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6/30/07 Doctor Who Chiefs Confirm Kylie Minogue Cameo

6/30/07 Daniel Radcliffe Becomes Youngest Waxwork

6/30/07 Lindsay Lohan Marks 21st Birthday With Low Key Family Bash

6/30/07 Kimberly Locke to Lose Weight for Jenny Craig

6/30/07 Pamela Anderson Celebrates 40th Birthday in Las Vegas

6/30/07 Josh Holloway: "I Feared I Was Going to Die While Filming Lost"

6/30/07 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Get First Wedding Gifts

6/30/07 Orlando Bloom Fails to Make an Impression on Playwright

6/30/07 Lynne Spears Hopeful of Reunion With Britney

6/30/07 Daniel Radcliffe's Cricket Nightmares

6/30/07 Wink Martindale & Bob Eubanks Guest Star Next Week on 1 vs 100

6/30/07 Cheryl is Forced to Work With Her Ex Next Week on "Standoff"

6/29/07 Angelina Jolie's Princess Diana Inspiration

6/29/07 Elizabeth Hurley Slammed For Using Son as Bikini Model

6/29/07 Louis Walsh Frantically Takes Back Interview

6/29/07 Report: Britney Spears Partying Has Kevin Refusing to Agree to Divorce Deal

6/29/07 Woman Pleads Guilty to Stalking Linkin Park Singer

6/29/07 Paris Hilton to Teach Business to Budding Entrepreneurs?

6/29/07 Producer Gives Britney Spears Comeback a Big Boost

6/29/07 News Anchor Refuses to Report on Paris Hilton Release

6/29/07 Britney Spears Cancels Cyndi Lauper Tour Appearance

6/29/07 Britney Spears Delivers Lawyer's Letter to Her Mother

6/29/07 CBS Reveals The Identities Of The 14 New Houseguests On 'Big Brother 8'

6/28/07 Harry Potter Film Premieres in Japan

6/28/07 Kristy Swanson: "I'm Not a Homewrecker"

6/28/07 Paris Hilton Accused of Lying to Larry King

6/28/07 Daniel Radcliffe Signs on for Final Two Harry Potter Films

6/28/07 Danny Bonaduce is No Role Model for Young Stars in Trouble

6/28/07 Katie Price Gives Birth to Baby Girl

6/28/07 JK Rowling Fights to Save Elf

6/28/07 Louis Walsh's "Valuable Lesson" in X Factor Sacking

6/28/07 Strangers Tried to Visit Paris Hilton in Jail

6/28/07 Britney Spears Looks to Katie Holmes for Fashion Tips

6/28/07 Preview Clips for Tonight's Episode of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

6/28/07 Jay and Kim Take Evidence to the FBI July 11 on "Traveler"

6/28/07 Tampa and Houston Auditions Featured July 11 on American Inventor

6/28/07 Bravo Announces New Series "Welcome to the Parker" Premiering July 26

6/28/07 Bravo Announces New Docu-Drama "Flipping Out" to Premiere July 31

6/27/07 Oprah Winfrey to Open Boutique Store

6/27/07 Louis Walsh Confirms The X Factor Return

6/27/07 The Bachelor Producers Hit With Herpes Dilemma

6/27/07 Alyssa Milano Turns Tropical Disease Network Ambassador

6/27/07 Ugly Betty Gets Set for Victoria Beckham?

6/27/07 Paris Hilton's CNN Chat Was a Ratings Winner

6/27/07 Nicole Richie: "Why Am I Famous?"

6/27/07 Paris Hilton Agrees to Mothers Against Drunk Driving

6/27/07 Katie Leung Praises Daniel Radcliffe Kissing

6/27/07 Brad Pitt Left Out of Gas & Out of Cash

6/27/07 Hell's Kitchen Episode 4 - "We're in Hell"

6/27/07 The Shaq Hits the Fan Next Week on "Shaq's Big Challenge"

6/27/07 Nessa is Desperate for a Royal Pardon Tomorrow on "Pirate Master"

6/27/07 The Surreal Life Seasons 1-4 to Air on TV Guide Network

6/26/07 Nicole Richie Slams Her Eating Disorder Reputation

6/26/07 Strangers Tried to Visit Paris Hilton in Jail

6/26/07 Paris Hilton Confused and Terrified When Taken Back to Jail

6/26/07 Paris Hilton: Jail Was a Blessing in Disguise

6/26/07 Paris Hilton Thanks Jailmates for Helping Her Cope Behind Bars

6/26/07 Kelly Clarkson: "I'd be a Horrible Mother"

6/26/07 Jack Osbourne Sued Over Armed and Famous Police Raid

6/26/07 Paris Hilton Spends First Day of Freedom With Family

6/26/07 Jessica Simpson Plans Swimwear Line

6/26/07 Everybody Hates Chris Cast Rush Back to Work

6/26/07 John Elway Wins "Fast Cars & Superstars"

6/26/07 Directors Mark Waters & Eli Roth to Serve as Guest Judges "On the Lot"

6/26/07 The Cougars & Kittens Plan Each Others Dates Next Week on Age of Love

6/26/07 Remaining Chefs Try to Save a Wedding Reception Next Week on Hell's Kitchen

6/26/07 Pirate Master: Who's Looking Good after Episodes III & IV? Episodes III and IV

6/25/07 Police Enforce No Parking Zone Around Paris Hilton Home

6/25/07 Eva Longoria Takes Complete Charge of Wedding

6/25/07 Angelina Jolie Chuckled Through Childbirth

6/25/07 Carrie Underwood Crowned Sexiest Vegetarian

6/25/07 Daniel Radcliffe: Nakedness Prepared Me for Kiss

6/25/07 Paris Hilton to Open Halfway House for Inmates

6/25/07 Anna Nicole Smith Mother is Axed From Biopic

6/25/07 Paris Hilton Released From Jail

6/25/07 Daniel Radcliffe Loves Newfound Female Attention

6/25/07 Harry Potter Stars Vow to Keep Bad Behavior Under Wraps

6/25/07 Bravo Announces New Series Hey Paula to Premiere Thursday

6/25/07 American Idols Live Tour Kicks Off Next Week

6/25/07 NBC Announces July 10 Premiere of "The Singing Bee"

6/24/07 Paris Hilton Home Vandalized

6/24/07 Actress is Paris Hilton's Last Visitor

6/24/07 Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Net Windfall for Wedding Shots

6/24/07 Harry Potter Star Related to Witches

6/24/07 Daniel Radcliffe: "I Will be Sensible With My Cash"

6/24/07 American Idol Employee Told to Settle Harassment Claims

6/24/07 Christina Aguilera Reading Scripts

6/24/07 Britney Spears Reaches Out to Mom in Website Message

6/24/07 Larry King Lands First Paris Hilton Interview

6/24/07 Britney Spears to Make Live Appearance on Cyndi Lauper Tour

6/23/07 Daniel Radcliffe Hates Growing Up on Screen

6/23/07 Rupert Grint Plans to Sell Ice Cream

6/23/07 Paris Hilton "Sick" of Prison Orange

6/23/07 Barbara Walters: "Paris Hilton Interview is Beneath Me"

6/23/07 Katie Leung Denies Emma Watson Rivalry

6/23/07 Australian Big Brother Makers Apologize to Mexico

6/23/07 Hacker Posts Harry Potter Spoiler

6/23/07 Australian Idol's Rickie-Lee Coulter Quits The Young Divas to Go Solo

6/23/07 JK Rowling Leaks Harry Potter Ending to Husband

6/23/07 Paris Hilton's Releases Date Confirmed

6/23/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of 1 vs 100

6/23/07 A Hostage Taker Claims a Close Connection to Emily Next Week on "Standoff"

6/22/07 Pamela Anderson Eyeing Strip Club Chain

6/22/07 Fans Flock to Sopranos Final Scene Diner

6/22/07 Angelina Jolie Misjudged Pretty Boy Brad Pitt

6/22/07 Paris Hilton Feeling Gracious Behind Bars

6/22/07 Uma Thurman Finds Love?

6/22/07 Joss Stone Laughs Off Royal Romance

6/22/07 Paris Hilton Criticized for Treating Animals "Horribly"

6/22/07 Catherine Zeta Jones: "I'm Insecure"

6/22/07 Mayor: "Paris Hilton Has it Rough"

6/22/07 Pamela Anderson Stirs Up Fur Fuss in Finland

6/22/07 CBS Announces August 7 Premiere Date for New Game Show "Power of 10"

6/22/07 Science of Love: A Modern Dating Experiment Special Monday on NBC

6/22/07 The Search Continues in New York & Chicago Next Week on American Inventor

6/22/07 Extreme Makeover Returns to ABC Monday, July 2

6/22/07 Fourteen Semi-Finalists Compete Next Week on The Next Best Thing

6/22/07 Kelly Clarkson to Perform on The Early Show Plaza Tuesday June 26

6/22/07 Faina & Jimmy Eliminated on "So You Think You Can Dance"

6/21/07 Jonathan Rotem Confirms He Dated Britney Spears

6/21/07 Louis Walsh to Rejoin The X Factor?

6/21/07 Britney Spears on Hiatus as Album is Pushed into 2008

6/21/07 Katie Leung Refused to Practice for Harry Potter Kiss

6/21/07 Larry Birkhead Moves Into Anna Nicole Smith's Home

6/21/07 Clay Aiken Fans to be the Focus of a New Musical

6/21/07 Jessica Simpson Slims Down

6/21/07 Kelly Clarkson Battled Bulimia

6/21/07 Paris Hilton Writes to Fans From Jail

6/21/07 JK Rowling and Publisher Accused of "Eating" Harry Potter Profits

6/21/07 Gabrielle Reece is the Sixth Star Eliminated on Fast Cars and Superstars

6/21/07 FOX Announces New Game Show "Don't Forget the Lyrics"

6/21/07 Tyler and Jay Risk Capture as the Return to New York Next Week on "Traveler"

6/21/07 Ratings Report: Top Chef 3 Miami Up 55 Percent in Week Two

6/20/07 Gordon Ramsay Sued by Kitchen Nightmares Restaurant Manager

6/20/07 Paris Hilton "Refusing to Eat" in Jail

6/20/07 Film Crew Gathered Round to See Daniel Radcliffe's First Kiss

6/20/07 Brad Pitt's Family Defend Close Relationship With Jennifer Aniston

6/20/07 Skeet Ulrich Thanks Fans For Saving Jericho

6/20/07 The OC Star Kelly Rowan Engaged

6/20/07 Pamela Anderson in Relationship With Magician?

6/20/07 Hugh Hefner's Girls Upset About Monte Carlo Arrest

6/20/07 Is Hugh Hefner's Number One Girl Pregnant?

6/20/07 Carrie Underwood Hit Becomes Ringtone Favorite

6/20/07 Drive Returns for Two Hour Series Finale Wednesday July 4th

6/20/07 Matt and Emily Negotiate With a Cult Leader Friday on "Standoff"

6/20/07 Remaining Chefs Face a Taste Testing Challenge Next Week on Hell's Kitchen

6/20/07 Canadian Idol Top 22 Announced

6/20/07 A Burbank California Featured Next Week on "The Real Wedding Crashers"

6/20/07 The Team Protects an International Figure at the UN Next Week on "The Unit"

6/19/07 Who Wants to be a Superhero Returns to Sci Fi for Season 2

6/19/07 Christina Aguilera Buys Osbourne Mansion

6/19/07 Paula Abdul Teams Up Chicken Soup

6/19/07 Katie Price Forced to Cancel Appearances After Collapse

6/19/07 Paula Abdul is Looking for Love

6/19/07 Lloyd Eisler Supports Fiancée Kristy Swanson in Assault Battle

6/19/07 Angelina Jolie Praised by Colin Powell

6/19/07 Nicole Richie Drunk Driving Trial Set for Next Month

6/19/07 Anna Nicole Smith Love Rivals Come Together to Close Estate & Guardian Battle

6/19/07 Paris Hilton's Jail Cell Decorating Plans Ripped Down

6/19/07 Paris Hilton's Neighbors Braced for Her Release

6/19/07 Hilary Duff U.S. Tour Dates Announced

6/19/07 "Tontine" to Offer Largest Giveaway in Reality TV History

6/19/07 A Chandler Arizona Man is Helped Next Week on Ex Wives Club

6/19/07 Mark Meets the Second Group of Women Next Week on "Age of Love"

6/19/07 Brian Bailey, Rita Silvan & Shawn Hewson Join "Project Runway Canada"

6/18/07 Jennifer Aniston Laughs Off Adoption Stories

6/18/07 Britney Spears Threatens Legal Action Over Bald Billboard Ads

6/18/07 Angelina Jolie Goes Barefoot in Cambodia

6/18/07 Angelina Jolie to Help Fran Drescher Battle Cancer

6/18/07 Jennifer Aniston Wins Best Short Award at Cinevegas Festival

6/18/07 Kristy Swanson Files Assault Charges After Weekend Arrest

6/18/07 James Gandolfini Interviews Troops for Hard-Hitting New TV Special

6/18/07 Kelly Clarkson Refused to Perform "Bitter" Pop Song at Charity Event

6/18/07 Paris Hilton is the Most Popular Prisoner

6/18/07 Nicole Richie and Joel Madden to Wed?

6/18/07 Drivers Must Go Hard or Go Home Tomorrow on "Fast Cars and Superstars"

6/17/07 Kristy Swanson Arrested Over Fight With Lloyd Eisler's Ex-Wife

6/17/07 Errors Fail to Mar The Police Festival Show

6/17/07 Angelina Jolie Keen to End Bitter Estrangement From Her Father

6/17/07 Ellen DeGeneres Fears for Society for Paris Hilton Adoration

6/17/07 Angelina Jolie Praises Brad Pitt's Parents

6/17/07 Secret Police Band Reunion in 1986 Was "Too Early"

6/17/07 Kylie Minogue Plans 20th Anniversary Bash

6/17/07 Angelina Jolie: "Mother's Death Led to Weight loss"

6/17/07 Chaos as Britney Spears Stages Hotel Drive By

6/17/07 Lindsay Lohan's Bodyguard Lied About Work

6/16/07 Nicky Hilton "Hysterical" After Visiting Paris in Prison

6/16/07 Lindsay Lohan Faces Another Lawsuit Over a 2005 Car Crash

6/16/07 Emma Watson Confirms Her Role in Another Harry Potter Movie

6/16/07 Angelina Jolie Lawyer Confesses to Censorship Attempt

6/16/07 James Gandolfini Happy With Sopranos Finale

6/16/07 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Planning a Huge Family

6/16/07 Emma Watson Plays Down Stalker Reports

6/16/07 Kelly Clarkson Snubbed Clive Davis Offer to Scrap Songs

6/16/07 Shar Jackson: "Britney Think She's Fine"

6/16/07 Harry Potter Land an "M" Rating Down Under

6/16/07 The Stakes are Higher Than Ever Next Week on National Bingo Night

6/16/07 Director Wes Craven to Guest Judge for "On the Lot" Tuesday June 19

6/16/07 Ashlee Langas and Ricky Palomino Eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance

6/16/07 ABC Announces New Game Show "Set for Life" to Debut July 20

6/16/07 William Shatner is the Fourth Star Eliminated on Fast Cars and Superstars

6/15/07 Survey: "Paris Hilton Serving More Time Than Average"

6/15/07 Kelly Clarkson Cancels Tour

6/15/07 Christina Aguilera Stays Quiet Over Pregnancy Rumors

6/15/07 Paris Hilton to Set Sail for Gilligan's Island?

6/15/07 Al Pacino: "I'd Consider Going on Dancing With the Stars

6/15/07 Angelina Jolie Backtracks on Censoring Interviews

6/15/07 Angelina Jolie's Animal Sanctuary Protecting Cambodian Wildlife

6/15/07 Larry Birkhead: "I Thought Anna Nicole Smith's Collapse Was an Act"

6/15/07 Anna Nicole Smith Baby Court Battle Postponed

6/15/07 Paris Hilton "Receiving Preferential Treatment" in Jail

6/15/07 Pro Kasey Kahne Helps Four of the Stars Sunday on "Fast Cars and Superstars"

6/14/07 Britney Spears Mother Refuses to Talk About Her on TV

6/14/07 Jennifer Aniston Takes on Goree Girls Musical

6/14/07 Hugh Hefner's Girlfriends in Trouble in Monte Carlo

6/14/07 Pamela Anderson Lands Magical Birthday Deal

6/14/07 Paris Hilton Sent Back to Lynwood

6/14/07 Britney Spears Wants Fans to Name Her Album After Lindsay Lohan

6/14/07 Real World San Diego Star Frankie Abernathy Dies

6/14/07 Paris Hilton Dropped by Talent Agent

6/14/07 Lindsay Lohan Sued Over 2005 Car Accident

6/14/07 Kelly Clarkson Parts With Manager

6/14/07 The Search Continues in Chicago & New York Next Week on American Inventor

6/14/07 Jay and Tyler Search Leads to Boston Next Week on "Traveler"

6/14/07 Tears and Laughter Next Tuesday on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

6/13/07 Jennifer Aniston Planning Adoption?

6/13/07 Britney Spears Flashes at Paparazzi

6/13/07 Paris Hilton's Parents Visit Her in Jail

6/13/07 Tiffany Piled on Pounds Thanks to Late Night Snacks

6/13/07 Journey Rocker Kept Sopranos Boss Waiting

6/13/07 Kelly Clarkson: "I'm Too Selfish to Have Kids"

6/13/07 Shrine Appears Outside Paris Hilton Home

6/13/07 David Chase Laughs Off Sopranos Movie

6/13/07 Lindsay Lohan Risked Fashion Disaster

6/13/07 Celebrity Lawyer: "Paris Hilton is Being Treated Harshly"

6/13/07 NBC Announces Victoria Beckham: Coming to America Special July 16

6/13/07 Hells Kitchen Episode 2 - Something's Fishy… The Girls Work Together?!

6/13/07 Tennis Star Mark Philippoussis Begins His Search Monday on Age of Love

6/13/07 Heroes Season 1 DVD Available for Preorder

6/13/07 The Biggest Loser Returns to NBC September 4

6/13/07 Jericho Returns to CBS on July 6

6/13/07 Hell's Kitchen Outtake Clips

6/13/07 Bill Cower Earns a New Nickname Tomorrow on "Fast Cars and Superstars"

6/12/07 Nicole Richie Pregnancy Rumors

6/12/07 Pirate Master Episode Two Thoughts

6/12/07 Paris Hilton's Hotline to Barbara Walters

6/12/07 Kylie Minogue Honored for 20 Year Career

6/12/07 Paris Hilton Costs Taxpayer 11 Times Average Inmate

6/12/07 Dave Navarro Denies Perry Farrell's Jane's Addiction Split Claim

6/12/07 Lindsay Lohan Bodyguard Reveals Lesbian Trysts

6/12/07 Angelina Jolie Recalls "Empty" Early Career Days

6/12/07 Sopranos Cast Watch Final Episode Together

6/12/07 Ugly Betty Star Ana Ortiz Weds

6/12/07 Shaq's Big Challenge to Premiere Tuesday June 26

6/12/07 NBC to Broadcast "Concert for Diana" Sunday July 1

6/12/07 Excerpts From Matt Lauer's Interview With Prince William & Prince Harry

6/12/07 Pringles Announces "Win a Day With an American Idol Finalist" Contest

6/12/07 Justin Timberlake "Sumer Love" is Tops Radio Chart

6/12/07 Fans of Celebrity Fit Club Weigh in on Celebrity Diets

6/12/07 Contestants Compete to Serve Military Members Next Week on Hells Kitchen

6/12/07 FOX Announces New Reality Series "Anchorwoman" to Premiere August 21

6/12/07 Jo Helps An Overwhelmed Pregnant Mom of Three Next Week on Supernanny

6/12/07 A Laid Back Mom and a Controlling Mom Next Week on "Wife Swap"

6/12/07 A Cancer Survivor Recovers from Divorce Next Week on Ex Wives Club

6/11/07 Brad Pitt Worries About De-Mining Angelina Jolie's Cambodia Property

6/11/07 Paris Hilton's Neighbors Complain About Helicopter Noise

6/11/07 Danni Minogue Challenges Simon Cowell for "Meanest Judge" Role

6/11/07 Angelina Jolie Takes Birth Tips From Michael Winterbottom for New Movie

6/11/07 Jessica Simpson Loves the Pussycat Dolls Moves

6/11/07 Paris Hilton: "The Iraq War is More Important Than My Jail Term"

6/11/07 Sheriff Baca Denies Hilton Donation Influenced House Arrest Decision

6/11/07 Paris Hilton Learns a "Bitter" Lesson and Withdraws Appeal

6/11/07 Eric Mabius Hates Love Scenes With Salma Hayek

6/11/07 Lindsay Lohan's Bodyguard: "Lindsay Has a Deathwish"

6/11/07 John Salley Must Squeeze Into His Car Tomorrow on "Fast Cars and Superstars"

6/11/07 A Michigan Family is Helped Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

6/11/07 CBS Announces Big Brother 8 to Premiere Thursday July 5

6/11/07 PerfectMatch.com and NBC Team Up for Science of Love Reality Special

6/10/07 America Ferrera's Shoeless Globes

6/10/07 Nicole Richie Keeps Tabloid Talking Friends Away

6/10/07 Mariane Pearl Praises Brad Pitt

6/10/07 Paris Hilton to Return to Jail?

6/10/07 Sheriff Defends Paris Hilton Release

6/10/07 America Ferrara Cried Over Ugly Betty Season Finale

6/10/07 Hugh Hefner "Betrays" Girlfriend Over Magazine Article

6/10/07 Shilpa Shetty Pleased With Big Brother Racism Decision

6/10/07 Lindsay Lohan Talked of Loneliness Before Entering Rehab

6/10/07 Paris Hilton Release "Proves Preferential Treatment"

6/9/07 Angelina Jolie: "Remember Me as a Humanitarian - Not an Actress"

6/9/07 Paris Hilton to Appeal Jail Decision

6/9/07 Hysterical Paris Hilton Sent Back to Jail

6/9/07 Paris Hilton's Early Release Slammed by L.A. City Attorney

6/9/07 Paris Hilton Tagged and "Reassigned"

6/9/07 Paris Hilton is Released From Jail Early

6/9/07 Pamela Anderson Moves Into Real Estate

6/9/07 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Retire in "A Few Years"

6/9/07 Beckham Reality Show Going Ahead, Says Network

6/9/07 Paula Abdul Open to Adoption

6/9/07 Preview for Monday's Episode of "Creature Comforts"

6/9/07 The Underdog Crew is Determined to Get a New Captain Next on Pirate Master

6/9/07 A&E Announces New Series "The Two Coreys" to Premiere July 29th

6/9/07 Three New Contestants Try Their Luck Next Week on National Bingo Night

6/8/07 Angelina Jolie "Connected" to Pregnant Character

6/8/07 Teri Hatcher Embarrassed by Glamour Award

6/8/07 Nicole Richie's Jail Worry

6/8/07 Nicollette Sheridan Slams Knickerless Stars

6/8/07 UK Big Brother Evicts Contestant Over Racist Slur

6/8/07 Paris Hilton Doing Much Better in Jail

6/8/07 Actors Sue for Lord of the Rings Profits

6/8/07 Britney Spears Drug Counselor Dates Dismissed

6/8/07 Jerry Springer Blasts Piers Morgan

6/8/07 Simon Cowell's Surgery Vow

6/8/07 America's Got Talent Premiere to be Rebroadcast Monday on NBC

6/8/07 The Devil Wears Prada Director David Frankel Appears Tuesday "On the Lot"

6/8/07 Serena Williams is the First Star Eliminated on Fast Cars and Superstars

6/8/07 20 Finalist Announced for So You Think You Can Dance

6/8/07 Krista Allen Learns How to Drive Stick Sunday on "Fast Cars and Superstars"

6/7/07 Preview for Monday's Episode of "Ex Wives Club"

6/7/07 Los Angeles & San Francisco Auditions Next Week on American Inventor

6/7/07 A Tornado Victims Home is Rebuilt Sunday on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

6/7/07 A Cowgirl and a Demanding Wife Switch Places Monday on "Wife Swap"

6/7/07 Jay and Tyler Search Will's Hometown for Evidence Next Week on "Traveler"

6/7/07 Las Vegas Auditions are Featured Next Week on "The Next Best Thing"

6/7/07 CBS to Broadcast Two Episodes of "Creature Comforts" Wednesday June 13

6/7/07 Joss Stone Added to Lineup for NBC's Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular

6/7/07 Kathy's Looking For Love Tuesday on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

6/7/07 Statement From Paris Hilton

6/7/07 Ben Affleck Discusses the 2008 Presidential Election With Chris Matthews

6/7/07 Emma Watson Bemused by Attention Seeking Celebrities

6/7/07 Paris Hilton Visited by Prison Psychiatrist

6/7/07 CBS Reviewing a Return to "Jericho"

6/7/07 First Edition Harry Potter Book Going Up for Auction

6/7/07 Pamela Anderson's Magic Show Gets Off to Explosive Start

6/7/07 British Model is Jennifer Aniston's New Man

6/7/07 Angelina Jolie Glad Maddox Has a Father in Brad Pitt

6/7/07 Paris Hilton's $500,000 Bounty

6/7/07 Paris Hilton Not Eating or Sleeping in Jail

6/7/07 Tom Sizemore's Request for Bail Denied

6/7/07 Heather Mills: "No More Reality Shows"

6/6/07 Piers Morgan: "I'm More Famous Than the Beckhams"

6/6/07 Nicole Richie Slammed by Weight Loss Group

6/6/07 Katie Price is Expecting a Girl

6/6/07 Courteney Cox: "Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone"

6/6/07 Dannii Has The X Factor

6/6/07 Lindsay Lohan's Knife Pal Regrets Behavior

6/6/07 Kathy Hilton: "Jail Will Make Paris a Better Person"

6/6/07 Hilary Duff: "Britney Spears Depression Was Inevitable"

6/6/07 Steven Van Zandt Mourns Sopranos End

6/6/07 Daniel Radcliffe's Women Nerves

6/6/07 Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List Season Premiere Sets Record Ratings

6/6/07 Jonas Pays a Visit to His Parents Next Week on "The Unit"

6/5/07 Katharine McPhee Goes to the Movies

6/5/07 Carrie Underwood Fans Emailed by Hacker

6/5/07 Tom Sizemore Surrenders to Court

6/5/07 Angelina Jolie: "Relationship With Brad Pitt Was a Gamble"

6/5/07 Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Split Again

6/5/07 Kylie Minogue to Coach X Factor Finalists

6/5/07 Beyonce Knowles Fed Up of False Jennifer Hudson Feud Reports

6/5/07 Simon Cowell's Hairdryer Fetish

6/5/07 Kylie Minogue Dismisses Publicity Seeking Leak Rumors

6/5/07 Simon Cowell "Sick With Envy" Over Dancing With the Stars Success

6/5/07 Prince William and Prince Harry to Appear on the Today Show June 18

6/5/07 Contestants Announced for New NBC Reality Dating Series "Age of Love"

6/5/07 Pirate Master Not Off to an Amazing Start

6/5/07 Deal or No Deal Heats Up June on NBC

6/5/07 Captain J.D. and Officers Become Drunk With Power Next on "Pirate Masters"

6/4/07 Latino Pride of Eva Longoria's Parents

6/4/07 Paris Hilton Turns Down Pay Jail Option

6/4/07 Tanning Firm Fights to Keep Paris Hilton Tanned

6/4/07 Marcia Cross Slimming Down After Twins

6/4/07 Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab to Workout

6/4/07 "Scared Paris Hilton Prepares for Jail at MTV Movie Awards"

6/4/07 Pamela Anderson's Phone Call to Her Heart

6/4/07 Paris Hilton Facing Angry Reception in Jail

6/4/07 Lindsay Lohan's Mom Lined Up for Reality TV Show

6/4/07 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Struggle With Parenthood

6/3/07 Chester Bennington: "I Didn't Cheat"

6/3/07 Obesity Campaigner's "Death Threats" Over Jordin Sparks Remarks

6/3/07 Paris Hilton Begins Jail Term

6/3/07 Paris Hilton's Sister Brands Jail Term "Absurd"

6/3/07 Bruce Willis Daughter Empathizes With Paris Hilton

6/3/07 The Police Brand Tour "Unbelievably Lame"

6/3/07 The Hills Co-Stars to Wed

6/3/07 Nicole Richie Fears Being "Exploited" Like Paris Hilton

6/3/07 Paula Abdul "Not Suffering" From Addison's

6/3/07 Paris Hilton Accused of Pop Plagiarism

6/2/07 More Incriminating Lindsay Lohan Photos Are Published

6/2/07 Jennifer Aniston is the Face of Smartwater

6/2/07 Avril Lavigne's Ruthlessly Ambitious Streak

6/2/07 Babel and Ugly Betty Rule Alma Award

6/2/07 Ozzy Osbourne Leans on Son for Support

6/2/07 Paris Hilton Dropped by Label

6/2/07 Paris Hilton to Share Cell With Reckless Driver

6/2/07 Eva Longoria Plans Restaurant

6/2/07 Arrest Warrant Issued for Tom Sizemore

6/2/07 Perry Ferrell: "Dave Navarro's Rock Star Show Split Jane's Addiction"

6/2/07 Jim's Dreams Are Haunted by a Beautiful Ghost Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

6/1/07 Paula Abdul "Hurt" by Leaked Meltdown Tape

6/1/07 Desperate Housewives Star Doug Savant Gets a New Knee

6/1/07 Brad Pitt Used as Paparazzi Decoy by Ocean's Cast

6/1/07 Paula Abdul Stopped Dating Due to Happy Image

6/1/07 Kylie Minogue's Cancer Recovery Documentary to be Released This Year

6/1/07 Paris Hilton to Write Prison Memoirs

6/1/07 Ex Wives Form Club for New TV Show

6/1/07 Lindsay Lohan "Likes" Rehab

6/1/07 Paula Abdul Meltdown Caught on Tape

6/1/07 Jenna Fischer Moved by Zach Braff's Cupcakes

6/1/07 Shaquille O'Neal Takes on Childhood Obesity on New Series Shaq's Big Challenge



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