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1/31/06 Jennifer Aniston: "Happiness Doomed Brad Pitt Marriage"

1/31/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Looking for Home in Berlin?

1/31/06 Moby Slams Donald Trump Over "Silly Lawsuit"

1/31/06 Is Britney Spears Pregnant With Baby Number Two?

1/31/06 Eva Longoria to Host ALMAs

1/31/06 Jessica Simpson Turns to Christianity to Heal Heartbreak

1/31/06 Ashton Kutcher Stripped of Kabbalah Icon

1/31/06 Keira Knightley Drifts Off After Oscar Nomination

1/31/06 Felicity Huffman Close to Realizing Her Dreams

1/31/06 George Clooney Couldn't Sleep Over Oscar Nods

1/31/06 Stephenie Lagrossa Joins Survivor Live! Premiering February 3rd

1/31/06 Britney Spears to Appear on Will and Grace April 13th

1/31/06 Madonna and The Gorillaz Perform Together at the Grammy Awards

1/31/06 Julia Roberts Responds to George Clooney's History Making Nominations

1/31/06 Barry Manilow Performs on Dancing With the Stars Results Show Friday

1/31/06 Travis Visits the Final Four Women's Hometowns Next Week on "The Bachelor"

1/31/06 Survivor Panama: The Twist that Survives the Hype

1/31/06 Dr. Phil "Love Smart" Special to Air on Valentines Day

1/31/06 Jack Bauer Navigates CTU to a New Lead on the next Episode of "24"

1/31/06 Surface Preview for February 6th

1/31/06 A Shopaholic and a Country Mom Switch Places on the Next Wife Swap

1/31/06 Pink Discusses Her New Song

1/31/06 Mark Burnett Productions and AOL to Produce Reality Show for AOL.com

1/31/06 Bravo Launches Project Runway and Queer Eye Ring Tones and Wallpaper

1/30/06 CBS Reveals Amazing Race 9 Teams; Show to Premiere February 18th

1/30/06 Melinda Must Help Rescue Andrea's Friend on the Next Ghost Whisperer

1/30/06 Paris Hilton to Present Pre-Brit Awards Show

1/30/06 Fabio to Star in Super Bowl Ad

1/30/06 Ralph Fiennes Warms to Harry Potter

1/30/06 Randy Jackson Comes to Term With Simon Cowell Meltdown

1/30/06 Tara Reid Understands Photo Frenzy Over Breast Exposure

1/30/06 Reese Witherspoon Almost Missed Oscar Nomination

1/30/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Want Wedding Now

1/30/06 Simon Cowell Loses Out on Stars Duets in the UK

1/30/06 Ashanti Files Lawsuit

1/30/06 Tom Cruise Gets Romantic

1/29/06 Missy Elliot Moves to Soundtracks

1/29/06 Nick Lachey Finds Love With Beauty Queen

1/29/06 Lost Star Confused by Hawaiian Slang

1/29/06 Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh to Star With Squid Director

1/29/06 Dr Phil Helps Paula Abdul Date

1/29/06 Elizabeth Hurley Pregnant?

1/29/06 Sienna Miller: "Jude Law Was Ruining My Career"

1/29/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Expecting Twins?

1/29/06 Kiefer Sutherland Set for 24 Movie

1/29/06 Commander in Chief Takes a Break

1/28/06 Lisa Kudrow Gutted at The Comeback Flop

1/28/06 Heidi Klum Blasted For Weighty Remarks

1/28/06 Jennifer Lopez to Prove Critics Wrong With Spanish Album

1/28/06 George Clooney Asked Renee Zellweger For Weight Advice

1/28/06 Minister Thrilled With Britney Spears Temple Visit

1/28/06 The Clock is Ticking on Eric Bana's Return as the Hulk

1/28/06 Ashanti's Feet Damaged by Heels

1/28/06 Jessica Simpson Faces Lawsuit

1/28/06 Shakira Denies Learning English to Scale US Charts

1/28/06 Lotion Slip Up Leaves Lindsay Lohan in Stitches

1/27/06 Kelly Osbourne Fears Paris Hilton's Influence

1/27/06 George Hamilton Finds a Fan in Elizabeth Taylor

1/27/06 Tatum O'Neal Dances to New Job

1/27/06 Emotional Jake Gyllenhaal Brought Kirsten Dunst Heartbreak to Brokeback Set

1/27/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Buy a Home Together

1/27/06 Senator Lands a Role in 24

1/27/06 Gwyneth Paltrow Discovers Relationship With Mother

1/27/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Meet Kofi Annan

1/27/06 Angelina Jolie Warns Star Struck Forum

1/27/06 Shakira's Belly Dancing Discovery

1/27/06 American Idol Behind the Scenes Clips - Greensboro Auditions
1/27/06 Chris Tries to Find an Outfit for His School Picture on "Everybody Hates Chris"

1/27/06 Earl and Randy Help a Suicidal Man on the next "My Name is Earl"

1/27/06 Kate Moss Denies Plans to Sign Deal With Virgin Books

1/27/06 Marissa Tells Johnny How She Really Feels on The OC

1/26/06 Madonna Pushes Out Neighbor to Grab House

1/26/06 Randy Jackson Blasts Simon Cowell Over American Idol Walk Outs

1/26/06 The OC's Mischa Barton to Become an American Citizen

1/26/06 Oprah Winfrey Challenges Author on Her Show

1/26/06 Opposites Attract on Beauty and the Geek

1/26/06 Jessica Simpson to Star in Sexy Super Bowl Ad

1/26/06 Gwyneth Paltrow: "I Need Money"

1/26/06 Loved Up Nicole Kidman Exposes Herself

1/26/06 Lindsay Lohan's New Tattoo

1/26/06 Shakira Snubs Surgery

1/26/06 American Idol January 25th “Cable Car Bells are Ringing, but is there singing in San Francisco?”

1/26/06 Sirius Satellite Radio Announces Super Bowl Coverage Schedule

1/26/06 Pink 'I'm Not Dead' in Stores April 4, 2006

1/26/06 Supernanny Jo Frost Offers Strategies for Improved Living

1/26/06 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Announces February Sweeps Programming

1/26/06 American Idol's Bo Bice Explains Sudden Weight Loss

1/26/06 One More Couple to be Eliminated on Dancing With the Stars Results Show

1/26/06 Restaurateur Families Final Weigh In on the Next Episode of The Biggest Loser

1/26/06 A General is Kidnapped in Spain on the Next Episode of "E-Ring"

1/25/06 Gossips Plan for Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Wedding After Jeweler Confession

1/25/06 Gay Soldier Urges Lover Clay Aiken to Come Clean About His Sexuality

1/25/06 Tyra Banks the Showgirl

1/25/06 Heidi Klum's "Germany's Next Top Model" Flops

1/25/06 Dennis Rodman Voted Off Celebrity Big Brother

1/25/06 Lost Star Took Drugs to Copy the Beatles

1/25/06 Nicole Kidman Named UN Goodwill Ambassador

1/25/06 Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly Planning Family

1/25/06 Pamela Anderson Loses Battle Over Colonel Bust

1/25/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Baby "Boy" Shows Up on Tabloid

1/25/06 Elizabeth Contemplates Getting Involved With an Old Flame on the next Episode of South Beach  

1/25/06 Desperate Housewives Creator Marc Cherry Reveals His Dream Guest Star

1/25/06 Get This Party Started to Premiere February 7th on UPN

1/25/06 The OC Preview Clips for January 26th

1/25/06 Two Eliminated Bachelorettes Come Back to Pick Travis's Dates on The Bachelor

1/25/06 American Idol January 24th “Getting Lucky in Greensboro”

1/25/06 Mothers and Sons Compete Together on the Next Episode of Fear Factor

1/25/06 Ghost Whisperer February 10th Episode Preview

1/24/06 Madonna's World Tour Details Leaked Online

1/24/06 Nicole Kidman Snubs Australia to Stay With Keith Urban

1/24/06 Britney Spears Former Love Rival Helps Saves Marriage

1/24/06 Usher Denies New Love

1/24/06 Oscar Doesn't Help Jamie Foxx Pick Up Women

1/24/06 Jennifer Lopez Lights Up for Film Roles

1/24/06 Eva Longoria Defends Desperate Housewives

1/24/06 24 Chaos as Actress Mia Kirshner is Arrested for Drug Use

1/24/06 Donald Trump Sues Author Over Tell-All

1/24/06 The Book of Daniel Axed

1/24/06 Southern Success on American Idol

1/24/06 Miles Begins to Behave Even More Like Nim on the next Episode of "Surface"

1/24/06 As Details are Discovered the Terror Threat Intensifies on the Next "24"

1/24/06 The Ice Heats Up on the Next Skating With Celebrities

1/23/06 Nicole Kidman Insists She's "Just Friends" With Keith Urban

1/23/06 Avril Lavigne Wants High End Modeling Gig

1/23/06 George Lopez Sends Jessica Simpson Public Apology

1/23/06 Eminem Nervous at the Altar

1/23/06 Heidi Klum "I'm Not a Natural Model"

1/23/06 Shakira Cashes In

1/23/06 Businessman Seeks Carmen Electra as Opera Companion

1/23/06 Did Tom Cruise Cut Katie Holmes Nude Scenes?

1/23/06 Madonna and Guy Ritchie Haven't Split

1/23/06 Sean Astin Lands 24 Role During Chiropractic Session

1/23/06 Melinda's First Ghost Reappears to Seek Help on the Next Ghost Whisperer

1/23/06 Paparazzi Rescue Britney Spears on Los Angeles Freeway

1/23/06 Eva Longoria Rubbishes Rumors That She and Jamie Foxx are Dating

1/23/06 American Idol Chicago Audition Behind the Scenes Footage

1/23/06 The OC Preview Clips for January 27th

1/23/06 How Not to Get on American Idol

1/23/06 Wisteria Lane is Panicked About an Intruder on the Loose, November 20th

1/23/06 Family That Rescues Animals Featured on next Extreme Makeover Home Edition

1/23/06 One Pair Eliminated Tonight on Skating With Celebrities

1/23/06 The Book of Daniel Episode Preview for January 27th

1/23/06 NBC Adds 2 Primetime Hours to Winter Olympics Coverage

1/22/06 Chickenpox Shuts Down Production of My Name is Earl

1/22/06 American Idol Stalker Denied Bail

1/22/06 Jennifer Lopez Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After Baby Buying Spree

1/22/06 Jennifer Lopez Plans Reggaeton: The Movie

1/22/06 Tyra Banks Gets a Second Season

1/22/06 Gwyneth Paltrow Feared For Her Life in Plane Terror

1/22/06 Nanny Exposes Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Family Secrets

1/22/06 Master P Thinks Fans Ultimately Decide Dancing With the Stars

1/22/06 Lost Stars Get Massive Salary Increase

1/22/06 Marcia Cross Asks Fiancé to Organize Their Wedding

1/22/06 The Office to End Season Early

1/22/06 NBC Renews The Office for 22 More Episodes

1/22/06 NBC Renews Comedy Karma With My Name is Earl for 22 More Episodes

1/22/06 Deal or No Deal Returns to NBC February 27th

1/22/06 Will Fox Reveal Weekly American Idol Vote Totals?

1/21/06 Jennifer Aniston's Insecurities

1/21/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to Marry in March?

1/21/06 Kiefer Sutherland Likes to Laugh at Himself

1/21/06 Jemima Khan Hits Out at Elizabeth Hurley

1/21/06 Deborah Gibson Falls in Love With Skating

1/21/06 INXS Have Found Their Man

1/21/06 Lost Stars Engaged

1/21/06 George Clooney and Teri Hatcher an Item?

1/21/06 Paris Hilton Snubs Playboy

1/21/06 Colin Farrell Sex Tape Battle Looms

1/21/06 ABC to Rebroadcast Last Weeks Episode of The Bachelor on January 23rd

1/21/06 American Idol to Run in Syndication in September as "American Idol Rewind"

1/21/06 Project Runway Breaks Series Ratings Record

1/21/06 Bruce Jenner and Debbie Gibson Comment on Skating With Celebrities

1/21/06 24 Preview Clips for January 23rd

1/21/06 American Idol to Stay on Track With Song Selection Process

1/20/06 Desperate James Denton's Birthday Surprise

1/20/06 Wyclef Jean Begged Haitians Not to Kidnap Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

1/20/06 Brad Pitt's New Diaper Backpack

1/20/06 Maria Conchita Alonso to Play Eva Longoria's Mom on Desperate Housewives

1/20/06 Aidan Quinn Blasts Religious Groups for Picking on The Book of Daniel

1/20/06 Gay Rights Group: "American Idol is Homophobic"

1/20/06 Coat on Celebrity Big Brother is not Gorilla

1/20/06 Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman to Finally Star Together

1/20/06 Paris Hilton Looks Dumb on Deposition

1/20/06 Brad Pitt Can Play Dad to Angelina Jolie's Kids

1/20/06 America's Next Top Model Back for Sixth Season March 8th

1/20/06 Producers Keep American Idol Lean and Mean

1/20/06 Kaitlin Stirs Up Trouble on the Next Episode of "The OC"

1/20/06 Earl Makes Amends With an Old Friend on the next "My Name is Earl"

1/20/06 Chris Gets Recruited for the Basketball Team on "Everybody Hates Chris"

1/19/06 Simon Cowell Warns American Idol Wannabes to be Honest About Criminal Past

1/19/06 Tia Carrere Sheds the Pounds on Dancing With the Stars

1/19/06 Brad Pitt Buys Friendship Ring for Angelina Jolie

1/19/06 Kelly Clarkson's Crush on Matthew McConaughey

1/19/06 Angelina Jolie Sonogram Removed From eBay

1/19/06 Kelly Clarkson Amused by Justin Guarini Marriage Reports

1/19/06 Angelina Jolie to Be Hands On Mother

1/19/06 John O'Hurley to Release Dance Lessons DVD

1/19/06 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Launch New Fashion Line

1/19/06 American Idol Kelly Clarkson Buckles Under Simon Cowell Pressure

1/19/06 American Idol Premiere Sets Ratings Record

1/19/06 American Idol Talent Stronger Than Ever

1/19/06 Restaurateur Families Compete on the next "The Biggest Loser: Special Edition"

1/19/06 Jealousy Rears It's Ugly Head on the next Episode of The Bachelor

1/19/06 American Idol January 18th “Singing for high stakes in Denver”

1/19/06 Russell Must Prevent Larkin From Reporting the Truth on the Next Invasion

1/19/06 Sawyer Persuades Hurley to Act on His Attraction to Libby on the Next Lost

1/19/06 Matt's Father Shows Up in Miami to Apologize on the next "South Beach"

1/19/06 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Air on ABC February 4th

1/18/06 Adrianne Curry Blasts Tyra Banks

1/18/06 Paris Hilton Publicists Fight Paris Peeing Claims

1/18/06 Pop Idol Winner Will Young Slams The X Factor

1/18/06 Eminem Wed While Cancer Stricken Mother Was Bed Ridden

1/18/06 Tatum O'Neal Knew She'd be Voted Off Dancing With the Stars

1/18/06 Ashlee Simpson Supports Teens

1/18/06 Eva Longoria Linked to Jamie Foxx

1/18/06 Michael Bolton Hints at Nicollette Sheridan Marriage

1/18/06 Lindsay Lohan Taking Anti-Smoking Medication

1/18/06 Madonna Rubbishes Exhaustion Reports

1/18/06 Last Comic Standing to Return to NBC this Summer

1/18/06 Idol Talent Stronger Than Ever, Expect Big Things From the Guys

1/18/06 American Idol January 17th Part 1 “So many big dreamers and so little talent”

1/18/06 Contestants Must Choose a New Hairstyle on the next Fear Factor

1/18/06 Tom Recruits a Teen Pop Star for a Benefit Concert on the next "Love Monkey"

1/18/06 Air Force One is Held Hostage on the Next Commander in Chief

1/17/06 Michael Bolton Set for a Visit to Desperate Housewives?

1/17/06 Jennifer Lopez's List Cure for Beating the Blues

1/17/06 Hilary Duff Gave Joel Madden Early Relationship Ultimatum

1/17/06 Marcia Cross "I Don't Do Funny"

1/17/06 Harry Potter Exams Cost Warner Brothers Dear

1/17/06 Renee Zellweger's Naked Moment at Golden Globes Party

1/17/06 Teri Hatcher and George Clooney Refuse to Address Date Rumor

1/17/06 Simon Cowell Blasts "Ungrateful" Kelly Clarkson

1/17/06 Marcia Cross Predicts Housewives Backlash

1/17/06 Nicole Richie Made Choo Spokesmodel

1/17/06 Maury Throws "The Biggest Loser" Contestant the Wedding of Her Dreams

1/17/06 CTV Announces Fourth Season of Canadian Idol

1/17/06 Will American Idol Raise Age Limit?

1/17/06 Survivor Panama: Exile Island Odds Posted

1/17/06 Expect More Attitude on American Idol 5

1/17/06 Terror Threat Worsens on the Next Episode of "24"

1/17/06 A Shopaholic and a Country Mom Switch Places on the Next Wife Swap

1/16/06 Kofi Annan to Consider Brad Pitt for UN Role

1/16/06 American Idol Star Diana DeGarmo to Tread the Boards

1/16/06 Sean Lennon and Lindsay Lohan Hang Out

1/16/06 Elizabeth Hurley Goes Veggie

1/16/06 Sienna Miller Grateful for Audience Support During Jude Law Scandal

1/16/06 Lindsay Lohan Obsessed With Johnny Depp

1/16/06 Cool J Buzzes About Jennifer Lopez

1/16/06 James Gandolfini Turns His Back on Tough Guy Roles

1/16/06 Oscar Made Jamie Foxx Leader of Jarhead Cast

1/16/06 George Lopez Says Sorry to Jessica Simpson With Flowers

1/16/06 Special Encore Episode of The Bachelor Airs Tonight

1/16/06 American Idol Judges Revved Up for Season 5

1/16/06 24 Two Night Premiere Continues Tonight

1/16/06 The Book of Daniel Episode Preview for January 20th

1/16/06 Gabrielle and Sister Mary Go to War on the Next Desperate Housewives

1/16/06 A Family in Idaho Gets Help on the Next Extreme Makeover Home Edition

1/15/06 Paris Hilton and Friends Have Secret Codes to Ditch Unwanted Attention

1/15/06 Tatum O'Neal Upset With Dancing With the Stars Brutality

1/15/06 Eva Longoria and Nicollette Sheridan Touted for Ultimo

1/15/06 Shakira Denies Being a Sex Symbol  

1/15/06 Paula Abdul Defended by Hotel Boss

1/15/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Tackles Busboying on TV Show

1/15/06 Simon Cowell: My Juvenile Taste Made Me

1/15/06 Tatum O'Neal Voted Off Dancing With the Stars

1/15/06 Jeff Conaway Quits Celebrity Fit Club for Rehab

1/15/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Thrill Haitians With Whistle Stop UN Visit

1/14/06 Britney Spears Shops Without Her Wedding Ring

1/14/06 Eminem's Grandmother Hits Out at Remarriage

1/14/06 Student Harry Potter Stars Cost Film Bosses Millions

1/14/06 Sopranos Creator Confirms Finale

1/14/06 Eminem and Kimberly Mathers Remarry

1/14/06 Teri Hatcher Shows Off Her Singing Skills

1/14/06 Jon Voight Begs Angelina Jolie to Call

1/14/06 The OC Eyes Charlotte Church

1/14/06 Dead Desperate Housewives Star to Judge Miss America

1/14/06 Gene Simmons Lands Reality Show

1/13/06 Jonny Lee Miller Extends Congratulations to Ex Wife Angelina Jolie

1/13/06 Teri Hatcher: "Surgery is Weird"

1/13/06 Pamela Anderson Launches New KFC Battle

1/13/06 Kylie Minogue Still Battling Cancer

1/13/06 Jake Gyllenhaal: "Paul Newman Taught Me to Drive"

1/13/06 Hunt for the Next Star of Harry Potter

1/13/06 Justin Timberlake Grossed Out by Incestuous Shrek 3 Role

1/13/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Record Future Songs

1/13/06 Olsen Twins Invest in Cake Shop

1/13/06 Lost Star Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving

1/13/06 Nigel Lythgoe Confirms Rumors About American Idol 5 Attitude

1/13/06 Multi-Platinum Superstars Big & Rich Slated to Kick Off Nashville Star

1/13/06 The Real Housewives of Orange County to Premiere March 21

1/13/06 Bravo Announces "Top Chef" Premiere March 15th

1/13/06 Blow Out Season Three Premieres March 21

1/13/06 Bravo Announces Season 2 of Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List

1/13/06 Kaitlin Comes Home on the next "The OC"

1/13/06 Earl Returns a Hot Dog Cart He Stole on the Next "My Name is Earl"

1/13/06 Chris Learns the Value of a Dollar on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

1/12/06 Jessica Simpson Calls on Warren Beatty For Break Up Advice

1/12/06 Gwyneth Paltrow: "Another Baby is on the Way"

1/12/06 Mischa Barton Bans Lover From Ogling The OC Co-Stars

1/12/06 Oprah Winfrey Defends Author With News Show Phone In

1/12/06 Oprah Winfrey Defends Book Club Author Over Fake Claims

1/12/06 Jessica Simpson Left Uncomfortable by Jennifer Lopez's Nick Lachey Joke

1/12/06 Paula Abdul Accused of Getting Hotel Workers Fired

1/12/06 JK Rowling Keeps Tabs on Spending

1/12/06 Mary Kate Olsen's Coffee Obsession Started Young

1/12/06 Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow Deny "Brad Pitt" Phone Calls

1/12/06 Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter 3 Goes Into Production in Las Vegas

1/12/06 24 Season 5 Preview Clip

1/12/06 Laura and Rich Search For The Mystery Corporation on the next "Surface"

1/12/06 Engaged Couples Final Weigh in on next The Biggest Loser: Special Edition

1/12/06 Larkin Become Suspicious of Russell on the Next Episode of Invasion

1/12/06 Michael Heads Into the Jungle to Find Walt on the Next Episode of Lost

1/12/06 Elizabeth Turns to Fuentes for Help on the next Episode of "South Beach"

1/11/06 Mary-Kate Olsen Buys Her Own Engagement Ring

1/11/06 Sandra Bullock Feared for Husbands Life as Bombs Rained Down on Him

1/11/06 Brad Pitt Confirms Relationship and Baby With Angelina Jolie

1/11/06 Scarlett Johansson Wants to Apologize to Usher

1/11/06 Nick Lachey Moves On After Buying a New Home in Ohio

1/11/06 Beyonce Knowles Considers Marriage

1/11/06 Lost Star: "Speedy Hawaiians Have Got No Chance"

1/11/06 Kelly Clarkson Wants a Birthday Engagement Ring 

1/11/06 Eminem's Ex Applies for Marriage License

1/11/06 Elizabeth Hurley's Farmer Dreams

1/11/06 Skating With Celebrities Premiere Episode January 18th

1/11/06 Jon Voight Reacts to News Daughter Angelina Jolie is Pregnant

1/11/06 24 Two Night Premiere Starts January 15th

1/11/06 Contestants Live in the Psycho House on the Next Fear Factor

1/11/06 American Idol Season 5 Preview Video Clips

1/11/06 ABC Launches Commander in Chief Podcast Series

1/11/06 The Competition Starts For Travis' First Kiss on the Next "The Bachelor"

1/11/06 Mac Faces a Possible Nuclear War on the Next Commander in Chief

1/10/06 Scarlett Johansson Regrets Wardrobe Malfunction

1/10/06 Angelina Jolie Confirms Pregnancy

1/10/06 Usher's New Love

1/10/06 Travis Barker Loves Being a Dad Again

1/10/06 Linkin Park and Warner Brothers Resolve Battle

1/10/06 Elizabeth Hurley Laughs Off Hugh Grant's Wedding Plans

1/10/06 Colin Farrell Sex Tape Website Blocked

1/10/06 American Idol Star Carrie Underwood Breaks Records

1/10/06 Sienna Miller in Pepe Advertising Campaign

1/10/06 JK Rowling Regrets Not Telling Mother About Harry Potter

1/10/06 Survivor Panama and The Amazing Race to Return in February

1/10/06 NBC Announces Coverage of 2006 Torino Olympic Games

1/10/06 UPN Sets February 7th as Premiere Date for "Get This Party Started"

1/10/06 A Penny Pinching Mom & a Mom Who Spoils Her Child on the next Wife Swap

1/9/06 Jessica Simpson Gets People's Choice Awards Off to a Sexy Start

1/9/06 Kate Beckinsale's Sympathy for Movie Love Scott Speedman

1/9/06 Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to Remake Classic Western

1/9/06 Angelina Jolie Takes Out Ads as Part of Her Bid to Change Kids Names

1/9/06 Colin Farrell Sex Tape Leaks Onto the Internet

1/9/06 Lindsay Lohan Appalled by Vanity Fair Bulimia Confession

1/9/06 Jessica Simpson in Boots Dilemma

1/9/06 Malcolm in the Middle Star Buys Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's Home

1/9/06 Gwyneth Paltrow Considers Boob Job

1/9/06 George Clooney's Las Ramblas Still on Despite Vegas Property Slump

1/9/06 CBS Announces the 16 New Castaways for Survivor Panama: Exile Island

1/9/06 Mold Destroys a Family's Home But They Get Help From Extreme Makeover

1/9/06 Susan Meets a Single Doctor on the Next Desperate Housewives

1/9/06 An Executed Prisoner Seeks Melinda's Help on the Next Ghost Whisperer

1/8/06 Kiefer Sutherland Dreams of 24 Movie Franchise

1/8/06 Russell Crowe's Facial Hair Up for Sale

1/8/06 Britney Spears Loses $1 Million as Apartment Value Plummets

1/8/06 Johnny Depp to Play Barber?

1/8/06 Sienna Miller Lapped Up Celebrity Sympathy

1/8/06 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers: "I Eyed Up Naked Scarlett Johansson"

1/8/06 Celebrity Big Brother Participant Faces Possible Jail Over Gorilla Coat

1/8/06 Patricia Arquette Can't Decide on Wedding Plans

1/8/06 Vegas Clubs Probed Over Paris Hilton's Underage Beau

1/8/06 Howard Stern Denies Marriage Reports on First Satellite Show

1/7/06 Teri Hatcher's No Actor Rule Backfires

1/7/06 Sopranos Star Charged With Murder

1/7/06 Nick Lachey Looking For Jessica Alba Who Loves Sports

1/7/06 Designer Darling Elizabeth Hurley Spoiled for Choice

1/7/06 Madonna Wants Eternal Life

1/7/06 Lindsay Lohan Buys Blood Stained Antique

1/7/06 Lindsay Lohan's Health Scare Was Much More Serious

1/7/06 Teri Hatcher Defends Burnt Toast

1/7/06 Kirstie Alley: "Scientology Couldn't Help Me Lose Weight"

1/7/06 Sopranos Star Slammed by Former Fiancée

1/7/06 Scarlett Johansson's New York Style

1/7/06 Kate Beckinsale: "I'm Not Kate Winslet"

1/7/06 Paris Hilton in Trouble After Steve-O Confession

1/7/06 Jennifer Aniston Embraces Vince Vaughn's Hometown

1/7/06 Tom Vek Joins The OC

1/6/06 Master P Amazed America Loves His Dancing Skills

1/6/06 Nick Lachey Blames "Irrational" Jessica Simpson

1/6/06 Britney Spears is Overprotective of Sean Preston

1/6/06 TV Bosses Call on Security After Death Threats Over Book of Daniel

1/6/06 Gwyneth Paltrow Falls in Love With LA Again

1/6/06 Teri Hatcher Swears Off Marriage

1/6/06 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Sell Newlyweds Home

1/6/06 Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton Wow New Year Revelers

1/6/06 Peter Jackson Promotes Gorilla Plight With King Kong DVD Release

1/6/06 Joel Madden and Hilary Duff Laugh Off Marriage Reports

1/6/06 Bravo to Launch The Real Housewives of Orange County

1/6/06 Britney Spears Mother Lynn Talks About Daughters Transition to Parenthood

1/6/06 Earl and Randy Return a Wallet on the Next "My Name is Earl"

1/6/06 Chris Gets a Chance to Impress Keisha on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

1/5/06 Nick Lachey: "My Sensitivity Contributed to Jessica Simpson Split"

1/5/06 Eva Longoria's Daily Reminder of Old Life

1/5/06 Gwyneth Paltrow's Baby Loves Madonna

1/5/06 Tatum O'Neal Thrilled With New Dancing Role

1/5/06 Dog Fuss Over Oprah Winfrey's Pets

1/5/06 Duran Duran Show Off Elizabeth Hurley's Legs

1/5/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Get Cosy at Dad's Poker Party Launch

1/5/06 Pink to Wed Today

1/5/06 Salma Hayek Fights to Get Columbian TV Hit Onto US Screens

1/5/06 Scarlett Johansson Refuses Bodyguard Offers

1/5/06 Lost Star's Love Child Confession

1/5/06 The OC Preview for January 12th

1/5/06 The Book of Daniel Show Premieres With Back to Back Episodes

1/5/06 'Dancing With The Stars' Odds Announced

1/5/06 Project Runway Special "Project Jay" to Air February 22 on Bravo

1/5/06 "Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable" Special to Air January 25th on NBC

1/5/06 Lindsay Lohan Describes Eventful Nude Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

1/5/06 Melinda Helps a Haunted Neighbor on the Next Episode of Ghost Whisperer

1/5/06 The Biggest Loser Special Edition Continues Next Week With Engaged Couples

1/5/06 JT and His Team Encounter Bio Terrorism Next Week on E-Ring

1/5/06 Operation "Free Marissa" Launches on The OC

1/5/06 Nanny Debb Saves the Day on the next "Nanny 911"

1/5/06 Gavin Goes Under the Knife on the next "Stacked"

1/5/06 Mr. Eko Interrogates Charlie About Statue on All New Episode of Lost

1/5/06 Next Week on Lost: A Complete Account of the First 48 Days

1/5/06 Russell Confronts Mariel About Her Strange Behavior on the Next Invasion

1/4/06 Angelina Jolie's Mum Fighting Cancer Battle

1/4/06 Hilary Duff: "Don't Be Fooled by My Image"

1/4/06 Kate Beckinsale Feared for Her Rear

1/4/06 Gwyneth Paltrow No Longer Pampers Herself

1/4/06 Jake Gyllenhaal Owes Success to Ancestor

1/4/06 Jennifer Aniston Laughs Off Aspirin Hair Remedy

1/4/06 Frank Gehry Laughs Off Brad Pitt Building Project

1/4/06 Justin Timberlake Sick of the Sight of Himself

1/4/06 JK Rowling Faces Final Book Struggle

1/4/06 Nicole Kidman Heading Down the Aisle?

1/4/06 Teens Petition Tara Reid

1/4/06 Ryan Seacrest Sets Up Shop at E!

1/4/06 Psycho Fear Factor Episode 2 Next Week on NBC

1/4/06 Mac Faces A Crises With North Korea on the Next "Commander in Chief"

1/3/06 Avril Lavigne Becomes a Lady

1/3/06 Marc Anthony Vetoes Jennifer Lopez Kissing Scene

1/3/06 Jessica Simpson to Star at People's Choice Awards

1/3/06 Pete Doherty to Remove Kate Moss Love Tattoo

1/3/06 Sienna Miller Turns Against Boho Chic

1/3/06 Steve Carell's Dad Hates His Son in The Office

1/3/06 King Kong Star Serkis Upsets Gorilla Girlfriend

1/3/06 Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal Back Together For New Years Eve

1/3/06 Kate Moss Will Return to Face Police

1/3/06 Dancing With the Stars Drew Lachey Gets a Head Start From His Wife

1/3/06 Match Point Scores a Hit in Its Opening

1/3/06 Psychopathic Doctor Returns on the Next Episode of "Medium"

1/3/06 Laura and Rich Become Fugitives on the Next Episode of Surface

1/3/06 A Husband Dials 911 During a Fight With His New Wife on the Next "Wife Swap"

1/2/06 Kevin Federline Laughs Off Britney Spears Split in Candid Radio Chat

1/2/06 Jamie Foxx Grounded by Bird Accident

1/2/06 Paris Hilton Set for Double Date in Court

1/2/06 Lindsay Lohan's Mother Blasts Press Gossip About Daughter's Hospital Visit

1/2/06 Justin Timberlake Slams Quitting Music Reports

1/2/06 Lindsay Lohan Released From Hospital

1/2/06 Sopranos Star Addicted to Real Estate

1/2/06 Donnatella Versace Praises Halle Berry's Work Ethic

1/2/06 Kate Beckinsale Plans a Burqa Cover Up

1/2/06 Jennifer Aniston's U-Turn Over Love Life

1/2/06 A Family Who's House Exploded Gets Help on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

1/2/06 Lynette Catches Gabrielle Kissing Tom on the Next "Desperate Housewives

1/1/06 Christina Aguilera: "Kelly Osbourne is in Love With Me"

1/1/06 Niarchos Pal Accuses Paris Hilton of Racism

1/1/06 Sopranos Star Hit by Civil Lawsuit

1/1/06 Jennifer Aniston Left Brad Pitt Company Because it Grew Too Big

1/1/06 Lindsay Lohan Pregnancy Riddle

1/1/06 Usher Confessed to Cheating on Ex

1/1/06 Paris Hilton Apologizes For Argument

1/1/06 Lindsay Lohan Suffered Breakdown in Europe as She Tried to Reach Her Dad

1/1/06 Eminem's Mum Hoping for a Reconciliation

1/1/06 George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh Back for Oceans 13



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