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6/30/05 Florist Confirms Ben Affleck Hired Willis' Home for Wedding

6/30/05 Bo Bice Gets Married

6/30/05 Bo Bice Makes Chart History With First Single

6/30/05 Audiences March to "War", Tom Cruise Film Opens to $34.6 Million Day

6/30/05 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Wed in the Caribbean

6/30/05 Gay Group Applauds Cancellation of Diversity Promoting Show

6/30/05 Get Set for More Hair Raising Drama on Blow Out Season Finale July 19th

6/30/05 Joey McIntyre Misses Out on Dancing With the Stars Finals

6/30/05 American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard Sues Former Manager

6/30/05 Christian Group Slams Jessica Simpson

6/30/05 Paris Hilton Wants a Royal Wedding

6/30/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Caught on Camera Again

6/30/05 Tom Cruise: "I Believe in Aliens"

6/30/05 Ajay Milan is a semi-finalist for the new Reality TV show "Model Maze" 2005 Hawaii

6/29/05 Halle Berry Confirms Alicia Keys is Her Choice for Black & White Movie

6/29/05 Desperate Housewives Star Denies Engagement

6/29/05 Elizabeth Hurley's Dog Missing, Feared Dognapped

6/29/05 Shania Twain Wins Development Permission on New Zealand Farm

6/29/05 Soundtrack for The Dukes of Hazzard Movie to Include Jessica Simpson Hit

6/29/05 John Mayer Trio Formed, Fall Tour Announced

6/29/05 Kimberly Locke Models for Lane Bryant

6/29/05 So You Think You Can Dance Begins With 2 Hour Premiere July 20th

6/29/05 Jennifer Aniston's Father Shielded Her From Showbiz

6/29/05 Britney Spears Luxurious Labor

6/29/05 Newsman Attacked by Tom Cruise is Nicole Kidman's Old Pal

6/29/05 Jennifer Aniston Considered Abandoning Hollywood

6/29/05 Angelina Jolie: "Troubled Teens Should Visit Africa"

6/29/05 Tom Cruise Loves Sex

6/29/05 Batman Bat and Skate Helmets Let Kids Take Off With The Caped Crusader

6/28/05 King Kong Shrinks Peter Jackson

6/28/05 Angelina Jolie Rules Out Reconciliation With Dad

6/28/05 American Idol Reject Arrested After Alleged Food Fight

6/28/05 Paula Abdul Begs Lawmakers to Crack Down on Unclean Nail Salons

6/28/05 The Princes of Malibu Preview Clips for July 10th

6/28/05 Supersize Me's Morgan Spurlock Lives on Minimum Wage for "30 Days"

6/28/05 American Psychiatric Association Criticizes Tom Cruise Over Drug Comments

6/28/05 Kelly Clarkson: "Marriage is Forever"

6/28/05 Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley Engaged

6/28/05 Orlando Bloom Blames Depression For Teenage Weight Gain

6/28/05 Tom Cruise's Drug Comments Spark US Medical Debate

6/28/05 Bobby Brown: "Reality Show Helped Whitney and I"

6/28/05 ABC to Premiere Welcome to the Neighborhood on July 10th

6/28/05 ABC to Premiere Brat Camp on July 13th

6/28/05 Fantastic Four Video Game Premieres at Retail Stores Nationwide

6/28/05 Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back Premieres June 28th

6/27/05 NBC Changes New Fall Show Name From "Fathom" to "Surface"

6/27/05 Brooke Shields Thanks Tom Cruise for Validating Her Book

6/27/05 Clive Owen Praises Jennifer Aniston's Courage as Marriage Faltered

6/27/05 Jessica Alba's Sexy Routine

6/27/05 Shakira's Run In With the Nuns

6/27/05 The Game Gets Violent Over Punk'd Prank

6/27/05 Gordon Ramsey Offers Up Barbeque Tips and a Two Hour Hells Kitchen Special

6/27/05 Gwen Stefani Announces Fall Tour

6/27/05 Paris and Nicky Hilton Guest Star on I Want to Be a Hilton June 28th

6/27/05 Mary-Kate Olsen Parties With Oasis

6/27/05 Oprah Winfrey Plans to Discuss "Racist" Hermes on TV

6/27/05 Shakira Keen for Kids

6/27/05 Quotables From NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien

6/27/05 Nicole Kidman Monkey's Around

6/27/05 Tom Cruise Hopes Nicole Kidman Can Make His Wedding to Katie Holmes

6/26/05 Doug Liman: "I Thought Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie Romance Was Manufactured"

6/26/05 Jennifer Aniston Slams Vince Vaughn Rumors

6/26/05 Lindsay Lohan Avoids Drama at De Beers Protest

6/26/05 The Greatest Escape of the Year Begins With Prison Break Premiere August 29th

6/26/05 Eva Longoria and Michael Douglas' Basketball Battle

6/26/05 Jessica Alba: "Men are Bigger Diva's Than Women"

6/26/05 Joey McIntyre Believes His Rhythm Shows Good Bedroom Moves

6/26/05 Kelly Clarkson: "I Only Date Marriage Material"

6/26/05 Johnny Depp Speaks About Playing Willy Wonka

6/26/05 New Jersey Film Makers Challenge Spielbergs War of the Worlds

6/26/05 Carmen Electra's Black Pudding Horror in London

6/26/05 Scarlett Johansson Reunited With Her Pet Dog in London

6/26/05 Elizabeth Hurley to Front Fashion Reality Star

6/25/05 Mimi Rogers: "Why is Tom and Katie's Romance Such a Big Deal?"

6/25/05 Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg Impressed by Dakota Fanning

6/25/05 William Hung Teams Up With Billy Ray Cyrus for New Album

6/25/05 Eva Longoria Terrified of Stalkerazzi

6/25/05 Tom Cruise Gets Annoyed With Matt Lauer's Drug Comments

6/25/05 Simon Cowell Punk'd By Ashton Kutcher

6/25/05 Jennifer Lopez Once Danced for New Kids on the Block

6/25/05 Drew Barrymore Keen to Film Next Charlie's Angels Movie

6/25/05 Brad Pitt Acquires New Non-Commitment Ring

6/25/05 Tom Cruise Enjoys David Letterman Jokes

6/25/05 Bobby Brown's Kids Came Up With Reality Show Idea

6/24/05 A&E Announces New Series "Inked"

6/24/05 Tori Spelling and Missy Elliot Lash Out at Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell

6/24/05 Britney Spears Plans to Copy Demi Moore

6/24/05 Paris Hilton's Ballet Boredom

6/24/05 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Plan Kids

6/24/05 Carmen Electra Slims by Shopping

6/24/05 Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra Model Home on Hotel

6/24/05 Celebrity Version of American Idol in the Works

6/24/05 Brad Pitt's Other Woman Wants Angelina Jolie Romance

6/24/05 Oprah Winfrey Upset By Hermes Snub and Weak Apology

6/24/05 Britney Spears Shows Off Her Bulge in New Video

6/24/05 Carrie Underwood's "Inside Your Heaven" Makes Chart History

6/24/05 Mad Catz' Batman Begins Video Game Accessories Now Available

6/24/05 Sirius Satellite Radio to Launch Talk Show Hosted by Judith Regan

6/23/05 Rachel Hunter's Dancing Dreams Dashed

6/23/05 Kathy Hilton's Show Opens to Lukewarm Audience

6/23/05 Brad Pitt's Mistaken Mistress Reveals Almost All

6/23/05 American Idol Carrie Underwood Debuts at the Top

6/23/05 Eva Longoria Makes Bikini Bet

6/23/05 Lindsay Lohan to Celebrate 19th Birthday Multiple Times

6/23/05 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's Company Moves to Paramount

6/23/05 Dave Navarro is Happy Reality Show with Carmen Electra is Over

6/23/05 Hermes Bosses Apologize to Oprah Winfrey

6/23/05 Paris Hilton Promises Father in Law Early Grandchildren

6/23/05 Pamela Anderson Urges World to Get Tested for HIV

6/23/05 Most High Clothing Featured on Reality Show "I Wanna Be a Soap Star"

6/22/05 Madonna Slams Kabbalah Marketing

6/22/05 Bobby Brown Stopped Whitney Houston Stealing Reality Show Limelight

6/22/05 Battle of the Network Reality Stars to Premiere August 17th on Bravo

6/22/05 Foo Fighters In Your Honor Opens to Biggest Sales of Band's 10-Year Career

6/22/05 Backstreet Boys are Back With an International Success

6/22/05 Tom Cruise to Host Special Screening of War of the Worlds for Fans

6/22/05 Australian Politicians Fume Over Nude Big Brother

6/22/05 Paris Hilton's Dog Tinkerbell Bites I Want to be a Hilton Producer

6/22/05 Velvet Revolver Writes New Song for Fantastic Four Soundtrack and Film

6/22/05 Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie Bond Over Small Fingers

6/22/05 Tom Cruise Insults the French With Coke Demands

6/22/05 Tom Cruise Hates Soaking Bullies

6/22/05 Madonna Launches The English Roses Website Based on Her Best-Selling Book

6/22/05 Paris Latsis Buy Paris Hilton a House

6/22/05 Paris Hilton Gives Reality Advice to Mother

6/22/05 Bobby Brown Takes Shots at Celebrities on Being Bobby Brown Show

6/22/05 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack to be Released July 12th

6/21/05 Lindsay Lohan Infuriated After Herbie Song is Dropped

6/21/05 Nick Carter Scoped Newspapers for Paris Hilton Stories

6/21/05 VH1 Weekly Episode Guide to Kept and Strip Search

6/21/05 Online Betting Site Posts Odds on Michael Jackson's Future

6/21/05 Get Online for American Idol Superstardom

6/21/05 Lindsay Lohan's New Lover

6/21/05 Nick and Jessica's Tour of Duty to Air July 4th on ABC

6/21/05 Desperate Housewives Teen Escapes Drug Charges

6/21/05 Lindsay Lohan Meets Racecar Heroine

6/21/05 Tom Cruise Squirt Show May Not Air

6/21/05 American Idol Hits Internet Radio

6/21/05 Marc Cherry Wants to Make Desperate Housewives Prequel

6/21/05 Lindsay Lohan Escapes Another Car Collision

6/21/05 Sirius Satellite Radio to Broadcast BBC's Radio 1

6/20/05 Tom Cruise Pranksters Released on Bail

6/20/05 Beyonce Knowles Lines Up Solo Projects

6/20/05 NBC Announces New Series "I'm a Celebrity, But I Want to be a Pop Star"

6/20/05 Mariah Carey to be Musical Guest on NBC Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Show

6/20/05 Eva Longoria Terrified By Paparazzi Attention

6/20/05 Seal and Heidi Klum to Settle in Germany

6/20/05 Bookmakers Take Bets on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce

6/20/05 Tom Cruise Tried to Convert Scarlett Johansson

6/20/05 Ben Affleck Laughs Off Weekend Wedding Reports

6/20/05 Katie Holmes Dropped From Batman Sequel

6/20/05 Simon Cowell Fronts Anti-Bullying Campaign

6/20/05 Simon Cowell Slams British Teenager Fashion for Hoodies

6/20/05 George Strait, Willie Nelson Lead Soundtrack for "Grand Champion"

6/20/05 Hustle & Flow Soundtrack Set to Heat Up Summer

6/20/05 Record Audiences Flock to See Batman Begins: The IMAX Experience

6/20/05 Madagascar Characters Go Wild on LeapFrog's LeapPad Learning System

6/20/05 GSN Launches Ballbreakers: Battle of the Bars

6/19/05 TV Channel Hopes Tom Cruise Can See the Joke in Squirt

6/19/05 Shakira: "I'm in Trouble"

6/19/05 Robert DeNiro Sheds a Tear at Dad's Painting Exhibit

6/19/05 Jennifer Lopez Too Demanding For Low Budget Movie

6/19/05 Kate Bosworth Dumps Model as Orlando Bloom Flies In

6/19/05 Four Men Arrested for Squirting Tom Cruise

6/19/05 Orlando Bloom Ditches Hollywood For Buddhism

6/19/05 Daniel Radcliffe's Parents Move Location of Fifth Harry Potter Film

6/19/05 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Wedding Mystery

6/19/05 Kylie Minogue's Insurance Worry

6/19/05 Bobby Brown Speaks About New Reality Show

6/19/05 Steven Spielberg Comments on Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes Romance

6/18/05 Elizabeth Hurley Learns Hindi Words of Love

6/18/05 Leonardo DiCaprio's Face Slashed by Madwoman

6/18/05 Carmen Electra Denies Being a Nymphomaniac

6/18/05 Madonna Writes Roses Sequel

6/18/05 Must Love Dogs Moviegoers take the Guesswork out of Online Dating

6/18/05 Evander Holyfield Knocked Out of Dancing Contest

6/18/05 Lindsay Lohan Performs Tom Cruise Inspired Couch Dance

6/18/05 Paris Hilton Plans Two Weddings

6/18/05 Shakira: I'm Super Shy

6/18/05 Lindsay Lohan's Last Minute Panic for Birthday Goodies

6/18/05 Brad Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton Make Peace

6/17/05 Dave Navarro Not Jealous About Carmen Electra Fan Attention

6/17/05 Lindsay Lohan's Secret Crushes

6/17/05 NBC Universal Announces Nine Network Debut of King Kong Trailer June 27

6/17/05 Elizabeth Hurley's Controversial Attack on Fat Women

6/17/05 Angelina Jolie Fell In Love With Brad Pitt While Filming Mr and Mrs Smith

6/17/05 Tom Cruise: I've Proposed to Katie Holmes

6/17/05 Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro Dream of Their Own Brady Bunch

6/17/05 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden: We're and Item

6/17/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Secret Baby

6/17/05 ABC Announces "My Kind of Town"

6/17/05 Angelina Jolie in Tears Over Refugee Memories

6/17/05 Jennifer Aniston Caught in False Revelations

6/17/05 Goodyear Provides Traction for "Herbie" Action

6/16/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Marriage Photos Go On Sale

6/16/05 Curb Records Hoping for Another Coyote Ugly With The Perfect Man
6/16/05 Lindsay Lohan Plays Down Wild Reputation

6/16/05 Tom Cruise Cooks Up Scientology to Master Kitchen Arts

6/16/05 Missy Elliott Shocked by Madonna and Britney Spears Smooch

6/16/05 Valderrama Turns Lindsay Lohan Off Older Boyfriends

6/16/05 Angelina Jolie Clashed With Director Doug Liman Over Marriage

6/16/05 Carmen Electra Recalls Gunpowder Mishap

6/16/05 Deborah Gibson Rejects Hit Me Baby One More Time Offer

6/16/05 Lauren Sanchez Tapped to Host "So You Think You Can Dance"

6/16/05 Winner and New Champ: Ron Howard’s “Cinderella Man”

6/16/05 “Joan Of Arcadia” Fans Can Own Items From Show’s Set And Help Eliminate Poverty Housing

6/16/05 Paris Hilton Ad to Air in More US Markets

6/16/05 Britney Spears "My New Song is a Prophecy"

6/16/05 ABC Announces "Hooking Up" Premiere July 14th

6/16/05 Carrie Underwood to Perform National Anthem at Game 4 of The NBA Finals

6/16/05 World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' Herbie Fully Loaded

6/15/05 The "Kept" Men and the "Strip Search" Men Show Up Their Strong Points

6/15/05 The OC Preview Clips for June 16th

6/15/05 Teri Hatcher's Paparazzi Dilemma

6/15/05 Teary Kevin Federline Declares His Love for Britney Spears

6/15/05 ABC Exclusive Footage of Herbie Fully Loaded During WNBA Game June 18th

6/15/05 FOX Announces The Princes of Malibu Premiere July 10th

6/15/05 Paris Hilton Gift List a Fake

6/15/05 Harry Potter's New Movie Role

6/15/05 Shakira Makes History With Biggest Spanish Album Ever

6/15/05 'American Idol 4' Singles - Desmond Child Produces Both Bo and Carrie

6/15/05 JK Rowling Bans Online Harry Potter Books

6/15/05 Tom Cruise Denies Accusations Katie Holmes Romance is a Publicity Stunt

6/15/05 Britney Spears Plays Down Breast Feed Warning

6/15/05 Marcia's Lack of Knitting Skills Show Her Up on Desperate Housewives

6/15/05 Lindsay Lohan: Paparazzi Always Miss My Best Outfits

6/15/05 Mischa Barton Slams The OC Rift Accusations

6/14/05 Dark Water Web Site Clicks in a Big Way With Users

6/14/05 Universal Pictures Announces Special Screening of George A. Romero's Land of the Dead

6/14/05 ABC Announces Contestants for Brat Camp and Premiere July 13th

6/14/05 Rosie O'Donnell Invites Amazing Race Couple On Gay Family Cruise

6/14/05 Nicole Kidman is "So Happy" About Tom Cruise's Romance With Katie Holmes

6/14/05 Nicole Kidman Supports Troubled Russell Crowe

6/14/05 Adam Brody Bemused By His Sex Symbol Status

6/14/05 Teri Hatcher's Amazement at Press Lies

6/14/05 Katie Holmes Religious Confusion

6/14/05 Kylie Minogue Speaks Out About Cancer

6/14/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt Says Not All Paparazzi Are Monsters

6/14/05 Viewpoint Creative Develops Ad Campaign for WE's "Bridezillas"

6/14/05 Nicole Richie's Not So Simple Wedding

6/14/05 Kylie Minogue Thanks Fans for Saving Women's Lives

6/14/05 Marcia Cross Hopes to Return to Psychology

6/14/05 Kathy Hilton Urges Paris to Make Friends With Nicole Richie

6/14/05 Destiny's Child Bid Surprise Farewell to Fans

6/13/05 Marcia Cross: Desperate Housewives Finale Made Me Ill

6/13/05 Nicole Kidman Distraught After Learning of Make Up Man's Death

6/13/05 'P Diddy Rejected Vonzell on Making the Band 2

6/13/05 Bravo Announces Hidden Howie to Begin August 18th

6/13/05 Baseball Scout Alex Slattery Wins CMT's Popularity Contest

6/13/05 Angelina Jolie Spends Time Alone to Progress

6/13/05 Scarlett Johansson Falls For Tom Cruise

6/13/05 Tom Cruise Tripped Up By Magazine Over Scientology Claims

6/13/05 Jane Wiedlin Thrilled to be Producing Paris Hilton

6/13/05 Lil' Jon Blows MTV Punk'd Prank

6/13/05 Bravo Announces Reality TV All Star Reunion Show

6/13/05 Mary Ann Mandy and Gilligan Shawn Get Agents

6/13/05 War of the Worlds Premieres in Berlin Germany

6/13/05 Eddie Murphy Joins the Cast of DreamWork's Dreamgirls

6/13/05 Lindsay Lohan Ditches Parties for Disney

6/13/05 Russell Crowe's Wife Slams Phone Assault

6/13/05 Paris Hilton Says She Plays a Dumb Blond on TV Because It's Funny

6/13/05 Angelina Jolie Sizzles in StockinGirl for Mr. and Mrs. Smith Movie

6/13/05 Sirius to Increase Programming Capacity Over it's Existing Satellite Radio System 

6/12/05 Madonna Regrets Sexy Past

6/12/05 Lindsay Lohan's Driving Ambition

6/12/05 Tom Cruise and Will Smith Look for Supermovie

6/12/05 Writer Claims Britney Spears is "Physical" Because of Birth Number One

6/12/05 Britney Spears Boosts Chaotic Finale With Video Bonus

6/12/05 Nicole Kidman to Sing Penguin Songs in New Movie

6/12/05 Scarlett Johansson Loved Her Lost in Translation Look

6/12/05 Nora Ephron Cooks Up a Treat for Nicole Kidman

6/12/05 Teri Hatcher's Bikini Ban

6/12/05 Madonna Underwear Sold

6/11/05 Nicole Kidman Offers to End Her Career for the Right Man

6/11/05 Kelly Osbourne's Weight Trauma

6/11/05 Usher Idolizes David Beckham's Style

6/11/05 Hell's Kitchen Preview Clips for June 13th

6/11/05 Joey McIntyre Feels More Masculine After Ballroom Lessons

6/11/05 David Letterman Upsets Katie Holmes With Tom Cruise Height Gag

6/11/05 Paris to Join Her Mom at Gay Pride Parade

6/11/05 Nicole Kidman Thrilled By Hollywood's Old Ghosts

6/11/05 James Cromwell Upset With Mad Character on Six Feet Under

6/11/05 Brad Pitt in Talks to Join Angelina and Host Philadelphia Live 8 Show

6/11/05 War of the Worlds World Premiere to Take Place in Tokyo June 13th

6/10/05 Universal Pictures Host The World Premiere of The Perfect Man

6/10/05 "Cousin Brucie" to Join SIRIUS Satellite Radio

6/10/05 Celebrity Love Island Presenter Kelly Brook Consider Fiji Wedding

6/10/05 Teri Hatcher Explains Photographer "Romance"

6/10/05 Producers Warn Tom Cruise to Tone Down Katie Holmes Romance

6/10/05 Walt Disney Pictures and Rahal Letterman Racing Announce Herbie Promotion

6/10/05 Elizabeth Hurley Forgiven By Her Fiancées Ex

6/10/05 Diaz, Lohan, Berry and Witherspoon Team Up Against Paparazzi

6/10/05 Tori Spelling Designs Necklace for Britney Spears

6/10/05 Movement Aims to "Free Katie" From Tom Cruise

6/10/05 Paris Hilton Chose From 10 Engagement Rings

6/10/05 Kevin Federline Buy Britney Spears a Diamond Ring

6/10/05 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz Settle With Photographers

6/10/05 Someday I Will Understand Video to Premiere on Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

6/9/05 "Cousin Brucie" to Join SIRIUS Satellite Radio

6/9/05 Brandon and Brody Jenner Fight For Their Right to Party on The Princess of Malibu

6/9/05 Someday I Will Understand Video to Premiere on Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

6/9/05 Paris Hilton Demands $5 Million for Big Brother

6/9/05 Teri Hatcher: "I Cried After Vanity Fair Photo Shoot"

6/9/05 Spoylt Lingerie Designs Costumes for Carmen Electra's Bombshell Babes

6/9/05 Tommy Hilfiger Featured in CBS' New Reality Series 'The Cut'

6/9/05 ABC Announces Contestant Line Up for Brat Camp

6/9/05 Teri Hatcher Raises the Roof at Wine Auction

6/9/05 Paris Hilton Gives Punk Star a Second Shot at Chart Success

6/9/05 Donald Trump Warns Paris Hilton "Get a Pre-nup"

6/9/05 The OC Star Adam Brody Inspired by Ryan Phillippe

6/9/05 Lindsay Lohan Done With Partying

6/9/05 Jennifer Lopez Takes on Anniversary Shopping Spree

6/9/05 Hospital Officials Hit Back at Kylie Minogue Treatment Reports

6/9/05 Kevin Federline Delayed Telling Britney Spears He Loved Her

6/8/05 NBC Announces Premiere of Average Joe, June 28th

6/8/05 Backstreet Boys Announce Tour Dates, New CD Never Gone

6/8/05 Katie Holmes Stars in Network Television Premiere of "Abandon"

6/8/05 The Kept and Strip Search Men Bare Their Souls

6/8/05 GSN Acquires The Amazing Race

6/8/05 Britney Spears Kidnapping Fear Revealed on Reality Show

6/8/05 Jack White: Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson Deserve Bad Press

6/8/05 Paris Hilton Approached by German Big Brother

6/8/05 Tom Cruise Amazed By Reports of Anti-Scientology Views

6/8/05 Jennifer Lopez $1 Million Anniversary Ring

6/8/05 Oprah Winfrey Boosts Author's Sales

6/8/05 Brad Pitt Receives Hero's Welcome in Ethiopia

6/8/05 Brad Pitt Uncomfortable Being Violent With Angelina Jolie

6/8/05 Tom Cruise Cuts Probing Australian Reporter

6/8/05 Brad Pitt Disgusted by Photo Payment

6/8/05 Mark L. Walberg to Host 10th Season of PBS's Antiques Road Show

6/8/05 Lions Gate Fetches FIDO

6/8/05 Paramount Pictures Announces Start of Production on Mission Impossible 3

6/8/05 Justin Lin Signed to Direct Latest Installment of The Fast and The Furious 3"

6/7/05 Kelly Clarkson Joins NBA Legends on USO Tour in Persian Gulf Region

6/7/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Marry for Magazine Spread

6/7/05 Heidi Klum Slams Flow Row Accusations

6/7/05 Nicole Kidman Warns Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes About Publicity Stunts

6/7/05 Ashlee Simpson Denies Accusations She Physically Threatened Lindsay Lohan

6/7/05 Madonna Brings Lotsa De Casha to Manhattan

6/7/05 Cindy Margolis to Serve and National Spokesperson for Resolve

6/7/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt Poses in Hanes for New Print Ads

6/7/05 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are For Real Says Victoria Beckham

6/7/05 Angelina Jolie to Quit Hollywood?

6/7/05 Carrie Underwood Lands Nashville Debut at Duets Concert

6/7/05 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Turned Mr and Mrs Smith Into Action Movie

6/7/05 Angelina Jolie Attacks TV Host Over Magazine Cover

6/7/05 Russell Crowe Charged With Assault and Criminal Possession of a Weapon

6/7/05 Michelle Rodriguez Joins the Cast of "Lost"

6/7/05 The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl Featured in McDonalds Happy Meals

6/7/05 Brad Pitt: The Diane Sawyer Interview

6/6/05 Ford Motor Company and SIRIUS Satellite Radio Extend Exclusive Relationship

6/6/05 VH1 Announces The Agency Series to Premiere This Fall

6/6/05 Will Smith and Kelly Clarkson to Perform at the 2005 NBA Finals

6/6/05 Madagascar is the King of the Box Office Jungle

6/6/05 Madagascar Movie Stimulating Travel Demand to Country

6/6/05 Get Fully Loaded With Lindsay Lohan on Starz Kids and Family

6/6/05 Batman Begins: The IMAX Experience to Open at Select IMAX Theatres

6/6/05 Angelina Jolie's Oscar Reminded Her of Parents Separation

6/6/05 Katie Holmes Thrilled by Smitten Tom Cruise

6/6/05 Billy Crystal Mocks Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Tony Awards

6/6/05 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Ban Questions About Relationship

6/6/05 Harry Potter Thieves Charged

6/6/05 Oprah Vows to Stay Away From Marathons

6/6/05 Angelina Jolie's Embarrassing Exposure

6/6/05 Kelly Clarkson: "My Movie Was Destined for Failure"

6/6/05 Action Man Tom Cruise Refuses to Slow Down

6/6/05 Oprah Winfrey Stunned by Reports She's Consoling Brad Pitt

6/5/05 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Answer Questions About Romance

6/5/05 Kelly Osbourne Back in Rehab

6/5/05 Elizabeth Hurley is Sickened by India

6/5/05 Playtime Dangerous for Tom Cruise

6/5/05 JK Rowling Stamps Out Harry Potter Leak

6/5/05 Elizabeth Hurley Free to Marry After Nayar's Divorce

6/5/05 Paris Hilton is Split Between Two Rings

6/5/05 Harry Potter Plot Smashed

6/5/05 Kylie Minogue Needs a Year Off

6/5/05 ABC's "The Scholar" Sponsored by Wal-Mart

6/5/05 Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg to Attend War of the Worlds Premier June 13th

6/4/05 Nicole Kidman's Medical Training

6/4/05 Pamela Anderson "My Mother Wishes I Was a Lesbian"

6/4/05 Nicole Kidman Shares Bra Secret With Oprah

6/4/05 Paris Hilton's Wedding Plans Revealed by Kimberly Stewart

6/4/05 Lindsay Lohan Gears Up for Legal Fight After Car Smash

6/4/05 Carrie Underwood Makes First Post Show Appearance at CMA Music Festival

6/4/05 Hells Kitchen Preview Clips for June 6th

6/4/05 Ashley Olsen Lands First Solo Cover

6/4/05 Oprah is the Queen of All Syndicated Shows

6/4/05 Kevin Smith Slams Reese Witherspoon

6/3/05 Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio to Present at Merrill Lynch Media Day

6/3/05 Fa'Shae Flip Sweater in Desperate Housewives Finale

6/3/05 Desperate Housewives Leads Critics Nominees

6/3/05 Tom Cruise Puts Mission: Impossible III in Danger

6/3/05 Brittany Murphy's Favorite Kiss Was With Reese Witherspoon

6/3/05 Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio Compete for World Series of Poker

6/3/05 Hit Me Baby One More Time Scores Big Ratings

6/3/05 Russell Crowe Plans to Look After Prized Braddock Receipt

6/3/05 Brooke Shields Mocks Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Romance

6/3/05 Rachel Hunter and Joey McIntyre Impress on Dancing With the Stars

6/3/05 Original Dukes of Hazzard Star Blasts Remake

6/3/05 Russell Crowe: I Had to Play Braddock

6/3/05 Tom Cruise Persuades Katie Holmes to Reject Addict Role

6/3/05 Jennifer Lopez Wants Another Dance With Richard Gere

6/2/05 Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio to Present at Deutsche Bank

6/2/05 Newest Kirsten Dunst Relationship Revealed During Candid Interview

6/2/05 Lindsay Lohan Talks About Paparazzi Crash

6/2/05 Cameron Diaz and Trippin Producer Sue the Enquirer

6/2/05 Britney Spears "Pregnant Sex is Best"

6/2/05 Britney Spears Cries at Baby Scan

6/2/05 Coldplay's Extreme Makeover Dreams

6/2/05 Anna Kournikova Likes to See Women Swoon Over Iglesias

6/2/05 Brad Pitt Just Wants to Have Fun

6/2/05 Simpson Sisters Fight Over New Wardrobe

6/2/05 The OC Preview Clips for June 3rd

6/2/05 Steven Culp Bet on Housewives Death

6/2/05 Britney Spears Threatened to Beat Up Kevin

6/1/05 Sirius Satellite Radio to Broadcast Exclusive Conversation With Lance Armstrong

6/1/05 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston Sell Home to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

6/1/05 Anna Kournikova "I'm Still Not Married"

6/1/05 Lindsay Lohan Involved in Car Crash During Paparazzi Chase

6/1/05 Paris Latsis Asked Parents for Paris Hilton's Hand in Marriage

6/1/05 Nicole Kidman Denies She's Dating French Billionaire

6/1/05 Bravo Announces Debut of Situation: Comedy Reality Competition Series

6/1/05 Desperate Housewives Creator Marc Cherry Waits for Multi-Million Partner

6/1/05 Cinderella Man Deters Russell Crowe From Using Violence

6/1/05 Brad Pitt's Favorite Role Lasted Three Seconds

6/1/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Considered Renewing Wedding Vows

6/1/05 NBC Announces "I Want to Be A Hilton" Candidates

6/1/05 Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster Confirm That They are Expecting a Child

6/1/05 Close Encounter of the Foo Fighter Kind

6/1/05 Lexus and Paul McCartney Partner for Upcoming Paul McCartney US Tour

6/1/05 OLN Acquires Exclusive Syndication Rights to Survivor

6/1/05 The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants Teams Up With Website to Help Girls Self-Esteem

6/1/05 Katie Holmes Denies Accusations Tom Cruise Romance is a Publicity Stunt

6/1/05 World Premiere of the Honeymooners

6/1/05 It's Match Point for DreamWorks and Woody Allen

6/1/05 Post Production Completed on Urban Comedy "Meet the Family"

6/1/05 Guide to New Episodes of Kept and Strip Search



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