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4/30/05 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz to Marry on Saturday

4/30/05 Eminem Court Ruling Supported by Fan Trump

4/30/05 Jennifer Lopez Jeered by Anti-Fur Protesters

4/30/05 Val Kilmer Owes Sobriety to Robert Downey Jr.

4/30/05 Eva Longoria Falls for Prince William

4/30/05 Lisa Snowdon Trusts George Clooney

4/30/05 Eva Mendes Loves the Things Her Family and Friends Used to Poke Fun At

4/30/05 American Idol Controversy Changes Odds

4/30/05 Paris Hilton Surprised With Forgotten Movie Debut

4/30/05 George Clooney Writes to Italians to Promise He's No Beach Stealer

4/30/05 Penelope Cruz Says No to Nose Re-Shaping

4/29/05 Pax TV's Cold Turkey Receives Prism Award

4/29/05 Jennifer Lopez Laughs Off Book Plans

4/29/05 Orlando Bloom Uncomfortable With Sex Appeal

4/29/05 Ian McShane Courts Verbal Assaults

4/29/05 Penelope Cruz Praises Scientology

4/29/05 Love Struck Tom Cruise Talks About His Romance With Katie Holmes

4/29/05 Hanes Taps NBC's The Apprentice Candidates to Design Great American T-Shirt

4/29/05 Julia Roberts Forgives Hugh Grant's Big Mouth Insult

4/29/05 Kylie Minogue Bitter About Neighbors Snub

4/29/05 Jennifer Lopez Prepares for a PETA Showdown

4/29/05 Bravo Announces the Return of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

4/29/05 Bravo Announces the Return of Celebrity Poker Showdown

4/29/05 Bravo Announces Season 2 of Blow Out

4/29/05 Bravo Announces Hidden Howie

4/29/05 Bravo Announces Sports Kids Moms & Dads

4/29/05 Bravo Announces "Situation Comedy"

4/29/05 Bravo Announces "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List"

4/29/05 Bravo Announces "Being Bobby Brown"

4/29/05 Bravo Announces "The Daily News"

4/29/05 Bravo Announces "The Top Chef"

4/29/05 Bravo Announces "The Real Housewives"

4/29/05 Bravo Announces Battle of the Network Reality Stars

4/29/05 ABC Announces "Welcome to the Neighborhood"

4/29/05 ABC Announces "Brat Camp"

4/29/05 ABC Announces "Dancing With the Stars"

4/29/05 ABC Introduces "The Scholar"

4/29/05 NBC Announces Tommy Lee Goes to College

4/29/05 NBC Announces the Return of "The Biggest Loser"

4/29/05 NBC Announces Meet Mr. Mom

4/29/05 NBC Announces The Law Firm

4/29/05 NBC Announces I Want to Be a Hilton

4/29/05 NBC Announces the Return of Average Joe

4/29/05 Fat Actress Sued for Song Infringement

4/29/05 NBC Announces Six New Summer Reality Series

4/29/05 Jo Frost Talks About Supernanny on Letterman Show

4/29/05 Paris Hilton Talks About Nicole Richie Feud on Letterman Show

4/29/05 Druggie Past of American Idol Hopeful Exposed

4/28/05 Penelope Cruz Regrets Getting Too Close to Salma Hayek

4/28/05 Katie Holmes Family Responds to the News She is Dating Tom Cruise

4/28/05 Steven Spielberg's Iconic Masterpiece, Jaws 30th Anniversary DVD Released

4/28/05 Simon Cowell's Il Divo Makes U.S. Chart History With Debut Album

4/28/05 Orlando Bloom's New Sidekick

4/28/05 Paris Hilton Planning a Wedding?

4/28/05 Meredith Viera Uncovers Desperate Housewives Secret

4/28/05 Kelly Ripa "If Somebody Tries to Photograph My Rear-End I Will Put on a Sarong"

4/28/05 Fox Picks up Nanny 911 for Second Season

4/28/05 Rocker Constantine Maroulis is Eliminated From American Idol Competition

4/28/05 Orlando Bloom Fails to Pay Restaurant Bill

4/28/05 Brad Pitt's Africa Charity Trip

4/28/05 Paula Abdul Silences American Idol Drug Reports

4/28/05 Britney Spears: "I'll Quit Pop For My Baby"

4/28/05 Eva Longoria: "I'll Have Brad's Babies"

4/28/05 American Idol Judges Get a Room Makeover

4/28/05 Nanny 911 Preview Clips for May 2nd

4/27/05 Orlando Bloom Took Leading Man Tips From Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp

4/27/05 Lindsay Lohan Accused of Surgically Enhancing Lips

4/27/05 Eva Longoria Joins Women's Festival Board

4/27/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Together in Kenya

4/27/05 Extreme Makeover Show Features Diamond Engagement Ring from Jewelry Exchange

4/27/05 Erika Jo Named Winner of USA Network's Nashville Star 2005

4/27/05 Paula Abdul's Lawyers Fight Idol Expose

4/27/05 David Beckham Fuming Over Nanny's Unfounded Criticism of Victoria

4/27/05 Shakira Goes Black for New Video

4/27/05 Simple Life Preview Clips for April 28

4/27/05 Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba Outshine Male Companions on Trippin'

4/27/05 Paris Hilton's Commercial Too Hot for TV

4/27/05 Nick and Jessica Buy Sin City Home

4/26/05 Bravo and Hearst Entertainment Team Up for "The Daily News Series"

4/26/05 Final Four Apprentice Candidate Design a Commemorative T-Shirt for Hanes

4/26/05 Stacked Preview Clips for April 27

4/26/05 Johnny Depp Movie Causes Upset on Caribbean Island

4/26/05 Paris Hilton Strips to Her Own Tune

4/26/05 Shakira Makes MTV History With Comeback Video

4/26/05 Avril Lavigne "Ashlee's Lip Syncing Nightmare Was a Warning"

4/26/05 Paris Hilton Changes Mind and Reveals Nicole Richie Rift

4/26/05 Paris Hilton Gets Serious With Latsis

4/26/05 Paris Hilton Boosts Security to Keep Paparazzi Away

4/26/05 Ashlee Simpson Wails as She's Accused of Ruining Artwork on Punk'd

4/26/05 George Lucas to Guest Star on The OC

4/26/05 Breaking Up is Hard for Eva

4/26/05 Beyonce Hated Naughty Girl

4/25/05 Madonna Joins Puss in Boots Cast

4/25/05 The OC Preview Clips for April 28

4/25/05 Paris Hilton Arrives Late for Hosting Duties

4/25/05 Jackson Insists She's Positive About Britney Spears Baby News

4/25/05 Tickets for the Live Finale of "The Contender" Go On Sale

4/25/05 Writers Plead With Oprah Winfrey to Support New Work

4/25/05 Alicia Keys Fears Fans Will Desert Her

4/25/05 Paula Abdul Accused of Seducing American Idol Contestant

4/25/05 "24" Preview Clips for April 25th

4/25/05 Cooking Under Fire Heats up the Web On PBS.org

4/25/05 Felicity Huffman Denies Tension Amongst Housewives

4/25/05 Luketic: "Reese Witherspoon is No Fun"

4/25/05 Alicia Keys Finally Writes Real Diary

4/25/05 Vegas Reverend Insists Britney Spears Was Sober at Wedding

4/24/05 Ashton Kutcher Recalls Gun Incident in Punk'd

4/24/05 Amanda Peet Fell In Love With Ashton Kutcher

4/24/05 Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz Share a Bed

4/24/05 Beckhams Consider Taking Legal Action Over Nanny Story

4/24/05 New Pope Hits Out at Harry Potter Books

4/24/05 Marcia Cross Turned to Therapy to Leave First Love

4/24/05 Elizabeth Hurley's Eastern Chic is a Fashion Faux-Pas in India

4/24/05 Val Kilmer Dating Greek Heiress

4/24/05 Jennifer Lopez to Write About the Pressure of Being a Star

4/24/05 Beckham's on Verge of Splitting Says Former Nanny

4/23/05 Elizabeth Hurley Wants Twins

4/23/05 Christina Aguilera's Nail Color Made Fiancé Alter Engagement Ring

4/23/05 Nicole Kidman "Charity is More Important Than Movies"

4/23/05 Sean Penn: "Robin Banished My Madonna Demons"

4/23/05 Lindsay Lohan Targeted by Burglars

4/23/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Slams Male Co-Stars

4/23/05 Nicole Kidman's Kids Control Her Career

4/23/05 Russell Crowe's Single Sinks Without a Trace

4/23/05 Paris Hilton Signs With Top Talent Agency

4/22/05 Buddy Jewell Set to Spend Album Release With Fans

4/22/05 The Scale Doesn't Lie!

4/22/05 Poll Shows Jon Stewart Popular Choice to Replace Dan Rather

4/22/05 Nicole Kidman Continues to Battle to Stop Bing Rumors

4/22/05 Beyonce Knowles Hates Bootylicious

4/22/05 Eva Longoria Sparks Shoe Craze

4/22/05 Ashton Kutcher Flashes Webbed Toes

4/22/05 Anna Nicole Smith Wardrobe Malfunction at Country Show

4/22/05 Destination Elizabeth Hurley Beach

4/22/05 Winner of NBC's 'The Apprentice II' to be Honored with 'Outstanding Young Californian' Award

4/22/05 Extreme Makeover Puts Orthognathic Surgery Front and Center

4/22/05 Brosnan: "I Had No Patience for Pregnant Teri Hatcher"

4/22/05 American Idol Hopeful Constantine Maroulis Album Released

4/22/05 Eva Longoria "I'll Get Married in My 40's"

4/22/05 Ruben Studdard Headlines Gala for Children

4/22/05 Paula Abdul Recalls the Pain that Sent Her Into Hiding

4/21/05 Staples "Desk Apprentice" Becomes a Reality

4/21/05 Jon Stewart Shoots Down Rumors That He Will Replace Dan Rather at CBS

4/21/05 Ashton Kutcher's Dashed Punk'd Hopes for Pope

4/21/05 Jennifer Lopez Considers Writing Celebrity Help Book

4/21/05 Anna Nicole Smith Goes to War With Farrah Fawcett Over Comment

4/21/05 Paula Abdul Settles Stylist's Suit

4/21/05 Nicole Kidman "I Need a Rest"

4/21/05 Simon Cowell Fumes Over Ryan Seacrest Honor

4/21/05 Cold Turkey II Smoker Quits The Show

4/21/05 Anwar Robinson is Eliminated From American Idol Competition

4/21/05 Britney Spears Health Fears Allayed

4/21/05 Eva Longoria Can Only Wear Housewives Lingerie Once

4/21/05 Paris Hilton: "Nicole Richie Wasn't My First Choice for Reality Show"

4/21/05 Paula Abdul Reveals Weak Bladder Problem

4/20/05 Jennifer Aniston Fan Undergoes Surgery to Look Like Her Favorite Friend

4/20/05 Paris Hilton Confirms Rift With Nicole Richie

4/20/05 Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Engaged?

4/20/05 Jennifer Lopez Under Threat from Animal Rights Group

4/20/05 Ashton Kutcher's Lonely Teen Years

4/20/05 No Vegas Wedding for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

4/20/05 Simon Cowell: "Get Out and Vote"

4/20/05 Elizabeth Hurley Tested Large Swimsuits on Sister

4/20/05 Pamela Anderson Blasts Jennifer Lopez and 'P Diddy Over Fur Coats

4/20/05 Barker and Moakler Enjoy a Gas Free Romance

4/19/05 Eminem Taught Brittany Murphy to Give the Finger

4/19/05 Ashton Kutcher Promises Not to Punk Brittany Murphy

4/19/05 Stacked Preview Clips for April 20th

4/19/05 Reality Couple Rob & Amber Get Married On Television

4/19/05 Oprah Winfrey's Magazine Behind New Book

4/19/05 Travis Barker Bans Cameras From Shooting His Gun Collection

4/19/05 Clay Aiken Fights The Bullies on Dr. Phil Show

4/19/05 Ashton Kutcher Reveals He Made a Bet to Model Underwear

4/19/05 The Five Final Apprentice Candidates Invent New Office Product for Staples

4/19/05 Justin Timberlake Wants Stone as His Lover

4/19/05 Ben Affleck to Become a Teacher

4/19/05 Eva Longoria's Movie Dreams

4/19/05 Flirty Waiter Sparks Restaurant Chaos for Nicole Richie on Punk'd

4/19/05 The OC Preview Clips for April 21st

4/18/05 Russell Crowe Dabbled With Scientology

4/18/05 Ailing LeAnn Rimes Backs Out of Nashville Star for a Second Week

4/18/05 GSN Renews and Expands It's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Inventory

4/18/05 Spike TV Signs On With Super Agent Premiering July 22

4/18/05 Fourth Season American Idol Finalists Release Single to Benefit Red Cross

4/18/05 Usher Claims Goods Were Stolen From Trump Property

4/18/05 Reese Witherspoon Considers Legal Action After Paparazzi Clash

4/18/05 Avril Lavigne to Play Shatner's Daughter on Film?

4/18/05 Paula Abdul Can't Find a Lawyer

4/18/05 Elizabeth Hurley Slams One Meal a Day Rumors

4/18/05 Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Environmentally Friendly

4/18/05 The Swan’s Health & Fitness Expert Debbie Siebers Crows about New Men’s Fashion Collection

4/18/05 Bookworm Drew Barrymore Loves Her Novels

4/18/05 Tara Reid and Jesse Metcalfe Get Intimate at LA Party

4/17/05 Kylie Minogue Dumps Hot Pants Stylist

4/17/05 Drew Barrymore Perfects Vomiting Scenes With Mushroom Soup

4/17/05 Part Time Rocker Russell Crowe Slammed By Grunt Bandmate

4/17/05 Jessica Simpson Glad to Be Typecast

4/17/05 Vin Diesel Fears Movies Hinder His Fatherhood Dream

4/17/05 Catherine Zeta Jones to Pay for Sick Cousin's Treatment

4/17/05 Pamela Anderson Forgives Tommy Lee

4/17/05 Eminem Bully Snubbed By Courts

4/17/05 Britney & Kevin Caught Short in Ice Cream Parlor

4/17/05 Eva Longoria Returns to Her Ancestral Home

4/16/05 Eminem on Lockdown When He's in the Studio

4/16/05 George Clooney to Upset Locals With Legal Win

4/16/05 Tennis Coach Impressed With Kate Winslet's Court Skills

4/16/05 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to Become Neighbors?

4/16/05 Penelope Cruz & Matthew McConaughey Mixed Up About Romance

4/16/05 Jennifer Lopez Gives Slapping Lessons to Jane Fonda

4/16/05 Usher Reveals Work-Out Secrets

4/16/05 Clueless Alicia Silverstone

4/16/06 Natalie Portman to Shave Head

4/16/05 Jessica Alba's Fish Fears

4/16/05 "24" Preview Clips for April 18th

4/15/05 Is it the End of the Road for Paris and Nicole?

4/15/05 Anna Kournikova Shows Off Her Singing Skills to Enrique's Voice Coach

4/15/05 Ashlee Simpson Ignored Her Lip-Synching Critics

4/15/05 Paris Hilton Excited About New Simple Life

4/15/05 Sentimental Britney Spears Returns to Site of Baby's Conception

4/15/05 Elizabeth Hurley's Simian Employees Help With Fashion

4/15/05 Paris Hilton to Promote Chicken Sandwiches?

4/15/05 Britney Spears: "I Won't Give Up Career for Baby"

4/15/05 Nanny 911 Preview Clips for April 18

4/15/05 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Monkey Around for Burger King

4/15/05 Britney Spears Fumes Over Baby Sex Quote

4/15/05 Charlie O'Connell's Bachelor Turn Slammed

4/14/05 FOX Re-Books an Encored of Stacked, Starring Pamela Anderson

4/14/05 Anna Kournikova Writes Her Will

4/14/05 Tyra Banks in Screaming Match With Wannabe Model

4/14/05 Britney's Reality Show Lands a Debut Date

4/14/05 Fed Up Jessica Simpson Speaks Out Again about Marriage

4/14/05 Pamela Anderson's Son Horrified by Hugh Hefner's Job

4/14/05 Ashton Kutcher Caught Up in Secret Service Punk'd Prank

4/14/05 Britney's Mother is Top Bet for Baby's Name

4/14/05 Record Number of Votes Cast as Nadia Turner is Eliminated From American Idol

4/14/05 Pamela Anderson Set Strict Rules Before Making TV Return

4/14/05 Fantasia Tries to Impress Denzel Washington With TV Roles

4/14/05 It's a Girl, Not Yet a Woman for Britney Spears

4/14/05 The OC Preview Clips for April 14

4/13/05 53% of Moms and Dads Think Britney Spears Should Put Parenthood on Hold

4/13/05 Eminem's Anger Management Advice for 50 Cent

4/13/05 Desperate Housewives Stars Launch New Charity

4/13/05 Pamela Anderson: "Where's My Clothes?"

4/13/05 Housewives Present a United Front at Teri Hatcher's Big Night

4/13/05 Stars of Spike TV Show Ultimate Fighter to Clash in UFC 52

4/13/05 Kate Winslet Puts Hollywood in Second Place

4/13/05 Jennifer Aniston: "Childhood Trauma Blighted My Marriage"

4/13/05 Young Interviewer Fears She'll Upset Britney Spears

4/13/05 Drew Barrymore Misses Cameron Diaz's South American Trip

4/13/05 Paris Hilton Compares Herself to Great Grandad

4/13/05 Britney Spears: "I'm Pregnant"

4/12/05 Piestewa Family Surprised With New Home Courtesy of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

4/12/05 Knockout Ratings for The Ultimate Fighter Finale on Spike TV

4/12/05 Alfre Woodard Joins Desperate Housewives Cast

4/12/05 LeAnn Rimes Pulls Out of Nashville Star With Broken Blood Vessel

4/12/05 Apprentice Season Three Finale May 19th

4/12/05 Orlando Bloom Blown Away by U2 Experience

4/12/05 Britney Spears Duped by Tabloid Protégé

4/12/05 There's Crying in the Boardroom on This Weeks Apprentice

4/12/05 Mel Gibson Plans Pope Movie

4/12/05 Exhausted Kylie Minogue Quits Touring

4/12/05 Joss Stone in Babysitting Nightmare on Punk'd

4/12/05 Nick Lachey: "When Will the Rumors End?"

4/12/05 Keira Knightley Lusts After Hugh Grant

4/12/05 Desperate Eva Longoria Defends Marcia Cross

4/11/05 Bravo Announces "The Million Dollar Recipe" Premiere May 2nd

4/11/05 Brittany Murphy Stands Trial for Early Talking Claims

4/11/05 Beyonce and Tina Knowles' House Of Dereon To Outfit Destiny's Child World

4/11/05 BET Premieres Reality Series Blowin' Up! Fatty Koo April 21st at 9:30PM

4/11/05 Jane Fonda Based "Monster-in-Law" Character on Ted Turner

4/11/05 Trump's Apprentice Boy Arrested at Florida Hotel

4/11/05 Eva Longoria Disputes Vanity Fair Account of Photo Shoot

4/11/05 Val Kilmer to Give Up Hollywood Work to Make UK Stage Debut

4/11/05 Jennifer Aniston Becomes Coco's Godmother

4/11/05 Jennifer Lopez Album Marketing Goes $150,000 Over Budget

4/11/05 Britney Spears Gives Exclusive Interview to School Girl

4/11/05 Ashton Kutcher Contemplated Suicide

4/11/05 Mandy Moore Snubs Good Girl Role

4/11/05 Jamie Foxx Makes Time's Most Influential List

4/11/05 Brittany Murphy Fixes Her Own Nose

4/10/05 Kate Winslet Grows to Like Hollywood

4/10/05 Alicia Silverstone Struggles With Beauty Shop Training

4/10/05 Nicole Kidman Uses Tom Cruise Marriage as a Template for Love
4/10/05 Orlando Bloom Gets Broody

4/10/05 Nicole Kidman Attacks Media's Romance Tales

4/10/05 Madonna Concentrates on Producing Movies

4/10/05 Scarlett Johansson is After Younger Men

4/10/05 Nicole Kidman Takes Strength From Catholicism

4/10/05 Love on Hold for Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth

4/10/05 Griffin, Sanchez are the Ultimate Fighters; Franklin Defeats Shamrock in Main Event

4/9/05 Orlando Bloom Escapes Paparazzi Chaos in Brazil

4/9/05 Brittany Murphy Strips For the Troops

4/9/05 Brittany Murphy to Get Driver's License by June

4/9/05 Hilary Duff Defends Bush

4/9/05 Trump Advises Cameron Diaz to Stop Fighting and Start Acting

4/9/05 Shakira to Get "Orally Fixated" Twice This Year

4/9/05 Unreleased Britney Spears Track Becomes Instant Hit

4/9/05 Alicia Keys Battles America's Obesity

4/9/05 Orlando Bloom Calm About Lead Debut

4/9/05 Olsen Twins Furnish Bedrooms

4/9/05 George Clooney and Cate Blanchett Eye Post War Thriller

4/8/05 Colgate-Palmolive Allegedly Copycats Apprentice Commercial

4/8/05 Nicole Kidman Wins Penn Friend

4/8/05 Orlando Bloom Shocked by His Celebrity Status

4/8/05 Heidi Klum Bans Kids From Modeling

4/8/05 PETA Fights Back at Jennifer Lopez

4/8/05 Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal Laugh Off Marriage

4/8/05 Brad Pitt Slams Angelina Jolie Hotel Romance Report

4/8/05 Hilary Duff Buys New Dog a $50 Dress

4/8/05 Kelly Clarkson's DNA For Sale Online

4/8/05 24 Show Clips for April 11th

4/8/05 Drew Barrymore Reunites With Mother

4/8/05 Paris Hilton Not Impressed With Australian Stay

4/7/05 Penelope Cruz Prefers to Kiss Theron

4/7/05 Colin Farrell Accuser Fails Lie Detector Test

4/7/05 The Osbournes Get New Lease on Life on Web

4/7/05 Nicky and Paris Hilton Become Cartoon Strip Stars

4/7/05 Over Half of Access Hollywood Viewers Polled Say The Star is Most Salacious

4/7/05 Brad Pitt Sets Record Straight on Report He's Currently Dating Angelina Jolie

4/7/05 Seal and Heidi Klum Plan Summer Wedding

4/7/05 Anna Kournikova Stalker Ruled Incompetent

4/7/05 Kelly Clarkson Compares Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton

4/7/05 Anna Nicole Smith Cancels Seal-Clubbing Newfoundland Trip

4/7/05 Record Number of Votes Cast as Nikko Smith is Eliminated from American Idol

4/7/05 Madonna Can't Comprehend Her Children

4/7/05 Britney Spears Barred From Looking After Stepson

4/6/05 Paris Hilton Video Copyright Infringement Federal Lawsuit Filed by Red Light District

4/6/05 Time Runs Out as One Team Gets Clotheslined on The Apprentice

4/6/05 Fox Uses Friendstar Blogs to Introduce Fans to Cast and Crew of "Stacked"

4/6/05 Desperate Housewives Star James Denton Still Living Modestly

4/6/05 Ricky Gervais Defends American Office

4/6/05 Nicole Richie Turns Nasty to Foil Thief

4/6/05 Ashlee Simpson's Guy Has Wandering Eye
4/6/05 Kelly Osbourne Mad at Druggy Ozzy

4/6/05 Lindsay Lohan Blasts Reports She's Dating Slater

4/6/05 Brad Pitt Moves Out to Malibu

4/6/05 Nicole Kidman Corrects Her Pregnancy Comments

4/6/05 Britney Spears Safeguarded Fortune Before Marriage

4/6/05 Cameron Diaz Takes a Tumble in Chile

4/5/05 Teri Hatcher Shuns Publicists

4/5/05 Paris Hilton Sex Tape Owners Sue the First Of the Pirates

4/5/05 Eva Longoria Linked to 24 Star

4/5/05 Britney Spears Tells Real Love Story With Reality TV Show

4/5/05 NBC Announces New Special "Home Intervention"

4/5/05 Cameron Diaz to Host NBC's Saturday Night Live April 9th

4/5/05 Locklear and Flockhart Address Desperate Housewives Role Rumors

4/5/05 Teri Hatcher Sits Down With Nancy O'Dell for Interview

4/5/05 L'Oreal Paris Signs Eva Longoria as New Spokesperson

4/5/05 VH1 Presents Eminem: The Ultimate Encore

4/5/05 Bronson Pinchot Guest Stars on NBC's Law & Order: Criminal Intent

4/5/05 New Talk Show to Interview American Idol "Psycho"

4/5/05 Mary Kate Olsen Smitten

4/5/05 Desperate Housewives Edited After Pope Death

4/5/05 Ryan Seacrest to Host and Produce "American Top 40 Live" on FOX

4/5/05 Hilary Duff Confident She Won't Be A Dysfunctional Adult

4/5/05 Eva Longoria Defends Her TV Fling With Teen

4/5/05 American Idol Star's Criminal Past Comes Back to Haunt Him

4/5/05 Desperate Housewives Catfight on Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

4/5/05 The Honeymoon is Over! Marriage 911 Debuts April 25th

4/4/05 Eminem and 50 Cent Announce Summer Tour "Anger Management 3" Dates

4/4/05 Will Smith Weighs In on His Son Trey's First Reporting Job

4/4/05 Penelope Cruz Fears Being Punk'd By Salma Hayek

4/4/05 Paris Hilton Teams Up With Mewes in Drinking Buddy Comedy

4/4/05 Otto Slam's Heidi Klum's "Fired Over Pregnancy" Claims

4/4/05 Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria Join Britney Spears Tabloid Attack

4/4/05 Death Cab for Cutie and T.I. to Perform on "The OC"

4/4/05 Alicia Keys Moved By Pupils African Performance

4/4/05 L'Oreal Tells Eva Longoria She's Worth It

4/4/05 Pamela Anderson's Chat Show Chaos

4/4/05 Jessica Simpson Mocks Buffalo Faux Pas

4/4/05 Paula Abdul in More Car Troubles

4/4/05 Jude Law's Marriage to Sienna Miller on Hold

4/3/05 Pamela Anderson Praises Canadian Women's Creativity in Bed

4/3/05 Ozzy Osbourne Believes English Home Is Cursed

4/3/05 Penelope Cruz Happy to Survive Terrifying Plane Ordeal

4/3/05 Ozzy Osbourne Wants Musical Career Acknowledged

4/3/05 Madonna's Role Cut From Film - By Her Husband

4/3/05 Keira Knightly Inspired By Love for Accent

4/3/05 Beckham's Nanny Quits Following Row Over Mistress

4/3/05 Christina Aguilera Slammed for Skechers Ad

4/3/05 Britney Spears Turned Down by Desperate Housewives Makers

4/3/05 Madonna Blasted for Religious Beliefs

4/2/05 Jude Law and Sadie Frost Plan Holiday Together

4/2/05 Kiera Knightley's Outgoing Persona is an Act

4/2/05 Cameron Diaz Hates Her Saggy Butt

4/2/05 Haylie and Hilary Duff Take Up Correspondent Duties

4/2/05 Catherine Zeta Jones Rubbishes Dallas Rumors

4/2/05 Pamela Anderson's "Stacked" Raises Huge Laughs

4/2/05 Penelope Cruz Conversed With Her Camel Co-Star

4/2/05 Pamela Anderson Thought She'd Already Dated Dorff

4/2/05 Sharon and Aimee Osbourne Pull Out of London Play

4/2/05 Ashlee Simpson Backs Teen Pregnancy Campaign

4/2/05 24 Preview Clips for April 4th

4/1/05 Domino's Pizza Launches New Cheeseburger Pizza As Seen on 'The Apprentice'

4/1/05 Duncan: "Ben Affleck is not Impressive Naked"

4/1/05 Sandra Bullock's Special Star Request

4/1/05 Kylie Minogue's Stylist Pal Urges to Quit

4/1/05 Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek's Boring Friendship

4/1/05 Alicia Silverstone Wants to Publish Restaurant Guide

4/1/05 Kelly Rowan's Raw Food Diet

4/1/05 Desperate Housewives Stars Support Britney Spears' Attack on Tabloids

4/1/05 Eva Longoria Dreams of Sportsmen

4/1/05 American Idol Ruben Studdard Guest Stars on "Life on a Stick"

4/1/05 Paris Hilton Offered Prostitute Job

4/1/05 Desperate Housewives Protect Eva Longoria

4/1/05 Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd Prank Leaves Vartan Unimpressed

4/1/05 Nanny 911 Preview Clips for April 4th


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