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7/31/05 Lauren Bacall Slams Tom Cruise's Shocking Vulgar Behavior

7/31/05 LeAnn Rimes Looks Out for Nashville Star Winner Erika Jo

7/31/05 Eminem's Staggering Demands for One Night Gig

7/31/05 Orlando Bloom's Gem Obsession

7/31/05 Olsen Twins Rent Out Penthouse

7/31/05 Jennifer Aniston Still in Love With Brad Pitt

7/31/05 Jessica Simpson Battered Man With Pool Cue on Dukes of Hazzard Set

7/31/05 Halle Berry Making Room for a Family?

7/31/05 Pamela Anderson Romance With Tommy Lee is only Publicity for Reality Show

7/31/05 Jennifer Aniston Furious About Tell-Tale Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Photos

7/31/05 Kelly Clarkson Tour Schedule for August

7/31/05 Clay Aiken Tour Schedule for August

7/30/05 Ozzy Osbourne to Meet With High Paying Fans

7/30/05 Terry Pratchett Attacks JK Rowling for Marginalizing Other Writers

7/30/05 Eva Longoria Writes Apologetic Letter to Jennifer Aniston

7/30/05 Jennifer Aniston's Teen Love Cancels Memorabilia Sale

7/30/05 JK Rowling More Powerful Than the Queen

7/30/05 Tom Cruise Envies His Children's Upbringing

7/30/05 Jesse Metcalfe Recalls Turbulent Flying Experience

7/30/05 Explosive Jennifer Aniston Interview Forces Magazine Editors to Act Fast

7/30/05 Eminem to be Jessica Simpson's and Nick Lachey's Neighbor

7/30/05 Jesse Metcalfe Wants to Keep His Clothes On

7/30/05 Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan and Others Load Up on Free Stuff

7/30/05 Expanded Episodes of So You Think You Can Dance to Air August 3 & 10

7/29/05 Michael Pena, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello to Star in Untitled World Trade Center Project

7/29/05 Eva Longoria Comes Clean About Romance to Quell Rumors

7/29/05 Julia Roberts Heads for Broadway

7/29/05 Hilary Duff Bans Confetti Use at Shows

7/29/05 Cameron Diaz Wins Cheating Libel Case

7/29/05 Drew Barrymore Warns Lindsay Lohan About Hollywood Pitfalls

7/29/05 FOX Confirms Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Will Reunite on The Simple Life

7/29/05 Clay Aiken Brought to Tears on Africa Trip

7/29/05 Pamela Anderson Hopes Her Dog Will Live Forever

7/29/05 Jesse Metcalfe Ready to Settle Down

7/29/05 Counsel Probing Paula Abdul's Alleged Affair With American Idol Loser

7/29/05 Hells Kitchen Preview Clips for August 2nd

7/28/05 Hidden Howie Moves to a New Time Slot Beginning August 22nd

7/28/05 Big Brother Episode Summary for July 28th

7/28/05 Gordon Ramsay Makes A Mess of Tonight Show Studio

7/28/05 Pamela Anderson's Little Dog is a Cover Star

7/28/05 Brooke Burke and Extreme Makeover Surgeon Husband Split

7/28/05 Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson are Still Girls on Top of the US Charts

7/28/05 TV Bosses Plan Fred Desperate Housewives Marketing

7/28/05 Paris Hilton Weighed Down By Ring

7/28/05 Eva Longoria Dreams of Motherhood

7/28/05 Howie Mandel a Self Confessed Germophobe

7/28/05 Ashton Kutcher Returns to That 70's Show for Four More Episodes

7/28/05 Chicago ad exec Glenn Marrichi creates new A&E TV series "Family Forensics"

7/28/05 Eva Longoria Shoots Down Rumors That She is Engaged to Tony Parker

7/28/05 Fox Launched Into A Whole New Reality of Unscripted TV With 'XQuest"

7/28/05 Adewale Akinnuiye-Agbaje Joins the Cast of ABC's Lost

7/28/05 Season 2 of Dancing With the Stars to Include Weekly 20 Minute Results Show

7/28/05 Jessica Simpson's Grandfather Asked Burt Reynolds to Look After Her

7/28/05 Carly Simon Serenades Her Way Into the Top 10 With New Album

7/28/05 Jessica Simpson's Assistant Thanks Police

7/28/05 Blow Out Reunion Special Will Air on August 3rd

7/27/05 Oprah Winfrey to Mark Show's 20th Birthday With DVD

7/27/05 Charlie O'Connell Gets Serious With Reality Show Love

7/27/05 Kelly Clarkson Offers Fans the Chance to Tour With Her

7/27/05 Dave Navarro Excited About Carmen Electra and Jordan Duo

7/27/05 Hilary Duff Struggles Face to Face

7/27/05 Britney Spears "Flipped" After Magazine Cover Snub

7/27/05 Eminem Buys Out Palms Casino Movie Theatre to Watch Wedding Crashers

7/27/05 Dancing With the Stars Contestant John O'Hurley Goes Classical

7/27/05 Fitness Queen Jessica Simpson Launches Treadmill Line

7/27/05 Johnny Knoxville Begs Tabloids to Stop Jessica Simpson Romance Rumors

7/27/05 Sienna Miller Ends Engagement With Jude Law

7/26/05 Scarlett Johansson Still Upset Britney Spears Beat Her to Wearing Dress

7/26/05 Jessica Simpson Upset About Missing Iraq Footage

7/26/05 TLC Insist They'll Never Be a Trio Again

7/26/05 Spike TV's Ultimate Fight Night Features Fighters From "Ultimate Fighter" Show

7/26/05 Hulk Hogan Overprotective of Daughter

7/26/05 Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith DVD Available on DVD November 1

7/26/05 Perfect Match Receives Landmark Placement in Must Love Dogs

7/26/05 Jessica Simpson to Visit Fort Hood at Screening of Dukes of Hazzard Movie

7/26/05 Nicky Hilton: "Paris and Nicole Will Be Friends Again"

7/26/05 Graham Norton Judges Angelina Jolie's Parental Behavior

7/26/05 Angelina Jolie to Adopt for the Third Time?

7/26/05 Lee Ryan Blasts Jude Law for Cheating on Sienna Miller

7/26/05 "Smelly Kelly" Clarkson Becomes a Hygiene Freak

7/26/05 Jessica Simpson Stunned by Cheeky Scammer

7/25/05 Egg Attack Prompts Ashton Kutcher to Punk Benjamin McKenzie

7/25/05 Scientology Not to Blame for Katie Holmes Sores

7/25/05 Playmate Nicol Narain Joins Colin Farrell in Sex Tape Fight

7/25/05 After Jude Law Affair Sienna Miller Cuddles Up to Ex Lover Orlando Bloom

7/25/05 Jessica Simpson Fires Back at Christian Critics

7/25/05 Photographer Convicted in Cameron Diaz Case

7/25/05 Jessica Simpson Scammer Arrested

7/25/05 Sopranos Upset New Jersey Town

7/25/05 Production Begins on ABC Drama Series Invasion

7/25/05 Lindsay Lohan "I Do Eat"

7/25/05 Clay Aiken Returns From Northern Uganda

7/25/05 Moviegoers Continue to Indulge in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: IMAX

7/25/05 Tommy Lee Reminisces Over Pamela Anderson Home Videos

7/25/05 Brittany Murphy Gets the Jordache Look

7/25/05 Oliver Stone To Debut Director's Cut Of "Alexander"

7/25/05 The Island Delivered and Projected Digitally to 16 Theaters

7/24/05 Jude Law's Parents Not Getting Involved

7/24/05 Nicole Kidman Takes Kids to Camp

7/24/05 Jennifer Lopez to Open Chicago Boutique

7/24/05 Nicole Kidman Tells of Post Tom Cruise Depression

7/24/05 Shakira Mocks Britney Spears Comparisons

7/24/05 Sienna Miller Focuses on Career After Jude Law Betrayal

7/24/05 Shakira The Nudist

7/24/05 Kylie Minogue Helps Tsunami Orphans

7/24/05 Nicole Kidman: "I'm a Dreamer"

7/24/05 Jessica Alba Battled Eating Disorder

7/23/05 Madonna To Give Britney Spears Baby a Kabbalah Welcome

7/23/05 Nicole Kidman Wants a Man and a Baby

7/23/05 Lindsay Lohan Hopes for Acting Lessons Role

7/23/05 Eva Longoria: "I Never Expected an Emmy"

7/23/05 Hilary Duff Hits Back at Snobby Students

7/23/05 Jennifer Lopez Denies Dressing Room Demands

7/23/05 Kylie Minogue Sicker Than the Public Knows

7/23/05 Broker Urges Colin Farrell to Give Him Sex Tape Rights

7/23/05 Hilary Duff Still Confused About Lindsay Lohan Feud

7/23/05 Nicole Kidman Regrets Acting Career

7/23/05 Rock Star INXS Uses All Elements of a Perfect Online Marketing Campaign

7/22/05 Eva Longoria Spends an Afternoon Giving Hope to Kids With Cancer

7/22/05 Sadie Frost: Jude Law Infidelity Was Only a Matter of Time

7/22/05 Hilary Duff Gets Crafty to Keep Her Dog Warm

7/22/05 Jennifer Aniston's Teenage Sweetheart Sells Love Secrets Online

7/22/05 Britney Spears September Birth

7/22/05 Hilary Duff Spends Big Cash on Chihuahua's Clothes

7/22/05 Eva Longoria Learns French for Tony Parker

7/22/05 Nicollette Sheridan Set for Reality Show?

7/22/05 Mary-Kate Olsen Dating Greek Shipping Heir

7/22/05 Billy Bob Thornton Proud of Angelina Jolie

7/22/05 American Idol Carrie Underwood Lands Chocolate Deal

7/22/05 19 Entertainment Scores With So You Think You Can Dance

7/22/05 Dancing With the Stars Winner Could Appear on Desperate Housewives

7/22/05 NBC Announces New Series "Windfall"

7/22/05 21 Million Tune in to FOX Dance Show, Expanded Episode on July 27

7/21/05 Elizabeth Hurley Denies Sienna Miller Snipe

7/21/05 Chinese Authorities Investigates Harry Potter Cyber Rip Off

7/21/05 Rutter Never Asked For Cameron Diaz Signature

7/21/05 Hilary Duff Vows To Keep Relationship Private

7/21/05 Jennifer Lopez Blames Ex-Management For Diva Reputation

7/21/05 Jude Law's New Nanny Lacking Sex Appeal

7/21/05 Jessica Simpson Fears Acting Criticism

7/21/05 Angelina Jolie Takes Daughter on Bookstore Trip

7/21/05 Pamela Anderson Dismisses Tommy Lee's Wedding Claims

7/21/05 Hell's Kitchen Preview Clips for July 25th

7/21/05 Dancing With the Stars to Return to ABC Midseason

7/21/05 Tom Hanks and Warner Brothers Reunite for IMAX Release of The Ant Bully

7/20/05 Brad Pitt Back at Work After Meningitis Scare

7/20/05 Jessica Simpson's Dad Slams Marriage Meltdown Reports

7/20/05 Jessica Alba: "Leave Me Alone"

7/20/05 Angelina Jolie Saved Baby Daughter From Death

7/20/05 Stallone's The Contender Set for a Second Round

7/20/05 Ryan Seacrest Unveils Fashion Line

7/20/05 Jessica Alba Questions Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Romance

7/20/05 Colin Farrell Gets Restraining Order Over Sex Tape

7/20/05 Tommy Lee Confirms Wedding Plans With Pamela Anderson

7/20/05 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Wait on Each Other in Saucy Photo Spread

7/20/05 The Amazing Race Attracts Viewers on GSN

7/20/05 Kimberly Locke to Perform on NBC's Miss Teen USA

7/20/05 Celine Dion to Appear on The Princes of Malibu July 31st

7/20/05 American Idol Judge Paula Abdul Joins "So You Think You Can Dance"

7/20/05 Final Two Episodes of Average Joe to Air on NBC July 26 & 27

7/20/05 Hooking Up Part 2, July 21 Episode Preview

7/20/05 Reebok Announces Partnership With Hip Hop Sensation Nelly

7/20/05 Ciara Announces First US Tour with 50 Cent

7/20/05 Detroit Lions Shaun Cody to Star in Spike TV's "Super Agent"

7/19/05 Paula Abdul Returns To Dancing Roots

7/19/05 Pamela Anderson To Marry Tommy Lee Again

7/19/05 Emmy's Expert: 'Housewives Were Snubbed Because They're Floosies'

7/19/05 Sandra Bullock Booked Ellen DeGeneres' DJ For Wedding Party

7/19/05 Hilary Duff Kept Joel Madden Collaboration A Secret

7/19/05 Courteney Cox Got Personal With Jennifer Aniston On First Meeting

7/19/05 Kimberley Locke Thrilled With New Plus-Size Role

7/19/05 Messy Paris Hilton Snubbed By Valet Service

7/19/05 Angelina Jolie's Emergency Cooking Lessons

7/19/05 Lindsay Lohan's Plans To Help The World's Orphans

7/18/05 Rhino Linings USA Sponsors The Dukes of Hazzard, General Lee National Tour

7/18/05 Pamela Anderson Helps Courtney Love Shed Pounds

7/18/05 Elizabeth Hurley: 'Hugh Grant Qualities Attracted Me To Nayar'

7/18/05 Eva Longoria To Get 'Fantastic Scenes' In Awards Bid

7/18/05 Jessica Alba Feuds With Mother Over Glasses

7/18/05 Dave Navarro Pities Future INXS Frontman

7/18/05 Johnny Knoxville Urges Press To Stop Jessica Simpson Affair Reports

7/18/05 Lindsay Lohan Packs Trunks For European Visit

7/18/05 Hilary Duff Amused By Eminem's Rap About Her Buttocks

7/18/05 Hilary Duff Has A Disturbing Stage Experience In Venezuela

7/18/05 JK Rowling Dreads Final Potter Book

7/17/05 Nanny: 'Jude Law Begged To See Me Again'

7/17/05 Angelina Jolie Hits Back At 'Grandmother' Reports

7/17/05 Jude Law Hit By Shocking Affair Allegations

7/17/05 Ricky Gervais Desperate For Teri Hatcher

7/17/05 Lindsay Lohan: 'Why Should I Go Naked?'

7/17/05 J.K. Rowling Makes $36 Million In A Day

7/17/05 Sandra Bullock Marries Jesse James

7/17/05 Paris Hilton Faces $10 Million Slander Lawsuit

7/17/05 Mariah Carey 'Spurns Prostitute Sister To Protect Career'

7/17/05 Gangs Force Julia Roberts To Sell-Up

7/16/05 Kathy Reichs Video Interview Clip about New FOX Series, Bones

7/16/05 Eminem Quits Rap To Become Producer

7/16/05 Cameron Diaz: 'I Loved My Breasts In Kinky Shoot'

7/16/05 Batmobile Crash Leaves Christian Bale In Stitches

7/16/05 The Princes of Malibu Preview Clips for July 17th

7/16/05 George Lucas Joins The Apprentice

7/16/05 Angelina Jolie's Daughter Treated in Hospital

7/16/05 Dave Navarro Thrilled to be Working With Carmen Electra Look-alike Brooke Burke

7/16/05 The OC's Adam Brody Overwhelmed By Celebrity Fan Base

7/16/05 Teri Hatcher Bares All in Forgotten Movie

7/16/05 Nicole Kidman Felt Insignificant at Hollywood Functions When Married to Tom Cruise

7/16/05 Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon Team Up for Hotel Venture

7/16/05 Kelly Preston Comments on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Relationship

7/16/05 Bravo Follows Project Runway Winner With Documentary "Project Jay"

7/16/05 Bravo Announces New Series "Million Dollar Listing: Hollywood"

7/16/05 Bravo Partners With AOL to Simulcast Premiere of Situation: Comedy

7/15/05 Bad News Bears Slated for Nationwide Release on July 22

7/15/05 Universal Studios Unveils King Kong Toy Line

7/15/05 The OC Star Saves Up For an Elephant

7/15/05 The Osbournes Consider Opening Their Home to Tourists

7/15/05 Kelly Clarkson Needs Her Brother Backstage

7/15/05 Paula Abdul Saves Anna-Nicole Smith

7/15/05 Teri Hatcher Nearly Crushed by Elephants

7/15/05 Paris Hilton's Royal Wedding is Off

7/15/05 Angelina Jolie Baby Taken From Grandmother

7/15/05 Britney Spears to Give Birth on Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

7/15/05 CMT Cameras Follow Carrie Underwood as She Follows Her Dream

7/15/05 Run's House Set to Air on MTV This October

7/15/05 MTV Announces Premiere of Nick Cannon Presents Wild'n Out

7/15/05 VH1 Announces New Series My Fair Brady

7/15/05 Halle Berry Sends Hearts Racing the Launch of the First Toothbrush With a Pulse

7/15/05 Jessica Simpson Attacked by Christian Group

7/15/05 Eva Longoria: "I'm Dating Tony Parker"

7/14/05 MTV Announces Trailer Fabulous to Premiere August 3rd

7/14/05 Jessica Simpson Plans to Adopt - Again

7/14/05 Jessica Alba Credits Blonde Hair for New Relationship

7/14/05 Hilary Duff Loses Her Wardrobe Before First Show

7/14/05 Jessica Simpson Helps Less Fortunate Children

7/14/05 Jessica Alba: "I'll Never Date Another Actor"

7/14/05 Brad Pitt Recovering From Viral Meningitis

7/14/05 Britney Spears Prepares for Chaotic DVD Release

7/14/05 Nicole Richie Turns Her Life Into a Novel

7/14/05 American Idol Carrie Underwood Follows in Britney Spears Footsteps

7/14/05 Tom Cruise Give Dakota Fanning a Cell Phone

7/14/05 The OC and Reunion to Premiere September 8th

7/14/05 Hell's Kitchen Preview Clips for July 18th

7/14/05 ABC and Simon Cowell Have "The Million Dollar Idea"

7/14/05 'Cooter': Don't Go to 'Dukes of Hazzard' Movie 'Unless It's Cleaned Up'

7/14/05 ABC Announces New Comedic Reality Series "My Kind of Town"

7/14/05 ABC Documentary "Hooking Up" Takes a Look at Internet Dating

7/13/05 Christina Aguilera Slices Tendons

7/13/05 American Idol Judge Simon Cowell Pitches New Reality Show To ABC

7/13/05 Britney Spears Gives To Cancer Cause

7/13/05 Brad Pitt Doctors Feared Worse

7/13/05 Tom Cruise Fights Tobey Maguire for The Perfect House

7/13/05 Harry Potter Book Mistakenly Sold in New York
7/13/05 Hilary Duff and Rob Schneider to Host The 2005 Teen Choice Awards

7/13/05 Brad Pitt Eyes Up French Home

7/13/05 Dave Navarro Impress With INXS' Tim Farriss

7/13/05 Lindsay Lohan Sought for Desert Island Role

7/13/05 Nicole Kidman Gave Up Friends During Tom Cruise Marriage

7/13/05 Marcia Cross & Felicity Huffman `Desperate' to Join in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

7/12/05 Jim Dale Fears He Cheated JK Rowling Over Harry Potter Voices

7/12/05 Court Order Preserves Harry Potter Mystery

7/12/05 Tom Cruise Flies in Favorite Italian Chefs for Birthday Bash

7/12/05 Nicole Kidman Wishes Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Happiness

7/12/05 Mariah Carey's Clothes Fall Off

7/12/05 Band of Brothers Filmed Through Cooke Lenses

7/12/05 Brad Pitt Checks Into Hospital

7/12/05 Nicole Richie Attacks Weight Loss Fears

7/12/05 Nicole Kidman Quits Partying

7/12/05 Scarlett Johansson Insisted on Going Topless

7/12/05 Harry Potter Preview for Canadians

7/12/05 Clay Aiken - The Jukebox Summer Tour 2005

7/11/05 Jesse McCartney Caught Up in Biker Gang Prank on Punk'd

7/11/05 Charlotte Church to Join Harry Potter Rush the Weekend

7/11/05 Janice Dickinson Threatens to Quit Surreal Life After Groping

7/11/05 Britney Spears Checks Out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Premiere

7/11/05 Jessica Alba Regrets Early Movies

7/11/05 Tom Cruise Raises Kidman's Kids as Scientologists

7/11/05 Beyonce Knowles Lap dance Stuns Actor

7/11/05 Pamela Anderson Slams Tasteless FHM Photos

7/11/05 Jessica Alba Slams Racist Fantastic Four Critics

7/11/05 Kirstie Alley and John Travolta Join Tom Cruise's Anti-Drug Crusade

7/10/05 Victoria and David Beckham Eye Up Oprah Winfrey Show

7/10/05 Keira Knightley Warns Boyfriend Off Co-Star Kirsten Dunst

7/10/05 Johnny Depp Slams US High Schools

7/10/05 Jessica Alba "I Won't Do Nude Scenes"

7/10/05 Brad Pitt Seeks Desert Hideaway

7/10/05 Teri Hatcher to Ditch Desperate Housewives?

7/10/05 Halle Berry Sends Love and Prayers to Londoners

7/10/05 Britney Spears to Start Maternity Line

7/10/05 Jessica Alba Fears Her Jealousy Will Get the Worst of Her

7/10/05 Paula Abdul Sued by Jeweler

7/9/05 Rosie O'Donnell's Mixed Feelings Over Tom Cruise

7/9/05 Nicole Kidman is Highest Paid Public Speaker of All Time

7/9/05 Anna Kournikova Delivers the Mail for Amazon

7/9/05 Jessica Alba is Terrified of Monkey Business

7/9/05 Jessica Simpson Says I Love You With Botox

7/9/05 Kelly Clarkson Postpones Upcoming Tour Dates Due to Weather

7/9/05 NBC Announces New Series "Deal or No Deal"

7/9/05 Jessica Alba: "I Don't Sleep Around"

7/9/05 Oprah Winfrey and Hotel Rwanda Boss Honored With Freedom Awards

7/9/05 Mohamed Al-Fayed Helps Bobby Brown in the Bedroom

7/9/05 Jessica Alba Laughs at Naked Men

7/9/05 Teri Hatcher Expected to Play Gabrielle

7/8/05 Nicolas Cage to Star in Untitled World Trade Center Movie

7/8/05 Katie Holmes Prepared for Paparazzi

7/8/05 Herbie Hancock Blown Away by Christina Aguilera

7/8/05 Christina Aguilera Injured

7/8/05 Janice Dickinson Dubbed 'Crazy' After Knife Attack

7/8/05 Bobby Brown's Touching Message To Bomb Victims

7/8/05 Katie Holmes Vows to Stay Sane

7/8/05 Angelina Jolie's Parrot Causes Chaos in Pet Store

7/8/05 Jamie and Britney Spears Show Off Art Skills on Dog Bowls

7/8/05 Big Brother 6 Feeds Now Live, Here's How to Get a RealNetworks Superpass

7/8/05 Designer Cynthia Rowley to Appear on I Want to be a Hilton

7/8/05 Teri Hatcher Admits to Flirting With Usher

7/8/05 Ron Howard Wants Brad Pitt to Play Van Gogh

7/8/05 Bravo Announces Sixth Tournament of Celebrity Poker Showdown

7/8/05 Who is The Half Blood Prince?

7/8/05 VH1 Announces Freestyle 59 Online Contest to Find Undiscovered Hip Hop Artist

7/8/05 Faith Evans to Perform at WNBA All-Star 2005 Game

7/705 Jennifer Aniston Collapses on Break Up Set

7/7/05 Magazine Apologizes After Angelina Jolie Adoption Mix-Up

7/7/05 Britney Spears Expecting Twins?

7/7/05 John O'Hurley Credits Dancing With the Stars for Boosting His Career

7/7/05 Angelina Jolie Adopted Ethiopian on a Recommendation from Maddox

7/7/05 Ioan Gruffudd "Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are Bad Role Models"

7/7/05 Pauly Shore Offers Money Back Guarantee

7/7/05 Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears to Battle Over the Perfume Counter

7/7/05 CBS & RealNetworks to Offer Exclusive 24/7 Live Video Channel of Big Brother 6

7/7/05 Brad Pitt and Bill Gates Suffer Live 8 Blunder

7/7/05 Hulk Hogan Agrees to Reality Show to Help His Daughter

7/7/05 MSN Launches Official Site for Rock Star INXS

7/7/05 Spike TV Announces The Ultimate Fighter Season 2

7/7/05 Princes of Malibu Preview Clips for July 10th

7/7/05 The Best of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search Show

7/7/05 VH1 Launched Broadband Network VSPOT With Premiere of Surreal Life 5

7/7/05 CBS Launches Official Website for Big Brother 6

7/6/05 Universal Studios Announces The Blue Brothers 25th Anniversary Edition

7/6/05 Johnny Knoxville In Trouble Over Jessica Simpson Rumors

7/6/05 Justin Timberlake and Sean 'P Diddy' Combs Never Booked For Live 8

7/6/05 Lindsay Lohan Lost Weight Over Parents' Split

7/6/05 Ashley Olsen and Jared Leto Dating?

7/6/05 Madonna Kept 'Far Away' From Mariah Carey

7/6/05 Madonna's Extravagant Vacation

7/6/05 Angelina Jolie Adopts Ethiopian Baby

7/6/05 Eva Longoria Loves Her Body

7/6/05 Elizabeth Hurley Finally Reunited With Dog

7/6/05 Vince Vaughn Slams Reports He's Romancing Jennifer Aniston

7/5/05 Jessica Alba Hails End of Racism

7/5/05 Mariah Carey Flies in Personal Trainer

7/5/05 Jessica Simpson Slams Christina Aguilera But Loves Britney Spears

7/5/05 Batman Begins Continues Flying High in IMAX Theaters

7/5/05 Jessica Alba Was Ready for Movies After Dark Angel

7/5/05 Britney Spears Won't Do a Demi

7/5/05 Simon Cowell Saves Runaway Car

7/5/05 Britney Spears Wants New Album

7/5/05 Steven Spielberg Begins Production on Untitled Historical Thriller

7/5/05 Viewpoint Creative Delivers Big Ratings for WE's "Bridezillas"

7/5/05 Viewpoint Creative Ignites “Master Blasters” for SciFi

7/5/05 A&E Announces Reality Special "Married in Vegas"

7/5/05 Katie Holmes Sweet Tooth

7/5/05 Nicole Kidman Wears Her Broomstick Well

7/5/05 Brad Pitt to Make UK Documentary

7/4/05 Jessica Alba "Warren is the One"

7/4/05 Kelly Preston Congratulates Tom Cruise for Publicizing Scientology

7/4/05 Gene Wilder Retracts Johnny Depp Criticism

7/4/05 Lindsay Lohan Slams Near-Death Balcony Jump Reports

7/4/05 Isla Fisher Slams Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Eviction Reports

7/4/05 Nicole Kidman Won't Be at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Wedding

7/4/05 Kelly Clarkson Impresses Her Idols

7/4/05 Katie Holmes: "I Had No Chance Against Penelope Cruz"

7/4/05 Braille Translation Begins on Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

7/4/05 Tom Cruise's Sister Defends Alien Beliefs

7/4/05 Nicollette Sheridan Saved Fiancé From Killer Shark

7/3/05 Rosie O'Donnell Supports Brooke Shields Over Tom Cruise Comments

7/3/05 Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow Reunite at Live 8

7/3/05 Madonna Left Red-Faced After Live TV Tantrum

7/3/05 Paris Hilton Ashamed of Live 8 Ignorance

7/3/05 Constantine Maroulis to Record Record Bohemian Rhapsody For Tribute CD

7/3/05 Governor Joins Brooke Shields Feud With Tom Cruise

7/3/05 Will Smith Accepts Controversial Live 8 Gifts

7/3/05 Scissor Sister Hits Out at "Shallow" Paris Hilton

7/3/05 Madonna Shuns Live 8 Water

7/3/05 Florida Business Woman Stars in ABC Summer Series "Hooking Up"

7/3/05 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Plan Scientology Wedding

7/2/05 Madonna Meets Comedy Hero Ricky Gervais

7/2/05 Loved Up Marcia Cross Disproves Gay Rumors

7/2/05 Jennifer Aniston Begs Paparazzi to Respect Her Privacy

7/2/05 Angelina Jolie Slams Pregnancy Rumors

7/2/05 Madonna Overcome by Live 8

7/2/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Keep Apart at UK Live 8 Concerts

7/2/05 Universal Studios Adds Movie Sets From War of the Worlds to Studio Tour

7/2/05 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Back Together

7/2/05 Shannon Elizabeth Files for Divorce

7/2/05 Bobby Brown Shows Spa Meltdown on Reality TV Show

7/2/05 Pamela Anderson to Get Roasted on TV

7/1/05 Missy Elliott Cooks Up the Summer's Tastiest New Album

7/1/05 Sting: I'm Not Singing With Madonna

7/1/05 Halle Berry Ex Urges Her to Remarry

7/1/05 Missy Elliot Sings About Childhood Trauma on New Album

7/1/05 Penelope Cruz's Sister Thrilled by Tom Cruise's Romance With Katie Holmes

7/1/05 1.1 Million Viewers Tune in to See Being Bobby Brown Debut

7/1/05 American Idol Runner Up Bo Bice Refuses to Confirm Reported Marriage

7/1/05 Pamela Anderson Loves Famous Lovers

7/1/05 Brooke Shields Slams Tom Cruise's Today Show Comments

7/1/05 Whitney Houston Shouts at Fans on Being Bobby Brown Show

7/1/05 Fans Want to Fatten Lindsay Lohan Up

7/1/05 American Idol Reject Meets With Producers

7/1/05 Pamela Anderson Attacks American Humane Association Rules



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