American Idol April 5th “Shocked”





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American Idol April 5th “Shocked”  4/6/06


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By Marcus

Last week Kenny Rogers coached the contestants in the subtleties of country music. Did you realize that he is four times the age of Paris? He was probably singing before her parents were even born! And what a career he has experienced. Well tonight, the hopeful eight all want that same success. But for one of them, it was not going to happen. 

I thought the bottom three would be Ace, Bucky and Katharine. But noooooo. After tabulating over 30 million votes, the bottom three contestants were Mandisa, Elliott and Paris. How could Paris possibly be in that bottom third? Elliott is an acceptable loss. And after two weeks of not very inspiring songs, Mandisa was also no major surprise to be in the bottom. But Bucky definitely should have been in the bottom three. In fact, Bucky and Paris needed to exchange positions. 

But when it was announced that Mandisa was voted off, I was floored. Literally. I was crawling on my hands and knees, cleaning out my ears and thinking "What? No way! Gotta be an ugly mistake." Mandisa gone? True, her last two songs were poorly selected. But that voice is incredible. I am saddened that she is gone. Bucky or Elliott should have been packing for a trip home, but not her. 

Have we seen the last of Mandisa? No we have not because if what I have been told is true, she has a bright future as a full-figured women's clothing product endorser not to mention her full throttled voice. 

If tonight is only recognized for this one thing, it is this: vote. Do not assume your favorite will survive.


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