Big Brother 8 Housemate Amber Siyavus Wins $1,000 on Power of 10


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Big Brother 8 Housemate Amber Siyavus Wins $1,000 on Power of 10 8/29/07 

After almost nine weeks in the Big Brother 8 house, Daniele Donato and Amber Siyavus, the top two winners of a Power of Veto competition, won a luxury reward and were flown to New York to appear on the CBS game show Power of Ten.  This episode was aired last night, Tuesday August 28.  

Power of 10, hosted by Drew Carey, is a high-stakes primetime game show where contestants compete for the chance to win $10 million. Michael Davies is the executive producer for Embassy Row in association with Sony Pictures Television.

First Amber and Daniele squared off against one another for the chance to play for the money.  In a best of five question contest each contestant must select a percentage that they guess is the outcome of a random survey of Americans about a variety of topics.  The contestant coming closest to the correct answer wins the point.


Drew asked both what they would do with the money if they win.  Amber said she would give the money to her family, especially her mom.  Daniele said she would buy a car and go back to school.


The first question was:

What Percentage of Americans Have Danced the Macarena?  

Daniele selected 76% and Amber 46%.  The correct answer was 48% so Amber won the point.  


The next question was:

What Percentage of Americans are currently working two or more jobs.  Daniele chose 54% and Amber 42%.  The correct answer was 16% so Amber won the second point.  


The next question was:

What Percentage of Americans Have Looked Inside the Medicine Cabinet of Another Person's House?  Daniele picked 24% and Amber 33%.  The correct answer was 41% so Amber won the final point sweeping the round 3-0.


In the money round Amber began by crying.  Her cousin Katy was there to help her through the round with advice.  Drew asked "Amber is being in the house getting to you?  Are you starting to crack at all?


Moving on the contest Amber first played for $1,000.  The question was:


Have you ever been audited by the IRS?  Amber had a range of 40% to hit the target and selected 8%-48%.   The correct answer was 17% so she won the $1,000.  


Next her question was:


Do you think women in the military should not be allowed to fight in combat situations?  Amber had a range of 30% to hit the target and selected 30%-60%.  The correct answer was 33% so she won $10,000. 


Before the $100,000 question.  Drew asked Amber what it was like to have people scrutinizing on her.  Amber replied that she did know know what scrutinizing meant.  After an explanation she said it was nerve racking and that every thing she did she was being watched.  Drew replied "Try being me for a day, babe. Try being Drew Carey"


The question was:

Do you thing people should not be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets?  Amber had only a 20% range this time.   After being reminded she could keep the $10,000 and walk away she chose to risk it and go for the $100,000 and selected 18%-38%.  When Drew asked her if that would make a big difference in her life Amber began to cry again.  The correct answer was 55% so she lost the $10,000 and left with $1,000.


Following the Power of 10 broadcast on the Big Brother episode all the houseguests watched the episode together. Daniele and Amber had been instructed not to discuss what they did prior to the broadcast of the show so this is the first time the other houseguests discovered what they did during their absence from the house.  Daniele's father Dick was happy that Amber did not win the big money.   Daniele got teary when she discovered  her "friend" evicted houseguest Nick Starcevic would have been helping her in the money round.


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BIG BROTHER 8 is broadcast each week on Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) and the live eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, on Thursdays (8:00-9:00 PM live ET/delayed PT).

The Houseguests:

Joe Barber, 23, Chicago EVICTED 7/19

Jameka Cameron, 29, Waldorf, Md.

Daniele Donato, 20, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Dick Donato, 44, Los Angeles

Mike Dutz, 26, Three Lakes, Wis. EVICTED 7/26

Dustin Erikstrup, 22, Chicago -  EVICTED 8/16

Kail Harbick, 37, MacKenzie Bridge, Ore. EVICTED 8/9

Jessica Hughbanks, 21, Haysville, Kan.

Jen Johnson, 23, Beverly Hills, Calif. - EVICTED 8/23

Carol Journey, 21, Lawrence, Kan. EVICTED 7/12

Amber Siyavus, 27, Las Vegas

Nick Starcevic, 25, Kimball, Minn. EVICTED 8/2

Eric Stein, 27, New York

Zach Swerdzewski, 30, Burbank, Calif.

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