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Reality TV Magazine 11/27/12 Nicki Minaj Calls Steven Tyler Racist And Claims He Was Fired From American Idol

E!Online 11/26/12 American Idol Throwdown: Nicki Minaj Unleashes Twitter Fury at Former Judge Steven Tyler

TV Guide 11/26/12 Steven Tyler Blasts New Idol Judges; Nicki Minaj Calls Him a "Racist"

Reality TV Magazine 11/6/12 Aerosmith Plays For Free in Hometown

Reality TV Magazine 11/2/12 Steven Tyler Can't Contain His Potty Mouth On Today Show

Digital Spy 11/2/12 Aerosmith's Steven Tyler swears on live 'Today' episode - video

Zap2It 11/2/12 Christina Aguilera and Steven Tyler perform on Hurricane Sandy Telethon for the Red Cross

Rolling Stone 10/30/12 Aerosmith's Steven Tyler on 'Lover Alot' – Track-by-Track Premiere

USA Today 10/29/12 New album, tour shifts Aerosmith into new 'Dimension'

Zap2It 10/6/12 Steven Tyler and Cee Lo think 'American Idol' Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feud is fake

Digital Spy 9/20/12 Steven Tyler: 'I would return to American Idol as a mentor'

Reality TV Magazine 7/31/12 Steven Tyler Did Not Like Pressure From American Idol To Be Another Simon Cowell

Hollywood Reporter 7/31/12 Steven Tyler on His 'American Idol' Exit: 'I Loved and Hated It'

Digital Spy 7/31/12 Steven Tyler on 'American Idol': "I loved it and hated it"

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/12 Aerosmith Reacts to Steven Tyler Leaving 'American Idol'

BuddyTV 7/20/12 Why Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler May Have Left 'American Idol'

Rolling Stone 7/17/12 Steven Tyler's 'Idol' Departure Influenced Jennifer Lopez's Own Exit

Rolling Stone 7/17/12 Steven Tyler on Aerosmith's New Album: 'It's the music that's keeping us alive'

Reality TV Magazine 7/15/12 Report: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Were Fired From American Idol

TV Guide 7/14/12 Randy Jackson Speaks Out on Lopez and Tyler's Idol Departures

Zap2It 7/12/12 Steven Tyler leaves 'American Idol': Will Jennifer Lopez follow?

Entertainment Weekly 7/12/12 Steven Tyler leaving 'American Idol'

TV Guide 7/12/12 Steven Tyler Exits American Idol After Two Seasons

NY Daily News 5/30/12 Steven Tyler drops $1.1 million on Hennessey Venom GT Spyder, world's fastest convertible

Zap2It 5/24/12 Steven Tyler says both Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will be successful after 'American Idol'

Zap2It 5/20/12 'Saturday Night Live': Mick Jagger as Steven Tyler, plus Steve Martin and Jon Hamm drop by

Hollywood Reporter 5/18/12 'American Idol': Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler Assess the Final Two (Video)

NY Post 5/17/12 'American Idol' recap: Steven Tyler predicts Jessica Sanchez will 'be the last one standing here'

Hollywood Reporter 5/11/12 'American Idol': Aerosmith to Perform on May 23 Finale

Digital Spy 5/10/12 Steven Tyler on new Aerosmith LP: 'It's one of our best'

Daily Mail 5/3/12 Jennifer Lopez does metallics the right way...while Steven Tyler is a mess as he goes girlie in a midriff-tied shirt

E!Online 4/27/12 American Idol's Elise Testone: I'd Love to Duet With Steven Tyler

BuddyTV 4/13/12 Why 'American Idol' Should Fire Steven Tyler as a Judge

MTV 4/13/12 'American Idol' Voters 'Were Wrong' On Jessica Sanchez, Steven Tyler Says

Daily Mail 3/28/12 Steven Tyler arrives in style (and a woman's blouse) as he announces Aerosmith's first studio album in eight years

Rolling Stone 3/28/12 New Aerosmith Album Due in Three Months, Band Confirms

Daily Mail 3/27/12 Dude looks like a… Edwardian bather: Steven Tyler steps back in time as he sports retro shorts on the beach

TMZ 3/27/12 Steven Tyler Gets Toe Up on His Birthday

Daily Mail 3/26/12 Rocker & American Idol judge Steven Tyler celebrates his 64th birthday in Hawaii with fiancee and daughter Liv

E!Online 3/22/12 American Idol Elimination: Who Went Home? And Who Showed Up for Steven Tyler's Birthday?

Daily Mail 3/22/12 Steven Tyler rips into Heejun Han for disrespecting Billy Joel's hit My Life as American Idol's final ten battle it out

Entertainment Weekly 3/21/12 'American Idol': Steven Tyler not amused that Heejun Han 'took the piss out of' Billy Joel. Are you?

TV Guide 3/21/12 Video: What Does Idol's Shannon Magrane Really Think About Steven Tyler's Flirting?

Hollywood Reporter 3/13/12 'American Idol's' Steven Tyler and Fiancee Erin Brady Planning Beach Wedding

Houston Chronicle 3/7/12 Steven Tyler’s daughter tried to talk him out of American Idol

Daily Mail 2/29/12 Steven Tyler leaves Jennifer Lopez red-faced as he does an impression of her Oscars 'nipple slip' on AI

Entertainment Weekly 2/28/12 Steven Tyler doesn't miss a thing, confirms J. Lo had no nip slip at the Oscars

Rolling Stone 2/27/12 Steven Tyler Says Aerosmith Is "Back" On New Album

ABC News 2/24/12 ‘American Idol’: Steven Tyler Strips, and There’s a Surprise Twist

MTV 2/23/12 Jennifer Lopez Not Planning Steven Tyler Duet 2/16/12 Watch: Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler perform together on their special “CMT Crossroads”

Daily Mail 2/15/12 Steven Tyler heads home to his new fiancée with a huge bunch of red roses on Valentine's Day

Zap2It 2/4/12 Carrie Underwood, Steven Tyler's 'Super Bowl Fan Jam'

USA Today 2/3/12 Carrie Underwood, Steven Tyler get ready for 'Crossroads'

USA Today 2/3/12 Steven Tyler defends his national anthem

Access Hollywood 2/2/12 Steven Tyler On Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Digital Spy 1/26/12 'American Idol': Steven Tyler kisses hopeful Jenny Schick - video

MSNBC 1/25/12 How far can Steven Tyler go with icky comments on 'Idol'?

Reality TV Magazine 1/23/12 Steven Tyler Sings National Anthem, Did He Mess Up Lyrics?

Access Hollywood 1/23/12 Steven Tyler: Fiancee Erin Brady Wooed Me With Seductive Headband

People 1/23/12 Liv Tyler Gives Big Thumbs-Up to Her Father's Fiancée

NY Daily News 1/23/12 Steven Tyler’s national anthem singing career is almost as old as his tenure with Aerosmith

Entertainment Weekly 1/23/12 Contrarian Corner: Come on, Steven Tyler's national anthem wasn't That bad

SF Chronicle 1/23/12 Jennifer Lopez stunned to find Steven Tyler swimming naked in Las Vegas

NY Daily News 1/23/12 Steven Tyler’s national anthem performance at AFC Championship Game voted down by critics

LA Times 1/23/12 Steven Tyler take heart: Why the national anthem bedevils so many

US Magazine 1/23/12 Video: Steven Tyler Botches National Anthem

NY Post 1/22/12 From hard rocker to old softie

Washington Post 1/22/12 Steven Tyler, of American Idol and Aerosmith, sings national anthem at AFC championship game

US Magazine 1/19/12 American Idol: Steven Tyler Hits on Contestant, 15, in Front of Her Dad

Fox News 1/19/12 'American Idol' off to fast start, Steven Tyler already making people uncomfortable

TMZ 1/17/12 'Idol' Judge Steven Tyler -- Aerosmith Jealous of Me

Digital Spy 1/17/12 Steven Tyler: 'I knew fiancée Erin Brady was the one when she tied me up'

MyFox Los Angeles 1/16/12 Steven Tyler Talks New Season of Idol

Reality TV Magazine 1/11/12 Steven Tyler Wants Television To Be Censored

CBS News 1/10/12 Steven Tyler has some bleeping advice for High Court

Hollywood Reporter 1/8/12 'American Idol's' Steven Tyler on New Aerosmith Album: 'It's Written'

TMZ 1/7/12 Steven Tyler - Wedding Will Be 'Soon Enough'

Reality TV Magazine 1/3/12 Is Steven Tyler Married Just A Week After Getting Engaged?

Digital Spy 1/2/12 Steven Tyler on engagement: 'I'm not really a sexual animal'

Zap2It 1/1/12 Oprah Winfrey's 'The Next Chapter' preview: Steven Tyler talks monogamy and more

Reality TV Magazine 12/29/11 American Idol's Steven Tyler Planned Engagement Early, Details On The Ring

TV Guide 12/27/11 Report: Steven Tyler Engaged to Erin Brady

Zap2It 12/20/11 'American Idol': Steven Tyler deems 'The X Factor' a 'whole different show'

Daily Mail 11/17/11 Who's got the bigger chest? American Idol judge Steven Tyler unveils his 'moobs'

Daily Mail 10/31/11 Aerosmith's Steven Tyler happily shows off his bruised and battered face from shower fall

Hollywood Reporter 10/27/11 Steven Tyler Opens Up About Fall on 'Today' Show

Reality TV Magazine 10/26/11 Steven Tyler Shower Fall Caused By Food Poisoning

E!Online 10/25/11 American Idol's Steven Tyler Loses Two Teeth After Falling in the Shower

Digital Spy 10/25/11 Steven Tyler 'injured in hotel shower fall', Aerosmith show canceled

Digital Spy 10/17/11 Jennifer Lopez "still has" Marc Anthony, says Steven Tyler

Digital Spy 10/17/11 Aerosmith's Steven Tyler to have biopic made?

Digital Spy 10/7/11 Exclusive: Kelly Clarkson: 'Steven Tyler is a hot, talented rock god' - video

Digital Spy 9/29/11 Steven Tyler: 'Aerosmith almost done with new album'

NY Post 9/28/11 Steven Tyler says new Aerosmith album on the way

Digital Spy 9/13/11 'American Idol', Aerosmith star Steven Tyler's father Victor Tallarico dies, aged 95

Reality TV Fans 8/17/11 Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest All Return to Season 11 of American Idol

Digital Spy 8/5/11 Nigel Lythgoe: 'Steven Tyler is the sweetest of souls'

Hollywood Reporter 7/11/11 Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler to Headline iHeartRadio Music Festival

NY Daily News 6/30/11 Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler will return to 'American Idol,' Jennifer Lopez still 'on the fence'

Zap2It 6/29/11 Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson return to American Idol Season 11

Daily Mail 6/10/11 American Idol judge Steve Tyler embraces his feminine side Again as he continues his Hawaiian holiday

E!Online 5/25/11 Steven Tyler: "I Never Wanted to Do American Idol"

Detroit News 5/25/11 Steven Tyler opens up about life in the fast lane

Examiner 5/22/11 'American Idol': Steven Tyler talks about Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina

TV Guide 5/13/11 Cheers & Jeers: Judging Steven Tyler's Idol Video

E!Online 5/12/11 Steven Tyler: Here's the Idol Vote Americans Got Wrong

NY Post 5/12/11 Tyler Emmy nod for cartoon

Gibson 5/12/11 Steven Tyler Nominated for an Emmy

Digital Spy 5/10/11 Steven Tyler single 'an Aerosmith reject'

MY Fox LA 5/5/11 Rocker Steven Tyler Dishes On His New Book

People 5/5/11 Liv Tyler: My Dad Steals My Clothes

Gather 5/4/11 'American Idol' - Steven Tyler To Debut First Solo Single On Show

MTV 5/3/11 Steven Tyler To Debut Solo Video On 'American Idol' May 12

LA Times 5/2/11 How did Steven Tyler end up on 'American Idol,' anyway?

USA Today 5/2/11 'Idol' judge Steven Tyler revisits reckless history in memoir

TMZ 4/27/11 Steven Tyler to Aerosmith -- You Can't Fire Me

People 4/27/11 Steven Tyler: Sober and Grateful

Daily Mail 4/24/11 Dude Looks Like A Lady: Steven Tyler shows some feminine flare with quirky outfit

Digital Spy 4/21/11 Steven Tyler censored on 'American Idol'

E!Online 4/20/11 Live at American Idol: How Did Producers Punish Steven Tyler for the F-bomb?

MTV 4/13/11 Steven Tyler To Release Tell-All Autobiography In May

NY Daily News 4/13/11 Steven Tyler to address sex, drugs, and debauchery in memoir 'Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

The Telegraph 4/13/11 Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler grants dying man's wish

MSNBC 4/6/11 Is Steven Tyler turning into 'Idol's' new Paula?

BuddyTV 4/5/11 Look at Steven Tyler's Terrifying Waxen Face(s)

LA Times 4/4/11 'American Idol's' Steven Tyler gets busy

MTV 3/22/11 Liv Tyler 'Proud' Of Steven Tyler's 'Idol' Gig After 'A Rough Few Years'

Gather 3/15/11 'American Idol': Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez Set To Perform

LA Times 3/15/11 It's a love fest for 'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler at PaleyFest

Gather 3/12/11 'American Idol': Steven Tyler Says "Don't Even" Sing Aerosmith

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/11 American Idol: Steven Tyler Says He Will “Try Not To Swear” On Live Show

Examiner 2/23/11 Steven Tyler talks 'American Idol' and how hard it was to let so many go

NY Daily News 2/10/11 'American Idol' 2011: Steven Tyler asks San Francisco contestant for handcuffs

Hollywood Reporter 2/8/11 Aerosmith Music Sales Up 250% Since Steven Tyler Became Judge on 'Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 2/4/11 American Idol: Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe Confirms Steven Tyler Apology Was A Joke

NY Daily News 2/3/11 'American Idol' Steven Tyler apology: Nigel Lythgoe laments 'lack of humor' over Fox show joke
LA Times 2/3/11 'American Idol': What was that Steven Tyler apology about?

Examiner 2/2/11 The 'American Idol' apology for Steven Tyler

Examiner 2/2/11 'American Idol' has a new feud - Steven Tyler vs. Jennifer Lopez

Reality TV Magazine 1/31/11 American Idol: Aerosmith Sales Up Since Steven Tyler Joined The Show

Examiner 1/28/11 Jennifer Lopez talks duet with 'American Idol' co-judge Steven Tyler

Reality TV Magazine 1/27/11 American Idol: Steven Tyler’s Daughter Says He Is “Saving The Show”

NY Daily News 1/27/11 'American Idol' recap: Tears get singers far, Steven Tyler slightly icky over daughter lookalike

NY Daily News 1/27/11 'American Idol': Chris Medina's emotional love story made Steven Tyler cry at Milwaukee auditions

MTV 1/27/11 Jennifer Lopez Appreciates Steven Tyler's 'Zaniness' On 'American Idol'

People 1/26/11 Steven Tyler on Sobriety: 'Life Is Good'

Reality TV Magazine 1/24/11 American Idol: Steven Tyler Compares Show To His Early Aerosmith Days

MTV 1/21/11 'American Idol' Experts Talk Steven Tyler, Early Faves

Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 1/20/11 The Verdict- New Life With New Judges JLO & Steven Tyler

NY Daily News 1/20/11 'American Idol' season 10: Steven Tyler, 62, praises 16-year-old Victoria Huggins' skirt length

MTV 1/20/11 Steven Tyler's Best 'American Idol' Quotes From New Orleans

TV Guide 1/20/11 Will Idol Control Steven Tyler's Potty Mouth?

Hollywood Reporter 1/20/11 'American Idol' Season 10 Premiere: A Star Is Re-Born in Steven Tyler

People 1/20/11 Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez Debut on Idol

People 1/19/11 Idol Will Bring Out Steven Tyler's 'Vulnerable' Side

Reality TV Magazine 1/18/11 American Idol: Steven Tyler Interview

Reality TV Calendar 1/18/11 Steven Tyler Talks To Us About JLo, Randy, His Judging Style And More - Interview

TV Guide 1/18/11 American Idol's Steven Tyler: I'm Not the Harsh Judge

TMZ 1/18/11 Steven Tyler -- I'm Still Jenny From the Block

LA Times 1/18/11 Is Steven Tyler, new 'American Idol' judge, dissing Simon Cowell?

Reality TV Magazine 1/13/11 American Idol: Steven Tyler’s Band Not Crazy About His “Idol” Gig

NY Daily News 1/11/11 'American Idol' will not censor Steven Tyler, the new judge says on TCA tour

Zap2It 1/11/11 'American Idol': Steven Tyler 'not sure' why he's doing the show, more information on changes

Entertainment Weekly 1/11/11 Steven Tyler on needing a five-second delay whenever he talks on 'American Idol': 'F--- no'

NY Post 1/11/11 'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler admits he's never watched the show: report

Daily Mail 1/11/11 Steven Tyler admits he'd never watched American Idol as he promotes new season with J.Lo

Zap2It 12/27/10 'American Idol': Steven Tyler dishes on J.Lo and judging, preview Kelly Clarkson's new song

BuddyTV 12/23/10 'American Idol' Auditions Preview: Steven Tyler Resuscitates the Show

Gather 12/21/10 Steven Tyler Dishes On American Idol & Jennifer Lopez

Digital Spy 11/18/10 Lythgoe: 'Lopez, Tyler adapting well to Idol'

Zap2It 11/12/10 Kellie Pickler joins CMA Country Christmas; Steven Tyler admits to never watching 'Idol'

TMZ 11/6/10 Steven Tyler -- Au Naturel

Digital Spy 11/5/10 Steven Tyler: 'Kid Rock is just jealous'

LA Times 11/4/10 Steven Tyler on the new 'American Idol' judging style: 'We switch on being brutal'

Reality TV Magazine 11/2/10 American Idol: Kid Rock Disses Steven Tyler’s Idol Decision

Zap2It 10/22/10 Steven Tyler's National Anthem; Carrie Underwood's Loretta Lynn tribute

People 9/29/10 Photo: New Idol Judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Get to Work

Reality TV Magazine 9/26/10 American Idol: Jennifer Lopez And Steven Tyler’s Thoughts On One Another

Reality TV Magazine 9/24/10 American Idol: Fans React About Jennifer Lopez And Steven Tyler As The New Judges

Gather 9/23/10 American Idol's Steven Tyler Going Solo?

Digital Spy 9/23/10 Jordin Sparks backs Tyler, Lopez on 'Idol'

BuddyTV 9/22/10 'Idol' Announces New Judges: Steven Tyler and JLo

MTV 9/22/10 'American Idol' Judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez Talk 'Tough Love'

MTV 9/22/10 'American Idol' Experts Size Up Jennifer Lopez And Steven Tyler

MTV 9/22/10 'American Idol' Judge Steven Tyler: Everything You Need To Know

Access Hollywood 9/10/10 Liv Tyler: Aerosmith Dad ‘Good’ For ‘Idol’

Gather 9/7/10 Joe Perry Compares 'American Idol' to Ninja Turtles - Threatens to Replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith

Reality TV Magazine 8/19/10 American Idol: Aerosmith Bassist Confirms Steven Tyler Will Be A Judge

BuddyTV 8/18/10 Buddy Bites: Steven Tyler in for 'Idol,' 'Bachelor' Baby on Board and More

Gather 8/18/10 'American Idol' - Steven Tyler Signed On For 'Idol' Season 10

Zap2It 8/18/10 'American Idol': Steven Tyler signs deal to judge, reports say

Zap2It 8/3/10 'American Idol': Steven Tyler says deal is a 'work in progress'

NY Daily News 8/2/10 Aerosmith's Steven Tyler on 'American Idol': 'I'm probably going to be a judge'

People 8/2/10 Steven Tyler Says He’s the New American Idol Judge — Probably

Zap2It 7/30/10 'American Idol': Jennifer Lopez signed, Steven Tyler in the works

TMZ 7/30/10 Steven Tyler -- The 'Idol' Questions Begin ...


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