"Wild About Panties" The Amazing Race Episode 5





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"Wild About Panties" The Amazing Race Episode 5  10/26/05


Comments by Marcus


            From the pre-Katrina Big Easy jazz and gumbo of New Orleans , to the great ditch of the Panama Canal ….did race the remaining six teams.


            Tonight a dream, a wish and a mother’s prayers came to reality as mama Paolo wrapped her ample arms around her 24-year-old immature son, DJ, and they stepped off into space. Loud mouth and obnoxious DJ’s knees were shaking and stomach knotting as he looked down into the emptiness below. This was his first bungee jump. And he was full throttled terrified.  But the Paolo family placed all their chips on the fast forward and it was time for this kid to put up or shut up. With his mama’s reassurance that she would literally carry him to safety, they stepped off together in his faith in her. Not only did they finish first at the Panama Canal pit stop and win a vacation in the rain forest, but also something more rewarding has been sparked. Recognition that mama Paolo is a woman who not only deserves respect, but she has earned it. Okay, DJ, let’s see if you have finally grown up.   


            The Weaver family came in second.


            With an apologetic pun to the birds, eagle eye father Bransen descriptively spoke in Audubon-ish colors as his daughters circled the five species of tropical birds. With his descriptive abilities, they flew threw that challenge without shedding a feather. The Bransen family finished third.

            The Linz siblings joined forces with the gaggle of Godlewski sisters in a musical samba scavenger hunt. I think that romance may be blooming for some of them. Perhaps we will see a little nesting? The Linz family finished fourth.


            Stuck in a slow boat, the Gaghan roadrunners were hoping that the bungee freefall would strike out the Paolo four. But no such luck and they lost their fast forward attempt. So, they went back into the tropical rainforest to identify what could be accurately described as flightless wooden decoy birds or “gee mommy, why do those birds look frozen?” But it was in the baseball stadium where Bill Gaghan “the home run king” batted his family back into contention. Meantime in the same arena and at the same time, the Godlewski sister Sharon swung and missed to the point of exhaustion. After she finally caught some leather, the race was on between these two families. 


            Traffic nearly captured the Gaghan’s LSD bad dream devil bus. Meanwhile on the  Godlewski bus, the girls did a take on Madonna and Victoria ’s Secrets. Bras and panties and panties and bras. A kind of fashion nightmare. We thought they layering clothing to eliminate some backpack weight, but instead it was shrewd  executive decision that worked out well as they finished last. But rather than being totally eliminated, they were stripped of cash and all possessions other than the clothes on their bodes. For cash, perhaps they will sell used lingerie. Ya know, this may be a new market trend for outerwear.


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