Gene Simmons Essentially Married to Shannon Tweed





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Gene Simmons Essentially Married to Shannon Tweed  8/2/06

KISS bassist Gene Simmons still refuses to have an official marriage ceremony with longtime partner Shannon Tweed, even though the pair have signed a legal agreement together.

The couple, along with their children, Nick and Sophie, are starring in the new reality series Gene Simmons Family Jewels on the US A&E network and say they have been "happily unmarried" for 23 years.

They have a co-habitation agreement outlining the legal parameters of their bond including health insurance, pensions and benefits.

The family appeared on US talk show The View on Tuesday (01AUG06) to discuss their unconventional relationship.

When Tweed was asked why she never demanded Simmons marry her she said, "I never gave him an ultimatum because I don't play games and I wouldn't mean it.

"I'm not going to leave him if he's not going to marry me. I don't think you should say that unless you mean it."

The rocker has a notorious bad boy image and claims to have slept with over 4,600 women, but Tweed insists her husband's womanizing image is exaggerated.

She adds, "I don't mind if he flirts. Who wants a guy who nobody else wants?

If he did more than flirt, he'd be missing a limb."



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