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Daily Mail 11/9/10 Has Barney the dinosaur escaped? No, it's just Kate Bosworth's winter coat

Daily Mail 11/5/10 Kate Bosworth falls head over heels for her handsome co-star

Daily Mail 10/29/10 Return of the waif: Kate Bosworth and Leighton Meester lead skinny brigade at fashion benefit

E!Online 10/18/10 Skarsgård & Bosworth Get (Sorta) Cozy at Hollywood Party

Daily Mail 10/8/10 Looks like it's definitely back on! Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth step out on yet another cosy date

Digital Spy 9/14/10 Demi Moore, Kate Bosworth join 'Bunch'

Daily Mail 9/4/10 Who's that girl? Make-up free and casual Kate Bosworth goes incognito at the airport

Daily Mail 7/16/10 Babes turn to babies: Kate Bosworth and Zoe Saldana kid around in comedy video

US Magazine 6/14/10 Steal Kate Bosworth's Hot True Blood Premiere Party Look

People 5/17/10 Alexander Skarsgard Takes Kate Bosworth Home to Sweden

Gossip Center 5/3/10 Kate Bosworth: Marvelous in Manhattan

E!Online 4/1/10 Alex Skarsgård & Kate Bosworth: Lovers' Lunch?

Just Jared 3/19/10 Kate Bosworth Lunches at Hugo's in Hollywood

People 2/10/10 Kate Bosworth on Alexander Skarsgard: 'I Adore Him'

E!Online 1/18/10 Skarsgård & Bosworth: Are They or Aren't They?

E!Online 1/18/10 Skarsgård & Bosworth: Are They or Aren't They?

Access Hollywood 12/8/09 Kate Bosworth Checks Into ‘Hotels’

Extra 11/19/09 'True Blood' Star Denies Romance With Kate Bosworth

TMZ 10/18/09 Have You Seen Kate Bosworth?

Telegraph 8/16/09 Kate Bosworth prepares for scary theatre debut

Celebrity Spider 3/30/08 Kate Bosworth: "Family Tragedy Was to Blame for Drastic Weight Loss"

Celebrity Spider 3/28/08 Kate Bosworth Has No Memory of Sex Scene

NY Daily News 3/28/08 '21' star Kate Bosworth says she's mathematically challenged

Sky News 3/26/08 Kate's Krazy Skydive

Celebrity Spider 3/25/08 Kate Bosworth's Dog Adoption Impresses Sigourney Weaver

LA Times 3/22/08 Kate Bosworth a math whiz at card counting in '21'

Celebrity Spider 3/16/08 Kate Bosworth's Quarter Century Crises

Celebrity Spider 3/16/08 Kate Bosworth the Party Animal

Sky News 3/11/08 Kate's big wedding day

Hello! 3/10/08 'Superman Returns' star Kate happily fulfils bridesmaid’s duty

Boston Globe 1/15/08 CK girl Kate Bosworth

News.com.au 1/2/08 Kate returns without a Superman

TMZ 9/27/07 James Blunt's Blue Crush

USA Today 9/14/07 Bosworth and Knightley: A pair unfazed by the glare

TMZ 9/13/07 Bosworth & Stiles Go Cowgirl Chic

Sky News 9/13/07 Who Copied Kate's Dress?

Jam! 9/12/07 'Girl' therapeutic for Bosworth

Hollywood Reporter 9/11/07 Bosworth at heart of 'Veronika'

Toronto Star 9/11/07 Kate Bosworth is flying high

Sky News 8/23/07 Kate Becomes A Granny

TMZ 6/6/07 Liv: Kiss Me Kate

Extra 5/22/07 Orlando: Relationship with Kate 'Extremely Unfortunate'

Celebrity Spider 5/18/07 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth "Still Good Friends"

TMZ 5/3/07 Kate Cuddles Up

TMZ 5/1/07 Kate Bosworth -- See Beyond the Bikini

Extra 4/30/07 Kate Bosworth: Summer Beach Babe

Sky News 4/30/07 Kate's new bikini bod

Hollywood Reporter 2/7/07 For Bosworth, decks and darkness

Coming Soon 1/24/07 Kate Bosworth Joins 21

Us 1/24/07 Kate's Clavicle Comes Full Circle

Sky News 11/6/06 Is Kate too thin?

Herald Sun 11/6/06 Super Kate quick to return home

Celebrity Spider 10/31/06 Kate Bosworth Accused of Axing Interview Over Weight Questions

Stuff 10/31/06 Weight too much for Kate to take

Herald Sun 10/25/06 Super Kate to be dressed by Aussies

Hello! 10/19/06 Lindsay and Kate party with Tommy Hilfiger in Paris

Sky News 10/10/06 Is This Kate's New Orlando?

Celebrity Spider 10/4/06 Kate Bosworth "Alarmingly Thin"

Daily Mail 10/3/06 Superman actress Kate Bosworth reveals shocking skeletal frame

Celebrity Spider 9/28/06 Orlando Bloom Hopes to Rekindle Romance With Kate Bosworth

TMZ 9/26/06 Kate Hungers ... for Love

Celebrity Spider 9/6/06 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Break Up

Sky News 9/6/06 Are Orly And Kate Over?

Celebrity Spider 8/31/06 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Build Buddhist Retreat

Digital Spy 8/5/06 Bloom, Bosworth have bust-up over litter

Celebrity Spider 7/21/06 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Clash Over Kids

Celebrity Spider 7/19/06 Orlando Bloom: "Kate Bosworth is Irresistible"

TMZ 7/17/06 Bloom and Bosworth Dine, Leave Dog in Car

Newsday 7/16/06 Q & A: Kate Bosworth

Celebrity Spider 7/11/06 Kate Bosworth Plans English Movie

Celebrity Spider 7/10/06 Superman Director Screen Tested Kate Bosworth's Odd Eyes

Celebrity Spider 7/9/06 Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom Eye Marriage

Celebrity Spider 7/7/06 Orlando Bloom to Star With Kate Bosworth

Celebrity Spider 7/7/06 Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom to Settle in Australia

Celebrity Spider 7/7/06 Kate Bosworth Befriends the Lonely

Digital Spy 7/7/06 Bloom: "It was love at first sight"

MegaStar 7/5/06 Kate's Bloom-ing

Celebrity Spider 7/4/06 Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom Stronger After Break Up

Celebrity Spider 7/3/06 Kate Bosworth Buried Alive for Superman Role

Sky News 7/3/06 Kate's Sexy Dress

Celebrity Spider 7/1/06 Orlando Bloom Fears He Can't Match Kate Bosworth's New Love

NBC13 6/29/06 Bosworth's Lois Lane Flies To New Heights In 'Superman Returns'

Celebrity Spider 6/28/06 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Team Up for Film

MTV 6/28/06 Will Bloom/ Bosworth Film Be The Next 'Break-Up' Or 'Gigli'?

Celebrity Spider 6/26/06 Bryan Singer and Kate Bosworth: Superman is Straight

Teen Hollywood 6/26/06 Kate Bosworth: We Interview Lois Lane

Coming Soon 6/26/06 Bloom Joins Bosworth in Seasons of Dust

Zap2It 6/26/06 Bosworth Takes a Trip Down Lois Lane

Sky News 6/26/06 Kate's Nesting Instinct

Jam! 6/23/06 Kate Bosworth in the fast Lane

Sky News 6/22/06 Super Stylish Kate

Celebrity Spider 6/15/06 Kate Bosworth Inspired by Katharine Hepburn and Julia Roberts

Celebrity Spider 6/14/06 Kate Bosworth Reluctant to Sign on For Superman

Coming Soon 5/2/06 Routh and Bosworth on Superman Returns

Celebrity Spider 4/26/06 Kate Bosworth Thanks Mother for Career

Digital Spy 4/25/06 Kate Bosworth excited about 'Superman' role

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Kate Bosworth Enjoying Larger Superman Salary

Hello! 4/6/06 Orlando and Kate join the beautiful set in Geneva

Sky News 4/6/06 How Kate Got the Lois Gig

Channel 4 News 3/7/06 Sienna's new pal

Treehugger 3/3/06 Kate Bosworth Gets the Party Started!

This is London 1/6/06 Kate and Orlando seek out Soleil

Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Engaged?

Celebrity Spider 9/19/05 Orlando Bloom Hits Out at Engagement Reports

Celebrity Spider 8/24/05 Orlando Bloom Back With Kate Bosworth

Daily Record 8/24/05 It's Kate To Be Back With My Girl

News.com.au 8/15/05 Walk in the park

News.com.au 8/5/05 Love Blooms again

Sky News 7/28/05 Orlando "Still Loves Kate"

Digital Spy 7/28/05 Bloom, Bosworth 'very much together'

News.com.au 7/27/05 Bloom just a crush

Celebrity Spider 6/20/05 Kate Bosworth Dumps Model as Orlando Bloom Flies In

Sky News 6/20/05 Kate Dumps Model For Orlando

News.com.au 6/18/05 Model lets love bloom

Celebrity Spider 5/4/05 Kate Bosworth Blighted By Blister

News.com.au 5/4/05 Bosworth blistered

Coming Soon 3/17/05 Bosworth Goes Through Seasons of Dust

Celebrity Spider 3/16/05 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Rekindle Romance  

Sky News 3/16/05 Love Again For Orlando

Contact Music 2/28/05 Bloom and Bosworth Reunite For Charity Party

Ananova 2/16/05 Orlando and Kate back together?

Teen Hollywood 2/15/05 Orlando and Kate's Love Blooms Again

Superherohype.com 2/13/05 Kate Bosworth Arrives for Superman

Contact Music 2/10/05 Bloom And Bosworth Enjoy Intimate Meal

Digital Spy 2/4/05 Male attention blamed for Bloom, Bosworth split

Teen Hollywood 2/3/05 Bloom's Boozy Buddies Break Bosworth

CNN 2/2/05 Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth split

This is London 2/2/05 Orlando splits from Kate

Digital Spy 1/31/05 Orlando and Kate split

Ananova 1/31/05 'Orlando and Kate split'

Contact Music 1/30/05 Bloom 'Ends Bosworth Romance'

Celebrity Spider 5/6/05 Orlando Bloom's Worldly Furnishings

FOX 5/6/05 Bloom Grows Up in 'Kingdom of Heaven'

Jam! 1/9/05 Bosworth makes a splash in Spacey's Sea

Contact Music 1/7/05 Bosworth Finds Buddhism And Good Nutrition

Zap2It 1/7/05 Spacey and Bosworth Reunite for Superman

Coming Soon 1/7/05 Bosworth & Spacey Aboard Superman

Zap2It 1/7/05 'Superman' Locates Lex, Lois 'Beyond the Sea'

Hollywood Reporter 1/7/05 Lois, Lex lock into Superman

Toronto Star 1/6/05 Actress goes Beyond the Dee

BBC 1/5/05 Orlando's girl goes for Clark Kent

Ananova 1/5/05 Orlando and Kate 'split up'

Sky News 1/5/05 Superman's Lois Lane Is Named

Contact Music 1/5/05 Bosworth To Play Lois Lane

Teen Hollywood 12/22/04 Kate Bosworth: “Beyond”

Teen Hollywood 11/28/04 Orlando late for girlfriend's premiere

BBC 11/26/04 Orlando and Kate loved up at sea

Contact Music 11/23/04 Bosworth And Bloom's Paparazzi Hell

Hello! 11/5/04 Orlando and Kate combine casual and chic for LA premiere

Sun-Sentinel.com 10/31/04 Celebrity Q&A: Bloom, Bosworth still an item

Contact Music 10/17/04 Bloom And Bosworth: Not Engaged

Sify 10/16/04 Bloom and Bosworth adopt two pups

Hello! 10/14/04 Kate and Orlando fall in puppy love

Webindia123.com 10/8/04 Orlando Bloom slams marriage rumours


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