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News Updates

7/31/08 Pamela Anderson's Eco-Friendly Arabic Hotel
7/31/08 Paris Hilton Slams McCain For Using Her Image Without Approval
7/31/08 Tourbus Trouble For Miley Cyrus
7/31/08 Britney Spears' Father Extends Conservatorship
7/31/08 Jennifer Love Hewitt Won't Face Legal Action Over Ghost Whisperer
7/31/08 Jessica Simpson Denies Father Interferes In Her Love Life
7/31/08 Tom Hanks Drops Big Fat Greek Wedding Lawsuit
7/31/08 Tom Cruise Named In Scientology Lawsuit
7/31/08 Robin Hood Movie Postponed Over Leaf Issues
7/31/08 Jennifer Lopez Forces Marc Anthony To Change Nappies
7/31/08 Britney Spears' Mystery Man Identified
7/31/08 'Perfect' Lindsay Lohan Impress Co-Star
7/31/08 Christina Aguilera Stuns In New Macy's Photo
7/31/08 Jennifer Aniston Proves A Hit On John Mayer Tour
7/31/08 Britney Spears Will Not Extend Restraining Order Against Lutfi
7/31/08 Kim Kardashian Plans Her Wedding To Reggie Bush
7/31/08 Halle Berry Tops Worst Performance Poll
7/31/08 Shia LaBeouf Crash Wreckage Appears On Ebay
7/31/08 Miley Cyrus Urges Younger Brother To Stay Out Of Show Business

7/30/08 Johnny Depp To Play The Riddler?
7/30/08 Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman Agent Quits To Become A Movie Boss
7/30/08 Miley Cyrus Beats Sugarland To The Top
7/30/08 Miley Cyrus Wants To Study Abroad
7/30/08 Jamie-Lynn Spears Plans Wedding
7/30/08 Justin Timberlake Was Cologne-Free For 10 Years
7/30/08 Tommy Lee's Daily Proposals to Pamela Anderson
7/30/08 Reese Witherspoon's Son's Batman Obsession
7/30/08 Kate Hudson Calls For Better Childcare Facilities
7/30/08 Will Smith To Resurrect I Am Legend
7/30/08 Doherty Still Saddened By Kate Moss Split
7/30/08 Usher Thrilled To Be A Young Dad
7/30/08 Ciccone's Fury At Madonna Grave Shoot
7/30/08 Nicollette Sheridan Falls For Dodgers Boss
7/30/08 Khloe Kardashian Urges Shia LaBeouf To Get Smart
7/30/08 Harry Potter Film Chosen For Royal Film Performance
7/30/08 Shia LaBeouf Bemoans Paparazzi Pressure
7/30/08 Kate Hudson And Lance Armstrong Split?
7/30/08 Robyn Scraps U.S. Festival Gig For Madonna
7/30/08 Kevin Federline 'Can't Complain' About Custody Battle Outcome
7/30/08 Miley Cyrus Turns Down Kiss With Perry
7/30/08 Shia LaBeouf Urged To Fit Breathalyzer Device
7/30/08 Johnny Depp For Wonderland
7/29/08 Salena Gomez: 'Miley Cyrus Feud Is All Fabricated'
7/29/08 Shia LaBeouf 'Not At Fault' For Car Smash
7/29/08 Madonna Not Ill

7/29/08 Alicia Keys To Record Bond Theme With Jack White
7/29/08 New Mom Jennifer Lopez Signs To Play Movie Thief

7/29/08 Shia LaBeouf Hints Of Alcohol Battle In New Interview
7/29/08 Madonna's Brother Denies She Helped Write Book
7/29/08 Justin Timberlake Knocks Ashton Kutcher's Trendsetter Claim
7/29/08 Kevin Federline 'Shocked' At Custody Arrangement
7/29/08 Elizabeth Hurley To Star In Reality TV Show
7/29/08 Lindsay Lohan's Great Escape
7/29/08 Lindsay Lohan Teams Up With Singer Sam Sparro
7/29/08 Big Brother 10: America's Player is Coming Back
7/29/08 Stars Come Out To Battle Cancer
7/29/08 Tyrese Gibson Confident Shia LaBeouf Will Bounce Back From Hand Surgery
7/29/08 Disney Bosses: 'Miley Cyrus Not Quitting Hannah Montana Show'
7/29/08 Britney Spears Sparks Romance Rumors With Holiday Dancer
7/29/08 Jennifer Garner Glows As Naughty Girl In New Ad
7/29/08 Matt Damon Takes Summer Off To Lose Weight And Launch Charity
7/29/08 Shia LaBeouf Urged To Run Away From Crash Scene
7/29/08 American Idol Host Attacked By Shark
7/28/08 Mary-Kate Olsen Battles Ex-landlord Over Kitchen
7/28/08 Madonna Won't Renew Her Vows
7/28/08 Madonna's Adopted Son Has A New Half Brother
7/28/08 Last Comic Standing: Fab Five This Week On NBC
7/28/08 Baby Borrowers: Senior Citizens, "A Journey's End" This Week On ABC
7/28/08 Baby Borrowers: Teens, 'The Break Up' This Week On ABC
7/28/08 American Gladiators: Who Will Make It To The Finals? Tonight On NBC
7/28/08 I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Take Your Clothes Off! This Week On ABC
7/28/08 The Mole: I Got you! Tonight On ABC
7/28/08 High School Musical: Get In The Picture: It's The West's Turn Tonight on ABC
7/28/08 Kate Hudson Won't Interfere With Son's Ambitions
7/28/08 Matt Damon Expecting Baby Girl
7/28/08 Angelina Jolie Tipped For Catwoman Role
7/28/08 Miley Cyrus Wanted To Promote Condom Brand
7/28/08 Paris Hilton: 'Benji Madden Has Helped Me Grow Up'
7/28/08 Keira Knightley Stands Firm In Breasts Row
7/28/08 Shia LaBeouf Shaken By Crash
7/28/08 Shia LaBeouf Recovering From 'Extensive Hand Surgery' After Car Crash
7/28/08 Jordin Sparks Says No To Sex Before Marriage
7/28/08 Miley Cyrus Apologizes To Gomez Over 'Fun' Video
7/28/08 Lindsay Lohan's Aide: 'Motorbike Accident Never Happened'
7/28/08 Tommy Lee Wants Johnny Depp To Play Him On Screen
7/28/08 Pussycat Dolls Hit Back At Report They Axed Britney Spears Cameo
7/27/08 Shia LaBeouf Faces DUI Charge After Sunday Morning Car Crash
7/27/08 Jordin Sparks' Crush On Chris Brown
7/27/08 Madonna 'Helped Brother Write Book'?
7/27/08 Madonna & Guy Ritchie To Renew Wedding Vows
7/27/08 Smith 'Confirms' Jennifer Garner's Pregnancy
7/27/08 Bardem & Penelope Cruz Engagement Imminent?
7/27/08 Lindsay Lohan 'Fine' After Bike Crash
7/27/08 Shia LaBeouf Arrested For DUI
7/27/08 Bono To Be Godfather To Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Twins?
7/27/08 Britney Spears, Mariah Carey & Rihanna To Compete For MTV Award
7/26/08 Alicia Keys Apologizes Over Cigarette Adverts
7/26/08 Britney Spears Can Regain Health After Custody Battle
7/26/08 Hugh Jackman Thrills X-Men Fans With Wolverine Teaser
7/26/08 Halle Berry Furious About Trespass Pictures
7/26/08 Miley Cyrus Blames The Media For Ruining Her Love Life
7/26/08 Britney Spears/Kevin Federline Custody Battle Over
7/25/08 American Gladiators: Who Will Make It To The Finals? Next Week On NBC
7/25/08 I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Take Your Clothes Off! Next Week On ABC
7/25/08 The Mole: I Got you! Next Week On ABC
7/25/08 High School Musical: Get In The Picture: It's The West's Turn Next Week on ABC
7/25/08 High School Musical: Get In The Picture: Surprise Auditions This Sunday
7/25/08 Guy Ritchie: 'Marriage To Madonna Is Good'
7/25/08 Miley Cyrus' Memory Loss
7/25/08 Miley Cyrus Takes Over New York
7/25/08 Miley Cyrus Pokes Fun At Gomez In Video Post
7/25/08 Paparazzi Battle Bodyguards At Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Home
7/25/08 Leonardo DiCaprio To Enter The Twilight Zone?
7/25/08 Mischa Barton Denies Agency Axe
7/25/08 The Game Apologizes Over Eminem 'Slur'
7/25/08 Kim Kardashian Planning Bush Wedding
7/25/08 Johnny Deep's Green Isle
7/25/08 Paris Hilton: ' Haven't Even Met Ronaldo'
7/25/08 Brooke Hogan Considered For Playboy
7/25/08 The Game Slams One-Time Pal Eminem
7/24/08 Saffron Burrows Quits Boston Legal
7/24/08 Hogan's Daughter Apologizes For Bogus Abuse Claims
7/24/08 Mariah Carey Plans 'Elaborate' Tour
7/24/08 Miley Cyruses Name Freed Eaglets
7/24/08 Bathroom Demands Make Caine's Marriage Bliss
7/24/08 Pamela Anderson Denies Dating Ex Lee
7/24/08 Avril Lavigne Earns $1 Million From Youtube
7/24/08 Britney Spears to Return To The VMA's?
7/24/08 Hugh Jackman's X-Men Coat Goes On Sale
7/24/08 Angelina Jolie To Put On Weight For Film Role?
7/24/08 Nelly & Ashanti 'Still Together'
7/24/08 Mariah Carey Baffled By 'Rocky Marriage' Rumors
7/24/08 Leon: 'Madonna Is Not Uptight'
7/24/08 Jessica Simpson Sex Tape Claims False
7/24/08 Jessica Alba Bans Honor From Acting
7/24/08 Jessica Simpson Turns Designer
7/24/08 Ciccone: 'I Wanted To See Madonna Squirm'
7/24/08 X-Files Bosses Wanted Pam Anderson For Lead Role
7/24/08 Eva Longoria Parker To Open A Las Vegas Nightclub
7/24/08 Nicole Richie Captures Baby & Boyfriend On Tour
7/24/08 Ben Affleck's Mom Confirms Baby News At Wedding
7/24/08 Perry Wants To Recreate Madonna-Britney Kiss With Miley Cyrus
7/23/08 Nicole Richie Set For Shower Smackdown On Chuck
7/23/08 Paris Hilton Back In More Driving Trouble
7/23/08 Brad Pitt Threatens Legal Action Over Family Photos
7/23/08 Britney's Spears Mom Haunted By Car Crash Fatality
7/23/08 Jessica Alba Won't Talk About Weatherly Romance

7/23/08 Movie Bosses: 'Tom Cruise Will Not Star In Top Gun Sequel'
7/23/08 Sienna Miller Files Lawsuit Against British Tabloids
7/23/08 Carlos Leon: 'Lourdes Is Suffering From Tabloid Rumors'
7/23/08 Will Smith Tops Highest Earner Poll
7/23/08 Ashanti's Tourist Ambassador Role
7/23/08 Usher's Concerns Over Hyperactive Son
7/23/08 Nicole Kidman Gets No Advice From Hugh Jackman
7/23/08 Usher Regrets Not Slowing Down For His Late Father

7/23/08 George Clooney Tops Bachelor List
7/23/08 Miley Cyrus Dismisses Raunchy Role Report
7/22/08 Eva Mendes Strips For Calvin Klein
7/22/08 Natalie Portman To Star In Boyfriend's New Video
7/22/08 Madonna Ordered To Rest By Doctors?
7/22/08 Miley Cyrus Afraid To Let Go Of Disney Role
7/22/08 Eva Longoria Parker Takes Name Out Of Alma Contention
7/22/08 Miley Cyrus: 'Photoshoot Was A Mistake'
7/22/08 Jennifer Lopez Baffled By Diva Tag
7/22/08 Britney Spears Snapped Smoking Next To Son
7/22/08 Miley Cyrus Denies Jonas Link To Track
7/22/08 Keira Knightley Rests Her Heavy Head
7/22/08 Moffat Denies Steven Spielberg Snub
7/22/08 Kelly Osbourne Denies Engagement
7/22/08 Salma Hayek Not Depressed About Split
7/22/08 Khloe Kardashian Learns A Hard Lesson In Jail
7/22/08 Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner House Hunt Their Growing Brood
7/22/08 Miley Cyrus Smitten With 'Saint' Chris Martin
7/21/08 Scrubs Takes Over Bahamas Island
7/21/08 Eminem/Kid Rock Challenged To Detroit Rap Battle
7/21/08 American Gladiators: 'The Beast' Premieres This Week On NBC
7/21/08 I Survived For Japanese Game Show: Two New Games This Week On ABC
7/21/08 The Mole: How Well Can You Remember! Tonight On ABC
7/21/08 High School Musical: On To The Finals! Tonight on ABC
7/21/08 Angelina And Billy Bob Thornton To Reunite Onscreen
7/21/08 Nick Lachey Doesn't Regret Marriage To Jessica Simpson
7/21/08 Kim Kardashian To Join Ballroom Dancing Show?
7/21/08 Ashton Kutcher Desperate For Moore Show
7/21/08 Miley Cyrus Offers Fans A Date For Charity
7/21/08 Gwyneth Paltrow And Spiteri Love Karaoke
7/21/08 Ugly Betty Cast Praise New York Move
7/21/08 Eva Longoria Parker's Cheap Haircut
7/21/08 Kelly Osbourne Engaged?
7/21/08 Britney Spears Steps Out Of Jim Carrey
7/21/08 Hollywood Writer Snubs Steven Spielberg For Dr Who
7/21/08 Tom Cruise To Star In Top Gun Sequel?
7/21/08 Jessica Simpson Booed At Country Music Debut
7/21/08 Uma Thurman Denies Secret Wedding Rumors
7/21/08 Network Bosses Deny Britney Spears Saved Sitcom
7/20/08 Lindsay Lohan's Leggings 'A Success'
7/20/08 Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Build Houses For Charity
7/19/08 Katie Holmes A Hit With Eli Stone Cast
7/19/08 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Twins Home
7/19/08 Britney Spears To Pay Federline $20,000 To Care For Son?
7/19/08 Miley Cyrus Stunned By New York Crowd
7/18/08 Oprah Winfrey's Etiquette Advice For Jamie Foxx
7/18/08 Natalie Portman's Love Move
7/18/08 Jessica Alba's Fears For Tot
7/18/08 Charlize Theron's Baby Wish
7/18/08 Justin Timberlake's Embarrassing Accident
7/18/08 Kevin Federline 'Delighted' With Custody Agreement
7/18/08 Charlize Theron Surprised By Townsend's Love
7/18/08 Billy Crystal & Robert De Niro Join 9/11 Team
7/18/08 Uma Thurman Sparks Pregnancy Rumors
7/18/08 Salma Hayek & Pinault Call Off Wedding
7/18/08 Gwen Stefani Expecting Baby Boy?
7/18/08 Britney Spears Album Taking Backseat To Acting?
7/18/08 Shakira Holds Concert To Prompt Hostage Release
7/18/08 Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Reach Custody Agreement
7/18/08 Ciccone: 'Madonna's Marriage Is On The Rocks'
7/18/08 Jennifer Aniston Hopes Brad Pitt's Twins Are 'Beautiful'
7/18/08 Nicole Kidman: 'Sunday Rose Is A Precious Little Angel'
7/18/08 Madonna Devastated Over Brother's Book
7/18/08 Keith Urban: Parenthood Is 'Pure Bliss'
7/18/08 Sienna Miller And Getty To Buy Home Together?
7/18/08 Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Expecting Second Child
7/18/08 Penelope Cruz's Monster Ruins Magical Moments
7/18/08 Woman Considers Legal Action Over Flirting John Mayer Story
7/18/08 Martin: 'I Like Miley Cyrus'
7/17/08 Mischa Barton Hit Rock Bottom With DUI Arrest
7/17/08 Penelope Cruz Makes Plans For Adoption And Travel
7/17/08 Justin Timberlake Awed By Sporting Heroes at The ESPY's
7/17/08 Gwen Stefani Joins Designers To Recreate Oz Ruby Slippers
7/17/08 John Mayer Tells Tourist His Relationship Is 'Vague'
7/17/08 American Idol Who Will Be The Next Singing Superstar?
7/17/08 Kate Moss Wants To Quit 'Brain-Damaging' Modeling
7/17/08 Justin Timberlake Kicks Off ESPY Awards With A Laugh
7/17/08 Charlize Theron Commits To Stuart Townsend
7/17/08 Katie Holmes' TV Return Confirmed By Network
7/17/08 Reality Competition Hosts To Be Honored At 2008 Emmys
7/17/08 Horseplay For Will Ferrell & David Beckham
7/17/08 Penelope Cruz Takes Aim At 'Unacceptable' Spanish Media
7/17/08 Writers Protest Against American Idol
7/17/08 Miley Cyrus' Rude Gesture To Paparazzi
7/17/08 Penelope Cruz Still Haunted By Desperate Days At The Sunset Marquis
7/17/08 Will Smith's Son Joins Stars At High School Football Team
7/17/08 Heidi Klum's Legs Insured For $2.2 Million
7/17/08 Paris Hilton Rejected By Ronaldo
7/17/08 Angelina Jolie Doctor: 'Twins Are Cute'
7/17/08 Mark Ronson 'Approves' Of Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Relationship
7/17/08 Madonna To Reunite Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake?
7/17/08 Jessica Alba Plans More Kids Soon
7/17/08 Footwear Firm Funds Hayden Panettiere's Pop Career
7/17/08 Shakira Meets Colombian Captive
7/16/08 Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Split?
7/16/08 Colin Farrell And Girlfriend Spark Pregnancy Rumors
7/16/08 Mariah Carey Offered Las Vegas Residency
7/16/08 Katie Holmes: 'I'm A Big Actress'
7/16/08 Nicole Richie's Book Prompts TV Role
7/16/08 Katie Holmes Returns To TV?
7/16/08 Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Twin Birth Sparks Protests
7/16/08 Britney Spears Album Confirmed
7/16/08 Kate Moss: 'I'm Not Driven By Money'
7/16/08 Eva Mendes Praises Media Over Rehab
7/16/08 Eva Longoria Gains Weight For TV Role
7/16/08 Jessica Alba Compares Childbirth To Meditation
7/16/08 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Last Minute Name Change
7/16/08 Britney Spears' Kevin Federline Custody Hearing Delayed
7/16/08 Madonna's Car Vandalized
7/16/08 Jamie Foxx & Farnsworth Bentley Help Thug Find Job
7/16/08 Kate Moss: 'I Behave Like A Teenager'
7/16/08 Lindsay Lohan 'On Track' With DUI Punishment
7/16/08 Nicole Kidman Confirms No Baby Pics
7/16/08 Kate Beckinsale Scared About L.A. Move
7/16/08 Posh 'Livid' At David Beckham's Lone Drive
7/16/08 Tommy Lee Shows Private Pamela Anderson Photos To Pals
7/16/08 Kardashian Matriarch: 'Khloe Brought Jail Sentence Upon Herself'
7/16/08 Miley Cyrus Vows To Stay A Virgin
7/15/08 Kate Hudson's Nine Role Created Just For Her
7/15/08 Paris Hilton Making Baby Plans In Press Battle With Nicole Richie?
7/15/08 Khloe Karadashian Jailed For Three Days
7/15/08 Ciccone: Madonna Is 'Lonely'
7/15/08 Madonna Cheering On A-Rod To Court Press?
7/15/08 Paris Hilton Hits Out At Nicole Richie Feud Rumors
7/15/08 Sienna Miller And Betty 'Living Together'
7/15/08 Eva Mendes Urges Latinos To Embrace Therapy
7/15/08 Justin Timberlake's Grandmother Dreams Of Jessica Biel Marriage
7/15/08 Angelina Jolie Doctor 'Nervous' Over Birth
7/15/08 Tyra Banks Named Hardest - Working Celebrity
7/15/08 Alyssa Milano Swears Off Baseball Players
7/15/08 Wyclef Jean Plans Playdates With Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt Twins
7/14/08 Eva Mendes Carried A Knife
7/14/08 Vivica A. Fox Defends Jessica Simpson
7/14/08 Ciccone: 'I Was Blackmailed ' By Madonna Into Following Kabbalah
7/14/08 Madonna's Tax Records Show Increase In Kabbalah Donations
7/14/08 Kate Hudson Wins Nine Role
7/14/08 Nicole Kidman Rejects Photos Deal
7/14/08 Brad Pitt Cut Twin's Cords
7/14/08 Usher To Sing At Democratic Convention
7/14/08 Celebrity Spider Limo Company Secretly Tapes Stars
7/13/08 Angelina Jolie Gives Birth To Boy And Girl
7/13/08 Miley Cyrus Caught Up In Snap Scandal - Again
7/13/08 Blondie: 'Madonna Halted My Comeback'
7/12/08 Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Close Deal On Beverly Hills Home
7/12/08 Jennifer Lopez Is Training For A Triathlon
7/11/08 Josh Hartnett Refused To Buy Phone
7/11/08 Nicole Richie Takes Book To TV
7/11/08 Alicia Keys And Annie Lennox Duet At Fundraiser
7/11/08 Joan Rivers To 'Apprentice' Under Donald Trump
7/11/08 Jamie Foxx's Reality Role
7/11/08 Kirsten Dunst Thief Pleads Guilty
7/11/08 Uma Thurman's Second Engagement Party
7/11/08 Alicia Keys To Sing Bond Track?
7/11/08 Ciccone: 'Beatty Went Through Madonna's Trash'
7/11/08 Heidi Klum Swims With Sharks To Conquer Fears
7/11/08 Angelina Jolie To Deliver On Tuesday
7/11/08 Britney Spears: 'Hey, Madonna, It's Britney, B**ch'
7/10/08 Baby Borrowers: Testing The Limits! Next Week On NBC
7/10/08 American Gladiators: On To The Semi-Finals! Next Week On NBC
7/10/08 Milo Ventimiglia Planning Hayden Panettiere Propsoal?
7/10/08 Jessica Alba Felt Unsexy During Pregnancy
7/10/08 Text Message Heats Up Lindsay/Sam Ronson Romance Reports
7/10/08 Madonna 'Tried To Seduce Jose Canseco'
7/10/08 I Survived A Japanese Game Show: New 'Big' Games Next Week On ABC
7/10/08 The Mole: Highlights From The First Five Episodes, Next Week On ABC
7/10/08 The Bachelorette: Where Are They Now? Next Week On ABC
7/10/08 Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban To Take Baby Down Under
7/10/08 Nicole Kidman: 'Sunday's A Delight'
7/10/08 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt To Adopt Chinese Orphan?
7/10/08 Justin Timberlake's Girl Dreams Of Kids And Commitment
7/10/08 Leonardo DiCaprio Criticized Over Global Warming Crusade
7/10/08 Pamela Anderson Stages KFC Protest
7/10/08 Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Consider $200,000-A-Month New York Home
7/10/08 Mariah Carey: 'Nick Cannon Will Be A Great Dad'
7/10/08 Madonna And A-Rod To Be New York Neighbors?
7/10/08 Sarah Larson: 'George Clooney Relationship Opened A Lot Of Doors'
7/10/08 Paris Hilton Denies Club Attack
7/10/08 Jennifer Aniston Slams John Mayer/Jessica Simpson 'Love Letter' Discovery
7/10/08 Mariah Carey Blasts Press Over Lavish Wedding Rumors
7/10/08 Ciccone To Reveal Madonna's Marriage Secrets
7/10/08 Partygoer Dismisses Madonna/Gwyneth Paltrow Kiss Revelation
7/10/08 Usher Wows With Touching Father & Son Spread
7/10/08 Josh Hartnett To Close Stock Exchange
7/10/08 Pamela Anderson Confirms Tommy Lee Romance
7/9/08 David Beckham Boosts Galaxy Fortunes
7/9/08 Colin Farrell Planning To Move In With Emma Forrest
7/9/08 John Mayer Confesses Fling With Fan
7/9/08 Madonna To Attend Alex Rodriguez Party
7/9/08 Jennifer Lopez's Restaurant Closes
7/9/08 Scarlett Johansson Fantasizes About Car Sex
7/9/08 Hancock Makers Accused Of Homophobia
7/9/08 Pamela Anderson Criticized For Reality Show Appearance
7/9/08 Angelina Jolie Hospital Photos Are 'Fakes'
7/9/08 Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Expecting Second Child?
7/9/08 Christina Aguilera Vows To Vote This Year
7/9/08 Britney Spears 'Excited' To Work With Madonna
7/9/08 Sarah Larson Denies George Clooney Engagement Rumors
7/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears: 'First Birth Was Surreal'
7/9/08 Drew Barrymore Denies Snubbing U.S Magazine Over Split Scoop
7/9/08 Mariah Carey Hoped To Be 'Kidnapped' From Loveless Life
7/9/08 Rhys Ifans Unfazed By Sienna Miller Split
7/9/08 Kate Moss And Doherty Back On?
7/9/08 Britney Spear's Sticky & Sweet Video Stalled
7/9/08 Nicole Kidman's Father Explains Baby Name
7/9/08 Sam Ronson Gifts Lindsay Lohan With Commitment Ring
7/9/08 Keanu Reeves Wins Privacy Battle In Court Case
7/9/08 Nick Cannon Raced Mariah Carey To The Altar To Avoid Awkward Questions
7/8/08 Larson Has No Regrets And Still Speaks To 'Extraordinary Dancer' George Clooney
7/8/08 Justin Timberlake's 'Side Splitting' Comedy Prompts Jessica Alba's Labor
7/8/08 Jessica Rocked By Boyfriend Tony Romo
7/8/08 Usher Hits Back At Baby Name Claims
7/8/08 Kate Moss Splits From Jamie Hince?
7/8/08 Madonna Producers Deny Britney Spears' Live Stage Performance On Tour
7/8/08 Beyonce Knowles Added To Passport Investigation
7/8/08 Shakira Vows to Fight On For Colombian Hostages
7/8/08 Apologetic Colin Farrell Dents Neighbor's Car
7/8/08 Nicole Kidman's Family Travel 9,000 Miles To Meet Tot
7/8/08 Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Split
7/8/08 Simon Cowell & Cheryl Cole Targeted By 'Crazed' Fan
7/8/08 Dunn: 'My Fireworks Sent Nicole Kidman Into Labor'
7/7/08 Eva Mendes Was 'Brave' To Go To Rehab
7/7/08 Lawyer: 'Madonna Had An Affair Of The Heart With Alex Rodriguez'
7/7/08 Baby Borrowers: We're Back This Week On NBC
7/7/08 American Gladiators: Experience Battles Youth Tonight on NBC
7/7/08 I Survived A Japanese Game Show: New Games This Week On ABC
7/7/08 The Bachelorette: Going Back To The Beginning Tonight On ABC
7/7/08 The Bachelorette: Buckle Your Seatbelt Tonight On ABC
7/7/08 Scarlett Johansson: 'Monogamy Is Hard'
7/7/08 Paris Hilton Set To Team With Britney Spears & Lindsay Lohan In Reality Show
7/7/08 Nicole Kidman Gives Birth To Daughter
7/7/08 Hancock Flies In To Top International Box Office
7/7/08 Uma Thurman Happy To Be Wrong About Marriage
7/7/08 Usher Reconsiders Mother's Role As Manager
7/7/08 Kylie Minogue Snubbed By Primal Scream
7/7/08 Uma Thurman 'Ugly' As A Child
7/7/08 Robert De Niro Warns Against Strike
7/7/08 Nicole Richie Denies Hotel Brawl
7/7/08 Madonna Denies Alex Rodriguez Affair
7/7/08 Hancock Gives Will Smith Another Big Box Office Weekend
7/6/08 George Clooney Confused By Burn After Reading Plot
7/6/08 Shelton Smitten By Jessica Simpson
7/6/08 Jude Law Dating Model Lily Cole?
7/6/08 Nick Cannon: 'Marriage To Mariah Carey Is Amazing'
7/6/08 Eminem Sued Over Alleged Bathroom Assault
7/6/08 Madonna And Guy Ritchie Pray With Children
7/5/08 Tidy Charlize Theron Drives Townsend Mad
7/5/08 Morrissey Mocks Kylie Minogue & Bush
7/5/08 Britney Spears To Join Madonna On Tour?
7/5/08 Nice Mayor Overjoyed About Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt Hospital Choice
7/5/08 Madonna & Kabalah Blamed For Baseball Star's Marriage Split
7/4/08 Jennifer Aniston Dismisses Stewart Concert Ban
7/4/08 John Mayer Spreads False Rumors
7/4/08 Heidi Klum Considered Designer Career
7/4/08 Nicole Ritchie Wows As A Sitcom Star
7/4/08 Beckham's Parodied In Musical
7/4/08 Angelina Jolie Used Action Movie To Recover From Mother's Death
7/4/08 Steven Spielberg Foundation Donate $1 Million To Jewish Museum
7/4/08 Brad Pitt Seeks Twin Parenting advice From Julia Roberts

7/4/08 Katie Holmes' Play Failing To Sell?
7/4/08 Dash: David Beckham Feared Victoria Was Having An Affair'
7/4/08 Miley Cyrus: 'I Want To Be The Next Madonna'
7/4/08 Kate Hudson To Remake Hawn Film With Matthew McConaughey
7/4/08 Lindsay Lohan Turns 22 In Style
7/4/08 Knight Forced To Quit Celebrity Circus With Broken Arm
7/4/08 Hostage Rescue Makes Sharika Proud To Be A Colombian
7/3/08 Kenny Chesney Back On To After Renee Zellweger Split
7/3/08 Mario Testino Urges Kate Moss To Go Short
7/3/08 Heidi Klum's Vow Against Plastic Surgery
7/3/08 Will Smith Annoyed At Second Oscars Loss
7/3/08 Paula Abdul Ex To Star In Bachelor TV Series
7/3/08 Charlize Theron: 'I Hated Being Super-Skinny'
7/3/08 Fat Matt Damon Fears Losing Sexy Title
7/3/08 Katie Price And Peter Andre Win Newspaper Battle Over 'Bad Parents' Claim
7/3/08 Kylie Minogue Honored With Obe
7/3/08 Mandy Moore And Ryan Adams Split
7/3/08 Friends Movie On The Way?
7/3/08 Pamela Anderson Employs Bizarre On-Set Companions
7/3/08 Britney Spears' Signed T-Shirt Is Top Auction Item
7/2/08 Uma Thurman Hosts Star-Studded Engagement Party
7/2/08 Jake Gyllenhaal Siblings To Honor Heath Ledger At Batman Premiere
7/2/08 Miley Cyrus Linked To Movie Co-Star
7/2/08 Britney Spears & Mary-Kate Olsen Snubbed By Emmys
7/2/08 Charlize Theron Dismisses Biopic
7/2/08 Britney Spears A 'Professional', Says Producer Jerkins
7/2/08 Angelina Jolie Still Pregnant And Doing Well, Says Doctor
7/2/08 Lance Armstrong Meets Kate Hudson's Mom
7/2/08 Pamela Anderson Dashes Mom's Lesbian Hopes
7/2/08 Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz 'Expecting A Boy'
7/2/08 Madonna & Guy Ritchie Dispel Divorce Rumors With Dinner Date
7/2/08 Gwen Stefani Gives Up On Skinny Obsession
7/2/08 Daniel Radcliffe: 'New Potter Is Like Trainspotting'
7/2/08 Getty Denies Sienna Miller Affair
7/2/08 Miley Cyrus Makes Surprise Appearance At Steele's Fundraiser
7/2/08 Madonna Planning Divorce Announcement After Tour?
7/2/08 Spencer Pratt Apologizes For Ugly Mary-Kate Olsen Remark
7/2/08 Josh Hartnett To Tackle Rain In London
7/1/08 Christian Bale To Take Over The White House From Tom Cruise?
7/1/08 Will Smith Raps Up Hancock Premiere With Jazzy Jeff
7/1/08 Madonna Refutes Reckless Driving Reports
7/1/08 Baby Borrowers: The First Evaluation This Week On NBC
7/1/08 Baby Borrowers: Are You Ready For This? This Week On NBC
7/1/08 Last Comic Standing: Time To Get Serious This Week On NBC
7/1/08 So You Think You Can Dance: OneRepublic Performs This Week on FOX
7/1/08 I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Stuffed Animals Tonight On ABC
7/1/08 Bernhard Turns On Madonna
7/1/08 No Divorce For Madonna And Guy Ritchie
7/1/08 Kylie Minogue Bids Farewell To Sexy Image
7/1/08 Britney Spears Wants 'Quiet' Neighborhood For Sons
7/1/08 Angelina Jolie In Hospital
7/1/08 Halle Berry's Tribute To Don Cheadle
7/1/08 American Idol Teen Paris Bennett Pregnant
7/1/08 Producer 'Reinventing' Britney Spears
7/1/08 Mischa Barton Takes Sienna Miller's Place In India Film
7/1/08 Paris Hilton Is Paid To Party
7/1/08 Hunters To Take Over Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Estate
7/1/08 Teri Hatcher Snubbed By Emmys
7/1/08 Madonna's Childhood Home Goes Up In Smoke
7/1/08 Madonna Wedding Ring Mystery Solved
7/1/08 Last-Minute Baby Drama For Jamie Lynn Spears
7/1/08 Meat-Eating Jessica Simpson Comes Under Fire From Pamela Anderson


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