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12/31/06 Paris Hilton Pleads Not Guilty to Drunk Driving Charges

12/31/06 Club Owners Defend Britney Spears Promotional Appearance

12/31/06 Anna Nicole Smith Returns to United States

12/31/06 Angelina Jolie Loves Adopted Children Differently

12/31/06 Brigitte Nielsen Shocks Vanilla Ice With Dating Confession

12/31/06 Jordan Knight Quit Surreal Life Fame Games After Hearing of Granny's Death

12/31/06 Kylie Minogue Seals Comeback by Topping Gay Icon Poll

12/31/06 Matthew Fox Was a Late Developer in the Pool

12/31/06 La Toya Delivers Baby While Filming Reality Show

12/31/06 Cate Blanchett Pitied Brad Pitt Carrying Her Take After Take

12/31/06 Three Episodes of Desperate Housewives to Air Saturday January 6th on ABC

12/30/06 Angelina Jolie Slams Madonna Adoption

12/30/06 Kylie Minogue Named Best Dressed

12/30/06 Madonna Pays Tuition Fees of Malawian Government Official

12/30/06 Oprah Winfrey Offers Free HIV Tests to Students

12/30/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Plan Finances for Family

12/30/06 Donny Tourette Admits Cocaine Habit on Celebrity Big Brother Show

12/30/06 Brad Pitt Wants More Children With Angelina Jolie

12/30/06 James Purefoy Refuses to Get Naked for Rome Directors

12/30/06 Nicollette Sheridan Too Busy to Plan Wedding

12/30/06 Lindsay Lohan Parties After Appendix Surgery

12/30/06 Betty Juggles Multiple Crises Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

12/30/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of 1 vs 100

12/30/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of Trading Spouses

12/30/06 Nanny Stella Saves the Day Next Week on "Nanny 911"

12/30/06 A Desperate Spirit Enlists Melinda's Help Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

12/30/06 ABC to Broadcast "Seabiscuit" Saturday January 20th

12/30/06 CBS Announces "The Valley of Light" to be Broadcast January 28th

12/29/06 Jennifer Hudson Boycotts Jennifer Holliday to Prepare for Dreamgirls

12/29/06 Bette Midler and Christina Aguilera Serenade Billionaire for Birthday

12/29/06 Punk Rocker Quits Celebrity Big Brother

12/29/06 Ken Russell Quits Celebrity Big Brother

12/29/06 Emilio Estevez and Elijah Wood Hail "Fabulous" Lindsay Lohan

12/29/06 Jermaine Jackson Talks About Brother Michael on Celebrity Big Brother Show

12/29/06 Felicity Huffman Misses Frump Mom

12/29/06 Man Arrested Over Oprah Winfrey Extortion Plot

12/29/06 Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar Lavish Five Day Wedding Party

12/29/06 Liz Tries to be a Better Boss Next Week on "30 Rock"

12/29/06 Michael Returns From His Jamaican Vacation Next Week on "The Office"

12/29/06 The Gang Relive the Day They Were on "Cops" Next Week on My Name is Earl

12/29/06 Kaitlin Meets Her Match Next Week on "The OC"

12/28/06 Teri Hatcher: "I Live a Normal Life"

12/28/06 Angelina Jolie Upset Paparazzi Prevent Family Outings

12/28/06 Matthew Fox Plans to Quit Smoking in 2007

12/28/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Agree on Kids Custody - For January

12/28/06 Pamela Anderson Blasts Kid Rock

12/28/06 Brad Pitt Inspired by Dancing John Travolta

12/28/06 Scarlett Johansson: "I'm No Diva"

12/28/06 Oprah Winfrey Defends Madonna Adoption

12/28/06 Plumbers Sing James Denton's Praises

12/28/06 Artist Turns Angelina Jolie Into Virgin Mary for New Masterpiece

12/28/06 ABC Announces "Be Ugly 07" In Support of Ugly Betty Series

12/28/06 Heroes Star Masi Oka to Appear on The Tonight Show January 3rd

12/28/06 Three Episodes of Ugly Betty to Air Saturday December 30th on ABC

12/28/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of Deal or No Deal

12/27/06 Jessica Simpson: 2006 Taught Me Who I Am

12/27/06 Nelly and Ashanti "Not Engaged"

12/27/06 Elizabeth Hurley Slams Former Beau

12/27/06 Jennifer Lopez Desperate For Kids

12/27/06 Jamie-Lynn Sigler Scared of Sopranos Ending

12/27/06 Paris Hilton "Fired" From Club Paris

12/27/06 Oprah Winfrey Slams School Critics

12/27/06 Drew Barrymore Offers Lindsay Lohan Partygirl Advice

12/27/06 Larry Birkhead and Anna Nicole Smith Conceived Baby on New Years Eve

12/27/06 Jennifer Hudson Used Rejection to Drive Dreamgirls Performance

12/27/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Tour Panama City

12/27/06 Paris Hilton Skips Out on Restaurant Tab

12/27/06 The Team Must Rescue Two of Their Own Next Week on "The Unit"

12/26/06 Britney Spears Working to Overcome Negative Publicity

12/26/06 Britney Spears Partying Again Amid Rehab Reports

12/26/06 Teri Hatcher: "I'll Never Marry Again"

12/26/06 Emilio Estevez Avoids Paula Abdul on American Idol

12/26/06 Chester Bennington Left Poor by Divorce

12/26/06 Vince Vaughn Tries to Win Jennifer Aniston Back With Christmas Eve Visit

12/26/06 Lindsay Lohan Recovering After Emergency Surgery

12/26/06 Marcia Cross Concerned about Award Show Attire

12/26/06 Eva Longoria Gets Sporty for Bebe

12/26/06 Prison Break Star Slams Gay Rumors

12/26/06 Ring in the New Year With a Double Episode of Supernanny on ABC

12/26/06 Start the New Year With a Triple Episode Night of "Heroes" on NBC

12/25/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Set for Mr & Mrs Smith Sequel?

12/25/06 Paris Hilton Rejects Sex Doll

12/25/06 Tom Sizemore Turns Heroin Home Videos into Reality Show

12/25/06 Lost Star Emilie De Ravin's Six Month Marriage is Over

12/25/06 Jackson 5 Star Enters British Big Brother House

12/25/06 Nicole Richie Calls in Shaman to Combat Unlucky Curse

12/25/06 Divorcing Sara Evans Hits the Road

12/25/06 Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire Team Up for Sitcom

12/25/06 Britney Spears Manager Slams Reports of Record Company Rift

12/25/06 Britney Spears Sobs During Christmas Day Phone Chat With Kevin Federline

12/25/06 Bree's Family is Anything But Perfect Next Week on "Desperate Housewives"

12/25/06 Nanny Stella Tames Four Wild Kids Next Week on "Nanny 911"

12/25/06 Melinda Helps A Girl Haunted by Her Twin Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

12/24/06 Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Reunite to Ring in the New Year

12/24/06 Yohane Banda Calls for Madonna to Get in Touch

12/24/06 Kylie Minogue Wows Audience at British Comeback

12/24/06 Britney Spears Blasts Drunk New Year Reports

12/24/06 Celebrity Bets for 2007

12/24/06 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Split Assets

12/24/06 Olivia Newton-John Joins Grease Talent Search

12/24/06 Showbiz Year in Review

12/24/06 Lindsay Lohan Encouraged to Run for Local Office

12/24/06 Jennifer Lopez Pushes for Arbitration in Ex-Husband Battle

12/23/06 Paris Hilton Launches Australian Beer

12/23/06 Eva Longoria Learns French for Fiancé

12/23/06 Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson Reunite for Film

12/23/06 Ashanti and Nelly Engaged?

12/23/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Celebrate New Year in Costa Rica

12/23/06 Eva Longoria Fumes Over Heather Mills Desperate Housewives Cameo

12/23/06 Britney Spears and Paris Hilton Named Worst Role Models of 2006

12/23/06 Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman to Host New Years Eve Party

12/23/06 Danny Bonaduce Receiving Death Threats for Bush Support

12/23/06 Britney Spears Fansite Closes

12/22/06 Brad Pitt Celebrates Birthday at Jennifer Aniston's Restaurant

12/22/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pledge Support for Cambodia

12/22/06 Music Review of 2006

12/22/06 Tony Romo Confirms He is Dating Carrie Underwood

12/22/06 Lily Allen Hits Out at Paris Hilton

12/22/06 Lindsay Lohan Apologizes to Strippers

12/22/06 Kylie Minogue Named Most Inspirational Star

12/22/06 Showbiz News Quiz

12/22/06 The Things They Said in 2006

12/22/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Have Charity Christmas

12/22/06 Betty Lures a Big Time Photographer to Mode Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

12/22/06 Jack Plays Matchmaker for Liz Next Week on "30 Rock"

12/22/06 Catalina Won't Jump for Joy Next Week on "My Name is Earl"

12/22/06 Michael, Dwight and Jan Go to a Convention Next Week on "The Office"

12/21/06 Leona Lewis Has the X-Mas Factor

12/21/06 Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Reunite in Sydney

12/21/06 Prison Break Star Fired From Movie Project

12/21/06 Amazing Race Winner to Sue Perez Hilton

12/21/06 Anna Nicole Smith Ordered to Bring Daughter for Paternity Test

12/21/06 Is Paris Hilton's Pop Career Over?

12/21/06 Elizabeth Hurley Clashes With Photographers

12/21/06 Simon Cowell Returns to the Caribbean

12/21/06 Second Publicist Leaves Britney Spears

12/21/06 Britney Spears New Man is Crazy for Her

12/21/06 NBC's "Law & Order" Offers Three Star Studded Episodes in January

12/20/06 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Dropped Restraining Order After Apology

12/20/06 Britney Spears to "Tell All" to Vanity Fair

12/20/06 Britney Spears Named Most Controversial of 2006

12/20/06 New Harry Potter Title Announced

12/20/06 Lost Star Returns Home to Rubble

12/20/06 Jessica Simpson Edited Out of Dolly Parton Tribute

12/20/06 Mary Kate Olsen Plays With Platinum Style

12/20/06 Jessica Simpson Conducts Relationships Over the Phone

12/20/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Plan to Ease Back on Movie Schedule

12/20/06 Simon Cowell Denies Stealing Grease Reality Show Concept

12/20/06 Taylor Hicks First Album Enters Chart at #2 in First Week

12/19/06 JK Rowling Dreaming of Harry Potter

12/19/06 American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks to Star in New Orleans Carnival

12/19/06 Elizabeth Hurley's Gun Choice

12/19/06 Lost Star Evangeline Lilly's Hawaiian Home Destroyed by Fire

12/19/06 Jennifer Hudson Perfects Singing During Funerals

12/19/06 Britney Spears Sports New Tattoo

12/19/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Gear Up for Christmas, Three Times

12/19/06 Angelina Jolie: "Adoptive Parents More Fit to Raise a Child"

12/19/06 Simon Cowell Turning His Attention to Hollywood

12/19/06 Nicole Richie Steps Down From New Years Eve Hosting After DUI

12/19/06 NBC Premieres "Poker After Dark" Hosted by Shana Hiatt

12/19/06 Season Five of The Ultimate Fighter to Premiere on Spike April 5th

12/19/06 Will Smith to Appear on The Night Show Tomorrow, Wednesday December 20

12/19/06 Katharine McPhee to Appear on Rose Parade Float

12/19/06 Reality Ratings: Survivor Cook Islands and Yul Kwon Win Big

12/18/06 Sin City Character Helped Life Pregnant Angelina Jolie's Spirits

12/18/06 Matt Willis Mates for Life With David Gest After Reality Show

12/18/06 Jamelia Makes Up With Simon Cowell

12/18/06 Angelina Jolie Almost Passed on Mr & Mrs Smith

12/18/06 Christina Aguilera Refuses to be Seen Without Make-Up

12/18/06 Dave Navarro to Tour With Rock Star Supernova

12/18/06 Britney Spears Says Happy Christmas With Perfume

12/18/06 Britney Spears Performs Striptease

12/18/06 Michael Jackson to Feature Neverland Ranch on Million Dollar Listing

12/18/06 Ruben Studdard Fronts Fitness Campaign

12/18/06 Day Break: Preview for the Cancelled December 27th Episode

12/18/06 Colorado Horse Whisperers Next on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

12/18/06 Bree's Honeymoon is Over Next Week on Desperate Housewives

12/18/06 Oprah Winfrey and ABC Team Up for Two New Reality Series

12/18/06 NBC Launches Live Interactive Identity Challenge Watch N Win Game

12/18/06 Survivor Cook Islands Props and Memorabilia Up for Bid December 18-28

12/17/06 The Killers and Carmen Electra to Ring in the New Year at Studio Party

12/17/06 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Drop Half of Stalker Case

12/17/06 Britney Spears Buys Beverly Hills Home

12/17/06 Kylie Minogue "Too Busy" for Glastonbury

12/17/06 Former 'N Sync Star Joey Fatone Set for Dancing With the Stars

12/17/06 John Mayer Agrees to Office Parody

12/17/06 Britney Spears Upset as Basketball Fans Boo Her

12/17/06 Britney Spears Burps Top Viral Chart

12/17/06 Pamela Anderson: "Kid Rock Was Unhappy About Borat"

12/17/06 Angelina Jolie: "Brad Pitt Doesn't Want to Marry"

12/17/06 Survivor Cook Islands Finale Tonight

12/17/06 ABC to Air Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on Christmas

12/17/06 Production Stars on ABC Movie "A Raisin in the Sun"

12/16/06 Britney Spears Voted World Worst Celebrity Dog Owner

12/16/06 Kylie Minogue Flies Home to Confront Oliver Martinez

12/16/06 Simon Cowell Signs Biggest British TV Deal

12/16/06 Ed Norton Happy for Salma Hayek's New Show

12/16/06 Naomi Campbell to Appear on Oprah Winfrey Show

12/16/06 Simon Cowell's Secret Plan to Launch X Factor Winner

12/16/06 Kylie Minogue is Smelling Sweeter Than Victoria Beckham

12/16/06 Harry Potter Saved From Library Ban

12/16/06 Paris Hilton Denies MySpace Support for Britney Spears

12/16/06 Quincy Jones Defends Nicole Richie's Arrest

12/16/06 Mel Gibson Feels Sorry for Britney Spears

12/16/06 Preview for Identity Premiere Episode

12/16/06 Special Episodes of Deal or No Deal & 1 vs 100 to Air Christmas Day

12/16/06 Barry Manilow Tickets Go On Sale for 2007 at Las Vegas Hilton

12/16/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of "Trading Spouses"

12/15/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's Priest Forced Out

12/15/06 George Clooney Uncovers Source of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Wedding Stories

12/15/06 Anna Nicole Smith Returns to US to Fight for Marshall's Millions

12/15/06 Travis Barker Thrilled by Paris Hilton's Fight With His Wife

12/15/06 Pamela Anderson: "I Would Have Married Anyone in St. Tropez"

12/15/06 George Clooney Won't Fly With Brad Pitt

12/15/06 Britney Spears to be Paris Hilton's Matron of Honor

12/15/06 Sara Evans to Join Dancing With the Stars Tour

12/15/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Seek to Balance Races in Family

12/15/06 Pamela Anderson: Kid Rock "Absolutely Lying" About Mothering Claims

12/15/06 Taylor Hicks Tour Schedule Announced

12/15/06 CBS Announces New Reality Series "Armed & Famous" to Debut January 10th

12/15/06 New York Resident Erik Chopin Wins Season 3 of The Biggest Loser

12/15/06 Survivor Cook Islands Finale Sunday December 17th

12/15/06 Secrets are Exposed Next Week on "My Name is Earl"

12/15/06 It's New Years Eve Next Week on "The OC"
12/15/06 Daniel Falls in Instant Lust With a Mysterious Beauty Tomorrow on Ugly Betty

12/14/06 Dead Desperate Housewives Star to Return

12/14/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Spend "Special Time" With Each Child

12/14/06 Britney Spears and Paris Hilton Friendship Finished?

12/14/06 MTV Announces New Series "Bam's Unholy Union"

12/14/06 Jennifer Lopez and Jim Carrey Deny They're Scientology Converts

12/14/06 Pamela Anderson Opens Up Over Divorce

12/14/06 Diamond Critics Seek Leonardo DiCaprio's Support

12/14/06 Oprah Winfrey's Life Charted by Celeb Biographer

12/14/06 Christina Aguilera Furious After Roberto Cavalli Made Her Wear Fur

12/14/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Seek to Balance Races in Family

12/14/06 Paris Hilton Hits Back at Cocaine Rumors

12/14/06 Six Castaways Are Left Tonight on Survivor Cook Islands

12/14/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of "Day Break"

12/14/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Show Me the Money"

12/14/06 Allison Relieves the Same Day in Her Dreams Next Week on "Medium"

12/13/06 Surgeon Comes to Jennifer Aniston's Rescue Amid Topless Video Storm

12/13/06 Danny Bonaduce Blasts Lindsay Lohan & Nicole Richie for Promoting Drugs

12/13/06 Britney Spears Shocked as Wild Fan Tries to Jump Into Her Vehicle

12/13/06 Private Angelina Jolie Refrains From Emotion

12/13/06 Angelina Jolie Confirms Mom is Battling Cancer

12/13/06 Nicole Richie Popped Painkiller for Menstrual Cramps

12/13/06 No 24 for Jennifer Aniston

12/13/06 Nicole Richie On Her Way to Jail?

12/13/06 Jamie Foxx Struggled to Get Through Dreamgirls Scene With Jennifer Hudson

12/13/06 Kevin Federline Threatens to Write Britney Spears Expose

12/13/06 Ten Finalists for Season Five of Nashville Star Announced

12/13/06 The Team is Sent to Bulgaria Next Week on The Unit

12/12/06 Cameron Diaz: "Pamela Anderson is Hot"

12/12/06 Elizabeth Hurley Slimming Down For Wedding

12/12/06 Angelina Jolie Would Like to Meet Jennifer Aniston

12/12/06 Shakira And Gabriel Marquez Launch Child Poverty Foundation

12/12/06 Jonathan Rotem's Family Shocked Their Son is Dating Britney Spears

12/12/06 Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Making Beautiful Music Together

12/12/06 Leonardo DiCaprio Will Appear on the Tonight Show Tonight

12/12/06 Angelina Jolie's Son Appointed Dad Brad Pitt

12/12/06 Jessica Simpson Continues With Poor Performances

12/12/06 Paris Hilton Laughs Off Engagement Rumors

12/12/06 Reality Ratings: Amazing Race Delivers Big

12/12/06 A Husband Dials 911 During a Fight With His New Wife on the Next "Wife Swap"

12/12/06 Jo Frost Takes a Frazzled Family on Vacation Next Week on Supernanny

12/11/06 Nicole Richie Prepared to Accept Responsibility for Drug Arrest

12/11/06 Simon Cowell Slams Jamelia

12/11/06 Kylie Minogue to Welcome 2007 With Her Adopted Brits

12/11/06 Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock Declare New Years Eve Party War in Las Vegas

12/11/06 Lindsay Lohan Tries to Quit Drinking

12/11/06 American Idol Star Carrie Underwood Heads for the Persian Gulf

12/11/06 Christina Aguilera Plays Santa for Britney Spears Children

12/11/06 Angelina Jolie Never Wanted to Ruin Brad Pitt's Marriage

12/11/06 David Gest Delighted Over Reality Show Image

12/11/06 Paris Hilton Defends Britney Spears Parenting

12/11/06 Show Me the Money Picked Up for Six Additional Episodes

12/11/06 Jonas Pays a Visit to His Parents Tomorrow on "The Unit"

12/11/06 Nanny Deb Helps a Family With Five Kids Next Week on "Nanny 911"

12/10/06 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Laugh Off Adoption Reports

12/10/06 Nicole Richie Released on Bail

12/10/06 Britney Spears Steps Out With New Man

12/10/06 Angelina Jolie Finds Raising Children a Challenge

12/10/06 Angelina Jolie Wants More Children

12/10/06 Josh Gracin Stands in for Lonestar Singer

12/10/06 Bree Says "I Do" in Fairy Tale Wedding Next Week on Desperate Housewives

12/10/06 Eva Longoria Celebrates Engagement With Co-Stars

12/10/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Rubbish Wedding Reports

12/10/06 Sarah Ferguson Signs Up for Dancing With the Stars

12/10/06 Teams Travel to Spain & France Tonight on the Season Finale of The Amazing Race

12/10/06 Rebecca Romijn Joins the Cast of Ugly Betty

12/9/06 Dog the Bounty Hunter Court Case Rescheduled

12/9/06 Britney Spears Slams Reports She Snubbed Pharrell Williams

12/9/06 Liam Falls Out With Noel Over X Factor Snub

12/9/06 Elizabeth Hurley's Wedding Trouble

12/9/06 Eva Longoria Shocked by Surprise Proposal

12/9/06 Elizabeth Hurley: "Non-Celebrities are Exhausting"

12/9/06 Paris Hilton to Wed?

12/9/06 Simon Cowell to Launch Continental Version of The X Factor

12/9/06 Angelina Jolie Treats Brad Pitt to Architectural Birthday Tour

12/9/06 Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Refused to Take Nuptials Seriously

12/9/06 A Ghost Transports Melinda to a Jungle Next Week on "Ghost Whisperer"

12/9/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of "Trading Spouses"

12/9/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of 1 vs 100

12/8/06 Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler Working It Out?

12/8/06 Survivor: Fiji Still Filming Amid Military Coup

12/8/06 Pal Goes to US Tabloids With Lindsay Lohan Tales in Bid to Help Her

12/8/06 Gracious Dolly Parton Invites Jessica Simpson to Sing 9 to 5 Again - With Her

12/8/06 Pamela Anderson: "Kid Rock Was Like a Holiday Romance"

12/8/06 Britney Spears Defends Partying

12/8/06 Oprah Winfrey Adopts Ten African Orphans

12/8/06 American Idol Star Elliott Yamin Gets New Teeth

12/8/06 Jennifer Hudson Rubbishes Gay Slurs

12/8/06 Paris Hilton Slams Britney Spears Sex Reports

12/8/06 Nominations Announced for 49th Annual Grammy Awards

12/8/06 It's Chrismukkah Next Week in "The OC"

12/8/06 Betty Loses "The Book" Next Week on Ugly Betty

12/8/06 Liz Finally Calls It Quits With Dennis Next Week on "30 Rock"

12/8/06 Carol Breaks Michael's Heart Next Week on "The Office"

12/8/06 Studios Deny Pushing Beyonce Knowles Ahead of Jennifer Hudson

12/7/06 Fantasia Barrino Fumes Over Losing Dreamgirls Role to Jennifer Hudson

12/7/06 Sopranos Star Pleads Guilty to Shoplifting

12/7/06 Oprah Winfrey Snubbed Again by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

12/7/06 Kathy Griffin in A List Mid-Air Scare

12/7/06 Lindsay Lohan's Mother Monitoring Her Partying

12/7/06 Prison Break Star Seen Downing "Several Shots"

12/7/06 Jennifer Lopez's Fragrances Funds Films

12/7/06 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Renew Vows?

12/7/06 Britney Spears Spotted Carrying Wine in Glass Then Driving

12/7/06 Kevin Federline Insists He's Moved on From Britney Spears

12/7/06 Some Castaways Hide Food From the Others Tonight on Survivor: Cook Islands

12/7/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of "Show Me the Money"

12/7/06 Hopper Tracks Down Anther Key Clue Next Week on "Day Break"

12/7/06 Alison's Visions Create Conflict With an FBI Profiler Next Week on "Medium"

12/7/06 The Biggest Loser Season Finale Next Week on "The Biggest Loser"

12/7/06 Bravo Announces "Top Design" to Premiere January 31st

12/6/06 Paris Hilton Keen to Become a Mother

12/6/06 Courtney Love to Blame for Paris Hilton's Arrest

12/6/06 Britney Spears Homework a Flop at Auction

12/6/06 Joel Madden Dating Nicole Richie?

12/6/06 Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston Confirm Real Break Up

12/6/06 David Gest to Give "I'm a Celebrity" Co-Star Jason Donovan Career Assistance

12/6/06 Britney Spears Panty Antics Could Affect Custody Battle

12/6/06 Jennifer Lopez Turned to Barbara Streisand

12/6/06 Prison Break Star Picked Up Teens at Grocery Store

12/6/06 Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra Still Firm Friends

12/6/06 Eighteen Contestants Announced for Season 6 of "The Apprentice"

12/6/06 Matt and Emily Cross the Border Next Week on "Standoff"

12/5/06 Jessica Simpson's Meltdown Caused by Faulty Dress

12/5/06 Project Runway Star Laura Bennett Gives Birth

12/5/06 Jamie Foxx Mocks Oprah Winfrey's Female Friendship

12/5/06 Britney Spears is Yahoo's Most Searched

12/5/06 Michael Jackson "Spent a Fortune" Voting for David Gest on Reality Show

12/5/06 George Clooney Plots His Revenge on Brad Pitt

12/5/06 Jessica Simpson Supports Prison Break Star

12/5/06 Jessica Simpson Re-Tapes Rendition of Song

12/5/06 Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson Give Clues About Split in Tense GQ Chat

12/5/06 Jennifer Lopez Unimpressed With Young Starlets

12/5/06 Teams Travel to Spain & France on the Season Finale of The Amazing Race

12/5/06 Jo Frost Battles Four Kids and Their Dad Next Week on "Supernanny"

12/5/06 A Pageant Mom & a Mom That Shuns Makeup Next Week on "Wife Swap"

12/5/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Deal or No Deal"

12/4/06 Kylie Minogue Likes Mia Farrow Look

12/4/06 Jessica Simpson in Tears After Tribute

12/4/06 Spice Girl Emma Bunton Slams Britney Spears Underwear Free Partying

12/4/06 Shar Jackson: "Britney Spears Was Cruel to Dump Kevin by Text"

12/4/06 Rick Schroder Joins Cast of 24

12/4/06 Prison Break Star Drunk During Crash?

12/4/06 Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody Split

12/4/06 Beyonce Knowles Slams Rumors of Jennifer Hudson Rift

12/4/06 Taylor Hicks American Idol Comments Taken "Out of Context"

12/4/06 Prison Break Star in Car Tragedy

12/4/06 Dancing With the Stars Tour Dates Announced

12/4/06 A Special Double Episode Next Week on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

12/4/06 Amazing Race and Survivor Cook Islands Finales Next Two Sundays

12/3/06 Britney Spears Shows Off Underwear for Birthday Bash

12/3/06 Sharon Osbourne Make Unusual Vow to Spare X Factor Act

12/3/06 Elizabeth Hurley Plans Two More Children

12/3/06 Jennifer Aniston Amused by Dancing With the Stars Reports

12/3/06 Lindsay Lohan's Mother Pleased About AA Visits

12/3/06 Brenda Strong Lets Slip About Eva Longoria's July Wedding in Paris

12/3/06 Ex-Husband Still Fond of Britney Spears

12/3/06 Lindsay Lohan's Bobby Character Only Met Her Husband Twice

12/3/06 Producer: "Kevin Federline's New Reality Show Will Not Smear Britney Spears"

12/3/06 Kylie Minogue Slams Oliver Martinez Affair Rumors

12/3/06 Bravo Announces Third Season of "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List"

12/3/06 Teams Face A Difficult Detour Tonight on The Amazing Race

12/2/06 Paris Hilton Cancels Billboard Music Awards Appearance

12/2/06 Lindsay Lohan Hits Back at Robert Altman Letter Critics

12/2/06 Lindsay Lohan Defends Partying Mother

12/2/06 Tony Romo Blasts Jessica Simpson Romance Rumors

12/2/06 Nicole Kidman: "I'm Not Pregnant"

12/2/06 Lindsay Lohan Attending Alcoholics Anonymous

12/2/06 Shar Jackson: "Britney Spears Stopped Kevin Federline From Seeing Kids"

12/2/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Exes Speak Out on TV Talk Show

12/2/06 Paris Hilton's Embarrassing Date

12/2/06 Britney Spears Spends a Fortune to Cover Up With Sexy Undies

12/2/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "1 vs 100"

12/2/06 Part Two of Trading Spouses Next Friday on FOX

12/1/06 Dancing Loser Mario Lopez is Looking to the Lights of Broadway

12/1/06 Jennifer Lopez Ex Husband Vows to Fight Her "To The End"

12/1/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker to Wed in France

12/1/06 Matt Willis Wins I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

12/1/06 Paris Hilton: "Nicole Richie and I are Friends Forever Now"

12/1/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Engaged

12/1/06 Harry Potter Artwork for Sale

12/1/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Slams Pregnancy Reports

12/1/06 Christina Aguilera Carried From London Club

12/1/06 David's Dad Defends Madonna Adoption

12/1/06 Ugly Betty Series Premiere to Re-Air Next Week December 7th

12/1/06 An Appearance on Conan O'Brien Starts a Fight Next Week on "30 Rock"

12/1/06 Earl Accidentally Gets Catalina Deported Next Week on "My Name is Earl"

12/1/06 Kaitlin Throws a Rager Next Week on "The OC"

12/1/06 NBC Announces "30 Rock" Picked Up for Full Season



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