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3/31/06 Jessica Alba Slams MTV for Chimp Kiss

3/31/06 Russell Crowe Breaks Anti-Smoking Laws

3/31/06 Kelly Osbourne to Launch Wig Range

3/31/06 Lindsay Lohan to Join Kabbalah

3/31/06 Simon Cowell Wants Sculpture Like Britney Spears

3/31/06 Beyonce Knowles' Dad Challenges Simon Cowell

3/31/06 Elizabeth Hurley's Son is Her Fitness Regime

3/31/06 Ryan Seacrest Confirms Terry Hatcher Romance

3/31/06 Josh Schwartz Undecided On "The OC" Future

3/31/06 Oprah Winfrey Will Not Host Tony Awards

3/31/06 Did You Catch Those Funny Office Spots Last Night?

3/31/06 Ratings Report: Survivor: Panama Delivers Solid Performance

3/31/06 The Amazing Race Moves to New Day and Time Starting April 5th

3/31/06 Earl Must Come Clean With an Old Girlfriend on the next "My Name is Earl"

3/31/06 College Acceptance Letters Arrive Next Week on "The OC"

3/31/06 Extreme Makeover After the Storm Moves to New Orleans April 6th

3/31/06 American Inventor Next Week Goes to Washington DC, San Francisco and LA

3/30/06 Simpsons Desperate For Nicole Kidman Guest Appearance

3/30/06 Shakira Dreamed of Wyclef Jean Collaboration

3/30/06 Leslie Ann Warren Thinking Up Ways to Kill Off Desperate Housewives Sophie

3/30/06 Josh Hartnett Terrified by Lucy Liu Love Scene

3/30/06 Angelina Jolie Plans to Pen Memoirs

3/30/06 Cher's Boyfriend Gets Racy With Marcia Cross

3/30/06 Justin Timberlake Thinks Britney Spears Husband is Gross

3/30/06 Eva Longoria Wants Michael Douglas as Desperate Housewives Lover

3/30/06 Kate Moss Drops Drug Libel Case

3/30/06 Who Wants to Buy a Millionaire Show?

3/30/06 Viewers to Help Donald Trump Decide the Next Apprentice

3/30/06 Locke Questions His Own Purpose on the Next Episode of Lost

3/30/06 Naomi and Wynonna Judd to Appear on Nashville Star April 4th

3/30/06 Lisa Tucker Eliminated From American Idol; Kenny Rogers to Perform Next Week

3/30/06 American Idol March 29th “The Tears Are Genuine”

3/30/06 One Girl Wins an Appearance on Veronica Mars on America's Next Top Model

3/30/06 OLN to Air NHL Themed "Survivor Cup" Marathon April 5-10

3/29/06 Carmen Electra Slams Rumors of Marital Strife

3/29/06 Tony Parker's Friends Shocked by Eva Longoria's Comments

3/29/06 Simon Cowell's Arresting Secret

3/29/06 Commander in Chief Set for Comeback

3/29/06 Sopranos Stars Help Sclerosis Child

3/29/06 Harry Potter 7 "Coming Along Nicely"

3/29/06 Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman Collaboration in Doubt

3/29/06 Nicole Richie to Write Style Guide

3/29/06 Lindsay Lohan's Dad is Still Holding Out for Wilmer Valderrama

3/29/06 Hugh Grant Studies Reality Show "Freaks"

3/29/06 American Idol March 28th “Dull Times at American Idol”

3/29/06 Preview for the Next Episode of "The Unit" April 4

3/29/06 Paula Abdul Signs New Multi Year Deal With American Idol

3/29/06 Prison Break Picked Up for Second Season on FOX

3/29/06 Ratings Report: The Unit Marches Forward

3/29/06 Survivorman Les Stroud to Give Workshop at Canadian Resort May 5-7

3/28/06 Paris Hilton Hires Oscar Winning Rappers for Album

3/28/06 Jessica Simpson Linked With Comedic Co-Star

3/28/06 Harry Potter Scoops British Book Award

3/28/06 Nicollette Sheridan Selects Wedding Dress

3/28/06 Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest Caught Kissing

3/28/06 Brad Pitt to Narrate Architecture Documentary

3/28/06 Nicole Richie Set For Pasta Package

3/28/06 Jennifer Aniston Would Make Great Housekeeper

3/28/06 Nick Lachey Linked to MTV Host

3/28/06 Reverend Run Working on Second Season of Runs House

3/28/06 Kimberly Locke Continues With Lane Bryant, Schedules Second Album

3/28/06 Shocking Links to Terrorists Uncovered Next Week on "24"

3/28/06 Flashbacks Dominate Next Weeks Episode of Prison Break

3/28/06 Jo Must Help a Family With Two Battling Brothers Next Week on Supernanny

3/28/06 A Free Spirit and Southern Baptist Switch Places on the Next Wife Swap

3/27/06 Tori Spelling is So Notorious

3/27/06 Britney Spears Songwriters Accuses Composer of Plagiarism

3/27/06 Jude Law to Honor Samuel Beckett

3/27/06 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Show Sparks Outrage

3/27/06 Vin Diesel Slams Gay Rumors

3/27/06 Angelina Jolie Flies Ailing Mother to Paris

3/27/06 Kevin Federline Brings Britney Spears to Tears

3/27/06 Steven Spielberg Gave "The OC's" Willa Holland Her Big Break

3/27/06 Pamela Anderson Urges Canadian Leader to Take Seal Concern Seriously

3/27/06 Jordan knight Quits Latest Surreal Life

3/27/06 Elizabeth Hurley: "Nayar is Like Hugh Grant"

3/27/06 Lynette and Bree Face Off on the Next Desperate Housewives

3/27/06 Sharon Stone Supports Basic Instinct 2 Co-Star David Morrissey

3/27/06 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Preview for April 2nd

3/27/06 Melinda Helps a Spirit Find Justice on the Next Ghost Whisperer

3/26/06 Britney Spears Bodyguards Sue

3/26/06 Jessica Simpson Takes on Mexican Orphanage

3/26/06 Elizabeth Hurley Wishes She Had Had Kids With Hugh Grant

3/26/06 Cleveland Rejects Pamela Anderson KFC Ad

3/26/06 Elizabeth Hurley Isn't Engaged, Pregnant or Getting Married

3/26/06 Jennifer Lopez to Visit India

3/26/06 Elizabeth Hurley Suffers Food Poisoning

3/26/06 Keira Knightley Celebrates 21st in Tequila Fueled Bash

3/26/06 Shakira to Perform With Wyclef Jean Wednesday on American Idol

3/26/06 Carmen Electra Reveals Crush on Joan Jett

3/25/06 Jennifer Aniston Considers a Move Away From Hollywood

3/25/06 Nicollette Sheridan Ex Gives Michael Bolton Advice

3/25/06 Katie Holmes Gearing Up for Silent Birth

3/25/06 Pink Goes Green

3/25/06 Shakira to be Honored at Billboard Awards

3/25/06 Eva Longoria Cooks Up French Treats For Boyfriend

3/25/06 Nicole Richie Stunned by Bathroom Sex Claims

3/25/06 Rod Stewart to Appear on American Idol

3/25/06 Andy Milonakis Pranks Hollywood With Paris Hilton Gag

3/25/06 Kylie Minogue to Launch Fragrance

3/25/06 Preview Clips for March 27th Episode of "24"

3/25/06 Preview Clips for March 27th Episode of "Prison Break"

3/25/06 Trading Spouses Chafee & Hornaday Part 2 Next Week on FOX

3/24/06 Jessica Simpson Dumps Her Label

3/24/06 Christina Aguilera Buys Raunchy Royal

3/24/06 Jennifer Lopez on Spinach Diet

3/24/06 Jennifer Aniston to Wed on Oprah Winfrey's Estate?

3/24/06 Simon Cowell: "You're All as Nasty as Me"

3/24/06 Britney Spears Treats Husband to Cher Show

3/24/06 Kelly Osbourne Gets MTV Reality Show

3/24/06 Kiefer Sutherland Rocks Out

3/24/06 Penelope Cruz Wears Fake Rear

3/24/06 Justin Timberlake Slams Split Rumors

3/24/06 American Idol March 23rd “Gone and Not Missed”

3/24/06 Ratings Report: America's Next Top Model Wins Time Period in Women 18-34

3/24/06 The Search Continues for The Next Big Invention Next Week on American Inventor"

3/24/06 Julie Cooper Gets Engaged (Again) Next Week on "The OC"
3/24/06 It's Michael's Birthday Next Week on "The Office"

3/24/06 Deal or No Deal Airs Three Nights Next Week on NBC

3/24/06 Earl Helps a Child Overcome Fear of the Dark on the next "My Name is Earl"

3/23/06 Denzel Washington Wants Angelina Jolie

3/23/06 Now You Can Be a Forgetful Desperate Housewife

3/23/06 Drew Lachey is a Dad

3/23/06 American Inventor Show Gets Sexy as Model Peels Off

3/23/06 Jennifer Aniston Devastated by Therapist's Death

3/23/06 Paula Abdul Debuts New Boyfriend

3/23/06 Britney Spears Quiets Pregnancy Rumors With Cosmos

3/23/06 Jennifer Aniston: "Derailed Was Dud"

3/23/06 Paris Hilton Chasing Two New Beaus

3/23/06 Shakira to Kickstart World Tour in Spain

3/23/06 NBC Announces Stars for Celebrity Cooking Showdown Premiering April 17th

3/23/06 NBC Announces Summer Drama Series "Windfall"

3/23/06 Hogan Knows Best Season Premiere March 26th

3/23/06 The Surreal Life Season Premiere March 26th

3/23/06 Kari Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

3/23/06 It's A "Jewel" of an Episode on The Apprentice Monday March 27th

3/23/06 Survivor Panama Winner to be Revealed Live May 14th in New York City

3/23/06 Kevin Covais Eliminated From American Idol, Next Week 21st Century Music

3/23/06 The Hatch Takes on a Life of Its Own on the Next Episode of "Lost"

3/23/06 The Models Get Tips From Janice Dickinson on America's Next Top Model

3/22/06 Jennifer Aniston on Rabbit Rampage

3/22/06 Marcia Cross Too Old For Idiotic Wedding Madness

3/22/06 Lindsay Lohan: "Hollywood Nothing to do With My Weight Loss"

3/22/06 Kelly Osbourne Thinks Kate Moss is Model Mum

3/22/06 Pamela Anderson Distraught by Kids' Haircut

3/22/06 Sopranos Manager Sued for Defamation

3/22/06 Angelina Jolie's Ex: "Jolie is Wonderful and Open"

3/22/06 Brad Pitt's Publicist Slams Bruise Reports

3/22/06 Rolling Stone to Get Apprentice

3/22/06 Nick Lachey Recorded Song The Day He Was Dumped

3/22/06 American Idol Predictions Announced by Wynn Las Vegas

3/22/06 Eva Longoria: "When the Lights Are Out, He's the Teacher"

3/22/06 Bravo Announces New Season of Celebrity Poker Showdown

3/22/06 Teams Must Reconstruct Broken Statues on the next Episode of The Amazing Race

3/22/06 Nanny 911 Preview Clips for March 24th

3/22/06 Unan1mous Premiere Preview Clips

3/22/06 American Idol March 21st “Half a Century Ago”

3/21/06 Evangeline Lilly's Character Crises

3/21/06 Marcia Cross: "Eva Longoria Will Marry Soon"

3/21/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Together For Birthday Bash

3/21/06 Former Clay Aiken Fans Take Aim at Simon Cowell

3/21/06 Jean and Shakira Combine Caribbean Cultures

3/21/06 Jennifer Aniston Plans Move Away From Hollywood

3/21/06 Lindsay Lohan Disowns Father

3/21/06 Sharon Osbourne Voted Mum of the Year

3/21/06 Marcia Cross Chose Future Husband in Flower Shop

3/21/06 Naveen Andrews: "Lost Won't Last"

3/21/06 Barry Manilow Takes the Stage With The Top 11 American Idol Finalists

3/21/06 Nashville Star Announces Celebrity Lineup For Season Four

3/21/06 Jo Frost Must Tame Two Tiny Terrors on the Next Episode of "Supernanny"

3/21/06 A Freak Show Performer & A Beauty Queen Switch Places on the next "Wife Swap"

3/21/06 A Woman & Boy With Heart Problems Are Helped on the next Miracle Workers

3/21/06 Jack Interrogates a Link to Bierko Next Week on "24"

3/21/06 A Face From the Past Haunts Lincoln Next Week on "Prison Break"

3/20/06 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's Home in Escrow

3/20/06 Lindsay Lohan to Play Wonder Woman?

3/20/06 Cher Dating Desperate Housewives Toyboy?

3/20/06 American Idol Producers Nearly Fired Paula Abdul

3/20/06 Pamela Anderson Wants More Kids Before Turning 40

3/20/06 Pamela Anderson Goes Back to School

3/20/06 Jennifer Aniston Slams Reality TV Culture

3/20/06 Pamela Anderson Rebels Against Paparazzi

3/20/06 Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria to Play Sisters

3/20/06 Pamela Anderson: "I Cultivated Bimbo Image"

3/20/06 NBC Announces "Heist" Premiere March 22nd

3/20/06 Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee Are American Idol Bettors Favorites

3/20/06 Carmen Electra Denies Marriage With Dave Navarro is in Trouble

3/20/06 Mary Tyler Moore Says Teri Hatcher Could Play the Role of Mary Richards

3/20/06 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Passes 4 Million Subscribers

3/20/06 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Special "After the Storm" to Air March 30th

3/20/06 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Gives Back to Charitable Man March 26th

3/20/06 Carlos and Gaby Zero in on a Baby on the next "Desperate Housewives"

3/20/06 Prison Break Season 2 Starts Tonight, March 20th on FOX

3/20/06 Deal or No Deal - Preview for March 24th

3/20/06 Nanny Stella to the Rescue Friday on Nanny 911

3/19/06 Kelly Osbourne Was Biscuit Addict

3/19/06 Mischa Barton Amazed at Fashion Icon Status

3/19/06 Pamela Anderson Coping With Hepatitis

3/19/06 Jennifer Aniston: "Vince Vaughn is Inspiring"

3/19/06 Donald Trump Worried About Britney Spears

3/19/06 Nicky and Paris Hilton to Make Animated Show

3/19/06 Evangeline Lilly to Quit Acting in 10 Years
3/19/06 Jennifer Aniston: "Rumor Has It Was Worst Experience of My Life"

3/19/06 Eva Longoria: "Tony Isn't Into "Hos and Bling"

3/19/06 Wentworth Miller's "Lost" Fantasy

3/19/06 Tom Selleck Stars in Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise CBS Television Movie

3/19/06 The Real Housewives of Orange County Premieres Tuesday, March 21

3/19/06 Ratings Report: American Inventor Wins Thursday Evening

3/19/06 Dancing With the Stars Host and Winner to Host Daytime Emmys

3/19/06 ABC to Broadcast "The Ring" April 1st

3/18/06 Nicollette Sheridan Smoothed Way for Eva Longoria

3/18/06 Josh Hartnett Slams Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan's Negative Influence

3/18/06 Christina Aguilera Signs Orange Deal

3/18/06 Evangeline Lilly Loved Being an Extra

3/18/06 Eva Longoria Feels Basketball Fans Wrath

3/18/06 Donald Trump Becomes a Dad Again

3/18/06 Simon Cowell Slams Clay Aiken Rumors

3/18/06 Prison Break Stars Blast Lost Cast

3/18/06 Language Barrier Blamed for Paris Hilton & Stavros Niarchos Split

3/18/06 Sopranos Cast Demand Pay Increase

3/17/06 Jennifer Lopez Fights to Save Mother's Life

3/17/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie No-Show Breaks Italian Hearts

3/17/06 Piper Perabo: "I Can't Swear in British"

3/17/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Stalker Ghost Exorcised

3/17/06 Harry Potter Actor Eyes Quentin Tarantino Film

3/17/06 Lisa Rinna to Open Dance Studio

3/17/06 Pamela Anderson Joins Stellar Las Vegas Neighborhood

3/17/06 Nicole Richie Offends Family

3/17/06 Nicollette Sheridan Goes Veggie for Fiancé

3/17/06 Shakira's Mobile Hit Makes History

3/17/06 Catch American Idol Mania at AllPosters.com

3/17/06 Unan1mous Preview Clips for March 22nd Premiere

3/17/06 Nanny 911 Preview Clips for March 17th

3/17/06 No Summer Vacation for NBC's "The Office"

3/17/06 NBC Treasure Hunters Series Offers Viewers Interactive Game

3/17/06 Dwight Picks the Health Plan on the next Episode of "The Office"

3/17/06 Earl Must Return a Take a Number Machine on the next "My Name is Earl"

3/17/06 The Search For the Next Big Invention on the next "American Inventor"

3/17/06 Seth and Summer Hit a Dry Spell Next Week on The OC

3/17/06 Rochelle's Father Dies on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

3/16/06 Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Dog Helped Her Through Split

3/16/06 Tom Sizemore: "I Loved Elizabeth Hurley"

3/16/06 Linkin Park Star Welcomes Baby Number 3

3/16/06 24 Star Mistaken for Sex in the City Star

3/16/06 Paris Hilton Leaves Stavros Niarchos For Paris Latsis

3/16/06 Shakira Statue Honor

3/16/06 Eva Longoria Teaches Tony Parkers Lessons of Love

3/16/06 Natasha Henstridge Caught in Steamy Encounter With Pop Idol Star

3/16/06 Angelina Jolie Named Top Lesbian Lover

3/16/06 Elizabeth Hurley Slams Plastic Surgery

3/16/06 Wendy Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

3/16/06 American Idol March 15th “A Parallel Universe”

3/16/06 Melissa McGhee Eliminated From American Idol, Next Week 50's Music

3/16/06 NBC to Offer Apprentice Fans Exclusive Text Message Alerts

3/16/06 CBS Rock Star to Select Lead Singer For New Band "Supernova"

3/16/06 The Tribes Merge on the Next Episode Survivor: Panama

3/16/06 USA Network Announces "Show Us Your Character Contest"

3/16/06 Several Teams Get Stranding at the Airport Next Week on The Amazing Race

3/16/06 Series Premiere of Unan1mous Wednesday March 22 on FOX

3/16/06 The Biggest Loser Special Edition Preview for March 22nd

3/16/06 Ana Lucia Interrogates the Prisoner on the Next Episode of  Lost

3/16/06 Cockroaches Accompany the Competitors on the next America's Next Top Model

3/16/06 American Inventor Premieres Tonight on ABC

3/16/06 Gabe Kaplan Comments on Welcome Back Kotter Movie

3/16/06 NBC Greenlights Fall Series "Kidnapped"

3/16/06 Amanda Bynes Speaks About Young Hollywood, Tabloids and Paparazzi

3/15/06 Britney Spears Legal Case Decision Delayed

3/15/06 Kate Winslet Impressed James Gandolfini With Profanity

3/15/06 Keith Urban Speaks Out About Nicole Kidman Relationship

3/15/06 Christina Aguilera Wants to be a Leather Wearing Pensioner

3/15/06 James Gandolfini Stands Up For Working Class

3/15/06 Jared Leto to Land Role on Desperate Housewives

3/15/06 Colin Farrell's Ex to Receive Millions If Sex Tape is Released

3/15/06 Jessica Simpson Plans to Adopt Before Having Kids of Her Own

3/15/06 Marriage Woes for Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra

3/15/06 Tommy Lee Forms New Rock Band for Reality Show

3/15/06 American Idol March 14th “Dueling Dozen”

3/15/06 Stevie Wonder to Perform With Top 12 Finalists on American Idol Wednesday

3/15/06 Jonas Attempts to Rescue American Missionaries Next Week on "The Unit"

3/14/06 Jessica Simpson Blasts President Bush Snub Story

3/14/06 Drew Barrymore Calls Angelina Jolie for Advice

3/14/06 Lindsay Lohan Named New Face of Louis Vuitton

3/14/06 Jessica Simpson Snubs President Bush

3/14/06 Shannon Elizabeth's Husband Seeks Property

3/14/06 Eminem Tells 50 Cent to Scrap Summer Album

3/14/06 Sean Astin Killed Off on 24

3/14/06 Italians Insist Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Aren't Planning Lake Como Wedding

3/14/06 Felicity Huffman Tells Truth About Motherhood

3/14/06 The Osbournes Dog on Trendy Diet

3/14/06 Nashville Star Expanded Website Launched For Season 4 Premiere

3/14/06 Teams Must Find a Clue in Nesting Dolls Tonight on The Amazing Race

3/14/06 NBC Announces Celebrity Cooking Showdown

3/14/06 Doctors Work to Restore a Man's Arm & Foot on the next "Miracle Workers"

3/14/06 An Army Dad, Disorganized Mom and Kids Running Amuck on the next Supernanny

3/14/06 A Wife Swap Classic Episode to Air March 20th

3/14/06 CTU Recuperates and Restructures Next Week on "24"

3/13/06 Teri Hatcher Scared to Ask Men Out

3/13/06 Lindsay Lohan Wants Quick Vegas Wedding

3/13/06 Olsen Twins Create Internet Advice Column

3/13/06 24 Producers Deny Ed Norton Rumors

3/13/06 Michael Bolton and Nicollette Sheridan Engaged

3/13/06 Danielle Radcliffe Hails Harry Potter Director David Yates

3/13/06 Daniel Radcliffe Embarrassed by Onscreen Kiss

3/13/06 Sopranos Star Aims for Plea Deal Over Murder

3/13/06 Jerry Hall Falls for Brad Pitt

3/13/06 Michelle Rodriguez Uses Hawaii Cliffs to Conquer Fear of Heights

3/13/06 Carmen Electra Appears As Herself on "Joey" March 14th

3/13/06 A Hurricane Damaged Home by is Replaced on the next  Extreme Makeover Home Edition

3/13/06 Lynette Catches Gabrielle Kissing Tom on the Next "Desperate Housewives

3/13/06 Nanny Deb to the Rescue Friday on Nanny 911

3/13/06 Team Goldrush Tries to Get In Gear Tonight on The Apprentice

3/12/06 Lindsay Lohan Has Lots of Emotional Baggage

3/12/06 Eva Longoria Reminded of Race Problems

3/12/06 Sin City Sequel Waiting For Angelina Jolie

3/12/06 Hilary Duff Begs Rocker Boyfriend for a Sewing Machine

3/12/06 Jennifer Aniston Hates Being a Victim

3/12/06 Kylie Minogue Surprises Sri Lankan Theatre Troupe

3/12/06 Vin Diesel on the Hunt for a New Elephant

3/12/06 Kelly Clarkson Gets Sea Sick

3/12/06 Britney Spears Curbs Husband's Spending

3/12/06 Master P Escapes Jail Time

3/12/06 Lifetime Network Presents New Reality Series "Cheerleader Nation"

3/12/06 HBO's Polygamy Drama "Big Love" Causes Mormon Outrage

3/12/06 The Biggest Loser Special Edition - Military Wives Concludes March 15th

3/12/06 Allison Dreams Her Brother is a Bank Robber on the Next "Medium"

3/11/06 Lindsay Lohan Would Go Topless for Oscar

3/11/06 Michael Douglas Slams Brad Pitt Over Angelina Jolie

3/11/06 Madonna Related to Camilla

3/11/06 Adam Brody: "Kissing Scene Made Me Sick"

3/11/06 Book Provides Lost Fans With Plot Theory "Ammunition"

3/11/06 Keira Knightley Caught in Jet Storm Nightmare

3/11/06 Paris Hilton Wines and Dines Legal Foe Zeta Graff

3/11/06 Marilyn Monroe Out to Save Reese Witherspoon's Marriage

3/11/06 Desperate Housewives Set Overrun by Critters and Creatures

3/11/06 Felicity Huffman on Her Cinderella Night

3/11/06 An Encore Presentation of "The Unit" Premiere Tonight on CBS

3/11/06 Bravo Acquires HBO Series "Six Feet Under"

3/11/06 George Clooney and Teri Hatcher Continue to Deny Romance Rumors

3/10/06 US Harry Potter Magic as DVD Sells Five Million in a Day

3/10/06 Sadie Frost Unsure if Jude Law Cheated With Nicole Kidman

3/10/06 Ice Cube Social Experiment Show "Black. White" A Big Hit

3/10/06 Jessica Simpson's Mother Praises Divorce Decision

3/10/06 Elton John Bans Paris Hilton From Future Oscar Parties

3/10/06 David Hasselhoff's Celebrity Big Brother Dream

3/10/06 Lindsay Lohan Grows Up

3/10/06 Sugababe: "Britney's Man Eyed Me Up"

3/10/06 Sopranos Star Has Wild Birthday Bash

3/10/06 Debbie Harry Addicted to American Idol

3/10/06 Clay Aiken to Guest Star on Scrubs March 14th

3/10/06 VH1 Special on Monday, March 13th "VH1's 20 Greatest Celebreality Moments"

3/10/06 Flavor of Love Season Finale on Sunday March 12th

3/10/06 American Idol Top 12 Odds Released

3/10/06 Dr. Phil and Brain Matters Imaging Centers Help Troubled Guests

3/10/06 America's Next Top Model on E! True Hollywood Story March 26th

3/10/06 Season Highlights & Never Before Seen Footage Next Week on Survivor: Panama

3/10/06 Meet Your American Idol Top 12 Finalists

3/10/06 American Idol March 9th “Shattered Dreams”

3/10/06 Dave Ramsey Signs Pilot Deal With CBS Network

3/10/06 Preview Clips for Prison Break Season 2 Premiere

3/10/06 Ratings Report: America's Next Top Model Returns in Style

3/10/06 Marissa and Colchok Grow Closer Next Week on The OC

3/10/06 Project Runway Season Finale Breaks Bravo Ratings Records

3/10/06 Deal or No Deal Expands to Mondays and Fridays

3/10/06 Judi Dench and Clive Owen Support Daniel Craig and the New James Bond

3/10/06 Dave Chappelle's Block Party Soundtrack in Stores March 14th

3/9/06 The Sopranos Star Lorraine Bracco Turns Wine Expert

3/9/06 Nick Lachey to Join the Battle of the Sexes on TV

3/9/06 Christina Aguilera Hints at Pregnancy

3/9/06 Michelle Rodriguez Allergic to Cockroaches

3/9/06 Smoky Lindsay Lohan Drives Mum to Tears

3/9/06 Jennifer Aniston: "Men Can't be Trusted"

3/9/06 Elizabeth Hurley a Fashion Victim

3/9/06 Brad Pitt Consults German Architects for George Clooney

3/9/06 Nick Lachey Dumped by TV Network

3/9/06 DJ AM and Nicole Richie Reunite

3/9/06 Kathy Eliminated On Season Premiere Episode of America's Next Top Model

3/9/06 Team Goldrush Tries to Get In Gear on the Next Episode of The Apprentice

3/9/06 American Idol March 8th “Eight Men Slug It Out”

3/9/06 Odds Issued for Which Sopranos Character Will be Whacked First in Season 6

3/9/06 7-11 To Appear on NBC's The Apprentice

3/9/06 Casaya Continues to Implode Tonight on Survivor: Panama

3/9/06 The Models Get Makeovers Next Week on America's Next Top Model

3/9/06 Christina Gets an Ultrasound on the Next Episode of Invasion

3/9/06 Survivors Must Decide Where to Camp Next Week on Lost

3/9/06 Ratings Report: Nothing Covert About "The Unit"

3/9/06 A Mission to Recover a Fallen Satellite Next Week on "The Unit"

3/9/06 Catholic Initiative Supports Disclaimer for The Da Vinci Code Film

3/8/06 American Idol March 7th “Eight Women Brawl”

3/8/06 Bo Bice to Appear on American Idol Thursday March 9th

3/8/06 The Models Go Bald on Tonight's Season Premiere of America's Next Top Model

3/8/06 Jessica Simpson to Abandon Singing

3/8/06 Christina Aguilera Defends Wedding Pictures

3/8/06 Britney Spears Rumored to be Pregnant Again

3/8/06 Nicollette Sheridan Set to Marry After Buying Wedding Dress

3/8/06 Teri Hatcher Almost Gave Up Her Bid to Jail Sex Abuser

3/8/06 Christina Aguilera Slams Younger Stars

3/8/06 Donald Trump: "I'd Date Ivanka"

3/8/06 Paris Hilton Restraining Order Altered

3/8/06 Gordon Ramsay Offers Wannabe Chefs Their Own Las Vegas Restaurant

3/8/06 The Latest Bachelor Romance Already Over

3/8/06 Failure to Launch Premiere to Launch MySpace Contest

3/7/06 Kylie Minogue Writing Books for Kids

3/7/06 Jennifer Lopez Unrecognizable in New Movie

3/7/06 Jennifer Lopez Picked to Play Oberon by the Dead Star Herself

3/7/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Goes Public With Ghost Whisperer Guest Star

3/7/06 Kristin Cavallari Slams Reports of Romance With Nick Lachey

3/7/06 Teri Hatcher Considered Suicide Over Child Sex Abuse

3/7/06 Shakira Found Fame to Beat Poverty

3/7/06 Florence Henderson Desperate to Join Housewives Cast

3/7/06 Nun Furious With Shakira for Racy Video

3/7/06 Madonna Quits Acting

3/7/06 Top Chef Premieres on Bravo March 8th

3/7/06 Bravo Announces Season 3 of Project Runway

3/7/06 Prison Break Returns to FOX March 20th

3/7/06 A Compromised CTU Forces Changes Next Week on 24

3/7/06 A Medieval Mom and a 21st Century Mom Featured on the next "Wife Swap"

3/7/06 A Racer Breaks Down Into Tears on Tonight's Episode of Amazing Race

3/7/06 Doctors Help a Toddler and a Young Woman on the next "Miracle Workers"

3/7/06 Jo Faces Her Biggest Adversary Yet Next Week on Supernanny

3/6/06 Paul Gets Arrested on the next Episode of "Desperate Housewives"

3/6/06 A Pastors Widow is Helped on the next Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

3/6/06 Melinda Helps the Spirit of a Magician on the next "Ghost Whisperer"

3/6/06 The House is a Pigsty and Nanny Yvonne Saves the Day on the next "Nanny 911"

3/6/06 This Week on American Idol

3/6/06 Samaire Armstrong Returns to The OC

3/6/06 Reese Witherspoon Dedicates Oscar to Exes

3/6/06 Paris Hilton Banned From Vanity Fair Party

3/6/06 Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake Get Skates On

3/6/06 Marc Anthony: "Jennifer Lopez Will Set the Stage Alight"

3/6/06 Shakira: "Robbie is Just a Pal"

3/6/06 Shakira Shuns Pathological Obsession With Beauty

3/6/06 Heidi Klum: "Stop Watching Me"

3/6/06 Shakira Does Double Therapy Duty

3/6/06 Jessica Alba Still Furious About Playboy Cover

3/5/06 Salma Hayek Freezes for Nude Scene With Colin Farrell

3/5/06 Vin Diesel Stuns Steven Spielberg With Fat Jack Look

3/5/06 Paris Hilton's High Heel Horror

3/5/06 Elisha Cuthbert: "Give My Character a Chance"

3/5/06 Avril Lavigne Opens Home to Fans

3/5/06 Naomi Campbell to Write Memoirs With Oprah Winfrey

3/5/06 Reese Witherspoon: "I'm Unemployed"

3/5/06 Keira Knightley Disappointed by Jack Nicholson Snub

3/5/06 Christina Aguilera Warns of Softer Image

3/5/06 Nervous George Clooney Suffers Sleepless Nights

3/5/06 Avid Exposure Signs Tequan Richmond From Everybody Hates Chris

3/4/06 Nicole Kidman Frustrated With Oscars Blind Date

3/4/06 Buffy Star Kristy Swanson Goes Public With Ice Romance After Skating With Celebrities Win

3/4/06 Desperate Housewives Get a Scent

3/4/06 Kristin Davis: "Desperate Housewives Fails Single Women"

3/4/06 Naked Chef Sticking With Brad Pitt

3/4/06 Teri Hatcher Depressed by Single Status

3/4/06 Keira Knightley Calls on Sienna Miller With Pre-Oscar Nerves

3/4/06 Madonna Explains Britney Spears Kiss to Lourdes

3/4/06 Paris Hilton to Star in The Simpsons

3/4/06 Kylie Minogue Plans December Comeback

3/3/06 Paula Abdul Causing Security Problems

3/3/06 Lucy Liu Upset With Reality TV

3/3/06 24 to Capture London Terror Fears

3/3/06 Paris Hilton Set for September Court Date

3/3/06 Mischa Barton to Play Supergirl

3/3/06 Teri Hatcher: "I'll Feel Guilty Forever About Divorce

3/3/06 Anna Nicole Smith Pulls Out of Premiere

3/3/06 Ice Cube Challenges Race Issues on New Reality Show

3/3/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Funeral Dilemma

3/3/06 Carol Burnett Visits Desperate Housewives

3/3/06 The Apprentice Star Stuns Political Establishment

3/3/06 American Idol March 2nd “Four More Chopped”

3/3/06 Amazing Race Ratings Report - Close Second in Time Slot

3/3/06 Earl Must Give His Mom a Mothers Day Gift on the next "My Name is Earl"

3/3/06 Ryan and Marissa's Relationship is in Jeopardy next week on "The OC"

3/3/06 Anthony Clark to Host New Edition of NBC's "Last Comic Standing"

3/3/06 Nelnet & Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Deliver a Special Gift to a Motherly Icon in Florida

3/3/06 John Travolta and Queen Latifah to Star in "Hairspray" Movie

3/3/06 Hustle and Flow Earns Oscar for Original Song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"

3/2/06 Heartbroken Teri Hatcher Looked to Co-Star for Comfort

3/2/06 Shakira's Poor Experience Catalyst to Charity

3/2/06 Britney Spears Snaps Up Hawaiian Love Nest

3/2/06 Britney Spears Becomes Perfume Tycoon

3/2/06 Fuel Fired Up by American Idol Wannabe Chris Daughtry

3/2/06 Eva Longoria Love Celebrity Neighbors

3/2/06 Donald Trump: "My Hair is Real"

3/2/06 Jessica Simpson Plans Poetry Book

3/2/06 James Gandolfini Likes Fat Tony Soprano

3/2/06 Eva Longoria Desperate for Gritty Role

3/2/06 American Idol March 1st “Ten Singing Men”

3/2/06 Ivanka Trump Joins Her Father on the Next Episode of "The Apprentice"

3/2/06 Two Survivors Secretly Hoard Part of a Reward Tonight on Survivor: Panama

3/2/06 The Biggest Loser Special Edition Next Week "Navy Wives vs Marine Wives"

3/2/06 Cindy Margolis Launches Online Poker Room

3/2/06 Russell & Underlay Team Up to Catch Derek & Christina on the next "Invasion"

3/1/06 Carrie Underwood and Lee Ann Womack Headine GAC's Grand Ole Opry Live

3/1/06 Bravo Spices It Up With New Reality Series "Top Chef"

3/1/06 American Idol February 28th “The Top 10 Girls Sing”

3/1/06 Tim McGraw Special Premieres April 5th on NBC

3/1/06 CBS Files Suit Against Howard Stern

3/1/06 Skating With Celebrities Finale Preview Clips

3/1/06 Kiefer Sutherland Swaps Cocaine for Cooking

3/1/06 Feuding Friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Film Simple Life Again

3/1/06 Nick Lachey Longs for Children

3/1/06 Britney Spears Upset by Website Photos

3/1/06 Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler a Perfect Match

3/1/06 Nick Lachey Pumps Up for Infomercial

3/1/06 Jessica Simpson Was Terrified to Leave Marriage

3/1/06 Denis Leary Loves Jennifer Aniston

3/1/06 Lindsay Lohan Slips Up and Out at Celebrity Fashion Show

3/1/06 Jessica Simpson: "Everybody's Always Out to Get Me"



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