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Daily Mail 10/31/10 Kiss me quick! Kate Beckinsale pins her husband against the wall on a shopping trip

Daily Mail 10/24/10 No seven year itch for Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman as they hug in the street

Daily Mail 9/27/10 Who needs shorts? Kate Beckinsale makes a fashion statement in Victorian-style bloomers

Digital Spy 9/17/10 Kate Beckinsale boards 'Contraband'

Daily Mail 9/7/10 Super-slim Kate Beckinsale swaps her brief bikini for a flirty frilled look

TMZ 9/7/10 Kate Beckinsale -- Bikini Sun Block

Daily Mail 9/6/10 High-maintenance Kate Beckinsale shows off her bikini body in Mexico
Daily Mail 8/31/10 Kate Beckinsale takes daughter Lily to get her nails done... and runs into Brooke Shields

411 Mania 8/17/10 Kate Beckinsale Will Return for Underworld 4

Daily Mail 8/7/10 Kate Beckinsale, Gwen Stefani join their husbands on double date

Gossip Center 6/26/10 Kate Beckinsale Lights Up in London

Daily Mail 5/24/10 Salma Hayek outglams juror Kate Beckinsale at Cannes closing ceremony

Daily Mail 5/22/10 Kate Beckinsale has red carpet disaster as earring falls into her dress in front of the world's media

Daily Mail 5/18/10 Kate Beckinsale shows her leg in daring slashed dress

Faded Youth 4/25/10 It's Date Day for Kate Beckinsale and her Hubby

Examiner 4/11/10 Kate Beckinsale overcomes diet, body image fears

Celebrity Gossip 3/12/10 Kate Beckinsale: Mommy Duty

Daily Times 2/9/10 Beckinsale to play Princess Margaret

Showbiz Spy 1/14/10 Kate Beckinsale: ‘Sexiest Woman Title is a Chore’

Daily Mail 12/4/09 Kate Beckinsale is transformed into a golden goddess for new drinks campaign

Straits Times 11/5/09 Beckinsale 'mortified' by title

Daily Mail 9/10/09 Kate Beckinsale and her dazzling new dress make a big splash at Hollywood premiere...

Boston Globe 9/8/09 Kate Beckinsale scared of alcohol

Celebrity Today 8/8/09 New Posters: Whiteout, Shutter Island & Sherlock Holmes
Digital Spy 7/29/09 Beckinsale celebrates birthday with Beckhams

E!Online 7/28/09 Kate Beckinsale Turns 36 With Eva and the Beckhams

Daily Mail 7/28/09 A glamorous Kate Beckinsale celebrates her birthday with BFFs Eva Longoria Parker and Victoria Beckham

BBC 7/9/09 Beckinsale awarded libel damages

Daily Mail 6/25/09 What a rip-off! Kate Beckinsale joins the torn denim brigade in tattered 80s jeans that cost up to £1,000 a pair

Digital Spy 12/25/08 Beckinsale: 'We're a family with two dads'
MTV 12/19/08 Kate Beckinsale Gives Us 'Nothing But The Truth' On Her New Movie, Talks 'Twilight'

Digital Spy 12/19/08 Beckinsale frets over daughter's audition

Boston Globe 12/5/08 Kate Beckinsale's driving terror

Celebrity Today 11/29/08 Hottie of the Week: Kate Beckinsale in Elle Magazine
Daily Mail 11/5/08 'I'm In Better Shape Than Ever' Says Kate Beckinsale

Celebrity Spider 9/15/08 Kate Beckinsale's Wasted Talent

Celebrity Spider 8/28/08 Kate Beckinsale and Robert DeNiro Star At School Awards Night

Digital Spy 8/19/08 Beckinsale feared flashing paparazzi

This Is London 8/18/08 Kate Beckinsale looks on the bright side in her orange bikini

Celebrity Spider 8/16/08 Kate Beckinsale Feared Paparazzi Had Caught Her Without Panties
Celebrity Spider 8/15/08 Kate Beckinsale Amazed With Action Star Status

This Is London 7/8/08 It's puppy love for Kate Beckinsale as she shows off her latest accessory

TMZ 7/1/08 Beckinsale Goes Balls (and Boobs) Out

Celebrity Spider 6/23/08 Photographers Come To Kate Beckinsale's Rescue
Celebrity Spider 6/23/08 Kate Beckinsale's Daughter Is A Monroe Fan
Celebrity Spider 6/23/08 Kate Beckinsale 'Proud' Len Wiseman and Michael Sheen Get Along

TMZ 6/23/08 Kate Beckinsale Suffers a Break Down

Celebrity Spider 6/16/08 Kate Beckinsale Demands Bottom Double
Digital Spy 6/15/08 Watson to replace Knightley at Chanel?

Digital Spy 6/16/08 Beckinsale insists on bottom double
NY Daily News 6/15/08 Wanted: Booty double for Kate Beckinsale

This Is London 6/12/08 Kate Beckinsale's date with laydee's man David Walliams
Digital Spy 6/12/08 Beckinsale: 'Posh gave me nipple covers'

Celebrity Spider 6/4/08 Kate Beckinsale & Spice Girls Are Women Of The Year
Sky 6/4/08 Kate's Nipple Gift
This Is London 5/27/08 Kate Beckinsale gives flip flops the flick as she hits Malibu beach in towering wedges

Digital Spy 4/29/08 Beckinsale tried to deny Wiseman love

Daily Mail 4/17/08 Posh and new best friends Kate and Eva dine out ahead of 34th birthday...but where were the Cruises?

Celebrity Spider 4/6/08 Kate Beckinsale's Film Toil

Celebrity Spider 4/2/08 Kate Beckinsale Still Wants to be Sexy On Screen

Celebrity Spider 3/30/08 Kate Beckinsale Has Sworn Off Nude Scenes

Boston Globe 3/30/08 Kate Beckinsale's ex love

Celebrity Spider 3/29/08 Kate Beckinsale Wants 24 Role

Celebrity Spider 3/27/08 Kate Beckinsale Turns Her Back on Sexy Roles

Boston Globe 3/25/08 Kate Beckinsale's daughter's threat

Celebrity Spider 3/24/08 TV Turns Kate Beckinsale Into a Hypochondriac

TMZ 3/24/08 Kate and Kid -- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Daily Mail 3/23/08 Posh's pals: Victoria recruits Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale to her ever-growing address book

Boston Globe 3/22/08 Kate Beckinsale's daughter's threat

Boston Globe 3/20/08 Commando Kate Beckinsale

Celebrity Spider 3/19/08 Kate Beckinsale Gives Up on Driving

Sky News 3/19/08 Kate's Ugly Look

Celebrity Spider 3/16/08 Kate Beckinsale's Cat Inferno

Celebrity Spider 3/12/08 Kate Beckinsale's Motherhood Struggles

Celebrity Spider 3/11/08 Kate Beckinsale a Big Fan of Lasik Eye Surgery

Celebrity Spider 3/10/08 Kate Beckinsale Loves to Mock Her American Husband

Celebrity Spider 3/10/08 Kate Beckinsale's Opossum Shock

Digital Spy 3/7/07 Beckinsale says marriage has drawbacks

IGN 3/7/08 Babe of the Day: Kate Beckinsale

Digital Spy 3/5/08 Kate Beckinsale in 'celebrity denial'

NY Daily News 3/2/08 From classics to vampires, Kate's great

NY Daily News 3/2/08 The state of Kate Beckinsale

Ananova 2/29/08 Beckinsale wows in white

Celebrity Spider 2/27/08 Kate Beckinsale: "A Three Year Marriage is Long in Hollywood"

Celebrity Spider 1/29/08 Kate Beckinsale Hates Bad Weather

Celebrity Spider 1/28/08 Kate Beckinsale's Cat Almost Killed in Fire

Extra 1/28/08 Kate Beckinsale: 'My daughter said I look like Tweety'

People 1/27/08 Kate Beckinsale's Pre-Show Cat-astrophe

TMZ 12/11/07 Blacked-Out Beckinsale Burns Up Her Black Card

TMZ 12/10/07 Beckinsale Brings Pap-demonium to Robertson

Sky News 12/10/07 Whose furry flimsy bare?

Celebrity Spider 11/17/07 Kate Beckinsale: "Bruce Willis Stole My Husband"

Celebrity Spider 11/13/07 Kate Beckinsale Hospitalized in Memphis

Daily Mail 11/13/07 Kate Beckinsale treated in hospital for exhaustion

Celebrity Spider 11/12/07 Kate Beckinsale's Horror Therapy

Sky News 9/28/07 What's Kate Pining For?

TMZ 9/20/07 Beckinsale Flips Out

TMZ 9/10/07 Kate and Her Men: One Big Happy Family

Celebrity Spider 8/16/07 Kate Beckinsale Chose Underworld to Shock Hollywood

Sky News 8/16/07 Kate Kicks Ass

Zap2It 7/19/07 Beckinsale and Dillon Drawn to the 'Truth'

Extra 6/27/07 Kate Beckinsale is on a Manhunt

TMZ 6/22/07 Kate Beckinsale's Man Grabs Hold of Her Underworld

Hello! 6/21/07 Passionate Heidi and Kate get smoochy with their men

Hello! 6/21/07 Kate's husband Len does a Becks with lacquered tootsies

Celebrity Spider 6/13/07 Kate Beckinsale: "I Want to Play a Man"

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 Kate Beckinsale's School Fears

Sky News 5/21/07 Kate's Sexy Request

Celebrity Spider 4/25/07 Kate Beckinsale's Anorexia Comments Enrage Sufferer's Parents

Daily Mail 4/25/07 Kate Beckinsale likens anorexics to 'crack whores'

Entertainment Weekly 4/19/07 Bend it like Beckinsale

Boston Globe 4/17/07 Barbarella Kate Beckinsale

Celebrity Spider 4/9/07 Kate Beckinsale Regrets Anorexia Confession

Celebrity Spider 4/9/07 Kate Beckinsale Puts Bath Time Over Parties

Glamour 4/9/07 Kate Beckinsale

Celebrity Spider 4/7/07 Kate Beckinsale: "Hollywood Look is Ridiculous"

Sky News 3/22/07 Kate can do dowdy

Coming Soon 2/16/07 Whitaker, Beckinsale, Pearce & Fanning Grow Wings

Zap2It 2/8/07 Beckinsale Braves 'Whiteout'

Hollywood Reporter 2/8/07 Beckinsale inks for 'Whiteout' adventure

Ananova 2/8/07 Kate lands chilling role

Boston Globe 12/29/06 Kate Beckinsale's fatal fear

Daily Mail 12/4/06 Actress Kate Beckinsale spotted with less than glamorous 'bald-patch'

Celebrity Spider 11/9/06 Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson Rift Denied

Digital Spy 10/16/06 Beckinsale to pen fictional book

News.com.au 10/10/06 Kate is named Scream Queen

Celebrity Spider 10/2/06 Kate Beckinsale Slams "Shallow" Surgery

Hello! 9/28/06 Kate and Adam 'click' at glitzy West End premiere

Sky News 9/28/06 Kate's love of pie

This is London 9/25/06 Gust of wind blows Kate Beckinsale into tight spot

Celebrity Spider 9/13/06 Kate Beckinsale Replaces Sarah Jessica Parker in Movie

Zap2It 9/11/06 Beckinsale Fills Parker's 'Vacancy'

Hollywood Reporter 9/11/06 Beckinsale, Whaley book 'Vacancy'

Celebrity Spider 8/4/06 Kate Beckinsale Showered With Fan Mail

Celebrity Spider 7/10/06 Kate Beckinsale Turned Away From England World Cup Clash

Celebrity Spider 7/4/06 Kate Beckinsale Thrilled by Talented Daughter

Digital Spy 7/4/06 Beckinsale gets intimate with Jackman

Sunday Mirror 6/25/06 Exclusive: Kate & Hubby & Ex 

Chicago Sun-Times 6/25/06 Beckinsale 'Clicks' as Sandler's neglected spouse in flick

Celebrity Spider 6/23/06 Kate Beckinsale's Daughter Terrified by Christopher Walken

Celebrity Spider 6/22/06 Kate Beckinsale: "I Was Anorexic"

Zap2It 6/21/06 Beckinsale Returns to Comedy for 'Click'

MTV 6/21/06 Actually, Sandler, Beckinsale Don't 'Click' With High-Tech Gadgets At All

Celebrity Spider 6/20/06 Kate Beckinsale Feared Adam Sandler Sexism

Teen Hollywood 6/20/06 Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale Just "Click"

Sky News 6/20/06 Kate's Party Boob Trick

Celebrity Spider 6/19/06 Kate Beckinsale Still Not Driving

TMZ 6/19/06 Kate and Len Click for the Cameras

Celebrity Spider 6/15/06 Kate Beckinsale Shocked by Racy Reputation

Access Hollywood 6/14/06 Access Gets Comfy With 'Click's' Kate Beckinsale

Celebrity Spider 6/11/06 Kate Beckinsale Denies Marriage Crises

Coming Soon 6/8/06 Kate Beckinsale in Spy Drama April 23

Daily Mail 6/6/06 Nine-hour hairdo for Kate's mane event

Celebrity Spider 5/22/06 Kate Beckinsale Dropped From Underworld 3

Celebrity Spider 4/5/06 Kate Beckinsale Punk'd by Ex-Boyfriend

Celebrity Spider 4/4/06 Kate Beckinsale Joins Wonder Woman Race

Celebrity Spider 2/28/06 Michael Sheen: "Kate Beckinsale Was My Soul Mate"

Celebrity Spider 2/21/06 Kate Beckinsale Shuns Hollywood for Hippie Neighborhood

Stuff 2/21/06 Beckinsale struggles with body image

Celebrity Spider 1/28/06 Kate Beckinsale Intimidated by Birthdays

Celebrity Spider 1/24/06 Kate Beckinsale Blames Boob Job Rumors on Aviator

Celebrity Spider 1/21/06 Kate Beckinsale Feared She Was Being Poisoned

Coming Soon 1/20/06 The Evolution of Kate Beckinsale

CBS 1/19/06 A Vampire Named Kate

Sky News 1/18/06 Who Has 'Fat Ass' Days?

Celebrity Spider 1/17/06 Kate Beckinsale's Secret to Successful Kissing Scenes

Ananova 1/17/06 Kate's 'fat ass' days

Hello! 1/13/06 'Pearl Harbor' star Kate to set sail for home

Ananova 1/13/06 Kate comes back to Britain

This is London 1/12/06 Kate joins Notting Hill set

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 Kate Beckinsale's Sympathy for Movie Love Scott Speedman

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 Kate Beckinsale Vows to Stay Away From Big Budget Movies

Celebrity Spider 1/9/06 Kate Beckinsale: "I'm Not Kate Winslet"

Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 Kate Beckinsale Feared for Her Rear

Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 Kate Beckinsale Slams "Poofy" American Football
Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 Kate Beckinsale Laughs Off Affair Claims

Sky News 1/6/06 Kate Denies Affair

Celebrity Spider 1/5/06 Kate Beckinsale Plans a Burqa Cover Up

Celebrity Spider 1/4/06 Kate Beckinsale Hates Underworld Dolls

Celebrity Spider 12/22/05 Kate Beckinsale's Kinky Webcam Sessions

Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 Kate Beckinsale the Waitress

Celebrity Spider 12/17/05 Kate Beckinsale Regrets Anorexia Revelations

Ananova 12/12/05 Kate's webcam strips for Len

Sky News 11/29/05 Kate Beckinsale's Saucy Secret

Ananova 7/27/05 Kate wants to play Wonder Woman

Celebrity Spider 6/19/05 Kate Beckinsale Enjoys Easier Time Since Marrying Director

Daily Record 5/6/05 Toe No, Not Again

Coming Soon 4/21/05 Beckinsale and Hasselhoff Click

Zap2It 4/21/05 Beckinsale, Hasselhoff 'Click' in Sandler Comedy

Contact Music 2/6/05 Bacall Unimpressed By Beckinsale's Aviator Performance
Ananova 1/6/05 Kate Beckinsale is homesick

Contact Music 1/5/05 Beckinsale Misses England

Contact Music 1/4/05 Beckinsale Laughs Off Boob Job Stories

Contact Music 1/4/05 Beckinsale Keeps Daughter Away From Fame

Contact Music 1/4/05 Beckinsale Forced To Give Masturbating Rabbit Away

Contact Music 1/2/05 Beckinsale To Take Driving Lessons

Contact Music 12/29/04 Beckinsale Wanted To Quit Aviator

Sky News 12/24/04 Star Hit by Christmas Thief

Contact Music 12/24/04 Beckinsale Hit By Pickpockets Twice In Two Days

Ananova 12/24/04 Thieves hit Kate's shopping trips

CBS 12/23/04 Kate Beckinsale's Ava Gardner

Contact Music 12/21/04 Beckinsale Always Dreads New Year's Eve

Contact Music 12/21/04 Beckinsale In Diamond Controversy

Contact Music 12/20/04 Beckinsale 'To Quit Movies For Literature Degree'

This Is London 12/20/04 Kate's happy to be home

Contact Music 12/20/04 Beckinsale's Career Turning Point

Zap2It 12/20/04 'Aviator's' Beckinsale to Hit the Books?

Contact Music 12/20/04 Beckinsale Bans Turkeys This Christmas

Herald Sun 12/20/04 Kate eyes return to Uni

BBC 12/19/04 Beckinsale considers study return

Digital Spy 12/18/04 Beckinsale ponders future

Contact Music 12/17/04 Beckinsale Envies Knightley's Glam Beginnings

Contact Music 12/17/04 Beckinsale Envies Gardner

MegaStar 12/17/04 Kate's career doubts

Contact Music 12/17/04 Beckinsale Reconsiders Movie Career

Contact Music 12/16/04 Beckinsale Stunned By Daughter's Wisdom

Contact Music 12/16/04 Beckinsale Felt 'Fat' As Gardner

Sky News 12/15/04 Kate's Sexy New Look

Contact Music 12/12/04 Beckinsale's Fake Name

Contact Music 12/10/04 Beckinsale's Appearance Hinders Her Career

Extra 12/8/04 Kate’s Sweet Acting Secret

Contact Music 12/8/04 Beckingsale Boasts About Her Parenting Skills
Contact Music 12/7/04 Beckinsale Hates Daughter Talking American

Contact Music 12/7/04 Beckinsale Thought Leo Was Mad

Contact Music 12/7/04 Beckinsale May Quit Over Tabloid Exposure

Contact Music 12/6/04 Beckingsale Realised She Loved Wiseman at End of Shoot

Contact Music 12/5/04 Beckinsale Turns to British Theatre

Contact Music 12/3/04 Beckinsale's Sex Appeal Movie Boost

Hello 12/2/04 Kate and Leonardo soar at 'Aviator' premiere

Digital Spy 11/26/04 Kate Beckinsale to quit Hollywood

Ananova 11/26/04 Kate wants to be a doctor

Contact Music 11/25/04 Beckinsale Slams Former Co-Stars 

Contact Music 11/25/04 Beckinsale 'Scared' Of Working With Husband Again

Contact Music 11/25/04 Beckinsale's Paparazzi Fears

Contact Music 11/25/04 Beckinsale To Quit Movies And Become A Doctor?

Contact Music 11/24/04 Beckinsale To Remain In Los Angeles For Husband's Work

Ananova 11/22/04 Kate's internet marriage

Contact Music 11/21/04 Beckinsale's Internet Marriage

Contact Music 11/8/04 Beckinsale's Good Relations With Ex

Contact Music 11/8/04 Beckinsale 'Daunted' By Scorsese

News.com.au 11/5/04 Kate's bust stretches truth

This Is London 11/4/04 Beckinsale denies plastic surgery

Contact Music 11/5/04 Beckinsale's Domestic Bliss

This Is London 11/2/04 Super Kate's wonder treat

Times of India 10/7/04 Oomph! Kate can't bend it

Ananova 10/5/04 Sienna slams Kate Beckinsale

Daily Record 6/14/04 Cake Beckinsale

MegaStar 6/4/04 Love-Kate relationship

Sky.com 6/4/04 'I Was Made To Feel Ugly'

Ananova 6/4/04 Kate says director made her feel ugly

Teen Hollywood 6/3/04 Beckinsale Blasts Insensitive Pearl Harbor Director

Webindia123.com 6/2/04 Beckinsale, Hilton, Diesel join the MTV awards bandwagon!

Zap2It 5/30/04 Beckinsale Voted Most Beautiful Brit

Teen Hollywood 5/30/04 Beckinsale Best British Beauty

Times of India 5/28/04 Beckinsale most beautiful in UK

This is London 5/27/04 Beckinsale is top Brit beauty

Ananova 5/27/04 Kate Beckinsale 'most beautiful British actress'

MegaStar 5/27/04 Beckinsale is Brit favourite

Ananova 5/19/04 Billy and Kate tipped to star in thriller

Teen Hollywood 5/17/04 Beckinsale Branded Home-wrecker

Ananova 5/13/04 Newly-wed Kate still loves her ex

WebIndia123 5/13/04 Kate Beckinsale's tracksuit nuptials!

Teen Hollywood 5/12/04 Beckinsale's Wedding Joke

Teen Hollywood 5/12/04 Beckinsale Thought Dicaprio Would Be 'Arrogant'

This Is London 5/11/04 A pearl of a bride

This Is London 5/10/04 Kate's last single fling

Zap2It 5/10/04 'Van Helsing's' Beckinsale Weds 'Underworld' Director

Ananova 5/5/04 Beckinsale says she'd snog her best female friend

Teen Hollywood 5/5/04 Hugh Jackman & Kate Beckinsale: Monster Hunters

Extra 5/4/04 They Only Come Out At Night

Ananova 5/4/04 Kate Beckinsale has weakness for action films

Teen Hollywood 4/28/04 Beckinsale Gets An Accent Boost

Ananova 4/28/04 Kate daunted by playing Ava Gardner

Ananova 4/26/04 Kate hates her looks

Teen Hollywood 3/23/03 Kate and Ex Team Up for New Thriller

Teen Hollywood 10/2/02 Beckinsale's Kissing Disaster

Teen Hollywood 10/7/01 Kate Beckinsale: A Brit with Wit


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