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TV Guide 2/9/11 Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Files for Divorce

Growing your Baby 1/19/11 Pete Wentz Spends Quality Time With Bronx In Beverly Hills

Digital Spy 1/2/11 Wentz praises 'welcoming' Simpson family

E!Online 12/15/10 Pete Wentz: Jessica Simpson's Future Hubby Makes Her "Genuinely Happy"

Daily Mail 11/8/10 Rocker family day out: Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz take baby Bronx for lunch

US Magazine 10/3/10 Pete Wentz: I've Stopped Using "Naughty Words" Around Bronx

Daily Mail 9/15/10 Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete make sure their son is no Fall In Boy as they take him on an outing to a pond

Daily Mail 8/19/10 Bronx is a baby rocker in a Sex Pistols T-shirt on day out with Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

MTV 7/27/10 'Jersey Shore': Enrique Iglesias, Pete Wentz On What They Want For Season Two

E!Online 7/21/10 Hola! Ashlee and Pete’s Bronx is Bilingual

MTV 7/6/10 Exclusive: Pete Wentz Talks Mysterious New Black Cards Project

Daily Mail 6/8/10 Ashlee Simpson treats Pete Wentz to a birthday surprise (while Jessica babysits their son)

E!Online 5/18/10 Ashlee and Pete Wentz's Son in Minor Car Accident

MTV 4/9/10 Pete Wentz-Directed Train Video Is 'A Bit Of A Parody'

BBC 3/24/10 Pete Wentz says Fall Out Boy could return one day

CNN 3/19/10 Friday's Connector: Pete Wentz

MTV 3/13/10 Pete Wentz, Gym Class Heroes Kick Off 2010 SXSW Festival

E!Online 2/26/10 Who Is This Masked Music Man?

People 2/6/10 Pete Wentz Enjoys Making Babies

E!Online 2/6/10 Pete Wentz: Fall Out Boy on a Break, Not Breakup

TMZ 1/6/10 Pete & Ashlee: Fame Monsters

Celebrity Baby Blog 12/4/09 Pete Wentz’s Broadway Baby

Earsucker 11/19/09 Pete Wentz dishes on Fall Out Boy rumors

People 11/18/09 Pete Wentz Impressed with His Own Parenting Skills

Digital Spy 10/29/09 Simpson, Wentz sell marital home

Digital Spy 9/7/09 Wentz, Simpson deny marriage trouble

TMZ 9/3/09 Pete Wentz -- Ice, Ice Coffee, Baby

USA Today 9/1/09 Fall Out dad Pete Wentz has a 'Fall Out' comic-book series

E!Online 9/1/09 Which Celeb Is Losing His Pants While Performing?

Digital Spy 8/17/09 Ashlee Simpson slams Wentz fight rumours

MTV 8/12/09 Fall Out Boy Release Wrong Version Of 'What A Catch, Donnie' Video

Digital Spy 8/12/09 Pete Wentz offers naked photo advice

MTV 7/1/09 Pete Wentz Says Fall Out Boy Have To 'Breathe' Between Albums

Digital Spy 6/26/09 Perez, Wentz argue about Jackson

MTV 6/23/09 Are Fall Out Boy Splitting Up? Pete Wentz Weighs In

LA Times 12/27/08 Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz's pimp Bronx baby photos for free
NY Daily News 12/26/08 Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson debut photos of baby Bronx Mowgli

Boston Globe 12/23/08 Pete Wentz's mammary milkshake

NY Daily News 12/23/08 Eww! Pete Wentz has tried wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's breast milk

People 12/3/08 Pete Wentz: Baby Bronx Was 'A Happy Accident'
TMZ 12/2/08 Ashlee Simpson's Postpartum Party
Digital Spy 11/28/08 Simpson baby snaps 'to fetch $2 million'
Chicago Sun-Times 11/26/08 It's a jungle of names like Mowgli

Zap2It 11/25/08 Pete Wentz Explains Mowgli Baby Name, But Not Bronx

E! Online 11/25/08 Pete Wentz Talks Baby Name, Baby Mama

CBS 11/25/08 Pete Wentz Reveals Truth Behind Baby Name

MTV 11/21/08 Bronx Mowgli Wentz Welcomed By Jessica Simpson, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes
TMZ 11/21/08 Ashlee and Pete -- Jungle Fever
NY Daily 11/21/08 Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz Have a Baby Boy....and Name Him Bronx Mowgli!
Jam! 11/21/08 It's A Boy For Ashlee & Pete

Los Angles 11/21/08 Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz Name New Son Bronx Mowgli?
Dallas Morning News 11/21/08 Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Pete Wentz Have Baby Boy

Zap2It 11/21/08  Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Gives Birth To Baby Boy Bronx
CBS 11/6/08 Does Pete Wentz Owe His Life to Joe Biden?
Celebrity Spider 11/5/08 Pete Wentz Delighted At Democratic Win

Herald Sun 10/30/08 Pete Wentz on Ashlee Simpson, impending fatherhood, Fall Out Boy
MTV 10/28/08 Fall Out Boy To Attempt To Break Interview World Record
Boston Globe 10/27/08 Pete Wentz's death fears

Digital Spy 10/24/08 "Scandals" halt Wentz's political ambitions
MTV 10/3/08 Fall Out Boy's New Album To Feature Lil Wayne, Pharrell And ... Blondie's Debbie Harry?

Celebrity Spider 9/26/08 Pete Wentz Hits Out At Product Placement
MTV 9/26/08 Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Fumes Over Surprise Product Placement In 'I Don't Care' Clip
MTV 9/24/08 Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Calls Upcoming Single 'I Don't Care' A 'Narcissist's Anthem'

Celebrity Spider 9/17/08 Insomnia Trouble For Pete Wentz
Celebrity Spider 9/16/08 Pete Wentz Was Arrested For Fighting With Police

Celebrity Spider 9/16/08 Pete Wentz Pops Pills To Avoid Crowd Discomfort 

Celebrity Spider 9/15/08 Flight Risks Turned Pete Wentz Into An Airport Wreck
Celebrity Spider 9/10/08 Pete Wentz Was Hooked On Anxiety Drug
Celebrity Spider 9/9/08 Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Expecting A Boy

Celebrity Spider 9/9/08 Pete Wentz Played Gun Game After Drinks Binge
Celebrity Spider 9/8/08 Publicist Denies Tyga/Pete Wentz Baby News
Celebrity Spider 9/2/08 Pete Wentz Gets Parenting Tips From Joel Madden
People 9/2/08 Dad-to-Be Pete Wentz Serenades Baby

Celebrity Spider 8/20/08 Ashlee Simpson & Wentz Desert L.A. For Simple Life?

Digital Spy 8/5/08 Cyrus: 'I'll babysit for Pete and Ashlee'

Celebrity Spider 7/2/08 Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz 'Expecting A Boy'
Celebrity Spider 6/19/08 Pete Wentz Wants To Raise Baby In Chicago
Celebrity Spider 6/13/08 Pete Wentz Wants To Know Baby's Sex
Celebrity Spider 6/12/08 Peter Wentz Denies Twins Rumors He Started

Celebrity Spider 6/2/08 Ashlee Simpson - Pete Wentz Cancels Tour

Celebrity Spider 5/30/08 Pete Wentz Defends Ashlee Simpson's Secret Pregnancy

Fametastic 5/30/08 Newlyweds Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & Pete Wentz planning reality TV show?

Celebrity Spider 5/29/08 Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Confirm Pregnancy

Zap2It 5/29/08 Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz Finally Confirm Pregnancy

Celebrity Spider 5/28/08 Ashlee Simpson Takes Wentz's Name
E! Online 5/28/08 Pete and Ash's Wedding Still Creating Buzzzzz...
E! Online 5/28/08 Ashlee & Pete: Really, Truly Expecting
E!Online 5/21/08 First Photo: Newlyweds Pete & Ashlee

Celebrity Spider 5/20/08 Newlywed Pete Wentz Caught Up In Police Drama

Celebrity Spider 5/20/08 Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Honeymooning In The Basement
E!Online 5/19/08 Ashlee and Pete's Pricey Nuptials

Celebrity Spider 5/19/08 Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Pregnancy Rumors Heat Up After Wedding

Celebrity Spider 5/18/08 Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz In Fairy Tale Wedding

Celebrity Spider 5/17/08 Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz To Get Dark For Saturday Night Wedding
Celebrity Spider 5/17/08 Pete Wentz Throws Pre-Wedding Party?

Extra 5/16/08 Ash & Pete to Wed in Glamorous Encino?

Celebrity Spider 5/13/08 Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz To Wed On Saturday

Celebrity Spider 5/7/08 Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz To Wed Next Week?

Celebrity Spider 5/5/08 Ashlee Simpson Thanks Wentz For Stability
Entertainment Wise 5/1/08 Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Deny Reality TV Rumours

E! Online 4/29/08 Pete Wentz Looks Forward to Fatherhood—Someday

TMZ 4/19/08 Ashlee and Pete: They're No BeJay

Celebrity Spider 4/11/08 Pete Wentz Asked Ashlee Simpson's Dad for Permission

MTV 4/11/08 Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Get Engagement Congrats From Family, Fans, Bandmates -- And An Ex

Celebrity Spider 4/10/08 Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Engaged

MTV 4/9/08 Ashlee Simpson And Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Are Engaged

New Zealand Herald 4/3/08 Pete Wentz shares Ashlee Simpson's wardrobe

Celebrity Spider 3/18/08 Ashlee Simpson Steers Clear of Pete Wentz's Motorcycle

Celebrity Spider 1/18/08 Ashlee Simpson Told to Dump Pete Wentz

Celebrity Spider 1/11/08 Pete Wentz Stitches Up Ashlee Simpson's Costumes

Celebrity Spider 1/3/08 Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Not Engaged

Celebrity Spider 1/2/08 Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Engagement Rumor

TMZ 1/1/08 Ashlee and Pete: Yawn of a New Year

Celebrity Spider 12/24/07 Pete Wentz Buys Ashlee Simpson a Dog for Christmas

E!Online 12/17/07 Fall Out Boy: Ashlee Is "Nothing Short of Awesome"

MTV 12/11/07 Pete Wentz Is Welcome For Xmas With The Simpsons, Contrary To Rumor

Digital Spy 12/6/07 Simpson's dad bans Wentz for Xmas

Extra 10/8/07 Pete Wentz Calls Ashlee Simpson 'My Best Friend'

NY Daily News 9/12/07 Brawl out boy Pete Wentz & Ashlee's dad deliver hits at club

Digital Spy 9/11/07 Fall Out Boy Wentz confirms Simpson love

Celebrity Spider 8/30/07 Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson Team Up for Album

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 Pete Wentz's Honest Relationship With Ashlee Simpson

Digital Spy 8/25/07 Fall Out Boy star happy with Ashlee romance

Stuff 8/8/07 Pete Wentz wants kids with Ashlee Simpson

Celebrity Spider 7/19/07 Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz "Not Engaged"

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Pete Wentz Denies Ashlee Simpson Hook-Up

People 6/6/07 Ashlee Simpson's 'Kinky' Gift for Pete Wentz

MTV 6/5/07 Pete Wentz Denies Working With Ashlee: 'I Want No Part In Selling A Relationship'

NMC 6/5/07 Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Hit The Studio

TMZ 4/17/07 Pete Wentz Has a Sugar Mama

TMZ 4/13/07 There's Ashlee -- Where's Her Petey?

TMZ 4/10/07 Pete & Ashlee: Lips Don't Lie

TMZ 4/9/07 Wentz Makes Ashlee Wanna La La ... Again

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