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3/31/07 Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham: New Best Friends

3/31/07 Angelina Jolie Smothers Herself in Lotion

3/31/07 Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff Unlikely Friends After Ending Five Year Feud

3/31/07 Christina Aguilera Takes Domestic Violence Message on the Road With Her

3/31/07 Avril Lavigne: "I'll Punch Whibley's Groupies"

3/31/07 Anna Nicole Smith Drugs Prescribed by One Doctor

3/31/07 A New Day for Smitten Britney Spears

3/31/07 Paris Hilton Threatens to Sue Over MTV Sketch

3/31/07 Sharon Osbourne to Replace Brandy on America's Got Talent?

3/31/07 Janet Jackson Praying for Britney Spears

3/30/07 Heather Mills Planning Mile-High Dance Lessons

3/30/07 Heather Mills Jumps for Joy on Anniversary of Surgery

3/30/07 Shiloh Was Named After Angelina Jolie's Brother

3/30/07 Elizabeth Hurley Looks Forward to Growing Old With Arun Nayar

3/30/07 James Gandolfini: "People Confuse Me With Tony Soprano"

3/30/07 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Plan Endless Adopted Family

3/30/07 Howard K Stern & Larry Birkhead Must Wait Another Week for DNA Results

3/30/07 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Play House Again

3/30/07 Dancing With the Stars Gives Heather Mills a Charity Boost

3/30/07 Jennifer Lopez Pity for Britney Spears

3/30/07 CBS Announces "Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side" Original Webisodes

3/30/07 Chris Sligh Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week "American Classics"

3/30/07 Tony Bennett to Mentor Top 9 American Idol Contestants

3/30/07 A Holiday Party Puts Everyone in the Giving Spirit Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

3/30/07 Tracy is Serve With Paternity Papers Next Week on "30 Rock"

3/30/07 Jim Deal With Consequences of Pam's Confession to Roy Next Week on The Office

3/29/07 Danni Minogue Signs to be X Factor Judge

3/29/07 Jennifer Lopez: "I Have My Perfect Match"

3/29/07 Ashton Kutcher Crowns 3 Kings for MTV

3/29/07 Heather Mills Breaks Down in Tears on Radio Show

3/29/07 Larry Birkhead: "I'm Not Trademarking Anna Nicole Smith Phrase"

3/29/07 Jennifer Lopez Does Jury Duty

3/29/07 Jack Faces Off With Fayed Next Week on "24"

3/29/07 Reverend Run & Wife Open Up About Baby Tragedy

3/29/07 Jennifer Lopez Drive to Her Tunes

3/29/07 Howard Stern Loses DNA Appeal

3/29/07 MTV Announces Road Rules 2007 Sweepstakes

3/29/07 American Idol - The Ax Cuts Again

3/29/07 One Castaway Finds the Immunity Idol Tonight on Survivor: Fiji

3/29/07 50 Cent & Beverly Johnson Guest Star Next Week on America's Next Top Model

3/29/07 Kate is Forced to Fend For Herself in the Jungle With Juliet Next Week on "Lost"

3/29/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of The Great American Dream Vote

3/29/07 Joe is Trapped in a Hostage Situation Next Week on "Medium"

3/29/07 Gray's Decision to Kick Out the Refugees Upsets Roger Next Week on Jericho

3/28/07 Britney Spears Celebrates Divorce in Las Vegas

3/28/07 Avril Lavigne Blames "Weak" Britney Spears for Her Meltdown

3/28/07 Jennifer Lopez Joins the Size Zero Debate

3/28/07 Reverend Run Defends Oprah Winfrey

3/28/07 Elizabeth Hurley "Not Naive" About Married Life

3/28/07 Simon Cowell's Dislike for Kids Made Fun Of

3/28/07 Marc Anthony Gives Jennifer Lopez Singing Tips

3/28/07 Heather Mills' Dance Floor Meltdown as Leg Slides Away

3/28/07 Sex Pistol Steve Jones Turned Drunk Lost Star Onto Sobriety

3/28/07 Howard Stern: "Larry Birkhead Has Got His Dates Wrong"

3/28/07 American Idol - Ten Singers Singing

3/28/07 Contestants Create LA Times Newspaper Supplement Sunday on The Apprentice

3/28/07 Brown & Williams Contend With the World of Voodoo Next Week on "The Unit"

3/28/07 Nathan Has a Meeting With Linderman Next Week on Heroes

3/28/07 The Springer Hustle Premieres April 15th on Vh1

3/27/07 Joss Stone Not a Fan of American Idol

3/27/07 24 Movie Postponed

3/27/07 Jennifer Lopez Accused of "Forgetting Her Roots"

3/27/07 Britney Spears Divorce - Kevin Gets Just $1 Million

3/27/07 Jennifer Lopez "Good Friends" With Beckhams

3/27/07 Jennifer Lopez Embraces Her Fiery Side

3/27/07 Britney Spears Reaches Divorce Settlement With Kevin Federline

3/27/07 Diana Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

3/27/07 Hannah Montana Breaks Records at DVD Signing

3/27/07 Heather Mills Terrified of the Jive

3/27/07 Gwen Stefani to Mentor Top 10 Tonight on American Idol

3/27/07 Meet the Bachelorettes for This Season of "The Bachelor"

3/27/07 The Administration Faces Power Struggles Next Week on "24"

3/27/07 Preview for Next Week's Season Finale of "Prison Break"

3/27/07 Preview for Tonight's Dancing With the Stars Results Show

3/27/07 Preview for Next Week's Episodes of Deal or No Deal

3/27/07 Project Runway Wins GLAAD Award for Outstanding Reality Program

3/26/07 Paris Hilton Caught Driving With a Suspended License

3/26/07 Britney Spears Dentist: "Give the Kid a Break"

3/26/07 Elizabeth Hurley: "It Was Bizarre Dating at 36"

3/26/07 Anna Nicole Smith Offered Film Funding to Play Marilyn Monroe

3/26/07 Avril Lavigne Dumped Goth Wedding to be a Girlie Girl

3/26/07 Paulina Porizkova Voted Off Dancing With the Stars

3/26/07 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Kidnap Terror Revealed

3/26/07 Heather Mills Surprised by Positive TV Audience Reaction

3/26/07 Oprah Winfrey Serves Up a Dinner Tribute for Sidney Poitier

3/26/07 Bill Clinton Loves 24

3/26/07 A Tough Lesson on What to Wear Wednesday on America's Next Top Model

3/26/07 Jack Bauer Leads Critical Field Operation Tonight on "24"

3/26/07 Lincoln and Mahone Square Off Tonight on "Prison Break"

3/26/07 A 12 Year Old Heart Patient Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

3/25/07 Sopranos Stars Weep on the Red Carpet

3/25/07 Jessica Simpson Hands Over Mini-Van to Orphanage

3/25/07 Howard K Stern: "Anna Nicole Smith Refused to Check Into Hospital"

3/25/07 Evangeline Lilly: "Flight Attendant Job Was Worst Ever"

3/25/07 Lost Star Vows to Quit Smoking

3/25/07 Joe Pantoliano Upset About Headless Photo

3/25/07 Inquest Begins in Anna Nicole Smith Son's Death

3/25/07 Sam Rockwell: "I am Not Dating Jennifer Aniston"

3/25/07 Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd is Junked

3/25/07 Randy Spelling: "I Tool Paris Hilton's Virginity"

3/25/07 Dean Decides to Tell Sam "The Secret" This Week on Supernatural

3/25/07 The Claws Come Out This Week on Pussycat Dolls: Search for the Next Doll

3/25/07 Chris Must Choose Between His Dad & a Girl Monday on Everybody Hates Chris

3/25/07 Felicia Eliminated This Week on America's Next Top Model

3/25/07 Drew Barrymore to Guest Star Sunday April 8 on "Family Guy" on FOX

3/25/07 Standoff Returns to FOX, Friday April 6th

3/25/07 Dancing With the Stars Recap Show to Air Tuesday on ABC

3/25/07 The Murder of a Homeless Woman is Investigated Next Week on "Raines"

3/25/07 Marathon Episodes of "The Office" Thursday on NBC

3/25/07 Preview for This Week's Episode of Medium

3/25/07 Grease: You're the One That I Want Finale Tonight

3/25/07 Preview for This Week's Episodes of Deal or No Deal

3/25/07 A South Carolina Family is Helped Tonight on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

3/25/07 Candidates Sell Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets Tonight on The Apprentice

3/25/07 High Seas Adventures Turn into a Nightmare Tonight on The Amazing Race

3/24/07 Christina Aguilera Lip Syncs During Concert?

3/24/07 Security Guard Pulls Gun on Photographer as Britney Spears Prays

3/24/07 Paris Hilton Wishes Jeff Beacher a Happy Birthday

3/24/07 Heather Mills Wanted a Gay Dancing Partner

3/24/07 Australian Idol Anthony Callea Comes Clean About His Sexuality

3/24/07 Anna Nicole Smith Died of Accidental Overdose

3/24/07 Britney Spears Out on the Town for Friday Night Freedom

3/24/07 Carmen Electra Laughs Off Joan Jett Rumors

3/24/07 James Haven Concerned for Sister Angelina Jolie

3/24/07 Britney Spears Emergency Dentist Appointment

3/24/07 Whitney and Carlos are Searching for Apartments Next Week on Six Degrees

3/24/07 The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Guest Stars Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

3/23/07 German Fan Buys Anna Nicole Smith's Journals

3/23/07 Nicole Richie Upset About Fainting Fuss

3/23/07 No More Street Fights for Avril Lavigne

3/23/07 Kylie Minogue Finds Love in the Ring?

3/23/07 Elizabeth Hurley 'Too Mumsy' for Boho Label

3/23/07 Eva Longoria Offers Troubled Jesse Metcalfe Her Support

3/23/07 Heather Mills Was a Shock for Dancing Partner

3/23/07 Jennifer Hudson's Starbucks Gig Scrapped Over Agent's Demands

3/23/07 Prince Frederic Von Anhalt Submits DNA Test for Anna Nicole Smith Baby

3/23/07 Howard Stern Given the Chance to Appeal DNA Test Results

3/23/07 American Idol Invites Corporate America to Sponsor "Idol Gives Back"

3/23/07 The Day After Thanksgiving is No Holiday Next Week on Ugly Betty

3/23/07 H.R.G.'s Hidden Past is Revealed Next Week on "Heroes"

3/23/07 NBC Announces What will happen next on Heroes? Video Contest

3/23/07 Survivor Fiji: Finally A Tribal Reshuffle

3/22/07 Warner Brother's Bosses Confirm Emma Watson Won't Quit Harry Potter

3/22/07 Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards Sued by Photographers

3/22/07 Heather Mill's Daughter Thrilled With Mother's Dancing Skills

3/22/07 Randy Jackson Lined Up for The X Factor

3/22/07 Christina Aguilera's Marriage Kept Alive by Balloons

3/22/07 Simon Cowell Tells Louis Walsh to "Stop the Conspiracy Theories"

3/22/07 Heather Mills: "I Bet My Leg Will Stay On"

3/22/07 Hogwarts Express Vandalized by Youths

3/22/07 Simon Cowell: "I Regret Louis Walsh's Departure"

3/22/07 Anna Nicole Smith Autopsy Report Set for Release

3/22/07 Hurley Become Suspicious of Sawyer Next Week on Lost

3/22/07 Jake and Kenchy Work to Save April's Life Next Week on "Jericho"

3/22/07 Stephanie Edwards is Eliminated from American Idol

3/21/07 Simon Cowell Credits Leona Lewis With Return to The X Factor

3/21/07 Carmen Electra Beats the Boys

3/21/07 Ottawa Extra Special for Avril Lavigne

3/21/07 Jessica Simpson Buys Her Dad His Dream Ferrari

3/21/07 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Donate $100,000 to Build Sudan Health Clinic

3/21/07 Hilary Duff: "I'm Not Singing About Nicole Richie"

3/21/07 Carmen Electra: "I Was Shy Before Playboy"

3/21/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Son Confided in Private Detective

3/21/07 Jennifer Hudson to Play Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues Revamp?

3/21/07 Jennifer Hudson Insists She's No Boozer

3/21/07 Prison Break Continues for Third Season

3/21/07 New Tribes are Formed Tonight on Survivor: Fiji

3/21/07 Bob Must Endure Harsh Elements in Siberia Next Week on "The Unit"

3/21/07 New Judges and Host Announced for Season 2 of "American Inventor"

3/20/07 Britney Spears Granted UK Court Injunction

3/20/07 Angelina Jolie Introduces New Son to Zahara

3/20/07 Jennifer Hudson and Kanye West Go Back to School

3/20/07 Desperate Housewives Star Scores a Home Run

3/20/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Company Shut Down Over Tax Problems

3/20/07 Baby Dannielynn Swabbed for DNA Testing

3/20/07 Avril Lavigne Keeps Husband Away From Drugs

3/20/07 Avril Lavigne Bemused About Fuss Over Spitting Incident

3/20/07 Lesbians Anticipate Carmen Electra Shocker

3/20/07 Nicole Richie Diagnosed With Hypoglycemia

3/20/07 On the Lot to Debut on FOX Thursday May 22

3/19/07 Paul McCartney Sends Flowers to Heather Mills

3/19/07 Harry Potter Book "Greenest Ever"

3/19/07 Pamela Anderson Excited to Return to the Beach

3/19/07 Paula Abdul Blasts Simon Cowell for "Small Manhood"

3/19/07 Dog the Bounty Hunter Honored for Crimefighting

3/19/07 Pamela Anderson Staying Single

3/19/07 Angelina Jolie and Pax Thien Leave Vietnam

3/19/07 Heather Mills Laughs Off "Flying Limb" Scenarios

3/19/07 Britney Spears Pleads for Privacy as She Leaves Rehab

3/19/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Father Blames Stern for Daughter's Death

3/19/07 Bree Meets Her Antagonistic Mother in Law Next Week on Desperate Housewives

3/19/07 Judges Announced for Season 2 of Canada's Next Top Model

3/19/07 Final Five Designers Face Their Toughest Challenge Wednesday on Top Design

3/18/07 Larry Birkhead Wins DNA Test Battle Over Anna Nicole Smith Baby

3/18/07 Angelina Jolie Introduces Pax to the World

3/18/07 Justin Timberlake Insists He's "Over" Britney Spears

3/18/07 Britney Spears $19 Million Divorce Settlement

3/18/07 Carmen Electra's Fear of Water Hampered Baywatch Experience

3/18/07 Photographer: "Keanu Reeves Ran Me Down Then Tried to Flee"

3/18/07 Joey Fatone Credits Dancing & Diet Program for Weightloss

3/18/07 Carmen Electra's Porn Research

3/18/07 Heather Mills Faces Abuse After Dancing With the Stars Appearance

3/18/07 Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Back Together

3/18/07 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Appears Tonight on The Apprentice

3/18/07 The Teams Head to Mozambique Tonight on The Amazing Race

3/17/07 Odd Complaints Filed Against Prince Superbowl Show

3/17/07 Britney Spears Set for Rehab Release This Week

3/17/07 Heather Mills Hailed an "Inspiration" on Dancing With the Stars

3/17/07 Britney Spears "Scared of Bankruptcy"

3/17/07 Louis Walsh Takes Revenge on Simon Cowell With New BBC Talent Show

3/17/07 Kylie Minogue Not Worried About Donovan Memoirs

3/17/07 Warner Brothers Play Down Emma Watson Quitting Reports

3/17/07 Angelina Jolie Awaiting Visa to Finalize Adoption

3/17/07 Simon Cowell Plans Reality TV Show Drama

3/17/07 Simon Cowell: "I Don't Humiliate Idol Hopefuls"

3/17/07 Producer Fired Over Australian Idol "Outing" Incident

3/17/07 American Idol Star Simon Cowell Given Taste of His Own Medicine by Race Aces

3/17/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Lost Diaries

3/17/07 Emma Watson Turns Down Contract for Final Two Harry Potter Films

3/16/07 Britney Spears Needs Some Southern Comfort Says Aunt

3/16/07 Marriage Has Mellowed Avril Lavigne

3/16/07 Kylie Minogue Moves Belongings Out of Paris Home

3/16/07 Oprah Winfrey Opens Second School in South Africa

3/16/07 Britney Spears Fans Offer Support on Website

3/16/07 Miami Vice Star Says No to Dancing With the Stars

3/16/07 Larry Birkhead Upbeat as Custody Case Moves Forward

3/16/07 Parents Attack Strict Rules at Oprah Winfrey School

3/16/07 Simon Cowell Regrets Turning Down Sex Cash

3/16/07 Kelly Osbourne's Fancy for Louis Walsh?

3/16/07 Contestants and Judges Announced for "Shear Genius" on Bravo

3/16/07 Tenth Season of The Bachelor Premieres April 2nd

3/16/07 Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Gets Extended 13 Additional Episodes

3/16/07 Lulu and Peter Noone to Coach Top 11 on American Idol Tuesday March 20

3/16/07 Betty Agrees to Pose as Marc's Girlfriend for his Mom Next Week on Ugly Betty

3/16/07 The Brothers Track a Werewolf Next Week on Supernatural

3/16/07 Gwen Stefani Officially Announces 40 Date Concert Tour

3/16/07 ABC Announces "Dancing With the Stars Fantasy Dancing Game"

3/15/07 Elizabeth Hurley's Cattle Gift

3/15/07 Harry Potter Star Emma Watson "Stalker" Questioned by Police

3/15/07 Angelina Jolie Had No Special Treatment, Agency Insists

3/15/07 Sharon Osbourne Slams Gutless Simon Cowell

3/15/07 Anna Nicole Smith Murder Allegations Surface on Seized Laptop

3/15/07 Christina Aguilera: "I'm Empowered by My Sexuality"

3/15/07 Florida and Bahamian Police Team Up to Solve Anna Nicole Smith Death

3/15/07 Angelina Jolie Apologizes to New Son for Media Attention

3/15/07 Oprah Winfrey Denies School is Too Strict

3/15/07 Heather Mills Toughness Will Help Her Win Dancing With the Stars

3/15/07 Brandon Rogers Eliminated From American Idol; British Pop Theme Tuesday

3/15/07 Ben Offers Locke Some Secrets of the Island Next Week on "Lost"

3/15/07 The Girls Learn the Art of Posing Next Week on America's Next Top Model

3/15/07 Raines Premieres Tonight on NBC

3/15/07 Lightweights are Heavy Hitters on Season 5 of "The Ultimate Fighter"

3/15/07 MTV Hilary Duff Special to Premiere April 2nd; New Album to Debut April 3rd

3/15/07 Mo'Nique's "Charm School" Premieres April 15th on Vh1

3/14/07 Jason Donovan Denies Dishing Dirt on Kylie Minogue

3/14/07 Britney Spears Brings Bad Attitude to Rehab

3/14/07 Carmen Electra Takes a Tumble at Charity Fashion Show

3/14/07 Angelina Jolie Slams Photographer After Terrifying Vietnam Scene

3/14/07 Britney Spears Goes on Sugar Binge

3/14/07 Kevin Federline and Britney Spears "Not Reconciling"

3/14/07 Angelina Jolie Completes Adoption

3/14/07 Paula Abdul: "Simon Cowell and I are Great Friends"

3/14/07 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Wed in the Bahamas?

3/14/07 Justin Timberlake Sends Britney Spears Heartfelt Letter of Support

3/14/07 NBC Announces New Series "Thank God You're Here"

3/14/07 NBC Announces New Series "The Baby Borrowers"

3/14/07 Top Design Contestants Vie to Design Party for Bacardi Limon Tonight on Bravo

3/14/07 American Idol Has Massive Impact on Radio Airplay

3/14/07 The Tram Studies Advanced Desert Warfare in Israel Next Week on "The Unit"

3/14/07 Jonathan Antin Appears Next Week on Pussycat Dolls Search for the Next Doll

3/13/07 Mary-Kate Olsen Gets a Cookie

3/13/07 Britney Spears New Man: "I Love Her"

3/13/07 No CSI for Christina Aguilera

3/13/07 Avril Lavigne Defends Spitting on Photographers

3/13/07 Jennifer Aniston Moving to Manhattan?

3/13/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Pal Regrets Leaving Her in the Bath

3/13/07 Jennifer Lopez Refuses to Answer Kim Porter Criticisms

3/13/07 Pamela Anderson Thanks Tommy Hilfiger for Fur Ban

3/13/07 America's Next Top Model Designer Charged With Rape

3/13/07  Wentworth Miller Popular With Jailbirds

3/13/07 Chris Steps in to be a DJ Next Week on Everybody Hates Chris

3/13/07 Jack Copes With Devastating News Next Week on "24"

3/13/07 T-Bag's Reign of Terror Continues Next Week on Prison Break

3/13/07 Diana Ross Coaches Top 12 American Idols & Will Perform Tonight & Tomorrow

3/12/07 Britney Spears in Lesbian Sex Tape Scandal?

3/12/07 Harry Potter Gets Stamp of Approval in France

3/12/07 Heather Mills Makes Sure Her Leg Keeps Her Dancing

3/12/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Ex Planning For Baby Dannielynn

3/12/07 Jennifer Hudson to Play Aretha Franklin in Film Biopic?

3/12/07 Donald Trump Offers Hard Love and Advice to Britney Spears

3/12/07 Elizabeth Hurley Faces Legal Action Over "Illegal" Indian Wedding

3/12/07 Ugly Betty Star Planning Summer Wedding in Puerto Rico

3/12/07 Angelina Jolie's New Son is Soccer-Mad, Shy Boy

3/12/07 Armed and Famous in Mistaken Identity Lawsuit

3/12/07 FOX Reality's American Idol Extra is Back for Season Two

3/12/07 A Beauty Queen and Blue Collar Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

3/12/07 Six Degrees to Return to ABC Friday, March 23

3/12/07 A Hostage Crises on Wisteria Lane Next Week on Desperate Housewives

3/12/07 Tornado Victims Home is Rebuilt Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

3/12/07 The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Guest Stars on Ghost Whisperer March 30

3/12/07 Paula Abdul's Greatest Hits Album to be Released May 8

3/11/07 Angelina Jolie Challenges Aid Critics

3/11/07 Hilary Duff Agonized Over Joel Madden and Nicole Richie

3/11/07 Prison Break Star Speaks Out About Fatal Car Crash

3/11/07 Jessica Simpson to Release Book of Photos

3/11/07 Angelina Jolie Could Have New Son in Next Few Weeks

3/11/07 Christina Aguilera Scores Role in CSI

3/11/07 Britney Spears Ex: She Took Drugs for Years

3/11/07 Larry Birkhead Files to Force Howard K Stern to Take Paternity Test

3/11/07 Anna Nicole Smith Hoarded Baby Clothes for Big Family

3/11/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Assistant Prays for Howard K Stern to Get Custody of Baby

3/11/07 Candidates Create Soccer Game Half Time Show Tonight on The Apprentice

3/11/07 Bree is Confronted With Orson's Past Tonight on Desperate Housewives

3/11/07 The Team Heads to Georgia Tonight on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

3/11/07 Teams Travel to the End of the World Tonight on The Amazing Race

3/10/07 Jennifer Hudson Lands Burgers-For-Life Honor

3/10/07 New Scandal for American Idol

3/10/07 Britney Spears: Bulimic and Bipolar?

3/10/07 Report: David Gest Lands X Factor Judging Spot

3/10/07 Sundance Head Praises American Idol Producers for Withholding Tragic News

3/10/07 Children's Groups Attack Simon Cowell Bullying

3/10/07 Sopranos Filming Permit Approved

3/10/07 Isaac Cohen: "Rehab is the Best Place for Britney"

3/10/07 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Spark Reconciliation Reports

3/10/07 Leaked Track Not Kylie Minogue

3/10/07 Four More Eliminated From American Idol; 12 Finalists Take the Stage Tuesday

3/10/07 A Partying Mom & a Martial Arts Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

3/10/07 NBC Announces The Office "Newpeats"

3/9/07 Josh Holloway Criticizes Hawaii Police for Targeting Lost Stars

3/9/07 Angelina Jolie: "I Cried Constantly About Humanitarian Crises"

3/9/07 Sordid Past of Kylie Minogue's Gold Pants

3/9/07 Fight Breaks Out at Elizabeth Hurley Wedding Celebration

3/9/07 Significant Evidence Uncovered in Anna Nicole Smith Death Probe

3/9/07 Louis Walsh: "Simon Cowell Stabbed Me in the Back"

3/9/07 Eva Longoria Desperate for Kenny Chesney to Sing at Wedding

3/9/07 Jason Donovan Dishes the Dirt in Kylie Minogue Memoir

3/9/07 Hilary Duff Disses Paris Hilton

3/9/07 Antonella Barba Offered Sex DVD Deal

3/9/07 American Idol Gives Back

3/9/07 Work Out Returns for Season 2 March 20 on Bravo

3/9/07 Samantha Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

3/9/07 Pussycat Dolls Search is a Big Ratings Success

3/9/07 American Idol - “Chop, Whack, Chop, Whack”

3/9/07 See the Top 12 American Idol Contestants Compete Live in Person

3/9/07 Lucy Liu Returns as "The Chin" Next Week on Ugly Betty

3/9/07 Gene Simmons Family Jewels Returns for Season 2 March 25th

3/8/07 Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar Marry Again

3/8/07 Jennifer Hudson Hits Back at Simon Cowell

3/8/07 Anna Nicole Smith Cemetery Closed to the Curious

3/8/07 Simon Cowell Offers Sanjaya Malakar No Chance

3/8/07 John Mayer & Jessica Simpson Get Romantic in Rome

3/8/07 Kylie Minogue's Music Bosses Try to Pull Old Son From Cyberspace

3/8/07 Christina Aguilera Plays Naughty Nurse in Bedroom

3/8/07 Sopranos Producers Caught Up in Film Permit Row

3/8/07 Prison Break Star to Accept Responsibility Over Fatal Crash

3/8/07 Tensions Mount Between Locke and Sayid Next Week on Lost

3/8/07 The Marines Come to Town Next Week on Jericho

3/8/07 Special Reunion Episode Announced for The Real Housewives of Orange County

3/8/07 American Idol's Bucky Covington Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut

3/8/07 American Idol - “Eight Lasses Singing”

3/8/07 Linkin Park Album "Minutes" to be Released May 15

3/8/07 Daughtry Once Again Locks Down #1 Spot on Billboard Top 200

3/8/07 Earl and Yau-Man Look for the Immunity Idol Tonight on Survivor: Fiji

3/8/07 American Idol Producer Nigel Lythgoe Responds to Rosie O'Donnell

3/8/07 Genesis Announces Dates for "Turn It On Again" Tour

3/8/07 Artwork Featured on Heroes Show to be Auctioned on NBC.com

3/7/07 Sons Visit Britney Spears in Rehab

3/7/07 Louis Walsh Leaves The X Factor

3/7/07 Jennifer Hudson Pays Tribute to Female Family Inspiration

3/7/07 Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Get Committed

3/7/07 Mark Burnett Sued Over Rock Star Show

3/7/07 Shaman Purifies Anna Nicole Smith's Hotel Suite

3/7/07 Hilary Duff Slams Joel Madden and Nicole Richie in New Songs

3/7/07 Jennifer Hudson Becomes Avon Representative

3/7/07 Elizabeth Hurley "Too Sad" to Invite Hugh Grant to Wedding

3/7/07 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's Families Support Troubled Singer

3/7/07 Jake, Stanley and Mimi Run Into Trouble While Hunting Tonight on "Jericho"

3/7/07 American Idol - “Eight Lads Singing”

3/7/07 Jennifer Hudson Surprises American Idol Contestants

3/707 Carrie Underwood Returns to American Idol Thursday

3/7/07 The Girls Move to LA Loft Next Week on Pussycat Dolls Search for the Next Doll

3/7/07 A Non-Work Related Mission Next Week on "The Unit"

3/6/07 Jennifer Aniston Adopts Clean Living Lifestyle

3/6/07 Angelina Jolie Adoption to be "Fast-Tracked"

3/6/07 Britney Spears Pours Her Heart Out in Journal

3/6/07 Britney Spears Believes She Has Postpartum Depression

3/6/07 Pamela Anderson Offers Support to Britney Spears

3/6/07 Elizabeth Hurley Wedding Beach Party Venue Demolished

3/6/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Jailed Ex Fears Sex Tape Has Been Stolen

3/6/07 Troubled Laguna Beach Star Jailed

3/6/07 Christina Aguilera Records Naughty Party Anthem You'll Never Hear

3/6/07 Lost Star Yunjin Kim: "Stalking is Sexy"

3/6/07 Survivor Fiji: Liliana, We Hardly Knew 'Ya

3/6/07 Nashville Star Celebrates Record Ratings for Season Five

3/6/07 ABC Announces Dancing With the Stars Road Trip

3/6/07 Nominations Announced for 42nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards

3/6/07 Jerry Springer to Host NBC's "America's Got Talent" this Summer

3/6/07 Live Finale for The Apprentice to be Held at the Hollywood Bowl April 22

3/6/07 Chris Gets a Lucky Pair of Socks Next Week on Everybody Hates Chris

3/6/07 Season Finale of Supernanny Next Week on ABC

3/6/07 A Squeaky Clean Mom and an Unorganized Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

3/6/07 Ricky Schroder Makes Debut Next Week on "24"

3/6/07 American Idol Contestant Antonella Barba Tops Lycos Search List

3/6/07 Deal or No Deal Canada Reigns as Nation's Number One New Series

3/6/07 Lauren Conrad to Debut in Virtual Hills Tonight

3/6/07 New MTV Show to Search for the Next Menudo

3/5/07 Jennifer Hudson Has a Special Home for Oscar

3/5/07 Britney Spears Struggling in Rehab

3/5/07 James Gandolfini Poses for Vanity Fair

3/5/07 Sting Reformed Police to Surprise Fans

3/5/07 Jennifer Hudson Wants Jackie Robinson Role

3/5/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Baby Daughter Dannielynn "Doing Fine"

3/5/07 Shaquille O'Neal to Star in Reality Show

3/5/07 Carmen Electra Rubbishes Reality TV Curse

3/5/07 Carmen Electra Dismisses Breast Implant Removal

3/5/07 Carmen Electra Snubbed by Baywatch Movie Producers

3/5/07 Allison Wakes Up as Her Teenage Self Wednesday on "Medium"

3/5/07 Earl Must Reform His Band Thursday on "My Name is Earl"

3/5/07 Two Stars Argue Over a Spot on Conan O'Brien Thursday on "30 Rock"

3/5/07 Bucky Covington Video Debuts at #1 CMT Pure Country

3/5/07 Nexxus Named Official Hair Care Sponsor for Bravo's "Shear Genius"

3/4/07 Simon Cowell Couldn't Stand American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks

3/4/07 Laguna Beach Star Arrested

3/4/07 Desperate Housewives Execs Furious About Eva Longoria Leak

3/4/07 John Travolta Donates Money to Tornado Victims

3/4/07 Courtney Love Jeopardizes Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Reality Show

3/4/07 Pamela Anderson Returns to the Beach

3/4/07 Lost Stars Bemoan Screen Time

3/4/07 Avril Lavigne Struggles to Sing and Dance

3/4/07 Shanna Moakler Laughs Off Travis Barker Reunion

3/4/07 Simon Cowell Blasts Jennifer Hudson for American Idol Stepping Stone Comment

3/4/07 The Team Heads to Tampa Tonight on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

3/4/07 An Unanticipated Pregnancy Tonight on Desperate Housewives

3/4/07 Dice Undisputed Premieres on Vh1 Tonight

3/4/07 Snoop Dog to Appear Tonight on The Apprentice

3/4/07 The Teams Go White Water Rafting Tonight on The Amazing Race

3/3/07 Settlement Over Anna Nicole Smith's Baby Near?

3/3/07 Simon Cowell Blasts Rehabbing Britney Spears and Robbie Williams

3/3/07 Nicole Richie Hospitalized While Filming New Season of The Simple Life

3/3/07 Angelina Jolie to Adopt Young Male Orphan

3/3/07 Avril Lavigne Gets Picky With Her Parts

3/3/07 Daniel Radcliffe Scared to Reveal All to Harry Potter Cast

3/3/07 Anna Nicole Smith Tours Begin

3/3/07 Eva Mendes Hails Ugly Betty Star America Ferrera

3/3/07 Elizabeth Hurley Weds Early

3/3/07 Brooke Shields Reaches Out to Britney Spears

3/3/07 Dean Learns the Truth About His Fathers Death Next Week on Supernatural

3/3/07 A Prom Themed Fashion Show Next Week on America's Next Top Model

3/3/07 The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll Premieres Tuesday

3/3/07 The Great American Dream Vote to Premiere March 28 on ABC

3/3/07 John Ratzenberger Joins ABC's Dancing With the Stars

3/3/07 Four More Eliminated from American Idol; Top 12 Revealed Thursday

3/3/07 Melinda Encounters a Ghost Who Doesn't See Her Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

3/3/07 A Ballroom Dancer and a Prison Guard Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

3/3/07 Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott to Star in Oxygen Series Tori & Dean: Inn Love

3/2/07 Evangeline Lily Likes Metrosexual Men

3/2/07 Daniel Radcliffe Signs on for Final Two Harry Potter Films

3/2/07 Anna Nicole Smith Finally Buried in the Bahamas

3/2/07 Britney Spears Takes Break From Rehab for Shopping Spree

3/2/07 Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Get Televised Face Lifts

3/2/07 Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar Prepare for Two Weddings

3/2/07 Avril Lavigne Laughs at Her Grumpy Teenage Years

3/2/07 Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Engaged?

3/2/07 Land Owners Charge Media to Enter Anna Nicole Smith Funeral Area

3/2/07 Country Star Nichols to Perform at Anna Nicole Smith's Funeral

3/2/07 American Idol - "Booted Out"

3/2/07 Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Special to Re-Air Tomorrow

3/2/07 Vincent Pastore Withdraws From Dancing With the Stars

3/2/07 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Series Extended by FOX

3/2/07 Betty Takes a Break From Her Family Troubles Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

3/2/07 Bravo Premieres One Hour Documentary on Anna Nicole Smith Tonight

3/2/07 America's Next Top Model Roars Back in Season 8 With Big Ratings

3/2/07 Kathleen Eliminated on Premiere Episode of America's Next Top Model

3/1/07 Pamela Anderson Spent Wedding Anniversary on the Beach

3/1/07 Angelina Jolie Fights for Rights to Australian Abduction Story

3/1/07 Britney Spears Used Chewing Gum Up for Auction

3/1/07 Anna Nicole Smith Killed by Severe Pneumonia?

3/1/07 Anna Nicole Smith Burial Set for Friday After Mother Loses Appeal

3/1/07 Kevin Federline Gave Britney Spears Rehab Ultimatum

3/1/07 Cameron Diaz Comforts Elisha Cuthbert Over Justin Timberlake Song

3/1/07 Sopranos Star Quits Dancing With the Stars

3/1/07 Angelina Jolie Visits Sudanese Refugees

3/1/07 Stephen Fry: "Daniel Radcliffe's Performance is More Than Nudity"

3/1/07 American Idol - "Ten Lasses a Singing"

3/1/07 A Surprise Twist at the Immunity Challenge Tonight on Survivor: Fiji

3/1/07 Locke, Sayid and Kate Stumble Upon a Strange Structure Next Week on "Lost"


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