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8/31/05 Britney Spears Slammed by Fans

8/31/05 Bam Margera Severs Ties With Jessica Simpson

8/31/05 Eva Longoria Won't Get Engaged at the Eiffel Tower Like "Cheesy" Tom Cruise

8/31/05 Britney Spears Slams Retirement Rumors

8/31/05 James Denton Desperate to Help Hurricane Victims

8/31/05 Naked Mermaids Wash Up on Lost Set

8/31/05 Naveen Andrews Adapting Well to Los Angeles

8/31/05 Jerry Hall "Kept" Poster Banned

8/31/05 Jessica Simpson's Stage Dive

8/31/05 NBC Reveals Donald Trump's Handpicked Candidates for The Apprentice 4

8/31/05 Angelina Jolie to Take Legal Action

8/30/05 Nicollette Sheridan's Well Fed Dogs

8/30/05 Hilary Duff Visits War Heroes

8/30/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Mark 9/11 Anniversary

8/30/05 Busy Tyra Banks Ditches Her Pop Career

8/30/05 Beyonce Knowles Goes From VMA's to Vegas

8/30/05 Prison Break Premiere to Encore Thursday, Sept. 1

8/30/05 MTV Unplugged: Alicia Keys to To Debut on MTV Overdrive September 15th

8/30/05 Lost Star's Tantrum Nearly Cost Him His Role

8/30/05 Britney Spears Snubs Baby Shop

8/30/05 Naveen Andrews: "When Do I Die?"

8/30/05 Father Figure Brad Pitt Cares for Angelina Jolie's Kids

8/30/05 Paris Hilton Slams Scott Storch Speculation

8/30/05 Jennifer Aniston Intruder Pleads Innocent

8/30/05 Charlize Theron Guest Stars in Five Episodes of Arrested Development

8/30/05 Additional Presenters Named for Emmy Awards

8/29/05 Jessica Alba Wants to be President

8/29/05 Kelly Clarkson: "I Want to Start a Pop Fight"

8/29/05 Pamela Anderson: "Women Love Me"

8/29/05 Evangeline Lilly Dreamed of Missionary Position

8/29/05 Jessica Alba: "Musclemen Look Ridiculous"

8/29/05 Angelina Jolie Joins Wyclef as Favor to Maddox

8/29/05 Bikini Outfit Left Eva Longoria in a Fit of Nerves

8/29/05 Drug Addict Romance Was Horrible for Scarlett Johansson

8/29/05 Terry Gilliam Still Upset About Harry Potter Snub

8/29/05 Evangeline Lilly Refuses to Skinny Dipp With Lost Co-Star

8/29/05 VH1's New Reality Series "My Fair Brady" Premieres Sunday September 11th

8/29/05 ABC Announces Wife Swap Premiere September 12th

8/29/05 The Remaining Three Designers Tackle Their Final Assignment on "The Cut"

8/28/05 Britney Spears Slams Teen Rage Reports

8/28/05 Ricky Martin Thrills Eva Longoria

8/28/05 Eva Longoria and Carmen Electra Bond Over Basketball Boyfriends

8/28/05 Hilary Duff Slams Raunchy Teen Stars

8/28/05 Paltrow: "Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Shouldn't Have Talked About Marriage"

8/28/05 Matt Damon Sticks Up for Ben Affleck

8/28/05 Evangeline Lilly Fields Disapproving Parents Over Kissing Scenes

8/28/05 Hilary Duff to Change the World

8/28/05 Kelly Clarkson Stunned to be Named First VMA Winner

8/28/05 Kylie Minogue Hopes to Perform at Commonwealth Games

8/28/05 Prison Break Preview Clips for August 29th

8/27/05 Stars Lost Out on Cash

8/27/05 Nicole Richie Wants Diana Ross' Mahogany Role

8/27/05 Break Up Emails Tell Pamela Anderson the Truth

8/27/05 Tara Reid Books Hotel Room to House Shoes

8/27/05 Pamela Anderson: "I'll Never Have a Facelift"

8/27/05 Eva Longoria Thanks Boyfriend's Mom For Nursing Her Back to Health

8/27/05 Bobby Brown Airs His Most Embarrassing Moments

8/27/05 Christina Aguilera Upset by Britney Spears Battle Stories

8/27/05 Teri Hatcher Can't Find Her Perfect Man

8/27/05 Goldfrapp Slams The OC

8/26/05 Feuding Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson Make Up

8/26/05 Paris Hilton Furious at Sister for Agreeing to be Nicole Richie's Bridesmaid 

8/26/05 Power Shift in the Big Brother 6 House Pushes Rachel Out the Door

8/26/05 Jessica Simpson Rubbishes Anorexic Rumors

8/26/05 Jessica Simpson Slams Music Pressure

8/26/05 Angelina Jolie Thrilled as Magazine Buys Her Cowboy Sketch

8/26/05 Pamela Anderson Plans to Beat Hepatitis C

8/26/05 Angelina Jolie's Latest Adoption Increases Ethiopia Interest

8/26/05 Britney Spears' Baby a Boy, Say Stars

8/26/05 "24's" Clock Starts to Tick as Season 5 Cast Assembles

8/26/05 Elijah Wood Addicted to Lost

8/26/05 Patrick Swayze Offers John O'Hurley Dance Lessons for TV Showdown

8/25/05 Pamela Anderson Thrilled With Hotel Recording Session

8/25/05 Another Pitcher For Alyssa Milano

8/25/05 Teenage Rape Victim Claims "I'm the Mother of Angelina Jolie's Baby"

8/25/05 Nicole Richie Visits Children Living With HIV

8/25/05 Man Breaks Into Jennifer Aniston's Malibu Home

8/25/05 Ashlee Simpson Wants to Be Brad Pitt So She Can Hook Up With Angelina Jolie

8/25/05 The Four Remaining Designers Are Given Their Dirtiest Assignment on The Cut

8/25/05 CBS Announces Premiere of "Threshold" September 16th

8/25/05 America's Vote to Determine Winner of Situation: Comedy

8/25/05 Lost Star Emilie De Ravin Set for Spontaneous Wedding

8/25/05 Sportsbook Posts Odds on Survivor Guatemala and The Amazing Race 8

8/25/05 Presenters Announced for 57th Annual Emmy Awards

8/25/05 Sandra Colton and Jonnis Are Eliminated From So You Think You Can Dance

8/25/05 Pamela Anderson Holds Gay Wedding for Her Dogs

8/25/05 Hilary Duff Has Veneers to Cover Bad Teeth

8/25/05 Voldemort Sketches Sold Fiennes on Harry Potter Role

8/25/05 Brad Pitt Keen to Hook Up With Tom Cruise's Ex PR Guru

8/25/05 Infidelity Expert Discusses Jude Law and Sienna Miller on the Today Show

8/25/05 Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Soundtrack Rises to the Occasion

8/25/05 Wedding Crashers Breaks $180M to Become Top Grossing Comedy of 2005

8/25/05 Rock Star INXS Delivers It's Most Watched Wednesday Broadcast

8/24/05 Teri Hatcher Slams Eating Disorder Rumor

8/24/05 Eva Longoria Battles Headaches on Desperate Housewives Set

8/24/05 Britney Spears Husband Lands a Job

8/24/05 VH1 Announces New Series "My Fair Brady" Premier September 11

8/24/05 VH1 Announces Premiere of "Breaking Bonaduce" on September 11

8/24/05 VH1 Announces New Series Celebrity Pop Superstar

8/24/05 John O'Hurley Dances on Stage as Host of Mrs. America Competition

8/24/05 Tom Westman Signs on as Spokesman for Caribbean Joe Clothing Line

8/24/05 Hilary Duff's Best Tops Charts

8/24/05 Brad Pitt and George Clooney Hold Casino Meeting With Donald Trump

8/24/05 Pamela Anderson's Singing Debut Will Need Studio Fixing Says Tommy Lee

8/24/05 The Biggest Loser Contestants Announced

8/24/05 Ashlee Simpson to Appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show

8/24/05 Nicole Kidman to Arrange Meeting With Angelina Jolie for Cancer Sufferer

8/24/05 Jack Osbourne Fools Simon Cowell on X Factor

8/24/05 Orlando Bloom Back With Kate Bosworth

8/24/05 Jessica Simpson Sets Sight on Shakespeare

8/24/05 Mary Tyler Moore Guest Stars on "That 70's Show"

8/24/05 The 40 Year Old Virgin Opens at Number One

8/24/05 Bold Films Greenlights Emilio Estevez Project "Bobby"

8/24/05 Vh1 Presents All New Lineup for the Fall Season

8/23/05 Desperate Housewife Edie to Become a Mother

8/23/05 Harry Potter Thief Pleads Guilty to Threatening Reporter

8/23/05 Nicole Richie: I Was Once Branded Voluptuous
8/23/05 Writer Sues Lost Producers

8/23/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Tour Dinosaur Museum

8/23/05 Nicole Richie Enjoys Britney Spears Music, Fiancé Does Not

8/23/05 Big Brother 6 Offers Viewers a Second America's Choice Vote

8/23/05 Gloria Estefan and Shania Twain Pay Tribute to Desperate Housewives on Album

8/23/05 Charlotte Church Disgusted by Party Girl Reid

8/23/05 Pamela Anderson Steers New Novel Away From Her Real Life

8/23/05 Sharon Osbourne Forgives Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh

8/23/05 Over 3 Million Votes Cast on "So You Think You Can Dance"

8/23/05 Prison Break on FOX Interview Clips

8/23/05 Stacked Starring Pamela Anderson Begins Season 2 Wednesday November 9th

8/23/05 That '70s Show Premieres Season 8 on Wednesday November 2

8/23/05 Quotables From NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien

8/23/05 THINKFilm Announces Ratings Appeal for Where the Truth Lies

8/23/05 R. Kelly Set for Debut VMA Performance in Miami

8/22/05 Movie Soundtrack Released for Just Like Heaven

8/22/05 Victoria Gotti Clarifies Breast Cancer Reports

8/22/05 Matthew Fox Doesn't Want Female Stalkers to Get Lost

8/22/05 Heidi Klum Ditches Baby Food

8/22/05 Nick and Jessica's Thunderbolt Wedding Night

8/22/05 Tara Reid Angers American Pie Co-Star Jason Biggs 

8/22/05 Emilie De Ravin Swapped Ballet for Acting

8/22/05 Bo Bice Undergoes Emergency Surgery

8/22/05 Fashion Bug Introduces Jessica Simpson Jeans

8/22/05 The Contender and Rematch is On, Mora vs Manfredo October 15th

8/22/05 Angelina Jolie Takes on Another Maternal Role

8/22/05 Ashton Kutcher Blocks The Game Inside Moat to Escape Violence on Punk'd

8/22/05 Kathy Griffin Joins Days of Our Lives on September 26th

8/22/05 My Kind of Town Goes to Hopedale, Massachusetts August 28th

8/22/05 Presenters Announced for The 57th Annual Emmy Awards

8/22/05 Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Divorce Granted

8/22/05 It's Payback Time in the Big Brother House

8/22/05 Martha Stewart Selects Advisors for The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

8/22/05 Bravo Presents the Complete Season of The Law Firm

8/22/05 Rock Star INXS To Air Special One Hour Episode on Wednesday

8/22/05 Preview Clips for The War at Home on FOX Network

8/22/05 Bruce Willis to Join Halle Berry in Revolution Studios' 'Perfect Stranger'

8/21/05 Janice Dickinson Shunned on The Surreal Life

8/21/05 Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's VMA Sponsor Pulls Out

8/21/05 Naveen Andrews Shuns Hawaii Activities for Shopping

8/21/05 Carmen Electra Takes on Intruding Scorpion as Her Pet

8/21/05 Kelly Clarkson Slams Lip-Sync Claims

8/21/05 Carmen Electra in Love With Eugene Levy

8/21/05 Pamela Anderson Urges Men to be More Persistent

8/21/05 Pamela Anderson Tackles by Sacha Baron Cohen

8/21/05 Stallone's Contender Secured for Second Round

8/21/05 Hilary Duff House Hunting in NYC

8/20/05 Evangeline Lilly: Dominic Monaghan is My Favorite Person

8/20/05 Pamela Anderson Abused at the Hands of Andy Dick

8/20/05 Jude Law Replaced by George Clooney Following Affair

8/20/05 Jude Law Supported by Sienna Miller's Mother

8/20/05 George Clooney Delighted For Content Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

8/20/05 Brad Pitt Defends Jennifer Aniston Against Unflattering Press

8/20/05 Lost Almost Axed by British TV Bosses

8/20/05 Britney Spears Married to British TV Presenter

8/20/05 Big Brother Summary for August 20th

8/20/05 Who is Going to Win Big Brother 6?

8/20/05 Pamela Anderson Sings for Bryan Adams

8/20/05 Paris Hilton Forced to Go Out in Disguise in Greece

8/19/05 Teri Hatcher Wants a Man to Shave Her Legs

8/19/05 Anna Nicole Smith Slams Vh1

8/19/05 Eva Longoria Returns to Work

8/19/05 Wednesday Edition of Rock Star: INXS Gaining Ratings Momentum

8/19/05 Kaysar Ridha Evicted From Big Brother House One Week After Returning

8/19/05 Jude Law Finally Dumped by Sienna Miller

8/19/05 Simon Cowell Judged For Having Bigger Breasts Than Sharon Osbourne

8/19/05 Six Feet Under Star Peter Krause To Celebrate Birthday All Month

8/19/05 Jessica Alba Loves Older Men

8/19/05 Oprah Winfrey Gives Texas School Children a Treat

8/19/05 Hilary Duff Cuts Out Fries to Slim Down

8/19/05 Jennifer Aniston Throws Dinner Cruise for Friends Castmates

8/18/05 Big Brother Summary for August 18th

8/18/05 John O'Hurley vs Kelly Monoco in "Dancing With the Stars" Rematch

8/18/05 J Records Signs American Idol Dropout Mario Vazquez

8/18/05 Is Kirsten Dunst Carrying Jake Gyllenhaal's Baby?

8/18/05 Jon Voight Wishes Angelina Jolie the Best With Brad Pitt

8/18/05 Paris Hilton Attacked for Reported Dumping Tinkerbell

8/18/05 The Final 6 Remaining Designers Face Double Elimination on "The Cut"

8/18/05 Candidates Announced for The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

8/18/05 Two Big Brother 6 Houseguest Fall Victim to the First Double Eviction of the Season

8/18/05 Teri Hatcher: "I'd Consider Sleeping With Hookers"

8/18/05 Eva Longoria Struck by Falling Pole on Desperate Housewives Set

8/18/05 Simon Cowell's Large Car Collection

8/18/05 Janice Dickinson to Celebrate Her 50th All Year Round

8/18/05 Production Begins on "The Good Shepard" With Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie

8/18/05 Oprah Winfrey to Give Speech at Charity Event

8/17/05 BET Announces 2005 Comedy Awards to be Telecast September 27

8/17/05 Britney Spears Expecting a Baby Boy

8/17/05 Lost Star Naveen Andrews Vows Never to Return to London

8/17/05 Eva Longoria Loves Foreign Accents

8/17/05 Lost Star Michael Pitt Slams Money Grabbing Stars

8/17/05 Simon Cowell Wants Puppies

8/17/05 Jessica Simpson Sought as Las Vegas Performer

8/17/05 Mr. X Takes You for a Ride in "Four Brothers"

8/17/05 Shania Twain Career Retrospective Premieres August 22 on XM Satellite Radio

8/17/05 Simon Cowell Slammed by X Factor Winner

8/17/05 Naveen Andrews Praises His Influential Lost Character

8/17/05 Simon Cowell Wants to Bash Paris Hilton

8/17/05 Tommy Lee Loved His Tutor's Armpits

8/17/05 Madonna Pretty Banged Up by Horse Accident Says Spokesperson

8/17/05 Eminem Cancels Upcoming European Tour as He Seeks Treatment for Exhaustion

8/17/05 Desperate Housewives Wins Inaugural V Cast Teen Choice Award

8/17/05 Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neal Star in TV Movie "Vampire Bats"

8/16/05 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Hire Private Divorce Judge

8/16/05 Tara Reid Hates Her Wild Child Reputation

8/16/05 Paris Hilton Supports Tara Reid

8/16/05 Ashton Kutcher Makes Avril Lavigne Cry on Punk'd

8/16/05 Paris Latsis Too Young to Wed Paris Hilton Says Dad

8/16/05 VH1 Goes Back to School Each Friday Night Beginning August 19

8/16/05 Tara Reid to Give Up Career for Kids

8/16/05 Katie Holmes Hits Back at Tom Cruise Critics

8/16/05 Jennifer Aniston's Public Rage for Brad Pitt

8/16/05 Ashlee Simpson Denies Lindsay Lohan Jibe

8/16/05 My Kind of Town Goes to Mt. Horeb Wisconsin for August 21st Show

8/16/05 Contestants Announced for Amazing Race: Family Edition Premiering Sept 27

8/16/05 Evangeline Lilly Praises Lost Co-Star Dominic Monaghan's Attitude to Fame

8/16/05 Batman Begins Sets Another IMAX Box Office Record

8/15/05 Angelina Jolie to Appear in MTV Africa Documentary

8/15/05 Sharon Osbourne Amazed to Still Be Presenting With Simon Cowell

8/15/05 Ashton Kutcher Catches Defiant Shaquille O'Neal on Punk'd

8/15/05 Tara Reid Disgusted by Fetish

8/15/05 Eva Longoria Picks Up Bootleg Desperate Housewives DVD's in China

8/15/05 Clay Aiken Quits Los Angeles

8/15/05 Tommy Lee Licks Eva Longoria

8/15/05 Sharon: "Kelly Osbourne Was Never an Addict"

8/15/05 Paris Hilton Finds Wedding Venue

8/15/05 Ashlee Simpson Song a Lindsay Lohan Jibe?

8/15/05 Paula Abdul to Carry on as American Idol Judge Following Probe

8/15/05 The Blues Brothers are Back to Celebrate 25th Anniversary DVD

8/15/05 Ryan Seacrest to Join Dick Clark on New Years Rockin Eve

8/15/05 Balthazar Getty Joins the Cast of Alias

8/15/05 Quotables From NBC's Conan O'Brien

8/15/05 Fans to Vote on "Days of Our Lives" Baby Name

8/15/05 Rob Thomas Sets Fall Tour of North America

8/15/05 It Girl PR Signs Real World and Kill Reality Star Trishelle Cannatella

8/15/05 Robin Williams Tops List as Most Beloved Celebrity

8/15/05 Winners of The 2005 Teen Choice Awards Announced

8/15/05 Canton Jones: Love Jones Album Review, CD In-Stores August 16, 2005

8/15/05 Alpine Pictures and Box Office Productions Announce "Dark Honeymoon"

8/15/05 30 Seconds to Mars Poised to Explode With Second Album "A Beautiful Lie"

8/14/05 Keira Knightley: "I Love it When Tony Scott Insults Me"

8/14/05 Lindsay Lohan: "My Dad Deserves Nothing"

8/14/05 Eva Longoria's Vibrator Trauma

8/14/05 Hilary Duff: "I'd Rather Sing Off Key Than Mime"

8/14/05 Tommy Mattola Urges Lindsay Lohan to Direct

8/14/05 Marcia Cross Cringes at Steamy Love Scenes

8/14/05 Evangeline Lilly Defends Lost Cast

8/14/05 Lindsay Lohan Won't Do as She's Told

8/14/05 Jessica Simpson Wants to Save the World Before Having Kids

8/14/05 Scarlett Johansson's Fan Revenge

8/13/05 Jessica Alba Wants Fantastic Babies

8/13/05 Paris Hilton's Celebrity Dog Swap

8/13/05 Cher Regrets Missed Brad Pitt Kiss

8/13/05 Harry Potter Struggles to Impress Girls

8/13/05 Britney Spears Ex-Husband Slams Their Marriage

8/13/05 Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Hates Attracting Attention

8/13/05 Madonna Makes Britney Spears Give to Kabbalah Cult

8/13/05 FOX Releases Official Response to Corey Clark Allegations about Paula Abdul

8/13/05 Monica Bellucci Separated From Baby

8/13/05 Jennifer Lopez Leaves a Smell Behind

8/13/05 Sandra Bullock's Marriage Fears

8/13/05 Apprentice Kelly Perdew Announces Leadership Book to Debut January 2006

8/13/05 Barbra Streisand Reunited With Barry Gibb on New 'Guilty Pleasures' Album

8/13/05 Emmy Winner Kristen Johnston Joins NBC's "ER"

8/13/05 Julia Roberts, Dave Matthews Band Team Up on Music Video

8/12/05 Keira Knightley's Ex Confirms Split

8/12/05 Mischa Barton's OC Lesson in Love

8/12/05 Lindsay Lohan to Blast Father on Next Album

8/12/05 Faith Hill's Fireflies Lands #1 on Billboard Top 200 and Country Album Chart

8/12/05 Goldfrapp Revolted by Brad Pitt Pony

8/12/05 Lost Star's Love Child Scandal

8/12/05 Nicole Richie's Film Moved to Avoid Box Office Battle With Paris Hilton

8/12/05 Sandra Bullock Blasts Untrustworthy Hollywood Stars

8/12/05 Vince Vaughn Dashes Hopes of Jennifer Aniston Romance

8/12/05 Kimberly Stewart Apologizes to Jennifer Aniston

8/12/05 Jessica Simpson Starts Diary

8/12/05 “Elvis Then, Now & Forever” Reality Television Show Auditions Complete

8/11/05 Big Brother Summary for August 11th

8/11/05 Julia Roberts to Quit Hollywood For Good

8/11/05 Anna Nicole Smith Slams Jessica Simpson

8/11/05 Angelina Jolie Receives Cambodian Citizenship

8/11/05 Jessica Simpson Song Hits in Germany

8/11/05 Herbie Hancock Humbled By Christina Aguilera

8/11/05 16 Finalist Revealed on So You Think You Can Dance

8/11/05 CBS Announces 16 New Castaways for Survivor Guatemala

8/11/05 Matthew Fox Braved Traffic For Lost Role

8/11/05 Sony BMG Battles to Retain American Idol Rights

8/11/05 Simon Cowell Sued for Stealing Show Idea and Name

8/11/05 Britney Spears Dreams of Swimwear Designs

8/11/05 Brooke Burke Dating David Chavret

8/11/05 Situation: Comedy on Bravo Moves to Regular Timeslot on Friday, August 12

8/10/05 Martial Arts Sensation Ron Hall Is Lions Gate Films' "Vampire Assassin"

8/10/05 Johnny Knoxville Takes Polygraph Test Over Jessica Simpson Rumors

8/10/05 Matthew Fox "Lost Will Run For Years"

8/10/05 Nicole Richie Shoots Down Simple Life Wedding Speculation

8/10/05 Ralph Fiennes Plays Lord Voldemort for Family

8/10/05 Matthew Fox Convinces Lost Co-Stars to Skinny Dip

8/10/05 Reporter Arrested at Brad Pitts Home Snooping on Angelina Jolie's Kids Party

8/10/05 Nick Lachey Pimps Jessica Simpson's Ride

8/10/05 Hilary Duff Hosts & The Black Eyed Peas Perform on "The Teen Choice Awards"

8/10/05 Jamie Foxx Named Ambassador of Congressional Black Caucus Conference

8/10/05 Jackie Stallone Urges Angelina Jolie to Play Her in Movie

8/10/05 Ralph Fiennes Speaks of His Dislike for the First Two Potter Films

8/10/05 Tommy Lee Got Tired of Pamela Anderson

8/10/05 Virgin Megastore and MTV Books Host Rapper 50 Cent's First Book Signing

8/9/05 Jimmy Fallon Defends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

8/9/05 Lindsay Lohan: Sienna Miller Stole Kate Moss Look

8/9/05 Shakira to Make History at MTV Video Music Awards

8/9/05 Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody Love Helped by The OC

8/9/05 Hooking Up August 11 Season Finale Preview

8/9/05 Celebrity Poker Showdown Premieres With New Episodes August 18th

8/9/05 Lindsay Lohan "I Tried Pot"

8/9/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Plan to Adopt

8/9/05 The OC Star Slams Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

8/9/05 Paris Hilton's Bath Time Fun

8/9/05 Jamie Foxx Loved Oprah Rumors

8/9/05 Alibris Teams Up With "Renovate My Family" Show to Help Needy Family

8/9/05 Christina Aguilera "Pregnant Britney Spears' Career is Doomed"

8/9/05 America's Choice Big Brother Voting Breaks CBS Website Record

8/9/05 Bravo/TV Guide Poll "Clay Aiken is the Most Loved Reality Star of All Time"

8/9/05 So You Think You Can Dance Preview Clips for August 10th

8/9/05 Battle of the Network Reality Stars to Premiere August 17th

8/8/05 Tara Reid Looks for TV Romance

8/8/05 Tommy Lee Crazy in Love With Pamela Anderson

8/8/05 Christina Aguilera Hit With Lawsuit

8/8/05 Britney Spears Denies Knowledge of Paparazzi Shooting

8/8/05 Ashton Kutcher Dirties Ja Rule's Clean SUV on Punk'd

8/8/05 Paris Hilton Concerned by Doppelganger

8/8/05 Jennifer Lopez Blames Family For Marriage Failures

8/8/05 Elijah Wood: "I Will Always Be a Hobbit"

8/8/05 Nicole Kidman Hopes Katie Holmes Will Finally Make Tom Cruise Happy

8/8/05 FOX Cooks Up a Second Season of Hell's Kitchen

8/8/05 Lulu: "Loneliness Made Britney Spears Marry"

8/8/05 March of the Penguins Becomes 2nd Highest Grossing Documentary of All Time

8/7/05 Tony Parker's Height Means Nothing to Eva Longoria

8/7/05 Rockstar: INXS Mocked by Hank Azaria

8/7/05 Photographer to Sue Britney Spears Camp Over Shooting

8/7/05 Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry to Showcase Romance in New Show

8/7/05 Sienna Miller Consults Psychologist Over Jude Law Affair

8/7/05 Scarlet Johansson Defends Director Michael Bay's Reputation

8/7/05 Nick Lachey Confronts Jessica Simpson Over Tabloid Report

8/7/05 Pamela Anderson Sued for Breach of Contract

8/7/05 Jennifer Lopez Blames Her Media Image for Hampering Her Film Career

8/7/05 Photographer Shot While Staking Out Britney Spears Event

8/6/05 Pimped Out Rides of MTV Star Xzibit Headline Celebrity Car's Summer Issue

8/6/05 Jude Law's Mistress Will Tell-All on Television

8/6/05 Jessica Simpson Denies Fake Breast Rumors

8/6/05 Scarlett Johansson Indebted to Film Buff Mother

8/6/05 Jude Law Comforted by Michael Sheen

8/6/05 Kylie Minogue Rests Up at House of Fashion Guru

8/6/05 Ashlee Simpson Wants to Face Demons

8/6/05 Nicole Kidman Learns to Be Alone

8/6/05 How Jennifer Aniston Got in Shape

8/6/05 Jennifer Lopez's $4 Million Birthday Present

8/6/05 Reese Witherspoon Slams Jessica Simpson

8/6/05 Eddie Murphy's Wife Files for Divorce

8/5/05 Ashlee Simpson to Address Lip-Synch On New Album

8/5/05 Lindsay Lohan to Testify at Parents Divorce Trial

8/5/05 Tommy Lee Makes College Band

8/5/05 Jessica Simpson Plans Fluffy Movie Career

8/5/05 Angelina Jolie's Son Calls Brad Pitt "Daddy"

8/5/05 Mindy McCready to Appear on Oprah

8/5/05 Jennifer Lopez Considers Quitting Career to be a Mother

8/5/05 Paris Latsis Father Bemused by Paris Hilton's Marriage Plans

8/5/05 Jessica Simpson Slams Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

8/5/05 Bravo Extends Run of Being Bobby Brown and Adds Two New Episodes

8/5/05 Monkees Icon Micky Dolenz on The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for Free Concert

8/5/05 Ghosts of Bataan to Air 8/11 on Discovery Channel With Release of 'The Great Raid'

8/5/05 Four Brothers Opens Nationwide on Friday, August 12th

8/4/05 Ruben Studdard to Headline Miss Black USA 2005 Scholarship Pageant

8/4/05 VH1 Announces Season 2 of Hogan Knows Best

8/4/05 The Premiere of Wild On Tara Starts Out With a Bang Featuring Paris Hilton

8/4/05 ABC Announces 8/14 Premiere of New Comedic Reality Series "My Kind of Town"

8/4/05 Pamela Anderson Wins a Copy of Her Own Calendar

8/4/05 Marcia Cross Reveals Crush on Val Kilmer

8/4/05 NBC Announces The Office Marathon on August 17th

8/4/05 Kate Hudson Doesn't Believe That Monogamy is Realistic

8/4/05 Paris Hilton: "I'd Cry If I Watched 1 Night in Paris"

8/4/05 Growing Up Gotti Season 3 to Premiere August 22nd

8/4/05 Jerry O'Connell Keeps His Home Neat After Oprah Winfrey Makeover

8/4/05 VH1 Goes Back to School Friday Nights Beginning August 19th

8/4/05 Jennifer Aniston Hasn't Spoken to Brad Pitt

8/4/05 Tommy Lee: "I Was Faithful to Pamela Anderson"

8/4/05 Mariah Carey's Problem With Simon Cowell

8/4/05 Jennifer Aniston Will Never Know if Brad Pitt Cheated With Angelina Jolie

8/4/05 Tommy Lee Glad He Chose Alcohol Over Pamela Anderson

8/4/05 Nick Lachey Feared Jessica Simpson Was in Toronto Plane Crash

8/4/05 'USA High' Teen Drama Heartthrob Josh Holland Joins 'Palmetto Pointe'

8/4/05 ABC Issues Bio for Johnny Vaughn, Host of My Kind of Town

8/3/05 Big Screen & Double Down Entertainment Announce Theatrical Release for 'Dirty Love'

8/3/05 Monday Edition of Rock Star: INXS on the Move to VH1

8/3/05 War of the Worlds Passes $500 Million Worldwide Box Office

8/3/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Dine Together at Arizona IHOP

8/3/05 Eminem To Appear on Showtime for Exclusive Concert Event

8/3/05 Pamela Anderson Plans Las Vegas Club

8/3/05 Mimi Rogers Split With Tom Cruise Because of Cruise's Celibacy

8/3/05 Jessica Simpson's Butt Workout

8/3/05 Nick Lachey Speaks Out on Live TV About Split Reports

8/3/05 Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" Certified Triple Platinum

8/3/05 Carmen Electra to be the New Face of Max Factor Cosmetics

8/3/05 Angelina Jolie Takes Brad Pitt into the Clouds

8/3/05 Jennifer Aniston is Optimistic She Will Fall in Love Again

8/3/05 Jessica Simpson: "Newlyweds Made Me"

8/3/05 Hilary Duff Praised by PETA

8/3/05 American Idol Runner Up Bo Bice Breaks His Foot

8/3/05 Jennifer Aniston's Unusual Loneliness Cure

8/3/05 Tour Schedule for Hilary Duff

8/3/05 Remaining Tour Schedule for American Idols Live

8/3/05 Las Vegas Hilton Extends Barry Manilow Engagement

8/3/05 Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Plan to Take Legal Action Against Media Outlets

8/3/05 Red Scream Vampes Productions Announces Start Date for Supernatural Movie

8/2/05 Oprah Winfrey Brings Toni Morrison to Small Screen

8/2/05 Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton to Battle at the Box Office

8/2/05 Jennifer Aniston Slams Brad Pitts Insensitive Magazine Spread with Angelina Jolie

8/2/05 Teri Hatcher to Release Book "Burnt Toast"

8/2/05 Jennifer Aniston Snipes at Brad Pitt's Blond Hair

8/2/05 Britney Spears Rises to Number 1 on Lycos 50 List

8/2/05 Donald Trump Dolls Fail to Sell

8/2/05 Jennifer Aniston Breaks Down Over Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie Baby Rumors

8/2/05 Jessica Simpson: Gossip is Our Fault"

8/2/05 Jessica Simpson: "I Didn't Use a Butt Double"

8/2/05 Jessica Simpson Urges Britney Spears to Quit Reality Show

8/2/05 Critics See Little of Jessica Simpson in The Dukes of Hazzard Debut

8/1/05 Reggie Lee Lays Claim to Supporting Lead in "Pirates of the Caribbean 3"

8/1/05 'Wedding Crashers' Takes Box Office Cake With First Place Finish

8/1/05 Lead Six Feet Under Character Dies

8/1/05 Jennifer Aniston Told Angelina Jolie to Enjoy Herself With Brad Pitt

8/1/05 Teri Hatcher Shocks Neighbors With Passion Wagon Sex

8/1/05 Jennifer Aniston: "Therapy Helped Me Take Blame for Broken Marriage"

8/1/05 Jude Law and Sienna Miller Meet for Secret Relationship Talks

8/1/05 Hooking Up Preview for August 4

8/1/05 Harry Potter Pirates Hit China

8/1/05 Pamela Anderson Snubs Petco Anniversary

8/1/05 Jamie Foxx Defends Tom Cruise From Bad Press

8/1/05 Jessica Simpson: "Silly Scammer Called My Company For Freebies"

8/1/05 50 Cent Readies Reissue of The Massacre for September 6th Release

8/1/05 Press Deliberately Embarrassed Jude Law Says Graham Norton



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