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10/31/06 Angelina Jolie Threatened With Cambodian Lawsuit

10/31/06 Flavor Flav Expecting Seventh Child

10/31/06 Kylie Minogue Confirms Comeback

10/31/06 Lindsay Lohan Dating Diana Ross Son?

10/31/06 Nicole Richie: "I Don't Have an Eating Disorder"

10/31/06 Anna Nicole Smith Back in Hospital With Lung Problems

10/31/06 Seven Drugs Found in Daniel Smith's System

10/31/06 Kylie Minogue: "Love Helped Me Beat Cancer"

10/31/06 Nicole Kidman Gathers Friends and Family for Support

10/31/06 Anna Nicole Smith Accused of Dyeing New Daughter's Hair

10/31/06 John Mayer Plans Continuum Tour - US Winter Dates Announced

10/31/06 Cast of Heroes Hosts Online Charity Auction

10/31/06 Madonna Speaks to Meredith Vieira About Recent Controversies

10/31/06 Il Divo Performs Tomorrow on Dancing With the Stars Results Show

10/31/06 The Team Investigates a Possible Stunt Accident Next Week on "CSI: Miami"

10/31/06 Kat & Ethan Hijack Blind Dates Next Week on "The Class"

10/31/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of "The New Adventures of Old Christine"

10/31/06 John Goodman Guest Stars Next Week on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

10/31/06 The Heroes Confront Unexpected News Next Week on "Heroes"

10/31/06 Alan Indulges an Unusual Fetish Next Week on "Two and a Half Men"

10/31/06 Michael is Determined to Reunite With Sarah Next Week on "Prison Break"

10/31/06 Clay Aiken Spices Up the Holidays on NBC's "Days of Our Lives"

10/30/06 Madonna: "I Wasn't Given Special Treatment"

10/30/06 Lionel Richie Amazed by Nicole's Paparazzi Following

10/30/06 Madonna Spotted David on TV

10/30/06 Oliver Stone Shooting Olympic Promo

10/30/06 Christina Aguilera Immortalized in Wax

10/30/06 Lionel Richie Glad to Hand Over Superstar Status to Nicole

10/30/06 Oliver Martinez Stopped Kylie Minogue From Feeling Like a Victim

10/30/06 Madonna Offered to Pay For Father to Raise David

10/30/06 Cambodian Aid Group Denies Stealing Angelina Jolie Donations

10/30/06 Banda Benefactor Speaks Out Over Madonna Adoption

10/30/06 Brad Pitt Files Trespassing Charges Against Journalists

10/30/06 Odds on Dancing With the Stars Final Four Announced

10/30/06 VH1 Announces New "Rags to Riches" Series

10/30/06 VH1 Announces New "Bridging the Gap" Series

10/30/06 VH1 Announces New Whitestarr Project Series

10/30/06 VH1 Announces New ego trips "White Rapper Show"

10/30/06 VH1 Announces New "Man Band" Series

10/30/06 VH1 Announces New Irv Gotti Project

10/30/06 All Star Lineup for NBC's 9th Annual "Christmas in Rockefeller Center"

10/30/06 Paris Hilton Stars as Sorority Queen in National Lampoon's Pledge This!

10/30/06 A Exorcism Leads to a Disappearance Next Week on "Without a Trace"

10/30/06 A Rave on a Subway Car Turns Daily on Wednesdays Episode of "CSI: NY"

10/30/06 An Entire Town Must be Profiled on the Next Episode of "Criminal Minds"

10/30/06 A Ghost Visits Melinda & Jim's Camping Trip Next Week on "Ghost Whisperer"

10/30/06 The Team is Sent to Intercept Smuggled Diamonds Tomorrow on "The Unit"

10/30/06 Preview for The Two Hour Premiere of "Medium" on NBC

10/30/06 A Hostage Crises on Wisteria Lane Next Week on Desperate Housewives

10/30/06 A 12 Year Old Heart Patient Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

10/30/06 The Walkers Must Sell Their Ranch House Next Week on "Brothers and Sisters"

10/30/06 Lorenzo is Put Through The Wringer Tonight on "The Bachelor"

10/30/06 A 1979 Murder Case is Reopened Next Week on "Cold Case"

10/29/06 Madonna Disgusted by "Racist" Reaction to Adoption

10/29/06 Brad Pitt Furious Over Vanity Fair Cover

10/29/06 Anna Nicole Smith Hospitalized in the Bahamas

10/29/06 Medium Actress Relied on Dating Intuition

10/29/06 Jennifer Aniston Recalls Home Piercing Horror

10/29/06 Eddie Izzard Quits 24 After One Day of Filming

10/29/06 Kevin Federline Regrets Timing of Relationship With Britney Spears

10/29/06 Madonna Teaching Baby David Kabbalah

10/29/06 Cindy Margolis Celebrates 40 With First Playboy Spread

10/29/06 Pamela Anderson: "No More Kids for Now"

10/29/06 Mariska Hargitay Returns to Law & Order: SVU October 31st

10/29/06 Donnie Osmond to Guest Star on ABC's "All My Children"

10/29/06 Cast of "Ugly Betty" Gives Bill Belichick a Fabulous Mode Makeover

10/29/06 Tempers Flare When One Team Helps Another Tonight on The Amazing Race

10/29/06 Conrad Cain is Arrested for Murder Next Week on "Kidnapped"

10/28/06 Madonna Boy Wanted by Another American Family

10/28/06 Paris Hilton Prefers Eating Over Sex

10/28/06 Christina Aguilera and Jack White Thrill Bill Clinton With Rolling Stones Show

10/28/06 Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Protect Themselves With Guns

10/28/06 Simon Cowell Bans Girlfriend From Talking

10/28/06 Marcia Cross Fights to Keep Naked Pictures Under Wraps

10/28/06 Oprah Winfrey Gives Audience $1,000 Debit Cards

10/28/06 TV Show Lands Painful Anna Nicole Smith Exclusive

10/28/06 Nicole Richie's Publicist Denies Weekend Collapse

10/28/06 Angelina Jolie Sets Up Organization to Oversee Conservation Work

10/28/06 Part 2 of Kahn/Robson/Wiessmeyer Next Week on "Trading Spouses"

10/28/06 Senator Collins Shifts Focus Back to the Investigation Next Week on "Vanished"

10/28/06 A Dad is Murdered During a School Function Next Week on "Close to Home"

10/28/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of 1 vs 100

10/28/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episodes of Deal or No Deal

10/27/06 Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn Reunited in London

10/27/06 Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to Wed at Mussolini's Home?

10/27/06 Kylie Minogue Turns Editor

10/27/06 Madonna Brings Baby David to America

10/27/06 Brad Pitt Loved Anonymity

10/27/06 Jewel to Host Nashville Star and be a Guest Judge on American Idol

10/27/06 "Lost" Stars Kept in the Dark

10/27/06 Make Me a Supermodel Presenter Sacked for Insulting Rachel Hunter

10/27/06 Jessica Simpson Turned Antiques Collector After Osbourne Chat

10/27/06 McFly Star: "I'll Take Lie Detector Test For Lindsay Lohan Doubters"

10/27/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episodes of "Dancing With the Stars"

10/27/06 Additional Performers Set for 2006 American Music Awards

10/27/06 Hugh Jackman and Kellie Pickler Among Next Weeks Guests on "The View"

10/27/06 William Shatner to Host "Show Me the Money" Premiering November 22nd

10/27/06 Preview for "House" on FOX November 1st

10/27/06 Preview for "Bones" on FOX November 1st

10/27/06 Vanished Preview Clips for October 27th

10/27/06 Trading Spouses Preview Clips for October 27th

10/27/06 Grissom Investigates Two Missing Boys Next Week on "CSI"

10/27/06 Sebastian Prosecutes a Sweatshop Fire Next Week on "Shark"

10/27/06 FOX Announces Season Premiere of The OC November 2nd

10/27/06 Michael Encourages the Staff to Celebrate Diwali Next Week on "The Office"

10/27/06 Roseanne Barr Guest Stars Next Week on "My Name is Earl"

10/27/06 Daniel Falls in Instant Lust With a Mysterious Beauty Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

10/27/06 Derek Receives a Surprise Visit From His Sister Next Week on "Grey's Anatomy"

10/27/06 Damian Proposes to Regina Next Week on ABC's "Six Degrees"

10/26/06 Nicole Richie Blasts Eating Disorder Rumors

10/26/06 Jessica Simpson Develops Her Photography Skills in London

10/26/06 Madonna Spends A Fortune on David's Winter Wardrobe

10/26/06 Brad Pitt's Career Dream for Maddox

10/26/06 Britney Spears Keeps Federline Up at Night

10/26/06 Christina Aguilera to Ring in 2007

10/26/06 Woman's Name Removed From Sara Evans Divorce Papers

10/26/06 Orlando Bloom's Tube Loves

10/26/06 Anna Nicole Smith Sued by Larry Birkhead

10/26/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Upset Indian Locals With Helicopter Landing

10/26/06 Kathy Najimy Joins the Cast of Numb3rs in a Recurring Role

10/26/06 The First Fifteen Days Are Revisited Tonight on Survivor Cook Islands

10/26/06 Gray Anderson Returns With a Horrific Report Next Week on "Jericho"

10/26/06 Red and Blue Teams are Disbanded Next Week on "The Biggest Loser"

10/26/06 Liz Keeps Jack From Taking Over the Writers Room Next Week on "30 Rock"

10/26/06 Franny Learns Lizzie is Pregnant Next Week on "The Nine"

10/26/06 Eko Confronts Ghosts From His Past Next Week on Lost

10/25/06 Shakira and Antionio De La Rua "Waiting to Wed"

10/25/06 Madonna Adoption Hearing Adjourned

10/25/06 Kylie Minogue Outfits to be Exhibited for Museum Show

10/25/06 Madonna Laughs Off Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt Adoption Advice Reports

10/25/06 Father: "I Will Not Oppose Madonna Adoption"

10/25/06 Oprah Winfrey Haunted by Auschwitz

10/25/06 Former Amazing Race Winner Receives "Serious Threats" Over Book

10/25/06 Ex-Fugitives Sue Prison Break Over "Copycat" Allegations

10/25/06 Journalists Fired for Trespassing on Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Property

10/25/06 Simon Cowell Rules Out "Ridiculous" Marriage

10/25/06 NBC Moves "Scrubs" and "30 Rock" to Thursdays Beginning November 30th

10/25/06 Liev Schreiber Joins "CSI" in a Recurring Role

10/25/06 Ruben Studdard Makes New Album "The Return" a Top 10 Chart Event

10/25/06 American Idol Finalist Brenna Gethers Joins Bomb Squad

10/25/06 American Idol's Elliott Yamin Helps Fans Raise Money For Diabetes Research

10/25/06 NBC's "The Biggest Loser" Teams Up With HydroWorx

10/25/06 Thomas Jane Joins Wife Patricia Arquette on "Medium" Show

10/25/06 TV Guide Channel to Re-Air FOX Drama "Standoff" in Special 4 Hour Marathon

10/25/06 Former Amazing Race Winner Reveals Gay Military Nightmare

10/25/06 The NCIS Team Investigates A Kidnapping Next Week on "NCIS"

10/25/06 Alan Shore One Again Defends Jerry Espenson Next Week on "Boston Legal"

10/25/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode on "Help Me Help You"

10/25/06 "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" to Air on ABC October 27th

10/24/06 Malawian President Supports Madonna

10/24/06 Madonna "Disappointed" at Media Controversy

10/24/06 Baby Shocker Rocks Gene Simmons

10/24/06 Lindsay Lohan Dreads Accent Being Compared to Dick Van Dyke

10/24/06 Madonna to Ask Rupert Everett to be Godfather?

10/24/06 Jennifer Aniston Takes to the Stage for Charity

10/24/06 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Confirm Italian Wedding Plans

10/24/06 Travis Barker Blames Celebrity Obsessed Shanna Moakler For Break Up

10/24/06 Sara Evans Divorce Court Date Set

10/24/06 Gordon Ramsay Pays Brothers Rent

10/24/06 America's Got Talent Winner Bianca Ryan to Release Debut Album November 14th

10/24/06 MTV and Interscope Records Team Up to Release Laguna Beach Soundtrack

10/24/06 A Prince Offers Advice to His Cousin the New TV Bachelor

10/24/06 "The OC" to Debut Online on MySpace and MyFoxLocal

10/24/06 Bravo Picks Up Second Season of "Work Out"

10/24/06 Martina McBride Performs Tomorrow Night on "Dancing With the Stars"

10/24/06 CBS to Air Special Episode of "Inturn" Online Reality Show November 24th

10/24/06 Saturday Night Live Presents "The Best of Darrell Hammond" November 4th

10/24/06 Saturday Night Live Weekend Update With Amy Poehler

10/24/06 Quotables From Late Night With Conan O'Brien

10/24/06 Late Night With Conan O'Brien to Broadcast in "Skelevision" on Halloween

10/24/06 Fox Announces Premiere of "The Rich List" November 1st

10/24/06 A Young Boy Risks a Life to Save a Life Next Week on "Standoff"

10/24/06 Michael Makes His Move on Mahone's Wife Next Week on "Prison Break"

10/24/06 Hiro and His Buddy Make Their Journey to New York Next Week on "Heroes"

10/24/06 Brian and Adam Make a Dating Bet Next Week on "What About Brian"

10/24/06 A Wiccan and Traditional Mom Switch Places Next Week on "Wife Swap"

10/23/06 Hotel and Bar Owners Ban Paris Hilton

10/23/06 Madonna: "David's Dad Knew What His Adoption Meant"

10/23/06 Jessica Simpson Scared of Dating

10/23/06 Nick Lachey Croons to Girlfriend at Atlanta Show

10/23/06 Project Runway Judge Nina Garcia Expecting

10/23/06 Elizabeth Hurley to Wed at Indian Palace in February

10/23/06 Brad Pitt: "Get Off My Land"

10/23/06 Horror Fans Want Paris Hilton to Die Onscreen

10/23/06 Metallica Star Pulls Out of Rock Star Supernova Group

10/23/06 Britney Spears Baby Gets a New Name

10/23/06 Taylor Hicks in the Studio With Producer Matt Serletic

10/23/06 Renowned Designer Todd Oldman to Host New Bravo Series "Top Design"

10/23/06 A Man Impacted by Katrina Goes Missing Next Week on "Without a Trace"

10/23/06 A 1958 Suicide is Discovered to Have Been a Murder Next Week on "Cold Case"

10/23/06 Family Secrets are Exposed Next Week on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters"

10/23/06 The Women are Shocked When Erica Returns Tonight on "The Bachelor"

10/23/06 Bree is Confronted With Orson's Hidden Past Next Week on Desperate Housewives

10/23/06 A Farmer is Helped Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

10/22/06 Nicole Richie Checks Into Treatment Center

10/22/06 Sara Evans and Craig Schelske Agree to Share Money

10/22/06 Sharon Osbourne Slams Madonna for "Buying" Baby

10/22/06 Madonna Blasts Media for "Terrorizing" Baby's Father

10/22/06 Ashlee Simpson the Face of Skechers

10/22/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Eye Washington DC Move

10/22/06 Former Prime Minister Urges Officials to Investigate Anna Nicole Smith

10/22/06 Gwyneth Paltrow Has High Praise for Ex-Fiancé Brad Pitt's New Film

10/22/06 Madonna's David Owes His Good Fortune to HIV Girl

10/22/06 Madonna Praises Her Kids for Welcoming Baby David

10/22/06 One Team Gets Lost in Kuwait Searching for a Clue Tonight on The Amazing Race

10/21/06 Aaron Carter Confesses Crush on Tyra Banks

10/21/06 Daniel Radcliffe Watches Out for Gold-Diggers

10/21/06 Madonna and Malawian Authorities Dismiss Father's Claims

10/21/06 Anna Nicole Smith Caught Up in Bahamian Property Scandal

10/21/06 Harry Potter Filming Disrupts London Commuters

10/21/06 Oprah Winfrey Fundraiser Plea

10/21/06 Madonna to Defend Herself on Oprah Winfrey Show

10/21/06 Fighting Talk After Anna Nicole Smith Ignores Deposition

10/21/06 Carter Brothers Fight Over Paris Hilton Dating Mix Up on "House of Carters"

10/21/06 Dog the Bounty Hunter Mexican Case on Hold

10/21/06 "Shark" Given Full Season Order From CBS

10/21/06 College Football Players Charged With Murder Next Week on "Close to Home"

10/21/06 Don & His Team Investigate a Murder at a Horse Track Next Week on Numb3rs

10/21/06 Preview for Next Week's Episodes of Deal or No Deal

10/21/06 Jim's Dreams Are Haunted by a Beautiful Ghost Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

10/21/06 An Avalanche is Triggered by an Earthquake Next Week on "Men in Trees"

10/20/06 Andre 3000 Takes Animated Voice Lessons From SpongeBob SquarePants

10/20/06 Daniel Radcliffe Explains Controversial Theatre Role

10/20/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Lover Slams Sister's Bombshell Book

10/20/06 Paris Hilton to Model in India

10/20/06 Father Claims Madonna Adoption Wasn't Adoption Wasn't Explained to Him

10/20/06 Odd Behavior Leaves Anna Nicole Smith's Funeral Director Baffled

10/20/06 Nick Carter: "Paris Hilton Stuffs Teddy With Cannabis"

10/20/06 Madonna Adoption Influenced by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

10/20/06 Anna Nicole Smith Blocks Ex-Boyfriend's Paternity Test Pleas

10/20/06 Sara Evans Husband Fires Back at Singer in Divorce Papers

10/20/06 Special Episode of "Friday Night Lights" to Air on NBC October 30th

10/20/06 Soapnet Will Encore Two Episodes of "Ugly Betty" Over the Next Two Saturdays

10/20/06 A Rebroadcast of the Premiere Episode of "Shark" Thursday October 26th

10/20/06 Damian Proposes to Regina Next Week on ABC's "Six Degrees"

10/20/06 Betty Deal With Her Share of Frightful Experiences Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

10/20/06 NBC Orders 10 Additional Episodes of 1 vs 100

10/19/06 Project Runway Judge Slams "Unhygienic" Britney Spears

10/19/06 Desperate Housewives Star Lands a New Car Courtesy of German Fan

10/19/06 Heidi Klum Breaks TV Network Records With Project Runway Finale

10/19/06 Madonna Adoption Case Taken to High Court by Human Rights Group

10/19/06 Paris Hilton Case Moved to New Court

10/19/06 Anna Nicole Smith Buries Her Son

10/19/06 Dancing With the Stars Keeps All Contestants

10/19/06 Sebelia Wins Project Runway

10/19/06 Sara Evans Nanny Passes Lie Detector Test

10/19/06 Sara Evans Scandal Boosts Dancing With the Stars Ratings

10/19/06 Princess Erica promises to shake up the house on the next Bachelor Rome

10/19/06 The Goo Goo Dolls Announce North American Tour

10/19/06 Justin Timberlake's 2007 World Tour Announced

10/19/06 FOX Announces 11th Season Premiere of "King of the Hill"

10/19/06 American Idol Contestant Patrick Hall Releases New Single October 31st

10/19/06 A Murder is Committed During an Investigation Next Week on "CSI:NY"

10/19/06 One Team Will Lose Their Trainer for 3 Days Next Week on "The Biggest Loser"

10/19/06 Both Tribes Must Vote Off a Member Tonight on Survivor: Cook Islands

10/19/06 Jack Plays Matchmaker for Liz Next Week on "30 Rock"

10/19/06 Lizzie Leads the Charge to Face Randall in Court Next Week on "The Nine"

10/19/06 Jack is Called On to Save One of "The Others" Next Week on "Lost"

10/19/06 Preview for Week Seven of "Dancing With the Stars"

10/19/06 An Electromagnetic Pulse Plunges the Town into Darkness Next Week on Jericho

10/18/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Sister Fumes About "Media Circus" Funeral

10/18/06 Lindsay Lohan Hates Advice From Strangers

10/18/06 Jaime Pressly Laughs Off Pregnancy Rumors

10/18/06 Lindsay Lohan to DJ for Tommy Hilfiger

10/18/06 Jessica Simpson Defends Father's Comments About Her Breasts

10/18/06 Kenny Chesney Hits Back at Sara Evans Affair Reports

10/18/06 Jamie Pressly Confirms Engagement

10/18/06 Sara Evans Pal Ready for Lie Detector Test

10/18/06 Sara Evans Stage Experience Carried Her Through Dancing With the Stars

10/18/06 Madonna Releases Adoption Statement

10/18/06 Knapp and Agent King Have Suspect on the Run on the Next "Kidnapped"

10/18/06 Preview for This Weeks Episode of 1 vs 100

10/18/06 Claire Confesses to Her Father on Next Monday's Episode of "Heroes"

10/18/06 Beltway Politics Put Jonas in Grave Danger Next Week on "The Unit"

10/18/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "How I Met Your Mother"

10/18/06 More Star Power Added to "The 40th Annual CMA Awards"

10/18/06 Extreme Makeover Returns to ABC Friday October 20th

10/18/06 Murder Trial Comes to a Dramatic Conclusion Next Week on "Boston Legal"

10/18/06 Bill's Competes for Sasha's Affection Next Week on ABC's "Help Me Help You"

10/17/06 Nicollette Sheridan Snubs Dog Food Meal

10/17/06 Lost Bidding War in UK Won by Sky One

10/17/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Sister Plans Bombshell Book

10/17/06 Sara Evans' Husband Hits Back at Allegations

10/17/06 Oprah Winfrey's Hawaiian Home Caught in Earthquake

10/17/06 Bahamian Police Visit Anna Nicole Smith's Home

10/17/06 Sara Evans Files Again to Stop Husband Withdrawing Cash

10/17/06 Sara Evans' Former Nanny Speaks Out About Affair Allegations

10/17/06 Howard K Stern Lashes Out at Anna Nicole Smith Mother's Murder Claims

10/17/06 Madonna "Orphan" Tot Arrives in Britain

10/17/06 Heidi Klum to Appear on Victoria's Secret Fashion Show December 5th on CBS

10/17/06 Ugly Betty Picked Up for a Full Season
10/17/06 Amazing Race and Survivor Cook Islands Finales Announced

10/17/06 Lionel Richie to Appear Tomorrow on Dancing With the Stars

10/17/06 ABC's "Brother's & Sisters" Picked Up for a Full Season

10/17/06 Salma Hayek to Appear on Multi Episode Story of Ugly Betty

10/17/06 A Baseball Obsessed Mom & Tattooed Punk Rock Mom Next Week on Wife Swap

10/17/06 Conan O'Brian Quotables

10/17/06 Deena Meets Suzanne Next Week on "What about Brian"

10/17/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "How I Met Your Mother"

10/16/06 Madonna Takes Advice From Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Over Adoption

10/16/06 Britney Spears Goes on Shopping Spree to Celebrate Weight Loss

10/16/06 Paris Hilton: "Lindsay Lohan and I are Good Pals"

10/16/06 Jessica Simpson's Decision to Leave Nick Lachey Made After Africa Trip

10/16/06 Desperate Housewives Desperate for Chocolates

10/16/06 Simon Cowell to Launch Line of Toiletries?

10/16/06 Constant Fighting Ended Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner's Relationship

10/16/06 Gordon Ramsay: "George Clooney and Brad Pitt Were Worst Celeb Diners"

10/16/06 Adopted Madonna "Orphan" Baby Flies Out of Malawi

10/16/06 Sara Evans to Speak Out About Her Reasons for Leaving Dancing With the Stars

10/16/06 The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XVII Slice and Dive Win Contest Announced

10/16/06 Bravo Launches News Ticker Experience With "Project Runway Sound Auf"

10/16/06 Bravo Launches "Top Recipe; The Wong Way to Cook" Webisodes

10/16/06 Preview Clips for Justice on FOX for October 23rd

10/16/06 Catch Up With "Heroes" Show Next Sunday on NBC

10/16/06 Lorenzo Gives A Bachelorette $2 Million in Diamonds Tonight on The Bachelor

10/16/06 Nora's Date is Marred by Surprises Next Week on "Brothers & Sisters"

10/16/06 Bree Discovers a Family Secret Next Week on Desperate Housewives

10/16/06 Parents Get a New Lease on Life Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

10/16/06 Preview for Friday's Episode 2 of 1 vs 100

10/15/06 Jennifer Aniston Hits Back at Boob Job Stories

10/15/06 Desperate Housewives Collect Style Honors

10/15/06 Kanye West: "Pamela Anderson and I Are Just Homies"

10/15/06 Mary-Kate Olsen Dating Uma Thurman's Nephew

10/15/06 Britney Spears Helps Sell Husband's Album

10/15/06 Jessica Simpson: "I am my Own Publicist Now"

10/15/06 Jennifer Aniston Gets Tough With New Guard Dog

10/15/06 Lost Star Hates Love Scenes

10/15/06 Preston: "Being a Big Brother Couple is Grotesque"

10/15/06 Nick Lachey Takes Swipe at Jessica Simpson

10/15/06 An American Princess Shares Thoughts on "The Bachelor"

10/15/06 Leopold Cain's Bodyguard Targeted Once Again Next Week on "Kidnapped"

10/15/06 A Crumbling Alliance & Fake Cell Phone Pranks Tonight on Amazing Race

10/14/06 Leonardo DiCaprio Announces E-Topia Reality Show

10/14/06 Brad Pitt: "American's Should Wise Up Over Africa"

10/14/06 Ray Winstone Laughs Off Angelina Jolie "Rift"

10/14/06 Dominic Monaghan Slams Wage Moaners

10/14/06 Oprah Winfrey Talks to Presidential Patron

10/14/06 Jennifer Aniston Moving Back to Beverly Hills

10/14/06 Paula Abdul Snubbed on eBay Auction

10/14/06 Banda Family's Concern Over Madonna Adoption

10/14/06 Jennifer Lopez's Steamy Scenes Upset Husband

10/14/06 David's Father Tells of Madonna Adoption Heartbreak

10/14/06 Melinda Meets a Confused Ghost Next Week on "Ghost Whisperer"

10/14/06 Marin's Sister Makes an Unexpected Visit to Elmo Next Week on "Men in Trees"

10/14/06 Freeway Shooting Leads to Investigation Next Week on Numb3rs

10/14/06 Preview for Next Week's Episodes of Deal or No Deal

10/13/06 Sara Evans Accuses Husband of Adultery and Abuse

10/13/06 Simon Cowell Ditches Pop for Choirs

10/13/06 Lionel Richie Threatens to Snub X-Factor

10/13/06 Madonna Adoption Raises Protests

10/13/06 Eva Longoria Proud to be a Texan

10/13/06 Richard Griffiths Tired of Harry Potter Fans

10/13/06 Diddy: "I Never Loved Jennifer Lopez"

10/13/06 David Arquette Slams Jennifer Aniston Break Up Rumors

10/13/06 Rod Stewart: "I've Known Paris Hilton Since She Was 14"

10/13/06 Angelina Jolie Wasn't in "Hit and Run Car"

10/13/06 Kirsten Dunst and Ruben Studdard to Appear Next Week on "The View"

10/13/06 Prison Break First Seven Episodes of Current Season Clips

10/13/06 CBS Gives Jericho a Full Season Order

10/13/06 NBC Announces Return of Medium on Wednesday November 15th

10/13/06 CBS Announces New Series "3 LBS" to Premiere November 14th

10/13/06 Bailey Treats a Young Mother With Cancer Next Week on "Grey's Anatomy"

10/13/06 Dwight Takes Ryan Out for His First Sales Call Next Week on "The Office"

10/13/06 Mae Prepares to Run Away Again Next Week on "Six Degrees"

10/13/06 Betty, Marc and Amanda Form a Friendship Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

10/13/06 Next Week on Dancing With the Stars

10/13/06 Sebastian Goes After a Star College Quarterback Next Week on "Shark"

10/13/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of My Name is Earl

10/12/06 Bono and Oprah Winfrey Shop for Africa

10/12/06 Reason Behind Sara Evans' Departure From Dancing With the Stars Revealed

10/12/06 Shanna Moakler Slams Paris Hilton's "Media Stunts"

10/12/06 Disney Denies Orlando Bloom Cull

10/12/06 Madonna's Adoption Plans Slammed by Politicians

10/12/06 Jennifer Aniston Tells Oprah Winfrey She Hasn't Split With Vince Vaughn

10/12/06 Rod Stewart Unimpressed With Paris Hilton's Singing

10/12/06 Pamela Anderson Wears Baywatch Costume to Turn Kid Rock On

10/12/06 Nicole Richie Rebounds With Romance

10/12/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Bahamian Attorney Quits

10/12/06 Chad Lowe Joins 24, Season Six to Premiere January 14th

10/12/06 MTV Announces Real World / Road Rules Challenge: The Duel

10/12/06 Preview for 30 Rock October 18th Episode

10/12/06 Kathryn Faces Her First Day Back in Court Next Week on "The Nine"

10/12/06 The Survivors of the Hatch Explosion Are Revealed Next Week on Lost

10/12/06 Residents Receive a Phone Call From Homeland Security Next Week on Jericho

10/12/06 The Team Profiles a Serial Rapist Next Week on "Criminal Minds"

10/12/06 The Kidnapping Suspect is on the Run on Next Weeks Episode of Kidnapped

10/12/06 The Teams are Locked Out of the Gym Next Week on The Biggest Loser

10/11/06 Reality Match: America's Got Talent Judge Finds Love With Project Runway Star

10/11/06 Gordon Ramsay Axed from UK Hell's Kitchen

10/11/06 Lindsay Lohan Set for Sabbatical

10/11/06 50 Cent Hits Out at Oprah Winfrey

10/11/06 Angelina Jolie Vehicle Knocks Down Teen Biker

10/11/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker "Working" at Relationship

10/11/06 Britney Spears Offered an Unlikely Helping Hand

10/11/06 Nicollette Sheridan to be Honored as an Animal Lover

10/11/06 Brad Pitt Produces New Film for Julia Roberts

10/11/06 Birth Certificate Names Howard K Stern as Father of Anna Nicole Smith's Baby

10/11/06 NBC Announces "Poker After Dark" Hosted by Shana Hiatt

10/11/06 The 2006 Billboard Music Awards Airs Live Monday December 4th on FOX

10/11/06 Rock Star Roger Daltrey Guest Stars on Upcoming Episode of CSI

10/11/06 One Tribe Visits the Other's Camp on the Next Survivor: Cook Islands

10/11/06 Women Rock the 2006 American Music Awards, November 21st on ABC

10/11/06 Bill Attempts to Woo Anne Back Next Week on ABC's "Help Me Help You"

10/11/06 Coho and His Team Go to Trial Next Week on "Boston Legal"

10/11/06 The Team Investigates A Body in a Vacant House Next Week on NCIS

10/10/06 Josh Holloway: "Lost Cast Worry About Being Killed Off"

10/10/06 Angelina Jolie Criticized by Black Rights Groups

10/10/06 David Bowie Lands SpongeBob SquarePants Role

10/10/06 Elizabeth Hurley's Son Wants to Fight the Paparazzi

10/10/06 Jennifer Aniston: "Comedy is Too Sexist"

10/10/06 Big Brother Rape Allegations Dropped

10/10/06 Paris Hilton Seeks Restraining Order Against Shanna Moakler

10/10/06 Oprah Winfrey Denies Heat Exhaustion

10/10/06 Daniel Smith's Grandmother Believes He Was Murdered

10/10/06 Police Question Doctor in Connection to Anna Nicole Smith's Death

10/10/06 Rod Stewart Performs on the Next "Dancing With the Stars Results Show"

10/10/06 William Shatner to Host New ABC Reality Game Show "Show Me the Money"

10/10/06 NBC Moves Remaining Kidnapped Episodes to Saturday

10/10/06 Big Brother 7 Contestant Will Kirby to Appear on "The Young and the Restless"

10/10/06 A Redneck Mom & a Status Conscious Mom Switch Next Week on Wife Swap

10/10/06 Weekend Update With Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers

10/10/06 Quotables from Late Night With Conan O'Brien

10/10/06 Brian Struggles With Feelings for Marjorie Next Week on "What About Brian"

10/10/06 A Politician's Murder is Investigated Next Week on CSI: Miami

10/10/06 Suresh Tracks Down a Genetically Advanced "Superman" Next Week on Heroes

10/10/06 NBC's Daytime Drama "Passions" Launches New Online Promotional Campaign

10/9/06 Lindsay Lohan Wants to Be Action Star

10/9/06 Angelina Jolie Slams Western Attitudes Towards Immigrants

10/9/06 Paris Hilton Taking Nicole Richie Reconciliation Slowly

10/9/06 Donald Trump Blasts Angelina Jolie for Voight Estrangement

10/9/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Donate to Pearl Foundation

10/9/06 Jessica Simpson Embarrassed by Dallas Snub

10/9/06 Nicole Richie "Ruined Family Name" On The Simple Life

10/9/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Rickshaw Drama

10/9/06 Bo Bice Hospitalized

10/9/06 Family and Friends Mourn Daniel Smith

10/9/06 Countdown With Keith Olbermann Quotables

10/9/06 Another Family Helped Next Week on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

10/9/06 Two Bachelorettes Hide in Prince Lorenzo Room Tonight on The Bachelor

10/9/06 Kitty Finds Herself Torn Between Two Men Next Week on "Brothers & Sisters"

10/9/06 Bree's Family is Anything But Perfect Next Week on "Desperate Housewives"

10/9/06 Lilly Reopens a 1982 Case Next Week on Cold Case

10/8/06 Paris Hilton Denies Handbag "Drugs" Stash

10/8/06 Rachel Bilson Relieves Car Crash Terror

10/8/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Thank India

10/8/06 Diddy Revisits Jennifer Lopez Heartbreak on New Album

10/8/06 TV Host Billy Bush to Blame for Eva Longoria's Fall

10/8/06 Lindsay Lohan Angers Australian Award Show Organizers

10/8/06 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Reconcile

10/8/06 Meat Loaf Joins Jenny McCarthy's "Paris Hilton Haunting" Fantasy

10/8/06 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to Star in 5th Season of The Simple Life

10/8/06 Paris Hilton's Handbag "Drug" Stash

10/8/06 Teams Navigate Difficult Vietnamese Terrain Tonight on The Amazing Race

10/7/06 Rachel Bilson Saves Body for Adam Brody

10/7/06 Lindsay Lohan: "Only My Mother Can Stop Me Partying"

10/7/06 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's Tempestuous Past

10/7/06 Dancing With the Stars Contestant Witnessed Niarchos "Attack" Moakler

10/7/06 Angelina Jolie Wants More Lesbian Scenes

10/7/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Bodyguard Attacks Photographer

10/7/06 Sharon Osbourne Hires First Love Onto The X Factor

10/7/06 Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly's Wedding Plans

10/7/06 Pirates Producers to Kill Off Orlando Bloom

10/7/06 Kylie Minogue Wants Kids

10/7/06 Don and His Team Investigate a Hit and Run Accident Next Week on Numb3rs

10/7/06 Melinda Encounters a Strange Ghost Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

10/7/06 Annabeth May Have Stumbled Upon a Serial Killer Next Week on Close to Home

10/7/06 Preview for Deal or No Deal October 9th-13th

10/6/06 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Disappointed by Film Relocation

10/6/06 Jessica Simpson Denies Dane Cook Romance Stories

10/6/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Tales of Ghost Whisperer's Haunted Set

10/6/06 Jonny Lee Miller: "I Remain Great Friends With Ex Wife Angelina Jolie"

10/6/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Enjoy Romantic Paris Rendezvous

10/6/06 Marcia Cross Confirms She is Pregnant With Twins

10/6/06 Rod Stewart Defends "Polite" Paris Hilton

10/6/06 Shakira Sweeps Awards at Mexican Music Ceremony

10/6/06 Oprah Winfrey Collapses From Heat Exhaustion

10/6/06 Eva Longoria Injured on Desperate Housewives Set

10/6/06 Heroes Given Full Season Order from NBC

10/6/06 Michael Forces the Staff Through Grief Counseling Next Week on "The Office"

10/6/06 Carlos & Mae Double Date With Damian Next Week on "Six Degrees"

10/6/06 Betty Lures a Big Time Photographer to Mode Next Week on "Ugly Betty"

10/6/06 A Surgical Intern Has a Medical Emergency Next Week on "Grey's Anatomy"

10/6/06 FOX Announces Post-Baseball Lineup

10/6/06 The Team Investigates a Spree of Tourist Attacks Next Week on CSI

10/6/06 Earl & Randy Return a Stolen Cat Next Week on My Name is Earl

10/6/06 Preview Clips for Nanny 911 October 6th

10/5/06 Jessica Simpson Keeps Journals Under Lock and Key With Friends

10/5/06 Simon Cowell Blasts Clay Aiken Over Pressure of Fame Comments

10/5/06 Anna Nicole Smith Staged Surprise Ceremony to Help With Grief

10/5/06 Jennifer Aniston Slams Split Report

10/5/06 Shanna Moakler: "I Did Not Punch Paris Hilton"

10/5/06 Brad Pitt Laughs Off David Beckham Story

10/5/06 Jennifer Lopez Sued by Jet Company

10/5/06 Shakira to Fund School With Homecoming Concert

10/5/06 Michael Clarke Duncan: "I Was So Excited About Kiefer I Lost Out on 24 Role"

10/5/06 Anna Nicole Smith Custody Battle Continued by Judge

10/5/06 Smokey Robinson Bares His Soul on NBC's "Day's of Our Lives"

10/5/06 Jerry Lewis to Guest Star on Law & Order: SVU October 10th

10/5/06 One Tribe Finds Itself Divided by Gender Tonight on Survivor: Cook Islands

10/5/06 The Hostages Try to Get Their Lives Back on Track Next Week on "The Nine"

10/5/06 Henry Offers Jack a Tempting Deal Next Week on "Lost"

10/5/06 Jake Finds a Stranger With Radiation Poisoning Next Week on "Jericho"

10/5/06 Serial Killer Uses Mythology to Carry Out His Crimes Next Week on CSY:NY

10/5/06 Leopold Cain's Bodyguard Targeted Next Week on NBC's "Kidnapped"

10/5/06 A Free Pass Competition Next Week on The Biggest Loser

10/4/06 Marc Anthony: "Jennifer Lopez is an Amazing Woman"

10/4/06 Travis Barker May Have Tumor

10/4/06 Watchdog: "Big Brother Broke Rules"

10/4/06 Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner Split

10/4/06 Mario Lopez Denies Dating Eva Longoria

10/4/06 Gordon Ramsay to Meet Secret Sister

10/4/06 Jennifer Aniston to Tread the Boards?

10/4/06 Brad Pitt Fears "He's Ruined" Namibia

10/4/06 Eva Longoria Flies to France to Reconcile With Tony Parker

10/4/06 Anna Nicole Smith to be Ordered to Return to the US?

10/4/06 Gena Rowlands Guest Stars on Numb3rs Friday October 6th

10/4/06 The OC Returns Thursday, November 2nd

10/4/06 "24" Sets the Clock for Season Six

10/4/06 Preview for Pilot Episode of 1 vs 100 to Air Friday October 13th on NBC

10/4/06 The Team Must Hunt Down and Stop a Terrorist Next Week on "The Unit"

10/4/06 Preview for Smith on CBS For Tuesday October 10th

10/4/06 Lost Season Three Premiere Tonight on ABC

10/3/06 Jessica Simpson's Strikes Up Friendship on Bad Hair Day

10/3/06 Brad Pitt Stunned by Dramatic Year

10/3/06 Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn Split

10/3/06 Evangeline Lilly's Hand Cream-Up-Nose Tip

10/3/06 Brad Pitt: "Angelina and I Will Adopt Three Kids Next Year"

10/3/06 Paula Abdul to be Honored by Ballet

10/3/06 Harry Potter "Promotes Witchcraft" Board Hears

10/3/06 Kylie Minogue to Make Surprise Appearance at ARIA's

10/3/06 Evangeline Lilly: "I Almost Died This Year"

10/3/06 Paris Hilton and Shanna Moakler File Charges Against Each Other

10/3/06 So You Think You Can Dance Finalist Sandra Colton Shines at CD Release Party

10/3/06 Miami Ink TV Commercial with Ivy Supersonic

10/3/06 Saturday Night Live Lands Top Talent For October

10/3/06 FOX Announces "FOX on Demand" Full Series Episodes on the Web

10/3/06 The Bachelor: Kissing Frogs, Hugging Trees; It's All Still a Fairy Tale

10/3/06 Bones Preview Clips for October 4th

10/3/06 Michael and Lincoln Go House Hunting Next Week on "Prison Break"

10/3/06 Nanny Deb Answers Neighbors Call to Help Unruly Kids Sunday on Nanny 911

10/3/06 Quotables From SNL Weekend Update With Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers

10/3/06 Viewer Voting Starts to Determines the "Hook Me Up Love" Connection

10/3/06 CBS to Air "The 29th Annual Kennedy Center Honors" December 3rd

10/3/06 Craig Ferguson to Broadcast Live From Miami for Super Bowl XLI

10/3/06 Conan O'Brien Quotables

10/3/06 Jerry Seinfeld to Appear in "Talk Show With Spike Feresten" October 21st

10/3/06 Eric Dane Joins the Cast of "Grey's Anatomy" This Season

10/3/06 A Boxing Mom and Competitive Eating Mom Switch Next Week on Wife Swap

10/3/06 Duncan and Yonk Bond Over Football and Video Games Next Week on "Class"

10/3/06 Heroes Continue to Test Their Newfound Abilities Next Week on Heroes

10/3/06 Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets to Air on ABC Network October 21st

10/3/06 Alicia Silverstone and Annabeth Gish Star on CBS's Candles on Bay Street

10/2/06 Photojournalist Launches Anna Nicole Smith Paternity Lawsuit

10/2/06 Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Seeing Each Other Again?

10/2/06 Anna Nicole Smith Lawsuit Alleges Drug Abuse

10/2/06 Carrie Underwood Fronts Literacy Campaign

10/2/06 Britney Spears Asks Annie Leibovitz to Snap Sutton Pierce

10/2/06 Paris Hilton Insists She's Single

10/2/06 ABBA to Join The X Factor

10/2/06 Britney Spears Violent Paparazzi Fantasy

10/2/06 Ashlee Simpson Slams Nick Carter's Cheating Claims

10/2/06 Daniel Smith Death Investigation Continues

10/2/06 Liza Minnelli Guest Stars on Law & Order: Criminal Intent

10/2/06 Survivor 13 Episode 3 - Cao Boi: You Should Have Stuck With Your First Instinct

10/2/06 Rock Star INXS Finalist Suzie McNeil to Release Album

10/2/06 What About Brian Season Two Premiere October 9th on ABC

10/2/06 The Walker Family Learns Williams Secret Next Week on "Brother & Sisters"

10/2/06 Bree's Honeymoon is Over Next Week on Desperate Housewives

10/2/06 Tornado Victims Home is Rebuilt Next Week on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

10/2/06 The Bachelor: Rome to Premiere Tonight on ABC

10/1/06 Mischa Barton Blasts Nicole Richie

10/1/06 Jennifer Lopez Dismisses Pregnancy Speculation - Again

10/1/06 Jennifer Lopez's Album Teaches Her About Mistakes

10/1/06 Kylie Minogue: "Writing Book Was Therapeutic"

10/1/06 Donald Trump Admires Brad Pitt's Marriage Stance

10/1/06 Nicollette Sheridan Denies Selling Out

10/1/06 Dennis Haysbert Refused to be Assassinated on "24"

10/1/06 Hawaiian Fans Get Special Lost Preview

10/1/06 Britney Spears: "I Love Being Naked"

10/1/06 Eva Longoria Dumped Tony Parker For Flirting

10/1/06 30 Rock to Premiere on NBC October 11th

10/1/06 Tempers Flare Between Two Teams on Tonight's Episode of The Amazing Race

10/1/06 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season Premiere Tonight

10/1/06 Preview for Kidnapped October 7th Episode



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