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12/31/05 Mariah Carey Considers Hotel Business

12/31/05 Master P Replaces Son Lil Romeo on Dancing With the Stars

12/31/05 Scarlett Johansson: "Because I'm Worth It"

12/31/05 Teri Hatcher Slams Highest Wage Reports

12/31/05 Lindsay Lohan Confesses to Drugs and Bulimia

12/31/05 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Sympathizes With Brad Pitt's Love Life

12/31/05 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz Help Injured Skier

12/31/05 Nicollette Sheridan Held Eva Longoria's Hand at Awards Ceremony

12/31/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Prepares for Birth of Second Child

12/31/05 American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest Signs Up for Red Carpet Coverage

12/30/05 Shannon Elizabeth's a Big Winner on New Years Eve

12/30/05 Jennifer Lopez Carmen Movie to Be Dumped

12/30/05 Lindsay Lohan Back in Hospital

12/30/05 Rocker's Murdered Wife is Desperate Housewives Star's Sister

12/30/05 Sopranos Star Financial Struggles

12/30/05 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Laughs Off Colin Farrell Responsibility

12/30/05 Reese Witherspoon Records Sinatra for Her Husband

12/30/05 Donald Trump Dismisses Governor Rumors

12/30/05 Scarlett Johansson's Stage Fright

12/30/05 Paris Hilton Admits to Lying in Graff Case

12/30/05 Earl Makes Amends to a Youth Camp on the Next My Name is Earl

12/30/05 Julius Finds Food Stamps on the Next "Everybody Hates Chris"

12/29/05 Madonna Inspired to Pimp Her Ride

12/29/05 Simon Cowell Slams Music Scene

12/29/05 Kate Winslet Set For Daisy Scarlett?

12/29/05 Lost Star to Plead Guilty

12/29/05 Kelly Osbourne Loves Dad Ozzy's Bunker

12/29/05 Jim Carrey Fumes at Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton

12/29/05 Chris Klein Denies Rumors Over Baby Gift for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

12/29/05 Britney Spears is an Eco Friendly Mother

12/29/05 MTV Splits With Pimp My Ride Makeover Experts

12/29/05 Simon Cowell Fumes at Victoria Beckham's Claims

12/29/05 UPN Premiere of South Beach to Air January 11 and 17th

12/29/05 Prison Break Director Brett Ratner Video Interview

12/29/05 Fox Reality Debuts Original American Idol Programming

12/29/05 Kat and Stuart Deal With After Party Aftermath on the next "Stacked"

12/29/05 Nanny Stella Helps a Family in Crises on the next "Nanny 911"

12/28/05 Macaulay Culkin Asked to Reveal Michael Jackson Secrets on Big Brother

12/28/05 Sienna Miller's a Karaoke Queen

12/28/05 Patricia Arquette Keeps it in the Family

12/28/05 Alyssa Milano Suffers Hair Removal Hell

12/28/05 Lost Stars Beatles Tattoo

12/28/05 Felicity Huffman Thanks Exacting Teachers

12/28/05 The Sopranos Star Slims Down

12/28/05 Sarah Jessica Parker "Thank Sex for Desperate Housewives"

12/28/05 Britney Spears Set for 2006 Slump

12/28/05 Felicity Huffman Thanks Cast and Crew for Unique Transamerica Experience

12/28/05 Skating With Celebrities Season Premiere Preview Clip

12/28/05 Idol Artists Continue to Dominate Album Charts Worldwide

12/27/05 Elizabeth Hurley Contemplating Acting Retirement

12/27/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Consider Moving to France

12/27/05 Jessica Simpson to Live in New York City

12/27/05 Desperate Marcia Cross Set for Alcoholic Episodes

12/27/05 Brad Pitt Bed Donation Arrives

12/27/05 Men Charged in Jennifer Lopez Video Case

12/27/05 Desperate Nicollette Sheridan Joins Ex Michael Bolton for Hawaii Getaway

12/27/05 Sopranos Star Weeps As He Recalls Police Officer Slaying

12/27/05 Lost Stars Plead Not Guilty

12/27/05 This Year in Music Review

12/27/05 Woody Allen Goes to the Net With Match Point  

12/26/05 Celebrity and Movies Year in Review for 2005

12/26/05 Sienna Miller to Quit Smoking

12/26/05 Elizabeth Hurley Denies TV Future

12/26/05 No Resolutions for Simon Cowell

12/26/05 Maria Sharapova Loves Her New Smell

12/26/05 Renegade Bird Didn't Ground Oprah Winfrey's Jet

12/26/05 The Barkers Welcome Second Child

12/26/05 Arrest in Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Extortion Scandal

12/26/05 Stavros Niarchos' Pal to Sue Paris Hilton

12/26/05 Brad Pitt Issues Legal Threat Threat Over Photos

12/26/05 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Helps Family With Adopted Kids

12/26/05 Melinda Helps a Trouble Spirit Find Out Why She Died on Ghost Whisperer

12/25/05 Nicole Kidman Can't Stay Away From Keith Urban

12/25/05 Lindsay Lohan Photographer Escapes Charge

12/25/05 Carrie Underwood Named Top Oklahoman

12/25/05 Eminem Names the Day for His Wedding

12/25/05 Katie Holmes: "I Won't Wed Tom Cruise Until After Birth"

12/25/05 Tyra Banks Created Crack Addict Character to Fend Off French Men

12/25/05 Maria Sharapova: "I'm Russian"

12/25/05 Anna Nicole Smith Gets a Boost in Her Battle for Late Husband's Cash

12/25/05 Eva Longoria Hits Back at Traffic Cop

12/25/05 Cher Inspires Catherine Zeta Jones to Hit Las Vegas

12/24/05 Scarlett Johansson Credits Her Success to Being a New Yorker

12/24/05 JK Rowling to Wrap Up Harry Potter in 2007

12/24/05 Victoria Beckham Turns Down Simon Cowell Talent Show

12/24/05 Oprah Winfrey's Jet Grounded

12/24/05 The X Factor Winner Tops UK Christmas Singles Chart

12/24/05 Keith Urban's Ex Warns Nicole Kidman

12/24/05 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Involved in Traffic Incident

12/24/05 Jenny McCarthy's Gift of Organization

12/24/05 Scarlett Johansson Wants Another Woody Allen Part for Christmas

12/24/05 Nicollette Sheridan Outraged by Santa's Omission From Display

12/24/05 Desperate Housewives Stars Get Blankets

12/24/05 Supernanny Jo Frost Helps A Mom Whose Husband is Serving in Afghanistan

12/23/05 Get Close-Up With the Stars of 'Casanova' This Christmas Eve on Starz Cinema

12/23/05 Carmen Electra Plans a Sexy Christmas

12/23/05 Pamela Anderson Makes Room for Christmas

12/23/05 Felicity Huffman Missed Out on Christmas Joy as a Teen

12/23/05 Simon Cowell's Christmas in the Indian Ocean

12/23/05 Jennifer Garner Changes Her Name to Affleck

12/23/05 Pamela Anderson Aims for Later Timeslot

12/23/05 Lindsay Lohan Plans Miami New Years Eve Bash

12/23/05 Britney Spears Pays Tribute to the Troops

12/23/05 Haylie Duff's Bad Driving Start

12/23/05 Christina Aguilera Shuns Dirrty Look

12/23/05 Beau Bridges Guest Stars as Earls Father on the next " My Name is Earl"

12/23/05 Duos Are Pushed to Their Limits on the Next "Fear Factor"

12/23/05 Allison Helps Detective Scanlon Solve His Sisters Murder on the Next "Medium"

12/23/05 Love Monkey Premiere Episode Preview

12/23/05 Can't Wait For the New Season of 24 to Start? Neither Can This Guy

12/23/05 Celebrity Fit Club Returns for Season 3 on January 1st

12/23/05 American Idols Dominate Holiday Album Chart

12/22/05 Marcia Cross Makes Marriage Plans

12/22/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Chris Martin Because He's Like Her Dad

12/22/05 Jessica Simpson Rethinking Divorce Plans

12/22/05 Mary Kate Olsen's Pajama Trick

12/22/05 Jennifer Aniston Issued Veiled Warning to Brad Pitt

12/22/05 Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Jam Onstage

12/22/05 Jennifer Aniston: "I Wouldn't Change 2005"

12/22/05 Mariah Carey Snubs Fur Gift

12/22/05 Gwen Stefani Confirms Baby Rumors

12/22/05 Sienna Miller Snubs James Bond Role

12/22/05 Jack Black Blames King Kong Lost Weekend for Smoking Habit

12/22/05 Claudia Schiffer Talks About Break In at Her London Home

12/22/05 Martha Stewart's Apprentice Named Director of Development of Body+Soul Magazine

12/22/05 Two Hour Broadcast of Lost December 28th

12/21/05 Rachel Hunter Fights Off Teacher's Advances

12/21/05 Kate Moss Drug Video Turned Over to Police?

12/21/05 Scarlett Johansson Questions Monogamy

12/21/05 Christina Aguilera Turns 25 in Style

12/21/05 Paris Hilton's New Puppies

12/21/05 Jessica Simpson Gets Bond Bosses All Stirred Up

12/21/05 Jennifer Aniston Wants to Become a Mother in 2006

12/21/05 Eminem Celebrates Christmas at Number One

12/21/05 Jennifer Aniston Thanks Jessica Simpson

12/21/05 Kylie Minogue Recorded Message For Elton's Hen Night

12/21/05 Jamie Foxx Says that Colin Farrell is Doing Great After Rehab

12/21/05 The Biggest Loser: Special Edition Premieres January 4th

12/21/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart's Jim Bozzin Launches Website

12/21/05 Commander in Chief to be Available at iTunes Music Store

12/21/05 Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet Dive Into IMAX Deep Sea 3D

12/21/05 Stacked Preview Clips for December 21st

12/20/05 Tom Cruise Rumored to be Developing "The Devil in the White City" Movie

12/20/05 Rome Complaints Rejected by UK Watchdog

12/20/05 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee to Go Snowboarding

12/20/05 Pamela Anderson Has Total Faith in Malibu Police

12/20/05 Paris Hilton Received Death Threats

12/20/05 Fired Desperate Housewives Star Pens Rap Track

12/20/05 Eva Longoria and Doug Savant Have TV Affair

12/20/05 Brooke Burke and David Charvet Split

12/20/05 Pamela Anderson Furious Over Pole Dance Edit

12/20/05 Elton John Slams Madonna

12/20/05 Heather Mills McCartney Skeptical Over The X Factor

12/20/05 Ghost Whisperer Producer to Conduct Online Séance December 21st

12/20/05 Martha Stewart to Hire Apprentice on Live Broadcast

12/20/05 The 40 Year Old Virgin Rings in the Holiday Season With 3.7 Million Units Sold

12/20/05 Tom Selleck to Star in Television Movie "Jesse Stone: Night Passage"

12/20/05 The Biggest Loser is Back for a Special Edition January 4th

12/20/05 Fear Factor Contestants Couples Must Live Together on the Next Episode

12/20/05 Nim is Back on the Next Surface Episode January 2nd

12/20/05 Randy Jackson Discusses Season 5 of American Idol

12/20/05 Video Highlights Preview For Season 5 of "24"

12/20/05 Husbands Swap and the Wives Stay Home on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

12/19/05 Rollergirls to Premiere on A&E January 2nd

12/19/05 Avril Lavigne Joins Fast Food Nation

12/19/05 Scarlett Johansson Moves in With Josh Hartnett

12/19/05 Lost Star Argued During Arrest

12/19/05 Heather Mills McCartney Denies Jennifer Lopez Scuffle

12/19/05 Pamela Anderson to Claw in 2006 With the Pussycat Dolls

12/19/05 Nicole Kidman Ridiculed by Edna Everage

12/19/05 Tom Cruise's Visit to Secret Scientology Compound

12/19/05 Carmen Electra's Scorpion Dies

12/19/05 Police Called to Paris Hilton's Home

12/19/05 Jon Voight Wants Brad Pitt to Reproduce With Angelina Jolie

12/19/05 Court TV Unveils "Haunting Evidence"

12/19/05 Deal or No Deal Gives Viewers a Chance to Win $10,000 Nightly

12/19/05 Brooke Burns Talks About Near Fatal Swimming Accident

12/19/05 Stephen Spinella and Jayne Atkinson Sign on For Season 5 of "24"

12/19/05 Fox Announces American Idol Season 5 Competition Schedule

12/19/05 Bo Bice Interview Video Clip

12/19/05 Carrie Underwood Interview Video Clip

12/19/05 Desperate Housewives Episode Preview for December 25th

12/19/05 A Widow & Three Kids Get Help on the Next Extreme Makeover Home Edition

12/19/05 An Exhausted Family Gets Jo's Help on the Next Episode of Supernanny

12/19/05 Previous Families "Pay it Forward" on the Next Extreme Makeover Home Edition

12/19/05 Melinda Helps a Girl in a Psychiatric Clinic on the Next Ghost Whisperer

12/18/05 Bo Bice Falls Ill on the Eve of Radio Music Awards

12/18/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's Last Supper

12/18/05 Britney Spears Sues US Weekly

12/18/05 Jessica Simpson Plans Hawaii Trip

12/18/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Suffered With Unfriendly Ang Lee

12/18/05 Kylie's Hotpants are Disintegrating

12/18/05 Laurie Metcalf Bows Out of 24

12/18/05 Annie Lennox Laughs Off Orlando Bloom Rumor

12/18/05 Ashlee Simpson Back at Home

12/18/05 Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz to go Backpacking

12/17/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt Meets With Ex to Promote Ghost Whisperer

12/17/05 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Engaged?

12/17/05 Carmen Electra Annoyed With Constant Airport Searches

12/17/05 Carmen Electra's Auction Relief

12/17/05 Shirley MacLaine Heralds Jennifer Aniston as 2005 Heroine

12/17/05 American Idol Star Pleads Not Guilty

12/17/05 Nicole Richie Gets Her Own Ring

12/17/05 Jessica Simpson to Start Divorce Battle Today

12/17/05 Jennifer Aniston Says No to Dating Older Men

12/17/05 Sick Jennifer Aniston Pulls Out of TV Show Appearance

12/17/05 Bo Bice to Perform at the 2005 Radio Music Awards

12/16/05 The Bachelor Premieres January 9th; Cast Names Released

12/16/05 Daniel Radcliffe Set for Controversial Role in Shaffer Play

12/16/05 Teri Hatcher Accepts Damages Over "Passion Wagon" Reports

12/16/05 Britney Spears Hires Madonna's Hit Makers

12/16/05 Simon Cowell Takes on BBC Over New Talent Show

12/16/05 Britney Spears Honeymoon Photo on eBay

12/16/05 Master P Replaces Romeo on Dancing With the Stars

12/16/05 Special Double Episode Next Week on The OC

12/16/05 Bravo Serves Up Top Chef on March 15th

12/15/05 Madonna Inspires Tyra Banks to Take Up Yoga

12/15/05 Fantasia Barrino Leaves Jury Duty Mid Case

12/15/05 Jennifer Lopez Lights Up

12/15/05 Michael Bolton Offers Support to Ex Lover Nicollette Sheridan

12/15/05 Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart Top PETA Worst Dressed List

12/15/05 Nicole Kidman Laughs Off Marriage and Pregnancy Rumors

12/15/05 National Enquirer Apologizes to Teri Hatcher Over Sex in a Van Story

12/15/05 Simon Cowell's Girl is Tired of Not Being Number One

12/15/05 Laguna Beach Residents Slam MTV Show

12/15/05 Lost Star Settles Traffic Cases

12/15/05 Being Bobby Brown Christmas Special to Air December 21st

12/15/05 Skylar and Gavin Attempt to Play Matchmaker on the Next Episode of Stacked

12/15/05 Nanny Debb Helps a Family Get Control of Their Six Sons on Nanny 911

12/15/05 Encore Episodes of Lost to Air December 21

12/14/05 Christina Aguilera Says She Won't be Changing Her Name

12/14/05 Amazing Race Finale Delivers Highest Ratings of the Season

12/14/05 The OC Chrismukkah Show Preview Clips

12/14/05 Jennifer Aniston's Mother Shows Her How Not to Cope With Divorce

12/14/05 Jennifer Aniston Terrified of Gangster Paparazzi

12/14/05 Brad Pitt Throws Wrap Party in Canada

12/14/05 Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman's Early Christmas

12/14/05 Harry Connick Jr Captivated by Jennifer Lopez's Rear

12/14/05 Keira Knightley Brought Back Down to Earth

12/14/05 WGL Announces "The CEO Golf Challenge" & "Hot Days and Hot Nights"

12/14/05 Jennifer Aniston Laughs Off Pregnancy Rumors

12/14/05 Shakira Plans More Balance in Life

12/14/05 Jennifer Aniston Slams 'Stupid' Rumors

12/14/05 Eva Longoria Thankful to be Finally Nominated for Golden Globe Award

12/14/05 The 40 Year Old Virgin DVD Scores Two Million Units

12/14/05 The Amazing Race Finale “The Treasure Has Been Claimed”

12/14/05 Celebrate "The Office" Christmas Party December 20th

12/14/05 Earl Makes Up For Christmas Past on the Next "My Name is Earl"

12/14/05 The Winner of The Amazing Race is.....

12/13/05 Jennifer Aniston Seeks Solace in Greece

12/13/05 Pamela Anderson's Pole Dance Cut From Elton John Broadcast

12/13/05 Kevin Federline Denies Attacking Britney Spears in Interview

12/13/05 Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler Laugh Off Engagement Rumors

12/13/05 Hilary Duff Visits Grieving Family

12/13/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Have No Wedding Plans Yet

12/13/05 Donald Trump to Hire Fourth Apprentice on Live Finale

12/13/05 Paris Hilton Makes Peace Offering to Nicole Richie

12/13/05 Rachel Hunter Hospitalized

12/13/05 Sopranos Star Charged With Murder

12/13/05 Simon Cowell Teased by Kelly Osbourne

12/13/05 Jeff Probst to Continue as Host of Survivor

12/13/05 A Do-Good Mom and A High Maintenance Wife Switch on the Next Wife Swap

12/13/05 Deal or No Deal Premiere Episode Preview

12/12/05 "Welcome To America" Begins Principal Photography

12/12/05 Tyra Banks Reunited With First Kisser

12/12/05 Tatum O'Neal and George Hamilton Join Dancing With the Stars

12/12/05 A Wife Swapping Double Date on Desperate Housewives

12/12/05 Wynonna Judd and Cowboy Troy Search for a Nashville Star

12/12/05 VH1 Announces New Show "Flavor of Love"

12/12/05 Lindsay Lohan's Parents Reach Divorce Settlement

12/12/05 Sienna Miller's Father Threatens to Kill Jude Law

12/12/05 Colin Farrell Treated for Medication Dependency

12/12/05 Russell Crowe Lifts Lid on Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Relationship

12/12/05 Boy George Signs Up for Big Brother

12/12/05 Julianne Moore and Salma Hayek Praise Nobel Peace Laureate

12/12/05 A Team Tries to Crash Through a Locked Door on The Amazing Race Finale

12/12/05 Survivor Guatemala Delivers Largest Survivor Finale Audience Since May 04

12/12/05 The Final Three Candidates Face Intense Interviews on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

12/12/05 Susan Meets Eddie's New Boyfriend on the Next Desperate Housewives

12/12/05 “Was this the Alien vs Predator?” No, but more like the Competitor vs the Ego.” Survivor Guatemala Finale Summary

12/12/05 Danni Boatwright Outwits and Outlast Everyone to Win Survivor: Guatemala

12/12/05 Melinda Helps the Sprit of a Troubled Comedian on the Next Ghost Whisperer

12/12/05 ABC to Air "Once Upon a Mattress" December 18th

12/11/05 Playmate Pleads With Colin Farrell to Release Tape

12/11/05 Jake Gyllenhaal is Sister's Most Brutal Critic

12/11/05 Shakira Taking History Lesson

12/11/05 Lesbian Ex-Lover Still Has Feelings for Angelina Jolie

12/11/05 Scarlett Johansson Slams Paparazzi Stalkers

12/11/05 Heidi Klum Wiped From Iranian Broadcast

12/11/05 Sopranos Star Shot in Police Gunfight

12/11/05 Jamie Foxx: "My Music is Not a Vanity Exercise"

12/11/05 Mary Kate Olsen's Early Love for Coffee

12/11/05 Sopranos Creator Honored

12/10/05 Moby: "Eminem Has Blood on His Hands"

12/10/05 Kelly Preston Urges Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Get Away

12/10/05 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Wait to Buy New Family Home

12/10/05 Shakira's Ring Doesn't Fit

12/10/05 Mischa Barton Feels Lanky Next to The OC Co-Star Rachel Bilson

12/10/05 Mary Kate Olsen: "I'm Not Speaking to Paris Hilton"

12/10/05 Britney Spears Fans Promote Divorce From Kevin

12/10/05 Season Two of Project Runway Peaks at More Than One Million Viewers

12/10/05 Pamela Anderson Targets Britain's KFC Restaurants

12/10/05 Teri Hatcher Explains Decision to Sue UK Tabloid

12/10/05 Paula Abdul to Entertain Las Vegas Visitors

12/9/05 Sex Pistol Helps Lost Star Sober Up

12/9/05 Teri Hatcher Plans Belated Birthday Celebration

12/9/05 Wife Swap Makers Sued

12/9/05 Martha Stewart Trespasser Sets Up Paris Hilton Shrine

12/9/05 Mary Kate Olsen Quit College to be Happy

12/9/05 JK Rowling: "Children Must be Scared"

12/9/05 Peter Gallager's Disturbed Fan

12/9/05 JK Rowling to Treat Kids to a Handmade Christmas

12/9/05 Jessica Simpson House Hunting in New York

12/9/05 Jennifer Lopez Sends Baby Gift to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

12/9/05 "A Curse, A Curse, I Told You It Is Cursed" - Survivor Episode 13 Summary

12/9/05 A Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-Vahkkah to Remember on the Next Episode of The OC

12/9/05 The Water Heater Breaks on the Next Everybody Hates Chris

12/8/05 CBS Reschedules Love Monkey to Follow CSI

12/8/05 Paula Abdul to Pen Autobiography

12/8/05 Lindsay Lohan Eyes Taiwan Tour

12/8/05 Gwyneth Paltrow's Directorial Debut Gets a Date With Sundance

12/8/05 Jessica Simpson Hiring Jennifer Aniston Divorce Attorney?

12/8/05 Linkin Park Resolving Spat With Label

12/8/05 Ashlee Simpson Finds Love

12/8/05 Photographer Hits Back at Jennifer Aniston

12/8/05 Ashlee Simpson and Carmen Electra's Sympathy for Britney Spears

12/8/05 Matt Damon and Fiancée Expecting Child

12/8/05 Dancing With the Stars to Premiere January 5th

12/8/05 Second and Third Place Teams to Compete for a Car on the Amazing Race Finale

12/8/05 Survivor Live Off to Hollywood

12/8/05 Nicole Linkletter is America's Next Top Model

12/8/05 Nicollette Sheridan Lashes Out at Mr. Blackwell

12/8/05 Heidi Klum's Baby Daughter Develops Fashion Taste

12/8/05 The OC Preview Clips for December 8th

12/8/05 An iPod Shuffles Gavin into Discord on the Next Episode of Stacked

12/8/05 E-Ring Episode Preview for December 14th

12/8/05 Michael Treks Off Into the Jungle in an Encore Episode of Lost

12/8/05 Models Reunite to Share Their Stories on America's Next Top Model Reunion

12/7/05 Lindsay Lohan Says She's Sorry For Not Appearing on Show

12/7/05 Joel Madden and Hilary Duff are Complete Opposites

12/7/05 Mary-Kate Olsen Struggling to Get Over Stavros Split

12/7/05 Nicollette Sheridan Caught Up in Restraining Order Report

12/7/05 Elizabeth Hurley: "I'm Not Engaged Yet, Let Alone Planning a Wedding"

12/7/05 Nicole Richie and Adam Goldstein Split

12/7/05 Lindsay Lohan Linked to Nick Cannon

12/7/05 Ashlee Simpson Reveals Eating Disorder

12/7/05 Eminem May Quit

12/7/05 Rachel Aronofsky Directs Lost

12/7/05 Lindsay Lohan's No Show Sparks Controversy

12/7/05 UPN to Rebroadcast The Victoria Secret Fashion Show With Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum

12/7/05 Bill Gates Joins the Three Wishes Team on This Weeks Episode

12/7/05 The Countdown Begins on The Apprentice

12/7/05 The Amazing Race Episode 10 “Wagons, Golf Course Meltdowns and Tears”

12/7/05 90 Minute Special Episode of Fear Factor December 13th

12/7/05 My Name is Earl December 13th Episode Preview

12/7/05 Encore Broadcast of Episode Two of Commander in Chief Next Week

12/7/05 Stacked Preview Clips for December 7th

12/6/05 Project Runway Sued Again

12/6/05 Eminem to Remarry Ex Wife Kimberly

12/6/05 Teri Hatcher's Doctor Love

12/6/05 Ashanti Launches New Denim Line

12/6/05 Jennifer Lopez and March Anthony Evacuated From Film Set

12/6/05 Angelina Jolie Sparks A Riot at Witness Gala

12/6/05 Lindsay Lohan: "I Found Love Letters From Wilmer's Ex"

12/6/05 Eminem Hits Back at Early Retirement Rumors

12/6/05 Brad Pitt Facing Tough Adoption Process

12/6/05 American Idol Star Arrested

12/6/05 UPN Announces New Series "South Beach"

12/6/05 Paris Hilton Webpage a Hoax

12/6/05 Mike Jones Makes Acting Debut on "Prison Break"

12/6/05 Nanny Yvonne Tames Six Unruly Kids on the Next Nanny 911

12/6/05 Medium December 12th Episode Preview

12/6/05 A Police Detective and Surrendered Wife Trade Places on the Next "Wife Swap"

12/6/05 Mission: Impossible 3 Wraps Principal Photography in Shanghai November 29

12/5/05 Elizabeth Hurley Furious at Wedding Hotel

12/5/05 Simon Cowell Gets Five Year Music Rights

12/5/05 Harry Potter Will Die

12/5/05 Johnny Depp Costume Sold for Charity

12/5/05 Eva Longoria Wants to Shake Sexy Image

12/5/05 Jennifer Aniston at the Center of Topless Photo Controversy

12/5/05 Justin Timberlake to Take on Another Restaurant

12/5/05 Kevin Federline's Car Towed From Britney Spears' Home

12/5/05 Simon Cowell Splashes Out on Mum's Birthday

12/5/05 Tom Cruise Wants to See Katie Holmes' Wedding Gown

12/5/05 Bravo Announces Six New Unscripted Shows

12/5/05 Too Much Alcohol For One Candidate on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

12/5/05 Action Packed 10 Minute Prequel Leads Into New Season of "24"

12/5/05 Small Retailer Makes a Big Impact on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

12/5/05 Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway Celebrates First Anniversary

12/5/05 Kerr Smith Joins Cast of E-Ring

12/5/05 American Idol Finalist Bo Bice Releases Debut Album "The Real Thing"

12/5/05 Previous Families "Pay it Forward" on the Next Extreme Makeover Home Edition

12/5/05 Season Finale of Three Wishes December 9th

12/5/05 Melinda Helps a Mother Reunite With Her Family on the next Ghost Whisperer

12/4/05 Eva Longoria Loves Being Little

12/4/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Dumps Macrobiotic Diet

12/4/05 Nicole Kidman's Sister Confirms Engagement

12/4/05 Beyonce Knowles' Tina Turner Tribute Goes Awry

12/4/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Aims for Big Family

12/4/05 Thief Steals Mariah Carey's Gold Record

12/4/05 Kelly Osbourne's Chocolate Diet

12/4/05 Jamie Foxx Dedicates Angel Ballad to His Daughter

12/4/05 Send "The Office" Holiday E-Cards & Vote For Dunder Mifflin Newsletter Cover

12/4/05 Desperate Housewives George Avoids Bear Death

12/3/05 Emma Watson Worries About Possibility of Harry Potter Replacement

12/3/05 Britney Spears in Bust Up With Kevin Federline

12/3/05 Oprah Winfrey's Home Robbery Lie

12/3/05 Lost Star May be in Serious Legal Trouble

12/3/05 Kylie Minogue's Diary to Inspire Cancer Sufferers

12/3/05 Brad Pitt to Officially Adopt Angelina Jolie's Children

12/3/05 Pamela Anderson's Co-Star Disapproves of Her Tattoos

12/3/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Denies Slamming London

12/3/05 Oprah Winfrey to Play Santa to African Kids

12/3/05 Avril Lavigne Breaks Into Movies

12/2/05 A Castaway Must Decide if They Risk the "Car Curse" on the Next Survivor: Guatemala

12/2/05 Ciara Joins Gwen Stefani on Her Harajuki Lovers Tour

12/2/05 Oprah Visit Delivers Biggest David Letterman Ratings in a Decade

12/2/05 The Apprentice Finale Odds - Randal vs Rebecca

12/2/05 Kathy Griffin and Matt Moline Reunite

12/2/05 Calendar Featuring Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss Leaked

12/2/05 Peter Jackson: I've Had Enough Success

12/2/05 JK Rowling to Change Name for New Book

12/2/05 Lost Stars Arrested for Drunk Driving

12/2/05 Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman Put Their Feud Behind Them

12/2/05 Simon Cowell Launches Star Duets

12/2/05 Eva Longoria: "My Beauty Has Cost Me Work"

12/2/05 Paula Abdul Struggles to Find Romance

12/2/05 Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn Caught Up in Police Stop

12/2/05 "Liar, Liar, Your Torch Is Not On Fire"- Survivor Episode 12 Summary 

12/2/05 Finalists Announced for 2005 Billboard Music Awards

12/2/05 Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks Featured on "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show"

12/2/05 Medium December 5th Episode Preview

12/2/05 Final Two Manage Massive Charity Events on the Next "The Apprentice"

12/2/05 Johnny Tells Marissa How He Really Feels on the Next Episode of "The OC"

12/2/05 CBS Announces Love Monkey Series Featuring "Ed" Star Tom Cavanagh

12/2/05 Paula Abdul Stars in "Cardio Cheer" Exercise Program DVD

12/1/05 Louis Walsh and Ronan Keating Kiss and Make Up

12/1/05 Kate Moss Scared of Coming Back to England

12/1/05 Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman Head For Crocodile Farm

12/1/05 Nicole Richie Signs Sitcom Deal

12/1/05 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Confirm Baby News

12/1/05 Kelly Clarkson's New Rocker Boyfriend

12/1/05 Keira Knightley Modest About BIFA Success

12/1/05 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Eye 2006 Wedding Date

12/1/05 Josh Holloway Recalls Abrupt Introduction to Wife

12/1/05 Student: "I'm Not the Reason Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Split"

12/1/05 A Teammate's Performance Overwhelms Their Family on the Next Amazing Race

12/1/05 Fox Reality to Premiere Exclusive American Idol 5 Original Programming

12/1/05 Jayla Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

12/1/05 Competition Comes to a Climatic Finish on the Next America's Next Top Model

12/1/05 Gavin Writes a New Novel on the Next Episode of Stacked

12/1/05 Raft Survivors Discover The Identities of Their Captors on the Next "Lost"

12/1/05 The Pentagon Finds Itself Playing Santa on the Next Episode of "E-Ring"

12/1/05 Rent Soundtrack Moves Up the Charts



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