Jennifer Aniston Stunned By 'Uncool' Controversy





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Jennifer Aniston Stunned By 'Uncool' Controversy 12/4/08


Jennifer Aniston was astonished when her "uncool" comments about former love rival Angelina Jolie kicked U.S. President-elect Barack Obama off the front pages of America's newspapers.


The former Friends star's Vogue magazine interview, in which she made the remarks, was released to the media in the days leading up to the election at the beginning of November (08).


She called Jolie "uncool" after the Tomb Raider star admitted she and Aniston's ex-husband Brad Pitt had fallen in love while making Mr. & Mrs. Smith - when the actor was still married.


But she had no idea her response would cause such a fuss. She tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "(Election night) was just so moving, so unbelievable, and now what do people do? Read my crap!


Everything comes to a halt: 'What did she say?' "Good God. You have to laugh at it all at the end of the day." Now, a month after the controversy, Aniston insists her comments were taken out of context. She adds, "I was just surprised that Vogue would go so tabloid. I was bummed." 



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