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People 3/22/13 What's Vanessa Hudgens's Latest Obsession?

Examiner 3/21/13 New 'Spring Breakers' posters: Selena Gomez talks about James Franco

NY Daily News 3/21/13 Vanessa Hudgens does a ‘booty pop’ dance for Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’

Examiner 3/11/13 'Spring Breakers' photos: Selena Gomez and Harmony Korine talk film

Access Hollywood 1/25/13 Vanessa Hudgens Debuts Short Hair

Examiner 1/9/13 New 'Spring Breakers' photos: Ashley Benson talks awkward scene

E!Online 11/16/12 Vanessa Hudgens Opens Up About Three-Way Sex Scene With James Franco and Ashley Benson

E!Online 10/18/12 Vanessa Hudgens Reverts to Disney Queen Image...

Examiner 9/10/12 New 'Spring Breakers' photos: Selena Gomez talks film

E!Online 8/2/12 Guess Me From Behind: Former Disney Princess Shows Some Serious Booty

US Magazine 7/3/12 Pics: Bikini-Clad Ashley Tisdale Parties With Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens for 27th Birthday

People 6/20/12 Vanessa Hudgens Takes Her Mom and Sister for Mani-Pedis

Examiner 5/31/12 New 'Spring Breakers' photos: Selena Gomez talks acting career

Examiner 5/11/12 New 'Spring Breakers' photos show James Franco and Selena Gomez

NY Daily News 5/10/12 Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens are bikini girls gone wild with 'Spring Breakers' co-stars

Examiner 4/4/12 New 'Spring Breakers' set photos show a tough James Franco

Examiner 3/30/12 James Franco goes shirtless in new 'Spring Breakers' set photos

Examiner 3/29/12 New 'Spring Breakers' set photos with James Franco and Selena Gomez

Daily Mail 3/21/12 Swimsuit-clad Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens are surrounded by bikini babes in scenes for Spring Breakers

Examiner 3/19/12 New 'Spring Breakers' set photos show Ashley Benson in a robbery

Examiner 3/13/12 More 'Spring Breakers' set photos feature Vanessa Hudgens

Examiner 3/6/12 'Spring Breakers' set photos feature Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens

Daily Mail 3/6/12 Blonde ambition! Vanessa Hudgens leaves the dark side behind and dyes her locks for latest film role

E!Online 3/2/12 Vanessa Hudgens: "Crazy Party Girl," Ready to "Let Loose" With Selena Gomez in New Movie

E!Online 2/3/12 Dance-Off! Watch Ashley Tisdale Take on Vanessa Hudgens in Booty-Shaking Beyoncé Battle

Daily Mail 1/25/12 Island girl! Vanessa Hudgens slips into a white maxi dress for beach shoot in Hawaii

MTV 1/12/12 Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens Dazzle On People's Choice Red Carpet

E!Online 1/3/12 Vanessa Hudgens and Boyfriend's Hot Miami Getaway

People 1/1/12 Vanessa Hudgens Heats Up Miami with Her Beau

Daily Mail 12/27/11 Vanessa Hudgens is glued to boyfriend Austin Butler's side as the pair enjoy post-Christmas stroll

Daily Mail 12/26/11 Vanessa Hudgens' relationship reaches new heights on a trip to Disneyland

Daily Mail 10/12/11 From hobo to boho: Vanessa Hudgens recaptures her sense of style in flirty white sundress

Daily Mail 9/28/11 Vanessa Hudgens hits the supermarket in unglamorous, granny-style slippers

Daily Mail 9/23/11 Vanessa Hudgens steps out in sexy over-the-knee boots to fill up her car

Daily Mail 9/22/11 Vanessa Huggins! Actress gets affectionate with lunch date... but it's not her new man

Daily Mail 9/20/11 Another day in paradise: Vanessa Hudgens steps out in a bikini top and ultra tiny shorts as she holidays in Hawaii

E!Online 9/12/11 BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale Get Inked Together—Tattoo Meanings Revealed

People 9/11/11 Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens Get Tattooed Together

E!Online 9/9/11 Vanessa Hudgens Starting Her Own Fashion Line

Digital Spy 9/11/11 Vanessa Hudgens denies Josh Hutcherson romance

Daily Mail 9/9/11 Can't make up your mind? Vanessa Hudgens goes back to her 'soccer mom' haircut

Daily Mail 9/7/11 Vanessa Hudgens ditches 'soccer mom' crop for hair extensions

Daily Mail 8/31/11 Casual Vanessa Hudgens keeps it under her hat as she goes hiking with her High School sis

Daily Mail 8/26/11 No flirting your way out of this one! Smiling Vanessa Hudgens slapped with motoring fine

E! Online 8/18/11 Which Star's Car Has Writing All Over Its Windshield?

Daily Mail 8/10/11 Aloha! Vanessa Hudgens goes casual in denim shorts and Hawaiian T-shirt as she meets her fans

Daily Mail 8/10/11 What were you thinking? Vanessa Hudgens is sartorially challenged in mixed up style

TV Guide 8/1/11 Video: Vanessa Hudgens Names a Polish for Katie on Nail Files

E!Online 7/27/11 Smokin' Mad! Vanessa Hudgens Goes After Paparazzo Who Caught Her Puffing

Daily Mail 7/20/11 'I feel like a soccer mom': Vanessa Hudgens on her 'intense' make-under after chopping off her famous locks

E! Online 7/19/11 Happily Single Vanessa Hudgens: "It Is Fun to Go Look at Cute Boys"

Us Magazine 7/19/11 Whoa! Vanessa Hudgens Really Chopped Off Her Hair

Us Magazine 7/15/11 Makeunder! Vanessa Hudgens Looks Like a Boy in New Film

People 6/15/11 See Vanessa Hudgens in Revealing New Pics for Candie's

E!Online 5/19/11 Vanessa Hudgens Talks "Obnoxious" French Guys, New Flick and Twitter

Daily Mail 5/6/11 Vanessa Hudgens shows off her slender legs as she dresses up for a juice run

US Magazine 5/2/11 Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale Flaunt Sexy Bikini Bodies

Daily Mail 5/6/11 Vanessa Hudgens shows off her slender legs as she dresses up for a juice run

US Magazine 5/2/11 Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale Flaunt Sexy Bikini Bodies

Hollywood Reporter 4/29/11 Vanessa Hudgens, Brendan Fraser to Star in Indie Drama 'Gimme Shelter' (Exclusive)

Daily Mail 4/29/11 Vanessa Hudgens takes hippy chic a bit too far as she steps out in see-through lace trousers

Digital Spy 4/19/11 'Vanessa Hudgens not doing drugs,' says rep

Digital Spy 4/19/11 Vanessa Hudgens: 'I'm enjoying single life'

Us Magazine 4/18/11 Vanessa Hudgens Lets Loose With New Man at Coachella

Digital Spy 4/18/11 Vanessa Hudgens: 'I'd do jazzy songs on Glee

Daily Mail 4/17/11 Vanessa Hudgens sizzles as celebs hit sell-out Coachella festival in the California desert

E!Online 4/11/11 Vanessa Hudgens: Nude-Photo Leakers Are "Selfish"

E! Online 4/7/11 Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Reunite for Ashley Tisdale

Daily Mail 4/7/11 Racy Vanessa Hudgens exposes her floral bra in a sheer black top

Digital Spy 3/30/11 Vanessa Hudgens 'wants more tattoos'

TMZ 3/28/11 Vanessa Hudgens -- Legally Photographed

Daily Mail 3/25/11 Vanessa Hudgens looks white hot in thigh-skimming frock (shame about the pink stain)

Us Magazine 3/24/11 Vanessa Hudgens, Newly Single Joe Jonas Sizzle on Red Carpet

Daily Mail 3/24/11 Vanessa Hudgens is bringing sexy back at Sucker Punch premiere

Us Magazine 3/23/11 Vanessa Hudgens Talks About Rumored New Guy Josh Hutcherson

Daily Mail 3/23/11 Pouts at the ready: Vanessa Hudgens gets snap happy with her little sister Stella at basketball match

E!Online 3/17/11 Why Is Mila Kunis Way More Famous Than Vanessa Hudgens?

E!Online 3/16/11 Vanessa Hudgens' Mysterious Friendship

People 3/15/11 Vanessa Hudgens Opens up About Her Split from Zac Efron

Digital Spy 3/15/11 Hudgens 'photographed kissing a girl'

Digital Spy 3/15/11 Hudgens: 'Zac Efron kept me grounded'

Daily Mail 3/4/11 Vamping it up: Vanessa Hudgens sheds her teen star image wearing fishnet tights two days in a row

Examiner 3/3/11 Vanessa Hudgens shows off her new tattoo on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

USA Today 3/3/11 Vanessa Hudgens flaunts her beauty in 'Beastly'

Examiner 3/2/11 Vanessa Hudgens talks about appearing on 'Glee'

Zap2It 3/2/11 Vanessa Hudgens on doing 'Glee': 'High School Musical' alum open to enrolling at McKinley High

People 2/28/11 Does Vanessa Hudgens Have a New Beau?

E!Online 2/28/11 Vanessa Hudgens Is Oscar Night's Most Valuable Partier

People 2/18/11 Vanessa Hudgens Chooses Her Wedding Dress Designer

Us Magazine 2/17/11 Vanessa Hudgens Parties With BFF Brittany Snow

Daily Mail 2/17/11 Vanessa Hudgens goes from Disney princess to goth girl with a dark new makeover... and her first tattoo

Daily Mail 2/14/11 Beauty and the Beast: Vanessa Hudgens is the Belle of Disney World

US Magazine 2/10/11 Vanessa Hudgens: I Love When Michael Caine "Hits On Me"

Daily Mail 2/10/11 Wet and wild Vanessa Hudgens strips down in risqué new photo shoot

E! Online 1/26/11 Vanessa Hudgens' Sexy New Candie's Ads

Digital Spy 1/26/11Vanessa Hudgens "excited" by Candie's role

Digital Spy 1/24/11 Hudgens: 'Beastly stunt was frightening'

US Magazine 1/8/11 Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Spotted Making Out at L.A. Club Post-Split

E!Online 1/6/11 Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens: Are They Back Together?

Daily Mail 12/27/10 Make-up free Vanessa Hudgens comes over all camera shy as she leaves the gym in tiny shorts

TMZ 12/21/10 Vanessa Hudgens -- I Don't Need No Man

E!Online 12/20/10 Vanessa Hudgens: Zac Efron and I Are "All Good"

People 12/19/10 Vanessa Hudgens: I'm 'Good' with Ex Zac Efron

Daily Mail 12/13/10 Sad ending: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens split, but 'there's no third party involved'

E!Online 12/13/10 Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Split

Digital Spy 11/26/10 Vanessa Hudgens 'enjoyed Punch training'

Daily Mail 10/18/10 Surfing on set: Vanessa Hudgens goes boarding in Hawaii with Journey 2 co-star John Hutcherson

Hollywood Reporter 10/14/10 Vanessa Hudgens strapping on for 'Journey 2' (exclusive)

Digital Spy 9/23/10 Vanessa Hudgens 'likes keeping low profile'

Daily Mail 9/21/10 Vanessa Hudgens is flirty and floral in L.A. whilst her boyfriend Zac Efron dazzles down under

E!Online 8/27/10 Yum! Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Get Hot and Wet

Extra 8/25/10 Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Dakota Fanning 'Stand Up to Cancer'

US Magazine 8/9/10 Zac Efron: Relationship With Vanessa Is "Not Very Interesting"

People 7/29/10 Zac Efron Visits Strip Club – After Getting Vanessa Hudgens's Permission

Daily Mail 7/23/10 Not such a High School sweetie: Vanessa Hudgens vamps it up as action girl 'Blondie'

E!Online 7/23/10 Vanessa Hudgens: Badass and Photoshopped for Sucker Punch

Access Hollywood 7/21/10 Zac Efron On Vanessa Hudgens’ ‘Sucker Punch’: ‘She’s Kicking Mad Butt’

E!Online 7/21/10 Which Celeb Has Henna On Her Hand?

E!Online 7/21/10 Vanessa Hudgens Doesn't Mind Zac Efron's Onscreen Makeouts

Digital Spy 7/19/10 Hudgens, Panettiere team up for charity

Digital Spy 7/18/10 Hudgens: 'I use anti-aging cream'

Digital Spy 7/8/10 Zac Efron denies Hudgens engagement

Daily Mail 7/1/10 My pain over nude photo scandal, by High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens

US Magazine 6/30/10 Vanessa Hudgens First Fell in Love With "Gap" in Zac's Teeth

Daily Mail 6/29/10 Vanessa Hudgens does boho in a patterned skirt as she puts High School Musical behind her
Daily Mail 6/3/10 Vanessa Hudgens maintains her decorum despite a rather painful looking slip up

E!Online 5/13/10 Vanessa Hudgens' Hooker Role: "It's Really Fun"

Digital Spy 4/30/10 Hudgens had "no friends" at school

Digital Spy 4/16/10 Hudgens: 'HSM spinoff will be awesome'

E!Online 4/9/10 Vanessa Hudgens Takes Up Residence in Rent

TV Guide 4/9/10 Vanessa Hudgens to Play Mimi in Neil Patrick Harris' Rent

E!Online 3/24/10 Which Celeb Forgot to Take Off the Price Tag?

E!Online 3/15/10 Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Live From L.A., It's Saturday Night

E!Online 3/8/10 Zac Efron: Vanessa Makes Our Social Schedule

E!Online 3/8/10 Oscars Cleavage: Hilary Swank vs. Vanessa Hudgens

TMZ 2/16/10 Zac & Vanessa's Make Out Session

Just Jared 1/21/10 Ashley Tisdale & Vanessa Hudgens Join Haiti Telethon

Showbiz Spy 1/9/10 Zac Efron ‘Plants Orange Tree in Vanessa Hudgens’ Backyard’

US Magazine 1/7/10 Mariah Carey Shoots Down Vanessa Hudgens Movie Rumors

NY Daily News 1/1/10 Mariah Carey may play Vanessa Hudgens mom in new film - report

E!Online 12/24/09 Naked Vanessa Hudgens Now a Federal Matter

TMZ 12/24/09 Vanessa Hudgens Sues Over Nude Pics

Daily Mail 12/19/09 Vanessa Hudgens and Paris Hilton hits the stores as celebrities do last minute Christmas shopping

E!Online 12/15/09 Zac Efron Throws Vanessa Hudgens a Surprise Party

E!Online 12/8/09 Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Throw a Dinner Party

US Magazine 11/19/09 Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Didn't Break Up, Says Pal

India Target 10/23/09 Vanessa Hudgens is going to kick some butt but not naked

Digital Spy 9/24/09 Vanessa Hudgens 'suffers from shyness'

Digital Spy 9/17/09 Hudgens: 'Nude photo was unfortunate'

E!Online 9/16/09 Vanessa Hudgens Really Wants to Grow Up and Forget Naked Pictures

E!Online 8/19/09 Hubba-Hubba: The Jon Hamm-Vanessa Hudgens Hookup

E!Online 8/17/09 Heard the One About Zac and Vanessa Being Engaged?

Digital Spy 8/17/09 Hudgens denies Efron engagement rumours

People 8/14/09 Vanessa Hudgens's Awkwardness Aids Acting

MTV 8/14/09 Vanessa Hudgens Has 'Moved On' From 'High School Musical'

E!Online 8/13/09 Vanessa Hudgens: Pals Defend Her Against the Hate

MTV 8/13/09 Vanessa Hudgens Wants To Play Janis Joplin

Orlando Sentinel 8/12/09 Vanessa Hudgens braces herself for adult 'Sucker Punch'

LA Times 8/11/09 Video Scoop: Carla Gugino, Vanessa Hudgens may sing a duet in 'Sucker Punch'?

Access Hollywood 8/11/09 Dane Cook’s Comments over Vanessa Hudgens’ Photos Cut from Teen Choice Awards Broadcast

MTV 8/10/09 Dane Cook Pokes Fun At Vanessa Hudgens Over Nude Photos

Jam! 8/10/09 Cook booed over Hudgens joke

NY Daily News 8/9/09 Celebrity pop quiz: Vanessa Hudgens

Trash News 8/8/09 Hudgens Nude Photo Scandal #2

E!Online 8/8/09 Naked Ambition and the Vanessa Hudgens Nudes?

Digital Spy 8/7/09 Co-star "freaked out" over Hudgens kiss

Digital Spy 8/7/09 Hudgens "freaked out" by co-star Pettyfer

LA Times 8/6/09 Vanessa Hudgens prevents 'Bandslam' red carpet wardrobe malfunction

TMZ 8/6/09 Vanessa Hudgens Attacks Over Naked Pics

E!Online 8/6/09 Bandslam Boy Talks About Kissing Vanessa Hudgens

E!Online 8/5/09 Hudgens: The Real Story on Latest Nude Pics

Digital Spy 8/5/09 Vanessa Hudgens: 'I'm a classy faller'

Zap2It 8/5/09 'Mad Men's' Elisabeth Moss visiting Chelsea, Vanessa Hudgens visiting Jimmy Kimmel

E!Online 8/4/09 Vanessa Hudgens Makes a Mess of Herself

Digital Spy 8/3/09 Hudgens: 'HSM fans put me off having kids'
Digital Spy 7/27/09 Vanessa Hudgens: 'I love living alone'

Digital Spy 7/23/09 Hudgens "more guarded" after nude photo
TMZ 7/20/09 Vanessa Hudgens Feels Violated, Sues

Extra 7/14/09 Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Out
NY Daily News 7/13/09 Vanessa Hudgens is stripping off her clothes to play a hooker in upcoming movie, 'Sucker Punch'
MTV 6/23/09 Vanessa Hudgens 'Taking A Break' From Music To Focus On Acting

BuddyTV 12/16/08 High School Musical: Vanessa Hudgens Celebrates Her 20th Birthday
BuddyTV 12/3/08 High School Musical: Vanessa Hudgens Was Home Schooled
Orlando Sentinel 12/2/08 Vanessa Hudgens reflects on her positives
USA Today 11/4/08 'HSM' graduates plot their project-filled futures
Daily Mail 10/28/08 High School Musical Stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgen Look More In Love Than Ever
E! Online 10/27/08 - Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Get Down At Hawaiian Wedding
MTV 10/24/08 'High School Musical' Stars Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu Aiming For Music-Biz Success
Jam! 10/24/08 Hudgens loved 'High School' graduation
CBS 10/24/08 Bittersweet Finale For "H.S. Musical" Cast
MTV 10/22/08 Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens And Ashley Tisdale Reminisce About Their 'High School Musical' Education
MTV 10/22/08 'High School Musical' Was Vanessa Hudgens' Only High School Experience
Celebrity Spider 10/17/08 Vanessa Hudgens Pranks Zac Efron With School Video Footage
Celebrity Spider 10/13/08 Tom Cruise Offers Vanessa Hudgens Career Advice

Celebrity Spider 10/13/08 Vanessa Hudgens: 'I Was Attacked In London, Not Zac Efron'
LA Times 10/11/08 'High School Musical's' Vanessa Hudgens buys Studio City home for $2.75 million

Digital Spy 10/11/08 'Musical' stars reluctant over fourth film
USA Today 10/10/08 'High School'-ers share their heroes
Celebrity Spider 10/8/08 Vanessa Hudgens Sobbed Over High School Musical
People 10/8/08 Vanessa Is Stumped on a Birthday Gift for Zac
BBC 10/8/08 Stars out for High School Musical
Entertainmentwise 10/8/08 Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens Bring High School Musical Mania To The U.K.
Celebrity Spider 10/7/08 Vanessa Hudgens Buys Her First Home
Celebrity Spider 10/7/08 Ortega Tried To Keep Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Apart
CBS 10/7/08 Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: 'High School''s Cutest Couple
The Sun 10/2/08 Life imitates art for Zac and Van
Celebrity Spider 9/22/08 High School Musical Star Jailed
Celebrity Spider 9/16/08 Miley Cyrus & Jessica Alba Lead Female Charity Drive

Entertainmentwise 9/9/08 Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale Are Millionaires
Metro 8/25/08 Actor Efron lauds girlfriend Hudgens

E! Online 6/23/08 Vanessa Hudgens: Zac Showers!


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