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10/31/05 John Travolta and Tom Cruise Turn Out for Scientology Bash

10/31/05 Orlando Bloom Hits Out at Kirsten Dunst Rumors

10/31/05 Kelly Osbourne's Cross Dressing Stalker

10/31/05 Jessica & Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Up for Razzies?

10/31/05 Brad Pitt Narrates Mini-Series on Health

10/31/05 Bernie Mac Refuses to Accept He's Been Punk'd

10/31/05 Oprah Winfrey Pays Tribute to Rosa Parks

10/31/05 Jennifer Lopez Series Suffers Delays

10/31/05 Hilary Duff Possible Star in New Poltergeist Movie

10/31/05 Quotables from Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live Oct 29th

10/31/05 Fox Announces "Dear Santa" Holiday Special on December 9th

10/31/05 Fear Factor Returns to NBC December 6th

10/31/05 Howie Mandel Named Host of NBC's Deal or No Deal

10/31/05 39th Annual CMA Awards to be Broadcast Live November 15th

10/31/05 Pamela Anderson to Appear on the 250th Episode of Madtv

10/31/05 Monica Bellucci Shuns Youth Obsessed Hollywood

10/31/05 Valerie Bertinelli and Peter Falk Star in "Finding John Christmas" Dec 25th

10/30/05 Reese Witherspoon Says She Was Misquoted On Jessica Simpson

10/30/05 Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz Remain Friends

10/30/05 Jennifer Aniston: "I'll Never Mention Brad Pitt Divorce Again"

10/30/05 Bai Ling Bawls Over Madonna's Virgin Hit

10/30/05 Jake Gyllenhaal's Milk Licking Beginnings

10/30/05 Nicollette Sheridan Prays for Reality TV's Demise

10/30/05 Eva Longoria's Parker Tattoo

10/30/05 Madonna: "Leave Tom Cruise Alone"

10/30/05 Elizabeth Hurley Unhappy With Reflection

10/30/05 Elisha Cuthbert Worried About Acting Alongside Paris Hilton

10/29/05 Jennifer Lopez First Husband Drops Lawsuit

10/29/05 Harry Potter Star Chooses Acting Over University

10/29/05 Madonna: "Gwen Stefani Stole My Style"

10/29/05 Prison Break Preview Clips for October 31st

10/29/05 Tour Company Offers Your Own Amazing Race

10/29/05 George Clooney Wants Love Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

10/29/05 Sharon Osbourne Almost Quit X Factor

10/29/05 Orlando Bloom's Naughty Schoolboy Exploits

10/29/05 Nicollette Sheridan Plans Action Over Porn Pics

10/29/05 Nicollette Sheridan Calls for Paris Hilton to be Fried

10/29/05 Kid Rock Reunites With Pamela Anderson on Stacked

10/29/05 Melinda Helps a Spirit Find Out Why She Died on the Next Ghost Whisperer

10/29/05 Threshold November 4th Episode Preview

10/29/05 Anna Nicole Smith's Dogs Boycott Iams Food

10/29/05 Lost Star is Homeless

10/28/05 Desperate Housewives Stars Hunt Out Mole

10/28/05 Danny Bonaduce Loves to Fight

10/28/05 Elisha Cuthbert Drunk Under the Table by Paris Hilton

10/28/05 Val Kilmer Blasts Paris Hilton

10/28/05 Brooke Shields Talks About Her Second Pregnancy

10/28/05 Craig Ferguson to Host The 32nd Annual Peoples Choice Awards

10/28/05 Keira Knightley Dreams of Oscar Glory

10/28/05 Harry Potter Car Stolen

10/28/05 Marcia Cross Missing Co-Stars

10/28/05 Paris Hilton to Play Zsa Zsa Gabor?

10/28/05 Eminem Celebrates Station's Anniversary

10/28/05 Jennifer Lopez in Talks to Perform at Athina's Brazilian Wedding

10/27/05 Angelina Jolie Ready to Adopt Again

10/27/05 John Madden Prepares to Wait for Pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow

10/27/05 Nicollette Sheridan and Fiancé Split

10/27/05 Paris Hilton Admits "I've Met Tom Sizemore"

10/27/05 Britney Spears Laughed at Kevin's Singing

10/27/05 This Week on Breaking Bonaduce

10/27/05 Invasion November 2nd Episode Preview

10/27/05 Nancy Sinatra Embarrassed by Jessica Simpson Cover Version

10/27/05 Respectful Daniel Radcliffe Calls Elders "Sir"

10/27/05 Daniel Radcliffe Wants Harry Potter to Die

10/27/05 Christina Aguilera Plans South Africa Shows

10/27/05 Kyle Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

10/27/05 Brad Pitt Caught Out by Brilliant Bears

10/27/05 Oprah Winfrey Nabs Another Child Molester

10/27/05 Saw II Released with Full Sail Graduate Making Mainstream Directorial Debut

10/27/05 Movie Screening of 'Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price' in Worcester, MA

10/26/05 Angelina Jolie Escapes Adoption Ordeal

10/26/05 Nicole Richie's Perfume Plans

10/26/05 The OC Star Engaged

10/26/05 VH1 Reveals Song List for Debut Episode of "But Can They Sing"

10/26/05 Bravo and W Hotels Partner Up for Nationwide Queer Eye Promotion

10/26/05 Never Before Seen Footage Highlights America's Next Top Model November 2nd

10/26/05 A Close Finish Footrace to the Mat Marks the Next Episode of The Amazing Race

10/26/05 Contentious Trump Boardroom Marks Another Historic Apprentice First

10/26/05 Janet Jackson Sets the Record Straight on Allegations She Has Secret Daughter

10/26/05 Pamela Anderson Retires Her Boobs

10/26/05 Rock School Star Gene Simmons Comes Back For More

10/26/05 Emma Watson Desperate For Weasley Romance

10/26/05 Orlando Bloom's Stuntman Dreams

10/26/05 Orlando Bloom Embarrassed by Dance Scene

10/26/05 Commander in Chief November 1 Episode Preview

10/26/05 "Wild About Panties" The Amazing Race Episode 5

10/26/05 Orlando Bloom Plans to Buy Home in America

10/26/05 Anna Nicole Smith: Howard Wanted Me to Inherit"

10/26/05 America Decides Who Stays and Goes on Vh1's "But Can They Sing"

10/26/05 Tony Danza Show Sweepstakes Offers Chance to Visit Lost Set and Meet Cast

10/26/05 Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neal Star in "Vampire Bats" on CBS October 30th

10/26/05 Eva Longoria, Hilary and Haylie Duff to Star in Foodfight!

10/25/05 Britney Spears Hurricane Trauma

10/25/05 Beyonce Knowles' Baby Will Have to Wait

10/25/05 Lindsay Lohan's Headlamp Rage

10/25/05 NBC Announces Partnership With Goldpocket Wireless and The Biggest Loser

10/25/05 Paris Hilton Left Embarrassed After Denying Meeting Tom Sizemore

10/25/05 Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized Over Weight Fears

10/25/05 Beyonce Knowles Recalls Oscar Night Shoe Hell

10/25/05 Eva Longoria an Experienced Hunter

10/25/05 Eminem's Family Lawsuit Tossed

10/25/05 Paris Hilton Set for Court Battle With Paris Latsis' Ex

10/25/05 Mike Newell Clashes With Producers Over Harry Potter Movie Financing

10/25/05 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire: Soundtrack Out November 15th

10/25/05 The Best Survivor Yet?

10/25/05 Eva Longoria Plans to Leave Hollywood For Texas

10/25/05 Smallville Soundtrack CD Available November 8th

10/24/05 Ashlee Simpson Hits Out at Ryan Cabrera Reports

10/24/05 Beyonce Knowles Mother Hunts Down Callous Gossips

10/24/05 Justin Timberlake Honored

10/24/05 Jessica Simpson's Dad Blasts Nick Lachey Split Reports

10/24/05 Justin Timberlake: Lets Wait for Britney Spears Baby Pictures

10/24/05 Tyra Banks: I'm Far From Perfect

10/24/05 Britney Spears Fan Site Says Sorry

10/24/05 Highlights from this Weeks Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live

10/24/05 Mark Paul Gosselaar Joins the Cast of Commander in Chief

10/24/05 Felicity Huffman Desperate For Career as a Hairdresser

10/24/05 Angelina Jolie's Brush For Sale

10/24/05 Jim Leads for the First Time on the Next The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

10/24/05 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Helps Capital Heights, MD Family Oct 30th

10/24/05 Desperate Housewives October 30 Episode Preview

10/24/05 Madonna Hits Back at Bon Jovi

10/24/05 Mary J Blige Releases "Reminisce" December 6th

10/24/05 Rhapsody Offers Exclusive Santana Album Debut

10/23/05 Keira Knightley Weeps at Domino Review

10/23/05 Elizabeth Hurley Slams Sienna Miller Again

10/23/05 Has Tom Cruise Converted the Beckhams?

10/23/05 Monica Bellucci Combines Work and Family

10/23/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Excited About Military Video Diary

10/23/05 Nicole Richie: "Weight Loss Nothing to Do With Wedding"

10/23/05 Simon Cowell Faces His Trouser Demons

10/23/05 Madonna Traumatized by Wet Irish Show

10/23/05 Nicole Richie Won't Let DJ Fiancé Hear Her Tunes

10/22/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt & Aisha Tyler Plan Reunion for Ghost Whisperer Assistant

10/22/05 Simon Cowell Not Ready to Retire

10/22/05 Van Halen Won't Be Signing Up for Rock Star Show

10/22/05 Sienna Miller Driven Out of UK

10/22/05 Cameron Diaz Lectures University Students

10/22/05 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Rift Started Two Years Ago

10/22/05 Simon Cowell: "Kids? I'd Rather Have a Terrapin"

10/22/05 Il Divo: "Simon Cowell Couldn't Criticize Us"

10/22/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Mentally Drained by Bootcamp Experience

10/22/05 Charlize Theron Attempts to Make Amends With Halle Berry

10/22/05 One Tribe Decides to Visit the Other on the Next Episode of Survivor: Guatemala

10/22/05 Ghost Whisperer October 28th Episode Preview

10/22/05 Threshold October 28th Episode Preview

10/21/05 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Statement On Stolen Private Family Photos

10/21/05 Katie Holmes Knitting Rampage

10/21/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Pregnant

10/21/05 Money Mad Simon Cowell Can't Get Enough

10/21/05 Heidi Klum Not to Posh to Push

10/21/05 Kylie Minogue Rubbishes Press Lies

10/21/05 Madonna Back on Horse

10/21/05 ABC Orders Full Season Pick Up of Invasion

10/21/05 "Burgers, beer, and a bully" - Survivor Guatemala Episode 6 Summary

10/21/05 Tina Fey Returns to The Weekend Update Desk on Saturday Night Live

10/21/05 New Harry Potter Movie Too Scary For Young Children

10/21/05 Lost Stars to Marry?

10/21/05 Paris Hilton Reportedly Slams Nicole Richie on Record

10/21/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's Trip to Italy to Save Marriage

10/21/05 Soundtrack Released for North Country Movie

10/21/05 Starz Offers Sneak Preview of The Legend of Zorro

10/20/05 Tom Selleck Stars in "Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise" Television Movie

10/20/05 Donald Trump Blames Martha Stewart for The Apprentice Rating Slip

10/20/05 Desperate Housewives Named Among Worst Shows for Families

10/20/05 Paris Hilton Linked to Another Greek Shipping Heir

10/20/05 Christina Aguilera Urges Wedding Guests to Give to Charity

10/20/05 Lord of the Rings Star Surprised by Fans

10/20/05 Roger Daltrey Slams the X Factor

10/20/05 Sharon Osbourne Wants Kelly to Marry Royalty

10/20/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Lost a Tooth on Jarhead Set

10/20/05 Katie Holmes Hides Her Bump at Fashion Show

10/20/05 Kylie Minogue Seeks Holistic Cancer Treatment

10/20/05 Clay Aiken Embarks on 'Joyful Noise 2005 Tour

10/20/05 Coryn Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

10/20/05 Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Promote Bright Beginnings Infant Formula

10/20/05 Beach Boy Brian Wilson Releases His First Solo Christmas Album

10/20/05 Wish-Bone Introduces Salad Dressing Created on The Apprentice Martha Stewart

10/20/05 Teams Are Ecstatic to Trade Car Keys for Plane Tickets on the next Amazing Race

10/20/05 Lost October 26th Episode Preview

10/20/05 Invasion October 26th Episode Preview

10/20/05 Tyra Directs an Intimate Photo Shoot on America's Next Top Model Oct. 26th

10/19/05 Madonna Slams Blasphemy Claims

10/19/05 Andrew Morton to Write Unauthorized Biography of Tom Cruise

10/19/05 Elisha Cuthbert to Front Weezer in New Video

10/19/05 Julia Roberts Thrills Former Stylist With Open House Fashion Shoot

10/19/05 Keira Knightley "Love Making Scene Was Undignified

10/19/05 Madonna Upset Her Kids With Live 8 Performance

10/19/05 Kim Cattrall: "I'm Not Britney Spears Godmother"

10/19/05 Man Arrested in Josh Holloway Robbery

10/19/05 Are Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston For Real?

10/19/05 Britney Spears Steps Out and Shows Off New Frame

10/19/05 Alicia Keys #1 Streak Continues

10/19/05 One Team Chooses a Crucial Member of the Other on The Apprentice

10/19/05 "Facing the Demons of Death" - The Amazing Race Episode 4 Summary

10/19/05 FOX Announces Second Season of So You Think You Can Dance

10/19/05 Commander in Chief October 25th Episode Preview

10/19/05 The Finish Line: The Amazing Race Internet Talk Show Debuts Today

10/19/05 New Homes for Returning Marines on the Next Three Wishes

10/19/05 Cinderella Man Released on DVD December 6th

10/19/05 Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith Wins Hollywood Movie of the Year Award

10/18/05 Tom Cruise Eyeing Ohio Home?

10/18/05 Scarlett Johansson's Lipstick Therapy

10/18/05 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Make Up?

10/18/05 Ashton Kutcher's Brother Missed Wedding as a Favor

10/18/05 Paris Hilton Slams Tom Sizemore Sex Claims

10/18/05 Tom Delonge: "I Supported Irritating Meet the Barkers"

10/18/05 Carmen Electra Encourages Men to Embrace Masculinity

10/18/05 Ashlee Simpson Lays Down Hygiene Laws

10/18/05 Carmen Electra Wears Burlesque Outfits at Home

10/18/05 Candidates Toss It Up on the next The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

10/18/05 Courtney Cox Arquette Disagrees With Madonna on Banning Kids From TV

10/18/05 Mom Has Major Meltdown on the Season Premiere of Trading Spouses

10/18/05 Ashlee Simpson Inspired by Ghostly House Guest

10/17/05 Fantasia Signs Cause a Fuss in Her Hometown

10/17/05 Gwyneth Paltrow to Make Directorial Debut

10/17/05 Natalie Portman Regrets Necklace Gift to Julia Roberts

10/17/05 Beyonce Knowles Caught Up in Skin Scandal

10/17/05 Art Imitates Life in Ashton Kutcher's New Comedy

10/17/05 Ashlee Simpson More Approachable With Blonde Hair

10/17/05 Tom Sizemore Reveals He Bedded Teenage Paris Hilton

10/17/05 Storms Wash Out INXS Performance

10/17/05 NBC Orders Additional Episodes of "Surface"

10/17/05 Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum Featured on The Victoria Secret Fashion Show Dec 6

10/17/05 The Amazing Race DVD, The First Season

10/17/05 Desperate Housewives October 23rd Episode Preview

10/17/05 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Helps Bakersfield Widow October 23rd

10/17/05 Jamie Foxx's New Album, "Unpredictable", Set For December 6th Release

10/17/05 The 40 Year Old Virgin DVD to be Released December 13th

10/17/05 Sylvester Stallone Returns in "Rocky Balboa"

10/17/05 Ashton Kutcher Bids for Poker Lesson at Auction

10/17/05 Emma Roberts Gets a Boost From JoJo

10/16/05 Rome Drama Too Explicit for Italians

10/16/05 Cameron Diaz Wanted to Become a Scientist

10/16/05 Madonna Blasts Material World

10/16/05 Tyra Banks First TV Proposal

10/16/05 Jennifer Lopez Made Fun of on TV Show

10/16/05 Emma Watson Has No Time for Boyfriends

10/16/05 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Marry Says Ray Winstone

10/16/05 Paris Hilton Continues Work on The Simple Life

10/16/05 Legal Threats for Spoof Tom Cruise Scientology Site

10/16/05 Lost Star Rules Out Marriage

10/15/05 Jessica Alba "Treat Me Like a Lady"

10/15/05 Photos Show Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn as a Couple

10/15/05 Brad Pitt's Grandmother Urges Him to Take New Romance With Angelina Jolie Slowly

10/15/05 Jessica Alba Stands Up for Curves

10/15/05 Kylie Minogue Struggling With Chemotherapy

10/15/05 Both Tribes Go to Tribal Council on the Next Episode of Survivor: Guatemala

10/15/05 Jennifer Aniston Reveals Telemarketing Past

10/15/05 Jennifer Aniston Wants to Direct

10/15/05 Jessica Alba Punches Shark

10/15/05 Orlando Bloom Behind on Technology

10/15/05 Ghost Whisperer October 21st Episode Preview

10/15/05 Threshold October 21st Episode Preview

10/15/05 Paris Hilton Flees Blaze at Killers Concert

10/14/05 James Newton Howard to Score King Kong Movie

10/14/05 James Newton Howard to Score King Kong Movie

10/14/05 Mary Kate Olsen Taking a Break From NYU

10/14/05 Gone With the Wind Star Helped Orlando Bloom Win Cameron Crowe Over

10/14/05 Lost Star Grateful to Hawaiian Police

10/14/05 "The Ax Man and the Grenadier" - Survivor Episode 5 Summary

10/14/05 Orlando Bloom Wants to Go Back to Basics

10/14/05 Lost Star Fears Being Broke Again

10/14/05 Oprah Winfrey Helps Naomi Campbell Realize Her Iman Dreams

10/14/05 Lost Fan Steals Evangeline Lilly's Knickers

10/14/05 Christina Aguilera Pitches for Pepsi

10/14/05 Paris Hilton Caught Up in Paparazzi Fight

10/14/05 Mariah Carey Launches the Emancipation of Mimi: Platinum Edition

10/14/05 Dr. Phil Taps wsRadio Talk Show to Help Moms

10/14/05 The OC Star Peter Gallagher to Launch Singing Career

10/14/05 Supermodel Iman Shares Beauty Secrets on America's Next Top Model

10/14/05 Late Night With Conan O'Brien to Host Neil Young as Week Long Musical Guest

10/13/05 Even More Allegations Nick Lachey is Cheating on Jessica Simpson

10/13/05 Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox to Team Up?

10/13/05 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Eye New York Estate

10/13/05 Unknown Singer Stars at Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's Wedding

10/13/05 Hank Azaria Finds Love With Rockstar: INXS Reject

10/13/05 Eva Longoria Wants Tony Parker in Show

10/13/05 Lost Star Maggie Grace Horrified by Josh Holloway Robbery

10/13/05 Lost Star Robbed at Gunpoint in Hawaii
10/13/05 Diane Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

10/13/05 Orlando Bloom Wants Promotion Deals

10/13/05 Jennifer Lopez: "I Love Big Butt Compliments"

10/13/05 Jenny Craig Denies Offering Spokesperson Position to Britney Spears

10/13/05 Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony to Perform at Dominican Republic Music Festival

10/13/05 Trading Spouses Season Premiere Preview Clips

10/13/05 Invasion Episode Preview for October 19th

10/13/05 Lost Episode Preview for October 19th

10/13/05 CBS Gives Full Season Order for Ghost Whisperer

10/13/05 Tom Petty to Receive The Century Award at the 2005 Billboard Music Awards

10/12/05 Eva Longoria Meets Tony Parker's Mother

10/12/05 Jessica Alba Wants to be a Bond Girl

10/12/05 Photographer Pleads Innocent Over Reese Witherspoon Incident

10/12/05 Madonna the Disciplinarian

10/12/05 Nicollette Sheridan Meets Up With Drug Runner Ex

10/12/05 Orlando Bloom Got Lucky in Silent Action Roles

10/12/05 Angelina Jolie Collects Beer Mats

10/12/05 Oprah Winfrey Eyes Kentucky Derby

10/12/05 Life is Not So Simple for Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Anymore

10/12/05 Picky Combs Gives Making the Band 3 Judges a Tough Task

10/12/05 A Close Race to the Pit Stop Fuels Rivalry on the Next "The Amazing Race"

10/12/05 "Blast Off to the Stars" - The Amazing Race Episode 3 Summary

10/12/05 Marty Casey & The Lovehammers Confirmed to Open INXS Tour
10/12/05 J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Wins Book of the Year Award

10/12/05 Ashlee Simpson's Single "Boyfriend" Moves Up the Charts

10/12/05 Commander in Chief October 18th Episode Preview

10/12/05 Penn & Teller to Star in NBC Magic Special Performed Completely Underwater

10/12/05 Fox Orders Full Seasons of "Bones" and "The War at Home"

10/12/05 Arrested Development Returns With a Full Hour Episode on November 7th

10/12/05 Jibjab Creators to Premiere "Big Box Mart" October 13th on The Tonight Show

10/12/05 Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear and Chris Noth Star in The Perfect Man DVD

10/12/05 CBS Announces Four Hour Event: Category 7: The End of the World

10/11/05 Lisa Marie Presley Announces Fall Club Tour

10/11/05 George Clooney Believes in Love at First Sight

10/11/05 Jodie Kidd: "Kate Moss Will Prove Herself Again"

10/11/05 Angelina Jolie Aids Ghanaian Youngsters

10/11/05 Steven Spielberg Looking Into the Future

10/11/05 Pamela Anderson's PETA Ads Return to China

10/11/05 Angelina Jolie Honored for Her Humanitarian Efforts

10/11/05 Bobby Brown Holds Out for More Cash

10/11/05 Keira Knightley Calls on Mother for Lap Dancing Lessons

10/11/05 Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Show a United Front

10/11/05 Ray Winstone Turned Down Role in The Sopranos

10/11/05 It's Wedding Bells for "Queer Eye" as Grooms Get Hitched in Wedding Episodes

10/11/05 "Suite" Dreams Greet Candidates on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

10/11/05 The Rolling Stones and "Days of Our Lives" Form Promotion Partnership

10/11/05 The Aryan Couple to be Release in Selected Markets November 18th

10/10/05 Keira Knightley Constantly Criticized

10/10/05 Keira Knightley Fears She's Past It

10/10/05 Keira Knightley Upset Her Bust is No Longer Being Painted In

10/10/05 Keira Knightley's Phobia of Movie Premieres

10/10/05 Eminem Fuels Retirement Rumors

10/10/05 Johnny Depp Confesses to Women's Clothing Fetish

10/10/05 Ashton Kutcher Prefers Husband to Boy Toy

10/10/05 Sienna Miller Dumped Jude Law Three Months Ago

10/10/05 Jennifer Lopez Soaks Her Stress Away

10/10/05 Lindsay Lohan Wants to Bring Her Family Back Together

10/10/05 The Vibe Awards on UPN Returns Tuesday, November 15th

10/10/05 Gabrielle Starts a Prison Riot on Desperate Housewives October 16th

10/10/05 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Goes Back to Camp October 16th

10/10/05 Quotables From Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update October 8th

10/10/05 Official Sponsors Announced for Project Runway

10/10/05 Bravo Announces New Season of Project Runway

10/10/05 From Kill Reality Comes The Supernatural Film "The Scorned"

10/10/05 Warner Brothers Records Announces "Rent" Soundtrack Release

10/9/05 Uma Thurman Still Struggling With Ethan Hawke Split

10/9/05 Jerry Hall: "My Kids Won't Let Me Marry Again

10/9/05 Kirsten Dunst: "No More Spiderman"

10/9/05 Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Forces With Brother

10/9/05 Brad Pitt and Edward Norton Team Up for Lewis and Clark Project

10/9/05 Megan Fox: Lindsay Lohan Used Me to Get Me Cigarettes

10/9/05 Kylie Minogue's Bra Sells in Cancer Charity Auction

10/9/05 Threshold Preview for October 14th

10/9/05 Lost Star Gets Into Trouble Over Odd Drivers License

10/9/05 Fantasia Barrino is Simon Cowell's Favorite

10/9/05 Ashlee Simpson Redeems Saturday Night Live Fiasco

10/8/05 The Sopranos Cook Up a New Book, Shut Up and Eat!

10/8/05 Ricardo Chavira Hopes Breast Cancer Efforts Will Help Latinas

10/8/05 Kirsten Dunst Not Keen on "Ugly" Josh Hartnett

10/8/05 Lindsay Lohan Happy Her Dad Isn't Upset About Video Portrayal

10/8/05 Elizabeth Hurley to Have Cancer Check Before Wedding

10/8/05 Oprah Winfrey Nabs Sex Offender

10/8/05 Elizabeth Hurley Set for Valentine's Wedding

10/8/05 Sienna Miller Cheats on Jude Law With Daniel Craig

10/8/05 Avril Lavigne Celebrates 21st Birthday

10/8/05 Bidding for Britney Spears Bra is Back On, Then Off Again

10/7/05 Heather Mills-McCartney Calls on Clooney, Pitt and Bloom for Fur War Video

10/7/05 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Fighting Cheating Reports

10/7/05 Lindsay Lohan Turns New Video Into Family Drama

10/7/05 Smelly bodies. Shrunken bellies. Switching bodies - Survivor Episode 4 Summary

10/7/05 A Crocodile Proof Pool is the Reward Next Week on Survivor: Guatemala

10/7/05 Fantasia Barrino Reveals Physical Abuse

10/7/05 Bravo Announces Online Poker Tournament for Celebrity Poker Showdown

10/7/05 Sandra Bullock Knew Jesse James Was Her Man After Car Crash

10/7/05 Eva Longoria Desperate to be a Housewife

10/7/05 Shannon Elizabeth Eyes Penelope Cruz' Boyfriend

10/7/05 Sensitive Orlando Bloom Pretends to be Girlfriend's Father

10/7/05 Nicollette Sheridan Promotes Underwear in Australia

10/7/05 Jennifer Lopez Returns to Dancing

10/7/05 Everybody Hates Chris Continues to Draw Strong Ratings

10/7/05 The West Wing Goes Live as Presidential Challenges Square Off in Debate

10/7/05 NBC Orders "Conviction" Legal Drama Series For Mid Season 2005-06

10/7/05 Anna Belknap Joins CSI: NY as a Series Regular

10/7/05 Bravo Announces Special "Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words"

10/7/05 Elizabethtown' Slated for Nationwide Release on October 14, 2005

10/6/05 Mary Stuart Masterson Reprises Her Role as Dr. Rebecca Hendrix

10/6/05 Sandra Bullock Recalls New York Mugging Horror

10/6/05 Danny Bonaduce Attempts Suicide on Breaking Bonaduce Show

10/6/05 Felicity Huffman Coached Jessica Alba on Acting

10/6/05 Producers Nervous to Approach Jennifer Aniston For The Break Up

10/6/05 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Confirm Pregnancy

10/6/05 Kathy Griffin Fighting For Marriage

10/6/05 Matthew Fox Defends Time Off

10/6/05 Tara Reid and Paris Hilton Are Not Close Friends

10/6/05 Cassandra Becomes the First Ever to Quit on America's Next Top Model

10/6/05 Nick Lazzarini is Crowned Winner of "So You Think You Can Dance"

10/6/05 Paris Latsis: "It Was Paris' Decision"

10/6/05 Jennifer Aniston: "Silence During Break Up With Brad Was Like Being Gagged"

10/6/05 Lost October 12 Episode Preview

10/6/05 Invasion October 12th Episode Preview

10/5/05 VH1 Announces "But Can They Sing"

10/5/05 Police Turn the Heat on Lindsay Lohan's Crash "Victim"

10/5/05 Orlando Bloom Shows His Generous Side on Oprah

10/5/05 Paris Hilton Goes Incognito

10/5/05 Police Rule That Paparazzi Had No Role In Lindsay Lohan Crash

10/5/05 Jennifer Aniston Reconciles With Mother

10/5/05 Ashton Kutcher to Produce Another Reality Show

10/5/05 Jessica Alba Cooked for Into the Blue Crew

10/5/05 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Pregnancy Reports

10/5/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Split Reports Resurface

10/5/05 Driver Involved in Collision With Lindsay Lohan Tells His Story

10/5/05 Lost Stars Unhappy With Network Treatment

10/5/05 UPN Orders a Full Season of Everybody Hates Chris

10/5/05 Candidates Connect the Generation This Week on The Apprentice

10/5/05 Eva Longoria Auctions Herself Off to Millionaire to Benefit Hurricane Relief

10/5/05 The smell of gunpowder and the dripping of sweat - TAR Episode 2 Summary 10/5/05

10/4/05 Lindsay Lohan in Hospital After Car Crash

10/4/05 Drunken Jessica Alba's Embarrassing Meeting With Ellen DeGeneres

10/4/05 Kelly Clarkson's Family OK's Painful Break Up Video

10/4/05 Jennifer Aniston Got Derailed by Julia Roberts Clive Owen Crush

10/4/05 Lindsay Lohan Caught Up in Another Car Smash in Beverly Hills

10/4/05 Tyra Banks Confronts Porn Doppelganger Tyra Banxxx

10/4/05 Sharon Stone Supports Kate Moss

10/4/05 Kylie Minogue is Coping Gracefully With Cancer Treatment

10/4/05 Keira Knightley's Acting Confidence Boosted by Judi Dench

10/4/05 NBC Picks Up My Name is Earl for Full Season

10/4/05 A Baby is Born & Wedding Bells Ring on the next The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

10/4/05 INXS to Launch 2006 World Tour in North America

10/4/05 Tara Reid: "I'm No Paris Hilton"

10/4/05 Several Teams Misinterpret a Clue & Confuse a Landmark on Tonight's The Amazing Race

10/4/05 Two Million Viewers Watch Spike TV's Ultimate Fight Night & Ultimate Fighter

10/4/05 Commander in Chief October 11th Episode Preview

10/3/05 Jessica Alba's Awkward Meeting With Eminem

10/3/05 Jessica Alba's See Through Dress Horror

10/3/05 Jennifer Lopez Bemoans Her Stomach

10/3/05 Jessica Alba Barely Knows Relatives Who Disowned Her Mother

10/3/05 Ellen DeGeneres Refuses to be Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher

10/3/05 Harry Potter Band Row

10/3/05 American Idol Star Constantine Maroulis Lands New TV Show

10/3/05 New Look INXS Go Live With Rooftop Show

10/3/05 Jennifer Lopez Keeps an Open Mind to Plastic Surgery

10/3/05 Britney Spears Auctions Belongings for Storm Victims

10/3/05 Commander in Chief Episode Preview for October 4th

10/3/05 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Gives Back to Charitable Man October 9th

10/3/05 NBC to Air Special Two-Hour Three Wishes Episode October 7th

10/3/05 Desperate Housewives October 9th Episode Preview

10/3/05 "Annnnnnd They're Off" - Amazing Race Episode 1 Summary

10/3/05 Dreamer Movie Companion Game Announced

10/2/05 Paul Walker Upset About Fast & The Furious Snub

10/2/05 Paris Hilton: "I'm Not Willing to Give Up My Career for Marriage"

10/2/05 Pamela Anderson Victorious in Restraining Order

10/2/05 Ralph Fiennes: "Harry Potter is Changing My Life"

10/2/05 Tara Reid Slams Unfair US Press

10/2/05 Beyonce Knowles: "Dad Never Manipulates Me"

10/2/05 Ozzy Osbourne's Gentle Side Amazed Wife Sharon

10/2/05 Justin Timberlake Being Headhunted to Play Johnny Rotten

10/2/05 Kylie Minogue Bra Raises Cash for Cancer Charity

10/2/05 Ashlee Simpson Gets Another Chance on Saturday Night Live

10/2/05 Threshold October 7th Episode Preview

10/2/05 Melinda Helps Save a Deceased Mans Fiancé on Ghost Whisperer October 7th

10/2/05 Ryan Cabrera Unveils Fall Tour Dates

10/1/05 Donald Trump Thinking About Another Child

10/1/05 Courteney Cox: "I'll Be There for Jennifer Aniston"

10/1/05 Marcia Cross Planning to Adopt Baby

10/1/05 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Home For Sale

10/1/05 Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis Split

10/1/05 Angelina Jolie: "Iraq Money is Diminishing AIDS Budget"

10/1/05 Pontiac Announces Survivor Search in the City Promotion

10/1/05 Nicollette Sheridan Takes Teri Hatcher Horseback Riding

10/1/05 Fantasia Barrino Reveals Abuse Trauma

10/1/05 Fantasia Barrino: "I Can Barely Read or Write"

10/1/05 Wildfires Force Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson Out of Homes



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