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4/30/06 Donald Trump Becomes Scottish Ambassador

4/30/06 Britney Spears Fires Four Minders

4/30/06 Anna Nicole Smith Wins Chance to Chase Millions

4/30/06 Scott Storch Defends Paris Hilton

4/30/06 Lost Stars Promise Sex-Off

4/30/06 Ashton Kutcher Guest Stars on Series Finale of "That 70's Show" May 18th

4/30/06 Malcolm in the Middle Series Finale to Air May 14th

4/30/06 ABC, Channel 4 and Seven Network Launch Global Interactive "Lost Experience"

4/30/06 Series Finale of "Alias" Starring Jennifer Garner to Air May 22nd

4/29/06 Michael Bolton Babysat Paula Abdul

4/29/06 Jennifer Lopez Wary of World Politics

4/29/06 Hugh Jackman Horrified by Punk'd Prank

4/29/06 Johnny Depp Sues Over Ruined Views

4/29/06 Kylie Minogue Buys Island Paradise

4/29/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Plan Water Birth

4/29/06 Jack Osbourne Offered Thousands For Celebrity Love Island

4/29/06 Tom Cruise is Up in the Clouds

4/29/06 George Clooney's a Fan of Lost Star Evangeline Lilly

4/29/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Offends Gulf War Veterans

4/29/06 New American Idol Odds Posted

4/29/06 Melinda Helps Hundreds of Plane Crash Victims on the next "Ghost Whisperer"

4/29/06 NBC Picks Up Medium For 2006-07 Season

4/29/06 Kelli Kirkland Powers Hosts HGTV's "Takeover My Makeover"

4/28/06 Angelina Jolie Asks Laura Bush to Nudge Her Husband Towards Education

4/28/06 Michelle Rodriguez Released From Jail

4/28/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Hesitant About New Hair

4/28/06 Mischa Barton to Design Fashion Line

4/28/06 Pamela Anderson Fights for Primate Rights

4/28/06 50 Cent Hits Out at Oprah Winfrey

4/28/06 50 Cent: Eminem is Going to be All Right

4/28/06 Nicole Kidman's Winter Wedding

4/28/06 Eminem Pays Mother's Medical Bills

4/28/06 Angelina Jolie Fires Hollywood Agents

4/28/06 Video Clips of "24" Creator Discussing Upcoming "24" Movie

4/28/06 Superstars Big & Rich Return for Season Finale of Nashville Star

4/28/06 Preview for So Notorious April 30th Episode

4/28/06 Preview for Hogan Knows Best April 30th Episode

4/28/06 Preview for The Surreal Life April 30th Episode

4/28/06 Sandy is Chosen as Newport's Man of the Year on the Next "The OC"

4/28/06 Two Episodes of American Inventor, Thursday May 4th

4/28/06 Templeton is Sworn in as Acting President on the next Commander in Chief

4/28/06 Two Episodes of My Name is Earl to Air May 4th

4/28/06 Chris Runs Into Trouble With the Law on the next Everybody Hates Chris

4/27/06 Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler Slam Vanity Fair Piece

4/27/06 Jennifer Lopez Sought More "Peace and Goodness After Ben Affleck Split

4/27/06 Namibia's Tourist Hopes Over Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie Circus

4/27/06 Kylie Minogue Back in the Studio

4/27/06 Eva Longoria Idolizes Catherine Zeta-Jones

4/27/06 Jennifer Lopez Learns to Love Her Ankles

4/27/06 Angelina Jolie Calls the Press

4/27/06 Angelina Jolie: "We're Prepared for Anything"

4/27/06 Kylie Minogue Revamps Home

4/27/06 Jennifer Lopez Fell in Love With Marc Anthony's Humor

4/27/06 ID Group Helps Francisco Patino With His Product on American Inventor

4/27/06 Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook Sales Double After American Idol Appearance

4/27/06 Another Blowout on The Apprentice, Monday May 1st

4/27/06 Kellie Pickler Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week - Birth Year Songs

4/27/06 Casaya is Forced to Vote Out One of Their Own Tonight on Survivor: Panama

4/27/06 Bravo Announces Season 2 of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List June 6th

4/27/06 American Idol April 26th - Who Got Voted Out Tonight?

4/27/06 Russell & Underlay Try to Uncover the Hidden Hybrids on the next "Invasion"

4/27/06 Britney Spears is Five Months Pregnant

4/27/06 Friends With Money Soundtrack Available May 9th

4/27/06 Michael is Brought Back to Camp on the Next Episode of "Lost"

4/26/06 Queen Rocker Angered by American Idol Edit

4/26/06 Shakira Wins Big at Billboard Latin Music Awards

4/26/06 Brenda Blethyn's Water Fight With Brad Pitt

4/26/06 Angelina Jolie Urges Her Kids to Get Educated and Become Good People

4/26/06 Kylie Minogue Seeks Sisters Advice on New Hair

4/26/06 Miley Cyrus Signs Record Deal

4/26/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Team Up for Atlas Shrugged?

4/26/06 Angelina Jolie Gets Giggles During TV Chat

4/26/06 Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez Voted Off the Island

4/26/06 Jennifer Lopez: "I'm Misunderstood"

4/26/06 Cops Celebrates 650th Episode Saturday, May 20th

4/26/06 A Very Colorful Final Six - Survivor Panama is Ending With a Great Mix

4/26/06 Surface to Air Missiles Must be Destroyed Next Week on "The Unit"

4/26/06 A Fierce Rivalry Between Two Teams Heats Up Tonight on The Amazing Race

4/26/06 NBC Announces Game Show Phenomenon "1 Versus 100"

4/25/06 Ludacris to Rap About Oprah Winfrey Feud

4/25/06 Jessica Simpson Devastated by Nick Lachey Tell-All

4/25/06 Marc Cherry Failed College Writing Challenge

4/25/06 Elizabeth Hurley Dropped From Project Catwalk

4/25/06 Tom Cruise: "Her Name is Kate Now"

4/25/06 Brad Pitt Buys Angelina Jolie Wedding Crystal

4/25/06 Pink Set for Face Off With Paris Hilton

4/25/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Security Slammed by Human Rights Group

4/25/06 Angelina Jolie: "Brown for Prime Minister"

4/25/06 Tom Cruise Makes Jamie Foxx and Kanye West Uncles

4/25/06 ABC Announces "Lost Video Diaries" For Mobile Distribution

4/25/06 ABC Presents Oprah Winfrey Legends Ball May 15th

4/25/06 Andrea Bocelli Takes the American Idol Stage Wednesday April 16th

4/25/06 Disturbing Developments Escalate Emotions on the next Episode of "24"

4/25/06 Michael is Forced to Move Up the Breakout Timetable on the next "Prison Break"

4/25/06 Supernanny Meets Her Most Volatile Child to Date, Monday May 1st

4/25/06 A Rodeo Champ and a Social Butterfly Switch Places on the Next Wife Swap

4/25/06 Barnyard Movie Uses State of the Art Animation Techniques

4/24/06 Michelle Rodriguez Blames Steroids for Bad Behavior

4/24/06 Jennifer Lopez and MTV Team Up for Reality Show

4/24/06 Jude Law and Sienna Miller Back Together?

4/24/06 Tom Cruise Eyes Collaboration With Katie Holmes

4/24/06 Angelina Jolie Signs Maddox Up for Yoga Classes

4/24/06 Angelina Jolie Breaks Silence on Relationship With Brad Pitt

4/24/06 Jamie-Lynn Sigler Blasts Sopranos Star Lillo Brancato

4/24/06 Christina Aguilera Video Caught Up in Street Protest

4/24/06 Teri Hatcher Suffers Eye Injury During Desperate Housewives Filming

4/24/06 Paula Abdul Denies Ryan Seacrest Feud

4/24/06 Lily's Father Shows Up on the Next Episode of Desperate Housewives

4/24/06 Preview for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Sunday April 30th

4/24/06 Columbia Pictures Launches RV Pile Up Game

4/23/06 Kylie Minogue to Collaborate With Scissor Sisters

4/23/06 Nick Lachey Blasts Jann Wenner

4/23/06 Britney Spears Fires Nanny

4/23/06 Mischa Barton Stays Away From Politics

4/23/06 Angelina Jolie Speaks

4/23/06 Lost Star Goes to Jail

4/23/06 Is Britney Spears Pregnant?

4/23/06 Keira Knightley Loves to Swing

4/23/06 Jennifer Lopez Loves Reclusive Life

4/23/06 Eva Longoria Laughs Off Kiefer Sutherland Rumors

4/22/06 Lost Star Fuels Baby Rumors

4/22/06 Brian Quintana Offers Paris Hilton a Last Chance for Peace

4/22/06 Dominic Monaghan Slams Paris Hilton

4/22/06 Oprah Winfrey Gets Pedophile Jailed for 52 Years

4/22/06 Namibia Promises Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Privacy

4/22/06 Jennifer Lopez's Stiletto Style

4/22/06 Ryan Seacrest Admits Feud With Paula Abdul

4/22/06 Rupert Grint Leaves School

4/22/06 New Dad Tom Cruise Accomplished Premiere Mission

4/22/06 Elisha Cuthbert Thrilled With Playstation 24 Game

4/22/06 That 70's Show: The Final Goodbye to Air May 11th

4/22/06 Melinda is Haunted by a Pilot & Flight Attendant on the next Ghost Whisperer

4/21/06 Nick Lachey Denies Album Slights Jessica Simpson

4/21/06 Sean Stewart and Randy Spelling Team Up for Reality Show

4/21/06 Jennifer Aniston Quits Smoking to Sing

4/21/06 Namibia Deports Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Paparazzi

4/21/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Ask for Privacy

4/21/06 Britney Spears No Show at Kevin Federline Gig

4/21/06 Evangeline Lilly Still Determined to be a Missionary

4/21/06 Madonna Shared Lesbian Lover With Angelina Jolie

4/21/06 Keira Knightley Gets Lessons on How to Walk in Heels

4/21/06 Hugh Grant: "Reality TV is For Freaks"

4/21/06 Preview for Lost Wednesday, April 26th

4/21/06 Desperate Housewives Take a Look Back, Sunday April 23rd

4/21/06 Top 12 American Inventor Semifinalist Revealed

4/21/06 Back to Back "So Notorious" Premieres Sunday, April 23rd

4/21/06 Hulk and Linda Celebrate Anniversary on the next Hogan Knows Best

4/21/06 Preview for The Surreal Life April 23rd

4/21/06 Chris Takes A Playboy Magazine to School on the next Everybody Hates Chris

4/21/06 A Policeman's Badge Must be Returned on the Next "My Name is Earl"

4/21/06 Mac Addresses Urban Unrest Next Week on Commander in Chief

4/21/06 Three Semifinalist Finalize Their Products Next Week on American Inventor

4/21/06 Lisa Tucker Appears on Next Weeks Senior Prom Episode of "The OC"

4/21/06 Dwight Finds Drugs in the Parking Lot on the Next Episode of The Office

4/21/06 Two Episodes of My Name is Earl, April 27th

4/21/06 Preview for April 22nd Final Episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

4/21/06 Preview Clips for April 24th Episode of "24"

4/20/06 Adam Levine Confronts Nick Lackey Over Jessica Simpson Rumors

4/20/06 Eva Longoria to Revisit Fast Food Past

4/20/06 Vanessa Minnillo Denies Nick Lachey Romance

4/20/06 Eva Longoria Defends Openness

4/20/06 Brad Pitt's Contest to Rebuild New Orleans

4/20/06 Survivor Richard Hatch Sentencing Delayed

4/20/06 Kiefer Sutherland Sacked as Tour Manager

4/20/06 Angelina Jolie Takes Out Ad for Darfur Aid

4/20/06 Nick Lachey Reveals Painful Split Secrets in New Video

4/20/06 Eminem's Divorce Plans Remain a Mystery to His Wife

4/20/06 "Faking It" Star Hosts New HGTV Show "Takeover my Makeover"

4/20/06 PBS Launches Companion Website for "Texas Ranch House"

4/20/06 Dr Phil Special: Escaping Danger to Air May 19th on CBS

4/20/06 A Surprise Torture Training Course Next Week on "The Unit"

4/20/06 The Models Pose Upside Down on the Next Episode of America's Next Top Model

4/20/06 Ashley Judd and Hank Williams Jr. to Appear Next Week on Nashville Star

4/20/06 Special Episode of America's Next Top Model to Air April 26th

4/20/06 One Castaway Suffers a Medical Emergency Tonight on Survivor: Panama

4/20/06 Russell's Investigation of the Hybrids May Cost Him His Job Next Week on "Invasion"

4/20/06 Preview for April 20th Episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

4/20/06 Teams Sell Ellis Island Souvenir Programs Next Week on "The Apprentice"

4/20/06 Ace Young Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week - Classic Love Songs

4/20/06 American Idol April 19th “Ace Was Dealt a Bad Hand”

4/19/06 Elizabeth Hurley's Cold Shower Secret

4/19/06 Eva Longoria Challenged to Shooting Contest

4/19/06 Kiefer Sutherland Thrilled to be Grandfather at 39
4/19/06 Britney Spears Supports Kevin Federline at Listening Party

4/19/06 Mandy Moore: "I Would Have Auditioned for American Idol

4/19/06 Simon Cowell to Knock Down Jennifer Lopez Home

4/19/06 Ne-Yo Gives American Idol Star a Boost

4/19/06 Katie Holmes and Suri Home From Hospital

4/19/06 Rod Stewart Impressed by American Idols

4/19/06 It's Baby Suri for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

4/19/06 NBC's 10.5: Apocalypse to Premiere May 21st and 23rd

4/19/06 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Teams With Alure in Westchester NY

4/19/06 Mariah Carey Teams With Pepsi for Summer Ringtone Promotion

4/19/06 VH1 Airs Three Episode So NoTORIous Marathon April 23rd

4/19/06 7-Eleven Introduces P'EatZZa Sandwich Featured on The Apprentice

4/19/06 NBC's "The Apprentice" Gives Viewers The Chance to Win $10,000

4/19/06 American Idol April 18th “These Songs ARE the Standards”

4/19/06 Teams Face a Difficult Detour in Oman on Tonight's Episode of The Amazing Race

4/19/06 Preview for April 19th Episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

4/18/06 Nicole Kidman Congratulates Katie Holmes, Not Tom Cruise on Birth

4/18/06 Jessica Simpson Goes for Jennifer Lopez Look

4/18/06 Angelina Jolie to Star in Third Tomb Raider Movie

4/18/06 JK Rowling Supports MS Center

4/18/06 Paris Hilton Turns Home Into Club Paris for Boyfriend

4/18/06 Lost Siblings Start Dating

4/18/06 Angelina Jolie's Lesbian Ex Warns Brad Pitt

4/18/06 Nick Lachey Still Not Over Jessica Simpson

4/18/06 Paula Abdul Snapper Captures Fight

4/18/06 Kim Basinger to Join 24 Cast?

4/18/06 American Idol Quitter Mario Vazquez to Release Album This Summer

4/18/06 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sets IMAX Record

4/18/06 Katie Holmes & Brooke Shields Deliver Babies at Same LA Hospital

4/18/06 Nick Verreos gives Beverly Hills People his perspective on Project Runway

4/18/06 Jo Frost Tackles Ill-Behaved Triplets Next Week on Supernanny

4/18/06 Preview April 24th Episode of Wife Swap

4/18/06 Jack Bauer Investigates New Leads Next Week on "24"

4/18/06 Kelly Clarkson Tour Schedule Announced

4/18/06 Lincoln Learns Why He Was Framed on the Next Episode of "Prison Break"

4/18/06 Preview for April 18th Episode of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

4/17/06 SNL Cast Staged Lindsay Lohan Intervention

4/17/06 Jessica Simpson Wearing Her Wedding Band Again

4/17/06 Nick Lachey Unsure if Jessica Simpson Cheated

4/17/06 Paris Hilton to Release Mobile Games

4/17/06 Nick Lachey: "Jessica Simpson Decided Marriage Was Over"

4/17/06 Hilary Duff Hates Paparazzi But Loves Celebrity Magazines

4/17/06 Orlando Bloom's Celebrity Apology

4/17/06 Teri Hatcher Receives Apology From British Paper

4/17/06 Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson Fighting Over Dallas Role

4/17/06 Eva Longoria Desperate to Leave Desperate Housewives

4/17/06 Rod Stewart Takes the American Idol Stage April 19th

4/17/06 Family That Rescues Animals Featured on next Extreme Makeover Home Edition

4/17/06 The Da Vinci Code Online Puzzle Adventure Announced

4/17/06 Paramount Pictures "Barnyard" to be Released in Theatres July 28th

4/16/06 Elizabeth Hurley Confirms "I'll Marry"

4/16/06 Tony Parker Saved Eva Longoria From Paris Hilton Lifestyle

4/16/06 Elizabeth Hurley Gets Her Bikini Out Again

4/16/06 Eva Longoria Jealous of Nicollette Sheridan's Rock

4/16/06 Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain Resolve Resolve Sex Tape Battle

4/16/06 Marcia Cross Wanted to be Desperate Housewives Narrator

4/16/06 Teri Hatcher Happy About Non-Sexy Roles

4/16/06 Shakira to Headline Soccer Final

4/16/06 Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston Mock Wedding Reports

4/16/06 Angelina Jolie's Security Boss Gets Tough With Paparazzi

4/16/06 Scary Movie 4 Sets Box Office Record

4/15/06 Jamie Foxx Leaks Eva Longoria Wedding Plans?

4/15/06 Zhang Yimou to Direct Olympic Ceremonies

4/15/06 Jennifer Lopez Hit With Legal Action

4/15/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Upset Locals in Namibia

4/15/06 Tom Cruise: "No Oprah Regrets"

4/15/06 Will Young Slams Pop Idol Song

4/15/06 Eva Longoria Thrilled She Missed Out on Spanglish

4/15/06 Paris Hilton Addicted to Poker

4/15/06 Jessica Simpson Enjoys Steamy Make-out Sessions

4/15/06 Eminem's Friends Fear He is Suicidal

4/14/06 Brian May Regrets American Idol Appearance

4/14/06 Jessica Simpson Denies Breach of Contract

4/14/06 Britney Spears Heading for Small Screen Stardom?

4/14/06 Carmen Electra Seeks a New Prince

4/14/06 Lost Star Recalls Blood Disease

4/14/06 Mandy Moore Devastated to Miss American Idol

4/14/06 Simon Cowell Cringes at His Own Insults

4/14/06 Chris Enrolls in Karate Classes on the next Everybody Hates Chris

4/14/06 One Model Faces a Surgical Procedure Next Week on America's Next Top Model

4/14/06 Leslie Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

4/14/06 One Castaway Suffers a Medical Emergency Next Week on Survivor: Panama

4/14/06 Anna, Theresa and The Baby Return Next Week to "The OC"

4/14/06 Kate Disappears Unexpectedly on the next Commander in Chief

4/14/06 Semifinalists Use $50K Towards Finalizing Their Product on the next American Inventor

4/13/06 Paula Abdul Accuses Ryan Seacrest of Fuming Over Rolling Stones Snub

4/13/06 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Odds Over Birth Place

4/13/06 Josh Holloway Considered Playboy Lifestyle

4/13/06 Paula Abdul "Lied" About Attack

4/13/06 Daniel Radcliffe Sets National Portrait Gallery Record

4/13/06 Kiefer Sutherland Reveals 24 Movie Plans

4/13/06 Britney Spears Slams Child Endangerment Allegations

4/13/06 Lindsay Lohan Turns Mean Girl as Jessica Simpson Forgets Her Manners

4/13/06 Evangeline Lilly Loathed Good Looks

4/13/06 Ian McKellen: "I Doubted Lord of the Rings"

4/13/06 Trace Adkins & Patti Labelle to Appear on Nashville Star April 18th

4/13/06 Last Comic Standing to Be Selected by Viewer Vote; Season Kicks Off May 30

4/13/06 NBC Offers Celebrity Cooking Showdown Viewers Chance to Win Dream Kitchen

4/13/06 VH1 Picks Up Second Season of Flavor of Love

4/13/06 Bucky Covington Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week - Rod Stewart

4/13/06 American Idol April 12th “The Door Slammed”

4/12/06 Rebecca Romijn Regrets Helping Charlie O'Connell Become The Bachelor

4/12/06 Ordinary Boy Preston to Marry Celebrity Big Brother's Chantelle

4/12/06 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch Held in Protective Custody

4/12/06 Simon Cowell Blames "Mad" Paula Abdul for Clashes

4/12/06 Britney Spears Cleared in Mystery Child Services Probe

4/12/06 Ivana Trump's Reality Women Scared Away From Show by Jealous Exes

4/12/06 Lost Star Wants Scarlett Johansson's Career

4/12/06 The OC Bosses Dismiss Mischa Barton Speculation

4/12/06 American Idol Caught Up in Another Scandal

4/12/06 Paula Abdul Makes Awkward Television Appearance

4/12/06 CBS Announces Big Brother 7 Will Be All-Stars Version

4/12/06 American Idol April 11th “W're You Rocked”

4/12/06 Wynn Las Vegas Releases American Idol Odds

4/12/06 Da Vinci Code Themed Challenge Highlight Tonight's Next Episode of The Amazing Race

4/12/06 Land Rover Pairs With Maria Sharapova

4/12/06 CBS Announces "Keith Barry: Extraordinary" Special May 12th

4/11/06 Brad Pitt's Tattoo Blessing

4/11/06 Lost Star Slams Britain

4/11/06 Angelina Jolie Hits Out at Jennifer Aniston Over Oprah Appearance

4/11/06 Simon Cowell: "I Miss Sharon Osbourne"

4/11/06 Carmen Electra Shocked by on Air Arousal

4/11/06 Ashton Kutcher Proud of Explosive Prank on Hugh Jackman

4/11/06 Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Vacation With Family in Australia

4/11/06 Carrie Underwood Big Winner at CMT Awards

4/11/06 Carmen Electra Credits Friendship for Marriage Success

4/11/06 Molly Ringwald Set to Guest Star on NBC's "Medium"

4/11/06 Kathy Griffin Serves Up Celebrity Dirt on Bravo Special May 9th

4/11/06 Bravo Announces Million Dollar Listing to Premiere June 12th

4/11/06 Julia Roberts Discusses Broadway Play & Ocean's Thirteen

4/11/06 Certain Castaways Opt Out of Immunity Challenge on the Next Survivor: Panama

4/11/06 Double Episode of American Inventor This Week on ABC

4/11/06 Jack & Audrey Reunite With the Secretary to Defense on the next Episode of 24

4/11/06 Michael Tries to Reconstruct His Tattoo Next Week on "Prison Break"

4/11/06 Dad Admits He's the Fourth Problem Child on the Next Episode of Supernanny

4/11/06 An Etiquette Teacher & the Mother of Three Wild Boys This Week on Wife Swap

4/11/06 Allison is on the Trail of a Serial Killer on the Next Episode of "Medium"

4/11/06 NBC Announces Premiere of America's Got Talent June 21st

4/11/06 NBC Announces June 18th Premiere Treasure Hunters

4/11/06 New Season of Last Comic Standing Premieres May 30th

4/10/06 Brad Pitt Offers Cocktails for Being a Noisy Neighbor

4/10/06 Jessica Simpson Meets With Dallas Producers

4/10/06 Madonna's Marital Woes

4/10/06 Jennifer Lopez Fights to Keep Ex-Husband Quiet

4/10/06 Lost Cast to be Culled by Catastrophe?

4/10/06 Lost Stars Staged Exorcism

4/10/06 Michael Douglas Apologizes to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for Misquote

4/10/06 Nicole Richie Loves Simon Cowell

4/10/06 Michael Bolton Knew He Would Marry Nicollette Sheridan

4/10/06 Sleep Deprivation Caused Eminem to Crack Up

4/10/06 7-Eleven P'Eatzza Sandwich Featured on The Apprentice

4/10/06 Extreme Makeover After the Storm Moves to Texas April 14th

4/10/06 Ultimate Fighter 3 on Spike Debuts to 2.4 Million Viewers

4/10/06 Kiefer Sutherland Creates New Production Company to be Based at FOX

4/10/06 "Blow Out" Stylist Brandon Martinez Featured in Bravo Special May 9th

4/10/06 American Idol Returns to Kodak Theatre for Finale May 23 & 24th

4/10/06 King Kong Premieres on Pay Per View May 11th

4/10/06 Principal Photography Completed for The Stranger Game Starring Mimi Rogers

4/10/06 Hannah Montana Episode Three Recap

4/10/06 Invasion Returning April 19th; Russell and Dave Discover Szura's Hybrid Island

4/10/06 Bree's Father and Stepmother Come to Town on the next Desperate Housewives

4/10/06 Community Leaders Featured on the next Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

4/10/06 Commander in Chief Returns This Week

4/9/06 Mollie Sue Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

4/9/06 Peter Jackson: "Naomi Watts Deserved King Kong Oscar"

4/9/06 Lindsay Lohan "Too American" For Louis Vuitton

4/9/06 Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar Eye Up Bikini Babes

4/9/06 Pamela Anderson Defends "Disgraceful Past"

4/9/06 Nicole Richie Considers Nose Job

4/9/06 Gwyneth Paltrow Has Baby Boy

4/9/06 Kevin Federline's Ex Begs Britney Spears to Slim Down Quick

4/9/06 Jessica Simpson Sued Over Fashion Snub

4/9/06 Nicole Richie: "Stop the Skinny Slurs"

4/9/06 Film Bosses Use Duct Tape to Promote New Jennifer Aniston Movie

4/9/06 Preview for April 12th Episode of Heist

4/9/06 Pride and Prejudice Premieres on Pay Per View This Week

4/8/06 Evangeline Lilly Dresses Up to Tone Down

4/8/06 Three More Long Days for Jack Bauer

4/8/06 Evangeline Lilly Failed to Recognize Hobbit at Lost Audition

4/8/06 Evangeline Lilly Annoyed by Laid Back Hawaiian Lifestyle

4/8/06 Whoopi Goldberg Appeared on American Idol for Grandchildren

4/8/06 Teri Hatcher to be Highest Paid Actress

4/8/06 Harry Potter Star Becomes an Extra

4/8/06 Peter Jackson: "I Wanted a Comic King Kong"

4/8/06 Eminem's Ex After Millions?

4/8/06 Carrie Underwood Scores Platinum Record

4/8/06 Special Miss USA Edition of Deal or No Deal Wednesday, April 12th

4/8/06 Preview for Episode 1 of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

4/8/06 Melinda Helps the Sprit of a Troubled Comedian on the Next Ghost Whisperer

4/8/06 Trading Spouses Season Finale April 14th

4/8/06 Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee Top American Idol Odds

4/8/06 American Idol Betting Strategies

4/7/06 Tori Spelling's Dog Has Own Fashion Designer

4/7/06 Kiefer Sutherland Concerned About His Drinking Habit

4/7/06 New York Magazine Set to Stun With Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Photo Hoax

4/7/06 Kiefer Sutherland Plays Drinking Game With 24 Fans

4/7/06 Evangeline Lilly: "Matthew Fox is Our Surrogate Dad"

4/7/06 Eminem Angered by Retirement Rumors

4/7/06 Wentworth Miller Desperate for Saucy Fan Mail

4/7/06 Pamela Anderson Joins the Dolls

4/7/06 Paris Hilton Plans Vegas Bash for Boyfriend's Birthday

4/7/06 Eva Longoria Becomes Plus Size Cover Girl

4/7/06 The Andy Milonakis Show Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

4/7/06 Ratings Report: Survivor Panama Tops NBC and ABC Combined

4/7/06 Vh1 Brings Back Love Monkey

4/7/06 Preview for Hogan Knows Best April 9th Episode

4/7/06 Preview for The Surreal Life April 9th Episode

4/7/06 Trading Spouses Preview Clips for April 7th

4/7/06 Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg Announce New FOX Show "On the Lot"

4/7/06 Two Episodes of My Name is Earl Thursday, April 13 2006

4/7/06 The Field is Narrowed to Final 12 on the next Episode of American Inventor

4/7/06 Volchok and His Friends Go to Far Next Week on The OC

4/7/06 Chris Tries to Get Himself Expelled on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

4/6/06 Carmen Electra Delights Fans at Lesbian Festival

4/6/06 Lindsay Lohan Dines McFly Co-Stars

4/6/06 Jennifer Lopez Plans Exotic Tour Dates

4/6/06 Jennifer Aniston Looking to Move to Chicago?

4/6/06 Gabrielle Union Thanks Oprah Winfrey For Saving Her Life

4/6/06 Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra

4/6/06 Eminem Blasts Kim Over Divorce Interview

4/6/06 Wentworth Miller Too Busy to Find Love

4/6/06 Paris Hilton Slams Mother Teresa Rumors

4/6/06 Ellen DeGeneres Offers to Find Jennifer Aniston a Home

4/6/06 Ratings Report: Amazing Race Finds Success at New Pit Stop

4/6/06 Special Double Episode of The Apprentice Monday, April 10th

4/6/06 Mandisa is Eliminated From American Idol, Next Week - Queen

4/6/06 American Idol April 5th “Shocked”

4/6/06 One Contestant Shocks Everyone Next Week on America's Next Top Model

4/6/06 Madonna Announces World Tour Dates

4/6/06 Jack and Kate Rekindle Old Feelings Next Week on Lost

4/6/06 DreamWorks Announces Animated Film "Punk Farm"

4/5/06 Prince Unlikely to Make American Idol Appearance

4/5/06 Shakira Angers American Idol Producers

4/5/06 Paula Abdul Attacked

4/5/06 Ryan Seacrest: "Simon Cowell is Pompous"

4/5/06 Lindsay Lohan Laughs Off Numerous Romances

4/5/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Cause a Stir in Namibia

4/5/06 Paris Hilton: "Born to be a Pop Star"

4/5/06 Wentworth Miller Scares Fans

4/5/06 Jennifer Aniston Makes Brad Pitt Joke on Tonight Show

4/5/06 JK Rowling Blasts Influence of Skinny Models

4/5/06 Ratings Report: The Unit Marches On

4/5/06 American Idol April 4th “Country Song Bust”

4/5/06 American Idol Finalist Lisa Tucker to Guest Star on "The OC"

4/5/06 Several Teams Get Lost Tonight on The Amazing Race

4/5/06 Undiscovered Band Contest Announced for "John Tucker Must Die" Movie

4/4/06 Lindsay Lohan Demands Magazine Apology

4/4/06 Julia Roberts Fights to Protect New Mexico Land

4/4/06 Teri Hatcher Still Single Despite Ryan Seacrest Smooch

4/4/06 Jessica Simpson Shifts Gear on New Album

4/4/06 Paris Hilton Denies Stavros Niarchos Split

4/4/06 Eminem Files for Divorce

4/4/06 Keira Knightley Afraid to Marry

4/4/06 Kate Beckinsale Punk'd by Ex-Boyfriend

4/4/06 Tom Cruise Denies Adult Pacifier For Katie Holmes

4/4/06 Robert De Niro Makes Reality TV Power Move

4/4/06 Mark Burnett Productions and MSN Renew Rock Star Partnership for Season 2

4/4/06 Hannah Montana Episode Two Recap

4/4/06 Hannah Montana Episode One Recap

4/4/06 An Iron Fisted Mom and an Easygoing Mother Next Week on Wife Swap

4/4/06 Unexpected Twist Changes Direction of The Investigation on the next "24"

4/4/06 Lincoln Fears for Michael's Sanity Next Week on Prison Break

4/4/06 Ace Hardware Featured on the Next Episode of The Apprentice

4/3/06 Britney Spears Turns Dance Teacher

4/3/06 Lost Star's Real Life Air Plane Courage

4/3/06 Evangeline Lilly Hates Hawaiian Winters

4/3/06 Naomi Campbell Pulls Out of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

4/3/06 John Travolta Support Tom Cruise Over Silent Birth Plans

4/3/06 Catherine Keener Defends Jennifer Aniston on TV

4/3/06 Tom Cruise's Death Bed Meeting With Bad Dad

4/3/06 Jessica Alba Forgives Playboy Over Into the Blue Photo

4/3/06 Sir Tom Jones Attacks Justin Timberlake and Friends

4/3/06 Paris Hilton Blasts Nicole Richie Again

4/3/06 King Kong Roars on DVD

4/3/06 Kenny Rogers to Perform on American Idol Wednesday, April 5th

4/3/06 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Ink Deal With Airborne Entertainment

4/3/06 Next Week Extreme Makeover Home Edition Helps a High School Coach

4/2/06 Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher to Adopt?

4/2/06 Prince to Perform on American Idol

4/2/06 Laguna Beach Star Lands First Feature Film

4/2/06 Nicole Kidman Denies Tom Cruise Annulment

4/2/06 Jessica Simpson Lands Pamela Anderson Baywatch Movie Role

4/2/06 Jennifer Aniston Laughs Off Wedding Race Rumors

4/2/06 Shakira Honored for Humanitarian Work

4/2/06 Teri Hatcher Discusses Her Relationship With Ryan Seacrest

4/2/06 Nicole Richie Helps DJ AM Celebrate Birthday in Style

4/2/06 Kate Beckinsale Joins Wonder Woman Race

4/2/06 Vh1 Presents: Britney's Secret Childhood

4/2/06 So Notorious Series Premiere Preview

4/2/06 Hogan Knows Best Preview for April 2nd

4/2/06 Preview for The Surreal Life April 2nd Episode

4/2/06 New York Movie Theater Pulls Trailer for United 93 After Audience Complaints

4/1/06 Julia Roberts Brings in Big Broadway Box Office

4/1/06 Brad Pitt to Build Hotel Resort

4/1/06 Britney's Birthday Dwarves Slammed as a Sick Stunt

4/1/06 George Clooney and Julia Roberts Go Green for Vanity Fair

4/1/06 Brad Pitt's Humanitarian Efforts Not Inspired by Angelina Jolie

4/1/06 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Wed This Summer

4/1/06 Clive Owen Thanks Julia Roberts for Jennifer Aniston

4/1/06 Brad Pitt Miserable in Paris

4/1/06 Jonathan Rhys Meyers: "Tom Cruise is So Strict"

4/1/06 Sienna Miller Under High Security Protection

4/1/06 CMT Goes Behind the Scenes of Miss America Pageant in Finding Miss America

4/1/06 Special Two Hour Deal or No Deal Episode on Monday April 3rd

4/1/06 A Suburb Mom and A City Mom Switch Places on the next Trading Spouses

4/1/06 Melinda Fears She Has Lost Her Gift on the Next "Ghost Whisperer"


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