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7/31/06 Jessica Simpson Admits Single Was Influenced by Madonna

7/31/06 Barbara Walters Scolds Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

7/31/06 Jennifer Aniston Turns to Girlfriends as She Goes Single Again

7/31/06 Jennifer Lopez Drops Out of Dallas

7/31/06 Pamela Anderson Wins Hair Care Deal

7/31/06 Paris Hilton Bought Her Own Engagement Ring

7/31/06 Angelina Jolie's Boots for Sale

7/31/06 Paris Hilton Scared to Pick Up Phone to Nicole Richie

7/31/06 Queer Eye For the Straight Guy Cancelled

7/31/06 Paris Hilton Confesses Romance With Video Co-Star

7/30/06 Kylie Minogue Mortified by TV Interview

7/30/06 Britney Spears Inspires Child Safety

7/30/06 Elizabeth Hurley: "I Could Tolerate Anything From Hugh Grant"

7/30/06 Christina Aguilera's Sexy Secret

7/30/06 Christina Aguilera Snubs Neptunes

7/30/06 Eva Longoria Eyes Desperate Lesbians

7/30/06 Paris Hilton Album on Hold

7/30/06 Paris Hilton Reunites With Stavros Niarchos

7/30/06 Kevin Federline Supports Britney Spears Magazine for Maligned Celebrities

7/30/06 Raunchy Elizabeth Hurley Fronts Jeans Campaign

7/29/06 Paris Hilton Auction to be Halted?

7/29/06 Gene Simmons Essentially Married to Shannon Tweed

7/29/06 Elizabeth Hurley Wedding is On

7/29/06 Top Agent Calls for Hollywood to Boycott Mel Gibson Projects

7/29/06 Paris Hilton is Prison Hit

7/29/06 Lindsay Lohan Defended by Mom

7/29/06 Nick Lachey Harassed by Amateur Photographer

7/29/06 The Osbournes Take Credit for Reality TV Explosion

7/29/06 Dennis Rodman Leaves Love Island

7/29/06 Amazing Race's Reichen Lehmkuhl "Happier Than Ever"

7/28/06 Pamela Anderson Horrified by "Ugly" Wedding Photos

7/28/06 Andrew Lloyd Webber Missed Out on Harry Potter Musical

7/28/06 American Idol Producers Deny Trying to Push Out Fantasia Barrino

7/28/06 Pamela Anderson Weds Kid Rock in France

7/28/06 Jennifer Live Hewitt Thrilled to Work With Look-A-Like Lacey Chabert Again

7/28/06 Carmen Electra Tries to Paint Away the Pain

7/28/06 David Hasselhoff Hits Back at Latest Rumors

7/28/06 Kathy Griffin Happy for Pal Lance Bass

7/28/06 American Idol Finalists Bond With President Bush

7/28/06 Terri Seymour Confronts Simon Cowell

7/28/06 Allison Holker & Ryan Rankine Are Eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance

7/28/06 Jase Wirey Becomes Third Houseguest Evicted From Big Brother All-Stars

7/27/06 Christina Aguilera Plans Shelter for Domestic Abuse Victims

7/27/06 Katharine McPhee Reveals True Horror of Bulimia Recovery

7/27/06 David Hasselhoff Plots Revenge on Piers Morgan

7/27/06 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to Publicly Make Up on Letterman Show

7/27/06 Harry Potter Stars to Team Up for Equus

7/27/06 Jennifer Lopez's Night Behind Bars Exposed in New Book

7/27/06 Carmen Electra Slams Jamie Foxx Rumors

7/27/06 Taylor Hicks Obtains Injunction Against Producer

7/27/06 Simon Cowell Denies Model Fling

7/27/06 Katharine McPhee Moves Into Theatre

7/27/06 Ratings Report: Tuesday Edition of Big Brother All Stars Wins It's Time Period

7/26/06 Brad Pitt Reunites With Cate Blanchett and David Fincher

7/26/06 Eva Longoria Begs Bosses to Axe Naked Scenes

7/26/06 David Hasselhoff Fires Back at Drunk Reports

7/26/06 Katharine McPhee: "I Was Overworked"

7/26/06 Katharine McPhee Returns to American Idol Stage

7/26/06 Simon Cowell Caught Cheating

7/26/06 Vin Diesel Dating Maria Menounos

7/26/06 Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra's Cars Vandalized by Paparazzi?

7/26/06 Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Plan Multiple Marriages

7/26/06 Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized in Los Angeles

7/26/06 The Office to Feature 10 Exclusive Webisodes This Summer

7/26/06 Big Brother All Stars and Rock Star Supernova Continue Ratings Success

7/25/06 Jessica Simpson's Heel Addiction

7/25/06 Nick Lachey Joins Lover Vanessa Minnillo on TV

7/25/06 Denis Rodman Set for UK Reality Show "Love Island"

7/25/06 Pamela Anderson: "I Still Love Tommy"

7/25/06 Orlando Bloom's Favorite Toy

7/25/06 Santoro Joins Cast of Lost

7/25/06 Lindsay Lohan Wants to Take Hollywood to Africa

7/25/06 Jessica Simpson to be First Guest for Rosie O'Donnell's View Debut

7/25/06 Lance Bass Reveals Gay Relationship With Amazing Race Winner

7/25/06 Dave Navarro's Flirting Edited Out of Rock Star: Supernova

7/24/06 Britney Spears Fires Pool Boy for Befriending Kevin Federline

7/24/06 Brangelina Baby Gets Waxed

7/24/06 Justin Timberlake: "Do Not Underestimate Britney Spears"

7/24/06 Carmen Electra Dating Jamie Foxx?

7/24/06 Vin Diesel's Hannibal Gets Animated

7/24/06 Ian McShane's Deadwood Villain to be Killed Off?

7/24/06 David Hasselhoff: "Simon Cowell Conned Me"

7/24/06 Lionel Richie Hurt by Daughter Nicole's Anorexia Reports

7/24/06 Survivor Star Richard Hatch Sent to Oklahoma Prison

7/24/06 Marc Cherry "Bummed" About Not Being Nominated for Emmy

7/24/06 Fox Orders Third Seasons of So You Think You Can Dance and Hell's Kitchen

7/24/06 Celebrity Duets Contestants Announced; Show to Premiere August 29th

7/24/06 Contestants Prepare for So You Think You Can Dance Two Part Finale

7/24/06 Deal or No Deal Premiers September 18-22 With $20 Million in Prize Money

7/24/06 Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live in to Air on NBC in November

7/24/06 America's Got Talent and Last Comic Standing Renewed for Next Season

7/23/06 Britney Spears Designs Clothing Line for Rocker Son Sean

7/23/06 Paris Hilton's a Kitchen Whizz

7/23/06 Geena Davis Determined to Resurrect Commander in Chief

7/23/06 Paris Hilton Wants Marital Bliss By the Time She's 30

7/23/06 Project Runway Controversy Exposed

7/23/06 Brad Pitt Won't Marry Angelina Jolie Until He is Over Jennifer Aniston

7/23/06 Lionel and Nicole Richie Team Up

7/23/06 Orlando Bloom Blasted by PETA

7/23/06 Angelina Jolie in Talks to Join Sin City Sequel

7/23/06 British Big Brother Star Arrested for Date Rape

7/22/06 Elisha Cuthbert's Ideal 24 Hours Would Be Dull

7/22/06 Ghosts Join Extras in Spooky TV Show

7/22/06 American Idol Stars to Provide Relief at White House Middle East Talks

7/22/06 Elizabeth Hurley Denies Wedding Plans

7/22/06 Shakira Calls for End to Hostilities in Middle East

7/22/06 Christina Aguilera Bored by Pin-Up Hunks

7/22/06 Paris Hilton Reveals Identity of Video Hunk

7/22/06 Paris Hilton Slams Public Transport Snobbery

7/22/06 America's Next Top Model Writers Threaten to Strike

7/22/06 Fantasia Barrino Wants to Play Debbie Allen in Biopic

7/21/06 Pamela Anderson Wedding Next Weekend?

7/21/06 Elizabeth Hurley Plans Country Wedding

7/21/06 Fantasia Barrino Coaxed Through Rape Scenes by Director's Son

7/21/06 Justin Timberlake Speaks of Britney Spears Infatuation

7/21/06 British Apprentice Winner Pregnant by Rival

7/21/06 Christina Aguilera Removes Last Piercing

7/21/06 Christina Aguilera Wants to Quit for Kids

7/21/06 Paris Hilton Thrilled by Former Flame's Fight

7/21/06 Paris Hilton Denies Neglecting Kids Charity

7/21/06 Fantasia Barrino Almost Quit Over Internet Hate Campaign

7/21/06 "Big Brother: All-Stars" Evicts Nakomis, James is New HoH

7/21/06 Martha Nichols & Dmitry Chaplin Eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance

7/20/06 Britney Spears Tiger Ramble

7/20/06 Jessica Simpson to Host Awards Show With Alleged Lover Dane Cook

7/20/06 Pamela Anderson Starts Poker Website

7/20/06 Jessica Simpson Pokes Fun at Angelina Jolie

7/20/06 Kevin Federline and Britney Spears Record Duets

7/20/06 Nicole Richie Faints During Shopping Trip

7/20/06 Paris Hilton Denies Lindsay Lohan Blackberry Hacking

7/20/06 James Blunt's Second Paris Hilton Date

7/20/06 Outcast Snub Oprah Winfrey

7/20/06 INXS and Managers Clash in Court

7/20/06 Netflix Offers Premiere Episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip & Kidnapped

7/19/06 Deadwood Inspires Boot Line

7/19/06 Piers Morgan Keeps Prince Williams Wine Drinking Secret

7/19/06 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Clash Over Kids

7/19/06 Paris Hilton Plans August Album Release

7/19/06 Vanessa Minnillo Offered Own Reality Show

7/19/06 Former Boy Band Stars Form Supergroup for TV Show

7/19/06 Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley's Unusual First Dance

7/19/06 Dave Navarro Speaks Out About Split With Carmen Electra

7/19/06 Nervous Jessica Simpson Debuts Video on Vanessa Minnillo's Show

7/19/06 Kevin Federline Delays Album for Britney Spears Duet

7/19/06 Viral Site Announced for "My Super Ex Girlfriend"

7/19/06 The Office Season 2 DVD to be Released September 12th

7/18/06 Howard Stern Confused by Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock Engagement

7/18/06 Steve-O Quits Love Island Reality Show

7/18/06 Jessica Simpson's Mum Calls Shots on Photo-Shoot

7/18/06 Gordon Ramsay's Steps to Success

7/18/06 Harry Potter Character Based on Hell's Angel

7/18/06 Lindsay Lohan: "Harry Morton's My Third Choice Lover"

7/18/06 Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Laugh Off Engagement Rumors

7/18/06 Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley Wait for Kids

7/18/06 Kid Rock: "I Love Pamela to Death"

7/18/06 Paris Hilton Warned by TV Cop

7/18/06 Mark Jenkins Signs Endorsement Deal for "The One: Making a Music Star"

7/18/06 America's Got Talent Get Hit With Lawsuit

7/18/06 Regina King and DB Woodside Join Sixth Season of 24

7/18/06 John Mayer Announces New Album and Tour Dates

7/18/06 Pop Tarts Gives Fans Behind The Scenes Look at American Idols Live Tour

7/18/06 Top Chef Returns for Second Season

7/18/06 The Real Housewives of Orange County Returns for Second Season

7/17/06 Paris Hilton Joins Nicky in the Family Business

7/17/06 American Idol Boot Theme Breaks Record

7/17/06 Avril Lavigne Settled Wedding Nerves With Junk Food

7/17/06 Aviation Experts at Odds Over Jet-Set Angelina Jolie's Plane

7/17/06 Britney Spears Wins Magazine Apology For Marriage Allegations

7/17/06 Jordan: "I Want Keira Knightley to Play Me"

7/17/06 No Love Lost For Steve-O

7/17/06 Gordon Ramsay Nearly Blinded in Kitchen Accident

7/17/06 Orlando Bloom: "Kate Bosworth is Irresistible"

7/17/06 Avril Lavigne Weds

7/17/06 Ashlee Nino and Musa Cooper Eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance

7/17/06 Teams Announced for The Amazing Race 10

7/17/06 America Votes For Last Comic Standing Tuesday July 18th

7/17/06 Hell's Kitchen Preview Clips for July 17th

7/16/06 Jennifer Aniston's Doctor Dreams

7/16/06 Lindsay Lohan: "I Look Like Marilyn Monroe"

7/16/06 Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock to Marry

7/16/06 American Idol Finalist Kellie Pickler Signs Record Deal

7/16/06 Timbaland: "Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are not Getting Married"

7/16/06 UK Big Brother Contestant Faces Sexual Assault Probe

7/16/06 Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra Split

7/16/06 Poker Queen Shannon Elizabeth Addicted to Cards

7/16/06 Desperate Housewives to Snub Emmy Awards?

7/16/06 Oprah Winfrey: "I'm Not Gay"

7/15/06 Paris Hilton Compares Herself to Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana

7/15/06 American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Scared to Star in Biopic

7/15/06 Avril Lavigne Thinks Pink for Wedding

7/15/06 Steve-O Looking for Sex on Love Island

7/15/06 Paris Hilton's Sex Tape "Humiliation"

7/15/06 Paris Hilton: "I Have No Celebrity Feuds"

7/15/06 Mischa Barton to Go Desperate?

7/15/06 Justin Timberlake: "Paris Hilton's Single is Awesome"

7/15/06 Sharon: "The Osbournes is Still the Best"

7/15/06 Avril Lavigne to Wed This Weekend

7/14/06 Justin Timberlake Blasts Britney Spears Witch Hunt

7/14/06 Paris Hilton PLC

7/14/06 Dougray Scott Joining Cast of Desperate Housewives

7/14/06 Brad Pitt: "Children Have Changed Me"

7/14/06 Gene Simmons's Son: "Dad Too Scared to Cheat"

7/14/06 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Have Awkward Reunion

7/14/06 Keira Knightley's Nude Shoot Scandal Sensationalized

7/14/06 Nicole Kidman Hits The Road With Keith Urban

7/14/06 Brad Pitt Holds Press Conference in New Orleans

7/14/06 Gene Simmons Shows Off Strict Parenting Skills

7/14/06 The "Big Brother: All-Stars" Houseguests Send Bad Girl Alison Packing

7/14/06 Big Brother 7: All Stars 7/13/06 Summary

7/14/06 CBS Announces Inturn Online Reality Show Premiering July 17th

7/14/06 Big Brother 7: All Stars 7/13/06 Summary

7/14/06 Preview for Masters of Champions July 14th

7/14/06 Nashville Star Returns for It's Fifth Season

7/13/06 Justin Timberlake Slams Ex Britney Spears

7/13/06 Orlando Bloom Considers Other Career Options

7/13/06 Jennifer Aniston Infuriated With Angelina Jolie Casting

7/13/06 Britney Spears Sells NYC Home

7/13/06 Jessica Simpson Ready For Fresh Start

7/13/06 Project Runway Contestant Seriously Injured

7/13/06 Brad Pitt Confirms Angelina Jolie Addition to Pearl Project

7/13/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Palm Springs Spread for Sale

7/13/06 James Gandolfini Surgery Stalls Final Sopranos Episodes

7/13/06 Britney Spears Planning Secret Home Video

7/13/06 Big Brother All Stars and Rock Star: Supernova Ratings on the Rise

7/13/06 Former American Idol Contestant Indicted on Child Porn Charges

7/13/06 The Office Premieres First of 10 Weekly Webisodes July 13th

7/12/06 Jessica Simpson's Skating Nightmare

7/12/06 Shakira Sets Record Straight on Racy Album Title

7/12/06 Britney Spears Supports Rent-A-Kevin

7/12/06 Lindsay Lohan Slams Jessica Simpson Feud

7/12/06 Britney Spears: "Pregnancy Isn't Beautiful"

7/12/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Team Up for Project

7/12/06 Britney Spears to Get Into Shape After Baby Number 2

7/12/06 Dominic Monaghan Stole Hobbits Feet

7/12/06 Paris Hilton Slams Skinny Stars

7/12/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Paparazzo Not Charged

7/12/06 Military Fear Factor July 18th

7/11/06 Hilary and Haylie Duff Inspire Hot Selling Jeans

7/11/06 Heidi Klum Cancels "Naughty" Designers Dreams on Project Runway

7/11/06 Jennifer Aniston's Gender Lesson

7/11/06 Christina Aguilera Steps in to Refund Fans

7/11/06 Pamela Anderson Developing Sun Care Beauty Line

7/11/06 Britney Spears Calls in Marriage Help

7/11/06 Paris Hilton Betrayed by Friends

7/11/06 Anna Kournikova Not Anorexic

7/11/06 Band Launch Lawsuit Against Rock Star: Supernova

7/11/06 Elizabeth Hurley Ditches Skimpy Outfits

7/11/06 Kelly Monaco and Brooke Burke Speak Out Against Unshaven Faces

7/11/06 Jessica Simpson to Co-Host Teen Choice 2006 Live Sunday August 20th

7/11/06 One Ocean View Premieres July 31st on ABC

7/11/06 George Stroumboulopoulos to Host The One: Making a Music Star

7/11/06 Season Finale of How to Get the Guy Next Week on ABC

7/11/06 Treasure Hunters Preview for July 17th

7/11/06 Nick Lachey Announces Tour Dates

7/11/06 Project Runway Goes Mobile With New Text Messaging Initiative

7/10/06 Paris Hilton Wants to be a Mother

7/10/06 Kylie Minogue Grateful For Support

7/10/06 Keira Knightley Stunned by Digital Bust Enhancement

7/10/06 Real World Star Arraigned on Biting Charges

7/10/06 Jessica Simpson Considers Future Boob Job

7/10/06 David Hasslehoff Owes His Life to Swooning Hotel Clerk

7/10/06 Jessica Simpson Relies on Dane Cook for Support

7/10/06 Will Young to Follow Elton John Up the Aisle?

7/10/06 Nick Lachey Keen to Marry Again

7/10/06 Jessica Simpson Fantasizes About Brad Pitt

7/10/06 Peter MacNicol Joins Cast of 24

7/10/06 StarStyle Launches Auctions With Real World: Key West

7/10/06 American Idol Sensation Chris Daughtry Signs Record Deal

7/9/06 Paris Hilton's Animal Ambition

7/9/06 Gordon Ramsey Embarrassed by Female Attention

7/9/06 Lindsay Lohan Gunning For Prince Harry

7/9/06 Nicole Richie Welcomes Paris Hilton's Friendship Plea

7/9/06 Lindsay Lohan Blasts Unhealthy LA

7/9/06 Nick Lachey Not Afraid to Cry

7/9/06 Kylie Minogue Feared She'd be Bald Forever

7/9/06 Kylie Minogue Saves the Lives of Others

7/9/06 Ne-Yo Signs Up to Help Britney Spears

7/9/06 Lindsay Lohan Eyes London Life by Kate Moss

7/8/06 Jessica Fernandez & Jaymz Tuaileva Eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance

7/8/06 Big Brother All Stars and Rock Star: Supernova Garner Big Ratings Win

7/8/06 Last Comic Standing Reveals Final Five Contestants on July 11th

7/8/06 Preview for the Next Episode of "The Unit" July 14th

7/8/06 Nick Lachey: "I Don't Understand Women"

7/8/06 Angelina Jolie Takes on First Film Role Since Birth

7/8/06 Paris Hilton Slams "Snob" Nicole Richie

7/8/06 Jessica Simpson Fans Get a Mention

7/8/06 Original Stars to Visit The Office

7/8/06 Naveen Andrews Misses Lost Co-Star Maggie Grace

7/8/06 Cooking Fan Jennifer Love Hewitt Knows What She's Doing This Summer

7/8/06 Mischa Barton Slams Cheating Claims

7/8/06 Jon Voight Wants Emmy Celebration With Angelina Jolie and Granddaughter

7/8/06 Madonna Denies Quitting Kabbalah

7/7/06 Dominic Monaghan: "My Personal Life is Out of Bounds"

7/7/06 Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom Eye Marriage

7/7/06 Kelly Clarkson: "Vitamin Water Story is Nonsense"

7/7/06 Mischa Barton: "I'm Not Marissa"

7/7/06 It Was a Set Up, According to Australian Big Brother Contestant's Father

7/7/06 Paris Hilton: "I'm a Businesswoman"

7/7/06 X Factor Star's Private Hell

7/7/06 Paris Hilton: "Partying? I'm Just Doing My Job"

7/7/06 CBS Reveals the Identities of the Final 14 Houseguests on "Big Brother: All Stars"

7/7/06 Big Brother All-Stars - Episode 1

7/6/06 Paris Hilton Labels The Simple Life "Fake"

7/6/06 Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom to Settle in Australia

7/6/06 Survivor Winner Brian Heidik Arrested for Shooting Puppy

7/6/06 Christina Aguilera Pays Tribute to Husband

7/6/06 Orlando Bloom Insisted on New Pirate Boots

7/6/06 Sick Shakira Struggles Through

7/6/06 Donald Trump Turns Tinseltown Tycoon With The Apprentice Loser

7/6/06 Australian Broadcasting Laws to be Changed Due to Big Brother Assault

7/6/06 Christina Aguilera's Secret Stash

7/6/06 Katharine McPhee Forced to Cancel Concert Appearances

7/6/06 The Wait is Over - Big Brother All Stars Begins Tonight

7/6/06 Preview for Master of Champions July 13th

7/5/06 Pamela Anderson Celebrates Birthday With Kid Rock

7/5/06 Marcia Cross Seeks Help in Baby Bid

7/5/06 Is Nicole Richie Dating Teenage Crush Jeff Goldblum?

7/5/06 Britney Spears Gets a Second Chance to Pose While Pregnant

7/5/06 Jennifer Aniston's Topless Assistants

7/5/06 Fantasia Barrino Gives Mini Me the Thumbs Up

7/5/06 Icelandic Rocker Competes to be in Tommy Lee's Supergroup

7/5/06 Avril Lavigne's Bachelorette Bash

7/5/06 Heather Mills: "Paris Hilton's Influence Will Help Stamp Out Fur"

7/5/06 Gordon Ramsey Late for OBE Date With the Queen

7/5/06 The Wait is Over - American Idol Live Tour Begins Tonight

7/5/06 Family Fear Factor July 11th

7/5/06 Jamie Opens Up a New Chapter in Her Life on Tuesday Night Book Club

7/4/06 Christina Aguilera Still Dirrty

7/4/06 Jennifer Lopez Accused of Casting Voodoo Spells on Lovers

7/4/06 Tiger Trouble for Michelle Rodriguez

7/4/06 Christina Aguilera Wants to Be Singing Mother

7/4/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Say No to Second Season of Chaotic

7/4/06 Britney Spears Vacation Photos Stolen

7/4/06 Barbra Streisand Tour Row

7/4/06 Sopranos Pair Agree to New Deals

7/4/06 Keira Knightley's Relationship Turmoil

7/4/06 Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro Share Perfume

7/3/06 Paris Hilton Wants to Name Baby After Herself

7/3/06 Kathy Griffin Hits Out at Talk Show Ban

7/3/06 Marcia Cross Wedding Emotion

7/3/06 Big Brother "Assault" a Practical Joke

7/3/06 Britney Spears Signs Up for Second TV Series

7/3/06 Oprah Winfrey Plans New Years Eve Party in South Africa

7/3/06 Vin Diesel No Longer Surfing in Fantastic Four Sequel

7/3/06 Maria Sharapova Shocked by Streaker

7/3/06 Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn to Wed After French Proposal

7/3/06 Lindsay Lohan Parties Hard to Relax

7/3/06 The One: Making A Music Star to Premiere July 18th

7/3/06 Love Coaches Teach The Chemistry of Love Tonight on How to Get the Guy

7/2/06 Johnny Depp Branded a Cannibal

7/2/06 Lost to Be Turned Into a Movie?

7/2/06 Johnny Depp Celebrates His "Weird" Persona

7/2/06 Kylie Minogue Fights the Tears in First TV Interview

7/2/06 Kathy Griffin Splits From Stealing Husband

7/2/06 Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom Stronger After Break Up

7/2/06 David Hasselhoff Shuns Panto in Favor of America's Got Talent

7/2/06 Paris Hilton Dismisses One Night Stands

7/2/06 Paris Hilton Steps Up Security After Stalker Incident

7/2/06 Paris Hilton Says No to Naked Wrestling

7/2/06 Dave Chappelle's Block Party Premieres on Pay Per View July 13th

7/1/06 Johnny Depp to Carry Out Marlon Brando's Last Wish

7/1/06 Australian PM Calls for Big Brother Axe

7/1/06 Jessica Simpson's Security Facing Police Action

7/1/06 New Australian Big Brother Sexual Misconduct Claims

7/1/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Wedding Photos Fail to Produce Donations

7/1/06 Nick Lachey: "It's Time to Move On"

7/1/06 Bets Placed on Harry Potter's Death

7/1/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Return Home From Honeymoon

7/1/06 Australian Big Brother Contestant Allegedly Assaulted by Housemates

7/1/06 Vanessa Minnillo on Nick Lachey: "We're So Happy"

7/1/06 Kathy Najimy Wins Gameshow Marathon Championship

7/1/06 Fear Factor Season 1 Review

7/1/06 A Bug Must Be Planted in the Iranian Embassy Next Week on "The Unit"

7/1/06 Elliott Yamin Fans Help to Find a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes



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