

USA Today 2/17/15 Neil Patrick Harris is scared of Kanye's new freaky look, not an Oscars stage rush

People 2/17/15 Kanye West: 'Kim Has the Body of All Bodies'

Life & Style 2/17/15 Kanye West is 'Robin Hood'... and He Wants to Design for the Masses

Life & Style 2/17/15 Kanye West Made Kim K Throw Out Her "Cheesy" Clothes (Which Definitely Include These 13 Outfits)

Life & Style 2/17/15 WTF: Kim Kardashian Dressed North West in a Bullet Proof Vest ... Because Clearly She's Lost It

Entertainment Weekly 2/16/15 Kanye West apologizes for his opinions, praises family in new interview

Access Hollywood 2/16/15 'SNL' 40: Kanye West Steals Matt Lauer's Mic
People 2/16/15 Kanye West Wears Icy Blue Contacts for 'Wolves' SNL 40 Performance (And Kim Decides to Wear Some, Too)

Access Hollywood 2/15/15 North West Throws Another Tantrum At NYFW With Kim & Kanye

Entertainment Weekly 2/13/15 Kanye West turned Madison Square Park into a rap club for a night

People 2/12/15 Kylie Jenner Makes Modeling Debut at Kanye West's Fashion Show (and Beyoncé and Jay-Z Were There Too!)

Zap2It 2/11/15 Bill Hader loves Dana Carvey's impression of the Beatles talking Kanye West enough for all of us

Hollywood Reporter 2/11/15 Kanye West Recants Post-Grammys Rant Against Beck, Will Record With Taylor Swift

People 2/10/15 Is Kanye West Venturing Into the Fashion Industry? Well, Duh, Just Ask Him

People 2/10/15 Shirley Manson Slams Kanye's Grammy Interruption: 'Grow Up and Stop Throwing Your Toys Around'

Billboard 2/9/15 Op-Ed: Why Beck Was the Wrong Target for Kanye West's Grammy Rant

USA Today 2/9/15 Kanye can't stop talking. Now he says: 'I love Beck'

Zap2It 2/9/15 Kanye West not joking at the Grammys, says Beyonce was robbed by Beck

People 2/9/15 Beck Responds to Kanye West: I Thought Beyoncé Would Win, Too

TV Guide 2/9/15 No Joke: Kanye West Says Beck Should've Given His Grammy to Beyonce

People 2/8/15 Kanye West, Paul McCartney and Rihanna Perform Together at the Grammys

People 2/8/15 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Get Kissy at the Grammys

People 2/8/15 Kanye West Returns to the Grammys Stage to Sing a Song for Daughter North

E!Online 2/3/15 Rihanna and Kanye West Get Angry in "FourFiveSeconds" Music Video—Watch Now

Zap2It 1/29/15 See intimate Kanye West and Nori moments in 'Only One' music video

People 1/28/15 Kim Kardashian Says She Eats 'Really Bad,' Admits She Always Turns to Kanye for Outfit Advice

E!Online 1/27/15 Too Cute! Has North West Already Met Her Prince?

People 1/26/15 Kim Kardashian Squeezes Into Sample-Size Gown at Balmain Shoot (and Kanye's Loving It)

E!Online 1/23/15 Harry Potter's Tom Felton Sorts Kim K, Kanye West & Others into Hogwarts Houses—See Draco's Picks

E!Online 1/20/15 This Video of 13-Year-Old Kanye West Reciting a Poem About Martin Luther King Jr. Is Inspiring & Amazing

E!Online 1/13/15 Kim Kardashian Tells Vogue Australia the Secret to Her Relationship With Kanye West: Is She "Obsessed"?

People 1/9/15 John Legend Celebrates His Birthday with Kim, Kanye and a Piano-Shaped Cake (Photos)

US Magazine 1/5/15 Kim & Kanye West "Bone in the Bathroom" in New Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 10 Preview

People 1/1/15 Kanye West: My Mom Sang Through Me to My Daughter

Life & Style Magazine 12/26/14 Report: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Struggling to Get Pregnant With Baby No. 2

Hollywood Reporter 12/3/14 Is Kanye West Leaving Music to Pursue Fashion?

People 11/19/14 So Cute! Kim Kardashian Proves North Saves Her Smiles for Home

Hollywood Reporter 11/11/14 Hear Kanye West's Remix of Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat"

E!Online 11/3/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Take Grandma MJ to Breakfast in Their Fabulous Rolls Royce

E!Online 10/31/14 Kanye West Crashes Hip-Hop Open Mic Night in New Jersey, Was "Totally Chill and Cool"—Watch Now

E!Online 10/27/14 Kim Kardashian Receives the Sweetest Birthday Surprise from Kanye West and North—Get the Scoop

Access Hollywood 10/26/14 Kim Kardashian Plays Kanye West's Music For North

E!Online 10/26/14 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West Crowned "First Family of Fashion"

E!Online 10/22/14 Kanye West Wishes Kim Kardashian Happy Birthday: "Thank You for Being the Dopest Wife & Mom!"

E!Online 10/22/14 Kanye West Treats Kim Kardashian to a Romantic Birthday Vacation in Hawaii

E!Online 10/19/14 Kim Kardashian Wears Backless Top, Ripped Denim While Out With Kanye West—See the Photos

E!Online 10/12/14 Oops! Kim Kardashian Forgets to Wear a Bra During Dinner Date With Kanye West—Take a Look

People 10/8/14 Kim & Kanye's Reality TV-Bound Pastor: 'I Believe in Their Marriage

Zap2It 9/26/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West booed at Paris Fashion Week show

US Magazine 9/24/14 North West Sits Front Row With Kim Kardashian, Kanye at Paris Fashion Week: Picture

E!Online 9/23/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Enjoy Date Night in London Without North West—See the Pic

Life & Style Magazine 9/22/14 This is How Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Discipline 1-Year-Old North if She Misbehaves

E!Online 9/22/14 Kanye West Makes Surprise Appearance at LA Trade Technical College to Inspire Students—Take a Look

Access Hollywood 9/17/14 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West 'Trying' For Second Baby

People 9/16/14 Kanye West Defends Himself in the Wake of 'Wheelchair-Gate'

Life & Style Magazine 9/15/14 Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian to Leave ‘KUWTK’ Even Though Momager Kris Jenner is ..

Hollywood Reporter 9/15/14 Kanye West Slams Media After Wheelchair Controversy: "Pick a New Target"

E!Online 9/15/14 Kanye West Debuts New Haircut—and You've Gotta Take a Closer Look

Zap2It 9/14/14 Kanye West demands wheelchair bound fan stand up during Sydney concert

E!Online 9/14/14 Kanye West Has Awkward Concert Moment, Requests That Fans Stand Up and Asks, "Is He in a Wheelchair?"

Zap2It 9/11/14 Kanye West hospitalized for an intense migraine in Australia

Zap2It 9/3/14 Kanye West doesn't like Jay Pharoah's 'SNL' impression of him

Zap2It 9/2/14 Watch Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's pre-wedding drama unfold

E!Online 9/1/14 Kim Kardashian Posts Stunning New Wedding Picture With Kanye West—Take a Look

E!Online 9/1/14 Kim Kardashian Gives Kanye West a Book of Selfies as a Wedding Gift—See the KUWTK Season Finale Recap

Life & Style 8/30/14 Say What Now?: Kanye West is Rob Kardashian's "Biggest Cheerleader" as he Struggles With Depression

Wall Street Journal 8/18/14 Paul McCartney and Kanye West Reportedly Recording Together

Zap2It 8/13/14 Kim Kardashian doesn't understand Kanye West's rants either

Hollywood Reporter 8/13/14 North West Poses in Chanel for CR Fashion Book

E!Online 8/12/14 Kim Kardashian Calls Kanye West Her Second Baby—Watch Now

NY Daily News 8/11/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, fashion icons? Hardly, says Kelly Cutrone

People 8/8/14 Kim Kardashian Reveals Which Hair Color Kanye West Likes Best

US Magazine 8/6/14 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Buy New $20 Million Estate Near Mom Kris Jenner -- All the Details

Extra 8/6/14 Kanye West Compares Paparazzi Intrusion to Civil Rights Movement

TV Guide 8/6/14 Kanye West: "I'm the Smartest Celebrity You've Ever F---ing Dealt With"

Zap2It 8/5/14 Kim Kardashian's wedding: Who got too drunk? Kanye West's toast was how long?

E!Online 8/4/14 Kim Kardashian Posts New Pic of North West and Kanye West in the Studio

People 7/30/14 Inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Newlywed Life

E!Online 7/28/14 Kim Kardashian Calls Kanye West and Admits to Taking 1200 Selfies While in Thailand

Zap2It 7/20/14 Kanye West thinks he and Kim Kardashian made family and monogamy 'cool' again

People 7/15/14 Brody Jenner: Attending Reggie Bush's Wedding Wasn't a Diss to Kim Kardashian

Entertainment Weekly 7/13/14 Kanye gives tips for airport navigation in unearthed reality show clip

E!Online 7/8/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Plan to Sell Their $11 Million Home Before They Even Move In

Hollywood Reporter 7/6/14 Kanye West Sermonizes on Racism in Fashion, Dangers of Celebrity (Video)

Hollywood Reporter 7/1/14 Kanye West's A.P.C. Collection Returns

Extra 6/22/14 Pics and Video! Inside North West's 'Kidchella' 1st Birthday Party

Hollywood Reporter 6/22/14 Kanye West, Foo Fighters to Headline Las Vegas' Life Is Beautiful Festival

NY Daily News 6/19/14 Kanye West, Annie Leibovitz release joint statement in response to rapper's claim she pulled out of..

Access Hollywood 6/19/14 Kim Kardashian: 'We're In The Honeymoon Period & Always Will Be'

Hollywood Reporter 6/17/14 Kanye West Spent Four Days Setting Up Wedding Instagram Shot

Hollywood Reporter 6/17/14 Kanye West Charms Cannes With His Moral Take on Brands and Culture

People 6/16/14 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Celebrate North's First Birthday at Museum

Zap2It 6/15/14 Watch Dave Chappelle tell Jimmy Fallon about meeting Kanye West for the first time

E!Online 6/11/14 Kim Kardashian Wedding Album Exclusive: See New Photos of North, the Bridal Party & Kim and Kanye ..

Life & Style 6/8/14 Kim Kardashian Celebrates Kanye West’s Birthday with Sweet Message and Yeezus Cake—See the Photos

People 5/27/14 Kim and Kanye's Matching 'Just Married' Jackets: Are You Into Them?

People 5/27/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Go Camping in Spoof Honeymoon Photos

People 5/26/14 Kanye West Smiles Sweetly at His Bride, Kim Kardashian

E!Online 5/26/14 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Wedding: More Details on the Married Couple’s Honeymoon, Nuptials ..

In Touch Magazine 5/26/14 Kim Kardashian and Kaye West "Livid" Because Their Friends Got Married on Sunday

People 5/25/14 Exclusive: Kim and Kanye's Wedding Bands - Get All the Details

People 5/24/14 Inside Kim and Kanye's Wedding Celebration – All the Details

People 5/24/14 Kim & Kanye Wear Givenchy on Wedding Day

People 5/23/14 Is Mother Nature a Kimye Fan? What She Has Planned for the Weekend

Zap2It 5/22/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's guest list is out; who has RSVP'ed no?

Hollywood Reporter 5/21/14 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Wedding: What We Know, So Far

Hollywood Reporter 5/21/14 Mike Myers: Kanye West 'Spoke Truth' by Calling George W. Bush Racist

US Magazine 5/20/14 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Conceal Faces With Bandanas After Pre-Wedding Gym Workout

E!Online 5/20/14 Valentino Throwing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a Pre-Wedding Brunch in Paris

E!Online 5/19/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Love France—See Their Pics Over the Years

E!Online 5/16/14 Kanye West Says He Thinks Daughter North Was Conceived "Among the Masterpieces of the Renaissance"

People 5/16/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Marry at Forte di Belvedere in Florence: Source

In Touch Weekly 5/15/14 Report: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Marry in Florence, Italy -- Not Paris

E!Online 5/14/14 Jimmy Fallon Weighs the Pros and Cons of Attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding

In Touch Weekly 5/14/14 Watch: Kim Kardashian to Make $21 Million Off Her Wedding to Kanye West

Life & Style Weekly 5/12/14 Kanye West Pays Tribute to Late Mom Donda West, Spoils Kim K & Momager Kris Jenner

People 5/12/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Where Will They Honeymoon?

US Magazine 5/9/14 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's Wedding Invitation Revealed: See the Picture

E!Online 5/8/14 Kim K BFF Jonathan Cheban Talks Kimye Wedding Secrecy, Picking Out the Perfect Gift for the Couple That..

People 5/7/14 Kimye's Guide to Paris: All the Fun, Food and Fabulous Shopping

Zap2It 5/7/14 Kim Kardashian goes on wedding Twitter rant: 'We are not married yet!'

People 5/5/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding: What Role Will North Play?

Zap2It 5/5/14 So maybe Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren't married yet

Zap2It 5/5/14 Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West married? It depends whom you ask

BuddyTV 5/4/14 Report: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Tie the Knot

People 5/4/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding Reports Are False: Source

People 5/1/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding: Who Will Attend?

Zap2It 4/29/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having a private wedding?

E!Online 4/25/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Having 3 Weddings?! Not So Fast...

E!Online 4/24/14 Kanye West and Rick Rubin's 808 Acceptance Speech Video Is So Weird and Genius at the Same Time

US Magazine 4/18/14 Kanye West, Future's Music Video "I Won": Kanye Raps About Dipping Kim's Butt in Gold

US Magazine 4/18/14 Kim K., Kanye West Are Keeping Their Wedding Location Hidden From Everyone -- Even Her Sisters

People 4/17/14 North West Looks Angelic in Kendall Jenner's Latest Instagram Shot

People 4/17/14 Is This Modern Chateau Kim & Kanye's Over-the-Top Wedding Venue?

E!Online 4/16/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding Is Near: "It's About High Style and High Fashion"

Extra 4/15/14 Are Kim and Kanye Planning Two Weddings?

E!Online 4/14/14 Kendall Jenner Proudly Proclaims "I Have No Tits" Through Her Sweater at Coachella

E!Online 4/14/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Potential Wedding Location Revealed: Go Inside the Stunning French Château

US Magazine 4/14/14 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Hit Paris as Wedding Day Approaches: See Kardashian’s Shopping Outfits

E!Online 4/11/14 Rocco DiSpirito Talks Kris Jenner's "Healthy" Diet Plan, Reveals Kanye West's Favorite Meal

Life & Style Magazine 4/9/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: 25 Things Wrong With Their 'Vogue' Interview

Daily Mail 4/8/14 Kim & Kanye's wedding plans grind to a halt as they discover French law requires 40 day residency before..

US Magazine 4/8/14 Kanye West Raps About Kim Kardashian's Butt In Future's "I Won"

Hollywood Reporter 4/1/14 Kanye West Delays Australia Tour To Complete New Album

E!Online 3/25/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Land in NYC After Their Wedding-Themed Vogue Cover

E!Online 3/25/14 Watch Naomi Campbell React to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue Cover (It's Not Pretty!)

Hollywood Reporter 3/24/14 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's Vogue Cover Story Features North West

E!Online 3/22/14 James Franco & Seth Rogen Spoof Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Vogue Cover—Plus Kermit the Frog..

People 3/21/14 The Moment Has Arrived: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Cover Vogue in Wedding Attire

TV Guide 3/17/14 Kanye West Pleads No Contest, Sentenced to Anger Management

Hollywood Reporter 3/12/14 YouTube Founder Asks Why Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Aren't Suing TMZ

Hollywood Reporter 3/13/14 Jay Z and Kanye West's Bromance for the Ages: SXSW Review (Video)

E!Online 3/12/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's $1 Million Prenuptial Agreement—Is It Real?! Plus, New Wedding Details

Hollywood Reporter 3/10/14 SXSW: Jay Z and Kanye West Reunite For Samsung Concert

E!Online 3/10/14 Kanye West Smiles at Paparazzi in Brazil, Manages to Nap in VIP Area During Carnival

People 3/5/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Set a Wedding Date

US Magazine 3/4/14 Kanye West Supports Kendall Jenner at Givenchy Show During Paris Fashion Week

E!Online 3/3/14 Kanye West's Donda Signs with Jay Z's Roc Nation—Get the Scoop

Hollywood Reporter 2/27/14 Kanye West Debuts Trailer for 'Yeezus' Film (Video)

Reality TV Magazine 2/20/14 Is Kanye West Taking Over As Kim Kardashian’s Manager?

Reality TV Magazine 2/19/14 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Plan One Of A Kind Wedding Experience

US Magazine 2/17/14 Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kanye West Pulls Off a Surprise Proposal for Kim Kardashian

US Magazine 2/16/14 Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Family Shoes Photo With Kanye, North West

E!Online 2/15/14 Kim Kardashian Receives "A Thousand Roses" From Kanye West on Valentine's Day—See the Pics

E!Online 2/15/14 Everything We Know About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Engagement So Far

E!Online 2/15/14 Beyoncé Releases "Drunk in Love" Remix With Kanye West

NY Daily News 2/14/14 Kanye West, Kim Kardashian to wear crowns at their wedding: report

Reality TV Magazine 2/13/14 Is There Another Baby On The Way For Kim Kardashian And Kanye West?

Reality TV Magazine 2/13/14 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Butt Heads Over Wedding Details

Reality TV Magazine 2/10/14 Kanye West Slams Rumors That Claim He Cheated On Kim Kardashian

E!Online 2/9/14 Kanye West Begins Planning Kim Kardashian's Magical Engagement—Get the Full KUWTK Recap

Reality TV Magazine 2/6/14 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Reportedly Getting Married In May

US Magazine 2/1/14 Kanye West Won't Be Criminally Charged Following Alleged Assault Defending Fiancee Kim Kardashian

Reality TV Magazine 1/31/14 Kanye West Won’t Allow North West To Appear On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Reality TV Magazine 1/30/14 Is E! Paying For Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Wedding Extravaganza?

NY Daily News 1/28/14 Kanye West reaches settlement with teen over alleged attack sparked by N-word hurled at Kim K.

NY Daily News 1/28/14 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's Paris wedding to be televised: report

Reality TV Magazine 1/27/14 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Over-The-Top Wedding Will Be Filmed

Reality TV Magazine 1/23/14 Kanye West Opens Up About How He Got Through The Taylor Swift Scandal

Reality TV Magazine 1/21/14 Kanye West Compares His Relationship With Kim Kardashian To Space Exploration

Reality TV Magazine 1/21/14 Kanye West’s Alleged Assault Victim Wants A Cash Settlement

NY Daily News 1/21/14 Kanye West alleged victim in battery case asking for cash settlement: source

People 1/20/14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Visit Possible Wedding Locations Around Paris

Hollywood Reporter 1/20/14 Stop The Presses: Kanye West Admits To Being a Fashion Victim in New Rant

Reality TV Magazine 1/14/14 The Alleged Victim In The Kanye West Attack Was Exhibiting Bizarre Behavior Before The Incident

Reality TV Magazine 1/14/14 Kanye West Allegedly Assaults A Man Who Made Racially Charged Comments To Kim Kardashian

Hollywood Reporter 1/13/14 Kanye West Is Under Police Investigation for Misdemeanor Assault (Report)

TV Guide 1/13/14 Kanye West Under Investigation for Allegedly Assaulting Teen Over Racist Remarks

NY Daily News 1/8/14 Kanye West threatens legal action against Coinye programmers over digital currency

E!Online 12/31/13 Kim Kardashian Shares Video Rewind of Her Relationship With Kanye West—Watch Now

Reality TV Magazine 12/27/13 What Did Kim Kardashian Get From Kanye West For Christmas?

Reality TV Magazine 12/27/13 Kanye West Vows To Stay Silent In The New Year

TV Guide 12/24/13 Kanye West Sued Over "Bound 2" Sample

Reality TV Magazine 12/20/13 Kanye West Thinks Lamar Odom Is 'Garbage' For The Way He Treated Khloe Kardashian

Reality TV Magazine 12/20/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Take Chicago By Storm

E!Online 12/18/13 Everything We Know About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding So Far

Reality TV Magazine 12/17/13 Kim Kardashian’s Man, Kanye West, Claims His Arrogant Outbursts Are For His Fans

E!Online 12/12/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Parodied on South Park Season Finale

E!Online 12/11/13 Kim Kardashian Gushes Over Kanye West: He's the "Sweetest Person I've Ever Met in My Entire Life"

Hollywood Reporter 12/11/13 Kanye West on Grammy Snub: 'F--- Those Nominations!' (Video)

E!Online 12/10/13 Kanye West Kicks Female Heckler Out of Concert: Watch the Profanity-Laced Video

Reality TV Magazine 12/9/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Spoofed By Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi

NY Daily News 12/9/13 Kanye West compares his work to police officers, soldiers at war

TV Guide 12/8/13 Kim Kardashian Invites Fan to Sit With Her at Kanye West Show

Reality TV Magazine 12/5/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Leave Baby North At Home To Hit The Town In Miami

Reality TV Magazine 12/5/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Duped By Possible Warhol Imposter

Reality TV Magazine 12/4/13 Kanye West Blasts Nike And Announces New Deal With Adidas

Reality TV Magazine 12/4/13 Are Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Planning A Wedding At The Palace Of Versailles?

Reality TV Magazine 12/2/13 Kanye West Surprises Fans With Tickets To The Yeezus Tour

US Magazine 12/2/13 Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People of 2013 Revealed: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Included

People 11/30/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Go on a Black Friday Shopping Spree

US Magazine 11/30/13 Kim Kardashian Goes Without Underwear, Takes Bathroom Selfie With Kanye West: Picture

E!Online 11/29/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Spend Thanksgiving in Miami

Hollywood Reporter 11/28/13 Kanye West Calls Out Nike Head During Nashville Concert

Reality TV Magazine 11/26/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Music Video Gets A Hilarious Makeover

Reality TV Magazine 11/26/13 Kim Kardashian Loves The Video Paraody Of Her And Kanye West’s Music Video

Reality TV Magazine 11/26/13 Kanye West Wants A ‘Kris Jenner’ Clause In Prenup With Kim Kardashian

People 11/25/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Continue to Work Towards 'Most Couples Outfit Changes In 2013' Goal

Digital Spy 11/25/13 Kanye West joined by 'naked' dancers, Jesus on stage - pictures

NY Daily News 11/25/13 Seth Rogen goes topless, makes out with James Franco in parody of Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ music ..

Reality TV Magazine 11/21/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Wear Matching Outfits In New York City

NY Daily News 11/20/13 Concert review: Kanye West startles, appalls during 'Yeezus' show at Barclays

NY Daily News 11/20/13 Kanye West slams Zappos for 's--t product,' company responds by selling $100,000 toilet

US Magazine 11/19/13 Kanye West on Ellen DeGeneres Show: Kim K and I Were "Practicing All the Time" to Have a Baby

TV Guide 11/19/13 Naked Kim Kardashian Rides Kanye's Hog in "Bound 2" Music Video

Reality TV Magazine 11/18/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Spotted Having A Date Night In Philadelphia

Reality TV Magazine 11/18/13 Kim Kardashian Brags About Kanye West Lecturing At Harvard

US Magazine 11/8/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Go on Date to Wendy's in Philadelphia

US Magazine 11/18/13 Kim Kardashian Stars in Kanye West's "Really Sexy" New Music Video for "Bound 2"

E!Online 11/18/13 Kanye Says He Would Write "Creative Genius" on Customs Forms If He Didn't Sometimes Misspell the Word.. 

People 11/18/13 Kanye West Speaks at Harvard

US Magazine 11/17/13 Lady Gaga Helps Spoof Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Saturday Night Live

US Magazine 11/17/13 Kim Kardashian Shows Off Cleavage, Weight Loss on Dressy Date Night With Kanye West in Philadelphia

Daily Mail 11/13/13 Kim Kardashian cradles baby North while leaving Kanye West's home in a tight skirt and crop top...

Reality TV Magazine 11/12/13 Kanye West Takes His Role As A Dad Very Seriously

NY Daily News 11/10/13 Beyonce fans petition against her attending Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's wedding

Reality TV Magazine 11/8/13 Kanye West Planning $5 Million Wedding Extravaganza

Hollywood Reporter 11/7/13 Kanye West Pleads Not Guilty in Battery Case

Hollywood Reporter 11/6/13 Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Tour to Resume

People 11/2/13 Kanye West Wears a Confederate Flag, Says 'React How You Want'

Reality TV Magazine 10/31/13 Kanye West: Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than Michelle Obama

Hollywood Reporter 10/31/13 Kim Kardashian Sues YouTube Co-Founder for Posting Kanye West Proposal Online

Hollywood Reporter 10/31/13 Kanye West Postpones Concerts After Equipment Truck Accident

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/13 Is Kanye West Turning Into A Groomzilla?

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/13 Did Kanye West Hit On Kenya Moore?

Reality TV Magazine 10/29/13 Kanye West Talks About A Possible Televised Wedding

Reality TV Magazine 10/29/13 Kim Kardashian Insists That Kanye West’s Proposal Was A Complete Surprise

Reality TV Magazine 10/29/13 Kanye West’s Next Chapter….Soccer Dad?

People 10/29/13 Kim Kardashian Will Take Kanye West's Name When They Wed

NY Daily News 10/29/13 Kim K. is more influential than Michelle Obama and should be on the cover of Vogue, says Kanye West

E!Online 10/29/13 Kanye Reflects on Taylor Swift Incident: I Wouldn't Want a "Crazy Drunk Rock Star" Cutting Off My Daughter

E!Online 10/29/13 Everything We Know About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding So Far

People 10/29/13 Kanye West: I Want To Be a Soccer Dad

Reality TV Magazine 10/28/13 Kanye West Opens Up A Pop Store Next Door To Kim Kardashian's Dash

Hollywood Reporter 10/28/13 Kanye West Talks Kim Kardashian Proposal: 'Three Rings Were Made'

E!Online 10/28/13 Kim Kardashian Reveals She's Taking Kanye West's Last Name—Watch Now

E!Online 10/25/13 Kim Kardashian: Maybe Kanye West Should Design Her Wedding Dress

E!Online 10/25/13 Kanye West Teaming Up With Vogue Italia

MTV 10/25/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Hit First Red Carpet Since Epic Proposal: See The Pics

Reality TV Magazine 10/24/13 Kanye West Evaded Marriage Questions Just Hours Before His Huge Surprise Proposal

Reality TV Magazine 10/24/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West In A Rush To Tie The Knot

Reality TV Magazine 10/23/13 Kris Jenner Thrilled About Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Engagement

People 10/23/13 Kanye West Dedicates Song to 'My Fiancée,' Kim Kardashian

E!Online 10/23/13 Inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding Plans: "It's Going to Be Huge!"

Access Hollywood 10/23/13 Kim Kardashian Talks Engagement To Kanye West: ‘I Get To Marry My Best Friend!’

E!Online 10/23/13 Kanye West Gives Shout-Out to Kim Kardashian During Concert, Calls Her "My Fiancée"

E!Online 10/23/13 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Road to Engagement: A Timeline of Their Romance

Hollywood Reporter 10/23/13 Kanye West's Proposal to Kim Kardashian Caught on Tape by YouTube Co-Founder (Video)

USA Today 10/22/13 Kim, Kanye's wedding dos and don'ts

Hollywood Reporter 10/22/13 Kanye West Explains Why He Brings 'Jesus' Onstage During Concerts

E!Online 10/22/13 Kim Kardashian Flashes Diamond Engagement Ring From Kanye West—See Her 15-Carat Sparkler

Entertainment Weekly 10/22/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged

E!Online 10/21/13 Kim Kardashian Is Engaged to Kanye West

Reality TV Magazine 10/21/13 Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Selfie Planned By Kanye West

Reality TV Magazine 10/21/13 Kanye West Wears Kim Kardashian Nude Pic Over His Heart

People 10/20/13 Kanye West Wears Kim Kardashian's Face on His Shirt

Hollywood Reporter 10/20/13 Kanye West Brings Out Jesus Look-Alike on 'Yeezus' Tour

Reality TV Magazine 10/17/13 Kanye West Has No Interest In Marrying Kim Kardashian

Entertainment Weekly 10/17/13 Please respect Kim and Kanye's privacy as they discuss their sex plans on Twitter

Reality TV Magazine 10/15/13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West At Odds Over Fashion Line

E!Online 10/14/13 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Joint Post-Baby Workout—All the Details

Hollywood Reporter 10/11/13 Kanye West's Long-'Gone' Song Debuts In Hot 100's Top 20

Reality TV Magazine 10/10/13 Kanye West And Jimmy Kimmel Kiss And Make Up

LA Times 10/10/13 Kanye West sits down to talk and talk and talk with Jimmy Kimmel

Hollywood Reporter 10/10/13 Kanye West's Jimmy Kimmel Interview: 10 Best Quotes

TV Guide 10/10/13 The Most Ridiculous Quotes from Kanye West's Jimmy Kimmel Live Appearance

People 10/10/13 Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West End 'Rap Feud' Face to Face

E!Online 10/9/13 Kim Kardashian and Baby North West Head to Jimmy Kimmel Live to Support Kanye—Take a Look

Access Hollywood 10/8/13 Kanye West To Guest On Jimmy Kimmel’s Show After Pair Engage In So-called ‘Rap Feud’

NY Daily News 10/8/13 Kim Kardashian in no rush to marry baby daddy Kanye West

Reality TV Magazine 10/7/13 Kim Kardashian’s Man, Kanye West Spotted In ‘Nori’ Necklace Too

Reality TV Magazine 10/7/13 Kris Jenner Gushes About Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

Reality TV Magazine 10/7/13 Kanye West And Photog Ordered To Stay Away From Each Other

US Magazine 10/5/13 Kris Jenner Says She Loves Kanye West, Gushes That He's a Great Dad and Wonderful Person

Digital Spy 10/4/13 Kim Kardashian shares new North West picture: 'I missed my angel'

Reality TV Magazine 9/30/13 Kanye West Removes Jimmy Kimmel Twitter Rants From His Page

NY Daily News 9/30/13 Kanye West deletes Twitter rant, insults hurled at Jimmy Kimmel after radio interview spoof

People 9/30/13 Kim and Kanye Do New Parents' Night Out a Little Differently Than the Rest Of Us

People 9/27/13 Jimmy Kimmel Zings Kanye West Twitter Diss

Hollywood Reporter 9/26/13 Kanye West Demanded Public Apology in 'Angry Phone Call' to Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Hollywood Reporter 9/26/13 Kanye West Lashes Out Against Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter Over Spoof

Reality TV Magazine 9/24/13 Kanye West Claiming Self Defense In Criminal Battery Case

Reality TV Magazine 9/24/13 Kanye West Declares, ‘I’m The No. 1 Rock Star On The Planet’

NY Daily News 9/24/13 Kanye West compares himself to Michael Jackson, declares he’s the ‘number one rock star on the planet’

E!Online 9/24/13 Miley Cyrus: Kanye West Made Her "Not Nervous" Before MTV VMAs Performance—Then Bought Her...

People 9/24/13 Kanye West Gushes About Kim Kardashian: 'She Gave Me Everything'

E!Online 9/23/13 Kanye West: I'm the "No. 1 Rock Star on the Planet"

Hollywood Reporter 9/23/13 Kanye West Reveals 'I Am a God' Is About Designer Hedi Slimane (Video)

People 9/23/13 Kanye West Claims Self-Defense Against Photographer Suing Him For Assault

E!Online 9/22/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hang Out With Oprah and Diddy—See the Pic

People 9/21/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Do Date Night in L.A.

People 9/13/13 Kanye West Charged with Battery in Paparazzi Scuffle

Hollywood Reporter 9/12/13 Miley Cyrus to Appear on Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead' Remix

Hollywood Reporter 9/12/13 Kanye West Angrily Rants at Pusha T's Party

Reality TV Magazine 9/11/13 Kanye West Finally Fires Back At Kim Kardashian’s Ex

US Magazine 9/10/13 Kanye West Disses Ray J While Rapping "Bound 2" on Jimmy Fallon

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Zap2It 8/26/13 MTV VMAs 2013: Kanye West's 'Blood on the Leaves' not a hit with censors

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Reality TV Magazine 8/22/13 Kanye West: Kim Kardashian Is My Joy

Reality TV Magazine 8/22/13 Kris Jenner Dishes On Kanye West’s Upcoming Talk Show Appearance

People 8/22/13 Kanye West Declares His Devotion to Kim Kardashian – to Her Mom

E!Online 8/22/13 Kanye West: Kim Kardashian Gave Me "a Whole Family to Live For"—Watch Now

Reality TV Magazine 8/21/13 Kanye West Has No Interest In American Idol

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/13 Kanye West's LAX Paparazzi Scuffle: Gloria Allred Announces Lawsuit

Reality TV Magazine 8/20/13 Kim And Kanye’s Baby: Rumored Photo Debut On Friday

Reality TV Magazine 8/20/13 Kim Kardashian Lays Down The Law To Kanye West About Baby North

NY Daily News 8/20/13 Kanye West to appear on Kris Jenner's show, jokes he thought about 'playing sports' to be with Kim K.

NY Daily News 8/20/13 Taylor Swift pokes fun of Kanye West’s 2009 MTV VMAs interruption with gift to Ed Sheeran

TV Guide 8/19/13 Kanye West to Appear on Kris Jenner's Talk Show for Rare Interview

Digital Spy 8/5/13 Barack Obama criticizes Kim Kardashian, Kanye West as bad influences

NY Daily News 7/26/13 Kim K., Kanye West avoided naming daughter North a 'K' name because 'then they'll call us the KKK'

Life & Style 7/19/13 Leaked! Listen to Kanye West Slam Taylor Swift and Pink Backstage at the 2009 VMAs

US Magazine 7/11/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Baby North "Take Naps Together"

People 7/8/13 Kanye West’s New Baby: A Denim Collaboration With A.P.C.

Wall Street Journal 7/8/13 Kanye West Still Has Designs on Fashion Success

Digital Spy 7/2/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West 'turn down $3m North West picture deal'

People 7/1/13 Kanye West Reveals First Ever Father's Day Gift from Kim Kardashian

E!Online 6/27/13 Kanye West Out With Kim K's Mom, Kris Jenner, After Baby North & Kim Are Home From the Hospital

E!Online 6/25/13 Kris Jenner Defends Baby Name North West on The View: "I'm Pro-North"

Hollywood Reporter 6/24/13 'Ego is My Drug': The 8 Biggest Boasts in Kanye West’s W Magazine Profile

US Magazine 6/24/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's Baby North West: Her Birth Weight Revealed

People 6/23/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: No Proposal Yet, But Marriage Is 'in Their Future'

NY Daily News 6/23/13 Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian after welcoming baby North West: report

TV Guide 6/21/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Baby Name Revealed — and It Doesn't Start with a K

NY Daily News 6/21/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's baby name North West inspires jokes, spoof Twitter handles

E!Online 6/19/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Baby Love: Take a Look Back at the Pair's Romance

Access Hollywood 6/18/13 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Still No Baby Name?

TV Guide 6/17/13 Beyonce Offers Congrats to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

E!Online 6/17/13 Kim Kardashian "Doing Great," Kanye West "Is in Love" With Their Baby Girl, Pal Says

NY Daily News 6/17/13 Now that Kim and Kanye are parents, who'll get the first photos of the baby?

E!Online 6/15/13 Exclusive: Kim Kardashian's Baby Girl "Has Dark Hair and Looks Just Like Her"

E!Online 6/15/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Baby Girl: Stars Tweet Congratulations

E!Online 6/15/13 Kim Kardashian Has Baby Girl—All the Details

Hollywood Reporter 6/13/13 Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Could Sell Half-Million Copies in First Week

Hollywood Reporter 6/13/13 Kanye West Previews 'Yeezus' at Art Basel Switzerland

People 6/12/13 Kanye West Cheating Rumors Are 'Totally Without Merit,' Says Rep

NY Daily News 6/12/13 Did Kanye West cheat on pregnant Kim Kardashian? Rapper denies affair allegations made by...

US Magazine 6/12/13 Kanye West: "I Would Do Anything to Protect" Kim Kardashian, Our Baby

Access Hollywood 6/11/13 Kanye West Says New Album Is ‘All About Giving’

USA Today 6/9/13 Kanye tones down hype to get fans to come to 'Yeezus'

US Magazine 6/8/13 Kim Kardashian Calls Kanye West "Love of My Life" on His Birthday

US Magazine 6/7/13 Khloe Kardashian: I Told Kim Kardashian To Date Kanye West "For Years!"

Reality TV Magazine 6/6/13 Kanye West Can’t Wait For His Little Princess To Arrive

TV Guide 6/3/13 Bruce Jenner on Kanye West: "He Just Hasn't Been Around"

People 6/2/13 It’ll Be a Girl for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Reality TV Magazine 6/1/13 Kanye West Plans To Attend Kim Kardashian’s Baby Shower

E!Online 5/31/13 Kanye West Reveals New Album Cover for Yeezus

People 5/31/13 Kanye West Feels 'Weird' Being the Only Guy at Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower

E!Online 5/31/13 Kanye West Attending Pregnant Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower: See Who Else Might Be Coming

E!Online 5/31/13 Pregnant Kim Kardashian Cooks "Famous Soul Food Meal" for Kanye West—Watch Now

E!Online 5/29/13 Khloé Kardashian Odom Dishes on Kim and Kanye: They Are "100 Percent Still Together"

NY Daily News 5/27/13 Yeezus! Cops shut down screening for Kanye West's new music video in Texas

Zap2It 5/19/13 'Saturday Night Live' season finale: Ben Affleck and Kanye West win an otherwise forgettable 'SNL'

Zap2It 5/17/13 Kanye West has a bad attitude in 'Saturday Night Live' season finale promos

E!Online 5/16/13 Kim Kardashian Tweets "GatsbySwag" Throwback Thursday Pic of Her and Kanye West

E!Online 5/16/13 Kanye West Performs New Songs at Surprise NYC Show, Rants About Paparazzi

US Magazine 5/15/13 Kanye West's $750,000 Lamborghini Hit By Kim Kardashian's Electric Front Gate: Picture

NY Daily News 5/13/13 Kanye West chokes Steve Carrell with hockey stick in 'Anchorman 2' cameo

E!Online 5/13/13 Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Kanye West and I "Live Different Lives"

NY Daily News 5/11/13 Kanye West hits head into sign alongside Kim Kardashian before tirade at shutterbugs

Life & Style 5/9/13 Exclusive: Pregnant Kim Kardashian Can't Reach Kanye West By Cellphone

Digital Spy 5/7/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West 'deny Big Sur wedding plans'

Digital Spy 5/7/13 Kanye West serenades Kim Kardashian at Met Ball - video

E!Online 5/3/13 Kim Kardashian Wedding Plans: She and Kanye West Not Planning Big Sur Getaway

E!Online 5/3/13 Kim Kardashian Posts Sexy Flashback Friday Photo With Kanye West—See the Pic

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Digital Spy 4/25/13 Kanye West, Kim Kardashian to make joint appearance at Met Ball

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E!Online 4/23/13 Pregnant Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hold Hands in NYC

E!Online 4/22/13 Pregnant Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Reunited & Shopping in New York City

E!Online 4/10/13 Kanye Sued Over "Gold Digger" Sample; Late Artist's Kids Say Dad Had No Idea He Was Being "Exploited"

Reality TV Magazine 4/9/13 Kanye West Sued Over “Gold Digger” Lyrics

Hollywood Reporter 4/5/13 Ray J Snipes at Kanye West, Kim Kardashian with 'I Hit It First' Single Art

E!Online 4/2/13 Pregnant Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Dine Out in Paris—See the Pic

Digital Spy 3/20/13 Kanye West 'wants to name Kim Kardashian baby North'

Zap2It 3/10/13 'Saturday Night Live': Justin Timberlake responds to Kanye West's diss

BuddyTV 3/3/13 'Kardashians' Roundup: Kanye West to Revive Fashion Line, Bans Kim from Doing Nude Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Reality TV Magazine 2/28/13 Kayne West Slams Taylor Swift...Again

MTV 2/25/13 Kanye West Blasts Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Grammys In Stage Rant

US Magazine 2/25/13 Kim Kardashian Straddles Kanye West in Naked, Sex-Filled Magazine Cover

Reality TV Magazine 2/14/13 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Breach JFK Airport Security; TSA Investigation Underway

Digital Spy 2/13/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West 'allowed to bypass JFK Airport security'

E!Online 2/11/13 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Brazilian Balcony Party With Will Smith

E!Online 2/11/13 Pregnant Kim Kardashian's Brazil Trip: See Her Video with Kanye and Will Smith

NY Daily News 2/10/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West imitate Christ the Redeemer in front of iconic Rio de Janeiro statue

Reality TV Magazine 1/26/13 Kanye West Wears Mask To Fashion Show

E!Online 1/23/13 Kim Kardashian Misses Kanye West's Red Ski Mask While Out to Dinner in Paris

E!Online 1/22/13 Pregnant Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Enjoy Romantic Dinner in Paris

Reality TV Magazine 1/10/13 Kanye West Puts His Foot Down To Kris Jenner’s Meddling

US Magazine 1/10/13 Jennifer Aniston: "There's Nothing Wrong With Kim Kardashian"

E!Online 1/9/13 Why Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Baby's L.A.-Based Home Was "a No-Brainer"

Reality TV Magazine 1/8/13 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Buy $11 Million Mansion

Reality TV Magazine 1/8/13 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Buy Bel Air Mansion But Plan To Re-Build

People 1/8/13 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Shop in Paris

Digital Spy 1/7/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West 'reject million dollar baby pic offer'

Reality TV Magazine 1/3/13 Will Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Have To Prove Paternity?

Reality TV Magazine 1/3/13 Will Kanye West Fall Prey To The Kardashian Curse?

Digital Spy 1/1/13 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West baby 'won't be on television series'

TV Guide 12/31/12 Kim Kardashian Pregnant with Kanye West's Baby

Daily Mail 12/31/12 Kanye West dotes over beaming 'baby mama' Kim Kardashian as pair emerge for first time since pregnancy

E!Online 12/21/12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Celebrating Christmas With Kardashian Family in L.A.

Reality TV Magazine 12/13/12 Kanye West Rocks 12 12 12 Sandy Concert Wearing A Skirt

Reality TV Magazine 12/13/12 Kim Kardashian: Dating Kanye West Makes Fame More Difficult

Reality TV Magazine 12/13/12 Kim Kardashian Is A Fan Of Kanye West’s Leather Skirt

Digital Spy 12/6/12 Khloe Kardashian: 'Lamar Odom sends Kanye West lyrics'

Digital Spy 11/29/12 Kanye West deposed in Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries divorce case

Digital Spy 11/23/12 Kim Kardashian's mom Kris Jenner: 'Kanye West is great for Kim'

US Magazine 11/6/12 Kim Kardashian Hopes to Get Engaged, "Try for a Baby" With Kanye West After Divorce, Says Pal

Digital Spy 11/5/12 Kim Kardashian on curves, Kanye West and Kris Humphries

Reality TV Magazine 10/25/12 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Will Get Engaged Once Her Divorce Is Final

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Reality TV Magazine 10/22/12 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Cozy Up In Italy

US Magazine 10/18/12 Picture: Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Share a Passionate Kiss in Rome

NY Daily News 10/16/12 Kanye West flips out, lunges at paparazzo over Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian questions

US Magazine 10/6/12 Kanye West Returns to Twitter to Remember Steve Jobs

E!Online 10/4/12 Kanye West Quits Twitter (But He'll Be Back)

NY Daily News 10/4/12 Kim Kardashian on her relationship with Kanye West: 'I can't even think about being with anyone else'

NY Daily News 10/3/12 Kanye West had 'no intentions' of bringing girlfriend Kim Kardashian to Paris Fashion Week because..

E!Online 10/1/12 Kanye West Slapped With Copyright Suit Over His Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Samples

Digital Spy 9/26/12 Kanye West not showcasing womenswear collection at Paris Fashion Week

Reality TV Magazine 9/25/12 Kanye West Sex Tape is in Demand

NY Daily News 9/24/12 Kanye West hit with Second sex tape that's being shopped: report

Digital Spy 9/17/12 Barbara Walters: 'Kim Kardashian people unhappy with Kanye questions'

Reality TV Magazine 9/10/12 Kanye West Used Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape in the Bedroom

E!Online 9/7/12 Kylie and Kendall Jenner Give Sis Kim Kardashian's Beau Kanye West a Big Stamp of Approval

Reality TV Magazine 9/5/12 Is Kanye West Bragging About Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape in His New Song?

US Magazine 9/5/12 Kim Kardashian "Believes" She'll Marry Kanye West, Wants Kids

Reality TV Magazine 8/31/12 Kanye West Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Fat

E!Online 8/29/12 Kim Kardashian Dons a White Dress—Is There a Wedding to Kanye West in the Works?

Digital Spy 8/27/12 Kanye West brings stylist to clean up Kim Kardashian's closet - watch

US Magazine 8/23/12 Pic: Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Cuddle in New Instagram Photo

NY Daily News 8/21/12 Kanye West in talks to be 'American Idol' judge alongside Mariah Carey, possibly Nicki Minaj

MTV 8/14/12 Kim Kardashian Cameos In Kanye, DJ Khaled 'Cold' Super-Video

US Magazine 8/13/12 Kim Kardashian Imagines Life at 80 With Boyfriend Kanye West

Daily Mail 8/12/12 What happened? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West work up a sweat on glamour free Hawaii trip

Reality TV Magazine 8/9/12 Whoa! Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Have Blown How Much Money?

Hollywood Reporter 8/8/12 Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Join VMA Host Kevin Hart in Show Promo (Video)

E!Online 8/7/12 Kanye West Writes Another Song About Kim Kardashian—What's It Called?

Reality TV Magazine 7/24/12 Kanye West Planning To Propose To Kim Kardashian Once Her Divorce Is Final

Reality TV Magazine 7/19/12 Kanye West Ordered Friends To Stop Talking About Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

Reality TV Magazine 7/18/12 Will We See Kim Kardashian And Kanye West In A New Reality Show?

NY Daily News 7/18/12 Kim Kardashian cries, Kanye West laughs during roller coaster ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Reality TV Magazine 7/15/12 Kanye West Didn’t Have Cell Phone Before Dating Kim Kardashian

US Magazine 7/14/12 Kanye West Supports Girlfriend Kim Kardashian at DASH L.A. Store Opening

E!Online 7/14/12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Cause Fan Frenzy at DASH Store Opening

US Magazine 7/13/12 Kanye West Has a Private Cell Phone for Girlfriend Kim Kardashian

Reality TV Magazine 7/12/12 Is Kanye West Kim Kardashian’s New Stylist?

Wall Street Journal 7/10/12 Kanye West Tries ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

NY Post 7/9/12 Kimye finally

NY Daily News 7/9/12 Kanye West doesn't sound in tune with new music manager Irving Azoff, called 'unmanageable'

Rolling Stone 7/7/12 Kanye West Claims the Stage in Atlantic City

Hollywood Reporter 7/6/12 Kanye West Working on Next Solo Album, Says Producer

E!Online 7/4/12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hit Paris Fashion Week

MTV 7/2/12 Kanye West And Kim Kardashian: Their Best Moments So Far

TV Guide 7/2/12 Kanye West, Jay-Z and Beyoncé Top BET Awards

E!Online 7/1/12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Visit Children's Hospital

Digital Spy 6/27/12 Kim Kardashian mad over Kanye West X-rated music video plans?

Digital Spy 6/26/12 Kanye West 'took private jet, Mercedes for 84-mile trip to Birmingham'

Reality TV Magazine 6/25/12 Did Kim Kardashian Cheat On Kris Humphries With Kanye West?

USA Today 6/24/12 Kim Kardashian on Kanye: 'I'm not thinking about marriage'

Hollywood Reporter 6/22/12 Kanye West, G.O.O.D. Music's 'Cruel Summer' Album Gets a Release Date

TV Guide 6/21/12 Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Kanye to Oprah: He Knows Everything About Me

NY Daily News 6/17/12 Kim Kardashian tells Oprah: I ‘love’ that Kanye West is an older man

Reality TV Magazine 6/16/12 Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number, But Could It Also Be The Secret To Kim & Kanye’s Relationship?

Reality TV Magazine 6/12/12 Kanye West Can’t Wait To Pop Out Kids With Kim Kardashian

People 6/12/12 Kim and Kanye Score Matching High-Fashion Sneakers

US Magazine 6/8/12 Pic: Kim Kardashian Buys Kanye West $750,000 Lamborghini

E!Online 6/8/12 Happy Birthday, Kanye West! Kim Kardashian's Boyfriend Turns 35

Entertainment Weekly 6/7/12 Kim Kardashian talks Kanye and overshares on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

E!Online 6/7/12 Kanye West's Nike Sneakers Went for How Much?

US Magazine 6/1/12 "Proud Girlfriend" Kim Kardashian Tweets Her Love for Boyfriend Kanye West's New Video

E!Online 5/31/12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Look Inside the Posh Pads They're Selling

Reality TV Magazine 5/30/12 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Moving In Together

E!Online 5/29/12 Kanye West and Jay-Z's "No Church in the Wild" Video—and Is Watch the Throne 2 in the Works?

E!Online 5/24/12 PDA Alert! Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Get Kissy in Cannes

Reality TV Magazine 5/23/12 Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian to be Kate Middleton

Hollywood Reporter 5/23/12 Cannes 2012: Kanye West Debuts Groundbreaking Film with Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z in Attendance

USA Today 5/23/12 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West get cozy in Cannes

E!Online 5/22/12 Kanye West Leads BET Awards Nominations, With an Assist From Jay-Z

MTV 5/18/12 Kanye West Had To 'Get Used To' Big Kardashian Family

NY Daily News 5/18/12 Kourtney Kardashian will talk about most everything — except Kanye West

MTV 5/18/12 Kanye West To Debut 'Cruel Summer' Short Film At Cannes

MTV 5/17/12 Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Tease Romance In New 'Keeping Up' Trailer

E!Online 5/16/12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Land in London

Zap2It 5/15/12 Kim Kardashian: Kanye West will appear in reality show but in toned-down role

Digital Spy 5/14/12 Kim Kardashian won't stop Kanye West from appearing on reality show

US Magazine 5/14/12 Kim Kardashian Kisses Kanye West, Wears Short Wig

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/12 Put A Ring On It – Kanye West Lyrics Hint At Wedded Bliss With Kim Kardashian

Digital Spy 5/7/12 Kanye West 'detests' New York fashion

E!Online 4/29/12 Kanye West "Already Acting Like Family" With the Kardashians

Hollywood Reporter 4/24/12 Kanye West Shooting Secret Project in the Middle East

Hollywood Reporter 4/24/12 Kanye West Brings Kim Kardashian to Chanel's Tribeca Film Festival Artist Dinner

People 4/24/12 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Hang with the Family in N.Y.C.

US Magazine 4/23/12 Pic: New Couple Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Hit the Opening of Scott Disick's Restaurant

US Magazine 4/23/12 Kim Kardashian Wears Earrings With Kanye West's Initials

US Magazine 4/21/12 Pic: Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Reunite in NYC

US Magazine 4/21/12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Why They're the Perfect Match

US Magazine 4/17/12 Exclusive: Kanye West: I Never Said Kim Kardashian Was "My Beyonce"

Hollywood Reporter 4/15/12 Kanye West Changes Title, Artwork of Controversial 'Theraflu' Single

The Sun 4/13/12 Kanye West: Kim dine with me

E!Online 4/13/12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: What Do Kris and Bruce Jenner Think About the Rumored Couple?

US Magazine 4/13/12 Bruce Jenner: "I'm Not That Excited" About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

E!Online 4/12/12 President Obama: Kanye West Still a "Jackass," Likes Jay-Z Better

USA Today 4/10/12 Kanye and Kim: Personal or business?

E!Online 4/9/12 Kourtney Kardashian Talks Kim and Kanye West

Zap2It 4/9/12 Kanye West to join Kim Kardashian on 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'

People 4/6/12 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Enjoy a Private Dinner Date in N.Y.C.

E!Online 4/6/12 Kim Kardashian on Kanye West: "You Never Know What the Future Holds"

Digital Spy 4/6/12 Kanye West condemned by PETA over 'Theraflu' lyrics

E!Online 4/6/12 Kanye West's New Single Makes PETA and Theraflu Sick

People 4/6/12 Kim Kardashian Plays Coy About Dating Kanye West

Digital Spy 4/6/12 Kim Kardashian on Kanye West romance: 'I don't know what future holds'

US Magazine 4/5/12 Kanye West Admits: "I Fell in Love With Kim" Kardashian

Digital Spy 1/6/12 Rihanna to release 'Talk That Talk' as new single with Jay-Z, Kanye?

USA Today 1/5/12 Kanye West plans new company, new film, new school

Hollywood Reporter 1/4/12 Kanye West Launches Twitter Rant About Fame, Fashion, Education, Jetsons

US Magazine 12/31/11 Kanye West Making DJ Debut at Las Vegas New Year's Eve Bash

People 12/31/11 Kanye West Makes His Deejay Debut
Daily Mail 12/28/11 Kanye West moves to London in bid to be taken more seriously as a fashion designer

Digital Spy 12/5/11 Kanye West dedicates 'Watch the Throne' Chicago show to late mother

MTV 12/2/11 Kanye Talks 'Pursuit Of Awesomeness' In Backstage Video

MTV 12/2/11 Kanye West Blames Himself For Album Of The Year Snub

Digital Spy 12/1/11 Adele, Kanye West, Foo Fighters lead Grammy Awards 2012 nominations

E!Online 11/9/11 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Surprise: Kanye West & Jay-Z Perform (Plus Models in Fancy Underwear)

NY Post 11/7/11 Give them a throne

NY Daily News 11/7/11 Hip-hop's royal princes Kanye and Jay-Z duel for the ‘Throne’ at Izod Center concert

Hollywood Reporter 10/26/11 Justin Bieber to Collaborate with Kanye West, Drake on Upcoming Album

Digital Spy 10/19/11 Chris Brown debuts Jay-Z, Kanye West 'N***as In Paris' remix - listen

Digital Spy 10/17/11 Jay-Z and Kanye West add more dates to 'Watch the Throne' tour

Digital Spy 10/11/11 Kanye West, Maroon 5 to perform at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

People 10/10/11 Kanye Hangs with Hip Hop Elite During Big Apple Weekend

Hollywood Reporter 10/10/11 Kanye West Visits Occupy Wall Street Protests

Entertainment Weekly 10/3/11 Kanye West debuts his women's wear collection at Paris Fashion Week

E!Online 10/3/11 Kanye West Debuts Clothing Line at Paris Fashion Week

MTV 10/1/11 Kanye West's Fashion Show 'Monumental,' Ciara Says

MTV 10/1/11 Kanye West Makes Paris Fashion Week Debut

Digital Spy 9/30/11 Kanye West, Soundgarden to headline Big Day Out 2012

Digital Spy 9/29/11 'X Factor' USA's LA Reid: 'Kanye West is an all-time great performer'

MTV 9/19/11 Kanye West, Arcade Fire Make It Rain In Texas

US Magazine 9/15/11 Kim Kardashian Wears Princess Leia Costume With Kanye West

Digital Spy 9/15/11 Kanye West to debut women's clothing line at Paris Fashion Week

Zap2It 8/28/11 MTV VMAs 2011: Kanye West and Jay-Z's 'surprise' performance 

Digital Spy 8/26/11 Rihanna joined by Avril Lavigne, Kanye West, Jay-Z in 'Cheers' video

LA Times 8/24/11 'Kanye: The Musical' will come alive in Australia

MTV 8/24/11 Jay-Z, Kanye West Accused Of Copyright Infringement

Digital Spy 8/24/11 Jay-Z, Kanye West announce two new 'Watch The Throne' singles

Digital Spy 8/24/11 Kanye West to close Call of Duty XP event

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/11 Jay-Z, Kanye West Open 'Watch the Throne' Store in Manhattan

Hollywood Reporter 8/12/11 How Jay-Z and Kanye West Beat the Leakers With 'Watch the Throne'

Hollywood Reporter 8/11/11 Kanye West Takes a Tumble During Concert (Video)

E!Online 8/9/11 Who's the Richest Rapper? Jay-Z, Kanye West or...um, Birdman?

Hollywood Reporter 8/8/11 Kanye West Booed at Music Fest After He Compares Himself to Hitler

Digital Spy 8/5/11 Kanye West to stay in castle ahead of Big Chill gig

Hollywood Reporter 8/3/11 Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne: 5 Things to Know

Hollywood Reporter 8/3/11 Kanye West Makes Surprise Appearance on Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj Tour (Video)

NY Post 8/1/11 Rap stars 'Throne' by feud

E!Online 7/25/11 When Egos Collide: Jay-Z and Kanye West's Superpowered Collaboration

USA Today 7/25/11 Kanye, Jay-Z team to become The Throne

Digital Spy 7/20/11 Beyoncé reduced to tears by Kanye West's 'Runaway'

USA Today 7/18/11 Jay-Z, Kanye announce album release date

Hollywood Reporter 7/4/11 Kanye West and Jay-Z Offer 'Watch the Throne' Pre-Order

Digital Spy 7/4/11 Jay-Z, Kanye West unveil 'Watch The Throne' album artwork

Hollywood Reporter 6/15/11 Kanye West Mad Over 'Mama's Boy' Track Leak

Digital Spy 6/15/11 Justin Bieber: 'I never snubbed Kanye West, Jay-Z'

MTV 6/14/11 Kanye West's 'Mama's Boyfriend' Hits The Net

TV Guide 6/14/11 Are Kanye West and Mary-Kate Olsen Dating?

Digital Spy 6/11/11 Kanye West dating Mary-Kate Olsen?

E!Online 6/7/11 Kanye West Says He's Still Giving Us the Silent Treatment

Daily Mail 5/20/11 Kanye West heads to charity bash in Cannes arriving in a $1.7m limited edition Mercedes

E! Online 4/24/11 Why Did Kanye's Charity Go .... Poof?

Zap2It 4/21/11 Katy Perry, Kanye West's 'E.T' invades 'American Idol'

Digital Spy 4/21/11 Kanye West to play Finland's Flow Festival

Digital Spy 4/21/11 Kanye West Foundation 'shuts down'

Hollywood Reporter 4/19/11 Kanye West's Coachella Performance: Rated by Critics

Us Magazine 4/18/11 Kanye West Wears Womenswear at Coachella

NY Daily News  4/18/11 Kanye West closes out Coachella: Rapper flies above the crowd, fireworks light up the sky

Digital Spy 3/15/11 Kanye West remix track leaks

Digital Spy 3/15/11 Kanye West 'wants Kate Moss duet'

Daily Mail 3/4/11 Aren't they for girls, Kanye? West attends Paris Fashion week shows in harem pants

Daily Mail 2/25/11 Lily Allen's disgust at Kanye West as he jokes about abortion

Digital Spy 2/24/11 Kanye, Rihanna video taken off YouTube

Hollywood Reporter 2/20/11 Kanye West Joins Rihanna During Halftime Show at NBA All-Star Game (Video)

Digital Spy 1/24/11 Kanye West appears on Kardashians show

E!Online 1/15/11 Kanye West Starts Twitter War With Britney Spears—Then Takes it Back

US Magazine 1/10/11 Exclusive: Learn Kanye West’s Studio Secrets

E!Online 1/6/11 Kanye West Sued by Photog for Alleged Beatdown

TV Guide 1/4/11 Video: Josh Groban Makes Music with Kanye's Tweets

TMZ 1/4/11 Kanye West -- Is He Fur Real?

Digital Spy 1/4/11 Jay-Z, West, 'releasing LP next week'

MTV 12/30/10 Kanye West Turned Defiance Into Victory In 2010

TV Guide 12/17/10 Kanye West Is MTV's Man of the Year

MTV 12/10/10 Kanye West's 'Runaway' Is MTV News' #2 Song Of 2010

NY Daily News 12/8/10 Kanye West 'Monster' music video teaser shows models, scantily clad and apparently dead

MTV 12/1/10 Kanye West, Nicki Minaj Dominate Billboard

LA Times 11/30/10 Kanye West shapes the message his way

Digital Spy 11/30/10 Kanye West confirms Jay-Z collab album

MTV 11/29/10 Rihanna And Kanye West Talk Children, Fashion, Music In Interview

Digital Spy 11/25/10 Rihanna 'confused by West interview'

MTV 11/25/10 Kanye West Performs Rousing 'Lost In The World' At Thanksgiving Day Parade

Access Hollywood 11/25/10 Kanye West, Kung Fu Panda Star At NYC Parade

E!Online 11/24/10 Kanye West: Taylor Swift Should've Stuck Up For Me

NY Post 11/24/10 Wild over West

NY Daily News 11/23/10 Kanye's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' review: Megalomaniacal West is back and better than ever

MTV 11/15/10 Jay-Z Defends Kanye West On 'Howard Stern Show'

Gather 11/14/10 Kanye West Media Trainer Quits Over Disastrous Today Show Interview

MTV 11/13/10 Kanye West, Talib Kweli And Consequence Jump On 'Chain Heavy'

Gather 11/12/10 Kanye West Today Show Concert Canceled - He Was Set Up, Will Not Perform

Gather 11/12/10 Matt Lauer Kanye West Interview Causes Latest Rapper Outburst: Who Was Right?

MTV 11/12/10 Selita Ebanks Reaches Out To Kanye West After 'Today' Flap

Palm Beach Post 11/12/10 The Kanye vs. Today feud: How it plays out on Twitter

TV Guide 11/12/10 Kanye West Cancels Today Performance

People 11/12/10 Kanye West Vs. Matt Lauer: The Feud Escalates

E! Online 11/10/10 Mount Kanye Erupts (Again) Over "Very Brutal" Today Show Appearance

Access Hollywood 11/10/10 George W. Bush Says He Forgives Kanye West

E!Online 11/9/10 Kanye West Finally Admits He's "Not a Good Celebrity"

TV Guide 11/4/10 Kanye West: I Understand How George W. Bush Feels

Digital Spy 11/4/10 Kanye West: 'I understand Bush's anger'

Digital Spy 11/4/10 Kanye: 'Swift defended me in grocery store'

E!Online 11/3/10 Kanye West Responds to Bush: "I Got Accused of Being a Racist, Too!"

Access Hollywood 11/3/10 Update: Bush Calls Kanye Insult ‘Disgusting’; Rapper Responds

Gather 11/3/10 George W. Bush Tackles Kanye West Remarks In Sit Down With Matt Lauer

E!Online 11/3/10 George W. Bush Rips "Disgusting" Kanye West

US Magazine 11/3/10 George Bush: Kanye West Rant Was "Disgusting" Moment of Presidency

USA Today 11/2/10 Kanye West among performers in Macy's Parade

US Magazine 10/26/10 Kanye West Voted More Influential Than Obama

MTV 10/25/10 Kanye West's 'Runaway' Is About 'Remaking,' Performance Artist Says

Gather 10/24/10 Kanye West's Runaway Short Film - Twisted Phoenix Tale

TMZ 10/24/10 Kanye West's 'Runaway' Video -- 30 Minutes of WTF?

E!Online 10/24/10 Director Kanye West's Runaway Premiere

TMZ 10/24/10 Kanye's Big Bling -- A Closer Look

E!Online 10/22/10 Kim Kardashian Turns 30 With Kanye West

E!Online 10/21/10 Who's Kim Kardashian's Man This Week: Kanye West or John Mayer?

TV Guide 10/20/10 Kanye West Flashes Diamond Teeth: "The Diamonds Were Cooler"

Daily Mail 10/20/10 'I just thought they were cooler': Kanye West has his teeth replaced with diamonds

NY Daily News 10/19/10 Kanye West: 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' will have five album covers

MTV 10/19/10 Selita Ebanks Says Kanye West Showed 'No Ego' On 'Runaway' Set

TV Guide 10/19/10 Kanye West: "I Contemplated Suicide"

MTV 10/19/10 Kanye West Reveals Which G.O.O.D. Friday Tracks Are On Fantasy

Hollywood Reporter 10/18/10 See the Kanye West Album Cover Banned From Wal-Mart

E!Online 10/18/10 Do Pop Stars Like Kanye West Even Need Walmart?

E!Online 10/17/10 Kanye West Claims Fantasy Cover "Banned" by Walmart

NY Post 10/7/10 Meet Kanye's new muse

BBC 10/7/10 Kanye West premieres Michael Jackson-inspired film

MTV 10/5/10 Kanye West's Album To Be My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Daily Mail 10/5/10 Kim Kardashian gets cosy with Kanye West as she shows him around her new NY store

TV Guide 10/4/10 Kanye West Abandons Hate for "SNL and the Whole Cast"

MTV 10/4/10 Kanye Confirms Album Release On November 22

TV Guide 10/3/10 Kanye West Departs from Usual SNL Musical Performances

E!Online 10/3/10 OMG! Kanye West Changes the Face of Saturday Night Live

NY Daily News 10/3/10 Kanye West 'Power' lyrics changed for 'Saturday Night Live' performance on NBC

BBC 10/1/10 Kanye West vents anger over leak of new song on Twitter

Entertainment Weekly 9/28/10 Kanye's tweets + 'Liz Lemon' = Kanye Jordan

MTV 9/27/10 Kanye West Spoofs Himself On 'The Cleveland Show'

Digital Spy 9/23/10 Selita Ebanks denies Kanye West romance

Gather 9/21/10 Kanye West SNL Appearance Set For October

NY Post 9/21/10 Kanye West to perform on 'Saturday Night Live' after insulting show in song

MTV 9/18/10 Kanye West Recruits Swizz Beatz, Raekwon For 'Lord, Lord, Lord'

Digital Spy 9/17/10 Kanye West: 'I'm a nicer person'

MTV 9/17/10 Kanye West Dis By Cam'ron, Jim Jones Doesn't Surprise Juelz Santana

MTV 9/15/10 Kanye West To Return To 'The Cleveland Show'

MTV 9/15/10 Kanye West Reveals More Details About 'Runaway' Film

MTV 9/15/10 Jay-Z, Eminem Close Yankee Stadium Shows With Kanye West, Drake

MTV 9/14/10 Kanye West's Post-VMA Plan

MTV 9/14/10 Kanye West Earns Fans' 'Respect' With 'Runaway'

E!Online 9/13/10 The Taylor Swift-Kanye West Duet That Never Was

NY Post 9/13/10 Kanye West and Taylor Swift met before VMAs: report

NY Daily News 9/13/10 Kanye West schooled by much-younger Taylor Swift, called 'an innocent' during MTV VMA performance

TV Guide 9/13/10 VMAs: Who Took the High Road? Kanye West or Taylor Swift?

People 9/13/10 Kanye vs. Taylor: Who Had the Last Word at the VMAs?

People 9/12/10 Kanye West Salutes 'Douchebags' at Video Music Awards

E!Online 9/12/10 Surprise! Kanye West Is a Jersey Shore Fan?

Access Hollywood 9/11/10 Swift To Sing About West Debacle This Year At VMAs

Daily Mail 9/11/10 'We shut down SoHo': Kanye West gets mobbed by fans in New York

Gather 9/4/10 Kanye 'Bled' Over Outburst - Apologizes to Taylor Swift Via Twitter & Offers Song

Daily Mail 9/4/10 Apologetic Kanye West writes a song for Taylor Swift... and posts 70 tweets about how sorry he is

Gather 8/30/10 Kanye West & Jay-Z Announces Plans For Duet Album 'Watch The Throne'

E!Online 8/26/10 Kanye West Doesn't Sweeten the Deal for Suge Knight

MTV 8/25/10 Taylor Swift Video Director Recalls Kanye West's 2009 VMA Rant

Gather 8/23/10 Kanye West Announces Plans for Weekly New Music Releases

NY Post 8/20/10 Kanye, Taylor reunion?

MTV 8/18/10 Kanye West, Justin Bieber And Raekwon Collabo: Hip-Hop Heads Weigh In

MTV 8/13/10 Kanye West Surprises New York With Secret Black-Tie Show

NY Daily News 8/11/10 Kanye West to perform on MTV VMAs one year after Taylor Swift scandal

TMZ 8/9/10 Kanye West Tweet of the Day

TMZ 8/7/10 Kanye West Tweet of the Day

MTV 8/6/10 Kanye West's 'Power' Video: Artists Break It Down

E!Online 8/6/10 Video Face-Off: Eminem vs. Kanye West

MTV 8/6/10 Kanye West Reveals Album, Single Details During Live Chat

MTV 8/6/10 Kanye West's 'Power' Video Mixes The Spiritual With The Sexual

Extra 8/6/10 Music Video! Kanye West's 'Power'

MTV 8/5/10 Kanye West Debuts Apologetic 'Power' Freestyle

Gather 7/29/10 Kanye West Joins Twitter - Performs At Twitter Headquarters To Promote New Album [Video]
MTV 7/1/10 Kanye West Spits Furious Verse On Rick Ross' 'Live Fast'

Digital Spy 6/30/10 Kanye West 'sued for infringement'

Gather 6/28/10 BET Awards 2010 - Kanye West Returns To The Stage To Perform Power

USA Today 6/20/10 'Suge' Knight, Kanye West face off over lawsuit
Digital Spy 6/19/10 Amber Rose: 'Kanye West saved my life'

TV Guide 6/10/10 Kanye West to Make First Appearance Since VMAs at BET Awards

TMZ 6/6/10 Kanye West's Car Smashes Into Honolulu Home

BBC 6/2/10 Kanye West and Rage boycott US state

Gather 5/28/10 New Music From Kanye West Takes On His Critics - Listen To Power Here!

NY Daily News 5/28/10 Kanye West's 'Power' leaks online offering possible glimpse at upcoming album, 'Good Ass Job'

MTV 5/28/10 Kanye West's 'Power' Producer Explains How Song Happened

E!Online 5/28/10 Kanye West Still Holds Grudge, Disses SNL—in Song

US Magazine 5/11/10 Kanye West Turns Hits Into Lullabies on New Disc

Digital Spy 5/11/10 Kanye West selling Hollywood home

Digital Spy 4/13/10 Producer: 'Kanye West done with electro'

Digital Spy 4/7/10 Kayne West album for 'summer release'

Fashion and Runway 3/23/10 Kanye West chooses Trussardi 1911 sneakers
TMZ 2/10/10 Kanye Puts Hit on Jay Leno

US Magazine 1/30/10 Kanye West Rants About Why He Wears Fur

US Magazine 1/21/10 Kanye West Not Banned From Haiti Telethon

NY Daily News 1/5/10 Kanye West compares himself to poet Maya Angelou in blog about his return to recording studio

Digital Spy 12/27/09 West spends holiday break helping homeless

E!Online 12/11/09 Kanye Unironically Excited About Sharing Year-End Honors With Taylor Swift

People 12/10/09 Kanye West Named the King of Fail

Access Hollywood 11/17/09 John Mayer On His Love For Taylor Swift & Giving Kanye West A Break

MTV 10/14/09 Taylor Swift Tells Oprah Winfrey She's Accepted Kanye West's Apology

TMZ 9/30/09 Kanye Not Given Swift Kick By Promoter

Digital Spy 9/30/09 Keri Hilson defends "honest" Kanye West

Digital Spy 9/30/09 Lady GaGa: 'Kanye criticism is unfair'

Access Hollywood 9/29/09 Janet Jackson, Donatella Versace & Kanye West Help To Raise $1.1M For AIDS Charity

Daily Mail 9/29/09 Kanye West manages to behave himself after meeting Janet Jackson on his return to the red carpet

Extra 9/28/09 Kanye West Considering Rehab?

LA Times 9/27/09 Live review: Kanye West, Queen Latifah highlight 'Common & Friends' benefit show

Herald Sun 9/25/09 Kanye and Lady Gaga air controversial trailer for upcoming tour

MTV 9/24/09 Kanye West's Paparazzi Scuffle Case Delayed

TMZ 9/24/09 Kanye: Justice Delayed is the Best Justice Ever

Digital Spy 9/20/09 Mos Def defends West, blasts Leno

TMZ 9/18/09 Kanye -- The Unkindest Cut of All

E!Online 9/18/09 Taylor Swift Will Not Discuss Kanye Anymore

MTV 9/18/09 Kanye West Compares His Life To 'Truman Show' In Blog Post

E!Online 9/18/09 Jay-Z Defends Kanye: "He Didn't Kill Anybody"

MTV 9/18/09 Jay-Z Defends 'Super-Passionate' Kanye West's VMA Interruption

BBC 9/18/09 Kanye up for nine Hip Hop awards

MTV 9/18/09 Taylor Swift Gets A Few Questions Too Many About Kanye West VMA Interruption

MTV 9/18/09 Kanye West Leads BET Hip-Hop Awards Nominees

E!Online 9/17/09 Kanye Gets Another Chance to Be a Jackass

Digital Spy 9/16/09 Miley Cyrus slams "insincere" Kanye

Access Hollywood 9/16/09 Miley Cyrus On How She’d Handle An Interruption From Kanye West

BBC 9/16/09 Obama calls Kanye West a jackass

E!Online 9/15/09 Obama: Kanye's a "Jackass"

Zap2It 9/15/09 Taylor Swift on 'The View' prompts Kanye West apology

E!Online 9/15/09 Interrupting Kanye Cuts Off Edward Cullen, Obama

NY Times 9/15/09 The Swift-West Spectacle, Stoked on Screen

E!Online 9/15/09 Sure, Kanye's Taking a Break—on Tour

TMZ 9/15/09 Kanye Sees Taylor's View -- Calls to Apologize

E!Online 9/15/09 From Madonna to Kanye: VMA Stands for Very Much Arranged?!

TMZ 9/15/09 Taylor Swift: Kanye Hasn't Called

E!Online 9/15/09 "Rattled" Taylor Talks Kanyegate, AcceptsView-Guilted Apology

TMZ 9/15/09 Obama Caught on Tape Calling Kanye 'Jackass'

E!Online 9/15/09 Obama: Kanye's a "Jackass"

Digital Spy 9/15/09 Perez: 'Kanye will get over VMA row'

TMZ 9/15/09 Leno to Kanye: What Would Your Mother Think?

Digital Spy 9/15/09 Barack Obama 'calls Kanye West a jackass'

Digital Spy 9/15/09 Kanye plans music break to "analyse" life

LA Times 9/14/09 Rep. West, you have the floor...

Digital Spy 9/14/09 Pink 'blasts Kanye for VMA rant'

NY Post 9/14/09 Pink: Kanye wouldn't have done that to me

Zap2It 9/14/09 'The Jay Leno Show': Kanye West, Jerry Seinfeld and a lot of stuff you've seen before

Chicago Tribune 9/14/09 Kanye West brings the drama to Jay Leno's prime-time debut

TMZ 9/14/09 Kanye Issues Apology #2 -- I Feel Like a Focker

TMZ 9/14/09 Clarkson to Kanye -- 'You're a Sad Human Being'

BBC 9/14/09 Kanye apologises for MTV outburst

TMZ 9/14/09 Donald Trump -- Boycott Kanye!

NY Daily News 9/14/09 Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift award speech storyline of MTV Video Music Awards

Zap2It 9/14/09 Kanye West APOLOGIZES, in all caps, to Taylor Swift

TMZ 9/14/09 Rappers, Singers Unite to Bash Kanye

Extra 9/13/09 Kanye Steals Taylor's Thunder!

MTV 8/26/09 Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Drake Team Up For LeBron James Documentary Song

LA Times 8/24/09 Taylor Swift, Green Day and Kanye West will nab noms for best album, our Grammy seers say

E!Online 8/20/09 Rihanna and Kanye "Run This Town" With Jay-Z

E!Online 8/19/09 Which Celeb Is Copping a Feel?

TMZ 8/19/09 Kanye's Girlfriend -- Butt Flossin'

Digital Spy 8/19/09 Kanye West, Rihanna for new Jay-Z LP

Daily Mail 8/19/09 Kanye West upstaged by his cheeky girlfriend Amber Rose as she frolics in an orange bikini

Digital Spy 8/12/09 GaGa and Kanye for "groundbreaking" tour

MTV 8/12/09 Kanye West And Spike Jonze's Short Film Comes To iTunes In September

Digital Spy 8/11/09 Kanye West to feature in new film

MTV 8/7/09 Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West Shoot 'Run This Town' Video In New York

People 8/7/09 Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West to Help Launch New Jay Leno Show

MTV 8/4/09 Eminem And Kanye West Go Head-To-Head At 2009 MTV VMAs

Digital Spy 8/2/09 Kanye West 'denies King of Pop statement'

Access Hollywood 7/31/09 Kanye West Angered Over False Reports He Was Claiming ‘King Of Pop’ 
MTV 7/16/09 Did Lady Gaga And Kanye West Get Married? Probably Not

NY Daily News 7/6/09 Slap in the face to Kanye West as Chris Brown hooks up with his ex

BBC 7/6/09 Kanye West debuts 'sci-fi' show

NY Daily News 7/2/09 Kanye West's sneaker line for Louis Vuitton delayed until the end of the year

TMZ 6/18/09 Kanye's Pancake Date -- Pass the Sizzurp!
TMZ 6/17/09 Kanye Drops $5,000 on Women's Clothing
MTV 6/16/09 Jonas Brothers Want To Mix Their 'Paranoid' With Kanye West's

NY Daily News 6/12/09 Kanye goes Gaga over tour partner

Cinema Spider 3/18/09 Kanye West to Guest Star on "The Cleveland Show" on FOX

Reality TV Fans 3/7/09 Kanye West to Perform on American Idol Wednesday March 11

Digital Spy 12/26/08 Kanye: 'I could dress Obama'
Boston Globe 12/24/08 Kanye West's spirit singing

Digital Spy 12/19/08 Stump: 'West is voice of a generation'
MTV 12/5/08 Can Kanye West Be Serious About Becoming A Fashion Intern? Designer Is Skeptical

Digital Spy 12/5/08 West denies rejecting hip-hop roots

Dallas Morning News 12/1/08 CD review: Kanye West's hurting, and so are our ears
CBS 12/1/08 Kanye West Is Dating Victoria's Secret's Model Sessilee Lopez

Ananova 11/30/08 Kanye West defends Auto-tune use
Daily Mail 11/27/08 Kanye West's cousin investigated in connection with his mother's post-plastic surgery death

E! Online 11/25/08 Kanye Eschews Blue Sued Shoes, Now Wants to Stomp on Elvis

EW 11/25/08 808s & Heartbreak

Newsday 11/25/08 Review: Kanye West's '808s & Heartbreak'

Jam! 11/25/08 Kanye West: New CD Is 'Great Art'
Jam! 11/21/08 Kanye's album to debut on MySpace

MTV 11/19/08 Introducing A Then Unknown Kanye West

MTV 11/18/08 New Kanye West Album--No Not That One--Hits The Web
Digital Spy 11/17/08 Kanye West Calls For Paparazzi Law
Ananova 11/17/08 Kanye West: I'm Like Princess Di
Ananova 11/17/08 Kanye West Recalls Details Of Arrest
Celebrity Spider 11/14/08 Kanye West Arrested Over Snapper Scuffle
E! Online 11/14/08 Kanye Arrested For Allegedly Popping Another Pap
Daily Mail 11/14/08 Rap Star Kanye West 'Arrested For Assault On Photographer'
MTV 11/14/08 Kanye West Arrested After Alleged Tussle With Photographer, Then Cleared
BBC 11/14/08 Rapper Kanye West Arrested After 'Row'
Digital Spy 11/14/08 Kanye West Arrested In Gateshead
Ananova 11/14/08 Kanye West Proclaims Himself 'The Voice Of This Generation'
Ananova 11/14/08 Exclusive: Kanye West Album Details
Newsday 11/14/08 Kanye West Arrested In England
Jam! 11/14/08 Reports: Kanye West Released After Photog Fracas  

Los Angeles Times 11/14/08 Reports: Kanye West Arrested In England
Chicago Sun Times 11/13/08 Kanye West: 'I Am The Voice Of This Generation'
Boston Globe 11/13/08 Kanye West Says He's 'Voice Of This Generation'
Celebrity Spider 11/13/08 Kanye West Is Ready To Talk About His Mother
Digital Spy 11/13/08 Kanye West: MTV Awards Were 'Fixed'
Chicago Sun-Times 11/13/08 Kanye West Says Mom A Victim of His Success
Celebrity Spider 11/12/08 Kanye West Blames Himself For Mom's Death And Love Split
MTV 11/12/08 Suge Knight Sues Kanye West Over Lost Earring, Shooting
Digital Spy 11/12/08 Kanye West Pays Tribute To Dead Mother
Ananova 11/12/08 Erstwhile Hip-Hop Mogul Sues Kanye West
Digital Spy 11/9/08 Kanye West: 'I want to be the best'
MTV 11/7/08 Kanye West Talks Beatles, Sings Country Versions Of His Songs (Er, Sorta) In Rare Interview
Jam! 11/5/08 Kanye patches it up with MTV Awards
Digital Spy 10/28/08 50 Cent 'can't wait' for Kanye album
LA Times 10/21/08 Kanye West, Alicia Keys to perform at AMAs
MTV 10/17/08 Rick Ross Ignores Controversy While Prepping New Album With Kanye And T.I.
LA Times 10/15/08 Kanye West and Vanessa Beecroft collaborate at 'listening party'
MTV 10/15/08 Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak Album Preview: More Drums, More Singing, 'No Typical Hip-Hop Beats'

Celebrity Spider 10/10/08 Reverend Run: '50 Cent and Kanye West Feud Was Faked'
Celebrity Spider 10/8/08 Kanye West 'Embodies' American Psycho Bateman For New Promo
Ananova 10/8/08 Kanye West asked to play Glastonbury
Herald Sun 10/8/08 Michael Eavis wants Kanye West to play Glastonbury
Celebrity Spider 10/7/08 Kanye West Request Privacy From Paparazzi
MTV 10/7/08 Kanye West Says 'Love Lockdown' Video Was Inspired By 'American Psycho'
People 10/7/08 Kanye Tells Ellen, 'You've Got Great Style'
MTV 10/7/08 Kanye West Talks About His Late Mother, Donda; Debuts New Video On 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'

MTV 10/6/08 Kanye West Reveals 808s And Heartbreak Release Date During Surprise Appearance At T.I. Concert
Digital Spy 10/6/08 Eavis hints at Kanye West Glasto slot
Celebrity Spider 10/3/08 Kanye West Comedy Show Stalled
Digital Spy 9/30/08 Jay-Z, Kanye 'on Obama's iPod'

Celebrity Spider 9/27/08 Kanye West Avoids Felony Charge Over Airport Fracas
LA Times 9/27/08 Kanye West won't face felony charges in LAX scuffle
BBC 9/27/08 West escapes charge over scuffle

MTV 9/26/08 Jewelry From Kanye West, Diddy, 50 Cent And More To Be Auctioned Off

Celebrity Spider 9/25/08 Kanye West Pulls The Plug On Another 50 Chart Battle
Zap2It 9/24/08 Kanye West Plays with Puppets for Comedy Central
MTV 9/24/08 Kanye West Moves Up Release Date Of 808s And Heartbreak To 'November Something'
Celebrity Spider 9/23/08 Kanye West Launches Puppet Show

Celebrity Spider 9/23/08 Spike Lee's School Daze Sequel With Kanye West Shelved 
BBC 9/23/08 Kanye makes 'hip-hop Muppet Show'
Hollywood Reporter 9/23/08 Kanye West has hand in puppet pilot

USA Today 9/22/08 Kanye joins all-star lineup for Obama CD

Celebrity Spider 9/20/08 Kanye West & 50 Cent To Battle Again
Ananova 9/20/08 Kanye West continues 50 Cent beef
MTV 9/19/08 Kanye West Responds -- Briefly -- To 50 Cent's Mocking, Blogs About 808s and Heartbreak
Digital Spy 9/18/08 Kanye West tests new album at airport
Celebrity Spider 9/17/08 Kanye West Records New Records New Version Of Love Lockdown

Celebrity Spider 9/16/08 50 Cent: ' I Hope Kanye's OK'
LA Times 9/16/08 Is Kanye West taking Web criticism to heart?
MTV 9/16/08 Kanye West Posts New Version Of 'Love Lockdown' On His Blog
Ananova 9/16/08 Kanye remasters new single
Celebrity Spider 9/15/08 Kanye West: 'Paparazzo Wasn't Cool'
MTV 9/15/08 50 Cent Mocks Kanye West, Sets Up Another Album-Release Showdown
Chicago Sun-Times 9/15/08 Cops split on Kanye
MTV 9/15/08 Kanye West Might Beat Felony Charge In Paparazzi Incident

Celebrity Spider 9/13/08 Police Baffled By Kanye West's Arrest

Digital Spy 9/13/08 Kanye West adds UK tour dates
NY Daily News 9/13/08 Camera-bugged Kanye West is unlikely to face felony rap
Celebrity Spider 9/12/08 Kanye West Released

MTV 9/12/08 Kanye West Speaks Out On His Blog Following Airport Arrest
People 9/12/08 Kanye West: 'I'm Cool with the Paparazzi'
BBC 9/12/08 West arrested after airport row
Ananova 9/12/08 Kanye West bailed
MTV 9/11/08 Kanye West Released From Jail
CBS 9/11/08 Update: Kanye West Out on Bail
Celebrity Spider 9/11/08 Kanye West Arrested On Vandalism Charges
NY Daily News 9/11/08 Kanye West arrested for smashing photographer's camera

Entertainment Weekly 9/11/08 Do you 'get' (just arrested) Kanye's 'Love Lockdown'? 
LA Times 9/11/08 Kanye West arrested at LAX after incident with paparazzi

Celebrity Spider 9/8/08 Estelle Defends Kanye West's Ego
MTV 9/8/08 What Brought Kanye West Back To The VMAs?
Celebrity Spider 9/5/08 Kanye West Returns To VMA Stage A Year After Boycott Threat
BBC 9/5/08 Rapper West to make MTV comeback
Digital Spy 9/5/08 Kanye West to release new LP this year?
News.com.au 9/2/08 Kanye West getting jiggy with Krystal Forscutt's shots

MTV 8/29/08 Kanye West, Fall Out Boy, Other Celebrity Obama Supporters Praise Historic Speech
MTV 8/27/08 Kanye West, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry Videos Pick Up More VMA Nominations

BBC 6/26/08 Angry West defends festival delay
BBC 6/25/08 Rapper West scoops two BET awards


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