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11/30/08 Britney Spears Has A Gay Old Time At London Birthday Party
11/30/08 Britney Spears: 'I Want My Old Life Back'
11/30/08 Britney Spears Continues To Wow With U.K. Comeback Performance
11/29/08 Britney Spears Wows France With Womanizer
11/28/08 Nicole Richie 'Stopping Benji Madden Moving On From Paris Hilton'
11/28/08 Britney Spears Copies Madonna For German Stage Comeback
11/26/08 Britney Spears Celebrates Birthday In Circus-Themed Bash
11/26/08 Christina Aguilera Hopes For Thanksgiving Cooking Lessons
11/26/08 Britney Spears Takes First Steps Towards World Tour
11/26/08 Angelina Jolie Denies Pregnancy As Baby Rumors Increase
11/26/08 Britney Spears Amazed By Kids' Monstrous Imaginations
11/26/08 Christina Aguilera 'Blown Away' By New Mom Nicole Richie
11/25/08 The Biggest Loser: NFL Stars Pay A Visit Tonight on NBC
11/25/08 Private Practice: Addison's Brothers Pays A Visit This Week On ABC
11/25/08 Dirty Sexy Money: Clark Spreads Rumors To Reporter This Week On ABC
11/25/08 Pamela Anderson Plans To Go Serious
11/25/08 Britney Spears Honored In Germany For 'Stunning Comeback'
11/25/08 Britney Spears Blames Kevin Federline For Son's Swearing
11/25/08 Britney Spears Gets Supervised Dates
11/25/08 Jennifer Aniston Is Top Thanksgiving Guest

11/25/08 Christina Aguilera's Tot Close To Walking
11/24/08 Heroes: The Eclipse - Part 1 Tonight On NBC
11/24/08 Boston Legal: Dysfunctional Family Affair Tonight On ABC
11/24/08 Christina Aguilera Sacrificed Love For Career
11/24/08 Jessica Simpson Credits Diary Entries With Getting Over Broken Marriage
11/24/08 Jennifer Aniston Baffled By Technology
11/24/08 Rudolph: 'Britney Spears Is Like Family'
11/23/08 Angelina Jolie: 'Motherhood Made Me Appreciate My Looks'
11/23/08 Lindsay Lohan Defends Outspoken Father
11/23/08 Madonna Wants Britney Spears To Rejoin Kabbalah
11/22/08 Benji Madden 'Fine' After Paris Hilton Split
11/22/08 Britney Spears Back In Court
11/21/08 Lindsay Lohan Can't Stop Blogging
11/21/08 Brad Pitt Film Is Familiar Story
11/21/08 Lindsay Lohan: 'I'm Fighter'
11/21/08 Paris Hilton: 'I'm Taking A Break From Benji Madden'
11/21/08 Rudolph Confident Britney Spears Is Back On Top Form
11/21/08 Katie Price Faces Speeding Trial
11/21/08 Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson In Couples Counseling?
11/21/08 Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Fight Over Best - Report
11/21/08 Paris Hilton Tries To Forget Benji Madden By Partying
11/21/08 Britney Spears Blames Paparazzi For Meltdown
11/21/08 Britney Spears To Make Surprise Appearance at AMAs?
11/21/08 Jennifer Aniston Begs Fans: 'Don't Sell Your Amateur Snaps Of Me'
11/21/08 Julianne Hough Quits Dance Show To Focus On Country Career
11/21/08 Britney Spears Blames Kevin Federline's Rap Dreams For Split
11/20/08 Dancing Is Therapy For Britney Spears
11/20/08 Lindsay Lohan's Dad Pulls Out Of Boxing Match
11/20/08 Paris Hilton Confirms Madden Split
11/20/08 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Another Foreign Christmas
11/20/08 Jennifer Aniston 'Laughs Her Rear End Off' At Friends Re-Runs
11/20/08 Jon Voight 'Hopes' To Meet Angelina Jolie's Twins Soon
11/20/08 Brad Pitt Refuses To Show Off His 'Personal And Special' Tattoos
11/20/08 Britney Spears Mocks Dad In Documentary
11/20/08 Britney Spears's Songwriter: Britney Didn't Write Track For Paparazzo Lover
11/20/08 Paris Hilton's Friends Confirm Split
11/19/08 Grey's Anatomy: Help Comes As Surgery Goes bad This Week On ABC
11/19/08 Grey's Anatomy: Kevin McKidd Joins The Cast Of ABC's Grey Anatomy
11/19/08 Jennifer Aniston To Romance Butler Onscreen
11/19/08 Paris Hilton And Benji Madden Split Reports
11/19/08 Aaron Eckhart Wants Angelina Jolie To Play Catwoman
11/19/08 Pamela Anderson Appeals To Obama
11/19/08 Billy Ray Cyrus' Advice Miley Cyrus
11/19/08 Jessica Simpson Gushes Over 'Whole Package' Tony Romo
11/19/08 Simon Cowell Blasts Hucknall
11/19/08 Britney Spears' Song For Paparazzo 'Lover'
11/19/08 Britney Spears Wants David Beckham Soccer Lessons
11/19/08 Ron Howard Praises 'Authentic And True' Angelina Jolie
11/19/08 Britney Spears: 'I Married For The Wrong Reasons'
11/19/08 Angelina Jolie Struggles To Breastfeed Twins
11/18/08 Shiloh: 'You Can Call Me John'
11/18/08 Katie Holmes Rushes Home To Celebrate Wedding Anniversary
11/18/08 Miley Cyrus 'Ticked' At Hacker
11/18/08 Britney Spears: 'I'm Still Paying For Breakdown'
11/18/08 Paris Hilton Cozies Up With Ex Niarchos
11/18/08 Survivor Gabon Contestant Arrested
11/18/08 Angelina Jolie's Tears For Late Mother
11/17/08 Samantha Who: Jealousy Rages On This Week On ABC
11/17/08 Eli Stone: Eli Losing Clients This Week On ABC
11/17/08 Angelina Jolie: 'I'm Not Quitting Yet.'
11/17/08 Prescription Drugs Found On Paula Abdul 'Stalker' - Reports
11/17/08 Scarlett Johansson Confused Over Lindsay Lohan's Mean Girls Remarks
11/17/08 Kanye West Calls For Paparazzi Law
11/17/08 Leonardo DiCaprio Cuts Back On Green Issues
11/17/08 Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Titanic Nearly Ruined Me'
11/17/08 Miley Cyrus Victim Of Twisted Hacker
11/17/08 Simon Cowell & Terri Seymour Talk About Split
11/17/08 Pamela Anderson Models For Westwood
11/14/08 Jennifer Aniston Praised By John Mayer
11/14/08 Relative Blames Paula Abdul For Death Of Idol Contestant
11/14/08 Paula Abdul Fan 'Sent Flowers Before Her Death'
11/14/08 Britney Spears Scraps Second Madonna Appearance
11/14/08 Madonna 'Pull Daughter Out Of School'
11/14/08 Kanye West Arrested Over Snapper Scuffle
11/14/08 Lindsay Lohan Slam 'Rough' Paparazzi
11/14/08 Dancing Host Applauded For Saving British Judge's Life
11/14/08 Lindsay Lohan Not Ready To Finish Third Album
11/13/08 Lipstick Jungle: What Are Friends For? This Week On NBC
11/13/08 Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Ty Helps a Family of 13 This Sunday On ABC
11/13/08 Desperate Housewives: A Deadly Fire Erupts This Sunday On ABC
11/13/08 Brothers And Sisters: Kevin Wants To Be Like Dad This Sunday On ABC
11/13/08 Boston Legal: Denny and Carl Goes To Virginia Next Week on ABC
11/13/08 Jennifer Aniston Scared Of Looming 40th
11/13/08 Angelina Jolie Plans To Retire From Acting
11/13/08 Jennifer Aniston: 'I Answered Angelina Jolie Question Honestly'
11/13/08 Paris Hilton Hits Off With Chelsy Davy
11/13/08 Jennifer Aniston Reconciles With Mom
11/13/08 American Idol Raises $64 Million For Charity
11/13/08 Paris Hilton & Joel Madden To Host Online New Year's Eve Party In Sydney
11/13/08 Angelina Jolie Fell Pregnant During Changeling Filming
11/13/08 Kanye West Is Ready To Talk About His Mother
11/12/08 Angelina Jolie Denies Pregnancy Reports

11/12/08 Paula Abdul 'Shocked And Saddened' By Death OF Alleged Idol Contestant
11/12/08 Paris Hilton Set For Another Film Role
11/12/08 Paula Abdul 'Stalker' Dead Dead Near Home
11/12/08 Lindsay Lohan Plans To Buy A House
11/12/08 Lindsay Lohan: 'Family Approves Of Samantha Ronson Romance'
11/12/08 Jennifer Aniston: 'I adore John Mayer'
11/12/08 Ciccone: 'Madonna Will Return To New York'
11/12/08 Jennifer Aniston: 'Brad Pitt Was Amicable'
11/12/08 Mark Ronson 'Furious' With Amy Winehouse
11/12/08 Stephen Baldwin Has Hannah Montana's Initials Tattooed On His Arm
11/12/08 Jennifer Aniston: 'John Mayer Won't Be Chatting To The Paparazzi Again'
11/12/08 John Travolta: 'Miley Cyrus Is Like Olivia'
11/12/08 Kanye West Blames Himself For Mom's Death And Love Split
11/11/08 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt To Adopt From South America
11/11/08 Brad Pitt Handled Roughly By Security Guard
11/11/08 Jennifer Aniston Slams Angelina Jolie In Candid New Interview
11/11/08 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Plan Trip To Ethiopia
11/11/08 Beyonce Knowles Eyes Glastonbury Slot After Jay-Z Triumph
11/11/08 Lindsay Lohan 'Thankful' For Rehab
11/11/08 Barack Obama's Daughters Set For A Date With Hannah Montana?
11/11/08 Lindsay Lohan: 'I Love Samantha Ronson Very Much'
11/11/08 Amy Winehouse & Fielder-Civil ' Not Breaking Up'
11/11/08 Beyonce Knowles Refused Big Bucks For Wedding Pictures
11/11/08 Britney Spears' Son Released From Hospital
11/11/08 Paris Hilton's Dog Was A Gift From Korea
11/11/08 Nicole Kidman Shows Off Baby Photo
11/10/08 Samantha Ronson Criticized Over Gay Marriage Ban Protests
11/10/08 The Biggest Loser: Return of The Eliminated Contestants Tomorrow on NBC

11/10/08 My Own Worst Enemy: That Is Not My Son Tonight On NBC
11/10/08 Heroes: 'Villains' Tonight On NBC
11/10/08 Eli Stone: 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go?' Tomorrow on ABC
11/10/08 Boston Legal: 'Roe' Tonight On ABC
11/10/08 Tara Reid 'Drops Agent'
11/10/08 Beyonce: 'Mum's Slap Saved Me'
11/10/08 Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Toned Down Photo Shoot
11/10/08 Lindsay Lohan Is 'Bisexual'
11/10/08 Britney Spears' Son In Hospital After Seizure
11/10/08 Zac Efron Unaffected By Fame
11/10/08 Jolie-Pitt Twins 'Very Smiley'
11/10/08 Leonardo DiCaprio Misses Obama Victory Parties
11/10/08 Hudson Suspect Admits Involvement In Murders?
11/10/08 Nicole Kidman To Play Transsexual Wegner Opposite Charlize Theron?
11/10/08 Dannii Minogue Reveals Simon Cowell Feud
11/10/08 Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z Buy $70,000 Table
11/10/08 Britney Spears Planning Europe Trip
11/7/08 Adele Doubts Jonas Brothers' Virginity Claims
11/7/08 Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman Are Trying For Baby Number Two
11/7/08 Pregnant Ashlee Simpson All Grown Up For Baby
11/7/08 Super Nanny: Helps a Family Facing Separation & Divorce Tonight on ABC
11/7/08 Wife Swap: Strict Super-Mom vs. A Supportive Free-Spirit Tonight on ABC
11/7/08 Extreme Makeover Home: Martinez/Malek Families This Weekend on ABC
11/7/08 Brothers & Sisters: 'Do You Believe In Magic' This Weekend on ABC
11/7/08 Salma Hayek Too Busy For David Beckham Lesson
11/7/08 Britney Spears Duets With Madonna and Wows Stadium Crowd
11/7/08 Leonardo DiCaprio Hands Over To Zac Efron
11/7/08 Taylor Swift Upset By Joe Jonas Romance Questions
11/7/08 Smith Family Film Historic Election Day
11/7/08 Taylor Swift Appalled By Jonas Brothers Baby Rumors
11/6/08 Oprah Winfrey Hides Jennifer Hudson At Her Chicago Apartment
11/6/08 Mandy Moore and DJ AM Make Beautiful Music Together
11/6/08 Beyonce Opens Up About Destiny's Child Split
11/6/08 Julianne Hough Feels 'Phenomenal' After Surgery
11/6/08 Sandra Bullock's Husband Sued For Fraud
11/6/08 Miley Cyrus Was A Toilet Cleaner
11/6/08 Pink Retires Bush Tune
11/6/08 Jessica Biel Was 'Stressed' Meeting Justin Timebrlake's Mother
11/6/08 John Travlota's Movie Hit By Violence
11/6/08 Hilary Duff's Video Censored
11/6/08 Beyonce Cut Japan Trip Short For Election
11/6/08 Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears To Join Madonna at Dodgers Stadium?
11/6/08 Paris Hilton Pick Pilates For Fragrance Campaign
11/6/08 Paris Hilton Dreams of Anonymity
11/6/08 Angelina Jolie Slims Down Using Video Games
11/6/08 Simon Cowell To Give Ex $9 Million Parting Gift
11/5/08 Obama Success Forces Oprah Winfrey To Use Park Loo For The First Time
11/5/08 Jennifer Aniston Set For Regular Slot On 30 Rock?
11/5/08 Nicole Kidman Was 'Stifled In Tom Cruise Marriage'
11/5/08 Miley Cyrus To Lead The Big Parade
11/5/08 Usher Is 'Speechless' Over President Obama
11/5/08 Taylor Swift Pours Jonas Heartache Into New Songs
11/5/08 Ashley Olsen Has No Wedding Plans
11/5/08 Carrie Underwood: 'Tony Romo Comments Were Published Months Late'
11/5/08 Madonna Dedicates Election Night Concert To Obama
11/5/08 30 Rock: Believe In The Stars Tomorrow on NBC
11/5/08 My Name Is Earl: Living On The Wild Side Tomorrow on NBC
11/5/08 Deal or No Deal: Hot Dog King & Teacher Tonight On NBC
11/5/08 Ugly Betty: Betty Wants Her New Neighbors Attention Tomorrow On ABC

11/5/08 Private Practice: 'Let It Go' Tonight On ABC
11/5/08 Grey's Anatomy: 'Rise Up' Tomorrow on ABC
11/5/08 Blake Fielder-Civil Freed From Jail, Heads To Rehab
11/5/08 Pink Favors Music Over Therapy
11/5/08 Jessica Simpson: 'Romo Saved Me'
11/5/08 Pete Wentz Delighted At Democratic Win
11/5/08 Carrie Underwood Slams Politically Motivated Celebrities
11/5/08 Pam Anderson Loves Trailer Life
11/5/08 Paris Hilton's Plastic Surgery Vow
11/5/08 Amy Winehouse Mentored By Quincy Jones
11/5/08 Gay Groups Praise Grey's Anatomy
11/5/08 John Mayer Coos About Ray LaMontagne
11/5/08 Nikki Blonsky Set For Ugly Betty
11/5/08 Dannii Minogue Set To Be Axed From X Factor?
11/4/08 Pink Remembers Drunken Thanksgiving Dinner
11/4/08 Kirsten Dunst Documents U.S. Voting Process In New Film
11/4/08 Miley Cyrus Show Pulled Over Diabetes Controversy
11/4/08 Jessica Simpson's Hairdresser Is Healing After Paparazzi Injury
11/4/08 Universal Boss Praises 'Sensational' Amy Winehouse Comeback
11/4/08 Lindsay Lohan Implores Fans To Vote
11/4/08 Jennifer Hudson Begged Mother To Move Out Of Neighborhood
11/4/08 Nicole Kidman's One-Week Rule
11/4/08 Kate Winslet 'Still Feels Fat
11/4/08 Brooke Smith Axed From Grey's Anatomy
11/4/08 Darren L. Bousman Upset His Mother With Paris Hilton Casting
11/4/08 Kate Winslet Steps Into Naked Photos Row
11/4/08 Carrie Underwood Not Dating Swimmer Michael Phelps
11/4/08 Holly Madison: 'Hugh Hefner Should Have Seen The Split Coming'
11/4/08 Jennifer Hudson Mourns Murdered Family
11/3/08 Paris Hilton Was Dating Benji Madden Before Sophie Monk Split
11/3/08 Reporter Upsets Pink Over Sister Sacking
11/3/08 Heidi Klum Upsets Hindus With Goddess Kali Costume
11/3/08 Beyonce's Romance With Jay-Z Is 'Not Perfect'
11/3/08 Deal Or No Deal: Special 200th Episode Tonight On NBC
11/3/08 Boston Legal: Alan & Denny Take On The USDA Tonight On ABC
11/3/08 Mary-Kate Olsen Talks Host Out Of His Clothes On U.S. TV
11/3/08 Pink Takes European Number One With Funhouse
11/3/08 Simon Cowell Eyes Political Move
11/3/08 Beyonce Knowles: 'I Can't Cook'
11/3/08 Hudson Victims Mourned At Service
11/3/08 Grieving Jennifer Hudson Cannot Return To Crime Scene
11/3/08 Leona Lewis Eyes X Factor Role
11/3/08 Simon Cowell's Mum Urges Son To Rekindle Romance
11/1/08 Taylor Swift Casts Her First Vote
11/1/08 Simon Cowell Splits With Terri Seymour
11/1/08 Ashlee Simpson Gets Ready For First Baby
11/1/08 Amy Winehouse Released From Hospital
11/1/08 Britney Spears Set For Two-Week London Residency
11/1/08 Ashley Olsen Dreams Of French Wedding?
11/1/08 Hudson Triple Murder Gun Identified
11/1/08 Beyonce Knowles Thinks Twice About Kids

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