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3/31/05 Pamela Anderson is New Face of M.A.C.

3/31/05 Alicia Keys to be Honored Along Songwriting Greats

3/31/05 Uma Thurman Hopes to Sing for Real on Producers

3/31/05 Caprice and Janice to Star in New Surreal Life

3/31/05 Lisa Marie Presley Talks With MSNBC about Her Music Career

3/31/05 Pamela Anderson Supports Britney Spears Attack on Tabloids

3/31/05 Osbournes Home Ravaged by Fire

3/31/05 Nicole Kidman Wants Her Kids to Sound Aussie

3/31/05 Can't Miss Pivotal April 4th Episode of "24" to Reveal Shocking Plot

3/31/05 Record Number of Votes Cast as Jessica Sierra is Eliminated from American Idol Competition

3/31/05 Go-Go Dancer Goes Under the Knife to Look Like Carmen Electra

3/31/05 Paris Hilton Promotes Her Screen Death

3/31/05 Brad Pitt Gives Jennifer Aniston Their Home

3/31/05 Furious Britney Spears Tabloids

3/30/05 Penelope Cruz Wows the Harshest of Critics of All: Her Own Family

3/30/05 Nicole Kidman Saddened Over Abandoned Eucalyptus

3/30/05 Tyra Banks Announces Plans to Retire Her Cleavage

3/30/05 O'Connell's Bachelor Debut Suffers Low Ratings

3/30/05 Paris Hilton Thrills Birthday Girl

3/30/05 Lindsay Lohan's Dad Slapped With Felony Charges

3/30/05 James Denton's Easy Time on Desperate Housewives

3/30/05 Outcry Over Ashton Kutcher's Kabbalah Bracelet

3/30/05 Nicole Kidman: Police Suggested Court Action Against Snappers

3/30/05 Interactive Usher Unveiled

3/30/05 Riverside Cast Responds to "Invasion Iowa" TV Show

3/29/05 Revlon Spokeswoman Halle Berry to Host 12th Annual Revlon Run/Walk

3/29/05 The Olsen Twins Put New York Apartment Up for Sale

3/29/05 Cameron Diaz Goes Trippin' After Jabs Nightmare

3/29/05 Nicole Kidman Sets the Record Straight on Bing

3/29/05 Heidi Klum Dropped by German Fashion House

3/29/05 Trump Tosses a Meatball and Candidates Create a Pizza on The Apprentice

3/29/05 VH1 Announces the 5th Season Cast of 'The Surreal Life'

3/29/05 Sandra Bullock Honored on Walk of Fame

3/29/05 Peta: "Jennifer Lopez Forced Billboard to Drop Our Advert"

3/29/05 Diddy Deems Making the Band More Entertaining than American Idol

3/29/05 Charlie O' Connell Down to His Last Two Women

3/29/05 Charlie O'Connell Wants a Quick Dresser

3/29/05 Sylvester Stallone Pays Tribute to Dead Boxer

3/28/05 Alice Cooper's Kylie Minogue Confession

3/28/05 Mario Gives Up the Chase on Ashanti

3/28/05 Orlando to Bloom as Young 007?

3/28/05 Oprah Winfrey to Enter Vacation Rental Business

3/28/05 Will Smith's Son Trey to Serve as Special Correspondent at Kids Choice Awards

3/28/05 Penelope Cruz's Easy Role

3/28/05 Rosie O'Donnell Apologizes to Kirstie Alley for Weight Jibe

3/28/05 Missy Elliot Slams Model Lesbian Rumors

3/28/05 Criticdoctor.com Invades the Set of Spike-TV's "Invasion Iowa"

3/28/05 Nicole Kidman's Success is a Happy Accident

3/28/05 Eva Longoria Not So Desperate as She Follows Parker to Texas

3/28/05 Britney Spears Fuel Pregnancy Reports

3/27/05 Penelope Cruz Thrilled With Her New Muscle Bound Body

3/27/05 Nicole Kidman's Stepford Wives Hell

3/27/05 Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz Team Up for Jeep

3/27/05 Harry Potter Bosses Want to Quit Filming in Britain

3/27/05 Brad Pitt Helps Australian Actress Deal With Media

3/27/05 Sharon Osbourne Confused by Success

3/27/05 Uma Thurman is New Face of Louis Vuitton

3/27/05 Catherine Zeta-Jones Tipped to Star in Dallas Movie

3/27/05 Jude Law's Ex Has Jewels Stolen From Home

3/27/05 Jennifer Aniston Files for Divorce From Brad Pitt

3/26/05 Danny Aiello Blasts Robert DeNiro for "Dunce Roles"

3/26/05 MacDowell Treats Her Housekeeper to a Makeover on Oprah

3/26/05 Matt Damon Gets Police Training

3/26/05 Cameron Diaz Lies About Spiders to Nervous Pal Eva Mendes

3/26/05 Steven Spielberg to Team Up With Disabled Teenager on New Movie

3/26/05 Alicia Silverstone Fights for Alternative Medicines

3/26/05 Cameron Diaz Shows Off Her New Ring

3/26/05 Kelly Clarkson Dumps Manager Fuller

3/25/05 Nelly Postpones Shows to Mourn Dead Sister

3/25/05 Cameron Diaz Experiences Lion Attack on Safari

3/25/05 Cameron Diaz: "New Show is Not About Me and Justin"

3/25/05 Paula Abdul Put on Probation

3/25/05 Almost Half of Access Hollywood Viewers Feel American Idol Mix Up Was a Publicity Stunt

3/25/05 Jennifer Lopez Leaves Affleck Memories Behind

3/25/05 American Idol Re-Vote Leads to Record Number of Votes

3/25/05 Mariah Carey Says No to Idol Job

3/25/05 Clay Aiken Visits Tsunami Victims

3/25/05 Lindsay Lohan's Grandmother Cashes In

3/25/05 Paula Abdul Pays Up

3/25/05 Britney Spears Plans Summer Job at Dad's Fast Food Joint

3/24/05 Madonna is no Desperate Housewife

3/24/05 Nanny 911 Clips for March 28

3/24/05 "24" Preview Clips for March 28

3/24/05 NBC Presents a Special Edition of "The Contender"

3/24/05 Clay Aiken Joins Forces With Youth Service America to Present the 'Able To Serve' Awards

3/24/05 Paula Abdul Charges With Hit & Run

3/24/05 Ashton Kutcher Speaks Out on Racial Intolerance

3/24/05 George Clooney Angers Italian Neighbors

3/24/05 Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz are Kindred Spirits

3/24/05 Jenny McCarthy Gives Mother an Extreme Makeover

3/24/05 Gwen Stefani: "I Wanted Disneyland Dancing Feel on Album"

3/24/05 Anna Kournikova Checks Out The View

3/24/05 Monday's Get Hotter With the Series Premiere of "Hell's Kitchen"

3/24/05 Lindsay Lohan Attacks Oscar Winners

3/24/05 Teri Hatcher Finds Love

3/23/05 Whitney Houston Checks Back into Rehab

3/23/05 Jessica Alba Turns Her Back on Christian Pals Who Made Her Feel Ashamed

3/23/05 Ben Affleck Signs Up Project Greenlight Loser

3/23/05 The Contender 3/27 Preview

3/23/05 Finalist Announced in Access Hollywood's Search for "America's Hottest Housewives"

3/23/05 Mullally Baffled by Jennifer Lopez's Massive Entourage

3/23/05 Gwen Stefani Blasts Ignorant Critics

3/23/05 Tru Calling Returns With Two Hour Season Premiere

3/23/05 Penelope Cruz Talks of Children Plans With McConaughey

3/23/05 Russell Crowe's Band Split

3/23/05 Jennifer Lopez Suffers Poor Album Sales

3/23/05 Teri Hatcher Finds Her Dream Man

3/23/05 American Idol "Do Over" on Wednesday, Results Show on Thursday

3/23/05 Dr. Phil Brings The Osbournes to Tears

3/23/05 Kylie Minogue Blasts 16-Inch Waist Reports

3/22/05 Three Florida contestants remain on American Idol

3/22/05 Brad Pitt Warns Ashton Kutcher "Don't Punk George Clooney"

3/22/05 Ben Affleck to Make Directorial Debut

3/22/05 Gwen Stefani Looking Forward to Re-Joining No Doubt

3/22/05 Eva Longoria Becomes National Spokesperson for Latino Children With Cancer

3/22/05 Jennifer Aniston Tunes Out Marriage Headlines

3/22/05 Fox Orders Third Season of "The OC"

3/22/05 NBC's 'Apprentice' Candidates Vie for Slice of Domino's Pie

3/22/05 Johnny Depp, Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom Take to the Seas for Real

3/22/05 Ashanti Asks Fussy Mom to Play Herself in New Video

3/22/05 Jackie Kallan Shocked by Reality TV Show Boxer Suicide

3/22/05 Britney Spears Wins Zone Battle

3/22/05 Ashton Kutcher Plans to Rival Saturday Night Live

3/22/05 Dismissal of American Idol Claim Upheld

3/21/05 The OC March 24th Preview Clips

3/21/05 The Contender Connects in Sunday's Round Two

3/21/05 Steven Spielberg: "Independence Day Thwarted My Film"

3/21/05 Ashton Kutcher Reveals All to Brad Pitt

3/21/05 Ashton Kutcher: Demi & The Girls Can't be Punk'd

3/21/05 Brad Pitt Wants to Break Out of Hollywood Prison

3/21/05 Home Depot Builds Boardroom Fireworks on NBC's The Apprentice

3/21/05 NBC Invites Viewers to Vote for the Top 15 Miss USA 2005 Finalist

3/21/05 Wanna Be a Desperate Housewife?

3/21/05 Stars Go Bananas as King Kong Wrap Raises The Roof

3/21/05 Sandra Bullock's Urge to Take Risks

3/21/05 J. Lo Confronted On Air About Fur

3/21/05 Bravo and Miramax Television to Launch a Second Season of Project Runway

3/21/05 Online Bookmakers Unanimous Over Anwar Robinson, but Contestants Bice and Turner Making Headway

3/21/05 Ashton Kutcher Compares Paparazzi to Stalkers

3/21/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt Insists on Comfort

3/21/05 Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez Eye Up David Beckham for Video

3/20/05 Bettors Take Advantage as American Idol Contestant Mario Vazquez Pulls Out of Competition

3/20/05 Survivor Palau: The Beat of the Tom Tom

3/20/05 Oprah Winfrey to Live a Poverty-Stricken Lifestyle

3/20/05 Ruben Studdard's Former Manager Seeks Damages

3/20/05 Orlando Bloom is House Hunting in the Caribbean

3/20/05 Halle Berry Searches for Sperm Donor

3/20/05 Jude Law Defends Youth Theatre

3/20/05 Ashanti Stayed Focused Through Scandal

3/20/05 Jude Law Backs out of Gervais Comedy

3/20/05 Martinez Jets in For Kylie's Tour

3/20/05 Keanu Reeves Hatred for Rossdale

3/20/05 Federline's Britney Snub

3/19/05 Reba McEntire Officially Launches Clothing Line

3/19/05 Christina Milan's Triple Japanese Threat

3/19/05 David Letterman Forever Grateful to Police

3/19/05 Decision on Swank's New Zealand Case in the Mail

3/19/05 Portion of Royal Wedding to be Televised

3/19/05 Ashton Kutcher Vomits in Moore's House After Dog Mess Encounter

3/19/05 Stamos Pretended to be Diddy After Paris Hilton Phone Mishap

3/19/05 Eva Longoria Becomes Spokesperson for Cancer Patients

3/19/05 Ciara Raps for Missy Elliot

3/19/05 Tara Reid to Run Vegas Chapel

3/18/05 'The Apprentice 3' Star - Kristen Kirchner - Launches Apparel Line

3/18/05 Brad Pitt's Athens Look Alike is Uncovered

3/18/05 Actress Jessica Alba Clarifies Recent Comments About Her Dating Life

3/18/05 Halle Berry Follows Gellar By Dumping WMA

3/18/05 Nicole Richie to Release Debut Album This Year

3/18/05 Paula Abdul Eyed for Hit and Run Charges

3/18/05 Kylie Minogue Says "Thank You" to Fans

3/18/05 ABC.com Launches "Which Housewife Are You?" Quiz & Sweepstakes

3/18/05 Britney Spears Forces Duchovny Out of Home

3/18/05 Nanny 911 Preview Clips

3/18/05 Alleged Plot to Kidnap David Letterman's Son Foiled

3/18/05 Gwen Stefani to Work With Keane

3/18/05 Heidi Klum Expecting Second Child

3/18/05 Hugh Jackman Enjoys Being a Husband

3/17/05 Lindsay Lohan Injured on Film Set

3/17/05 Christina Aguilera Loses Clothing Deal

3/17/05 Donald Trump Slapped With Lawsuit Over Reality Show

3/17/05 NBC Grant's Wishes in New Reality Pilot/Special "Three Wishes"

3/17/05 Peter Gerety Guest Stars on "NBC's Law & Order: Trial by Jury" March 18th

3/17/05 Production Team forms for NBC Reality Series "Treasure Hunters"

3/17/05 Woody Allen Weighs In on Robert Blake Verdict

3/17/05 Renee Zellweger Never Dreamt of an Oscar

3/17/05 Brittany Murphy's Ordinary Man

3/17/05 Both Sides Claim Victory in Eminem Court Case

3/17/05 Kylie Minogue Gets in Shape With Corset

3/17/05 Jennifer Lopez Mourns Dancing Past

3/17/05 Rosie O'Donnell Blasts Kirstie Alley

3/17/05 Justin Timberlake Plans His Own Record Label

3/16/05 The Soulful Alicia Keys Books an Engagement at Tropicana Casino and Resort

3/16/05 ABC Announces "Vacation Swap"

3/16/05 Drew Barrymore Poses With Lion

3/16/05 Ashton Kutcher Faced Hostility Over Combs Friendship

3/16/05 Keanu Reeves Targeted by Spooky Warner Brothers Ghosts

3/16/05 Jennifer Lopez Takes Up Journalism

3/16/05 Ashton Kutcher Brands Interest in His Romance With Moore 'Stupid'

3/16/05 NBC Joins with Myspace to Webcast Premiere Episode of "The Office"

3/16/05 NBC Reveals Never Before Seen Footage of The Apprentice March 17th

3/16/05 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' Comes to Long Island

3/16/05 Jennifer Lopez: "I Always Pick Great Scripts"

3/16/05 Ozzy Overwhelmed

3/16/05 Cameron Diaz More Environmentally Aware Since Reality Show

3/16/05 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Rekindle Romance

3/16/05 Simon Cowell Apologizes for Raunchy American Idol Comment

3/15/05 Nelly Kicks Off 'Sweat/Suit: Up Close & Personal Tour'

3/15/05 Ashton Kutcher Quizzed About Baby Rumors

3/15/05 Colin Farrell Told to Beef Up

3/15/05 Will Smith Dishes Out Comedy Tips to Lure Women

3/15/05 Matt Damon Signs on to The Bourne Ultimatum

3/15/05 Britney: 'Wedding Was a Wake-Up Call for My Parents'

3/15/05 Britney's Plan to Fight Paparazzi

3/15/05 Britney Spears Slashes Apartment Asking Price

3/15/05 The Simple Life Video Clip Preview for March 15th

3/15/05 Christina Aguilera Angers Fashion Bosses

3/15/05 Carmen Electra's Injection Horror

3/15/05 Jennifer Aniston Slams Media Over Pitt Reconciliation Stories

3/14/05 Lindsay Lohan Blames Wilmer Valderrama's Parting for Split

3/14/05 Fab Five Help NY1 News Cameraman Jump in Front of Camera

3/14/05 Nanny 911 Premieres Tonight on FOX

3/14/05 Sandy Competes With Carter on The OC

3/14/05 Clever Frank Stallone Steps in to Help Out Sly on The Contender

3/14/05 Federal Regulators Give Sheridan's Saucy Strip the OK

3/14/05 Ashton Kutcher Gets Revenge on Kirsten Dunst After Love Snub

3/14/05 Idol Star Mario Vazquez Quits

3/14/05 Counseling Saved John Travolta's Marriage

3/14/05 Workaholic Lindsay Lohan Needed Hospital Break

3/14/05 Christina Aguilera Goes Mature

3/14/05 Britney Spears Avoids Pregnancy to Stay Slim

3/14/05 Paltrow Urges Pitt and Aniston to Reunite

3/14/05 Paris and Nicole are Coming to a Verizon Wireless Phone Near You

3/12/05 Should Kristen Kirchner Have Been Fired on The Apprentice 3?

3/12/05 Reality Contestants - How to Avoid a Richard Hatch Predicament

3/11/05 A&E Presents the Series Premiere of Knievel's Wild Ride

3/11/05 A&E TV’s “Family Plots” co-star, Rick Sadler, Names 2212 Marketing Group as Agent

3/10/05 Project Greenlight Premieres Tuesday March 15th on Bravo

3/10/05 Impossible Heist Code Cracking Challenge on Court TV

3/10/05 Anwar Will Be America's Idol at Intertops.com

3/10/05 Reality TV Stars Ready to Raise Money for Ohio Diabetes Charity

3/9/05 Eva Longoria Birthday Party Guest Sells Pictures to the Press

3/9/05 Sportsbook.com Halts Wagering on CBS’ The Amazing Race

3/8/05 Celebrity Guest Stars to Appear on The Apprentice March 10

3/8/05 Access Hollywood's Billy Bush and Shaun Robinson to host 2005 ShoWest Awards

3/8/05 Interior Door Replacement Company Chosen by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

3/7/05 Sandra Bullock Denies Reports She Passed on Million Dollar Baby Role

3/2/05 MSNBC's Sharon Tay Speaks With Tom Arnold about the Best Damn Sports Show Period

3/2/05 Usher to Appear Live on Showtime Saturday, March 5th at 9pm ET

3/1/05 Brother of Contender Contestant That Committed Suicide Speaks Out 3/1/05


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