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American Idol Recap: Eleven American Idol's Sing 3/19/08 


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March 18, 2008

“Eleven American Idol’s Sing”

By Marcus

Tonight the eleven American Idol contestants sang songs from The Beatles whose influence on music and originality continues for over 40+ years. That kind of staying power makes me wonder if any of these contestants will be around in forty years.

First up was blues woman Amanda Overmyer singing “Back In The USSR.” She again wowed us with her blue vocals that remind me of western rugged untamed mountain peaks. But that is all she is giving us---the raspy blues. Perhaps that is all that has to offer but will it be enough to keep her coming back as the weeks progress?

Kristy Lee Cook depressingly sang “You Have To Hide Your Love Away.”

I don’t get it with this singer. She is playing it so intensely safe, that she is becoming boring. Her pitch was off, her low notes were painful and she is, once again, in trouble.

Last week David Archuleta forgot his lyrics but this week he did remember the words to “The Long And Winding Road.” Now understand this---these singers only sing for 90 seconds, that’s all. David started out flat and at times he seemed to force the words rather than feel them. But, he is quite popular with both the judges and the fans and will undoubted return next week. But we will expect him to give us a better performance.

Michael Johns’ voice cracked like a dried desert cactus spine while singing “A Day In The Life.” He was unable to recover and his ending was choked. He was simply not prepared and that lack of rehearsal was very evident. He may also be in trouble.

There was no sunshine for Brook White’s “Here Comes The Sun.” At best, it was a partly cloudy performance lacking power and conviction. Let’s hope that she finds the glow that will be needed to stick in this competition. She needed to give us lightning but instead all we got a drizzle.

David Cook sizzled with his rock funk version of ‘Day Tripper.” He is confident and perhaps a little smug. But he has his rock style down to a recipe and he serves it fiery and spicy.

Starting off singing a gentle uplifting version of “Blackbird”, Carly Smithson then stirred in it a little of her magic to make the lyric soar overhead. She was brilliant.

“Michelle” is a love song. It is a song about passion, about a desire to be loved to give love, a song about yearning and wanting. But, Jason Castro sang it without ardor. He could have been singing to a fire hydrant as he made absolutely no connection with the words.

And with only three singers left and with over a half hour to fill, the next singer was Syesha Mercado. Her version of “Yesterday” was anemic and her high notes were scratchy. I think she was good enough to return next week. And if she does return, she needs to work on making audience contact with her eyes.

Chikezie’s “I’ve Just Seen A Face” started off dull and listless, kind of like a dank pond. But then he whipped out his harmonica and ended the song with a Louisiana Cajun style that saved his day. He is an entertaining performer. He is not the best but he will be back next week.

Finally, the last contestant to sing was Ramiele Malubay singing “I Should Have Known Better.” She has sung better than she did tonight. Her attempt at dancing was forced and almost laughable. And that is tragic as this singer’s eyes and face sparkle on stage and it is hard to not enjoy her performance. But tonight, she just didn’t have that flash.

And there you have it with a review of the eleven remaining contestants. Make your calls. Cast your ballots and return here tomorrow night for the results of your votes with my commentary written just for you.


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