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News Articles about Paris Hilton

USA Today 10/29/13 Paris Hilton: 'Every pop star wants to be sexy'

E!Online 10/9/13 Paris Hilton Proves You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Fashion Tricks in a Sparkly LBD

Digital Spy 10/8/13 Paris Hilton parties with Lil Wayne, giant robot in 'Good Time' video

Access Hollywood 9/25/13 Paris Hilton Responds To Nick Carter’s Bad Influence Claim

NY Daily News 7/31/13 Paris Hilton jets off to Ibiza with 19 suitcases: ‘I’m never packing this much again’

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/13 Paris Hilton to 'The Bling Ring' Cast: 'Don't Burn My House Down' (Video)

Yahoo 6/13/13 What Paris Hilton Hopes Moviegoers Learn From Watching ‘The Bling Ring’

US Magazine 6/13/13 Pics: Paris Hilton in The Bling Ring: See Inside Her Immaculate Home

E!Online 6/13/13 Paris Hilton to Bling Ringers: "You Guys Need Serious Help. And I Want My Stuff Back"

E!Online 5/22/13 Paris Hilton Signs With Cash Money Records, Will Release House Music Album "Soon"

Hollywood Reporter 5/16/13 Why 'Bling Ring' Victim Paris Hilton Let Sofia Coppola Film in Her House

Digital Spy 5/15/13 Paris Hilton on stalker: "I was certain he would kill me"

US Magazine 5/3/13 Paris Hilton Wants to Marry River Viiperi and Get Pregnant: "I Am So in Love!"

Reality TV Magazine 5/2/13 Paris Hilton Lingerie Lawsuit Fiasco Is Finally Over

NY Daily News 3/25/13 Ford offers apology for ads featuring Paris Hilton in car with Kardashians bound and gagged in trunk

TV Guide 3/24/13 Paris Hilton's Home Targeted in "Swatting" Prank

Reality TV Magazine 3/2/13 Paris Hilton Ski Injury Photo Op

Reality TV Magazine 1/30/13 Paris Hilton And Boyfriend Take Spain Fashion Show…Quietly

Digital Spy 12/3/12 Paris Hilton dances to 'Chammak Challo' with Mumbai orphanage children

E!Online 9/25/12 Paris Hilton Documentary Shelved by Gay Channel Following Celebutante's Homophobic Tirade

NY Daily News 9/21/12 Paris Hilton sorry for homophobic slurs: ‘Gay people are the strongest people I know’

Digital Spy 9/20/12 Paris Hilton representative clarifies gay AIDS comments

Digital Spy 7/31/12 Paris Hilton donates $5,000 for fan's muscular dystrophy treatment

Reality TV Magazine 6/28/12 Paris Hilton Attack? Paparazzo Threatens Lawsuit

Digital Spy 6/27/12 Paris Hilton on DJ debut: 'It felt good to control the party'

Reality TV Magazine 6/25/12 Paris Hilton’s New Career: Disastrous DJ

Wall Street Journal 6/25/12 Paris Hilton’s Deejay Set Panned By Almost Everyone But Paris Hilton

MTV 6/4/12 Paris Hilton Adds Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida To Electropop Album

NY Daily News 6/4/12 Judge orders Paris Hilton and Italian lingerie manufacturer LeBonitas to settle dueling lawsuits

Digital Spy 5/31/12 Paris Hilton boyfriend DJ Afrojack denies break-up rumors

E!Online 5/15/12 Paris Hilton Gets New Job, Follows in Jennifer Lopez's Footsteps

Daily Mail 3/28/12 Paris Hilton dons plunging dress as she boards the plane to Sydney for Another week of partying

Daily Mail 3/21/12 That's hot! Paris Hilton shows off her bikini body as she parties poolside in Miami

E!Online 3/12/12 Paris Hilton Wears Lingerie to Mother's Birthday Bash, Obvious Cry for Attention Noted

People 2/20/12 Paris Hilton Wins $30,000 in Las Vegas

Reality TV Magazine 1/4/12 Paris Hilton’s Empire Worth $1.3 Billion, Releasing New Music

Digital Spy 1/4/12 Paris Hilton: 'My new album is catchy, perfect, house music'

Daily Mail 1/2/12 Has DJ Afrojack got Paris in a spin? Hilton heiress parties with music maestro... before they 'retire to penthouse..

Digital Spy 12/30/11 Paris Hilton no longer banned from Las Vegas Wynn hotels

Daily Mail 12/27/11 Paris Hilton shows attempts to go incognito in a brunette wig

Daily Mail 12/9/11 Paris Hilton throws a massive Christmas party at her £3.7 million house... but where are all the celebrities?

Daily Mail 11/29/11 Nice bodywork! Paris Hilton brings sexy back in form-fitting dress as she takes her $280k Ferrari for a spin

US Magazine 11/15/11 Paris Hilton Feeds Stray Dog Filet Mignon

Daily Mail 10/12/11 Keeping up with Kim: Paris Hilton borrows her reality rival Kardashian's look

Digital Spy 9/26/11 Paris Hilton: "I have been approached to do two Bollywood films"

Reality TV Magazine 9/21/11 Paris Hilton’s Drug Case Closed As She Is No Longer On Probation

E!Online 9/6/11 Which Celeb Is Spooking Up Vegas in This Ghostly Getup?

Daily Mail 8/31/11 Paris tips driver $100 taking time out from recording new music to shop in the French capital

Reality TV Magazine 8/24/11 Paris Hilton: The World According To Paris Cancelled?

Digital Spy 8/16/11 Paris Hilton alleged stalker will stand trial, says judge

Daily Mail 8/10/11 The Hiltons join the Cannes jet set as Paris and Nicky host a party at the city's Palais Club

Digital Spy 7/26/11 Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton end 'feud'?

People 7/20/11 Paris Hilton Walks Out of Interview with ABC News

E!Online 7/15/11 Paris Hilton's Alleged Stalker Isn't Making This Easy

E!Online 7/12/11 Paris Hilton and Her Hangover Honey Load Up on Carbs, Kisses

NY Daily News 7/8/11 Paris Hilton poses topless in edgy V magazine shoot: 'I'm like my own Barbie doll'

Daily Mail 7/8/11 Why so prudish? Sex-tape star Paris Hilton fires assistant for writing adult movies

Digital Spy 7/8/11 Paris Hilton: 'I'm just like a Barbie doll'

Digital Spy 7/7/11 Paris Hilton: 'I'd hoped to be married by 30'
E!Online 7/6/11 Paris Hilton Steps Up Security After Stalker Strikes Her Malibu Pad

Reality TV Magazine 7/5/11 Paris Hilton Stalker Arrested For A Second Time

TMZ 7/5/11 Paris Hilton Intruder's Mug Shot -- Shirt Happens

TMZ 7/4/11 Photo -- Paris Hilton All Over 'Hangover' Director

TMZ 7/4/11 Paris Hilton Intruder Strikes Again ... in Malibu

Daily Mail 7/3/11 Paris Hilton captains her own beach bash to celebrate Independence Day

Reality TV Fans 7/1/11 The ‘Hilton’ Life – Paris Hilton Interview

Daily Mail 6/30/11 Paris Hilton stalker sentenced to two years imprisonment after attempting to break into heiress's Hollywood home

E!Online 6/24/11 Paris Hilton: I'm Not Looking for a New Boyfriend (Sure You're Not)

TV Guide 6/24/11 Kathy Hilton on Paris' Sex Tape: "We Never Discussed It Again"

E!Online 6/22/11 Paris Hilton "Reevaluating" Her Life Post Split, Reconnects With Nicole Richie

People 6/22/11 It's Official: Paris Hilton and Cy Waits Split

Digital Spy 6/21/11 Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton praise Britney Spears LA show

Us Magazine 6/20/11 Paris Hilton, Beau Cy Waits Call It Quits

Daily Mail 6/20/11 'I'm really happy with my weight': Paris Hilton reveals how Cy Waits has helped her reach happiness at 115lbs

Daily Mail 6/17/11 Feeling blue? Downcast Paris looks sombre as split from boyfriend Cy Waits looms, due to the pressure of fame

E!Online 6/16/11 Exclusive! Paris Hilton and Cy Waits "Reevaluating" Their Relationship

TMZ 6/15/11 Paris Hilton Throws Herself Out of a Plane

E!Online 6/13/11 Five Ways Paris Hilton Can Reclaim Her Fame

Digital Spy 6/9/11 Paris Hilton denies 'View' backstage outburst

LA Times 6/7/11 Paris Hilton: Getting kicked while she's down by Anderson Cooper and others

Digital Spy 6/6/11 Paris Hilton 'blames network for poor ratings'

Us Magazine 6/3/11 Paris Hilton's Oxygen Reality Show Premiere Is a Ratings Bomb

Daily Mail 6/2/11 Paris Hilton strips off for a gratuitous bath scene on her new reality show

Digital Spy 6/1/11 Paris Hilton: 'I can never erase sex tape'

NY Daily News 5/31/11 'The World According to Paris'

Digital Spy 5/31/11 Paris Hilton talks 'World According To Paris'
LA Times 5/30/11 Paris Hilton's higher aims

Daily Mail 5/29/11 Not one to miss an opportunity: Paris Hilton turns airport security into personal runway

Daily Mail 5/27/11 That's what happens when you don't play with your toys nicely: Paris wrecks $200k Bentley with her black SUV

Daily Mail 5/19/11 Paris Hilton looks stunning in silver dress to launch new reality show - despite major clothing calamity

E!Online 5/19/11 First Look Video: Paris Hilton—The Bitch Is Back on Reality TV

E!Online 5/19/11 Brooke Mueller Skips Her Premiere to Focus on Sobriety, While Costar Paris Hilton Parties

TMZ 5/5/11 Lindsay -- Paris Hilton Is Just Mean

TMZ 5/5/11 Paris Hilton Takes A Shot At Lindsay Lohan

TMZ 4/29/11 Paris Hilton's Knife-Wielding Intruder -- Guilty

TMZ 4/29/11 Paris -- My BF's Attacker Proposed at Media Event

TV Guide 4/28/11 Video: Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Attacked Outside Courtroom

TMZ 4/28/11 Paris Hilton -- BF's Attacker Sentenced to Jail

TMZ 4/27/11 Paris Hilton -- History With BF's Alleged Attacker

People 4/25/11 Sarah Shahi Calls Paris Hilton a 'Horrible Excuse for a Human Being'

People 4/24/11 Paris Hilton: Brooke Mueller Makes My New Show 'Very Dramatic'

Zap2It 4/15/11 'The World According to Paris': Paris Hilton on doing the show, 'What else could happen?'

Hollywood Reporter 4/15/11 Paris Hilton: I Wasn’t Ready to Do a Reality Show Until Now

E! Online 4/6/11 Did Paris Hilton Refuse to Give Back Borrowed Bling?

US Magazine 3/30/11 Paris Hilton Slams Kim Kardashian in Veiled Dig

USA Today 3/30/11 Paris Hilton talks shoes, career: 'There is nothing else to do'

MTV 3/28/11 Lil Wayne, Paris Hilton Bond Over Jail Time In Interview

Digital Spy 3/24/11 Paris Hilton denies racism allegations

Daily Mail 3/23/11 It's love-all as Paris Hilton and Cy Waits enjoy a leisurely afternoon tennis game

LA Times 3/22/11 Did Paris Hilton say 'I can't stand black guys' in new book?

E! Online 3/9/11 Why Is Paris Happy With Her Hairdo?

People 3/6/11 Why Is Paris Hilton Tweeting Charlie Sheen?

Daily Mail 2/25/11 Sack the stylist: Paris Hilton's latest fashion faux pas as she nearly reveals all in low-cut top

People 2/21/11 Paris Hilton & Cy Waits Shop for Engagement Rings

Extra 2/21/11 Get the New Paris Hilton App

E!Online 2/19/11 Who Stole Paris Hilton's $3,200 Absinthe-Spiked Birthday Cake?

Daily Mail 2/17/11 Bath time with Paris Hilton: The star soaps up in a tuxedo for sophisticated new Vs magazine spread

Digital Spy 2/17/11 Paris Hilton thrilled with birthday sports car

Daily Mail 2/14/11 Paris Hilton caught in fake tan disaster as she exposes her white feet hanging out of her pink Bentley

Daily Mail 2/11/11 Paris Hilton goes for the feminine look in pretty dress after muscular body shocks fans

Digital Spy 2/11/11 Paris Hilton laughs off bodybuilding report

Daily Mail 2/10/11 Pumped up: Paris Hilton's muscular physique down to new bodybuilder's diet

Digital Spy 1/26/11 Lohan, Hilton offered $1m boxing match

E!Online 1/20/11 Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Is a Smooth Criminal...With the Complaint to Prove It

TMZ 1/16/11 Porn Porn Paris Hilton

Digital Spy 1/14/11 Paris Hilton unveils new TV show details

Extra 12/30/10 Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller: 'The Best of Times'

TMZ 12/29/10 Paris Hilton's Tangled Weave Could Cost Her $70 Mil

Daily Mail 12/26/10 Covering up the Christmas dinner bloat, Paris? Curvy Hilton dons one-piece swimsuit

Daily Mail 12/24/10 Another day, another bikini: Paris Hilton matches her sister in the swimwear stakes

TMZ 12/23/10 Paris Hilton's Ex: Take Back Sex Tape Story, Or Else

Digital Spy 12/23/10 Reinhardt: 'No Paris Hilton sex tape exists'

TMZ 12/21/10 Paris Hilton Evacuated after Knife Found on Plane

Toronto Star 12/20/10 Paris Hilton now has own motorcycle team

Daily Mail 12/20/10 Paris Hilton is more naughty than nice as she strikes a sultry pose on her Christmas card

People 12/18/10 Photo: Paris Hilton's Sexy Christmas Card

Digital Spy 12/13/10 Hilton 'wasn't invited to Richie wedding'

Daily Mail 12/3/10 Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller get mobbed as they film their new reality show

Daily Mail 12/3/10 Paris Hilton is bang on trend as she steps out looking super-stylish for a romantic lunch with her boyfriend

Daily Mail 12/1/10 That's not hot! Paris Hilton breaks down in hybrid car after running out of electricity And petrol

Daily Mail 11/25/10 Wigging out: Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller camp it up in disguise for new reality show

Digital Spy 11/25/10 Paris Hilton: 'New show is different'

Daily Mail 11/25/10 Paris Hilton pushed out of the limelight as dinner at Hell's Kitchen ends with Gordon Ramsay storming out

E!Online 11/24/10 Paris Hilton’s Hair-raising Battle Continues

US Magazine 11/22/10 Pic: Paris Hilton Cleans Graffiti in High Heels

Daily Mail 11/22/10 Paris Hilton helps Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller put divorce woes behind her with a night on the town

E!Online 11/19/10 Paris Hilton Parties With Brooke Mueller—and Sober Coach

Daily Mail 11/18/10 Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy Waits enjoy a romantic sunset stroll on Hawaiian break

Daily Mail 11/9/10 Pampered pooch: Paris Hilton cuddles her new miniature dog and carries him in his own handbag

Digital Spy 11/4/10 Paris Hilton 'loves Willow Smith style'

US Magazine 11/1/10 Paris Hilton Falls Out of Her Skimpy Halloween Costume

US Magazine 10/29/10 Paris Hilton "Obsessed" With Her Aunts on Beverly Hills Housewives

Daily Mail 10/27/10 Paris puts her poor canines in costumes for Halloween

TMZ 10/21/10 Paris Hilton -- Show Off Your Puppies

TMZ 10/13/10 Paris Hilton Suspect -- Turn Your Head and Cuff

E!Online 10/12/10 Yet Another Arrest at Paris Hilton's House

Daily Mail 10/12/10 Family affair: Paris Hilton turns up to support her aunts at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere

TMZ 10/12/10 Intruder Detained at Paris Hilton's Home

E!Online 10/12/10 What DUI? Paris Hilton's Mom Gives Boyfriend Seal of Approval

Reality TV Magazine 10/4/10 Paris Hilton Gets Her Own Reality Show On Oxygen

NY Daily News 10/1/10 Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller to co-star in new Oxygen reality show

E!Online 9/30/10 Paris Hilton in New TV Show With...Brooke Mueller?

TMZ 9/30/10 Photog: I'm Partly to Blame for Hilton Hit-n-Run

E!Online 9/30/10 Injured Photog in Paris Hit-and-Run: "It Was a Freak Accident"

TMZ 9/30/10 Paris' Boyfriend -- Cited for Hit-and-Run

E!Online 9/30/10 Paris Hilton and Boyfriend Involved in Hit and Run—but Was Pap at Fault?

MTV 9/27/10 Paris Hilton Settles Lawsuit With Hallmark

E! Online 9/27/10 Finally. Some Good News for Paris Hilton

Digital Spy 9/27/10 Paris Hilton settles greeting card lawsuit

Daily Mail 9/23/10 Paris Hilton arrives back in the U.S. after being denied entry to Japan following cocaine conviction

E!Online 9/22/10 Ain't No Hilton! Inside Details on Paris' Tokyo Detention

BBC 9/22/10 Socialite Paris Hilton denied entry to Japan

Access Hollywood 9/22/10 Hilton Humbly Heads Home From Japan

E!Online 9/22/10 Paris Pulls Plug on Asian Tour After Japanese Detention

Daily Mail 9/21/10 Paris Hilton pleads guilty to drug possession and obstruction but escapes jail

Daily Mail 9/21/10 Not welcome! Paris Hilton denied access to Japan after cocaine arrest

TMZ 9/20/10 Paris Hilton -- Flying High After Court Case

E!Online 9/20/10 What "Community Service" Will Paris Hilton Do?

Daily Mail 9/20/10 Paris Hilton pleads guilty to drug possession and obstruction but escapes jail

E!Online 9/20/10 Paris Hilton "Already in Touch With Her Doctor" Before Heading to Asia

TMZ 9/20/10 Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case

TMZ 9/20/10 Paris Hilton -- Blowing off the Club Scene

E!Online 9/18/10 Paris Hilton Agrees to Plead Guilty in Drug Case, Gets Suspended Jail Sentence

TV Guide 9/18/10 Prosecutor: Paris Hilton Accepts Plea Deal in Cocaine Possession Case

MTV 9/18/10 Paris Hilton To Avoid Jail With Plea Deal

US Magazine 9/18/10 Paris Hilton Dodges Felony, Jail for Vegas Coke Bust

US Magazine 9/17/10 Paris Hilton Adopts 20 Bunnies

Las Vegas Review-Journal 9/17/10 Paris Hilton avoids jail in plea deal in drug possession case

MTV 9/9/10 Paris Hilton Blasts Paparazzi In Maui

E!Online 9/7/10 Paris Hilton Relaxing in Maui With Boyfriend Cy Waits

Daily Mail 9/7/10 You'd never guess she could be facing a prison sentence! Carefree Paris Hilton shops in a Very low cut dress

TMZ 9/6/10 Paris Hilton -- First Photos Since Cocaine Arrest

People 9/7/10 Las Vegas Jail: We Treated Paris Differently from Other Inmates

USA Today 9/6/10 Paris Hilton's quick release from jail defended

Daily Mail 9/4/10 Paris Hilton's legal woes continue as judge rules she may owe movie makers $160,000

People 9/3/10 Paris Hilton May Owe Moviemakers $160,000

NY Daily News 9/2/10 Paris Hilton not paying attention to 'ridiculous, cruel' rumors about her arrest for drug possession

People 9/2/10 Did Paris Hilton Post Picture of Cocaine Purse Before Arrest?

People 9/2/10 Paris Hilton Still Welcome in Las Vegas ... at the Hilton

Digital Spy 9/1/10 Paris Hilton: 'Rumors untrue, cruel'

People 8/31/10 Is Paris Hilton Blackballed From Las Vegas?

Daily Mail 8/31/10 Paris Hilton  is charged with drug possession and faces four years in prison

Access Hollywood 8/30/10 Police Report: Cocaine In Paris Hilton Case Literally Fell Into Officer’s Hands

Digital Spy 8/30/10 Hilton's boyfriend 'fired after arrest'
Daily Mail 8/30/10 The moment Paris Hilton was busted for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas

US Magazine 8/29/10 Paris Hilton Thanks Fans for "the Love" After Drug Bust

E!Online 8/29/10 Paris' Parents "Flipping Out" as She Floats Not-My-Cocaine Defense

E!Online 8/29/10 Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Gets the Boot

E!Online 8/28/10 Paris Hilton Declined Limo Hours Before Drug Bust

US Magazine 8/28/10 Paris Hilton Smiles in Mugshot

E!Online 8/28/10 Five Things to Know About Paris Hilton Boyfriend/Arrest Buddy Cy Waits

BBC 8/28/10 Paris Hilton 'arrested with cocaine' in Las Vegas

E!Online 8/28/10 Paris Hilton Corralled on Cocaine Charge in Vegas

E!Online 8/27/10 Paris Hilton's Brave Boyfriend Held Burglar at Gunpoint

E!Online 8/26/10 Paris Hilton's Intruder Charged

Daily Mail 8/25/10 Paris Hilton's terrifying wake-up call as knife wielding man tries to enter her house

TMZ 8/24/10 Paris Hilton Suspect -- No Stranger to Trouble

US Magazine 8/24/10 Paris Hilton: Knife-Wielding Man Tried to Break Into My Home

TV Guide 8/24/10 Man Arrested On Suspicion of Breaking Into Paris Hilton's Home

TMZ 8/24/10 Paris: Knife-Wielding Man Tried to Enter My Home

US Magazine 8/20/10 Paris Hilton Flies Into Rage Over Kim Kardashian

E!Online 8/16/10 Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Keep Feud Alive in Las Vegas

US Magazine 8/12/10 Update: Paris Hilton Slams $35 Million Hair Extensions Lawsuit

TMZ 8/11/10 Paris Hilton Sued for $35 Million over Hair Extensions

Daily Mail 8/11/10 Where did those come from? Amanda Holden gets an eyeful at busty Paris Hilton's tenth fragrance launch

TMZ 8/11/10 Paris Hilton -- The Breast She's Ever Looked

Daily Mail 7/29/10 Paris Hilton actually does some work as she halts her holiday partying to shoot her music video in Ibiza

TMZ 7/26/10 Paris Hilton Gets Held Up, Flashes Crowd

Daily Mail 7/26/10 Paris, the socialite that never sleeps: Third night running on the tiles for the heiress

Daily Mail 7/23/10 Lovely bubbly! Paris soaked as she's showered in champagne in St Tropez

People 7/23/10 Paris Hilton Makes It Rain Champagne

People 7/21/10 Compare: Lindsay Lohan Vs. Paris Hilton's Cop Car Rides

Daily Mail 7/19/10 Paris soaks up the rays on the 'high' seas (after another drugs run-in with the police)

Digital Spy 7/17/10 Paris Hilton responds to drug allegations

Daily Mail 7/13/10 Paris Hilton takes luxury travel to a whole new level as she Tweets pics of on-board beds

E!Online 7/5/10 Faux Pot Bust Got Ya Down? Nope, Not Paris Hilton

US Magazine 7/4/10 Paris Hilton: "Everything Is Fine" After Pot Mix-up

Daily Mail 7/2/10 Paris Hilton brags: I love the World Cup! (But it's her face on the front page that she likes)

BBC 7/2/10 Paris Hilton drugs charges dropped by S African court

E!Online 7/2/10 Paris Hilton Gets an Apology After World Cup Pot Arrest

MTV 7/2/10 Paris Hilton Detained In South Africa For Marijuana Possession

E!Online 6/30/10 Paris Hilton Travels Light on Way to World Cup

TMZ 6/30/10 Paris Brings All Her Baggage to World Cup

Daily Mail 6/29/10 Paris Hilton hits the shops with sister Nicky in outlandish striped dress ahead of World Cup trip

Daily Mail 6/19/10 Paris Hilton gets showered with kisses by her new man in Hollywood nightclub

Daily Mail 6/11/10 Paris Hilton flirts her way down the catwalk as she closes Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Digital Spy 6/8/10 Paris Hilton: 'Snooki is so sweet'

TMZ 6/7/10 Snooki, Jwoww, Paris or Nicky: Who'd You Rather?

Daily Mail 6/5/10 Paris Hilton enjoys life as a 'teenage millionaire' (but has she forgotten she's 29?)

Daily Mail 6/3/10 Paris Hilton flouts conservative dress code in plunging dress at Egyptian pyramids

Daily Mail 6/1/10 Single and loving it: Inside Paris Hilton's holiday album

Daily Mail 6/1/10 Paris Hilton gets raunchy after being called up on stage to accompany R'n'B star Ne-Yo

E!Online 5/28/10 Tough Times for The Simple Life on 20 Years of Takin' Some E!

Daily Mail 5/19/10 Paris Hilton nearly parties out of her dress at Cannes after-party

Daily Mail 5/18/10 Arch-rivals Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton party on opposite sides of room at exclusive Lionel Richie show

Extra 5/11/10 Paris Hilton Races to Erase MS

E!Online 5/7/10 Paris Hilton Parties With One Ex, Disses the Other

Extra 4/30/10 Paris Hilton: Under Ellen's Command

US Magazine 4/30/10 Paris Hilton: Single or Back on With Ex?

Digital Spy 4/30/10 Paris Hilton 'happy being single'

Daily Mail 4/26/10 Is Paris Hilton feeling the strain of her latest break-up?

E!Online 4/25/10 Newly Single Paris Hilton Steps Out With Old Flame

Digital Spy 4/22/10 Hilton: 'Reinhardt wasn't right for me'

TMZ 4/21/10 Paris Hilton -- Where There's Smoke ...
TMZ 4/19/10 Paris -- Don't You Like Know Who I Like Am?

TMZ 4/15/10 Paris Hilton -- I Dropped a Quick 200 Pounds

TMZ 4/14/10 Paris Hilton -- Clearly, Not Into Bush

US Magazine 4/13/10 Paris Hilton Denies Split From Doug Reinhardt

TMZ 4/12/10 Reggie to Paris: I'm Single, Let's Party

TV Guide 4/12/10 Is Reggie Bush Spending Time Paris Hilton?

E!Online 4/11/10 Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Split Again?

Reality TV Fans 4/6/10 Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend Premieres Tonight on TV Guide Network

TV Guide 3/29/10 Paris Hilton's British Best Friend Debuts on TV Guide Network

Daily Mail 3/27/10 Are they back to being best friends forever? Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are reunited at a party in Beverly Hills

E!Online 3/26/10 Paris Hilton Catches Up With Nicole Richie & Benji Madden

TMZ 3/26/10 Paris & Benji: Still Makin' Beautiful Music

NY Post 3/24/10 Paris Hilton's beau creating reality show

NY Post 3/22/10 Paris Hilton's overexposed reality

US Magazine 3/19/10 Friend: Paris Hilton "Wears the Pants" in Relationship With Doug

E!Online 3/12/10 Paris Hilton & Boyfriend Double Date With Her Parents

Digital Spy 3/5/10 Paris Hilton 'gets phone couriered to her'

TMZ 3/3/10 Cops to Paris Hilton: Bike Lane is Not for Cars

Access Hollywood 3/2/10 Confirmed: Paris Hilton Too Hot For Brazil

E!Online 2/27/10 Paris Hilton's Never-Ending B-Day Party Keeps Rollin'

NY Daily News 2/26/10 Paris Hilton's sexy new ad for Devassa beer sparks outrage in Brazil

E!Online 2/26/10 Sir Anthony Hopkins Practically Calls Paris Hilton Stupid

E!Online 2/25/10 The Paris Hilton Ad Brazil Doesn't Want You to See

Digital Spy 2/22/10 Paris Hilton celebrates 29th birthday

E!Online 2/18/10 Paris Celebrates B-Day With Family, Friends...and Barbie?

Daily Mail 2/15/10 Bottoms up! Paris Hilton shows off some unusual moves as she promotes a new Brazilian beer ....

E!Online 2/9/10 Paris Hilton Really Wants to Be Mrs. Doug Reinhardt

TMZ 2/8/10 Paris Hilton Is a 'Real Housewife'?

E!Online 2/8/10 Katy & Russell, Paris & Doug Compete for Olympic Glory

Digital Spy 2/4/10 Thief 'found coke in Paris Hilton home'

Daily Mail 2/4/10 A quick change for Paris Hilton as she shakes off her jetlag for an appearance on the David Letterman Show

Daily Mail 1/30/10 Paris Hilton channels Marilyn Monroe in sultry shoot for new perfume line

Zap2It 1/15/10 Why would Paris Hilton tune in to 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'? Hint: Family ties

Digital Spy 1/15/10 Hilton, Richie 'bond after Johnson death'

E!Online 1/12/10 Paris Hilton Plays Paparazzi at Aunt's Birthday
Daily Mail 1/7/10 Paris Hilton confuses motorists by pretending to be gas station attendant in new reality show

TMZ 1/6/10 Paris & Nicole Reunite for Casey Johnson

Digital Spy 1/5/10 Hilton "devastated" by Johnson death

Daily Mail 1/5/10 Paris Hilton models her latest present from boyfriend Doug Reinhardt... the tackiest snow suit on the slopes

TMZ 12/30/09 Shoe Co. to Paris Hilton -- Put a Sock in It

E!Online 12/29/09 Paris Hilton Hangs With "Lame" Hills Stars

Digital Spy 12/28/09 Paris Hilton, Piers Morgan stage wedding

Digital Spy 12/28/09 Doug Reinhardt buys diamonds for Hilton

Digital Spy 12/24/09 Hilton: 'I believed in Santa until 16'
US Magazine 12/23/09 Paris Hilton Dances For Boyfriend Doug Reinhardt

Digital Spy 12/22/09 Hilton, Reinhardt share bed with pig

Daily Mail 12/19/09 Vanessa Hudgens and Paris Hilton hits the stores as celebrities do last minute Christmas shopping

Daily Mail 12/17/09 Paris Hilton shows off her ultra-cute micro pig Ms Piglet

E!Online 12/10/09 Paris & Nicky Tweet, But Won't Talk, About Robbery

E!Online 12/4/09 Is Paris Hilton Getting Engaged This Christmas?

TMZ 11/25/09 Paris & Doug -- Movin' Out

TMZ 11/18/09 Paris and Doug in Knock Down, Drag Out

Digital Spy 11/16/09 Paris Hilton 'furious with Kardashians'

TMZ 11/13/09 Red Alert at Paris Hilton's House

Extra 11/10/09 Paris Hilton Considers Getting a Guard Dog

Digital Spy 11/8/09 Hilton threatens to sue billboard owners

TMZ 10/30/09 Paris Hilton on Burglary Ring: "A Bunch of Dirty Rotten Thieves"

TMZ 10/29/09 Paris on Burglar Bunch: 'I Hate Them!'

Digital Spy 10/22/09 Hilton: 'I'm smart and down to earth'

Daily Mail 10/22/09 Bargain hunter Paris Hilton fills her car with discounts from a closing down sale

E!Online 10/14/09 Fashion Police: Paris Joins Albanian Gym Team!

Digital Spy 10/13/09 Hilton 'angers activists with pig adoption'

Daily Mail 10/10/09 Paris Hilton has new best primate and shows it by planting a smacker on his wrinkly lips

Scripted TV Fans 10/8/09 Paris Hilton Guest Stars Tonight on “Supernatural”

Access Hollywood 10/3/09 ‘Supernatural’ Creator: Paris Hilton Was ‘Hell Of A Good Sport’ During Guest Spot

Chicago Tribune 10/2/09 Exclusive: First look at Paris Hilton on 'Supernatural'

E!Online 9/30/09 Are You Smarter Than a Gossip Columnist? Green Monster Edition!

TMZ 9/29/09 Paris Hilton's BF -- Gimme My Money Back

Digital Spy 9/27/09 Paris Hilton 'finds LA party scene brutal'

Digital Spy 9/21/09 Hilton praises Richie, Madden baby name
Daily Mail 9/10/09 Paris Hilton joins Confucius and Oscar Wilde in latest Oxford Dictionary of Quotes (yes, really!)

Digital Spy 9/7/09 Reinhardt 'treats Hilton to diamond spree'

Daily Mail 9/6/09 Get a room! Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt lock lips on the dance floor at Venice Film Festival

E!Online 9/1/09 The Ruling Is In: Paris Still Hot

Washington Post 8/31/09 Court sides with Paris Hilton in Hallmark fight

Digital Spy 8/31/09 Paris Hilton pays tribute to DJ AM

E!Online 8/29/09 Why Would Supernatural Have Paris Hilton On?

Stuff 8/28/09 Paris Hilton's Boarding Pass on Trade Me

E!Online 8/26/09 Paris Makes Sure Doug Doesn't Forget Her Again

Digital Spy 8/20/09 Hilton engagement rumours "inaccurate"

BBC 8/19/09 Paris off the hook over film flop

E!Online 8/19/09 Paris Hilton Not Engaged to Doug Reinhardt

E!Online 8/18/09 Paris Hilton Cleared to Release More Movie Bombs

USA Today 8/18/09 Judge: Paris Hilton doesn't owe full $8M for film flop

Digital Spy 8/13/09 Reinhardt 'wins back Hilton with island'

NY Daily News 8/10/09 Doug Reinhardt rents private island in Fiji to win back Paris Hilton on 'perfect romantic getaway'

The Paranormal World 8/9/09 Paris To Hit Supernatural

E!Online 8/7/09 Paris & Doug Reunite for Romantic Vacay

Digital Spy 8/7/09 Kripke discusses Hilton in 'Supernatural'

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NY Daily News 7/31/09 Paris Hilton is back together with Doug Reinhardt

TMZ 7/30/09 Hilton Haters Use Cat to Make Nice with Paris

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Access Hollywood 7/28/09 Paris Hilton Talks New Documentary, Calls Sex Tape Scandal ‘A Big Learning Lesson’

Reality TV Fans 7/27/09 MTV Announces Paris Hilton Documentary “Paris, Not France” to Air July 28

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Digital Spy 7/9/09 Paris Hilton to testify in film publicity trial

NY Daily News 7/9/09 Paris Hilton to testify in trial for contract feud on 2006 movie, 'Pledge This!'

Digital Spy 7/7/09 Hilton 'devastated' by reality friend death

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Digital Spy 6/24/09 Hilton denies hidden camera in hotel room

Daily Mail 6/24/09 Paris Hilton makes herself at home in Dubai... swimming with dolphins, skiing indoors and riding a camel

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LA Times 6/19/09 Paris Hilton: a woman of wealth and taste

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Digital Spy 6/16/09 Hilton: 'I'm getting to know Ronaldo'

Digital Spy 6/15/09 Hilton: 'I'm just friends with Ronaldo'

NY Daily News 6/12/09 Newly single Paris Hilton spotted kissing soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo

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Digital Spy 6/12/09 Reinhardt slams Hilton 'media circus'

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Oneindia 1/6/09 Paris Hilton To Name Her Daughter 'London'
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Celebrity Spider 10/8/08 Paris Hilton Shoots Another Political Spoof With President Martin Sheen
Daily Mail 10/8/08 Paris Hilton goes drinking alone at Madonna's pub before upsetting top club's owners with her diva demands
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People 10/6/08 Paris: I Want Kids – 'Soon!'
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Boston Globe 10/3/08 Paris Hilton's 'disgusting' sex tape
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Celebrity Spider 9/1/08 Adrien Grenier Praises Pal Paris Hilton 

Digital Spy 9/1/08 Benji 'angry with Hilton male attention'
Celebrity Spider 8/26/08 Paris Hilton: 'I Love Britney Spears'
Mirror 8/26/08 Paris Hilton to record a duet with rocker boyfriend Benji Madden
Digital Spy 8/26/08 Hilton denies Madden romance troubles
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Celebrity Spider 8/6/08 Paris Hilton Pokes Fun At John McCain In Spoof Campaign Ad
ET Online 8/6/08 Meet the Guys Behind Paris' McCain Spoof

NY Daily News 8/6/08 Paris Hilton's new attack ad fires back at 'world's oldest celebrity' - McCain

BBC 8/6/08 Hilton spoof hits back at McCain
TMZ 8/6/08 Paris: I Wasn't Doing Lines

Celebrity Spider 8/5/08 Paris Hilton Turned Down West End Role
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TMZ 8/5/08 McCain -- Paris Is My Energizer Bunny
TMZ 8/5/08 Paris' "Real Thing" Looks Like a Knock-Off

LA Times 8/5/08 Behind the Paris-McCain ad with creator Adam McKay

Celebrity Spider 8/4/08 Paris Hilton's Mother Blasts John McCain
Celebrity Spider 8/3/08 Paris Hilton's Friend Hunt Comes To Britain
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Celebrity Spider 8/2/08 Sharon Osbourne Slams 'Untalented'
Celebrity Spider 8/1/08 Hollywood's Top Cop Blames Stars For Paparazzi Attention
MTV 8/1/08 Paris Hilton Happy To Put On Medically Altered Face For 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'

Celebrity Spider 7/31/08 Paris Hilton Slams McCain For Using Her Image Without Approval
ET Online 7/31/08 Paris Hilton Speaks Out About McCain Ad

Celebrity Spider 7/28/08 Paris Hilton: 'Benji Madden Has Helped Me Grow Up'
Digital Spy 7/28/08 Paris Hilton: 'I feel like a grown-up'
Celebrity Spider 7/25/08 Paris Hilton: ' Haven't Even Met Ronaldo'
This Is London 7/24/08 Biker chic Posh proves a fashion inspiration for Paris Hilton
Celebrity Spider 7/23/08 Paris Hilton Back In More Driving Trouble
Celebrity Spider 7/17/08 Paris Hilton Rejected By Ronaldo
This Is London 7/16/08 Ronaldo snubs Paris Hilton during late night frolics at Hollywood club
Digital Spy 7/16/08 Hilton 'tried to snuggle' with Ronaldo
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Celebrity Spider 6/30/08 Paris Hilton Boyfriend's Tattoo Ban
Celebrity Spider 6/28/08 Benji Madden Makes Sweet Music With Paris Hilton
Celebrity Spider 6/27/08 Hilton Keeps Prison Promises With Donation
E! Online 6/27/08 Paris Pens Her Own Theme Song
USA Today 6/27/08 Paris Hilton opens her checkbook for L.A.'s Childrens Hospital
Extra 6/27/08 Paris and Benji Engaged?
NY Daily News 6/27/08 Paris Hilton donates to LA's Childrens Hospital
Celebrity Spider 6/26/08 Troyer In Sex Tape Scandal
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New Zealand Herald 6/19/08 Paris Hilton tries to buy puppy for photo shoot
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Celebrity Spider 6/11/08 Paris Hilton's Mom To Play Tom Cruise's Wife In Ben Stiller Comedy

Celebrity Spider 6/5/08 Paris Hilton: 'I'm Not Pregnant'
2Snaps 6/5/08 Paris Hilton Not Pregnant Just Emaciated

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TMZ 5/16/08 No One Loves Paris As Much As Herself
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TMZ 1/4/08 Prince von Ahole: "Paris Isn't Beautiful!"

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Daily Mail 12/31/07 New trauma for Britney as ex-husband K-Fed cosies up to party pal Paris

TMZ 12/31/07 Paris' Weekend: Wheelchair Lap Dances and Brody

The Mirror 12/31/07 Paris gets £1m for parties

Daily Mail 12/29/07 Bad heir day: Paris Hilton to inherit just £2.5million as grandfather pledges bulk of fortune to charity

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Hello! 11/27/07 'Simple Life' stars Paris and Nicole share ladies-only lunch date in LA

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San Jose Mercury News 11/18/07 Paris, perfume wow Valley Fair fans

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TMZ 11/17/07 Paris Causes Les Drama at Les Deux

TMZ 11/16/07 Charity Auction: How Much to Hang with Paris?

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Celebrity Spider 11/7/07 Paris Hilton Judges Beauty Pageant

NY Post 11/6/07 Paris and Nicky Hilton Jet to Tokyo

Celebrity Spider 11/5/07 Paris Hilton Clocks Up Make Up Chair Minutes on New Movie Set

Celebrity Spider 11/2/07 Paris Hilton Threatens to Sue Porn Shop

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Paris Hilton Sued for "Stealing" Look

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Paris Hilton to Travel to Rwanda Next Year

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Paris Hilton Lands $1 Million For New Year's Eve Bash

TMZ 11/1/07 Paris Loses It in a Porn Shop -- Exclusive Video

TMZ 11/1/07 Paris Hilton -- Back in Prison Stripes 11/1/07 Paris Hilton channels Victoria Beckham with new Pob

Celebrity Spider 10/29/07 Paris Hilton Avoids Injury in Car Accident

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Celebrity Spider 10/26/07 Paris Hilton's Rwanda Trip Postponed

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CTV 10/26/07 Did Paris throw a tantrum in a T.O. video store?

E!Online 10/25/07 Paris Out of Africa...For Now 10/25/07 Paris Hilton in Repo horror opera debut

Celebrity Spider 10/23/07 Paris Hilton Booed at Awards Show

Pravda 10/23/07 Paris Hilton to visit Moscow for two million dollars

Celebrity Spider 10/22/07 Paris Hilton Inherits Odd Pet Love From Her Dad

TMZ 10/22/07 Paris Booed at Spike Awards Show

Sky News 10/22/07 Paris' boob blunder 10/20/07 Paris Hilton says freeze me forever

Daily Mail 10/19/07 Racy Paris reveals her big suspenders

CBS 10/19/07 Paris Closes L.A. Fashion Week

Celebrity Spider 10/18/07 Paris Hilton: "I'm Scared of Rwanda"

Arizona Republic 10/18/07 Paris Hilton wants to be frozen with pets

NY Post 10/18/07 Paris in Ho' Tell Rwanda Series

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Paris Hilton Splits From "Too Shy" Boyfriend

Entertainmentwise 10/17/07 Paris Hilton : 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!'

Celebrity Spider 10/16/07 Paris Hilton: "I'm Not Dating Kid Rock"

Extra 10/15/07 Paris Hilton and Kid Rock Spotted Together in Toronto

Access Hollywood 10/15/07 Paris Hilton Gets Serious: 'I Want To Leave A Mark On The World'

Celebrity Spider 10/13/07 Paris Hilton's New Boy Toy: "She's Nothing Like Her Awful Image"

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Paris Hilton's Boy Toy Was a Pizza Delivery Guy

TMZ 10/11/07 Hilton wants to meet Sutherland in jail

TMZ 10/8/07 Paris No Longer Chummy with Gummi?

Extra 10/8/07 Paris Unveils Special Present for Sister Nicky's Birthday

Sky News 10/8/07 Paris' Shop Shock

TMZ 10/7/07 Paris Parties Like It's Her Birthday

Digital Spy 10/5/07 Mirren: Hilton is new Diana

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TMZ 9/29/07 Letterman Makes Paris Hilton "Sad"

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Paris Hilton Returns to Paris for Can Can Ad

Celebrity Spider 9/27/07 Paris Hilton to Travel to Rwanda

Sky News 9/27/07 Whose ring-finger bling?

Daily Mail 9/27/07 Paris Hilton set to visit Rwanda...yes, seriously

E! Online 9/25/07 Is Rwanda Ready for Paris?

Jam! 9/24/07 Hilton creates stir in Montreal

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Celebrity Spider 9/20/07 Paris Hilton Banned From Oktoberfest

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People 9/16/07 Paris Hilton: No Plans for 'Four Blonde Babies'

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Celebrity Spider 9/10/07 Paris Hilton Sues Hallmark Cards

Celebrity Spider 9/10/07 Paris Hilton Confirms Christina Aguilera Pregnancy

TMZ 9/10/07 Paris Debuts New Middle Aged Mane

TMZ 9/9/07 Paris Spills Xtina's Pregnancy Beans

Celebrity Spider 9/7/07 Paris Hilton Wants a Son to Call London

Celebrity Spider 9/7/07 Paris Hilton Getting Fit to Have Children

Daily Mail 9/7/07 Paris Hilton: I want to have a baby next year

E!Online 9/7/07 Paris' Hallmark Moment

TMZ 9/7/07 Paris Sues Hallmark -- You Care Enough to Rip Me Off

CNN 9/7/07 Paris Hilton fumes over 'hot' Hallmark cards

Celebrity Spider 9/6/07 Paris Hilton Found Fans in Prison

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Extra 9/6/07 Paris: Heading to Rwanda for Charity?

Stuff 9/6/07 Paris Hilton prepares to have children

Female First 9/5/07 Paris Hilton's lasagne lure

Digital Spy 9/5/07 Hilton talks monkeys, ferrets and kids

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Boston Globe 9/4/07 Paris Hilton's baby deadline

Boston Globe 9/4/07 Paris Hilton goes back to prison 9/4/07 Paris Hilton tipped to star in Prisoner musical

Digital Spy 9/3/07 Hilton for 'Prisoner Cell Block H' musical?

Sky News 8/31/07 Paris' New Partner?

TMZ 8/31/07 Paris Rushes for No One!

Dot Music 8/31/07 Paris' New Partner?

TMZ 8/30/07 Paris & Stav Play Hide and Sneak

TMZ 8/30/07 Paris Gives Greasy the Birthday Slip

Digital Spy 8/30/07 Blunt duets with Hilton on 'Grease' tune

Hello! 8/30/07 A glimpse inside Paris' palatial new pad in Beverly Hills

TMZ 8/29/07 Drama at Paris' Pad

TMZ 8/29/07 Paris and Nicky Party in Vegas

TMZ 8/28/07 Ahoy, Mateys! Paris at Treasure Island

Sky News 8/28/07 Paris' new do

Hello! 8/28/07 Paris gets cosy with rapper Kid Rock at Malibu beach party

Sky News 8/28/07 Who wants to be alone?

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 Paris Hilton to Play Gangster Sam Giancana's Daughter

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 Jack Osbourne Slams Mother for Paris Hilton Gossip

TMZ 8/27/07 Paris can't dance

ET Online 8/26/07 Paris Hilton Shops for Mama Nicole Richie

Daily Mail 8/26/07 Paris Kids around with Pam Anderson's ex

TMZ 8/24/07 Brit & Paris -- Reunited?

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 Paris Hilton Buys Private Beverly Hills Mansion

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 Paris Hilton Settles Zeta Graff Lawsuit

MSNBC 8/23/07 Paris buys baby gifts for Nicole Richie

Celebrity Spider 8/22/07 Paris Hilton's New Book Not Prison Diaries

TMZ 8/23/07 Paris -- Oh My God, Shoes

Sky News 8/23/07 Whose odd bulge?

TMZ 8/22/07 Paris Settles with Diamond Heiress

E!Online 8/22/07 Paris Settles Slander Suit

NY Daily News 8/21/07 Ahh Paris, so showmantic

CBS 8/21/07 Paris Hilton May Go Greener

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 Donald Trump Keen to Reunite Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 Paris Hilton to Appear on Celebrity Big Brother

Extra 8/20/07 Paris and Adrian: The Real Story

Daily Mail 8/20/07 Beach babe Paris parties in Malibu

Sky News 8/20/07 Guess The Golden Butt

Daily Mail 8/18/07 Paris gets a gold star for her new fashion range

Celebrity Spider 8/17/07 Paris Hilton: "Press Forced Me From My Dream Home"

Celebrity Spider 8/17/07 Paris Hilton's Fashion Launch Causes LA Chaos

E! Online 8/17/07 Paris Pimps Her Sartorial Side

TMZ 8/17/07 Pervy Pap Creeps Up Paris' Skirt

TMZ 8/17/07 Paris Launches Clothing Line, Tries to Cure Cancer

Digital Spy 8/17/07 Hilton, Grenier spotted together again

Newsday 8/17/07 Fans Greet Hilton at Fashion Line Launch

E! Online 8/16/07 Paris & Adrian: More Than Just Friends?

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TMZ 8/16/07 Paris Gets Pancaked

Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 Paris Hilton Dismisses "Inaccurate" Party Fee Reports

Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 Paris Hilton Sells Mansion in Just 10 Days

Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 Paris Hilton Laughs Off Grenier Romance

Times Online 8/15/07 10 reasons why Paris Hilton is a business genius

Hello! 8/15/07 Paris looking for a more private base after $4.25 million house sale

TMZ 8/15/07 Hilton's Hot Rod Hits a High Note

Sky News 8/15/07 Wanna Buy Paris' House?

E!Online 8/14/07 Paris Bids Adieu to Her Pad

TMZ 8/14/07 Paris' Personal Hilton Goes for a Hot $4.25 Mil

TMZ 8/14/07 Paris' New Job -- Spanglish Housemaid?

RTE 8/14/07 Hilton and Entourage star 'just friends'

Daily Mail 8/14/07 Paris and Nicole fill out...but for different reasons

Extra 8/13/07 Paris: Heading to Television?

Sky News 8/13/07 Paris flirts with Adrian

Daily Mail 8/13/07 Paris gets broody

Nine MSN 8/13/07 Photos lay Hilton surgery rumours to rest

TMZ 8/13/07 Vince Chases After Paris Afterhours

Digital Spy 8/13/07 Paris Hilton to appear in CBB6?

TMZ 8/12/07 Paris and Pup Model Through It

Celebrity Spider 8/10/07 Paris Hilton's Biographer Can't Believe His Luck

Celebrity Spider 8/10/07 Paris Hilton Hails Nicole Richie "Best Mom"

TMZ 8/10/07 Hilton Joins Grenier's Entourage

ET Online 8/10/07 Paris Denies Adrian Romance

Daily Mail 8/10/07 Paris Hilton sure is looking swell

Celebrity Spider 8/9/07 Paris Hilton Travels to Ireland to Unearth Family Tree

TMZ 8/9/07 Paris Reflects -- God, I'm Hot

TMZ 8/9/07 Paris Makes Teens Cry

Daily Mail 8/9/07 Paris stares at pictures of her favourite person...herself

Celebrity Spider 8/8/07 Home Comforts for Paris Hilton

Sky News 8/8/07 Paris' Prison-Rash Hell

Celebrity Spider 8/7/07 Paris Hilton in Talks to Become Children's Hospital Ambassador

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TMZ 8/7/07 Paris -- Saving the World, One Accessory at a Time

Celebrity Spider 8/6/07 Paris Hilton Turns Shoe Designer

USA Today 8/6/07 After Post-Jail Interview, Is Hilton Sticking to Her Word?

Enquirer 8/6/07 Stand up and cheer for Paris

Daily Mail 8/6/07 Paris and Nicky's revealing night at the Playboy mansion

TMZ 8/5/07 Paris by Day and Night

Jam! 8/4/07 Paris to star in horror musical

TMZ 8/3/07 Paris Hugs Jimi Hendrix

Celebrity Spider 8/2/07 Paris Hilton Orders Non-Existent Car

TMZ 8/2/07 PETA-likes Protest Paris and Brit

TMZ 8/2/07 Paris on Doggie Day Care

Daily Mail 8/2/07 Paris is 'down at heel' as she pops out to the shops

Celebrity Spider 8/1/07 Paris Hilton Explains House Move

Celebrity Spider 8/1/07 Paris Hilton "Happy" to End The Simple Life

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Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 Paris Hilton Lands Musical Role

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Celebrity Spider 7/26/07 Akon Wants to Produce Paris Hilton

NY Post 7/26/07 Paris tells star: be like, um Paris

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NZ Herald 7/26/07 Anti-Paris campaign

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TMZ 7/25/07 Paris Takes Mischa's Sloppy Seconds

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Hello! 7/24/07 Paris starts to fulfill her promise to 'make a difference'

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Independent Online 7/23/07 Paris brags about her wealth

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Daily Record 7/20/07 Paris Hilton's Folks 'So Proud' 

People 7/20/07 Paris Hilton's Surfer Guy Calls Her 'Amazing'

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Celebrity Spider 7/19/07 Paris Hilton Set for Cartoon Series

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TMZ 7/19/07 "1 Night In Paris" Gets Prison Makeover

Daily Mail 7/19/07 Paris heads wannabe WAGs at Chelsea's LA party

TMZ 7/19/07 Hot Legs Hilton

Hello! 7/19/07 Paris Hilton joins ranks of football's new star fans

Herald Sun 7/19/07 Hilton parties with Aussie rebel

Stuff 7/19/07 Posh says no to friendship with Paris

Sky News 7/18/07 Paris Changes Her Tune

TMZ 7/18/07 Hilton: That's Hot ... Sauce

Daily Mail 7/18/07 Paris wears same outfit as her dog

TMZ 7/18/07 Paris & Pooch: Two Bitches Hang Loose!

Celebrity Spider 7/17/07 Paris Hilton Returns to the Recording Studio

TMZ 7/17/07 Paris Buys Even More Crap She Doesn't Need

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Digital Spy 7/17/07 Posh rejects Paris's friendship plea

Celebrity Spider 7/16/07 Paris Hilton Poses For Smashing Pumpkins Picture

E!Online 7/16/07 Paris Singing a New Tune...or 10

TMZ 7/16/07 Paris Goes to the Dogs

E! Online 7/16/07 Deal Applies Brakes to Paris Crash Suit

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Daily Mail 7/16/07 Hot heir! Paris Hilton cools off in Malibu surf

Hello! 7/16/07 Puppy love for Paris and Britney as they fall for tiny Yorkies

Sky News 7/16/07 Paris' Boobs Go Awol

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Sheriff: "Paris Hilton Jail Investigation is a Waste of Time & Money"

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Paris Hilton Investigation Launched

BBC 7/14/07 Hilton's jail stay to be examined

E!Online 7/13/07 Sheriff's Dept. Launches Internal Paris Review

TMZ 7/13/07 Paris Afraid of Attention? WTF!?

Daily Mail 7/13/07 Paris gets back to what she does best...helping herself

Jam! 7/13/07 Paris Hilton jail treatment probed

TMZ 7/12/07 Getting Into Paris' Pants Is About to Get a Lot Easier

Daily Record 7/12/07 Paris Shows True Colours 

TMZ 7/11/07 Anna's Ex Wants to Party With Paris

Stuff 7/11/07 Lily Allen thinks Paris is 'hideous' and 'amazing'

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Hello 7/6/07 Lindsay, Paris and fellow beach babes hit shore for July 4 celebrations

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TMZ 7/6/07 Paris Hilton: The Rock Anthem

Metro 7/6/07 UCLA student gets Paris Hilton's old cell number, and many calls

TMZ 7/6/07 Paris on Ratner's Casting Couch

TMZ 7/6/07 Paris Acts Out

Sky News 7/5/07 Paris Goes Bloggy

TMZ 7/5/07 Paris Party Peeps Play

Daily Mail 7/5/07 Reformed wild girls Lindsay and Paris reunite for sober party

TMZ 7/5/07 Paris Hilton Can't Drive -- No Keys

NY Daily News 7/5/07 Paris' Greek revival

TMZ 7/5/07 Paris & Lindsay -- Together at Last!

Celebrity Spider 7/4/07 Paris Hilton Nominated for Teen Choice Award

E!Online 7/4/07 Paris' Declaration on Independence Day

Chicago Tribune 7/4/07 For Paris, the best defense is parody

Jam! 7/4/07 Hilton to fans: Don't drink and drive

Hello! 7/4/07 'Role model' Paris starts afresh in rented Malibu beach pad

Daily Mail 7/4/07 It's Malibu Paris as she moves into a beachfront home

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Extra 7/2/07 Paris’ Hawaiian Self-Discovery

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Daily Mail 7/2/07 Beach babe Paris tries out surfing for size

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Sky News 7/2/07 Paris To Quit Clubland

TMZ 7/2/07 Reasons Why it Sucks to Be Paris Hilton's Sister

Daily Record 7/2/07 Paris Free For A Spree

TMZ 7/1/07 Paris' Stock Stays Steady

Media Guardian 7/1/07 Why I said 'no' to Paris Hilton mania

Celebrity Spider 6/30/07 News Anchor Refuses to Report on Paris Hilton Release

Celebrity Spider 6/30/07 Paris Hilton Accused of Lying to Larry King

TMZ 6/30/07 Paris: Poor Penmanship but an Ace Artiste!

Daily Mail 6/30/07 Paris relaxes in sun after prison ordeal

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 Paris Hilton's CNN Chat Was a Ratings Winner

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 Strangers Tried to Visit Paris Hilton in Jail

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 Paris Hilton Agrees to Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Media Guardian 6/29/07 Newsreader's anger over Paris story

BBC 6/29/07 Newscaster's on-air Paris protest

MTV 6/29/07 Paris Hilton Says She's Never Used Drugs? Not So Fast ...

Daily Record 6/29/07 Paris Hilton: Guards Made Me Strip 

NZ Herald 6/29/07 News anchor's flip out over Paris faked?

Hollywood Reporter 6/29/07 We love Paris in the summer when she fizzles ...

NY Post 6/29/07 Paris Power

NZ Herald 6/29/07 Lohan tipped to play Paris Hilton in a movie of her life

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Strangers Tried to Visit Paris Hilton in Jail

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Paris Hilton Confused and Terrified When Taken Back to Jail

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Paris Hilton: Jail Was a Blessing in Disguise

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Paris Hilton Thanks Jailmates for Helping Her Cope Behind Bars

E!Online 6/28/07 Paris Says Aloha

MTV 6/28/07 Paris Hilton Talks Britney Spears, MTV Movie Awards, 'Jail Slop' In Larry King Interview

Dot Music 6/28/07 Hilton defends Spears

E!Online 6/28/07 Paris to Larry: I'm Not Big Drinker, Don't Use Drugs

TMZ 6/28/07 Paris Ditches Mainland to Get Lei'd

Extra 6/28/07 America Rates Paris' Performance; Larry Wanted 'More Introspection'

Daily Record 6/28/07 Paris's Jail Breakdown 

Jam! 6/28/07 'Larry King Live' gets ratings boost from Paris Hilton interview

Newsday 6/28/07 Paris Hilton speaks! But is it worth hearing?

NY Times 6/28/07 Paris Hilton Says She Is a Changed Woman

TMZ 6/28/07 Anderson Wags Yalie Finger at Paris

Sky News 6/28/07 Paris' First Words

Washington Post 6/28/07 Paris Hilton, Free To Speak Her Mind (Such as It Is)

Hollywood Reporter 6/28/07 Critic's Notebook: No payoff for viewers with Paris

TMZ 6/28/07 Was Paris Blowing Smoke Up Larry's Ass?

NY Post 6/28/07 Paris Reveals Her Naked Fear 

BBC 6/28/07 Hilton says jail was 'traumatic'

Jam! 6/28/07 Paris prison T-shirt a hit

TMZ 6/28/07 Paris Takes Cuthbert's Sloppy Seconds

NY Daily News 6/28/07 She shows little life in sitdown with King

TMZ 6/28/07 Paris Tells All, Then Parents Spill It

Detroit News 6/28/07 Paris two-steps around tough questions with Larry King

Celebrity Spider 6/27/07 Paris Hilton Spends First Day of Freedom With Family

Celebrity Spider 6/27/07 Police Enforce No Parking Zone Around Paris Hilton Home

Jam! 6/27/07 Paris Hilton's jail stay 'traumatic'

TMZ 6/27/07 Paris Just Says No to Drugs!

Extra 6/27/07 Paris Speaks; Sheriff Says She Suffered 'Delusions' in Jail

Daily Mail 6/27/07 Paris Hilton's first interview: "Thank God I'm free!"

TMZ 6/27/07 Paris on Larry King -- Freedom Is Overwhelming

Sky News 6/27/07 Li-Lo To Become Paris?

TMZ 6/27/07 Plaster of Paris 6/27/07 'Changed' Paris Hilton says will prove critics wrong

TMZ 6/27/07 Nicky Blows Off Greece for Paris 6/27/07 Could Paris be really . . .happy?

Daily Record 6/27/07 Hilton: I'm Going Straight Home..To A Party 

USA Today 6/27/07 Paris out of jail and off your TV?

Chicago Sun-Times 6/27/07 The liberation of Paris

Daily Record 6/27/07 Hilton Needs A New Train Of Thought 

NY Daily News 6/27/07 Questions Larry's got to ask Paris

Jam! 6/27/07 Lessons learned from Hilton

NY Daily News 6/27/07 It's make-or-break time for Paris Hilton

Celebrity Spider /26/07 Paris Hilton Released From Jail

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Paris Hilton to Open Halfway House for Inmates

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Actress is Paris Hilton's Last Visitor

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Paris Hilton Home Vandalized

Extra 6/26/07 Paris Gets Back to Basics

E!Online 6/26/07 Paris Keeps Out of Sight, Not Mind

LA Daily News 6/26/07 The Paris obsession

Sky News 6/26/07 Paris On The Loose

MTV 6/26/07 Paris Hilton Released From Jail

BBC 6/26/07 Paris Hilton released from jail

Hello 6/26/07 Freed Paris vows to begin new life helping others

Daily Mail 6/26/07 Free! Paris Hilton released from jail to party

USA Today 6/26/07 Paris has emerged from behind bars — but now what?

TMZ 6/26/07 Over Here Paris! Photogs Mob Hilton Vehicle

Hollywood Reporter 6/26/07 Blissful is the world where Paris is not news

Daily Mail 6/26/07 Paris Hilton's jail letter to fan: 'I'm being strong'

Celebrity Spider 6/25/07 Paris Hilton "Sick" of Prison Orange

Celebrity Spider 6/25/07 Barbara Walters: "Paris Hilton Interview is Beneath Me"

Celebrity Spider 6/25/07 Larry King Lands First Paris Hilton Interview

The Oregonian 6/25/07 It's not news, but it doesn't have to be: It's . . . Paris

E! Online 6/25/07 Paris Release Watch: Only Hours to Go

Extra 6/25/07 Paris Looks Forward to Breaking Out -- of Jumpsuit

Daily Mail 6/25/07 Paris Hilton's countdown to freedom

TMZ 6/25/07 "Professor" Paris -- Coming to a City Near You?

Zap2It 6/24/07 Paris Hilton To Go On Larry King Show -- Unpaid

TMZ 6/24/07 Kathy Hilton: Arrrrgh! Paris Still in Jail, Mateys!

NY Times 6/24/07 Larry King Gets Paris Hilton Interview

TMZ 6/24/07 Paris Booted from Bad Boy Bad Girl Club

NY Daily News 6/24/07 Paparazzi, start your flashbulbs

Celebrity Spider 6/23/07 Paris Hilton's Releases Date Confirmed

TMZ 6/23/07 Albuquerque!!! -- Paris is on Larry King

NY Post 6/23/07 Thanks But No Skanks TV Bigs

Toronto Star 6/23/07 Larry King lands post-prison Hilton interview

NY Times 6/23/07 ABC and NBC End Race to Interview Paris Hilton

Chicago Sun-Times 6/23/07 Hilton plans to help inmates

Hollywood Reporter 6/23/07 ABC's Walters jilts Hiltons on interview

BBC 6/23/07 Release date set for Paris Hilton

Celebrity Spider 6/22/07 Mayor: "Paris Hilton Has it Rough"

Celebrity Spider 6/22/07 Paris Hilton Criticized for Treating Animals "Horribly"

Celebrity Spider 6/22/07 Paris Hilton Feeling Gracious Behind Bars

TMZ 6/22/07 Hilton -- Free on Tuesday

E!Online 6/22/07 Network News Not Hot for Paris

Washington Post 6/22/07 Paris Hilton Denies That NBC Deal Is In the Works

TMZ 6/22/07 Rome Is Dead -- NBC Pulls Plug On Paris 6/22/07 Scared Hilton's jailhouse letter

Jam! 6/22/07 NBC denies $1M offer to Hilton

NY Times 6/22/07 ABC Says It Was Outbid for Paris Hilton Interview

Celebrity Spider 6/21/07 Paris Hilton Writes to Fans From Jail

Celebrity Spider 6/21/07 Paris Hilton "Refusing to Eat" in Jail

E!Online 6/21/07 Paris and Ryan: The Exclusive Conversation

NY Post 6/21/07 NBC'S $1M Deal for Paris Chat

E!Online 6/21/07 Paris: This Has Changed My Life Forever

Digital Spy 6/21/07 NBC 'pays $1m' to talk to Paris Hilton

Guardian 6/21/07 Scrum begins for Paris Hilton's post-prison interview

TMZ 6/21/07 Twin Towers to Paris -- Great Seeing You Go

Celebrity Spider 6/20/07 Paris Hilton's Jail Cell Decorating Plans Ripped Down

Extra 6/20/07 The Incredible Shrinking Paris?

TMZ 6/20/07 Paris a Basket (of Mail) Case

Celebrity Spider 6/19/07 Paris Hilton's Neighbors Braced for Her Release

E! Online 6/19/07 Inside Paris' Mailbag

TMZ 6/19/07 Paris to TMZ -- I'm Just an Ordinary Inmate

Daily Mail 6/19/07 Inmate Paris Hilton scores an unlikely supporter - The Duchess of York

Celebrity Spider 6/18/07 Ellen DeGeneres Fears for Society for Paris Hilton Adoration

Celebrity Spider 6/18/07 Paris Hilton is the Most Popular Prisoner

CBS 6/18/07 A Weekend Of Visitors For Paris

TMZ 6/18/07 Paris' Slammin' Father's Day

Daily Mail 6/18/07 Paris's Father's Day jail visit from from dad Rick

Sky News 6/18/07 Stars Talk Paris

TMZ 6/17/07 Nicky Visits Paris in Prison

Celebrity Spider 6/16/07 Nicky Hilton "Hysterical" After Visiting Paris in Prison

Celebrity Spider 6/15/07 Paris Hilton to Set Sail for Gilligan's Island?

Celebrity Spider 6/15/07 Survey: "Paris Hilton Serving More Time Than Average"

TMZ 6/15/07 Paris Prays for Strength

SF Gate 6/15/07 Nicky Hilton 'Hysterical' After Visiting Paris in Prison

TMZ 6/15/07 Paris' Next Hot Haunt -- The Lynwood Lounge

Herald Sun 6/15/07 Paris Hilton overdoes it again

NY Daily News 6/15/07 Cons really glad to get Paris back in the joint

Celebrity Spider 6/14/07 Paris Hilton "Receiving Preferential Treatment" in Jail

Celebrity Spider 6/14/07 Paris Hilton Sent Back to Lynwood

St Petersburg Times 6/14/07 Courage for your conviction, Paris

BBC 6/14/07 Paris Hilton leaves medical ward

TMZ 6/14/07 Paris to Take a Three Hour Tour?

E! Online 6/14/07 Paris Goes Back to Where It All Began

TMZ 6/14/07 "Simple Life" Boss to Staff: No Paris Bashing

TMZ 6/14/07 Thousands Tell County -- What's the Deal with Paris?

TMZ 6/14/07 Petrified Paris Asks for Prayer

TMZ 6/14/07 New Digs for Paris -- Not a Dingbat Cave

Celebrity Spider 6/13/07 Paris Hilton Dropped by Talent Agent

Celebrity Spider 6/13/07 Paris Hilton's Parents Visit Her in Jail

Extra 6/13/07 Paris Hilton to Co-host 'The View?'

Extra 6/13/07 Paris: Her Big Fear Someone Was Out to Poison Her

Chicago Sun-Times 6/13/07 Skepticism, hope greet Paris' conversion

Sky News 6/13/07 Paris' Parents Visit

USA Today 6/13/07 Hilton's parents visit, breeze past line for jail visit

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 Shrine Appears Outside Paris Hilton Home

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 Celebrity Lawyer: "Paris Hilton is Being Treated Harshly"

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 Paris Hilton Costs Taxpayer 11 Times Average Inmate

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 Paris Hilton's Hotline to Barbara Walters

E! Online 6/12/07 Paris Fallout: Agents Quit, Sheriff Targeted

Emporia Gazette 6/12/07 We love Paris in the slammer

Chicago Sun Times 6/12/07 Rebuilding Paris

Metro 6/12/07 Daddy plans Paris' 'get free' party

CBS 6/12/07 Sharpton: Paris' Sentence Highlights Injustices

TMZ 6/11/07 Paris Gets Shrunk

Herald Sun 6/12/07 Paris finds God in jail

Daily Mail 6/12/07 Paris Hilton gives interview to journalist Barbara Walters from prison

Celebrity Spider 6/11/07 Paris Hilton: "The Iraq War is More Important Than My Jail Term"

Celebrity Spider 6/11/07 Paris Hilton Learns a "Bitter" Lesson and Withdraws Appeal

Celebrity Spider 6/11/07 Sheriff Baca Denies Hilton Donation Influenced House Arrest Decision

Celebrity Spider 6/11/07 Paris Hilton's Neighbors Complain About Helicopter Noise

E! Online 6/11/07 "Caged" Paris Finds God, Phones Walters

TMZ 6/11/07 Paris Hilton Costs L.A. County a Bundle

CBS 6/11/07 Paris Says God Has Given Her "New Chance"

TMZ 6/11/07 ADD Is What Ails Paris

USA Today 6/11/07 Paris' path from celeb to jailbird

NY Daily News 6/11/07 Psych ward no Hilton, say L.A. jail vets

Hello! 6/11/07 Paris receives her sister and ex beau in medical wing

Sky News 6/11/07 Paris: Latest News

Courier Mail 6/11/07 Prison bird's Coast escape

Telegraph 6/11/07 Jailed Paris Hilton claims 'dumb act is over'

Herald Sun 6/11/07 Paris Hilton under watch

People 6/10/07 Paris Hilton Gets Jail Visit from Sister and Ex-Boyfriend

Dallas Morning News 6/10/07 Experts: Hilton's new contrition could work

E!Online 6/10/07 Exclusive! Paris' Jailhouse Call to Barbara Walters

TMZ 6/10/07 Paris Hilton Says, "Cheerio"

The Age 6/10/07 We scoff at Paris, but we're her clients

Chicago Sun-Times 6/10/07 Finally! Paris is sucking it up

NY Daily News 6/10/07 Poo-hoo, she isn't life of the potty

BBC 6/10/07 Paris Hilton accepts her sentence

TMZ 6/10/07 Hayden on Paris: Tee-hee!

The Mirror 6/10/07 Paris Illness Is Claustrophobia 

NY Daily News 6/10/07 Judge plays by the book, lawyers say

Daily Mail 6/10/07 Paris's grandad gave election cash to sheriff who freed her

NY Daily News 6/10/07 Nicole Richie dishes on childhood antics with Paris

Celebrity Spider 6/9/07 Paris Hilton to Appeal Jail Decision

Celebrity Spider 6/9/07 Hysterical Paris Hilton Sent Back to Jail

TMZ 6/9/07 Paris Won't Appeal

TMZ 6/9/07 Paris in Peril

People 6/9/07 Paris Hilton Spends First Night in Medical Ward

Newsday 6/9/07 Little Hollywood Love for Paris Hilton

Detroit Free Press 6/9/07 Chasing Hilton to jail

NY Daily News 6/9/07 Call it 'The Simpleton Life' as networks go nuts

Daily Record 6/9/07 Sobbing Paris Back in Court 

Orlando Sentinel 6/9/07 Tug-of-war over Hilton raises larger questions

TMZ 6/9/07 Celebrity Ass-trology -- Paris Hilton

NY Times 6/9/07 Celebrity Justice Cuts Both Ways for Paris Hilton

TMZ 6/9/07 An Open Letter from a Paris BFF

NY Daily News 6/9/07 Weep and wail and back to jail

MyFox Kansas City 6/9/07 Nicole Richie Talks Simple Life, Paris Hilton

NY Daily News 6/9/07 Grandpa Hilton gave sheriff $1,000 last year

The Trades 6/8/07 Paris Re-Imprisoned: Vivent la révolution!

Celebrity Robot 6/8/07 Celebrities Don’t Kill People, Regular People Do

TMZ 6/8/07 Sheriff Baca: "This Lady Has Severe Problems"

E!Online 6/8/07 Paris Goes Directly Back to Jail

Newsday 6/8/07 As Paris returns to jail, sheriff defends her early release

Zap2It 6/8/07 Screaming Paris Hilton Sent Back to Jail

Extra 6/8/07 Kathy Hilton: 'She Didn't Release Herself, That's All I Have to Say'

Jam! 6/8/07 Hilton's fans devastated by judge's order

National Enquirer 6/8/07 Paris Sent Back To Jail!

Sky News 6/8/07 Screaming Paris: To Jail

CBS 6/8/07 Paris Ordered Back To Jail

Daily Mail 6/8/07 Judge puts tearful Paris behind bars again

E!Online 6/8/07 Showtime for Paris, L.A. Legal System

BBC 6/8/07 Paris Hilton sent back to prison

Extra 6/8/07 'Screaming and Crying,' Paris Ordered Back to Jail

TMZ 6/8/07 Paris: Departure Pandemonium

Celebrity Spider 6/8/07 Paris Hilton to Return to Jail?

Celebrity Spider 6/8/07 Sheriff Defends Paris Hilton Release

Celebrity Spider 6/8/07 Paris Hilton's Early Release Slammed by L.A. City Attorney

Celebrity Spider 6/8/07 Paris Hilton Release "Proves Preferential Treatment"

E!Online 6/8/07 Experts: Paris May Set Legal Precedent

TMZ 6/8/07 Aggressive Judge Signs Order

Digital Spy 6/8/07 Clooney slams 'cheap' Hilton

TMZ 6/8/07 Team Paris & Prosecutor in Place

BBC 6/8/07 Paris Hilton's not-so-simple life

TMZ 6/8/07 "We Love Paris" Banner a "Dirty, Sexy" Publicity Stunt?

People 6/8/07 Paris Hilton's House Arrest: Cupcakes, Visitors, Naps

TMZ 6/8/07 "Sopranos" Star to Paris: "Stop Whoring Around!"

Herald Sun 6/8/07 Paris Hilton back in court

NY Daily News 6/8/07 Do not cell-ebrate just yet, Paris, dear

TMZ 6/8/07 Dog and Beth to Paris Haters -- You're Full of It!

Jam! 6/8/07 Hilton's release causes concern

Daily Mail 6/8/07 Paris is free: Now the battle to send her back to jail

TMZ 6/8/07 Paris Hilton -- Animal Style

USA Today 6/8/07 Hilton revolving door: Out of jail, into court

BBC 6/8/07 Paris Hilton must return to court

NY Daily News 6/8/07 Nothing fashionable about Paris' ankle bracelet

Sky News 6/8/07 Paris Back To Prison?


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