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7/31/07 Aussie Broadcaster Keeps Job After Harry Potter Shock Reveal

7/31/07 Avril Lavigne Sober for Sad Songs & Ballads

7/31/07 Britney Spears Misses Out on Allure Article

7/31/07 Louis Walsh: "Simon Cowell Wouldn't Spot a Talent Like Elvis Presley"

7/31/07 Britney Spears Recruits Robyn for Chart Comeback

7/31/07 Nicole Richie Blames Drug Addiction on Boredom

7/31/07 Jennifer Lopez Obsessed With Horoscopes

7/31/07 Donald Trump Denies Offering Rosie O'Donnell a Place on The Apprentice

7/31/07 Paris Hilton in Talks to Become Children's Hospital Ambassador

7/31/07 Britney Spears Hires Top Manager

7/31/07 The Final 3 Women Travel to Australia on the Season Finale of "Age of Love"

7/31/07 Three Finalists Chosen on "American Inventor"

7/31/07 A Firefighter and a Firefighter Trainee Compete Friday on "Set for Life"

7/31/07 Rob Estes Joins the Cast of "Women's Murder Club"

7/31/07 Jonathan Adler on the Next Episode of Welcome to the Parker

7/31/07 Rocco Dispirito Guest Judges Next Week's Episode of Top Chef 3 Miami

7/31/07 Final Two Chefs Compete on Next Week on the Season Finale of Hell's Kitchen

7/30/07 Jenna Fischer Ready to Shoot The Office After Back Fractures

7/30/07 David Beckham & Robbie Williams to Play Desperate Housewives Gay Couple?

7/30/07 Adam Brody: "Hanging Out With Benjamin McKenzie Makes Me Feel Fictional"

7/30/07 Emma Watson Dating Rugby Hunk

7/30/07 Kylie Minogue's Tears at Tribute

7/30/07 Melanie Brown to Judge Dancing With the Stars

7/30/07 Paris Hilton Turns Shoe Designer

7/30/07 Pamela Anderson is Romantically Involved With Magician

7/30/07 Britney Spears Snubs Victoria Beckham

7/30/07 Nicole Richie Has No Problem Gaining Baby Weight

7/30/07 A&E Announces Special Episode of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" to Air August 14

7/29/07 Nicole Richie Gets Serious About Role Model Status

7/29/07 Pamela Anderson Quits Hollywood for Magic Shows

7/29/07 Britney Spears Rehires Alli Sims

7/29/07 Soprano's SUV Up for Sale on eBay

7/29/07 Mother to Be Nicole Richie Gets Serious About Her Pregnancy Diet

7/29/07 A&E Reports Dog the Bounty Hunter Awaits New Appeal

7/29/07 Prison Break Star Accused of "Acting" in Court

7/29/07 Nicole Richie Aims to be Mother Her Child Can Look Up To

7/29/07 Aussie TV Host Suspended Over Harry Potter Joke

7/29/07 Shakira to Record a Duet for Pal Marquez's Epic

7/28/07 Kelly Clarkson Considers Ditching Men

7/28/07 Marcia Cross Struggling to be Parted From Twins

7/28/07 Christina Aguilera Cancels New Zealand Leg of Tour

7/28/07 Lionel Richie Thrilled by Baby News

7/28/07 Britney Spears Ex Assistant: "Britney's a Great Mom"

7/28/07 Prison Break Star Ordered to Undergo 90-Day Psychiatric Test

7/28/07 Simon Cowell Plans American Idol Movie

7/28/07 Dog the Bounty Hunter's Mexican Charges Set to be Dropped

7/28/07 Paris Hilton Orders Non-Existent Car

7/28/07 Nicole Richie: "Jail Sentence is a Blessing in Disguise"

7/28/07 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Todd Bridges & Willie Ames Next Week on 1 vs 100

7/27/07 Lindsay Lohan Asked Fergie to Write Hit Song Before Arrest

7/27/07 Jennifer Lopez Had No Worries About Working With Marc Anthony

7/27/07 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Split?

7/27/07 Kevin Smith to Direct Heroes Spin Off

7/27/07 Kevin Federline Vows to Stay Quiet Over Britney Spears

7/27/07 Orlando Bloom Won't Watch His Work

7/27/07 Britney Spears Sells Up

7/27/07 Desperate Housewives Star Fears Pregnancy Scenes

7/27/07 Aussies Claim Nicole Richie's Baby as Their Own

7/27/07 Sharon Osbourne Annoyed by David Hasselhoff's Opera Singing

7/27/07 Big Brother 8 Episode 10 Recap

7/27/07 VH1 Announces New Series "Click!"

7/27/07 VH1 Announces New Series "America's Most Smartest Model"

7/27/07 Val Kilmer to Guest Star in Season Premiere of "Numb3rs"

7/27/07 Jaimie Goodwin and Kameron Bink Eliminated on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

7/27/07 'Big Brother 8' Houseguests Give Mike His Walking Papers

7/27/07 "Heartbreak Elvis" is The Next Best Thing Winner

7/26/07 Paris Hilton Explains House Move

7/26/07 Nicole Richie: "Yes, I'm Pregnant"

7/26/07 Kylie Minogue Mistaken for Waitress

7/26/07 Britney Spears Pleads for Help From Pop Teens

7/26/07 Britney Spears Tried to Whiten Son's Teeth?

7/26/07 Britney Spears "Threatened to Kill" Photographer

7/26/07 Desperate Housewives Introduce Gay Couple

7/26/07 Lindsay Lohan Sued Over Car Crash

7/26/07 Paris Hilton Buys Another Pet Chihuahua

7/26/07 Lindsay Lohan Fighting Claims She Was Intoxicated in 2005 Crash

7/26/07 Eight Bank Survivors are Questioned Next Week on "The Nine"

7/26/07 The Winner Will Be Revealed on the Season Finale of American Inventor

7/26/07 Bravo's Flipping Out Delves Into High Drama World of LA Home Flipping

7/26/07 Ten Finalists Revealed on Last Comic Standing

7/25/07 Paris Hilton "Happy" to End The Simple Life

7/25/07 American Idol Contestant Arrested on Drug Charges

7/25/07 JK Rowling Upset Harry Potter Fans Are Cheating With Final Book

7/25/07 Britney Spears Sons Could be Kidnapped, Warns Lawyer

7/25/07 Kylie Minogue Comforts David Tennant

7/25/07 The Bachelor & The Bachelorette Star Trista Sutter Gives Birth

7/25/07 JK Rowling Regrets Not Telling Mother About Harry Potter

7/25/07 Lindsay Lohan Movie Still on Schedule

7/25/07 Daniel Radcliffe Begged JK Rowling to Reveal Harry Potter's Fate

7/25/07 It's Over for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

7/25/07 Production Begins on "Dirty Sexy Money"

7/25/07 Shaq & the Kids Meet With the Governor Next Week on Shaq's Big Challenge

7/25/07 A Narcoleptic Police Officer Next Week on "Just for Laughs"

7/25/07 Top 10 Finalists Face First Challenge Next Week on Last Comic Standing

7/24/07 Elisabeth Hasselbeck Views Whoopi Goldberg

7/24/07 The Simple Life Axed

7/24/07 Britney Spears Tears Halt Latest Video Shoot

7/24/07 Paris Hilton Lands Musical Role

7/24/07 Jennifer Lopez Scarred After Fight Scene With Marc Anthony

7/24/07 Pirate Master Star Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

7/24/07 Linkin Park Art for Sale on Tour

7/24/07 JK Rowling Hates The Number 34

7/24/07 Lindsay Lohan to Continue With Pole Dancing Classes

7/24/07 JK Rowling: "I Couldn't Kill Arthur Weasley"

7/24/07 "Top Chef: Watch What Happens Special" Airs Tomorrow on Bravo

7/24/07 Bravo Announces Online Premiere of "Welcome to the Parker"

7/24/07 Reality Ratings: Big Brother 8 Performs Well With Key Demographics

7/24/07 "Reaper" to Debut on The CW Tuesday September 25

7/24/07 Final 3 Chefs Turn the Tables on Chef Ramsay Next Week on "Hell's Kitchen"

7/24/07 The Ladies Families Get a Chance to Interrogate Mark Next Week on Age of Love

7/24/07 Drew Carey Named New Host of "The Price is Right"

7/23/07 Winona Ryder's Parents Refused to Let Her Wed Johnny Depp

7/23/07 Paris Hilton's Secret Musical Plan

7/23/07 Andy Summers: "We Weren't Ready for Acoustic MTV Show"

7/23/07 Christina Aguilera Cancels Two Australian Dates Over Illness

7/23/07 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Plan Berlin Move

7/23/07 Eva Longoria Takes Husband to Work

7/23/07 Paris Hilton Selling Mansion

7/23/07 JK Rowling Stalker Fined

7/23/07 Pamela Anderson Ditches TV for Magic Shows

7/23/07 Jennifer Aniston Buys New Home in New York

7/23/07 Anya Garnis and Hok Konishi Eliminated On "So You Think You Can Dance"

7/23/07 FOX Orders Up a Fourth Season of "Hell's Kitchen"

7/23/07 FOX Orders 13 More Episodes of "Don't Forget the Lyrics"

7/23/07 FOX Announces Season Four of "So You Think You Can Dance"

7/23/07 "24" Picks Cherry Jones for Season Seven President

7/22/07 Lindsay Lohan's Legal Woes Get Even Worse

7/22/07 Nicole Richie to Pay for Her Own Jail Time

7/22/07 Britney Spears Interested in Ray Liotta Estate

7/22/07 Paris Hilton Denies Marijuana

7/22/07 Men Claim Lindsay Lohan Commandeered Their Car on Night of DUI Arrest

7/22/07 Lindsay Lohan Was Tailing Star Therapist

7/22/07 Britney Spears Puts Custody Battle in Jeopardy

7/22/07 Steven Spielberg Threatens to Quit Beijing Olympics Role

7/22/07 Britney Spears Bodyguard "Assaults" Las Vegas Photographer

7/22/07 Victoria Beckham Ugly Betty Cameo Confirmed

7/21/07 Mean Girls Director Urges Lindsay Lohan to Sort Her Life Out

7/21/07 Nicole Richie Sentenced to Four Days in Jail

7/21/07 Britney Spears Assistant Plans to Sell Her Story

7/21/07 JK Rowling Proud Harry Potter's Fate Was Kept Secret

7/21/07 Lindsay Lohan 911 Call Released

7/21/07 Britney Spears Fires New Assistant

7/21/07 Hayden Panettiere Was a Tomboy

7/21/07 Paula Abdul: "I Was Not Fired"

7/21/07 Chester Bennington: "Linkin Park Bandmates Helped Me Through Divorce"

7/21/07 JK Rowling Plans Harry Potter Encyclopedia

7/21/07 ABC Announces New Series "Fat March" to Premiere August 7th

7/21/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of 1 vs 100

7/20/07 Marc Anthony Forgets Jennifer Lopez is Puchi in Fight Scene

7/20/07 Britney Spears Cousin Reportedly Helping Kevin Federline Win Custody Battle

7/20/07 Hayden Panettiere Hates Lindsay Lohan Comparison

7/20/07 Naomi Watts Signs Up for Next Harry Potter Movie

7/20/07 Mischa Barton: "I'm Impossible to Typecast"

7/20/07 Akon Wants to Produce Paris Hilton

7/20/07 Paula Abdul Devastated by Bratz Snub

7/20/07 Paris Hilton Goes Green With Free Hybrid

7/20/07 Celebrity Lawyer: "Lindsay Lohan Faces Jail"

7/20/07 Andy Summers: "The Police is a New Band"

7/20/07 "Big Brother 8" Houseguests Boot Manipulative Joe

7/20/07 Joe Barber is the Second Houseguest Voted Out of 'Big Brother 8'

7/20/07 Pirate Master, Episode 8: What Happened to the Game Strategy?

7/20/07 The Next Best Thing Winner to be Announced Wednesday July 25

7/20/07 American Inventor Announces Six Finalist to Compete for Million Dollar Prize

7/19/07 Lindsay Lohan: "I Am Innocent"

7/19/07 OK Magazine Reveals Britney Spears Meltdown

7/19/07 Britney Spears Umbrella and Car Up for Auction on eBay

7/19/07 Curtains for Kylie Minogue

7/19/07 Jordan's Baby Crowned Princess

7/19/07 Paris Hilton's Charity Behavior

7/19/07 Lindsay Lohan Heading Back to Rehab

7/19/07 Peter Noone Not a Fan of American Idol

7/19/07 Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez to Start Tour in Atlantic City

7/19/07 Britney Spears Not OK for OK! Interview

7/19/07 CBS Announces Early Premieres of Survivor: China and Kid Nation

7/19/07 Three Finalists Are Selected Next Week on American Inventor

7/18/07 Sopranos Stars to Play Bert & Ernie

7/18/07 Shanna Moakler "Devastated" by Second Marriage Split

7/18/07 Britney Spears Unleashes Paparazzi Rage on Heavyweight Cameraman

7/18/07 Britney Spears Buys Ray Liotta's $8 Million Mansion?

7/18/07 Daniel Radcliffe Celebrates Birthday With Cricket Game

7/18/07 Gordon Ramsay: "I Can't Watch Myself on TV"

7/18/07 Heroes Star to Play Spock?

7/18/07 Deryck Whibley Defends Avril Lavigne's Temper

7/18/07 Lionel Richie: "Nicole is More Famous Than Me"

7/18/07 Lindsay Lohan Arrested for DUI

7/18/07 More Unsuspecting Victims Fall Prey Next Week on "Just for Laughs"

7/18/07 It's Crunch Time for Shaq Next Week on "Shaq's Big Challenge"

7/18/07 JK Rowling to Discuss Conclusion of Harry Potter Series July 26 on Today Show

7/18/07 Victoria Beckham Hosts Thursday Night Comedy Block Tonight on NBC

7/17/07 Kelly Clarkson Keen to Resolve Dispute With Clive Davis

7/17/07 Evangeline Lilly Pleased Hawaiian Home Was Destroyed in Fire

7/17/07 Kelly Clarkson: "I've Only Kissed Five Boys"

7/17/07 Britney Spears to Tell All in Exclusive OK! Interview?

7/17/07 Vin Diesel Movie "Had to be Bailed Out"

7/17/07 Christina Aguilera Fuels Pregnancy Speculation With Donuts

7/17/07 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Warned About Abusive Movie Scenes

7/17/07 Marc Anthony to Take Jennifer Lopez Out on Her First Tour

7/17/07 Simon Cowell Wants to Vet Paula Abdul's New Man

7/17/07 Kelly Clarkson Writes Hits in Her Sleep

7/17/07 The Remaining Chefs Face High School Students Next Week on Hell's Kitchen

7/17/07 Preview for Next Weeks Double Episode of "Age of Love"

7/16/07 Sting Causes a Stir in Restaurant

7/16/07 Michelle Ryan's Bionic Nightmares

7/16/07 Scissor Sisters Collaborate With Kylie Minogue

7/16/07 Heidi Klum Shuns Project Runway Designers

7/16/07 Oprah Winfrey Tops Simon Cowell as TV's Highest Earner

7/16/07 Britney Spears is the Black Widow for New Video

7/16/07 Britney Spears Planning to Become a Waitress?

7/16/07 Kylie Minogue Travels 422 Miles for Puppy Love

7/16/07 Oprah Winfrey Heartbroken Over Dog's Death

7/16/07 JK Rowling Urges Fans to Preserve Harry Potter Secrecy

7/16/07 Jerry Seinfeld to Guest Star as Himself on the "30 Rock" Season Premiere

7/16/07 NBC Announces New Celebrity Version of "The Apprentice"

7/16/07 NBC Announces New Mentalist Search Series "Phenomenon"

7/16/07 Isaiah Washington to Guest Star in Five Episodes of "Bionic Woman"

7/16/07 Reality Ratings: Big Brother 8 Up 11% on Sunday

7/16/07 Bravo Announces Season Three of "The Real Housewives of Orange County"

7/16/07 Bravo Announces Season 4 of Project Runway

7/16/07 Bravo Announces Final Season of "Queer Eye" This Fall

7/16/07 Bravo Announces New Series "Make Me a Supermodel"

7/16/07 Bravo Announces New Series "Better Half" to Premiere October 2007

7/16/07 Bravo Announces New Series "Flipping Out" to Premiere July 31

7/16/07 Bravo Announces News Series Welcome to the Parker to Premiere July 26

7/15/07 Harry Potter Publisher Sues Over Breach

7/15/07 MTV's Pimp My Ride Coming to an End

7/15/07 PETA Urge Britney Spears to Give Up New Dog

7/15/07 Britney Spears Shoots Top Secret Video

7/15/07 Comedienne Sarah Silverman Feels Bad About Paris Hilton Joke

7/15/07 The Beatles Ban "The Singing Bee" Bosses From Karaoke Covers

7/15/07 24 Star Thrilled About Becoming a TV Mom

7/15/07 Christina Aguilera Defends Britney Spears

7/15/07 Simon Cowell Devastated by Terri Seymour's Memory Lapse

7/15/07 Orlando Bloom's Mixed Response From Critics

7/15/07 Tim Gunn's Guide to Style to Premiere September 6 on Bravo

7/14/07 Shakira Asks Fiancé for Pre-Nup

7/14/07 Shakira Announces Kids Campaign

7/14/07 Eva Longoria Denies Superstitious Wedding Date

7/14/07 Warrant Issued for Making the Band Star

7/14/07 New Bionic Woman is Fighting Fit

7/14/07 Heroes Star Has High Hopes for Japanese Homecoming

7/14/07 Paris Hilton Set for Cartoon Series

7/14/07 Paula Abdul Dating Restaurateur

7/14/07 Paula Abdul Tells Matt Lauer "There Absolutely Isn't Scandal"

7/14/07 Daniel Radcliffe Pleased to Meet Rock Heroes

7/14/07 Top Ten Celebrity Impersonator Finalists Named for "The Next Best Thing"

7/14/07 Antoine Fuqua and Brad Silberling to Guest Judge "On the Lot"

7/14/07 Shauna Noland and Cedric Gardner Eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance

7/14/07 Simon Cowell Urges Kelly Clarkson to End Feud With Clive Davis

7/14/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of 1 vs 100

7/13/07 Marc Anthony's Ex Refuses to Hate Jennifer Lopez

7/13/07 Marc Cherry Pays Tribute to Eva Longoria's "Boyish" Figure

7/13/07 Lindsay Lohan Wearing Alcohol Ankle Bracelet

7/13/07 Britney Spears to Host Las Vegas Club Launch

7/13/07 JK Rowling Helps Search for Missing Child

7/13/07 Brad Pitt Introduces Jennifer Aniston to Shiloh

7/13/07 Daniel Radcliffe in Love With Natalie Portman

7/13/07 Christina Aguilera's Japanese Fetish

7/13/07 Michael Bolton and Nicollette Sheridan to Record Duet Album

7/13/07 The Police Argue Over New Album Plan

7/13/07 Real People Solve Real-Life Crimes on Spike TV's "Murder"

7/13/07 Preview Clips for Tonight's Episode of Standoff

7/13/07 Kathy Goes to London Next Week on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

7/13/07 America's Got Talent Announces Final 20 Contestants

7/13/07 Salt 'N Pepa Season Up Vh1 With New Reality Show Premiering October 15

7/13/07 Big Brother 8 Send Carol Packing and Jen Wins Head of Household

7/12/07 Paris Hilton Returns to the Recording Studio

7/12/07 Britney Spears Upsets Humane Society

7/12/07 Evanna Lynch Will Line Up All Night for New Harry Potter Book

7/12/07 Eva Longoria Head Back to Work

7/12/07 Josh Holloway Boycotts Free Clothes

7/12/07 Lindsay Lohan in Naked Picture Puzzle

7/12/07 Patricia Arquette Falls Ill to Creep Medium Role

7/12/07 Harry Potter Film Tops International Box Office

7/12/07 Helena Bonham Carter's Wand Trick Left Co-Star With Bloody Ear

7/12/07 Victoria Beckham Confirms Ugly Betty Interest

7/12/07 Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab

7/12/07 Paula Abdul Battles Exhaustion & a Snowstorm Tonight on "Hey Paula"

7/12/07 Pirates Cut Adrift Return Next Week on "Pirate Master"

7/12/07 New Series Just for Laughs Debuts Next Week on ABC

7/12/07 National Bingo Night to Return to ABC in December

7/12/07 Traveler Season Finale Next Week Reveals Man Behind Drexler Bombing

7/12/07 American Inventor Continues Next Week in Tampa and Houston

7/11/07 Rupert Grint Learns to Serve as Ice-Cream Vendor

7/11/07 More Magic for Harry Potter at the Box Office

7/11/07 Lindsay Lohan Parties at Pure

7/11/07 Kelly Clarkson: "I Ate Marijuana Cookie"

7/11/07 Kylie Minogue Back With Olivier Martinez?

7/11/07 Paris Hilton Poses For Smashing Pumpkins Picture

7/11/07 Lindsay Lohan Angry About Stolen Nude Shots

7/11/07 Snoop Dogg Unveils Reality Show

7/11/07 Kylie Minogue Sexes Up Dr. Who as a Maid

7/11/07 Eva Longoria's Free Wedding Gifts

7/11/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Age of Love"

7/11/07 The Kids Turn on James Next Week on "Shaq's Big Challenge"

7/10/07 Josh Holloway Fan Inks Actor's Face Onto Bottom

7/10/07 Sopranos Truck to be Sold at Auction

7/10/07 Wentworth Miller: "I Was Nearly a Cop"

7/10/07 Daniel Radcliffe Thrilled His Handprints are Close to John Wayne's

7/10/07 Daniel Radcliffe: "I Won't Go Off the Rails"

7/10/07 Michael Kors Interviews "Muse" Jessica Simpson for Harpers Bazaar

7/10/07 Jessica Simpson Sent to Boot Camp?

7/10/07 Lindsay Lohan Aims for Oscar Glory

7/10/07 Jaclyn Smith Fears Charlie's Angels Cancer Curse

7/10/07 Emma Watson's Teeth Fall-Out

7/10/07 Season Finale Next Week on "Extreme Makeover"

7/10/07 Preview for Tonight's Episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life of the D-List

7/10/07 Preview for Tonight's Episode of "Pirate Master"

7/10/07 Matt & Emily Reconsider Their Relationship on Fridays "Standoff" Finale

7/10/07 The Chefs Try to Turn Leftovers into Masterpieces Next Week on Hell's Kitchen

7/10/07 Adam Shankman to Guest Judge Thursday on So You Think You Can Dance

7/9/07 Jeans for American Idol Fans

7/9/07 Nicole Richie Fuels Baby Talk With Boutique Visit

7/9/07 Sheriff: "Paris Hilton Jail Investigation is a Waste of Time & Money"

7/9/07 Fantasia Barrino Extends Color Purple Run

7/9/07 Daniel Radcliffe Pays Tribute to Richard Harris

7/9/07 Helena Bonham Carter Lets Slip About Harry Potter Conclusion

7/9/07 Sharon Osbourne Threatens to Quit The X Factor

7/9/07 Eva Longoria's Desperate Housewives Baby Ban

7/9/07 Paris Hilton Investigation Launched

7/9/07 Britney Spears and Nanny "Not Dating"

7/9/07 Top Chef 3 Miami Returns July 11 with Cocktails and a Sophisticated Palate

7/9/07 And the Triad Stumbles Along: Pirate Master Episode VI

7/8/07 Emma Watson to be the Face of Chanel?

7/8/07 Katharine McPhee Lands Movie Role

7/8/07 Scott Baio Proposed to Pamela Anderson in Shower

7/8/07 Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Separate - Again

7/8/07 Eva Longoria: "I Was Not Nervous at Wedding"

7/8/07 Kelly Clarkson: "I'm No Pushover"

7/8/07 Daniel Radcliffe Shuns Hollywood

7/8/07 Elisha Cuthbert Wants Bigger Role in 24 Movie

7/8/07 Jessica Simpson Won't Rule Out Plastic Surgery

7/8/07 Stewart Copeland: "Sting is a Sphinx"

7/7/07 Vin Diesel Teaches at Dominican Republic Film School

7/7/07 Britney Spears Places Beverly Hills Home on Market Again

7/7/07 Simon Cowell to Judge Dog Show

7/7/07 Emma Watson's Naked Ambition

7/7/07 Retired Agent Calls for Anna Nicole Smith's "Murder" to be Investigated

7/7/07 America's Got Talent Suffers First Casualty

7/7/07 Sting & Stewart Copeland Row Over Music

7/7/07 Orlando Bloom Baffled by Nudity Rumors

7/7/07 Nicole Richie Trial Postponed

7/7/07 The Police Cancel MTV Unplugged

7/7/07 RealNetworks and CBS Deliver Online Access Following Thursday Night's Premiere

7/6/07 Brad Pitt Not Happy With His Looks

7/6/07 Vin Diesel to Return in the Fast and Furious 4?

7/6/07 Kelly Brook Signs Up for Strictly Come Dancing

7/6/07 Nelly Dismisses Reports of Marriage to Ashanti

7/6/07 Pink Snubs Britney Spears

7/6/07 Gary Oldman Shakes Up Daniel Radcliffe for Sobbing Scene

7/6/07 Daniel Radcliffe Enjoyed Irritating Paparazzi

7/6/07 Nicole Richie Drunk Driving Hearing Postponed

7/6/07 Chantal Kreviazuk Retracts Avril Lavigne Criticism

7/6/07 Ryan Seacrest: "I Cried at Eva Longoria's Wedding"

7/6/07 Kalan Porter to Release His Sophomore Album Wake Up Living August 28

7/6/07 Identities of the Three Secret Pairs On 'Big Brother 8' Revealed Last Night

7/5/07 Clay Aiken Explains Air Rage Row

7/5/07 Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham Discuss Insecurity

7/5/07 Emma Watson Relies on Co-Stars for Boy Advice

7/5/07 Emma Watson Avoids Online Social Networking

7/5/07 Perry Farrell Slams Dave Navarro's Rock Star Talent Show

7/5/07 Daniel Radcliffe Has No Interest in Dating Actresses

7/5/07 Reformed Paris Hilton Hits Hollywood Nightclub

7/5/07 Jennifer Lopez: "I Wouldn't Change a Thing About the Past"

7/5/07 Miley Cyrus Sets Youngest Artist U.S. Chart Record

7/5/07 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's Wedding Day Vow

7/5/07 Tyler Discovers Government Ties to the Bombing Next Week on "Traveler"

7/5/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of American Inventor

7/5/07 Florida Governor and Shaquille O'Neal Battle Childhood Obesity

7/5/07 14 Semi-Finalist Compete Next Week on "The Next Best Thing"

7/4/07 Joel Madden & Nicole Richie Ejected From Hotel

7/4/07 Nicole Richie's Dad Sympathizes With Her Plight

7/4/07 Wentworth Miller is Desperate for a Family Life

7/4/07 Harry Potter Fans Campaign to Save Him From Death

7/4/07 JK Rowling's Teacher Tried to Ban Her From Fantasy

7/4/07 Miley Cyrus Beats Kelly Clarkson to the Top of the Charts

7/4/07 Daniel Radcliffe Fears His Character Will Die

7/4/07 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Wed Again

7/4/07 The Osbournes Refuse to Recycle

7/4/07 Clay Aiken Involved in Air Rage Row

7/4/07 Shaq Tries to Get Back a Dropout Next Week on Shaq's Big Challenge

7/4/07 Final Day before Big Brother 8 Live Feeds Early Bird Special Expires

7/4/07 ABC Announces New Hidden Camera Show "Just for Laughs" Premiering July 17

7/3/07 Avril Lavigne Denies Ripping Off Song

7/3/07 Emma Watson: "Money Doesn't Motivate Me"

7/3/07 Paris Hilton's Phone Bombarded With Saucy Calls

7/3/07 Linkin Park Pledges to Go Green on Tour

7/3/07 Laguna Beach Star Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving

7/3/07 Shakira Cancels Lebanese Gig Over Security Fears

7/3/07 JK Rowling Broke Down in Tears After Completing Final Harry Potter Book

7/3/07 Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan: Friends Again

7/3/07 Britain's Got Talent Winner Signs Global Record Deal

7/3/07 Lindsay Lohan Promises a Quieter Life

7/3/07 Jericho Returns to CBS Friday July 6 With Special Recap Episode

7/3/07 Jay Continues to Manipulate the Game Thursday on "Pirate Master"

7/3/07 Overweight Teenagers Are Helped Next Week on "Extreme Makeover"

7/3/07 With Lobster on the Menu the Claws Come Out Next Week on "Hell's Kitchen"

7/2/07 Emma Watson: "I've Missed Out on My Teens"

7/2/07 Avril Lavigne Sued Over Girlfriend

7/2/07 Nicole Richie: "More Than 12 Weeks Pregnant"

7/2/07 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Wedding Details Uncovered?

7/2/07 Britney Spears New Love Speaks Out

7/2/07 Has Britney Spears Changed Her Will?

7/2/07 Simon Cowell's Keep Fit Crusade

7/2/07 Daniel Radcliffe Still Star Struck by JK Rowling

7/2/07 Britney Spears Apologizes for "Umbrella Incident"

7/2/07 Harry Potter Star Emma Watson is Set for Life

7/1/07 Katharine McPhee Dreams of a Big Family

7/1/07 Lindsay Lohan's Beau Best Joins Her for Birthday Bash

7/1/07 Kelly Clarkson Goes Country With Reba's Firm

7/1/07 Lionel Richie: "I Don't Know if Nicole is Pregnant or Engaged"

7/1/07 JK Rowling: "Harry Potter Ending Was Emotional"

7/1/07 Josh Holloway Sick of His Lost Hair

7/1/07 Christina Aguilera's Father Confirms Pregnancy

7/1/07 Paris Hilton Nominated for Teen Choice Award

7/1/07 Daughtry Scores Big With Debut Album

7/1/07 Paula Abdul to Launch Sexy Thoughts



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