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Jam 2/17/10 Monk injures foot in crash

Celebrity Fix 2/16/10 WTF happened to Sophie Monk's face?

Herald Sun 2/10/10 Sophie Monk splits from plastic surgeon boyfriend John Diaz

Sydney Morning Herald 1/4/10 Monk finding her way in LA

Celebrity Fix 2/16/10 WTF happened to Sophie Monk's face?

Herald Sun 2/10/10 Sophie Monk splits from plastic surgeon boyfriend John Diaz

Sydney Morning Herald 1/4/10 Monk finding her way in LA

Herald Sun 12/14/09 Inside Sophie Monk's birthday bash, turns 30 at The Ivy

Herald Sun 12/8/09 Sophie Monk's good, bad and ugly 11/22/09 Sophie, what is it that you do exactly?

Daily Telegraph 11/11/09 Sophie Monk puts her best assets forward in straight-to-DVD horror flick, The Hills Run Red

Herald Sun 11/4/09 Sophie Monk's near reunion with Benji Madden

TMZ 9/28/09 Sophie Monk's Wet Suit

TMZ 9/20/09 Sophie Monk -- Like Captain Kangaroo, But Hot

Boston Globe 9/10/09 Benji Madden shunned Monk

TMZ 8/10/09 A Hot Monk

Celebrity Spider 11/3/08 Paris Hilton Was Dating Benji Madden Before Sophie Monk Split 10/17/08 Sophie Monk reveals her KFC blunder

Herald Sun 10/8/08 Sexy Sophie Monk keeps her shirt on 8/26/08 Sophie Monk a fake? PETA vegetarian star seen buying KFC 8/22/08 Playboy offers Sophie Monk $1 Million to bare all 8/6/08 Sophie Monk 'pashes' Maroon 5's Adam Levine

Celebrity Spider 8/5/08 Sophie Monk Faces Romance Questions 4/21/08 Sophie Monk's new role as hot chick

Hollywood Reporter 4/16/08 Sophie Monk signs on for 'Hardbreakers'

TMZ 4/11/08 Paula Confused by Wild Sea Monkey

Extra 4/9/08 Monk Manhandled

Extra 4/9/08 Seacrest: Real Romance, or Monk-eying Around?

TMZ 4/9/08 Seacrest Out, Queen to the Rescue

Herald Sun 4/8/08 Sophie tied to TV star

Celebrity Spider 3/27/08 Sophie Monk Dating Paris Hilton's Ex

AdelaideNow 3/20/08 Sophie Voted No 1 Beauty 3/7/08 Sophie Monk's Revenge Against Paris Hilton

Celebrity Spider 3/3/08 Sophie Monk Blasts Rumors Benji Madden Left Her for Paris Hilton 3/3/08 Sophie Monk: The truth about my love life

Herald Sun 3/3/08 Sophie Monk denies Benji Madden left her for Paris Hilton

TMZ 2/29/08 Benji Left This Babe for Paris?

Courier Mail 2/24/08 Sophie Monk turns cold shoulder to Benji Madden

Celebrity Spider 2/13/08 Sophie Monk & Benji Madden Split Official 2/13/08 It's Over for Sophie Monk and Benji Madden

Herald Sun 2/13/08 Sophie Monk splits from Good Charlotte's Benji Madden 2/1/08 Where is Sophie Monk's Engagement Ring?

Celebrity Spider 1/9/08 Benji Madden Denies Splitting With Fiancé Sophie Monk

Daily Telegraph 1/8/08 Sophie Monk and Benji Madden split up 12/15/07 Sophie Monk pulls out of Carols night 12/10/07 Sophie's live TV flop 12/6/07 Sophie Monk fronts our Aussie Oscars, the AFI Awards

Courier Mail 11/12/07 Monk gets disrobed

Courier Mail 10/21/07 Vegetarian Sophie Monk is a spicy girl 10/9/07 Good Charlotte show hits town

Courier Mail 9/27/07 New best friends

Ninemsn 8/21/07 Sophie's debut makes it on the web

Courier Mail 8/14/07 Sophie's a top `slashie' 6/15/07 Roxy squeezed by Sophie's song

Herald Sun 6/3/07 Sophie's bridesmaids

Daily Telegraph 6/1/07 Monk swapping bikini for turmoil

Celebrity Spider 3/19/07 Sophie Monk Bares All for Sexy Photo Shoot

Daily Telegraph 3/16/07 Sophie Monk delays wedding

Daily Telegraph 1/17/07 Nic bonds with our Sophie

Celebrity Spider 1/3/07 Benji Madden and Sophie Monk Engaged 1/3/07 Sophie, Benji engaged

Zap2It 1/2/07 'Date Movie' Actress Engaged

Courier Mail 10/8/06 Monk follows home 9/28/06 Monk means business

Celebrity Spider 9/12/06 Hilary Duff Approves of Joel Madden's Girlfriend Sophie Monk

Undercover 9/12/06 Sophie Monk Hooks Up With Benji Madden 9/7/06 Benji is a Monk rocker now 7/4/06 Monk to break down 6/16/06 Monk's a hit

Celebrity Spider 5/26/06 Jude Law Linked to Sophie Monk

Herald Sun 2/5/06 Sophie sizzles on the silver screen 8/19/05 Monk's Click flick

Herald Sun 8/19/05 Sophie's choice role

Female First 1/4/05 Australian News: Sophie Monk Riddle

Sydney Morning Herald 6/11/04 Sophie Monk in Baghdad

Sydney Morning Herald 4/19/04 Sophie Monk collapses

Female First 3/15/04 Australian Sophie Monk Splits from Warner Bros


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