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Gary Barlow Following Simon Cowell's Lead 12/3/08


Take That star Gary Barlow is determined to follow in Simon Cowell's footsteps by becoming a major music mogul. The British singer recently announced he has set up his own management and publishing company to seek out new talent.


Barlow, who is still enjoying chart success with the reformed boyband, has already begun scouting for stars of the future and is convinced he has the skills to emulate Cowell's success in the music industry.


He says, "I am at a lot of gigs. I don't wear a disguise but I'm up the back keeping it low-key. I work with our tour promoter on a lot of the scouting. We do three things - publishing, management and we sign acts to Universal.


I love all that stuff. It is my future. "I don't want to be Simon Cowell but I will do what he has done, but my way. He goes for people he thinks he can make into something, I try to find people who are already something..." Cowell launched a highly successful TV career on the back of his work as an artist and repertoire (A&R) executive for the Sony BMG record label. 



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