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11/30/05 The Style Network Debuts New Series "Relationship Rehab" January 3rd

11/30/05 Healthy Mary-Kate Olsen Gives Away Her Skinny Clothes

11/30/05 Are Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Engaged?

11/30/05 Josh Holloway Secures Home After Robbery

11/30/05 Julia Roberts the New Face of Gianfranco Ferre

11/30/05 Jessica Simpson Name Battle

11/30/05 Christina Aguilera Overwhelmed by Wedding

11/30/05 JD Fortune: "I Was INXS Show's Biggest Critic"

11/30/05 Ashlee Simpson: "Jessica's Doing Great"

11/30/05 Madonna Cried Into Champagne

11/30/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Publicist: "I Didn't Lie"

11/30/05 The OC Preview Clips for December 1st

11/30/05 Fox Announces American Idol to Stay Put on Tuesday and Wednesday

11/30/05 Stacked Preview Clips for November 30th

11/30/05 Danni Attempts to Break the Alliance on the Next Episode of Survivor: Guatemala

11/30/05 Visit With Favorite Models From Past Seasons on the Next America's Next Top Model

11/30/05 Encore Broadcast of Commander in Chief Premiere Episode Next Week

11/30/05 Santa Claus is Coming to Scranton on the Next Episode of "The Office"

11/30/05 Earl Makes Up for Christmas Past Next Week on "My Name is Earl"

11/30/05 The Amazing Race Episode 9 “Where Eagles soar over mountain splendor”

11/29/05 Tom Cruise: "She's Going to Make Some Noise"

11/29/05 Jessica Simpson Thrilled With Sweetest Sin Flop

11/29/05 Carmen Electra's Indecent Exposure

11/29/05 Scarlett Johansson: "I Look Like a Boy"

11/29/05 Keira Knightley Prepared for Surgery

11/29/05 Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry Engaged Since June

11/29/05 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Make Thanksgiving a Family Affair

11/29/05 Jamie Foxx Refuses to Clear Up Oprah Winfrey Romance Rumors

11/29/05 Tom Cruise Slammed for Sonogram Machine Purchase

11/29/05 Jewel Takes Jessica Simpson Under Her Wing

11/29/05 NBC Announces Season 6 of The Apprentice to be Filmed in California

11/29/05 The Apprentice Approaches Live Finale on December 15th

11/29/05 American Idol Continues Reign On FOX With Simon Cowell

11/29/05 Fear Factor Begins Season 6 Next Week

11/29/05 Nanny Yvonne Must Stop a Family From Fighting on the Next Nanny 911

11/29/05 A Family That Lives on a Bus is Featured on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

11/29/05 UPN Announces New Reality Show "Get This Party Started

11/28/05 Christina Aguilera Plans Family

11/28/05 Christina Aguilera's Song for Jordan Bratman

11/28/05 Shar Jackson: "Britney Spears Stepchildren are Kidnap Targets"

11/28/05 Christina Aguilera to Become Maria Bratman?

11/28/05 Keira Knightley's Shoe Fetish

11/28/05 Cameron Diaz Tipped for Sound of Music

11/28/05 Ozzy Osbourne" "Aimee Never Had Cancer"

11/28/05 Halle Berry: "I'll Never Wed Again"

11/28/05 Teri Hatcher Cooks Up a Treat for Desperate Felicity Huffman

11/28/05 Jon Voight Open Minded Over Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston Triangle

11/28/05 Hilary Duff to Host West Coast Segments of Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve

11/28/05 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Return for Season 4 of The Simple Life on E!

11/28/05 Three Wishes Makes the Holiday Bright by Granting 13 Wishes for Kids

11/28/05 Candidates, Start Your Engines! on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

11/28/05 Kim Eliminated from "America's Next Top Model"

11/28/05 Carlos Wants to Become an African Missionary on the Next Desperate Housewives

11/28/05 A Widowed Father of Three is Featured on the next Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

11/28/05 Three Wishes Christmas Episode December 2nd

11/27/05 Ozzy Osbourne Scared Shopping Will Turn Him Back Onto Drugs

11/27/05 Chastity Bono Challenges Celebrity Fix Club Pal Over Drug Use

11/27/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Settle

11/27/05 The OC Star Marries

11/27/05 Nick Lachey Plans Sitcom Role in the Wake of Marriage Split

11/27/05 Spooks Track Down Jennifer Love Hewitt on Ghost Whisperer Set

11/27/05 Elisha Cuthbert and Trace Ayala Wait to Wed

11/27/05 Daniel Radcliffe: "I'm Not Elijah Wood"

11/27/05 Madonna's Lourdes Star Struck by Emma Watson

11/27/05 Usher Splits With Eishia Brightwell

11/26/05 Cindy Crawford Urges Kate Moss to Quit Partying

11/26/05 Brad Pitt Spends Time and Money on Pakistan Trip

11/26/05 Shakira Follows Sculpting Passions With Boyfriend's Face

11/26/05 Madonna Accused of Stealing Sample

11/26/05 Johnny Depp Praises Pogue Poet

11/26/05 Naomi Watts in Horrific King Kong Fall

11/26/05 Kimberly Stewart Ends 11 Day Engagement With Laguna Beach Star

11/26/05 Louis Walsh: "Sharon Osbourne Could Have Killed Me"

11/26/05 Teri Hatcher Still Upset About Divorce Settlement

11/26/05 Lindsay Lohan Checked Tattoo With Italian Grandmother

11/25/05 Kelly Osbourne: "I am Not Quitting Music"

11/25/05 Britney Spears Husband Gets Handy Around the Home

11/25/05 Nicole Richie's Man Cancels Show to be With His Girl

11/25/05 Angelina Jolie Speaks Out on Earthquake Disaster in Pakistan

11/25/05 Brady Bunch Star and America's Next Top Model Winner to Marry on TV

11/25/05 Bryan Adams Enlists Pamela Anderson for Duet Remake

11/25/05 Elton John Inspired by Madonna

11/25/05 CBS to Stream Thanksgiving Episode of Survivor Guatemala on the Internet

11/25/05 Simon Cowell Slammed by X Factor Judge

11/25/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Dodge Personal Questions in Japan

11/25/05 "Hot Springs, Hot Food, Hot Tempers"- Survivor Episode 11 Summary 

11/25/05 Molly and Her Team Investigate a Bizarre Murder on the Next "Threshold"

11/24/05 The Friends Gather to Mourn Samantha in 1993 on the Next "Reunion"

11/24/05 Andy Serkis Makes King Kong as Real as Possible

11/24/05 Anna Nicole Smith Photos to Jeopardize Court Battle?

11/24/05 Jennifer Lopez Eyes Mad Hot Ballroom Role

11/24/05 Madonna Credits Motherhood For Current Success

11/24/05 The Osbournes Saved Each Other

11/24/05 Jennifer Lopez's Conga Moves

11/24/05 Britney Spears Prepares For Family Christmas

11/24/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Seek Agreement

11/24/05 Madonna Dances to Number One: "Confessions On a Dance Floor" Tops Charts

11/24/05 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Officially Split

11/24/05 The Models Pose in a Bollywood Inspired Shoot on the Next America's Next Top Model

11/24/05 Dave is Abducted on the Next Episode of Invasion

11/24/05 Kate's Crime is Revealed on the Next Episode of Lost

11/24/05 Upcoming Lost Podcasts Offer Exclusive Clues

11/24/05 Lindsay Lohan Speaks About the Passing of Childhood Friend

11/23/05 VH1 Announces Season 2 of My Fair Brady

11/23/05 NASA Makes Magic: "Harry Potter Goes to Space"

11/23/05 Hilary Duff and Joel Madden Have Reality TV Fun at Home

11/23/05 William Macy Cured Felicity Huffman's Bulimia With Love

11/23/05 South Park Pokes Fun at Tom Cruise

11/23/05 Heidi Klum Sued Over Project Runway Rights

11/23/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie House Hunting in Washington DC

11/23/05 Oprah Winfrey Watching Figure for David Letterman Show

11/23/05 Teri Hatcher Sues Newspaper Over Sex Claims

11/23/05 Britney Spears Re-Pierces Bellybutton

11/23/05 Carrie Underwood Debuts at #1 on Billboards Country Albums Chart

11/23/05 Shania Twain Guest Stars on The Apprentice

11/23/05 Tom Cruise: "Katie Holmes Must Be Quiet, Not Silent"

11/23/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Headed to Court

11/23/05 The Amazing Race Episode 8 “Where Eagles soar over mountain splendor”

11/23/05 Stars of 'Nanny 911' Share Cavity-Countering Commandments for the Holidays

11/23/05 Breaking Bonaduce Preview for November 27th Episode

11/23/05 Two Teams Collide Midair in a Hot Air Balloon on the Next "Amazing Race"

11/23/05 It's Thanksgiving at the White House on the Next "Commander in Chief"

11/23/05 CMT to Feature Carrie Underwood in One Hour Special

11/23/05 The Biggest Loser Two Hour Season Finale Tuesday, November 29th

11/22/05 Desperate Nicollette Sheridan Treats Herself to a Birthday Ring

11/22/05 Paris Hilton's Santa Claus Heartbreak

11/22/05 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wait for Baby Before Making Wedding Plans

11/22/05 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Head to Pakistan for Thanksgiving

11/22/05 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Are All Happy Families for People

11/22/05 X Factor Judge Quits

11/22/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Hits Out at Stars Who Put Off Motherhood

11/22/05 Angelina Jolie Made Cambodian Citizen

11/22/05 Jennifer Lopez Strips Off for Pirelli

11/22/05 Heidi Klum's Special Gift to Tyra Banks

11/22/05 Final Additions to 2005 American Music Awards Talent

11/22/05 Lionel Richie on Nicole Richie's Weight Loss: "Dad is On the Case"

11/22/05 Three Different Women Show Signs of Being Infected on the Next Threshold

11/22/05 Prison Break Preview for November 28th

11/22/05 A Pastors Wife and an Atheist Swap Places on the Next Wife Swap

11/22/05 Laura and Rich Return From Plunge to Ocean Floor on Surface, Nov 28th

11/22/05 NBC Announces Season 3 of The Biggest Loser

11/22/05 Bones Preview Clips for November 2nd

11/22/05 Oprah Winfrey to Make First Appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman

11/22/05 Models Reunite to Share Their Stories on America's Next Top Model Reunion

11/21/05 Paris Hilton Rides to the American Music Awards

11/21/05 George Clooney and Brad Pitt Devise Wedding Prank

11/21/05 Tyra Banks' Emotional Goodbye to Her Modeling Career

11/21/05 Simon Cowell and Nigel Martin Smith Set Sights on Supergroup

11/21/05 Bisexual Rumors Flatter Jake Gyllenhaal

11/21/05 Jessica Simpson Set to Play Shop Girl

11/21/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Make it Official at Ali Gala

11/21/05 INXS Pen Song for Michael Hutchence

11/21/05 Back Problems Force Orlando Bloom to Give Up Tea

11/21/05 Teri Hatcher Plans Thanksgiving Meal in Mid-Air

11/21/05 "Lost" Spins Off Original Mini-Episodes for Mobile and DVD Distribution

11/21/05 A Young Bride to Be is Haunted by Fiancé's Wife on Next Ghost Whisperer

11/21/05 Rambunctious Toddlers & Their Compulsive Liar Sister on the Next Supernanny

11/21/05 Bree Discovers The Truth About George on the Next Desperate Housewives

11/21/05 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Features El Segundo Family Next Week

11/20/05 Daniel Radcliffe Thrilled Harry Potter Kept Him Out of School

11/20/05 Liam Neeson: "Orlando Bloom is Errol Flynn Reborn"

11/20/05 Daniel Radcliffe is Britain's Wealthiest Teenager

11/20/05 Jon Favreau: "I'm in Love With Jennifer Aniston"

11/20/05 Eva Longoria Pokes Fun at Vanity Fair Cover Shoot

11/20/05 Kylie Minogue Promises Australian Tour Will Go Ahead

11/20/05 Jeweled Christina Aguilera Becomes Mrs Bratman

11/20/05 Robert Wagner to Show Off His Dancing Skills on Dancing With the Stars

11/20/05 Daniel Radcliffe Begs JK Rowling: "No More Quidditch"

11/20/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Hits Internet Before Theatres

11/19/05 Jamie Dornan Wants Reunion With Keira Knightley

11/19/05 Kelly Osbourne Confused by Pal Paris Hilton

11/19/05 Christina Aguilera Makes Wedding Guests Sign Secrecy Agreement

11/19/05 America's Next Top Model Star Lands X-Men Role

11/19/05 Kylie Minogue to Release Comeback Track

11/19/05 Patricia Arquette Impresses Tom Jane With Medium 3-D Show

11/19/05 Tyra Banks Recalls Terrible First Encounter With Naomi Banks

11/19/05 Naomi & Tyra Banks End Hostilities With a Tearful TV Make-Up Session

11/19/05 Eva Longoria to Play Teri in Spoof of Desperate Housewives

11/19/05 Davy Jones Offers Troubled Pal Danny Bonaduce Solace

11/18/05 Deal or No Deal to Premiere on NBC December 19th

11/18/05 Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn Movie Rescheduled

11/18/05 Nicole Kidman Keen to Save the Panda After Meeting Zoo's New Baby

11/18/05 Shania Twain Honored by Her Native Canada

11/18/05 Johnny Depp Slams Kate Moss Lies

11/18/05 Judd Becomes Increasingly Paranoid on the Next Survivor: Guatemala

11/18/05 Julian Sands, Peter Weller and JoBeth Williams Clock in for Season 5 of "24"

11/18/05 Harry Potter Movies Make Spectacles a Fashion Item

11/18/05 Mike Newell Directed Harry Potter Stars as Adults

11/18/05 "Lost" Star Out to Save Wannabe Stars From Paris Hilton

11/18/05 "Diva" Eva Longoria Calls a Cab After Her Car is Towed

11/18/05 American Idol Contestant Jennifer Hudson Wins Dream Role in Dreamgirls

11/18/05 Vince Vaughn Insists His Relationship With Jennifer Aniston is Not Serious

11/18/05 Carmen Electra to Host SPI Poker -- Vegas

11/18/05 "The Squeaky Wheel Was Crushed" - Survivor Episode 10 Summary

11/18/05 The Bachelor Returns in January Set in Paris, France

11/18/05 Chris Goes to Greg's House Without Permission on the next Everybody Hates Chris

11/18/05 NBC Offers Up a Two Hour Serving of The Apprentice for Thanksgiving

11/18/05 Unwelcome Guests Show Up for 1992 Thanksgiving Dinner on the Next Reunion

11/18/05 College Fever Hits Newport Beach on the Next Episode of The OC

11/18/05 Medium 3-D Episode to be Introduced by Twilight Zone Host Rod Serling

11/18/05 Brooke Shields Discusses Her Struggles With Infertility

11/17/05 Lionel Richie Checked Into Rehab With Daughter Nicole

11/17/05 Christina Aguilera to Wed on Saturday

11/17/05 James Woods Guest Stars on "ER"

11/17/05 Tyra Banks Finds Her Dream Man

11/17/05 Star Readers Urge Britney Spears to Dump Kevin Federline

11/17/05 Mike Newell: My Harry Potter is the Best

11/17/05 Mischa Barton Nipple Slip?

11/17/05 Art Imitates Life for Jennifer Aniston

11/17/05 The 2005 Billboard Music Awards

11/17/05 Lisa Eliminated from America's Next Top Model

11/17/05 Britney Spears Wants "What Not to Wear" Makeover

11/17/05 Tara Reid Desperate to Appear on Dancing With the Stars

11/17/05 Jennifer Lopez Returns to Her Roots to Give Dancers a Chance

11/17/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Features Tassimo Hot Beverage System in Task

11/17/05 Barbara Walters Presents "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005" Nov 29th

11/17/05 Regis Philbin Ring's in 2006 on "New Years Eve Live"

11/17/05 The Models are Swarmed by Pigeons on Next "America's Next Top Model"

11/17/05 McNulty and JT Must Save a Captured Navy Seal on the Next Episode of E-Ring

11/17/05 Candidates Build a Showroom Display on the Next Apprentice: Martha Stewart

11/17/05 Gavin Writes a New Novel on the Next Episode of Stacked

11/17/05 Larkin Discovers Russell Has a Criminal Record on the Next Invasion

11/17/05 Tempers Flare When the Tailies Meet the Other Castaways on the Next Lost

11/17/05 Meet the Robinsons to be Released in Disney Digital 3-D

11/17/05 Academy Awards Best Picture Odds Posted

11/16/05 Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson and Lindsay Lohan Lead Jeannie Race

11/16/05 Shirley MacLaine Blasts Paris Hilton for Her Red Carpet Pose

11/16/05 Shania Twain Joins Martha Stewart for Country Canter

11/16/05 Kelly Clarkson Says Sorry by Performing for Free

11/16/05 Eva Longoria's Face Helps Promote Los Angeles

11/16/05 Harry Potter Star Jets Off to Australia

11/16/05 Jennifer Aniston: "I'm Having More Fun Than Ever"

11/16/05 Jack Osbourne: "I Wanted to be a Drug Addict"

11/16/05 Madonna Thrived on Return to Basics

11/16/05 Keanu Reeves: "Sinbad Stinks"

11/16/05 CBS to Broadcast AFI's 100 Years...100 Cheers: America's Most Inspiring Movies

11/16/05 The Final Four's Last Challenge at the Ranch on The Biggest Loser Nov 22nd

11/16/05 Beau Bridges Guest Stars as Earls Father on My Name is Earl Nov 22

11/15/05 Paris Hilton Set to Stun With New Jeweled Bike

11/15/05 Angelina Jolie Wants a Harder Bond Girl Image

11/15/05 Another Baby for Britney Spears?

11/15/05 Oprah Winfrey Regrets 1988 Fat Stunt

11/15/05 Former Desperate Housewives Star: "I am no Flasher"

11/15/05 Ozzy Osbourne Slams The X Factor

11/15/05 Self Conscious Shakira is Body Shy

11/15/05 Jennifer Aniston is GQ's First Top Woman

11/15/05 Orlando Bloom Sued by Former Managers

11/15/05 Harry Potter the Hero for Awkward Men

11/15/05 Jenny McCarthy Gets Behind the Camera for the First Time for a Playboy Shoot

11/15/05 NBC Orders Full Season Pickup for E-Ring

11/15/05 Candidates Sing a New Song on The Apprentice, November 17th

11/15/05 Prison Break Preview for November 21st

11/15/05 Laura and Rich Find Thousands of Eggs on the Ocean Floor on Surface, Nov. 21

11/15/05 Fitness Obsessed Mom Swaps Lives With Sofa Loving Mom on Wife Swap Nov 21st

11/14/05 Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks Chat on Talk Show

11/14/05 Pamela Anderson Slams Fur Loving Jennifer Lopez and Diddy

11/14/05 Desperate Housewives Flashing Drama

11/14/05 Daniel Radcliffe: "I Will Always be Harry Potter"

11/14/05 Kylie Minogue Organizes TV Special for Australian Fans

11/14/05 Fans Go Crazy for Intimate Madonna Gig

11/14/05 Exhausted Keira Knightley Needs a Break

11/14/05 Natalie Imbruglia Slams Media for "Skinny" Nicole Richie

11/14/05 Baywatch Star Brooke Burns Breaks Neck

11/14/05 Natalie Imbruglia: "Kylie Minogue's Cancer Was a Wake Up Call"

11/14/05 Sienna Miller Says She and Jude Law Are "Working Everything Out"

11/14/05 Contestants Must Get Their Clue From a Grizzly Bear on the Next Amazing Race

11/14/05 One Tribe Member Blows Their Teams Reward on Survivor: Guatemala

11/14/05 Jim is Project Manager Again This Week on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

11/14/05 Julius Finds Food Stamps on Everybody Hates Chris, November 17th

11/14/05 Tension Between the Girls Comes to a Head on America's Next Top Model

11/14/05 Amy is Kidnapped and Sam is Forced to Tell Craig the Truth on Reunion

11/14/05 Charlotte Meets Her Match This Week on "The OC"

11/14/05 Jenny McCarthy Guest Stars on Stacked November 16th

11/14/05 Earl is Not Invited to Joy's Wedding This Week on My Name is Earl

11/14/05 A Security Guard is Infected During an Escape Attempt on the Next "Threshold"

11/14/05 Melinda Helps Mother Communication With Son on Next Ghost Whisperer

11/14/05 Mac Makes Bold Internal Changes This Week on Commander in Chief

11/14/05 A Baby is Abandoned at Russell's Ranger Station This Week on "Invasion"

11/14/05 The Fates of the Tail Section Survivors are Revealed This Week on Lost

11/14/05 British Kickboxing Couple Cant Handle Their Own Karate Kid on Supernanny

11/14/05 Wisteria Lane is Panicked About an Intruder on the Loose, November 20th

11/14/05 Boston Red Sox Team Up With Extreme Makeover Team November 20th

11/14/05 Captivating Combos Added to "2005 American Music Awards"

11/14/05 Regis Philbin Set to Host "This is Your Life" on ABC

11/14/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to Open in IMAX Theatres November 18th

11/13/05 Martha Stewart Apprentice Sacked

11/13/05 Craig David Urges Eminem to Continue

11/13/05 Ian Brown Credits Harry Potter For His Success

11/13/05 Felicity Huffman Gender Confusion in New Movie

11/13/05 Oprah Winfrey: "Money Hasn't Changed Me"

11/13/05 Emma Watson Slams Style Conscious Stars

11/13/05 Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard Lived Together During Jarhead Filming

11/13/05 Keira Knightley Was a Lonely Teen

11/13/05 King Kong's Naomi Watts Slams Remakes

11/13/05 Clive Owen Heaps Praise on Jennifer Aniston

11/13/05 Bruce Willis Offers $1 Million Reward for Terrorist

11/13/05 Prison Break Preview for November 14th

11/13/05 Laura and Rich Begin Their Submersible Decent on Surface, Nov 14th

11/13/05 A Hunting Mom Swaps With a Animal Rights Activist on Wife Swap, Nov 14th

11/13/05 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Premieres on ABC Saturday November 19th

11/13/05 Finding Nemo Network Premiere on ABC November 24th

11/12/05 Oprah Winfrey Doubted Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Romance

11/12/05 Jude Law and Sienna Miller Back Together

11/12/05 Ozzy Worries About Kelly Osbourne's Choice in Men

11/12/05 Keira Knightley Never Met Kaz James

11/12/05 Elizabeth Taylor Was Oprah Winfrey's Most Awkward Guest

11/12/05 Nicole Richie Blames Crank Call on Paris Hilton

11/12/05 Elizabeth Hurley Turned Down Marilyn Monroe

11/12/05 Madonna Gunning for Miming Critics

11/12/05 Ricky Gervais in Tears Over X Factor

11/12/05 Ellen DeGeneres Calls Off Jennifer Aniston House Deal Over Dog

11/11/05 Jessica Simpson Takes a Pen to Her Problems

11/11/05 Oprah Winfrey's Diana Ross Nerves

11/11/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Plays Down Brokeback Mountain Praise

11/11/05 Scarlett Johansson Gets Back at Nosey John Travolta

11/11/05 Oprah Has to Coax Joaquin Phoenix Onto Stage

11/11/05 Sharon Osbourne Blasts Mother Teresa

11/11/05 Ozzy Osbournes Fading Memory Sabotages Autobiography Plans

11/11/05 Sprightly Keira Knightley Hails Cool Mother

11/11/05 Hilary Duff Exhausted by Manic Year

11/11/05 Oprah Winfrey Will Never Marry Fiancé

11/11/05 Kelly Clarkson Gives Back to Bay Area Fans

11/10/05 Madonna Refuses to Read Newspapers

11/10/05 Katie Lee Joel to Host "The Top Chef"

11/10/05 Johnny Depp Defends Kate Moss

11/10/05 Katie Holmes Ignores Tom Cruise Gossip

11/10/05 Simon Cowell Invents New Reality Show

11/10/05 Nominations Announced for 32nd Annual Peoples Choice Awards

11/10/05 Mandy Moore Dons "Scrubs"

11/10/05 Prison Break November Episodes Preview

11/10/05 Murder Victim Revealed on Reunion November 10th

11/10/05 Nelly Awards $10,000 to Student Producers for Best Commercial

11/10/05 Merle Haggard Releases New Album 'Chicago Wind' With First Single Titled 'Rebuild America'

11/10/05 Donald Trump Pockets $15 Million From The Learning Annex

11/10/05 Paris Hilton in Car Crash

11/10/05 Mischa Barton Defends Autobiography

11/10/05 Daniel Radcliffe: "Harry Potter is Stealing My Life"

11/10/05 Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey Become Friends

11/9/05 DreamWorks Animation Announces Cast for Kung Fu Panda

11/9/05 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Wear Baby Photos

11/9/05 Britney Spears Denies Tummy Tuck and Depression Rumors

11/9/05 Teri Hatcher Fulfills Movie Dreams

11/9/05 Nicole Richie Slams Paris Hilton in Novel

11/9/05 Ralph Fiennes "I Hated First Two Potter Films"

11/9/05 Jennifer Aniston Has No Angelina Jolie Hang Up

11/9/05 Jessica Simpson Slammed for Safari

11/9/05 Elton John Desperate for Desperate Housewives Cameo

11/9/05 Faith Hill Returns for Her Second NBC Special "Faith Hill Fireflies" Nov 23rd

11/9/05 The OC Preview Clips for November 10th

11/9/05 Jennifer Aniston: "Split With Brad Pitt Was Over-Hyped"

11/9/05 Christina Aguilera Waiting for Movie Roles

11/9/05 Willa Holland Cast as Kaitlin Cooper, Marissa's Sister on The OC

11/8/05 Britney Spears Fraud Dismissed in Court

11/8/05 Jennifer Aniston Regrets Intense Meeting With Paul McCartney

11/8/05 Jennifer Aniston Thanks Mikael Hafstrom for Derailed Role

11/8/05 Desperate Housewives Star Fired for Improper Conduct

11/8/05 Pamela Anderson Denies Kid Rock Romance
11/8/05 Jennifer Aniston's Failed Partner

11/8/05 Britney Spears to Release Remixes Album

11/8/05 American Juniors Star Katelyn Tarver Inks Recording Deal

11/8/05 ABC Launches First Official Lost Podcast

11/8/05 The Apprentice Candidates Take On Star Wars Thursday Nov 10th

11/8/05 CBS Streams Different Episodes of Threshold to Accommodate New Time Slot

11/8/05 Jessica Alba Offered Rolls on the Casting Couch

11/8/05 Jennifer Aniston Laments Reality TV Replacing Sitcoms

11/8/05 Tyra Banks Calls for Drug Policing After Kate Moss Scandal

11/8/05 Chinese Girl Writes Book About How Tom Cruise Changed Her Life

11/8/05 Latest Details on Paris Hilton Subpoena and Simple Life Taping

11/8/05 CBS Orders Two More Seasons of Survivor

11/8/05 First Look at "King Kong" to Air on NBC's Broadcast of Shrek Nov 27th

11/8/05 Nick Cannon and Shannon Elizabeth Among VIBE Award Presenters

11/7/05 Tommy Lee Angry About Pamela Anderson's Musical Skills

11/7/05 Jennifer Aniston: "I'm Not a Crier"

11/7/05 Lost Character to be Killed Off in Future Episode

11/7/05 Jennifer Aniston Squirms as Larry King Probes Vince Vaughn Romance

11/7/05 Jennifer Lopez Wishes She Could Tour

11/7/05 Lindsay Lohan's Sister Fought to Vent Her Anger in Video

11/7/05 Pierce Brosnan: "I Never Slapped Desperate Teri Hatcher"

11/7/05 Paris Hilton Served Subpoena to Testify Against Robber

11/7/05 Britney Spears' Man Escapes Child Support Payments

11/7/05 Survivor: Guatemala Finale to be Broadcast Sunday, December 11

11/7/05 Harry Smith to Co-Host Amazing Race Webcast "The Finish Line" Nov. 9th

11/7/05 CBS to Air The Academy of Country Music's 40th Anniversary Special Dec 3rd

11/7/05 NBC Give The Office a Full Season Order

11/7/05 Chris Klein Comments on Katie Holmes Scientology Conversion for Tom Cruise

11/7/05 This Weeks Conan O'Brien Quotables

11/7/05 INXS "Switched On" Tour Sells Quickly, 7 More Dates Added

11/7/05 Nelly Celebrates Birthday in Grand Slam Fashion

11/7/05 A Boating Accident Victim Gets a New Home This Week on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

11/7/05 Desperate Housewives Episode Preview for November 13th

11/7/05 Supernanny Must Confront Twin Terrors on This Weeks Episode

11/7/05 A Leak Causes Problems for Mac This Week on Commander in Chief

11/7/05 A Car Accident Leaves Larkin Injured This Week on Invasion

11/7/05 Sawyer's Wound Becomes Life Threatening This Week on Lost

11/7/05 Close to Home and Threshold to Swap Time Periods

11/7/05 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Finale to be Broadcast Live December 21st

11/7/05 Three Women Show Signs of Being Infected on the Next Episode of Threshold

11/7/05 Madonna Slams Paris Hilton's Kabbalah "Dabbling" 

11/7/05 Jarhead Brings in 27.7 Million at the Domestic Box Office

11/6/05 Lindsay Lohan Eyes College Career

11/6/05 Jason Statham Laughs Off Pamela Anderson Romance Reports

11/6/05 Cameron Diaz Hopes New Movie Will Get Her Taken Seriously

11/6/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt's Embarrassing Meeting With Jon Heder

11/6/05 Sharon Osbourne Slams Madonna's Parenting

11/6/05 Terry Gilliam Vows Never to Direct Harry Potter

11/6/05 Nicole Richie: "Paris Hilton & I Just Grew Apart"

11/6/05 Harry Potter Star Takes Scuba Diving Lessons

11/6/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Replaces Elizabeth Hurley

11/6/05 Madonna: "I'll Never Kill Again"

11/5/05 Speedo Shame for Prankster Jake Gyllenhaal

11/5/05 Media Scuppers Angelina Jolie's Plans to Meet With Val Kilmer

11/5/05 Jake Gyllenhaal's Homeless Shelter Bar-Mitzvah

11/5/05 Nicole Richie Began Drugs Battle at 14

11/5/05 Daniel Radcliffe's Coming of Age Joy

11/5/05 Tiger Woods Teaches Teri Hatcher Golf

11/5/05 Kathy Hilton Defends Paris Hilton Sex Tape Shame

11/5/05 Terry O'Quinn Loves the Lost Diet

11/5/05 The OC Star to Wed

11/5/05 Jennifer Aniston: "Leave Me Alone"

11/5/05 Melinda Helps The Spirit of an Ex-Con on Ghost Whisperer November 11th

11/5/05 Extreme Makeover Goes to Fairfield, California November 6th

11/4/05 Heidi Klum Fighting to Look Stunning for Victoria's Secret Show

11/4/05 Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell Plan TV Summit Meeting

11/4/05 Paris Hilton Caught Up in Police Mystery

11/4/05 Chastity Bono Joins Celebrity Fit Club

11/4/05 Madonna Gets Ready to Tour Again

11/4/05 Tyra Banks to Retire

11/4/05 Shakira Resents Prejudice Towards Middle East

11/4/05 Hilary Duff Scorns Youthful Marriages of Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson

11/4/05 Search for Hidden Immunity Idol Intensifies on Next Survivor: Guatemala

11/4/05 Safety Divers Sent in to Rescue a Racer on the Next Episode of The Amazing Race

11/4/05 Stacked Season Premiere Preview Clips

11/4/05 Linda Dano Thanks Dead Husband for Desperate Housewives Role

11/4/05 Sharon Osbourne Rejects Brad Pitt

11/3/05 NBC Announces 2005 Radio Music Award Nominees

11/3/05 Mindy McCready in Tears as She Faces Oprah Winfrey's Truth

11/3/05 Nicole Kidman Says Happy Birthday to Country Star Keith Urban

11/3/05 NBC Renews Three Wishes for Six More Episodes

11/3/05 Katie Leung Auditioned for Harry Potter for Fun

11/3/05 Pamela Anderson Demands No Leather Car

11/3/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Attacked Jarhead Co-Star

11/3/05 The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finals Are Set

11/3/05 My Fair Brady Season Finale November 6th

11/3/05 Polly Bergen Takes Role on Commander in Chief

11/3/05 Project Runway to Premiere With Back to Back Episodes December 7th

11/3/05 The "Wild Boyz" Join in Photo Shoot on the Next "America's Next Top Model"

11/3/05 Daniel Radcliffe Denies Older Woman Rumors

11/3/05 Steamy Love Scenes Help Jennifer Aniston Get Over Brad Pitt Divorce

11/3/05 Heidi Klum, Rachel Hunter and Tyra Banks Reveal Beauty Tips

11/3/05 Carmen Electra's Depressed Half Brother Commits Suicide

11/3/05 Outraged Brad Pitt Phones Police to Report Nosy Snapper

11/3/05 Superman Returns to be Released as IMAX Film in June 2006

11/3/05  Poseidon to be Released as IMAX Film May 2006

11/2/05 The Apprentice Candidates Become Teachers and Run a Learning Annex

11/2/05 Hilary Duff Snubbed Joel Madden

11/2/05 Britney Spears and Shar Jackson's Relationship Remains Strained

11/2/05 The OC Preview Clips for November 3rd

11/2/05 The Castaways Search for a Hidden Immunity Idol on the Next Survivor Episode

11/2/05 Hilary Duff Traumatized by Suicidal Fan

11/2/05 Lost Manuscript to be Published

11/2/05 Jennifer Aniston Bruised by Raunchy Movie Scenes

11/2/05 Eva Longoria Wanted to be Married by Elvis

11/2/05 Monica Bellucci Not Challenged by Modeling

11/2/05 Tom Cruise to Buy Renee Zellweger's Home?

11/2/05 The OC Star Eager for Heterosexual Attention

11/2/05 Dennis Rodman: Carmen Electra Used the "N" Word During Sex Sessions

11/2/05 Ricky Martin and Seal to Perform on The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

11/2/05 R Kelly, Green Day & Toby Keith to Perform at The Billboard Music Awards

11/1/05 Jennifer Aniston's Trespasser Gets a Year in Jail

11/1/05 Brad Pitt's Publicist Hits Back at Angelina Jolie Wedding Report

11/1/05 Madonna Hails Brave Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger

11/1/05 Christina Aguilera Asks Fans to Call Her

11/1/05 Nicole Richie Buys New Place So She Doesn't Have to Drive

11/1/05 Dennis Rodman Surprised He Couldn't Impregnate Madonna

11/1/05 Marriage Speculation Drove Jessica Simpson to Therapy

11/1/05 Eva Longoria Champions Positive Latino Roles

11/1/05 Madonna Has No Sex Regrets

11/1/05 Simon Cowell Admires Genuine Victoria Beckham



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