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6/30/06 Carmen Electra Gets Emotional

6/30/06 Orlando Bloom Fulfills Childhood Dreams

6/30/06 Paris Hilton: "James Blunt is Hot"

6/30/06 Teri Hatcher Teaching Marcia Cross to Cook

6/30/06 Jennifer Lopez Wins Injunction Against Ex's Book Deal

6/30/06 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Officially Divorced

6/30/06 Pamela Anderson Won't Settle in Britain

6/30/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Photo Theft Mystery Revealed

6/30/06 Orlando Bloom Fears He Can't Match Kate Bosworth's New Love

6/30/06 Brad Pitt's Identity Used for Forgery and Embezzlement

6/30/06 Aleksandra Wojda & Ben Susak Eliminated From So You Think You Can Dance

6/30/06 All American Idol Regis and Kelly Show July 4th

6/30/06 CBS Announces The Amazing Race Promobile Tour

6/30/06 MSN Announces Exclusive Online Programming for Rock Star: Supernova

6/29/06 Taylor Hicks Crush Makes Contact

6/29/06 Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp Drunk for Prime Minister Meeting

6/29/06 Marcia Cross Wedding Glitch

6/29/06 Kelly Clarkson Struggled With Life in the Spotlight

6/29/06 Nick Lachey: "I May Never Get Over Jessica Simpson"

6/29/06 Nicole Kidman: "I Wasn't the Girl Who Got the Boys"

6/29/06 Angelina Jolie's Got Perspective

6/29/06 Britney Spears Leaving Malibu for Louisiana

6/29/06 Kelly Clarkson Moving On Since Graham Colton

6/29/06 Jessica Simpson Still Has Her Innocence

6/29/06 Hell's Kitchen Preview Clips for July 3rd

6/28/06 Pamela Anderson Strips for Fur Free Fashion

6/28/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Baby Show Pictures Returned

6/28/06 Paris Hilton the Soccer Fan

6/28/06 Jennifer Lopez's Ex Denies Extortion Claims

6/28/06 Eva Longoria Crashes Nicole Kidman's Honeymoon

6/28/06 Desperate Britney Spears Dyed Hair to Help Image

6/28/06 Paris Hilton Denied Discount at Family Hotel

6/28/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Adopt Older Male Child

6/28/06 Jessica Simpson: "I Don't Feel Like Singing the Blues"

6/28/06 Pregnant Britney Spears Poses Nude

6/28/06 Big Brother All Stars on Air, Online and on Your Cell Phone

6/27/06 Orlando Bloom Mocked by Unfamous Friends

6/27/06 Ne-Yo Tells Britney "Dump Kevin"

6/27/06 Britney Spears: "I Have OCD"

6/27/06 Britney Spears Slams Irresponsible Editors

6/27/06 Orlando Bloom Would Consider Soap for Lots of Money

6/27/06 Paris Hilton's Flight Drama

6/27/06 Paris Hilton: "I Don't Care About Nicole Richie"

6/27/06 Nicole Kidman "Gobsmacked" by Wedding Attention

6/27/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Battle Sibling Jealousy

6/27/06 Lost Star Marries

6/27/06 Treasure Hunters Preview for July 3rd

6/27/06 Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind" Added to More Than 125 Pop Stations

6/27/06 Celebrities Compete Thursday in Family Fued on Gameshow Marathon

6/27/06 A Young Bride to Be is Haunted by Fiancé's Wife on Next Ghost Whisperer

6/27/06 Star Jones Reynolds to Announce Departure From The View

6/26/06 Orlando Bloom: Career Comes Before Love"

6/26/06 Elizabeth Hurley and Elle MacPherson Triumph at Magazine Awards

6/26/06 Britney Spears: "I've Beaten the Paparazzi"

6/26/06 Ashlee Simpson Snubs Chance to Pose for Playboy

6/26/06 Paris Hilton Feared Photographers While Filming Video

6/26/06 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Team Up for Film

6/26/06 Brangelina Plagued by Paparazzi Madness

6/26/06 Hilary Duff Dumped Bad Friends

6/26/06 Taylor Hicks Hates Hit Song

6/26/06 Kylie Minogue: "I Was Supporting Oz"

6/25/06 Nick Lachey and Lionel Richie Headline Macy's Fourth of July Spectacular

6/25/06 Britney Spears Shocked by Second Pregnancy

6/25/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Honeymoon in Bora Bora

6/25/06 Britney Spears Ditched Friends For Family

6/25/06 Jessica Simpson Not Ready to Date

6/25/06 Britney Spears Defends Being a Young Mother

6/25/06 Brad Pitt Thrilled by Sublime Fatherhood

6/25/06 Sopranos Star John Ventimiglia Pleads Guilty to DUI

6/25/06 JK Rowling Considers Pottercide

6/25/06 Brad Pitt Justifies Baby Photo Price

6/24/06 Jennifer Lopez Makes Surprise Appearance

6/24/06 Pamela Anderson: Eddie Irvine Was Too Sweet

6/24/06 JK Rowling: "I Will Never Write Another Harry Potter Novel"

6/24/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Shower Photos Stolen

6/24/06 Evangeline Lily a Smash Hit

6/24/06 Jamie Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler Secure Sopranos Pay Increase

6/24/06 Paris Hilton Parties With Crush Blunt

6/24/06 Ian McShane Fuming Over Deadwood Cancellation

6/24/06 Jessica Simpson Slammed for Copying Madonna

6/24/06 Nicole Kidman Cried Throughout Wedding Day

6/24/06 Dr. Phil to Host Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, July 4th on CBS

6/23/06 Christina Aguilera: Married Without Children

6/23/06 Josh Holloway's Fury Won Him Lost Role

6/23/06 Marcia Cross Marries in California

6/23/06 Donald Trump: Germaphobic Tycoon

6/23/06 Evangeline Lilly to Grab Her Backpack

6/23/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Have Found True Love

6/23/06 Etta James Jams with Christina Aguilera for Photo Shoot

6/23/06 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz Still Going Strong

6/23/06 Britney Spears Ice Craving

6/23/06 Avril Lavigne Models Herself on Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder

6/23/06 Joy Spears & Jason Williams Eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance

6/23/06 Cast for Rock Star: Supernova Unveiled

6/23/06 Over 2.4 Million Votes Cast So Far for Big Brother All Stars

6/23/06 Yo-Yo Champions Compete Next Week on Master of Champions

6/22/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Paparazzo Arrested

6/22/06 Britney Spears Debuts Brunette Hairstyle

6/22/06 Katharine McPhee Cancels Public Appearances

6/22/06 Keith Urban to Serenade Nicole Kidman at Wedding

6/22/06 Priest Friend to Wed Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

6/22/06 Madonna Mentors Lindsay Lohan

6/22/06 David Hasselhoff Defends Emotional American Idol Scene

6/22/06 Justin Timberlake Dumps Cameron Diaz

6/22/06 American Idol Star Katharine Mcphee's Bulimia Hell

6/22/06 Paris Hilton Linked to Hockey Boy

6/22/06 Sign Up for Big Brother All Stars Feeds, Here's How to Get a Superpass

6/22/06 20 Candidates Announced for Big Brother All Stars

6/22/06 Taylor Hicks Performs Song for Ford Motor Co. Advertising Campaign

6/22/06 Taylor Hicks "Do I Make You Proud Rockets to #1

6/22/06 Preview for Double Episode of Lost June 28th

6/21/06 Eva Longoria Caught in Car Crash

6/21/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Plan a Quickie Wedding

6/21/06 Carnie Wilson Worries Her Hernia Will Pop Out on TV

6/21/06 Jessica Simpson "Betrayed" By Vanessa Minnillo

6/21/06 Angelina Jolie Introduces Baby to Delighted Mother

6/21/06 Angelina Jolie's Grief for Child She Failed to Save

6/21/06 Nicole Kidman's Kids Arrive for Wedding - Without Tom Cruise

6/21/06 Christina Aguilera Enjoys Self Expression

6/21/06 Kylie to Complete Homecoming Tour

6/21/06 Paris Hilton Slams "Diva" Slurs

6/21/06 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Coming to IMAX

6/21/06 American Idols Live Tour Featured on Rita Cosby Show June 22nd

6/21/06 Michelle Rodriguez Dreams of Colin Farrell Relationship

6/21/06 Lynn Faces Fitness Competition on the Next Tuesday Night Book Club

6/20/06 Teri Hatcher Rubbishes Movie Rumors

6/20/06 Jennifer Lopez Laughs Off Scientology Reports

6/20/06 Jennifer Aniston's Guarded Romances Blamed on Dad

6/20/06 Angelina Jolie Portrait Artist Sworn to Secrecy

6/20/06 Carnie Wilson Joins Celebrity Fit Club

6/20/06 Simon Cowell Convinced David Hasselhoff to Judge America's Got Talent

6/20/06 Paris Hilton Warned Off Fur by Heather Mills

6/20/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Make Wedding a Family Affair

6/20/06 Jessica Simpson Tops Instyle Hot List

6/20/06 Angelina Jolie Has No Political Allegiances as UN Ambassador

6/20/06 Jerry Douglas Band Hits the Road With Paul Simon

6/20/06 John Mayer and Sheryl Crow Announce US Tour

6/20/06 Justin Timberlake's New Album in Stores September 12th

6/20/06 The Flaming Lips US Tour Confirmed

6/20/06 Survivor Panama's Melinda Hyder & Cirie Fields to Appear on The Guiding Light

6/20/06 A Wiccan and Traditional Mom Switch Places Next Week on "Wife Swap

6/20/06 Valentines Day Looms Large Next Week on How to Get the Guy

6/19/06 Paris Hilton Thanks Star Sign for Her Energy

6/19/06 Dominic Monaghan Teaches Evangeline Lilly Slang

6/19/06 Britney Spears Security Ruling Favors Pop Star

6/19/06 Kelly Clarkson Pays Tribute to Acne Wash in New TV Campaign

6/19/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Criticized for Being Colonial Overlords

6/19/06 Jennifer Aniston to Ditch Hollywood for the Stage?

6/19/06 Britney Spears Invited to Give Birth in Namibia

6/19/06 Christina Aguilera: "Call Me Baby Jane"

6/19/06 Brad Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton Team Up for Film

6/19/06 Kylie Minogue to Give Interview About Cancer Battle

6/19/06 A Neighbor Claims A Part of the Prize This Week on Windfall

6/19/06 America's Got Talent Premieres Wednesday June 21st on NBC

6/19/06 Comics Move in Together This Week on Last Comic Standing

6/19/06 Fear Factor Reality Stars Part 2 Tuesday June 20th on NBC

6/19/06 Treasure Hunters Preview for June 19th

6/19/06 Master of Champions Premieres June 22nd on ABC

6/19/06 Project Runway Season Three Designers Announced; Show Premieres July 12th

6/19/06 Penelope Ann Miller and Esai Morales Join Cast of New Fox Drama "Vanished"

6/19/06 Bree Endures Her Mother in Law Next Week on Desperate Housewives

6/18/06 Matthew Fox Saved Character From Being Killed Off

6/18/06 Michelle Rodriguez's Brazilian Dalliance

6/18/06 Jennifer Aniston's Nude Scene Shock

6/18/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Planning to Adopt Again

6/18/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Consults Intuitionist to Help Understand Her Dog

6/18/06 Paris Hilton's Locker Broker Confrontation

6/18/06 Snoop Dogg Joined by American Idol Taylor Hicks

6/18/06 Britney Spears Experiences Interview Backlash

6/18/06 Jennifer Aniston Nearly Quit Acting

6/18/06 Jennifer Aniston: "I Like All Kinds of Men"

6/17/06 Sharon Osbourne Turns Down Fame Academy Offer

6/17/06 Paris Hilton Wants More "Me" Time

6/17/06 Vince Vaughn Makes Jennifer Aniston a Better Actress

6/17/06 Pamela Anderson Strips for Charity

6/17/06 Britney Spears: "I'm a Great Housewife"

6/17/06 Britney Spears Namibian Hoax

6/17/06 Gordon Ramsay Launches Four Letter Tirade on Talk Show

6/17/06 Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant Cams

6/17/06 Michelle Rodriguez Turned Down Crash

6/17/06 Alleged Clay Aiken Lover Apologizes for Selling Story

6/16/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Confirm Marriage Plans

6/16/06 Sopranos Star Steven Van Zant Plans Theatrical TV Project

6/16/06 Angelina Jolie Terrified by Birth

6/16/06 Melinda Helps a Mother Reunite With Her Family on the next Ghost Whisperer

6/16/06 Jessica Simpson Gave Up Alcohol During Film Shoot

6/16/06 Britney Spears Wants a Namibian Baby

6/16/06 Britney Spears Blasts Waitresses for Taking Tearful Snapshots

6/16/06 Britney Spears Slams Suspicious Doctors

6/16/06 Paris Hilton Gives Britney Spears Style Advice

6/16/06 Jessica Simpson Jealous of Sister Ashlee's Body

6/16/06 Erin Ellis & Stanislav Savich Eliminated On "So You Think You Can Dance?"

6/16/06 Lance Bass & Kathy Najimy to Compete on Gameshow Marathon June 22nd

6/16/06 The Women Make Life Altering Decisions on Tuesday Night Book Club

6/16/06 Big & Rich Summer Tour Dates Announced

6/16/06 Keb Mo Kicks Off North American Tour With Bonnie Rait on June 20th

6/16/06 American Idol Contestant Josh Gracin to Appear on "The Young and the Restless"

6/16/06 Beth and Nina Plan a Shopping Trip to Paris Next on Windfall

6/16/06 Teen Choice 2006 Nominees Announced, Show to Air August 20th

6/16/06 20 Candidates for Big Brother All Stars to be Revealed on June 21st Special Episode

6/15/06 Britney Spears: "55 Hour Wedding Was Silly"

6/15/06 The Camera Never Lies - Nick Lachey is Dating Vanessa Minnillo

6/15/06 Britney Spears Fights Tears as She Defends Her Marriage on TV

6/15/06 Jennifer Aniston's Friendly Birthday Gift

6/15/06 Britney Spears: "Treat Me Like Julia Roberts"

6/15/06 Rosie O'Donnell Delighted for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

6/15/06 American Idol Ruben Studdard Wins $2 Million in Manager Lawsuit

6/15/06 Carmen Electra Regrets Breast Implants

6/15/06 Paris Hilton Gives Britney Spears Paparazzi Tips

6/15/06 Shakira's Hips Fight Off Promiscuous Nelly On US Pop Chart

6/15/06 Michael Treks into the Jungle Next Week on Second Encore Episode of Lost

6/15/06 Hurley Struggles With a Task Next Week on Encore Episode of Lost

6/15/06 Goo Goo Dolls Prepare for Upcoming Summer Long Tour

6/15/06 Daniel Powter Announces U.S. Tour This Summer

6/15/06 Denver Post Gets Real With Real World 18 Website

6/15/06 Jaheim Announces Summer Tour With Mary J. Blige

6/14/06 Flavor Flav's Love Arrested

6/14/06 Hilary Duff: "I'm Still a Virgin"

6/14/06 Britney Spears "Media Are Taking Cheap Shots"

6/14/06 Nicole Richie Promised Caribbean Cruise for Weight Gain

6/14/06 Vince Vaughn: "I Fell in Love With Jennifer Aniston's Humor"

6/14/06 Sopranos Stars Warn "Pay Rise or We're Off"

6/14/06 Oprah Winfrey Upsets Wedding Party by Crashing the Ceremony

6/14/06 American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks Tops Bachelor List

6/14/06 Jessica Simpson Recruits Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba & Carmen Electra For Video

6/14/06 Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan Keep Their Distance

6/14/06 12 Contestants Revealed on Last Comic Standing

6/14/06 Nelly Furtado and Timbaland to Perform on So You Think You Can Dance?

6/14/06 Pepsi Offers Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige & All American Rejects Ringtones

6/13/06 Madonna Teaming Up With Lindsay Lohan

6/13/06 Jessica Simpson Falls for Jared Leto

6/13/06 Jennifer Lopez Wedding Thief Pleads Guilty

6/13/06 Hilary Duff: "My Music is Misunderstood

6/13/06 Jessica Simpson's Dumb Blonde Comment Amuses Pamela Anderson

6/13/06 Britney Spears in Nappy Drama

6/13/06 Hilary Duff Slams New York Times Critic

6/13/06 Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton Clash in Bar

6/13/06 Britney Spears: "Kevin is Simple"

6/13/06 Jennifer Aniston Blasts New Engagement Rumors

6/13/06 A Pastors Wife and an Atheist Swap Places on the Next Wife Swap

6/13/06 The Ladies Take Blind Dating to a New Extreme Next on "How to Get the Guy"

6/12/06 Madonna and Britney Spears Have Friendship Fallout

6/12/06 ABC Announces New Series "Masters of Champions"

6/12/06 Paris Hilton Starts Her Own Neverland Zoo

6/12/06 Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Sparks First Fashion Trend

6/12/06 Simpson Sisters Have Always Had Different Styles

6/12/06 Angelina Jolie Prepares With Punk

6/12/06 Oprah Winfrey: "I Have No Problem With Hip Hop"

6/12/06 Paris Hilton: "I Want to be Alone"

6/12/06 Angelina Jolie Gets Thank You Letter From Namibian President

6/12/06 Reality Show Searches for the Next Eminem

6/12/06 Jennifer Lopez Wins Flashdance Lawsuit

6/12/06 Paris Hilton Debut Single "Stars Are Blind" Is Red Hot

6/12/06 Barbra Streisand Tour Kicks Off October 4th in Philadelphia

6/12/06 Madonna DVD/Live CD to be Released June 20th

6/12/06 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Goes Back to Camp June 18th

6/12/06 Pixar "Cars Drives Interest in Historic Route 66

6/12/06 Bravo Announces New Series "Tabloid Wars"

6/12/06 Windfall Episode 2 Thursday June 15th Preview

6/12/06 Melinda Helps a Young Boy Console His Parents Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

6/11/06 Tom Cruise Congratulates "Copycat" Brad Pitt

6/11/06 Eva Longoria to Pen Romance Novel

6/11/06 Jennifer Aniston Blames Vince Vaughn for Nicotine Addiction

6/11/06 Paris Hilton Sued Over Cousin's Motorway Pile-up

6/11/06 Jerry Bruckheimer Dreams Up Blockbuster for Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt

6/11/06 Haylie Duff and Diana DeGarmo Star in Hairspray on Broadway

6/11/06 Nick Lachey Shocked by Gay Question

6/11/06 Lionel Richie Stays Out of Nicole and Paris Hilton's Rift

6/11/06 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Lied About Summer Camp

6/11/06 Mel Gibson Sells Mansion Because of Britney Spears

6/10/06 Paris Hilton Dumps Football Hunk?

6/10/06 Kylie Minogue Makes a Comeback

6/10/06 Nicole Richie Demonstrates Pregnant Sex at Lamaze Class on The Simple Life

6/10/06 Ghost Whisperer Spares Jennifer Love Hewitt From Baring All

6/10/06 Nicole Richie: "Paris Hilton and I Will Never Be Friends Again"

6/10/06 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Join Puerto Rican Day Parade

6/10/06 Charlotte Church Vows No Celebrity Big Brother

6/10/06 Britney Spears: "I'm a Good Mom"

6/10/06 Britney Spears: "I'm an Emotional Wreck"

6/10/06 Elizabeth Hurley Plans French Move

6/9/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Leave Namibia

6/9/06 Paris Hilton Admits Car Accident

6/9/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Caught Up in Assault Case

6/9/06 Kelly Clarkson Hires a Touring Chef

6/9/06 Britney Spears Sued by Injured Photographer

6/9/06 Charlotte Church Slams "Awful" Paris Hilton Track

6/9/06 Britney Spears to Launch Kids Clothing Line

6/9/06 Paris Hilton Accident Caught on Camera

6/9/06 Christopher Lee Dreamt of Being Gandalf

6/9/06 Sharon Osbourne Quieted by Simon Cowell

6/9/06 America Tells Kathy Griffin to Release Sex Tape to Get Off The D-List

6/9/06 The Secret of the Hatch is Revealed Next Week on an Encore Episode of Lost

6/9/06 Vivica A Fox Gets Dancing For Reality Show

6/9/06 20 Finalist Revealed on So You Think You Can Dance

6/9/06 Stolen Gas Must be Returned on the Next "My Name is Earl"

6/9/06 American Red Cross to Benefit From American Idol Taylor Hicks Single

6/9/06 Madonna Joins Fashion Giant H&M For Tour Wardrobe

6/9/06 Something New, Nanny McPhee, Munich & The Producers Coming to Pay Per View

6/9/06 Television Movie "Saving Milly" to be Rebroadcast on CBS July 9th

6/9/06 Mission Impossible II Starring Tom Cruise to be Broadcast on CBS July 8th

6/9/06 Kate Hudson Stars in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" on CBS July 2nd

6/9/06 Deep Impact to be Broadcast July 1 on CBS

6/8/06 Jessica Simpson Album Stays Away From Nick Lachey Songs

6/8/06 Kelly Osbourne: "Big Brother is Like Rehab"

6/8/06 Man Accused of Robbing Lost Star to Stand Trial

6/8/06 Apprentice Winner: "I'm Not Getting Married"

6/8/06 Nicollette Sheridan Sued by Former Manager

6/8/06 Angelina Jolie Pleads for Refugee Aid

6/8/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Appear on Namibian TV

6/8/06 Jennifer Lopez Still Deliberating Over Dallas

6/8/06 James Haven: "I've Never Seen Angelina Happier"

6/8/06 KT Tunstall Thrilled by Katharine McPhee's American Idol Performance

6/8/06 Series Finale of "Commander in Chief" to Air June 14th

6/8/06 American Idols Live Claims Top Spot at TicketsNow May Entertainment Index

6/7/06 Britney Spears Wedding Invitation Sells on eBay

6/7/06 Lindsay Lohan Plans French Boutique

6/7/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Baby Photos Hit Newsstands

6/7/06 Kelly Osbourne Replaces Elizabeth Hurley on Project Catwalk

6/7/06 Teri Hatcher Pulls Her Hair Out for Charity

6/7/06 Lindsay Lohan" "I Can't Stay Faithful"

6/7/06 Britney Spears Manny Unmasked

6/7/06 Jennifer Lopez Fuels Pregnancy Reports on Shopping Trip

6/7/06 JK Rowling Named Greatest Living British Author

6/7/06 Marc Cherry Desperate For Peace

6/7/06 Roto-Rooter Joins "The Simple Life" Show

6/7/06 Tim Meadows and Leslie Nielson Tonight on Gameshow Marathon

6/7/06 Tuesday Night Book Club Premieres Tuesday June 13th

6/7/06 Cindy Margolis Launches Cindy Radio Show to Support Unsigned Bands

6/7/06 American Idol Season 5 Encores Best Selling Idol Finalist Album

6/7/06 American Idol Runner Up Katharine McPhee Signs Record Contract

6/7/06 Last Comic Standing Episode 3 June 13th Preview

6/7/06 Fear Factor, Reality Stars Preview for June 13th

6/7/06 A Bug Must Be Planted in the Iranian Embassy Next Week on "The Unit

6/6/06 Jennifer Lopez and Geena Davis Shine at Crystal Awards

6/6/06 Jennifer Lopez Slams Pregnancy Reports

6/6/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Deny Wedding Rumors

6/6/06 Lord of the Rings Star Turns to Music

6/6/06 Jeanne Tripplehorn Defends Polygamy Drama
6/6/06 Reverend Run Keeps His Kids in Check

6/6/06 Michael Bolton: "I Forced Shy Nicollette Sheridan to Sing

6/6/06 Diddy and Jessica Simpson Fight for Spotlight

6/6/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Finds Dream Car Through Reality TV Show

6/6/06 Jessica Alba's Anxiety Triggered by Birthday Surprise

6/6/06 Barnyard to Be Released in Theaters August 4th

6/6/06 Survivorman Returns for Second Season

6/6/06 Preview Clips for So You Think You Can Dance June 7th Episode

6/5/06 Christina Aguilera Serves Up a Double

6/5/06 Kylie Minogue Named Glamour Woman of the Year

6/5/06 Ashanti Sued for Breach of Contract

6/5/06 Jessica Alba Obsessed With Cleanliness

6/5/06 David Letterman Interrogates Lindsay Lohan About Love Life

6/5/06 George Clooney and Brad Pitt Close Down Las Ramblas

6/5/06 Kylie Minogue Baffled by Celebs Rushing to Wed

6/5/06 Eminem Settles Ringtone Battle

6/5/06 Apprentice Winner Finds Love on the Show

6/5/06 Marc Anthony Celebrates Jennifer Lopez in Ad

6/5/06 Contestants Announced for Season 2 of Hell's Kitchen

6/5/06 Teams Announced for Treasure Hunters Show

6/5/06 Last Chance to Own a Piece of Survivor: Panama

6/5/06 Three Hearts: A Post Modern Family to Air on Bravo June 12th

6/5/06 Donald Trump to Hire Fifth Apprentice on Live Finale Tonight

6/5/06 Celine Dion to Appear on Deal or No Deal Season Finale Tonight

6/5/06 A Police Detective and Surrendered Wife Trade Places on the Next "Wife Swap"

6/4/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Are Still Together According to Pals

6/4/06 Magazine Threatens to Sue Bloggers Over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Photos

6/4/06 Paula Abdul to Join Simon Cowell in Britain on The X Factor

6/4/06 Ivana Trump Picks Paris Hilton to Play Her in Movie

6/4/06 Jennifer Aniston's Tears Over Brad Pitt Baby

6/4/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Pictures Leaked on the Internet

6/4/06 Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra Have Unconventional Relationship

6/4/06 Julia Roberts Poor Reviews Affecting Tickets Sales

6/4/06 Piper Perabo Impressed With Justin Timberlake

6/4/06 Jessica Simpson Skating in New Video

6/3/06 Survivor Vanuatu Winner Suspended for Lying About Medical Issues

6/3/06 Gene Simmons Stunned by Fake Wedding

6/3/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Sell Baby Photos

6/3/06 Shakira Scores Most Played Record

6/3/06 Piper Perabo Warned Off Tommy Lee by Mother

6/3/06 Teri Hatcher Horrified by Sick Surgeons

6/3/06 Jessica Alba Turns On Dolphins

6/3/06 Ludacris: "I Still Love Oprah"

6/3/06 Adrianne Curry: "Nick and Jessica Were Fake"

6/3/06 McFly's Kiss and Tell Song for Lindsay Lohan

6/3/06 Ashlee Simpson Sets Summer 2006 Tour

6/3/06 International Superstar Andrea Bocelli Returns to US Concerts in June

6/3/06 Sean Paul to Open for Mariah Carey on Tour

6/3/06 Treasure Hunters Series to Premiere June 18th on NBC

6/3/06 A Brave Soldier Helped Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

6/3/06 Rebroadcast of Premiere Episode Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

6/2/06 Lorraine Bracco Deliberately Destroyed Relationship With Harvey Keitel

6/2/06 Kylie Minogue Enjoyed Return to the Studio

6/2/06 Piper Perabo: "Demi Made Intimate Scene With Ashton Kutcher Impossible"

6/2/06 Deadwood to Close With Movies

6/2/06 Tom Cruise Plans Spectacular Japanese Premiere

6/2/06 America Eyes Eurovision

6/2/06 Rebecca Loos Brands Sharon Osbourne a "Vulgar Bully"

6/2/06 Diet Pill Makers Sue Sopranos Star

6/2/06 Nicole Kidman to Wed in the Dark

6/2/06 Brad Pitt's Parents Arrive in Africa

6/2/06 Nashville Star Live Tour Dates Announced

6/2/06 Nashville Star to Shine Over CMA Music Festival

6/2/06 Million Dollar Listing Premiere Moves to August 29th on Bravo

6/2/06 Season 3 of Project Runway to Premiere July 12th on Bravo

6/2/06 Jon Voight Speaks Out About Angelina Jolie and Shiloh

6/2/06 Catch Up with Canadian Idols in CTV Concert Special, June 13

6/2/06 It's Zack vs Jake vs Farley on Canadian Idol, June 5th on CTV

6/1/06 Oprah Winfrey Visits Native Americans

6/1/06 Simon Cowell to Slim Down

6/1/06 Lost Star Refuses to Curb Wild Ways

6/1/06 Britney Spears Wedding Certificate on Ebay

6/1/06 Jessica Simpson's Medical Scare

6/1/06 Mental Health Worries Over UK Big Brother

6/1/06 Namibia Considers Brangelina Baby National Holiday

6/1/06 Stars Line Up for US Summer Game Show

6/1/06 Idol Contestant Quits Oz Over Paris Hilton Memories

6/1/06 Sharon Osbourne: "I'll Keep Slamming Rebecca Loos"

6/1/06 British Game Show "The Con Test" Come to ABC

6/1/06 Starting Over Fans Try to Save Show

6/1/06 Donald Trump to Hire Fifth Apprentice on Live Finale June 5th

6/1/06 2006 American Idol Taylor Hicks Signs Recording Deal

6/1/06 Mac is Faced With a Hostage Crises Next Week on Commander in Chief

6/1/06 Michael, Sawyer and Jin Brave the Open Water Next Week on "Lost"



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