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5/31/07 Jennifer Aniston: "I'm Not Writing a Book"

5/31/07 Paula Abdul Admits Botox

5/31/07 Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out as Reebok DJ

5/31/07 Reverend Run Puts MTV Home Up for Sale

5/31/07 Davy Jones: "The Monkees Were Constantly Fighting"

5/31/07 Harry Potter Theme Park to Open

5/31/07 J.D. Fortune Prefers Music to Love

5/31/07 Paula Abdul Angry About Drunk Rumors

5/31/07 Enrique Iglesias: "I've Not Split From Anna Kournikova"

5/31/07 Paris Hilton in More Trouble With Authorities

5/31/07 Tyler and Jay Risk Capture to Return to Yale Next Week on "Traveler"

5/31/07 Las Vegas Auditions Featured Next Week on "The Next Best Thing"

5/31/07 American Idol Final Three to Appear on NBC's Macy's 4th of July Special

5/30/07 Lindsay Lohan's Friends Come Forward With Suicide Tales

5/30/07 Jenna Fisher Looking at 12 Week Recovery From Back Injury

5/30/07 Nicole Richie Confused About Joke Email Fuss

5/30/07 Officials Investigate if Lindsay Lohan Was Served Drinks Illegally

5/30/07 Nicole Richie: "I'm Not in Rehab"

5/30/07 Dominic Monaghan & Chameleon Pet's Tearful Goodbye

5/30/07 Nicole Richie: "Paris Was Treated Unfairly"

5/30/07 Shirley MacLaine Rearranges Filming Schedule in Support of Lindsay Lohan

5/30/07 Paula Abdul "Found Her Purpose" as American Idol Judge

5/30/07 Eva Longoria: "I'm So Clumsy"

5/30/07 Preview for Hell's Kitchen June 4th Season Premiere

5/30/07 Vidal Sassoon Guest Judges Bravo's "Shear Genius" Finale Tonight

5/30/07 Dancing With the Stars Tour Dates Announced

5/30/07 American Idols Live Tour Dates Announced

5/30/07 Atlanta Auditions Featured Tomorrow on So You Think You Can Dance

5/30/07 The President Gives Jonas a Secret Assignment Next Week on The Unit

5/29/07 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Want Kids to Stay in Touch With Roots

5/29/07 Paris Hilton Dropped From Heiress Book

5/29/07 Ozzy Osbourne Snubs American Idol Duet With Sanjaya Malakar

5/29/07 Lindsay Lohan Wreckage Surfaces on Auction Website

5/29/07 Lindsay Lohan New Film Ready to Role Without Her

5/29/07 Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab

5/29/07 Kylie Minogue Fans Remember Her Birthday

5/29/07 Britney Spears Left "Numb" by Tabloid Coverage

5/29/07 Shakira Breaks Mexico City Record

5/29/07 Paris Hilton's Aunt Offers Jail Advice

5/29/07 Canadian Idol Broadcast Schedule Announced by CTV

5/29/07 An Orlando Military Vet and a New York Nanny Next Week on Ex-Wives Club

5/29/07 Jo Helps Tame Four Violent Boys Next Week on "Supernanny"

5/29/07 A Boxing Mom and Competitive Eating Mom Switch Next Week on Wife Swap

5/29/07 Another Family Helped Next Week on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

5/29/07 Miami Ink Returns for Third Season on TLC

5/28/07 Britney Spears: "I Was Like a Child With ADD"

5/28/07 Eva Longoria Gets Desperate Dancing

5/28/07 Jimmy Fallon Song Raises Funds for Army Veterans

5/28/07 Paula Abdul Fights Crippling Health Crisis

5/28/07 Nicole Richie's Ill-Advised Email Invite Causes a Fuss

5/28/07 Prison Break Star Insists on Her Own Show Stunts

5/28/07 Jimmy Fallon Almost Missed Kentucky Derby After Frat Party

5/28/07 Lindsay Lohan's Rep Begs Media for Privacy in Rehab

5/28/07 Britney Spears Vomits in LA Club

5/28/07 Angelina Jolie Puts Kids First

5/27/07 Lindsay Lohan Loses Vodka Sponsors for 21st Birthday

5/27/07 Lindsay Lohan Urged by Father to Ditch "So-Called Friends"

5/27/07 Ozzy Osbourne Selling LA Mansion to Avoid Tourists

5/27/07 Brad Pitt & George Clooney Joke About Thelma and Louise Role

5/27/07 T-Bag Fans Want Prison Break Stars in Gay Romp

5/27/07 Kylie Minogue Stuns Onlookers With "Black Girls Butt"

5/27/07 Britney Spears Poster Declared Degrading

5/27/07 Pamela Anderson Tells Kids About Sex Tape

5/27/07 Lindsay Lohan Partying Despite DUI Charge

5/27/07 Lindsay Lohan Set for Rehab

5/26/07 Jordan Plans Post Pregnancy Plastic Surgery

5/26/07 Angry Jericho Fans Go Nuts

5/26/07 Dominic Monaghan Angry at Lost Axe

5/26/07 Lindsay Lohan in Heated Argument Before Crash

5/26/07 Yoko Ono Praises Heather Mills' Dancing With the Stars Stint

5/26/07 Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Split

5/26/07 Simon Cowell Apologizes to Louis Walsh

5/26/07 Danny Bonaduce to Celebrate End of His Marriage With Party

5/26/07 The Police Give Fans Preview of Reunion Tour

5/26/07 Brother's Renewed Worry for Angelina Jolie's Health

5/26/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of 1 vs 100

5/26/06 Melinda Helps a Haunted Baseball Pitcher Next Week on "Ghost Whisperer"

5/25/07 Lindsay Lohan: "I'm a First Class Actress"

5/25/07 Lindsay Lohan's Dad Wants The Actress to Return to Rehab

5/25/07 Lorraine Bracco in Denial About Clinical Depression

5/25/07 Jail Bound Paris Hilton Gets Spiritual

5/25/07 Ty Pennington Pleads No Contest to Drunk Driving Charges

5/25/07 Jessica Simpson Baffles Fans With Website Musings

5/25/07 Simon Cowell Tells Britney Spears to Go Home

5/25/07 Linkin Park to Headline Live Earth Tokyo

5/25/07 Lindsay Lohan Hires Celebrity Designer to Revamp New Home

5/25/07 Lindsay Lohan Gives Sister Life Advice

5/25/07 LA & Chicago Auditions Wednesday on a 2 Hour "So You Think You Can Dance"

5/25/07 Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall Confirmed as Judges for "On the Lot"

5/25/07 Jordan Experiences an Emergency With Her Pregnancy Next Week on "Studio 60"

5/25/07 Jan Busts Michael Over Movie Monday Next Week on "The Office"

5/24/07 Hypnosis Ends Orlando Bloom's Chocolate Addiction

5/24/07 Oprah Winfrey Book "On Hold"

5/24/07 UK Big Brother Slammed Over Race Row

5/24/07 Mary-Kate Olsen Goes Solo as a Devout Christian

5/24/07 Angelina Jolie Avoids Reading About Herself

5/24/07 Steven Tyler Blasts Reality TV Talent

5/24/07 Green Day Stun American Idol with John Lennon Cover

5/24/07 Anna Nicole Smith's Family Secret Exposed by Jailed Brother

5/24/07 Lorraine Bracco Opens Up About Cheating on Harvey Keitel

5/24/07 Australian Big Brother Under Fire

5/24/07 Jordin Sparks is Crowned the "American Idol"

5/24/07 Preview and Interview Clips for So You Think You Can Dance

5/24/07 Presenters Announced for 2007 Tony Awards

5/24/07 American Idol Results - And the Winner Is.....

5/24/07 Jay and Tyler Go on the Run Next Week on Episode 2 of "Traveler"

5/24/07 Someone Rejects Allison's Attempts to Solve His Murder Next Week on "Medium"

5/24/07 Oceans Twelve to be Broadcast on CBS Saturday June 2

5/23/07 Lindsay Lohan Promises to Curb Party Antics

5/23/07 The Police Confess Comeback Conflict

5/23/07 Paula Abdul Denies Tantrum Caused Injury

5/23/07 Lindsay Lohan to Record Follow Up to Flop

5/23/07 Simon Cowell Stunned by This is Your Life Honor

5/23/07 Britney Spears and Ryan Phillippe Deny Bathroom Tryst

5/23/07 Simon Cowell: "I'll Accept Indecent Proposal for More Money"

5/23/07 Orlando Bloom to Strip Off on Stage?

5/23/07 Kellie Pickler's Dad in Trouble With the Law Again

5/23/07 Kylie Minogue Performs at Cannes for $100,000

5/23/07 The Police Announce 30th Anniversary CD "The Police"

5/23/07 Sopranos Star Lorraine Bracco to Appear Thursday on Oprah Winfrey Show

5/23/07 GSN Acquires Network Game Show "Show Me the Money"

5/23/07 Fast Cars & Superstars Celebrity Bios Released

5/23/07 ABC Announces Season 2 Premiere of American Inventor June 6

5/23/07 Jonas is Captured and Must be Rescued This Week on "The Unit"

5/23/07 American Idol - Two Singers Singing

5/23/07 Linkin Park on Top of the Charts

5/22/07 George Clooney's a Fan of Dancing With the Stars

5/22/07 Paris Hilton: "Brandon Davis is Family"

5/22/07 Kelly Rowland's Crush on Orlando Bloom

5/22/07 Lindsay Lohan Lines Up Vodka Sponsorship for 21st Birthday

5/22/07 Nicole Richie is at Home, Not in Rehab

5/22/07 Eva Longoria Shows Off Volleyball Skills

5/22/07 Paris Hilton's Hockey Confusion

5/22/07 Paris Hilton's Prison Proposals

5/22/07 Simon Cowell Mocks Paula Abdul's Broken Nose

5/22/07 Paula Abdul Breaks Her Nose After Tripping Over Dog

5/22/07 Sirius Satellite Radio Announces Grateful Dead Radio Channel

5/22/07 Jamie Foxx Launches Foxxhole Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio

5/22/07 Hilary Duff Summer Canadian Tour Announced

5/22/07 ABC Announces New Series "Fast Cars and Superstars" to Premiere June 7

5/22/07 Andy and Tessa Appear Tonight on "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose"

5/22/07 Preview for Tonight's Season Finale of Dancing With the Stars

5/22/07 Preview Clip for Tonight's Episode of "On the Lot"

5/22/07 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Interviews to Air Tomorrow on NBC

5/22/07 Kelly Clarkson Summer Tour Dates Announced

5/22/07 Special Preview of On the Lot Continues Thursday on FOX

5/22/07 A Pushover Mom and a Psychic Mom Next Week on "Wife Swap"

5/22/07 Jo Helps a Family Run by Their Three Year Old Next Week on Supernanny

5/21/07 Nelly in Talks to Host South African Version of "Pimp My Ride"

5/21/07 Eva Longoria Eyes Adoption

5/21/07 Paula Abdul Speaks Out About Broken Nose

5/21/07 Calum Best Praises "Fantastic" Lindsay Lohan

5/21/07 Tom Sizemore Pleads Not Guilty to Drugs Charges

5/21/07 Angelina Jolie Cries Over Late Mother in TV Interview

5/21/07 Tyra Banks Sheds 30 Pounds in Five Months

5/21/07 Jenna Fischer Thanks Well-Wishers

5/21/07 24 Actress Kim Raver Expecting

5/21/07 Orlando Bloom Wants to Make a Serious Film

5/21/07 A Utah Mother of Nine is Helped Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

5/21/07 Susan Gets a New Love Interest Next Week on Desperate Housewives

5/21/07 Andy Baldwin Becomes Engaged Tonight on the Season Finale of The Bachelor

5/20/07 Angelina Jolie's Family Tattoos

5/20/07 Death of Angelina Jolie's Mother Inspired Actress on Set

5/20/07 Simon Cowell Quitting American Idol

5/20/07 Britney Spears Caught on Camera for Reality TV Show

5/20/07 Larry Birkhead: "I Never Abused Anna Nicole Smith"

5/20/07 Angelina Jolie to Take Year Long Break From Hollywood

5/20/07 Angelina Jolie to Fly Family Around the Globe

5/20/07 INXS Battle Over Name Change

5/20/07 Simon Cowell Hails "Survivor" Paris Hilton

5/20/07 Simon Cowell Secretly Planning Thriller Tribute

5/20/07 A Double Wedding Tonight on the Season Finale of "Desperate Housewives"

5/20/07 The Team Heads to New York Tonight on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

5/20/07 Preview Clips for Monday's Episode of 24

5/19/07 Donald Trump Quits The Apprentice

5/19/07 Pamela Anderson: "I Still Wear Baywatch Swimsuit"

5/19/07 Elizabeth Hurley Fails to Pay Vicar for Wedding

5/19/07 Oprah Winfrey Stunned by Her Dad's Tell All Book

5/19/07 Celine Dion Plans World Tour

5/19/07 Teri Hatcher Stunned by Card Theft

5/19/07 Prison Break Star Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

5/19/07 Carrie Underwood Matches LeAnn Rimes Country Debut Sales Record

5/19/07 Hilary Duff: "Split Song is About My Parents, Not Joel Madden"

5/19/07 Paris Hilton Confirms: "I'm Dropping Sentence Appeal"

5/19/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of 1 vs 100

5/19/07 Contestants Play for a Trip Around the World Next Week on National Bingo Night

5/19/07 Melinda Helps an Angry Ghost Accused of Arson Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

5/18/07 Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Back Together?

5/18/07 Angelina Jolie Keen to Show Pearl Love Story in New Film

5/18/07 Eva Longoria Delays Honeymoon for Desperate Housewives

5/18/07 Tom Sizemore Charged With Drug Related Felonies

5/18/07 Tennis Ace to Test the Age of Love

5/18/07 Angelina Jolie Stunned by Post 9/11 Death Threats

5/18/07 Simon Cowell: "I Would Never Have Sacked David Hasselhoff Over Video"

5/18/07 Kelly Clarkson Writes About Worst Night on Tour

5/18/07 Teri Hatcher Wins Her Battle With the Paparazzi

5/18/07 Britney Spears Slips Up in Florida

5/18/07 Jaslene Gonzales is "America's Next Top Model"

5/18/07 Michael, Dwight and Jan Go to a Convention Next Week on "The Office"

5/18/07 Liz Gets a Glimpse Into Jack's Past Next Week on "30 Rock"

5/18/07 Jenny McCarthy Guest Stars Next Week on "My Name is Earl"

5/18/07 Series Premiere of "Ugly Betty to be Rebroadcast Next Week

5/18/07 Kathy Griffin Announces Plans to Date Her Way Off the D-List

5/18/07 Melinda Doolittle Eliminated From American Idol; Season Finale Next Week

5/17/07 The CW Announces New Comedy Series "Aliens in America"

5/17/07 The CW Announces New Fall Drama Series "Life is Wild"

5/17/07 The CW Announces New Reality Series "Farmer Wants a Wife"

5/17/07 The CW Announces New Reality Series "Crowned"

5/17/07 The CW Announces New Reality Series "Online Nation"

5/17/07 The CW Announces New Fall Series "Gossip Girl"

5/17/07 The CW Announces New Fall Series "Reaper"

5/17/07 FOX Announces New Courtroom Drama Series "Canterbury's Law"

5/17/07 FOX Announces New Docu-Soap Series "Nashville"

5/17/07 FOX Announces New Fall Comedy "Back to You"

5/17/07 FOX Announces New Fall Series "New Amsterdam"

5/17/07 FOX Announces New Fall Series K-Ville

5/17/07 Kelly Clarkson Upset About Songwriting Sexism

5/17/07 Avril Lavigne Wants to be a Serious Actress

5/17/07 Jessica Simpson Falls for Jude Law

5/17/07 Simon Cowell: "Critics are Right About Grease is the Word"

5/17/07 Kid Rock Flees to Avoid Pamela Anderson

5/17/07 Eva Longoria's On and Off Screen Baby Plea

5/17/07 Paris Hilton to Serve Jail Time in Isolation

5/17/07 Paris Hilton Calls Off Appeal

5/17/07 Paris Hilton "Really Scared" by Impending Jail Term

5/17/07 Paris Hilton to Serve 23 Day Minimum Sentence

5/17/07 American Idol Results - The Final Duo

5/17/07 The Castaways Begin Efforts to Contact Naomi's Rescue Ship Next Week on "Lost"

5/16/07 CBS Announced Midseason Series "Swingtown"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Women's Murder Club"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Eli Stone"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Cashmere Mafia"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Big Shots"

5/16/07 Angelina Jolie Feared Mariane Pearl Would Hate Her Portrayal

5/16/07 Jessica Simpson Still With Operation Smile

5/16/07 Simon Cowell Defends Kelly Clarkson

5/16/07 Jordache Axes Elizabeth Hurley in Favor of Heidi Klum

5/16/07 Felicity Huffman Reveals All About Sexy Weekend

5/16/07 The Police to Play Virgin Festival

5/16/07 Britney Spears Delays LA Flight

5/16/07 Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Split

5/16/07 Teri Hatcher Soaks in Wine

5/16/07 Pamela Anderson Not Popular in Cannes

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Carpoolers"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Samantha Who?"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Pushing Daisies"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Private Practice"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Comedy "Cavemen"

5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Reality Series "Oprah's Big Give"

5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Dance Competition Series "World Moves"

5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Variety-Competition Show "The Singing Bee"

5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Comedy Series "The It Crowd"

5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Lipstick Jungle"

5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Life"

5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Bionic Woman"

5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Chuck"

5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Journeyman"

5/16/07 CBS Announces New Fall Comedy "The Big Bang Theory"

5/16/07 CBS Announces New Fall Drama Series "Cane"

5/16/07 CBS Announces New Fall Reality Series Viva Laughlin

5/16/07 CBS Announces New Mid-Season Drama Series "Swingtown"

5/16/07 CBS Announces New Summer Reality Series "Power of 10"

5/16/07 CBS Announces New Fall Reality Series "Kid Nation"

5/16/07 CBS Announces New Fall Vampire Series "Moonlight"

5/16/07 Chefs Announced for New Season of "Hell's Kitchen"

5/16/07 American Idol - Three Singers Singing

5/16/07 So You Think You Can Dance to Premiere May 24 on FOX

5/16/07 Special Preview of On the Lot to Air May 22 on FOX

5/16/07 Premiere Episode of Traveler to Reair May 30 on ABC

5/15/07 Phil Stacey Gets Navy Leave for American Idols Live Tour

5/15/07 Kelly Clarkson Guitar Steals the Show at Dimebag Tribute

5/15/07 Jennifer Lopez to Testify Over South Beach Lawsuit

5/15/07 Shakira's Summer Wedding?

5/15/07 Orlando Bloom Thankful for Back Breaking Scare

5/15/07 Dina Lohan: "Lindsay Can't Trust Anyone"

5/15/07 Orlando Bloom's Eco-Friendly House "A Hassle"

5/15/07 Britney Spears Thanks Fans For Their Prayers

5/15/07 Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Rescued From the Woods While Filming Simple Life

5/15/07 Traumatized Paris Hilton Unable to Appear at Civil Trial

5/15/07 Season Five of "The Simple Life" Premieres May 28th on E!

5/15/07 New Album From Hot Hot Heat "Happiness LTD" to be Released in September

5/15/07 ASCAP to Honor Mary J. Blige at Rhythm & Soul Music Awards June 25

5/15/07 Winners Announced for Third Annual "Nevada Passage" Reality Show

5/15/07 Mike Jones Album "The American Dream" to be Released July 10th

5/15/07 Lindsey Buckingham Announces Fourth Leg of U.S. Solo Tour

5/15/07 Dresden Dolls Join Cyndi Lauper & Others on the True Colors Summer Tour

5/15/07 24 Comes to a Climactic Close Next Week on the 2 Hour Season Finale

5/15/07 Kimberly Locke & Idol Friends Charity Auction Begins May 21

5/15/07 On the Lot Semifinalist Announced

5/15/07 Wedding Bells Ring Tomorrow on "Shear Genius"

5/15/07 Celebrity Judges Announced for "The Next Best Thing" on ABC

5/15/07 Michelle Merkin Announced to Host "The Next Best Thing" on ABC

5/15/07 ABC Announces "The Next Best Thing" to Premiere May 30

5/15/07 ABC Announces New Reality Series "Ex Wives Club"

5/15/07 ABC Announces Midseason Series "Miss Guided"

5/15/07 Flamenco Dancer Joaquin Cortez Performs Tonight on Dancing With the Stars

5/15/07 Special One Hour Season Finale Thursday on "The Office"

5/15/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Deal or No Deal"

5/15/07 Preview for Next Week's Season Finale of "Heroes"

5/14/07 The History Channel Announces New Series "Ice Road Truckers"

5/14/07 Orlando Bloom Wants Pirates of the Caribbean to End at Three

5/14/07 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth "Still Good Friends"

5/14/07 Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best in Hotel Fight?

5/14/07 Reverend Run Has to Explain Lamborghini to His Kids

5/14/07 Hilary Duff's Difficult Acceptance of Joel Madden's Nicole Richie Romance

5/14/07 Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman Pay Visit to Australian Town

5/14/07 Johnny Depp in Favor of Fourth Pirates of the Caribbean Film

5/14/07 Ne-Yo: "Britney Spears is Still a Great Entertainer"

5/14/07 The Office Actress Breaks Back

5/14/07 Tom Cruise: "Childhood Inspired Me to Make Films"

5/14/07 Andy Takes the Final 3 Ladies on Overnight Dates Tonight on The Bachelor

5/14/07 Rob & Big Returns for Season 2 on MTV May 22nd

5/13/07 Prosecutors Reject Claim Lindsay Lohan Stole Clothing

5/13/07 Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Split

5/13/07 Eva Longoria Signs Up With Tiffany for Wedding Gifts

5/13/07 Cameron Diaz: "Princess Fiona is Beautiful"

5/13/07 Gabriel Byrne Blasts Oprah Winfrey

5/13/07 Johnny Depp: "Kate Moss and Pete Doherty Are Great Together"

5/13/07 Kylie Minogue Turns to Blossom Dearie for Inspiration

5/13/07 Jennifer Lopez Finds Inspiration in the Bath

5/13/07 Keira Knightley: "Action Figure Looks Nothing Like Me"

5/13/07 Angelina Jolie: "Brad Pitt Spoils Zahara"

5/12/07 Kiefer Sutherland's 24 Returns for Two More Seasons

5/12/07 Dina Lohan: "Lindsay is Just Misunderstood"

5/12/07 Britney Spears Causes Traffic Jam After Changing Diaper

5/12/07 Avril Lavigne Strips Off for Men's Magazine

5/12/07 Christina Aguilera Wins China's Approval

5/12/07 Britney Spears Won't Use Comeback Album to Blast Kevin Federline

5/12/07 Tom Sizemore Settles Legal Disputes

5/12/07 Paris Hilton "Drug" Picture Harms Angelic Image

5/12/07 Ty Pennington: "It's My Duty to Apologize for Drunk Driving"

5/12/07 Arnold Schwarzenegger "Too Busy" to Bother With Paris Hilton

5/11/07 Jude Law's Sympathy for "Too Hot" Jessica Alba

5/11/07 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Set to be First Ever Bond Twins

5/11/07 Avril Lavigne: "I'm Not Really Topless on Magazine Cover"

5/11/07 Pamela Anderson Changes Mind to Attend Cannes Premiere

5/11/07 Patty Hearst Sympathy for Paris Hilton Jailmates

5/11/07 Anna Nicole Smith Left Son $710,000

5/11/07 Jessica Simpson Dad a Big Fan of John Mayer

5/11/07 Helena Bonham-Carter Shocked by Filming on Harry Potter Movie

5/11/07 Lance Bass Loses Dancing With the Stars Bet

5/11/07 Paris Hilton Unlikely to Serve Full Sentence to to Overcrowded Jails

5/11/07 Goo Goo Dolls Hit the Road This Summer

5/11/07 Chefs Announced for Top Chef 3; Premieres June 6th

5/11/07 Jackie Warner and Trainers Dish on Bravo's Work Out Reunion Special May 15

5/11/07 Bravo Taps Veronica Webb for "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style"

5/11/07 Dionne Eliminated From "America's Next Top Model"

5/11/07 FOX Announces "So You Think You Can Dance" Schedule

5/11/07 LaKisha Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week Final 3 Sing 3 Songs Each

5/11/07 NBC Announces Details of New Show "Age of Love"

5/11/07 Lost Special "The Answers" to Air Next Week on ABC

5/11/07 Betty and Henry's Romance Heats Up Next Week on Ugly Betty

5/11/07 Kristin Chenoweth & Gina Gershon to Appear Next Week on Ugly Betty

5/10/07 Fans Send Michael Imperioli Flowers

5/10/07 Kathy Hilton: "Young People Take Note of Paris Predicament"

5/10/07 Carrie Underwood Breaks Her Silence About Beau Romo

5/10/07 Justin Timberlake Goes Public With Jessica Biel

5/10/07 Paris Hilton Backed by Austrian Alcoholic Beverage Company

5/10/07 Jane Fonda Praises Jail Sentence for "Spoiled" Paris Hilton

5/10/07 Paris Hilton Allowed to Drive Again

5/10/07 Paris Hilton Gets Death Threat From Inmates

5/10/07 Paris Hilton: "I'm Ready to Face the Consequences"

5/10/07 Billy Ray Cyrus Glad He's No Longer on Dancing With the Stars

5/10/07 American Idol Results - The Final Trio

5/10/07 Wendie Malick & Bill Bellamy Guest Star Next Week on Thank God You're Here

5/10/07 Alison's Psychic Powers Are Revealed to the Public Next Week on "Medium"

5/10/07 The Judges Decide the Winner Next Week on America's Next Top Model

5/10/07 Linkin Park Announce Projekt Revolution 2007 Line-Up

5/10/07 The Car Reward Becomes a Bargaining Chip Tonight on Survivor Fiji

5/10/07 Jack Devises a Plan to Do Away With The Others Next Week on "Lost"

5/9/07 Kelly Clarkson Fumes at Artists Rejects

5/9/07 Cake Will Be Special Guest at Eva Longoria's Summer Wedding

5/9/07 Kylie Minogue Confirms Doctor Who Appearance

5/9/07 Angelina Jolie: "Shiloh Was Planned"

5/9/07 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Family Sleep-Ins
5/9/07 Arnold Schwarzenegger Distances Himself From Paris Hilton Plea

5/9/07 Ty Pennington Charged With Driving Under the Influence

5/9/07 Tom Sizemore Arrested on Drugs Charges

5/9/07 Sarah Ferguson: "Paris Hilton Needs to Take Responsibility"

5/9/07 Paris Hilton Wins Favor From Tom Arnold at Sober Day Function

5/9/07 American Idol - Four Singers Singing

5/9/07 ABC Announces Special Preview of New Series "Traveler" May 10th

5/9/07 Dr. Phil Goes Behind Prison Walls to Confront an Accused Child Abuser

5/9/07 New Drama "Hidden Palms Debuts May 30th on The CW

5/9/07 ABC Announces Online/At Home Prizes for National Bingo Night

5/9/07 Susan Must Decide Whom She Truly Loves Sunday on Desperate Housewives

5/8/07 Britney Spears Plans More Music Dates

5/8/07 Helena Christensen and Kylie Minogue Kiss and Make Up

5/8/07 Paris Hilton Urges Fans to Help Keep Her Out of Jail

5/8/07 Paris Hilton Will be Eligible for Early Release

5/8/07 Paris Hilton Annoyed by Amorous Cops

5/8/07 Cameron Diaz's Weekend Ruined by Paris Hilton's Jail Sentence

5/8/07 Christian Groups Plan Anti Paris Hilton Celebration

5/8/07 Paris Hilton Rehires Publicist

5/8/07 Ty Pennington Apologizes for DUI Error

5/8/07 Paris Hilton Appeals Jail Sentence

5/8/07 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of "Deal or No Deal"

5/8/07 Nelly Furtado Takes the Stage Tonight on Dancing With the Stars Results Show

5/8/07 Spider-Man 3 Makes Motion Picture History With $382 Million Opening

5/8/07 NBC Announces Movie of the Week "National Treasure" to Air May 20

5/8/07 Million Dollar Baby to Air on CBS Sunday May 20

5/8/07 AFI's 100 Years....100 Movies Counts Down the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time

5/8/07 Tom Selleck to Star in CBS Television Movie "Jesse Stone: Sea Change"

5/8/07 The Day After Tomorrow World Broadcast Premiere May 17th on FOX

5/8/07 Nanny Deb Helps a Family of Quadruplets Friday on Nanny 911

5/8/07 Special Two Hour Episode Thursday of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

5/8/07 Four Finalist Perform Music of Barry Gibb Tonight on American Idol

5/8/07 Jack Fights to Keep the Unthinkable From Happening Next Week on "24"

5/8/07 Ken Paves & Christophe Guest Judge Tomorrow on "Shear Genius"

5/8/07 ABC Announces 48 Remaining Episodes of "Lost"

5/8/07 NBC Announces Fourth Season of "Medium"

5/8/07 Kelly Clarkson's "My December" Hits on July 24th

5/8/07 Various Heroes Fatefully Arrive in New York City Next Week on "Heroes"

5/8/07 Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats Soars Into the Top 10

5/7/07 Kelly Clarkson Reveals All About Naked Past

5/7/07 Scarlett Johansson Prefers Confidence to Cuteness

5/7/07 JK Rowling Brands Book Spoilers "Sad Individuals"

5/7/07 Beyonce Knowles Tempted by Pork Skins on Dreamgirls Set

5/7/07 John Travolta's Costume is Staying Alive

5/7/07 Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best Should Marry, Says Mother

5/7/07 Paris Hilton and Rep Confirm Split

5/7/07 Ty Pennington Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

5/7/07 Larry King "Sad" at Paris Hilton Jail Term

5/7/07 Paris Hilton Fires Publicist After Jail Stunner

5/7/07 Eric and Danielle Win The Amazing Race: All Stars

5/7/07 The Team Heads to Kansas City Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

5/7/07 Andy Has Four Hometown Dates Tonight on The Bachelor

5/6/07 Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Team Up for Tintin

5/6/07 Angelina Jolie Still Grieves for Mother

5/6/07 Kate Winslet Donates Libel Proceeds to Charity

5/6/07 Avril Lavigne Dreams of Movie Role

5/6/07 Pink Eyes Aussie Move

5/6/07 Cameron Diaz Wins Battle Over Shrek Character

5/6/07 Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best's Romance Moves to the Caribbean

5/6/07 Paris Hilton's Desperate Clemency Bid

5/6/07 Paris Hilton's Mother Blasts Jail Sentence as "a Joke"

5/6/07 Paris Hilton: "I Don't Deserve Jail"

5/6/07 The Team Goes to Levittown, PA Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

5/6/07 Lynette Realizes She Loves Another Man Next Week on Desperate Housewives

5/5/07 Nicolette Sheridan Ditches Hollywood for Country Life

5/5/07 Brad Pitt Missing New Orleans

5/5/07 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Too Busy to "Date"

5/5/07 Kirstie Alley Helps Out Residents of Tornado Ravaged Town

5/5/07 Studio 60 Closes for Matthew Perry

5/5/07 Kathy Hilton: "Anne Hearst is Offering Paris Help and Advice"

5/5/07 Larry Birkhead & Howard Stern Fight to Amend Anna Nicole Smith's Will

5/5/07 Angelina Jolie: "Brad Pitt & I Decided to Adopt Pax for Maddox"

5/5/07 Paris Hilton is Going to Jail

5/5/07 Idol Gives Back Raises Almost $70 Million for Poverty Relief

5/5/07 Elliott Yamin Tour Dates Announced 

5/5/07 National Bingo Night to Premiere May 18th on ABC

5/5/07 Melinda is Warned About a Tragic Event Next Week on "Ghost Whisperer"

5/5/07 Preview for Tuesdays Season Finale of Work Out

5/5/07 Aboriginal Teachers Help the Models Next Week on America's Next Top Model

5/4/07 Cameron Diaz: "Let Kids Believe Princess Fiona is For Real"

5/4/07 JK Rowling to Pen Eighth Harry Potter Book

5/4/07 John Travolta Slams BBC Over Scientology Documentary

5/4/07 Wife's Hell Over Kylie Minogue Affair Accusations

5/4/07 Orlando Bloom Risked Mob Injury to Hug Fan

5/4/07 Leona Lewis Puts US Plans on Hold After Illness

5/4/07 Keira Knightley Vows to Keep Clothes On

5/4/07 Johnny Depp Vetoed Pirates of the Caribbean Toothpaste

5/4/07 Leah Remini: "I'm Not Trying to Convert Jennifer Lopez to Scientology"

5/4/07 Prosecutors Recommend Paris Hilton Spends 45 Days in Jail

5/4/07 Sam is Abducted by the Yellow-Eyed Demon Next Week on "Supernatural"

5/4/07 Chris Must Master Algebra Monday on "Everybody Hates Chris"

5/4/07 Brittany Eliminated From "America's Next Top Model"

5/4/07 Barry Gibb Mentors Final Four Contestants Next Week on American Idol

5/4/07 Michael is Considered for a Position in Corporate Next Week on "The Office"

5/4/07 Dog the Bounty Hunter Guest Stars Next Week on "My Name is Earl"

5/4/07 Betty and Her Family Go to Mexico Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

5/3/07 Leonardo DiCaprio Sued Over Basketball Court Damage

5/3/07 Paris Hilton's Behavior Blasted by Aaron Spelling Widow

5/3/07 Keira Knightley Regrets Ballet Sacrifice

5/3/07 JoJo: "I Won't Break Down Like Britney Spears"

5/3/07 Kelly Clarkson Dismisses Label Rift

5/3/07 Katie Holmes Sweet Treat

5/3/07 Mariah Carey to Receive Musical Honor

5/3/07 Laguna Beach Star Charged In Seattle Incident

5/3/07 Photographer Takes Legal Action Against Lindsay Lohan

5/3/07 Robert Iler Mistaken for Sopranos "Replacement"

5/3/07 American Idol - Two for the Road

5/3/07 Contestants Announced for "Pirate Master"

5/3/07 The Final 3 Compete for the Million Dollar Prize Sunday on The Amazing Race

5/3/07 Jason Priestly & Howie Mandel Guest Star Next Week on "Medium"

5/3/07 Paul Rodriguez and Ana Gasteyer Next Week on Thank God You're Here

5/3/07 Alex Makes a Desperate Move to Save Himself Tonight on Survivor: Fiji

5/3/07 Johnston Leads His Fellow Citizens into Battle Next Week on "Jericho"

5/3/07 Ben Begins to Reveal Secrets of the Island to Locke Next Week on "Lost"

5/2/07 Laguna Beach Star Jason Wahler Enters Rehab

5/2/07 Jennifer Lopez Dismisses Fur Death Reports

5/2/07 Kylie Minogue Disgusted at Affair Reports

5/2/07 Lindsay Lohan Introduces Calum Best to Mother

5/2/07 Pax Acclimates to Life as a Jolie-Pitt

5/2/07 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Donate $1 Million to Darfur Relief

5/2/07 Amerie Wants to Help Britney Spears

5/2/07 Garry Marshall Shocked by Lindsay Lohan's Paparazzi Army

5/2/07 Letter Writing Movie Boss Defends Lindsay Lohan

5/2/07 Jessica Alba Dresses Down at Premieres

5/2/07 ABC to Air Extreme Bloopers: Reality Edition Saturday

5/2/07 A Full Investigation Into Their Past Is Underway Next Week on "The Unit"

5/1/07 Justin Timberlake: "I Was Bullied at School"

5/1/07 Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson to Snap Up Dubai Home

5/1/07 Brad Pitt Denies He-Man Rumors

5/1/07 Orlando Bloom Set for West End Bow

5/1/07 Director Confesses to Idea of Lindsay Lohan Public Rebuke

5/1/07 Keira Knightley's Pride and Prejudice Romance

5/1/07 Felicity Huffman Insists Drinking Comments Were a Joke

5/1/07 Kylie Minogue Still Vacationing With Married Director

5/1/07 Britney Spears Showing Off Buzz Cut

5/1/07 Lindsay Lohan Baits Paparazzi on Magazine Cover Holding Gun

5/1/07 "Barbaro: A Nation's Horse" Documentary to Premiere Saturday on NBC

5/1/07 A Sixth Couple is Eliminated Tonight on Dancing With the Stars

5/1/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "The Real Wedding Crashers"

5/1/07 Preview for Next Week's Episodes of Deal or No Deal

5/1/07 Sylar Visits His Mom Next Week on "Heroes"

5/1/07 Taylor Hicks, Avril Lavigne & John Mayer Highlight Jay Leno Concert Series

5/1/07 Jack Bauer Endures Critical Circumstances Next Week on "24"

5/1/07 Constantine Maroulis Joins The Cast of "The Bold and The Beautiful"



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