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Actress Marcia Cross was born March 25, 1962 in Marlborough, Massachusetts to parents Janet and Mark.  She has two sisters, Susan and Ellen.  Marcia discovered her love of acting and perhaps for roles a little on the dark side in her sixth grade production of The Witch of Blackbird Pond.  A few years later Marcia was majoring in drama at the prestigious Julliard School in New York.  More here

News Articles about Marcia Cross


People 5/13/12 Mother's Day Recipe: Marcia Cross's Brown Sugar Cookies

Zap2It 5/13/12 Series finale: Eva Longoria & Vanessa Williams join Marcia Cross & Felicity Huffman to reminisce
TV Guide 5/9/12 Desperate Housewives' Dirty Laundry: Bree Van de Kamp's Wild Ride

Celebrity Baby Scoop 12/17/11 Marcia Cross Takes Her Twins Home From School For The Holidays

Celebrity Baby Scoop 6/27/11 Marcia Cross & Daughters Breeze Through Brentwood

Daily Mail 5/19/11 Double the fun for Marcia Cross as she takes her twin daughters to the fair

Daily Mail 4/25/11 Happy family: Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross and husband beaming on sunny day out with their twins

Daily Mail 4/23/11 Marcia Cross is buried alive (and no, this is not some crazy Desperate Housewives storyline)

Daily Mail 2/10/11 Green-fingered Marcia Cross and her twin daughters enjoy a day of gardening in the sun

Daily Mail 2/5/11 Mummy's little girls: Low-key Marcia Cross takes her twin daughters on shopping trip

Daily Mail 12/16/10 Marcia Cross can't find her car keys to get into her car

Daily Mail 10/12/10 Desperate beauty: Bare-faced Marcia Cross looks flawless despite not wearing a scrap of make-up

Daily Mail 10/3/10 Marcia Cross takes her little princesses for tea with Beauty And The Beast

Daily Mail 9/10/10 Marcia Cross is looking desperately buff as she shows off her freshly painted toes

People 9/10/10 Marcia Cross: I Never Told My Daughters Their Dad Had Cancer

People 9/3/10 Marcia Cross Says Michael Douglas's Cancer Fight Gives Her Hope
Daily Mail 8/30/10 Marcia Cross' husband is back in full health as they enjoy a fun filled family day out
Daily Mail 8/22/10 Marcia Cross runs to the Desperate Housewives set wearing fluffy slippers and a price tag on her dress

Digital Spy 7/14/10 Marcia Cross: 'I'm nothing like Bree'

Daily Mail 6/5/10 What a difference a year makes! Marcia Cross' husband looks back to health
Celebrity Baby Scoop 4/25/10 Marcia Cross & Tom Mahoney's Sunday Sweeties

Buddy TV 3/22/10 Marcia Cross Wants Own 'Desperate' Lesbian Storyline

Hello 3/19/10 Marcia Cross' quality time with curly-topped twins

E!Online 3/1/10 Marcia Cross: Jealous of Desperate Lesbian Kiss

Zap2It 1/31/10 'Desperate Housewives': Marcia Cross on Orson vs. Karl

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