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8/31/08 Victoria Beckham Pines For Dress Success
8/31/08 Fantasia Barrino Comes Clean About Tumor Surgery
8/31/08 Victoria Beckham: 'I'm Too Busy For More Children'
8/31/08 Ashlee Simpson Blasts Baby Bulge Stories

8/30/08 Reporter Asks Charlize Theron To Marry Him 

8/30/08 Troy Stars Reteam For Tarantino 

8/30/08 Jennifer Aniston To Guest Star on 30 Rock

8/30/08 Amy Winehouse Faces Lawsuit Over Scrapped Gig

8/30/08 Shaggy Eyes Britney Spears Collaboration

8/30/08 Carmen Electra Sues For Exploitation 

8/30/08 Gordon Ramsay Mocks The Queen's Food 

8/29/08 Lindsay Lohan 'Wants Olympic Date'
8/29/08 Madonna Stuns Airport Staff
8/29/08 Jessica Simpson Cuts Ties With Nick Lachey and John Mayer
8/29/08 Keira Knightley Never Considered Diana Movie Link
8/29/08 Lindsay Lohan Brands Father A 'Bully'
8/29/08 Miley Cyrus' Style Slammed By Runway Host
8/29/08 Kylie Minogue: 'Album Could Have Been Better'
8/29/08 Michael Jackson Praises Justin Timberlake & Chris Brown
8/29/08 Sienna Miller Keeps It Real
8/29/08 Oprah Winfrey's Tears At Barack Obama Nomination
8/29/08 Lindsay Lohan Grandfather Dies
8/29/08 Amy Winehouse Top Bad Skin Poll
8/29/08 Reese Witherspoon Speaks Out On Domestic Abuse
8/29/08 Lindsay Lohan Threaten Family With Tell-All TV Show
8/29/08 Guy Ritchie: 'I'm Not Renewing Wedding Vows With Madonna'
8/29/08 Britney's Too Big For VMAs, Say Williams
8/29/08 George Clooney Set For Air Miles Movie
8/29/08 Chavira Worried About Obesity Plotline On Desperate Housewives
8/29/08 Oprah Drops 15 Spots On Forbes Power List
8/28/08 Lindsay Lohan Furious About Samantha Ronson Blog Attack
8/28/08 Brad Pitt's Venice Award Mystery Solved
8/28/08 George Clooney Rules Out Botox
8/28/08 Brad Pitt Saves Fan From Lake
8/28/08 Madonna To Launch Haircare Line?
8/28/08 America's Got Talent Contestant Hospitalized
8/28/08 Tom Cruise Stunned By Criticism Of Hitler Film

8/28/08 Madonna Adds Spine Doctor To Tour Needs 

8/28/08 Kate Moss Set For Sexy Rabbit Romp In New Video

8/28/08 Jennifer Aniston Dines With Woody Allen

8/28/08 Carmen Electra Fun Role In Italian Film

8/28/08 Madonna Meltdown At Tour Technical Faults

8/28/08 MGMT Rocker Laughs Off Kirsten Dunst Romance Rumors

8/28/08 Lindsay Lohan Slams 'Out Of Control' Dad

8/28/08 Brad Pitt Belatedly Collects Venice Film Festival Gong

8/28/08 Hilary Duff Not Engaged

8/28/08 Eva Mendes Proud Of Racy Ad

8/28/08 Normal Carmen Electra Freaks Fans Out 

8/28/08 Madonna Love Letters Remain Under Wraps 

8/28/08 Hilary Duff's Father Jailed in Birthday Party Row 

8/28/08 Jordin Sparks Plans Duet With Leona Lewis

8/28/08 George Clooney Vows To Remain Childless

8/28/08 Samantha Ronson Hits Back At Lindsay Lohan's Father 

8/28/08 Kate Moss Artwork Is Pure Gold 

8/28/08 Kate Beckinsale and Robert DeNiro Star At School Awards Night

8/28/08 Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff Back Together?

8/27/08 Britney Spears To Take MTV Stage With Michael Phelps?
8/27/08 Avril Lavigne Faces Protests At Malaysian Concert
8/27/08 Madonna Targeted In $400,000 lawsuit
8/27/08 Nicolas Cage's Cockroach Fear
8/27/08 Lindsay Lohan's Dad Blames Samantha Ronson For Lindsay's Drinking
8/27/08 Brad Pitt: 'We Want Two More Kids'
8/27/08 Kid Rock Attacks Politically Vocal Celebrities
8/27/08 Elton John Ends Madonna Row At Gig

8/27/08 Toni Braxton: 'Don't Take It Easy With Me' 

8/27/08 Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton Split

8/27/08 Campaigners Speak Through Matt Damon In New One Ad

8/27/08 Kelly Osbourne's Black Eye

8/27/08 Carmen Electra Finds Wrestling Partner Kim Kardashian 'Hot'

8/27/08 Madonna In Exhibition Love Letter Row

8/27/08 Steven Spielberg Still At Helm Of First Tintin Movie

8/27/08 Drumstick Munching Reporter Shocks Pamela Anderson

8/27/08 Kelly Osbourne's Project Catwalk Pulled

8/27/08 Kelly Osbourne's Cupboard Disaster

8/27/08 Lindsay Lohan's Dad Slams Samantha Ronson Over Book Rumors

8/27/08 Nicolas Cage Filmed Through Military Coup 

8/27/08 Kate Moss 'Blackmails' Daughter Into Eating Veggies

8/27/08 Joshua Jackson's Wardrobe Battles With Diane Kruger

8/26/08 Brad Pitt And Sons In Venice Boat Chase
8/26/08 Kate Hudson Defends Haircare Line
8/26/08 Brad Pitt & George Clooney Hailed As Charity Heroes
8/26/08 Uma Thurman Strips Off For Late Night Swim With Fiancé
8/26/08 Jordin Sparks: 'I Fancied Simon Cowell'

8/26/08 Jack Osbourne Plans To Revamp Dad Ozzy's Image 

8/26/08 Justin Timberlake's Mugshot Campaign For William Rast Denim 

8/26/08 Brad Pitt Captures Angelina Jolie & The Kids For Magazine Shoot 

8/26/08 Kate Hudson Accused of Stealing Ash Haircare Idea

8/26/08 Paula Abdul's 'Concerns' Over New Idol Judge

8/26/08 Beckhams Deny 'Horrific' Car Crash Reports

8/26/08 Daniel Radcliffe Blasts Prudish Fans

8/26/08 Keira Knightley Snubbed By Paparazzi Fearing Pals

8/26/08 Madonna Outfits On Show 

8/26/08 Kara DioGuardi's Shock At Idol Call-Up

8/26/08 Paris Hilton: 'I Love Britney Spears'

8/26/08 Hugh Hefner Offers Pamela Anderson Bunny Pad 

8/25/08 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt For French Parenting Cash
8/25/08 Britney Spears' Manager: Britney Spears Not Performing At VMA's
8/25/08 Cameron Diaz Rescues Injured Dog
8/25/08 Kim Kardashian: 'I Will Be Able To Dance'
8/25/08 Tom Cruise Gets David Beckham Diet Tips
8/25/08 Hayden Panettiere Breaks Silence On Father's Arrest
8/25/08 Paris Hilton To Duet With Madden
8/25/08 Gwen Stefani Leaves Hospital After Son's Birth
8/25/08 Guy Ritchie: 'My Wife Is Fit'

8/25/08 Christina Aguilera Congratulates New Dad Ricky Martin 

8/25/08 Fake Lindsay Lohan Manager Wreaks Havoc In New York

8/25/08 John McCain Slams Madonna's 'Smear' Campaign 

8/25/08 Warner Sues Indian Studio Over Harry Potter Similarities

8/25/08 Guy Ritchie Explains Britney Spears' Madonna Cameo

8/25/08 Guy Ritchie Overwhelmed By Security On Madonna Tour

8/25/08 Kim Kardashian Hospitalized With Foot Injury

8/25/08 Meg Ryan Glad She Is 'Less Famous' 

8/24/08 Eva Mendes Eyed Career As A Nun
8/24/08 Kate Moss Wanted Fake Breasts
8/24/08 Kate Moss Faces Teepee Investigation
8/24/08 Keira Knightley Steps Into Diana Movie Row
8/24/08 Madonna Wows Wales With Stunning Stage Show
8/24/08 Beckhams Escape Unscathed After Crash

8/23/08 Miley Cyrus Wants A Car For Her Sweet Sixteen

8/23/08 Jason Lee Is A Dad Again

8/23/08 Paris Hilton Seeks New Best Friend In London

8/23/08 Environmentalists Slam Madonna Tour

8/23/08 Led Zeppelin Song Cut For Olympics 

8/23/08 Kate Moss: 'I Was Never Anorexic' 

8/23/08 Ryan Gosling & Ryan McAdams Seal Reunion With A Kiss

8/23/08 Miley Cyrus Plans Stress-Free Year

8/23/08 Reality Star 'Three Months From Death'

8/22/08 Mario Lopez: Pregnancy Rumors 'Don't Bother' Eva Longoria Parker
8/22/08 Producers Deny Short Broadway Run For Katie Holmes
8/22/08 Chasez Praises Britney Spears' Comeback
8/22/08 Samantha Ronson's Court Summon' Over Lawsuit
8/22/08 Gavin Rossdale's Dad Delighted At Birth
8/22/08 Blake Lively: 'No Feud With America Ferrera'
8/22/08 Catherine Zeta-Jones' Tribute To Grandmother
8/22/08 Avril Lavigne's Malaysian Concert To Go Ahead
8/22/08 Justin Timberlake Denies Britney Spears Duet
8/22/08 Scarlett Johansson's Pearl Hits The Stage
8/22/08 Katie Holmes Is Bottom Of The Bill On Broadway
8/22/08 Teri Hatcher's Jailed Uncle Dead
8/22/08 Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Welcome Baby Zuma
8/21/08 Uma Thurman On Stalker Case: 'I Wasn't Being Courageous'
8/21/08 Paula Abdul Undergoes Neck Surgery
8/21/08 Jessica Simpson Attacks Carrie Underwood Over Tony Romo
8/21/08 Gwen Stefani Checks Into Hospital To Give Birth
8/21/08 Scarlett Johansson: 'Hairy Myers Halted Filming'
8/21/08 Zac Efron: 'Mother Adore Me'
8/21/08 Kirsten Dunst Rules Out Broadway
8/21/08 Ben Afffleck To Take Backstage At Convention

8/21/08 Matt Damon A Dad Again 
8/21/08 Madonna Upset Over Family Snapshots

8/21/08 Dannii Minogue A Target of Bitter Wannabe

8/21/08 Nelly and Ashanti Play Perfect Couple In Good Good Video

8/21/08 Anna Faris & Katharine McPhee Grew Up As Neighbors But Never Met

8/21/08 Shia LaBeouf's Crash Driver Cited

8/21/08 Jennifer Garner: 'Yes, I'm Pregnant'

8/21/08 Mario Lopez Plans Workout Video

8/21/08 Stars To Compete With Brainy Kids On TV Show

8/21/08 David Beckham Tops Abs List

8/21/08 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake To Duet?

8/21/08 Ne-Yo Forgives Britney Spears For Album Snub

8/21/08 Jennifer Garner Pays Tribute To Late Make-Up Artist

8/21/08 Salma Hayek Sued Over Business Venture

8/21/08 Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Snub Birthday Party

8/21/08 Oprah Winfrey Denies Magazine Cover Snub

8/21/08 George Clooney Buys Crash Victim New Car

8/20/08 Lindsay Lohan's Ex: 'Lindsay Lohan's Better Than She Was'
8/20/08 Haven: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Will Be Together For Life
8/20/08 Tom Cruise Flies Across U.S. To Walk Katie Holmes To Work
8/20/08 Eva Longoria Parker Fuels Pregnancy Rumors
8/20/08 Ashlee Simpson & Wentz Desert L.A. For Simple Life?
8/20/08 Britney Spears' Super- Diet
8/20/08 Ne-Yo's Public Apology To Lindsay Lohan

8/20/08 Brian Geraghty: 'Lindsay Lohan Bought Me My Home'

8/20/08 Jessica Simpson Becomes Beer Spokeswoman

8/20/08 Jon Voight Hits Out At Rosanne Barr's Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Attack

8/20/08 Angelina Jolie's Make-Up Artist Found Dead

8/20/08 Russell Crowe To Star As Bill Hicks?

8/20/08 Rhys Ifans: 'I Love Kimberly Stewart'

8/20/08 Britt Ekland Slams 'Botoxed' Nicole Kidman
8/20/08 Nicole Kidman's Message Helps Sailors Win Olympic Gold 

8/20/08 Spencer Pratt's Virgin Boast Under Online Scrutiny

8/20/08 Uma Thurman Wants More Kids

8/20/08 Meg Ryan: 'Work Ruins Romance'

8/20/08 Vin Diesel Wants 12 Kids 

8/20/08 David Beckham: The Musical

8/20/08 Betsey Johnson's Kiss With Anna Nicole Smith

8/19/08 Penelope Cruz Kicks Off Awards Season With Film Honor
8/19/08 Jennifer Lopez-Hewitt: 'I Wish I'd Spent My Youth Nude'
8/19/08 Rihanna & Beyonce Knowles Headline All-Star Charity Single
8/19/08 Justin Timberlake Doesn't Miss University Diploma
8/19/08 Kirsten Dunst Backs Barack Obama
8/19/08 Avril Lavigne's Malaysian Concert Cancelled
8/19/08 Paris Hilton Denies Having Breast Implants
8/19/08 Party King Denies Madonna Cash Plea

8/19/08 Britney Spears' Former Lawyer Wants $481,000

8/19/08 Mariah Carey: 'Nick Cannon Is Just Like My Mum'

8/19/08 Christina Applegate 'Clear of Cancer'

8/19/08 Kelly Osbourne Slams Simon Cowell's 'Huge Ego'

8/19/08 Kelly Osbourne: 'Peaches Geldof Marriage Is Sad'

8/19/08 Rhys Ifans Refuses To Write About Sienna Miller Heartbreak

8/19/08 MTV Star Christopher Boykin Sued By Management

8/19/08 British TV Star Jade Goody Battling Cancer

8/19/08 Madonna 'Disappointed' With Birthday Celebrations

8/19/08 Tom Cruise Eyes Comic Book Movie

8/19/08 Potter Fans Petition Against Release Delay

8/19/08 Fashion Tributes To Style Icon Madonna

8/19/08 Like A Prayer Is Top Madonna Song

8/18/08 High School Musical: Get In The Picture: Roll With The Punches Tonight On ABC
8/18/08 Brad Pitt Creates Cleanser For Cosmetics Company
8/18/08 Felicity Huffman Landed Role In Desperate Housewives Audition
8/18/08 David Beckham's Knife Crime Plea
8/18/08 Jennifer Lopez Encourages New Moms To Get In Shape
8/18/08 Jennifer Lopez Looks After Twins Without Nanny
8/18/08 Hilter Film Ready For Release
8/18/08 Barr's Website Slams Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie
8/18/08 Jennifer Lopez Will 'Crawl Across The Finishline'
8/18/08 Brad Pitt And Tarantino Face Backlash For War Film

8/18/08 Hayden Panettiere's Underwear Ban

8/18/08 Jessica Alba's Desperate For More Children

8/18/08 Daniel Radcliffe Speaks Out About Brain Disorder Suffering

8/18/08 Ugly Betty Wins Big At ALMA Awards

8/18/08 Tyra Banks Branded A 'Phony' By Angry Chatshow Audience

8/18/08 Islamic Group Call For Avril Lavigne Concert To Be Cancelled

8/18/08 Catherine Zeta-Jones' Son Eyes Hollywood Career

8/18/08 Hugh Jackman Pleased Russell Crowe Snubbed Movie Role

8/18/08 Gwyneth Paltrow Sparks Outrage With Fur Ad

8/18/08 Actress Courtenay Semel: 'I Was Lindsay Lohan's First Lesbian Lover'

8/18/08 Guy Richie Pays Tribute To Madonna

8/18/08 Chariots of Fire Is Top Olympics Movie

8/18/08 Soccer Star Beats Kylie Minogue In Gay Icon Poll

8/18/08 Jennifer Lopez Finds Triathlon Inspiration on TV

8/18/08 Anna Faris Still Upset About Cameron Diaz Controversy

8/16/08 Hilary Duff Engaged?

8/16/08 David Beckham Expresses Sadness At Greyhound Track Closure

8/16/08 Zac Efron Speeds Through Racetrack 

8/16/08 Madonna & Guy Ritchie's Separation 

8/16/08 Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell's Gift To Heath Ledger's Daughter 

8/16/08 50 Fascinating Madonna Facts 

8/16/08 Britney Spears & Birthday Girl Halle Berry Turn Out For Robin Thicke Gig

8/16/08 Guy Ritchie Treats Madonna To A Top Watch

8/16/08 Britney Spears & Chris Brown Lead MTV VMAs 

8/16/08 Madonna Was A Saucy Cheerleader

8/16/08 Kate Beckinsale Feared Paparazzi Had Caught Her Without Panties

8/16/08 Madonna's Best Birthday Gift - Your Daughter is Evita!

8/15/08 George Clooney To Plough More Cash Into Brad Pitt's New Orleans Project
8/15/08 Jennifer Love Hewitt Hit Back Weight Critics With New Figure
8/15/08 No Reality Show For Carmen Electra & Rob Patterson
8/15/08 Danni Minogue Hurt By Simon Cowell Affair Rumors
8/15/08 Pete Doherty To Tell All About Kate Moss In Babyshambles Book
8/15/08 Lauren Conrad's Designer Collection Dumped By U.S. Boutique
8/15/08 Eva Longoria Parker In Touch With Wendy's Staff
8/15/08 Oprah Winfrey Will Support Barack Obama At Democratic Crowning
8/15/08 MGM Backs Tom Cruise
8/15/08 Kate Beckinsale Amazed With Action Star Status
8/15/08 Kate Winslet: 'Leonardo DiCaprio Sex Scene Was Weird'
8/15/08 Adam Sevani Not Dating Miley Cyrus
8/15/08 Casey Aldridge Hits Back At Affair Reports
8/15/08 Potter's Christmas Plans Scuppered
8/14/08 Hollywood Rebel Back Union Dissidents
8/14/08 Pamela Anderson Finds Love In The Desert?
8/14/08 Jennifer Aniston's Therapy Sessions
8/14/08 Jennifer Aniston Denies Using Romances As Publicity
8/14/08 Tom Cruise Didn't Sign Up For Edwin A. Salt Film
8/14/08 Mica Paris: 'Beyonce Knowles Advert Is Insult'
8/14/08 America's Next Top Model Praised By Gay Rights Group
8/14/08 Catherine Zeta-Jones Mourns Death Of Gran
8/14/08 Jennifer Aniston Not Dating Male Model
8/14/08 Nicole Richie Officially Launches Children's Charity

8/14/08 Shia LaBeouf To Return To Transformers Set 

8/14/08 Penelope Cruz Discovers Woody Allen Statue Hidden In Spain

8/14/08 Sienna Miller's Mother Defends Getty Romance

8/14/08 Audrina Patridge Lands Sitcom Cameo

8/14/08 Lauren Conrad Forced Out Over Fame

8/14/08 Madonna Not Adopting Tot

8/14/08 Lindsay Lohan Denies Sister Surgery Rumors

8/14/08 Eva Longoria Parker Desperate To Avoid Kissing Scenes

8/14/08 Britney Spears Loves To Clean 

8/13/08 Kiefer Sutherland Wants 24 In Theatres
8/13/08 Eva Longoria And Tony Parker Are 'Desperate For A Baby'
8/13/08 Jamie Lynn Spears' Happiness Ruined By Boyfriend's Ex
8/13/08 Jessica Simpson Quits Pop
8/13/08 Miley Cyrus Dating Adam Sevani
8/13/08 Britney Spears Writes New Song Her Sons
8/13/08 Jennifer Lopez Brings Maid To TV
8/13/08 Penelope Cruz Faked Artist Scenes
8/13/08 Britney Spears Wants Clothing Line
8/13/08 Britney Spears Wants Kids To Have The 'Normal Childhood' She Didn't Get
8/13/08 Movie Bosses: 'Tom Cruise Too Old To Play Action Star'
8/13/08 Lindsay Lohan: 'I Will Never Talk About Ronson
8/13/08 Britney Spears' Father Grateful For Breakdown
8/13/08 Britney Spears' Father Confident In Custody Battle

8/13/08 Clay Aiken Returns To Spamolot

8/13/08 Jessica Alba Hooked on the Olympics 

8/13/08 Kylie and Dannii Minogue's Record TV Duet

8/13/08 Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Split?

8/13/08 Paris Hilton Sued Over Movie Promotion

8/13/08 Minister Gives Hayden Panettiere The OK To Return to Japan

8/13/08 Britney Spears: 'Sister's Pregnancy was Mind-Boggling' 

8/13/08 Dannii Minogue Blames Parents For Disastrous Love Life 

8/13/08 Ashton Kutcher: 'Bernie Mac Refused To Be Sick'

8/13/08 George Clooney Denies Barack Obama Link

8/13/08 Scarlett Johansson Slams 'Ageist' Hollywood

8/13/08 Roberto Cavalli: 'Kate Moss Is No Star'

8/13/08 Batman Adam West Eyes Dancing Show 
8/12/08 Paramount Bosses Refuse To Release Tom Cruise Shots
8/12/08 Tyra Banks Blasts Celebrity Models
8/12/08 Carrie Underwood Stays In Touch With Ex-Boyfriend Tony Romo
8/12/08 Scarlett Johansson Has Plans For Second Album
8/12/08 Hayden Panettiere Parents Insist Assault Mess Is Overblown
8/12/08 Mariah Carey Post-Wedding Fantasy Comes True
8/12/08 Carrie Underwood Blames Fame For Barren Love Life
8/12/08 Madonna To Perform In Givenchy
8/12/08 Barack Obama Girls Hate Britney Spears and Paris Hilton
8/12/08 Madonna Injures Ankle

8/12/08 Ben Stiller Mortified By Steven Spielberg Rage 

8/12/08  Joss Stone To Record Barack Obama's Campaign Song

8/12/08 Solange Knowles Denies Beyonce Link 

8/12/08 Hayden Panettiere's Father Released On Bail

8/12/08 Angelina Jolie Turns To Porn Star Pal For Catwoman Tips

8/12/08 Angelina Jolie To Replace Tom Cruise In Thriller Movie

8/12/08 Isabel Lucas: "Shia's Hand Is Healing' 

8/12/08 Madonna Renews Bid To Adopt Tot

8/12/08 Eva Mendes' Oasis Crush

8/12/08 Scarlett Johansson: 'I'm Not Woody Allen's Muse'

8/11/08 The Mole: Who Will Be The Winner? Tonight On ABC
8/11/08 High School Musical: Get In The Picture: Can't Say A Word Tonight On ABC
8/11/08 Lost Stars Negotiate Pay Raise
8/11/08 Eva Longoria Parker Eyes Fashion Venture
8/11/08 Scarlett Johansson Shocked By TV Host's Sex Offer
8/11/08 Hayden Panettiere's Dad Drinking Before Arrest?
8/11/08 Salma Hayek Plans Wedding Reality Show
8/11/08 George Clooney To Star In Terrorist Film?
8/11/08 Angelina Jolie Still Undecided On Presidential Candidate
8/11/08 Hayden Panettiere's Dad Arrested Over 'Wife Beating' Claims
8/11/08 Madonna Receives Charity Donation From A-Rod
8/11/08 Madonna's Adopted Son's "Mama' Dies

8/11/08 Shia LaBeouf: 'I'm Not Great With Women'

8/11/08 Mary-Kate Olsen Posts Party Pictures on Website 

8/11/08 Eva Longoria Parker: 'I Was A Terrible Wife'

8/11/08 Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Parker Club Venture KO'd?

8/11/08 Penelope Cruz Hired In 40 Seconds

8/10/08 George Clooney & Brad Pitt Tributes To Bernie Mac
8/10/08 TeeTotal Eliza Dushku Plays Bartender In Wine Film

8/9/08 David Beckham Has 'Two Left Feet'

8/9/08 George Clooney Blamed for Ex's Celibacy

8/9/08 Miley Cyrus & Pussycat Dolls Earn First VMAs Nominations

8/9/08 Kiefer Sutherland's Prison Soap Fear

8/9/08 Britney Spears Wows Fans Ahead of VMAs Comeback

8/9/08 Josh Duhamel: 'Shia LaBeouf's Doing Fine'

8/9/08 Woody Allen's Muse Scarlett Johannson Should Have Been Kate Winslet

8/9/08 Alan Rickman Refuses To Chat About Severus Snape

8/9/08 Sting Gets Manicure, Pedicure & Shave at Last Police Show

8/9/08 The Police Claim Third Spot on Tour Gross List

8/8/08 Last Comic Standing: First Female Winner!
8/8/08 The Mole: Who Will Be The Winner? Next Week On ABC
8/8/08 High School Musical: Get In The Picture: Can't Say A Word Next Week On ABC
8/8/08 J.K. Rowling's Potter Prequel Helps Set Book Record
8/8/08 Lindsay Lohan Thrills Cancer Patients With Radio Call
8/8/08 Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Buy $16 Million California Home
8/8/08 Madonna Documentary To Get Accompanying Book
8/8/08 Ryan Seacrest Adds Name To New Year's Special
8/8/08 George Lucas Won't Make Shia LaBeouf Main Indiana Jones Star
8/8/08 Clay Aiken Becomes A Dad
8/8/08 Penelope Cruz: 'I Daydreamed In Class'
8/8/08 Penelope Cruz: 'Woody Allen Unfazed By Scarlett Johansson Kiss'
8/8/08 The Police Play Final Gig - With Real Police
8/8/08 Paris Hilton Set For Superhero Stardom
8/8/08 Eva Mendes' Raunchy Ad Banned
8/8/08 Mel Gibson & Danny Glover To Return To Lethal Weapon?
8/8/08 Brad Pitt Confirmed For Tarantino War Film
8/8/08 Eliza Dushku Selecting Friends For Luxury Mustique Vacation
8/8/08 Lauren Conrad Stuns Cancer Sufferer With Surfboard
8/7/08 Christina Aguilera To Help Donald Trump Launch Dubai Complex
8/7/08 Pink Slams Hart In New Song
8/7/08 L'Oreal Bosses Refute Beyonce Knowles Skin Lightening Controversy
8/7/08 Julia Roberts And Danny Moder 'Trying For Fourth Child'
8/7/08 Tom Selleck Set For Dancing With The Stars
8/7/08 Scarlett Johansson Not Rushing Wedding
8/7/08 Kate Hudson Struggles To Keep Private Life From Public
8/7/08 Penelope Cruz Dodges Bardem Questions
8/7/08 Madonna & Guy Ritchie's Pub To Be Investigated By Council
8/7/08 Miley Cyrus: Nick Jonas And I Loved Each Other'
8/7/08 Scarlett Johansson 'Embarrassed' By Barack Obama Emails
8/7/08 Miley Cyrus & Daniel Radcliffe Tie At The Top Of Rich List
8/7/08 Britney Spears Denies Stripper Film Role
8/7/08 Beyonce Knowles' L'Oreal Ad Sparks Row Over Skin Color

8/7/08 Comedian Sorry For Keira Knightley Sex Joke

8/7/08 Keira Knightley Eyes Stage Role

8/7/08 Dave Navarro Won't Replace Carmen Electra Tattoo

8/7/08 Eva Mendes Upsets Mum With Fashion Choices

8/7/08 George Clooney Hits the High Seas With Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber

8/7/08 Joss Stone Attacks Brother 

8/7/08 Kate Moss Lines Up Chinese Fashion Deal

8/7/08 Bob Saget Attacks Comic Pals for Olsen Quips

8/7/08 Nicole Kidman Urges Media To Leave Sunday Alone

8/7/08 Pink Takes To Hollywood Streets On A Lawnmower

8/7/08 Shia LaBeouf Not Facing Amputation

8/7/08 Shia LaBeouf To Lose A Finger?

8/7/08 Usher Rehires Mother

8/7/08 Tila Tequila Pulls Out Of Dating Show After Finding Real Love 

8/7/08 Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan To Sing Olympic Theme

8/7/08 Ugly Betty's Nephew Plans Pop Career & Jeans Line

8/6/08 Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Take Baby Sunday Down Under
8/6/08 Hallmark Take Aim At Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Jolie & Pitt
8/6/08 Lindsay Lohan's War Of Words With Anderson Cooper
8/6/08 Eva Mendes Won't Talk about Rehab For Fear OF upsetting Mom
8/6/08 George Clooney Plans Swiss Dinner For Barack Obama
8/6/08 Mary-Kate Olsen Faces Grand Jury In Heath Ledger Investigation
8/6/08 Denton Rules Out More Kids
8/6/08 Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer 'Not Getting Married'
8/6/08 Jessica Alba Calls For Hollywood Equality
8/6/08 Angelina Jolie Plans To Build Aids Center
8/6/08 Shia LaBeouf Headed To Rehab?
8/6/08 Jennifer Lopez Won't Testify In Combs Shooting Lawsuit

8/6/08 Scarlett Johansson: 'Penelope Cruz Kiss Not Sexy' 

8/6/08 Leonardo DiCaprio's Grandmother Dies

8/6/08 Britney Spears Denies Paparazzi Deal

8/6/08 Robert Downey Jr. Apologizes To Russell Crowe

8/6/08 Paris Hilton Pokes Fun At John McCain In Spoof Campaign Ad

8/6/08 Justin Timberlake's Cheap Haircuts

8/6/08 Leona Lewis To Launch Fashion Line?

8/6/08 Ciccone: 'Madonna Ruined Her Acting Career'

8/6/08 Ugly Betty Inspired By Cousin Vinny

8/6/08 Cast and Crew Kicked Out For Intimate Penelope Cruz/Ben Kingsley Scenes

8/6/08 Russell Crowe Romance Rocked Meg Ryan's World  
8/5/08 Penelope Cruz's Chomp Cut From New Movie
8/5/08 Nicole Kidman To Make Movie Version Of Bail's The Pages?
8/5/08 Tom Hanks Hires Armed Guard To Watch Builder
8/5/08 Victoria Beckham To Team Up With Eva Longoria Parker In Vegas?
8/5/08 Guy Pearce: 'Russell Crowe Brings Attention On Himself'
8/5/08 Lindsay Lohan's Dad Won't Walk Her Down The Aisle

8/5/08 Shannon Elizabeth Not Engaged To Derek Hough

8/5/08 Eva Longoria Parker Not Desperate To Don Sexy Lingerie

8/5/08 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Laughter at Twin News

8/5/08 Eva Mendes' Advertisement 'Too Sexy' For U.S.

8/5/08 Joss Stone To Star In TV's The Tudors

8/5/08 Justin Timberlake's Golf Nerves

8/5/08 Leonardo DiCaprio For Lenin Role?

8/5/08 Paris Hilton Turned Down West End Role

8/5/08 Johnny Depp Eyes U.K. Move

8/5/08 Katy Perry's Madonna Dream

8/5/08 Donny Osmond To Star In Jungle Reality Show?

8/5/08 Sophie Monk Faces Romance Questions

8/5/08 Lawyer: 'Mary-Kate Olsen is Cooperating with Heath Ledger Investigation'

8/4/08 Gwyneth Paltrow Urges U.S. Ex-Patriots To Vote For Barack Obama
8/4/08 Robert De Niro And Mel Gibson For Murder Mystery
8/4/08 Cursing Tom Cruise To Shock With Bad Language
8/4/08 Last Comic Standing: Who's The Funniest Person? This Week On NBC
8/4/08 Baby Borrowers: Comes Full Circle This Week On NBC
8/4/08 American Gladiators: And The Winner Is? This Week on NBC
8/4/08 Miley Cryus Performs At Teen Choice 2008 Tonight on FOX
8/4/08 I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Final Majide! This Week ON ABC
8/4/08 High School Musical: Customers Gets A Surprise! This Week on ABC
8/4/08 The Mole: And Then There Was Three! Tonight on ABC
8/4/08 Angelina Jolie Dismisses Fertility Treatment Claims
8/4/08 Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt Twins Worth $7 Million Each
8/4/08 Avril Lavigne Not A Threat To China
8/4/08 Lindsay Lohan's Sober Companion Helped Barrymore And Olsen Too
8/4/08 Paula Abdul Not Committed To Music Career Comeback?

8/4/08 Sienna Miller's Heartache at Balthazar Getty Split

8/4/08 Mary-Kate Olsen Refuses To Speak To Police Over Heath Ledger's Death

8/4/08 David Beckham Named Top U.S. Sports Star

8/4/08 Michael Douglas Frustrated By Catherine Zeta-Jones' Accent

8/4/08 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Show Off Twins

8/4/08 Britney Spears 'Still Hopeful' of Joint Custody Agreement

8/4/08 Paris Hilton's Mother Blasts John McCain

8/4/08 Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Speak Out For Barack Obama

8/4/08 Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal 'Not Engaged'

8/4/08 Carey Hart Hopes For Reunion With Pink
8/4/08 Madonna Serenaded By Home State Crowd
8/4/08 Jessica Simpson Stars With Tony Romo In Football Show

8/3/08 Lindsay Lohan To Wed?
8/3/08 Madonna Planning To Adopt Malawian Girl?
8/3/08 Reese Witherspoon To Wed?
8/3/08 Paris Hilton's Friend Hunt Comes To Britain
8/3/08 Jessica Simpson: 'Johan Mayer Wasn't The Man For Me'
8/2/08 Lindsay Lohan Fumes Over Police Chief's Comments
8/2/08 More Candid Miley Cyrus Photos Hit Net
8/2/08 Shia LaBeouf May Never Recover From Car Crash
8/2/08 Pink Throws 'Free' Baby Shower For Lisa Marie
8/2/08 Kanye West Denies Britney Spears Link
8/2/08 Shia LaBeouf Released From Hospital
8/2/08 Sharon Osbourne Slams 'Untalented'
8/1/08 Justin Timberlake To Host The Oscars?
8/1/08 Madonna Doesn't Read Tabloids
8/1/08 Paula Abdul And Ex Flame Rekindle Romance?
8/1/08 Miley Cyrus Eyes Will Smith Collaboration
8/1/08 Pamela Anderson Urges Jessica Simpson To Give Up Meat
8/1/08 Director Bay: 'Shia LaBeouf Wasn't Drunk'
8/1/08 Katie Holmes Denies Forcing Out Tom Cruise's Family
8/1/08 Eric Benet 'Happy' For Ex-Wife Halle Berry
8/1/08 Mischa Barton: 'I Hate Drunk Drivers'
8/1/08 Director Bay Predicted Shia LaBeouf Crash
8/1/08 Beyonce Knowles Named Armani Jeans Ambassador
8/1/08 Jon Voight Surprised Angelina Jolie Became A Mother
8/1/08 Shia LaBeouf Injury Disrupts Transformers Set
8/1/08 Hollywood's Top Cop Blames Stars For Paparazzi Attention
8/1/08 David Cook's Brother Scores Cancer Victory
8/1/08 John Mayer Calls For Paparazzi Control


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