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10/31/08 Super Nanny: Super Nanny Tackles A Single Working Mom Tonight on ABC
10/31/08 Wife Swap: Rasta Mom Swaps With Money-Minded Mom Tonight On ABC
10/31/08 Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Hill Family This Weekend on ABC
10/31/08 Brothers & Sisters: Nora Launches A Preemptive Strike This Weekend on ABC
10/31/08 Ashley Olsen Will Steer Kids Away From Acting
10/31/08 Hayden Panettiere Praises Celebrity Politics
10/31/08 Amy Winehouse Drug Dealers Plead Guilty
10/31/08 Jordin Sparks' Prayers For Jennifer Hudson
10/31/08 Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Father's Death
10/31/08 Hudson Funerals To Take Place Next Week
10/31/08 Kellie Pickler's Python To Spice Up CMAS?
10/31/08 Paris Hilton: 'I'm Not Sick'
10/31/08 Jennifer Hudson Sets Up Foundation For Murder Victims' Families
10/31/08 Kellie Pickler Beat Depression With Lists, Friends, & New Love
10/31/08 Travis Barker's Ex Shopping For a Tour Bus
10/30/08 Another Top Dance Diagnosed With Endometriosis
10/30/08 Nicole Kidman Refuses To Show Off Her Baby
10/30/08 Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban Marriage Tested By Alcoholism
10/30/08 Beyonce Coy About Nervous Breakdown Comments
10/30/08 Kate Hudson 'Dating' Baron Davis
10/30/08 Mariah Carey 'Enjoying Married Life'
10/30/08 Gwen Stefani And Zuma's First Photo
10/30/08 David Beckham: 'Money Is Killing Sport'
10/30/08 American Idol Bosses Block Contestants Album
10/30/08 Angelina Jolie Humbled By Suffering In Afghanistan
10/30/08 Police Uncover Suspected Hudson Murder Weapon
10/30/08 Simon Cowell Gets Lifetime Achievement Award
10/30/08 Nick Jonas Swaps Fame Stories With Elvis Costello
10/30/08 Shakira To Lobby South American Leaders For Children's Health & Education
10/29/08 Cloris Leachman Has Las Laugh After Dance Show
10/29/08 Paris Hilton Splits From Manager
10/29/08 Carrie Underwood 'Dating Reality TV Doctor'
10/29/08 Victoria Beckham Strips For Armani
10/29/08 Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's Strict Rules For Fans
10/29/08 John Mayer Endorses Barack Obama For U.S. President
10/29/08 30 Rock: Do-Over Tomorrow On NBC
10/29/08 The Office: Love Always Gets In The Way Tomorrow on NBC
10/29/08 Lipstick Jungle: Scary, Scary Night! Tonight on NBC
10/29/08 Ugly Betty: Kimmie vs. Betty Heats Up Tomorrow On ABC
10/29/08 Private Practice: Election Season Comes To The Clinic Tonight On ABC
10/29/08 Grey's Anatomy: 'Life During' Wartime Tomorrow on ABC
10/29/08 Casting Call - Housecat Housecall
10/29/08 Therapy Show Casting Call
10/29/08 Miley Cyrus Fears Another Photo Leak
10/29/08 Did Hudson Killer Have An Accomplice?
10/29/08 Colin Farrell 'Pained' By Alexander Flop
10/29/08 Hudson Suspect 'Was Freed By Judge'
10/29/08 Amy Winehouse: 'I'm Fine'
10/29/08 Victoria Beckham To Run New York Marathon
10/29/08 Guy Ritchie Turns Down Madonna's First Divorce Office
10/29/08 Zac Efron Startled By Persistent Fans
10/29/08 Britney Spears Put Under Father's Permanent Conservatorship
10/29/08 Julianne Hough Told To Cover Up Health Scare
10/28/08 Project Runway Bosses File Counter-Suit
10/28/08 Lindsay Lohan's Mom Blasts Ugly Betty Feud Rumors
10/28/08 Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes, & Keira Knightley Lead British Film Awards
10/28/08 Coolio Uncovers Kids' Secret Lives On Reality Show
10/28/08 Beckhams Deny Rift Over Milan Move
10/28/08 Ashley Olsen: 'I'm Socially Awkward'
10/28/08 Jonas Brothers Land Second Movie
10/28/08 Police 'Raid Kate Hudson Party'
10/28/08 Dreamgirls Auditions Postponed
10/28/08 Hayden Panettiere Calls On Fans To Sign Whaling Petition
10/28/08 Fans Hold Vigil Outside Jennifer Hudson Home
10/28/08 Seal & Heidi Klum's Kids Get Celebrity Lessons
10/28/08 Hilary Swank Urges Women To Chop Off Their Hair
10/28/08 Drew Barrymore Directs With Hugs
10/28/08 Paula Abdul's Prayers For Jennifer Hudson
10/27/08 Zac Efron Left Speechless By Michael Jackson
10/27/08 Julianne Hough Suffering From Endometriosis, Needs Surgery
10/27/08 Body Found Is Jennifer Hudson's Nephew
10/27/08 Christina Aguilera Premieres New Music Video On Web
10/27/08 Ben Affleck Opens Up About Jennifer Lopez Split
10/27/08 Ashley Olsen Slams 'Scary' Paparazzi
10/27/08 The Biggest Loser: A Contestant Breaks Record At Weigh-In Tomorrow on NBC

10/27/08 My Own Worst Enemy: Hello, Henry Tonight on NBC
10/27/08 Heroes: "Eris Quod Sum" Tonight On NBC 10/27/08
10/27/08 Chuck: Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer Tonight on NBC 10/27/08
10/27/08 Eli Stone: Eli is Conflicted In Representing His Mentor Tomorrow on ABC
10/27/08 Heidi Klum's Reality Show Replaced By Former Network
10/27/08 Lindsay Lohan's Father Regrets Samantha Ronson Outburst
10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson Devastated After Body Is Found
10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Found Dead?
10/27/08 American Idol Pals Offer Support To Jennifer Hudson
10/27/08 Lindsay Lohan's Pal: 'Samantha Ronson Is Only Girl Lindsay Would Date'
10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson Offers $100,00 Reward For Nephew's Return
10/27/08 Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman 'Not Talking' After TV Spoof
10/27/08 Benji Madden: 'Paris and I Are Very Happy Together'
10/27/08 Amy Winehouse In Hospital For Chest Infection, Not Rehab
10/26/08 Jennifer Hudson 'Screaming' Down Phone After Hearing of Mom's Murder
10/26/08 Jennifer Hudson Thanks Fans For Support & Appeals For Return of Nephew
10/26/08 Jennifer Hudson's Sister Pleads For Return of Missing Son
10/26/08 Simon Cowell's Message of Sympathy for Jennifer Hudson
10/25/08 Beckham's To Make Lifestyle Film?
10/25/08 Hudson Murder Suspect Arrested, Star's Nephew Still Missing
10/25/08 Amy Winehouse In 'Arrest Threat' Over Police No-Show
10/25/08 Tom Cruise Roasts U.S. TV Host Matt Lauer
10/25/08 Angelina Jolie Returns From Afghanistan Visit
10/24/08 Oprah Winfrey Brushes Off Ambassador Reports
10/24/08 America's Toughest Jobs: Finale This Weekend on NBC
10/24/08 Deal Or No Deal: Minnesota Woman Tries For A Million Tonight On NBC
10/24/08 Wife Swap: A Cajun Woman Swaps With A Ballerina Tonight On ABC
10/24/08 Extreme Makeover Home: Helps A 10-Year-Old Leukemia Survivor On ABC
10/24/08 Desperate Housewives: Susan Throws A Surprise Party This Weekend on ABC
10/24/08 Angelina Jolie: 'I Am At Peace With Myself'
10/24/08 Carrie Underwood: 'There's No Jessica Simspon Feud'
10/24/08 George Clooney Tipped To Star In 'The Birds'
10/24/08 Vanessa Williams Defends Lindsay Lohan
10/24/08 Lily Allen's New Drug Song
10/24/08 Paris Hilton In Weird and Wonderful Photo Shoot
10/23/08 Heidi Klum Worried About Reality Show
10/23/08 Paris Hilton Fears Space Flight Will Be One-Way Ticket
10/23/08 Amy Winehouse Was Director's Favorite For Bond Theme
10/23/08 Beyonce Wants To Play A 'Superhero'
10/23/08 Brad Pitt Protests Firefighters' Tattoo Ban
10/23/08 Miley Cyrus Defends Relationship With Justin Gaston
10/23/08 Angelina Jolie Will Wed Brad Pitt For Their Kids
10/23/08 Britney Spears Mistrial 'Closes Troubled Chapter' In Her Life
10/23/08 Lindsay Lohan's Ugly Betty Embarrassment
10/23/08 Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen To Return To Work
10/23/08 Lindsay Lohan's Ugly Betty Role Cut Short
10/23/08 Britney Spears Was 'Too Fragile' To Face Court
10/23/08 Julianne Hough Recovering After Hospital Dash
10/23/08 Zac Efron Denies Pirates Of The Caribbean Rumor
10/23/08 Justin Timberlake Wants To Team Up With Leona Lewis
10/22/08 Jennifer Aniston 'Not Pregnant'
10/22/08 Reality TV Winner Tipped To Top Festive Pop Charts
10/22/08 The Office: Crime Aid Tomorrow On NBC
10/22/08 Lipstick Jungle: Chapter Eleven--The F Word Tonight on NBC
10/22/08 Deal Or No Deal: PA Man Plays In The Million Dollar Mission Tonight On NBC
10/22/08 Ugly Betty: Kimmie Asks Betty For Help Tomorrow on ABC
10/22/08 Private Practice: Addison and Kevin's Relationship Heats Up Tonight On ABC
10/22/08 Grey's Anatomy: "There's No I In Team" Tomorrow on ABC
10/22/08 Simon Cowell's X Factor Security Stepped Up
10/22/08 24's President Dennis Haysbert Is Top Fictional Leader
10/22/08 Dancing Star Julianne Hough Treated For Stomach Pains
10/22/08 Nick Boella 'Changed' After Prison Spell
10/22/08 Miley Cyrus' Alleged Hacker Raided
10/22/08 Britney Spears Birthday Bash On Breakfast TV
10/21/08 Paris Hilton: "I'm Not Cheating On Benji Madden"
10/21/08 Lindsay Lohan Sued Over DUI 'Carjacking'
10/21/08 Britney Spears Case A Mistrial, Charge Dropped
10/21/08 Britney Spears Comeback Sparks TV Row
10/21/08 Brooke Burke Suffers Dance Injury
10/21/08 Paris Hilton Eyes London Move
10/21/08 Jessica Simpson Emulates Brigitte Bardot For Perfume Ad
10/21/08 Simon Cowell Denies Retirement Plans
10/21/08 Cloris Leachman's Blood Pressure Tests
10/21/08 Colin Farrell Lived On Coffee, Coke and Tuna
10/21/08 Gwyneth Paltrow: 'I'm Here For Madonna If She Needs Me'
10/21/08 Madonna Spying On Guy Ritchie?
10/21/08 Zac Efron's Day Believe Stinky Rumors
10/21/08 Madonna: 'I'm Lonely'
10/20/08 Britney Spears Jury Deadlocked

10/20/08 Jordan Slams Split Reports
10/20/08 Eli Stone: Eli Is Drawn To The Woman In His Vision Tonight On ABC
10/20/08 Boston Legal: The Firm Takes The Armed Forces To Court Tonight On ABC
10/20/08 The Biggest Loser: Contestants Get Progress Report Tomorrow On NBC
10/20/08 Heroes: Dying Of The Light Tonight On NBC
10/20/08 Chuck: Chuck vs. The Cougars Tonight On NBC
10/20/08 No Settlement For Madonna & Guy Ritchie
10/20/08 Angelina Jolie Puts Kids Ahead Of Career
10/20/08 Madonna Devastated By 'Gold Digger' Guy Ritchie
10/20/08 Angelina Jolie Urges Politicians To Rethink Refugee Rules
10/18/08 Zac Efron Set For Double Birthday Celebration
10/18/08 Angelina Jolie: 'I Want To Be A Cool Mum'
10/18/08 The Beckhams To Talk To Police Over Theft Case
10/18/08 Madonna's Brother: 'Ritchie Is Jealous'
10/18/08 Madonna's Brother Blames Material Girl For Marriage Split
10/18/08 Britney Spears Trial Stalled Until Monday
10/18/08 Zac Efron To Star In Pirates Of The Caribbean 4?
10/18/08 Angelina Jolie: 'Brad Pitt & I Fell In Love On Mr. & Mrs. Smith'
10/17/08 Colin Farrell's Naked Dance For Salma Hayek
10/17/08 Brad Pitt To Star In 'Outer Space Odyssey'
10/17/08 Lindsay Lohan: 'Paparazzi Make Me Feel Like A Caged Animal'
10/17/08 Britney Spears Is Friends Again With Her Husband of 55 Hours
10/17/08 Kevin Bacon Gives Zac Efron Footloose Remake The Thumbs Up
10/17/08 Nicole Kidman Vows To Protect Children
10/17/08 Critics Battle Over Katie Holmes' Broadway Debut
10/17/08 Beyonce Knowles Donates To Hurricane Ike Victims
10/17/08 Madonna After Party Cut Short 
10/17/08 Miley Cyrus' Rep Blasts 'Sleepover' Claims
10/17/08 Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Helps The King Family This Weekend on ABC
10/17/08 Desperate Housewives: The Ladies Envy Bree's Success This Weekend on ABC
10/17/08 Brothers & Sisters: "Everything Must Go" This Weekend on ABC
10/17/08 George Clooney's Aunt Kept Him Clean
10/17/08 Katie Holmes' Broadway Debut Attracts Anti-Scientology Protests
10/17/08 Zac Efron Wants High School Musical Suit
10/17/08 Paris Hilton Hangs With Princes
10/17/08 Women Lawyers Go To Battle In Madonna/Guy Ritchie Divorce
10/17/08 Britney Spears Thanks Fans With Relaunched Site
10/17/08 Britney Spears' Dad Tells Court Of Plan To Return Home
10/17/08 Vanessa Hudgens Pranks Zac Efron With School Video Footage
10/17/08 Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's Parents File For Divorce
10/17/08 American Idol Contestant Nikki McKibbin Left 'Depressed' By Simon Cowell
10/17/08 Britney Spears Planning To Return To Louisiana
10/16/08 Hayden Panettiere Flirts With Lakers Star
10/16/08 Jennifer Aniston Makes It A Happy Birthday For 'Ex' John Mayer
10/16/08 Britney Spears All Set For Glamour?
10/16/08 Eminem To Have A Relapse
10/16/08  Britney Spears Jury Chosen
10/16/08 Angelina Jolie: 'Kids Like Moving' 
10/16/08 Renee Zellweger Denies Dating Uma Thurman's Ex
1016/08 Angelina Jolie's Tough Justice For Child Abusers
10/16/08 Gale Harold Suffers Brain Swelling After Crash
10/16/08 Tom Cruise Publicist: 'Tom Is Alive And Well'
10/16/08 Taylor Swift Lonely After Joe Jonas Split
10/16/08 Wife Swap: Maine Lobsterwoman Swaps Lives With California Princess Tomorrow on ABC
10/16/08 Angelina Jolie: 'We Don't Spoil Kids'
10/16/08 Angelina Jolie Plans Another Adoptio
10/16/08 The Show Must Go On For Madonna
10/15/08 Heidi Klum Goes Bavarian For New Got Milk? Ad
10/15/08 Paris Hilton Loves Guy Ritchie's Mayfair Pub
10/15/08 Hayden Panettiere Swears Off Against John McCain
10/15/08 Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse To Channel Gore For Quincy Jones Tribute Album
10/15/08 Miley Cyrus Creates Her Own Milkshake
10/15/08 Britney Spears Back On Top After Record-Breaking Sales Week
10/15/08 Students Protest Yale Stereotypes In Gossip Girl  
10/15/08 Baby Honor Will Join Jessica Alba At Work
10/15/08 Paris Hilton Dismisses Wedding Rumors

10/15/08 Robert DeNiro Signs TV Deal
10/15/08 Madonna and Guy Ritchie Face "Biggest Ever Showbiz Divorce" 
10/15/08 The Office: Baby Shower Tomorrow on NBC
10/15/08 Ugly Betty: Betty Tries To Make Amends Tonight On ABC

10/15 Grey's Anatomy: Brave New World Tonight on ABC
10/15/08 Madonna & Guy Ritchie Confirm Divorce
10/15/08 Madonna Lashes Out At Film Critics
10/15/08 Nick Cannon Struggles As Another Man Makes Love To Mariah Carey

10/15/08 Blake Lively's Dad OK After Car Smash

10/15/08 John Travolta Shoot Halted Over Vandalism 

10/15/08 Lindsay Lohan's Dad To Fight Computer Boss

10/15/08 Madonna & Guy Ritchie Divorce Statement 'Imminent'

10/15/08 Britney Spears Falls Back Into Robson's Routine 

10/15/08 Angelina Jolie Declares Love For America

10/15/08 Reese Witherspoon Praises 'Supportive' Jake Gyllenhaal

10/15/08 Jennifer Love Hewitt Jumps To Dancer's Defense Over Weighty Issue 

10/15/08 Deryck Whibley Slams Avril Lavigne Split Rumor

10/15/08 Victoria Beckham Joins Gordan Ramsay On TV Show

10/15/08 John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston Still Friends

10/14/08 Gwyneth Paltrow Supports Barack Obama In U.S. Election 
10/14/08 Jennifer Love Hewitt Plans For A Marathon
10/14/08 Lindsay Lohan To Work With Madonna
10/14/08 Britney Spears Signs Up With AEG 
10/14/08 Halle Berry Seeks Gabriel Aubry's Approval For Perfume 
10/14/08 Angelina Jolie Prefers Parental Company
10/14/08 Hayden Panetierre's Father Faces New Court Order
10/14/08 Pink: 'Exercise Keeps Me Smiling' 
10/14/08 Elton John: 'Lily Allen Fallout Was Nonsense'
10/14/08 Justin Timberlake To Host Benefit Show
10/14/08 Johnny Depp Crowned Sexiest Male
10/14/08 Third Arrest Over David and Victoria Beckham Theft
10/14/08 Angelina Jolie Gave Birth In Mum's Honor
10/14/08 Steven Spielberg Returns To Universal
10/14/08 Angelina Jolie Set For Return To Work
10/14/08 Alicia Keys Credits City Upbringing With Singing Success
10/14/08 Madonna Criticized for Gun Shoe
10/14/08 Miley Cyrus Unsure About Fourth Hannah Montana Season
10/14/08 Solange Knowles Defends Sister Beyonce Knowles
10/14/08 Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Rally For Obama

10/14/08 Jonas Brothers Land Thanksgiving Date

10/14/08 Thandie Newton Befriends Madonna At Kids' Ju-Jitsu Classes

10/14/08 Matthew McConaughey Opens Up His Home From Home

10/14/08 Emma Watson Gets Serious About American Studies

10/14/08 Blake Fielder-Civil's Mom Ignores Amy Winehouse To 'Focus' On Son's Release

10/14/08 Noel Gallagher Takes Aim At 'Talentless' Dannii Minogue

10/14/08 Report: Beckham Staff Arrested For Theft

10/14/08 Jonny Lee Miller Brands Katie Holmes' Eli Stone Slot 'Amazing'

10/14/08 Miley Cyrus Finishes Autobiography

10/14/08 Take That Won't Change Album Name For Britney Spears

10/14/08 Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley Put On United Front

10/14/08 Madonna Is A Perfectionist As A Director

10/14/08 Zac Efron Denies Equus Role

10/14/08 Mel Gibson Rules Out Lethal Weapon 5

10/14/08 Cameron Diaz Schooling Paul Sculfor

10/13/08 Tom Cruise Offers Vanessa Hudgens Career Advice
10/13/08 Michael Lohan Fight Night To Go Ahead
10/13/08 Tom Cruise Planning New Year In The Middle East?
10/13/08 Kenny Chesney Writes Song About Marriage Split
10/13/08 South Park's Steven Spielberg Parody Sparks Controversy At TV Network
10/13/08 Vanessa Paradis Laughs Off Tame Johnny Depp Suggestions

10/13/08 Harrison Ford Denies That Shia LaBeouf Will Take on Indiana Role
10/13/08 The Biggest Loser: Contestants Face Longest Challenge Ever

10/13/08 Heroes: Angels and Monsters

10/13/08 Chuck: Chuck Versus The Break Up Tonight on NBC
10/13/08 Eli Stone: Eli Fights For Jordan's Life Tomorrow on ABC
10/13/08 Boston Legal: Alan Is Hired by An Exes Husband Tonight on ABC
10/13/08 Simon Cowell's $36 Million Salary Sparks Controversy on U.S. Show
10/13/08 Vanessa Paradis Is Happy With Perfect Johnny Depp Romance
10/13/08 Colin Farrell Kicked Booze to Avoid 'Meltdown'
10/13/08 Sports Star Joins Jennifer Lopez Wedding Latest
10/13/08 Jessica Simpson Denies Engagement Rumors
10/13/08 Britney Spears' Steamy Sauna Scene

10/13/08 Barack Obama Would Be A 'Nice President' For Angelina Jolie's Kids

10/13/08 Vanessa Hudgens: 'I Was Attacked In London, Not Zac Efron'

10/13/08 George Clooney & Ewan McGregor Left Shaken After Quake Hits Set

10/13/08 Ashley Tisdale Left Shaken By Paparazzi Break-In

10/13/08 Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Renew Wedding Vows

10/13/08 Lindsay Lohan To Trick-Or-Treat As Sarah Palin

10/13/08 Miley Cyrus: 'I Don't Like Smiling'

10/13/08 Miley Cyrus Wants To Stay In U.K.

10/12/08 Angelina Jolie Knew She Was Destined To Adopt A Cambodian Boy

10/11/08 Kate Moss Back With Jamie Hince

10/11/08 Salma Hayek Delighted With 30 Rock Role

10/11/08 Christina Applegate Hid Cancer From Co-Stars

10/11/08 Daniel Radcliffe Misses Gran's Funeral After Heartbreaking Decision

10/11/08 First Residents Move Into Brad Pitt's New Housing

10/11/08 Angelina Jolie Loves Brad Pitt's Photography 

10/11/08 Angelina Jolie Topples Jennifer Aniston On Forbes' Celebrity Face List

10/11/08 Pink Regrets Nothing About Marriage Split 

10/10/08 Extreme Makeover Home: Rescues Teacher Of The Year This Week on ABC
10/10/08 Brothers and Sisters: Kevin Faces Prejudice This Week on ABC
10/10/08 Chuck: Chuck Versus The Seduction This Week On ABC

10/10/08 Nicole Richie's Homemade Baby Food

10/10/08 Giselle Bundchen Teams Up With Ex's Pal For New Video
10/10/08 Zac Efron Leaves High School Musical Behind For College Degree
10/10/08 Eva Mendes Dreamed Of Being Calvin Klein Model

10/10/08 Elizabeth Hurley Tops Red Carpet Poll
10/10/08 Ashley Tisdale: 'I Do Not Fancy Zac Efron'
10/10/08 Zac Efron: 'I Was A Geeky Schoolboy'
10/10/08 Leonardo DiCaprio Helps Home Tornado Victims
10/10/08 Jennifer Hudson Won't Limit Her Talent 
10/10/08 Reverend Run: '50 Cent and Kanye West Feud Was Faked' 
10/10/08 Lynne Spears' Hopes For Daughters
10/10/08 Zac Efron Seeks Career Advice
10/10/08 Pink: 'I Want A Man' 
10/10/08 Britney Spears Admits Past Regrets
10/10/08 Hugh Hefner Left Devastated After Split
10/10/08 Evangeline Lilly's Lost Audition Was A 'Psychological Exercise'
10/10/08 Kenny Ortega & Zac Efron To Re-Team For Footloose?
10/10/08 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: 'Twins Are A Challenge'

10/10/08 Lindsay Lohan Fears Court Deposition Will Be Leaked Online

10/10/08 Hilary Duff Joins Gay Respect Campaign 

10/9/08 Life: 'Not For Nothing' This Week On NBC
10/9/08 The Office: 'Business Ethics' Tonight On NBC
10/9/08 Wife Swap: 'The Beast' This Week On ABC
10/9/08 Ugly Betty: The Police Come Calling At Mode Tonight On ABC
10/9/08 Grey's Anatomy: Small Problem Becomes Big Problem Tonight On ABC
10/9/08 Eva Longoria To Judge Heidi Klum's Project Runway
10/9/08 Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynolds' Euro Honeymoon
10/9/08 Eva Mendes Hates Comparison To Jennifer Lopez
10/9/08 Zac Efron Attacked By Fan In London
10/9/08 Madonna Threatens Sarah Palin In Impromptu Song
10/9/08 Avril Lavigne And Whibley Split?
10/9/08 Charlize Theron Ordered To Court For Breaching Contract With Watchmaker
10/9/08 Angelina Jolie Captured Breastfeeding On Magazine Cover
10/9/08 Jennifer Lopez Sold Baby Photos To 'Set Them Up'
10/9/08 Beyonce Knowles 'Always Knew' She'd Marry Jay-Z
10/9/08 Lily Allen Questioned By Police Over Street Fight Pal
10/9/08 Kathy Griffin Brings Down Wall On Neighbors Building Plans
10/9/08 Paris Hilton: The Sitcom
10/9/08 Zac Efron Injured On High School Musical Set
10/9/08 Nicole Kidman's 'Deep' Love For Keith Urban
10/9/08 Scarlett Johansson Blasts 'Sexist' Media
10/9/08 Victoria Beckham: 'L.A. Forced Me Into Flip Flops'
10/9/08 Mischa Barton Criticizes Victoria Beckham's Style
10/9/08 Jude Law Caught 'Breaking The Law'
10/9/08 Britney Spears Involved In Another Car Crash
10/9/08 Ben Affleck Snubs 'Trendy' Baby Names
10/9/08 Jamie Lynn Spears Wants To Be A College Mother
10/9/08 Lounge Chair From Paris Hilton's 'Vote For Paris' Ad Up For Sale
10/9/08 Scarlett Johansson Gets Patriotic For Magazine Voting Push
10/9/08 Kellie Pickler Picks Up Pieces After Terrible 2007
10/8/08 Jamie Lynn Spears: 'I'm Still With Casey And We Plan To Marry'
10/8/08 Paris Hilton Shoots Another Political Spoof With President Martin Sheen
10/8/08 Jason Priestley To Direct 90210 Episode
10/8/08 Ex Warns Jennifer Hudson About Fiancé
10/8/08 Britney Spears Lawyer: 'Britney' No Criminal'
10/8/08 Russell Crowe Wants More Kids
10/8/08 Johnny Depp Scoops Biggest Ever Up-Front Payout For Pirates 4
10/8/08 John Mayer The Marine
10/8/08 Vanessa Hudgens Sobbed Over High School Musical

10/8/08 Ashley Tisdale: 'Guys Are Jealous Of Zac Efron'
10/8/08 Tabloid Report: Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant Again
10/8/08 Lily Allen Has U.S. Visa Reinstated
10/8/08 Jennifer Lopez Denies Nervous Breakdown
10/8/08 Britney Spears Can't Get Out Of New Court Date 

10/8/08 Britney Spears Boasts Sexy New Looks In Womanizer Video

10/8/08 Hannah Montana Co-Creator Sues Disney Chiefs For A Cut Of Profits

10/8/08 Australian Idol Star 'Didn't Kill Himself'

10/8/08 Jennifer Lopez: 'I Will Send Twins To Scientology School'

10/8/08 Pink: 'I Have Never Dated'

10/8/08 Kirsten Dunst Writes Musical

10/8/08 Cameron Diaz: 'I'm A Spoiled Brat'

10/8/08 Linkin Park Cancel China Tour

10/8/08 Kanye West 'Embodies' American Psycho Bateman For New Promo

10/8/08 Jennifer Lopez's Doctor Fear

10/8/08 Misty May-Treanor Has Surgery For Dance Injury

10/8/08 Zac Efron: 'My Co-Stars Are Family'

10/8/08 Ashley Tisdale's Shyness Around Fans

10/7/08 Private Practice: "Equal And Opposite" This Week On ABC
10/7/08 Lipstick Jungle: "Chapter Ten: Let It Be" This Week On NBC
10/7/08 The Biggest Loser: Family Teams Face Toughest Challenge Yet Tonight On NBC
10/7/08 Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Plan More Kids
10/7/08 Kate Winslet Denies Westwood Role
10/7/08 Eminem Named 'Best Rapper Alive'
10/7/08 Representative Says Amy Winehouse Doing 'Fine'
10/7/08 Avril Lavigne Honored In China
10/7/08 Billy Ray Cyrus Gives Miley Cyrus's 'Boyfriend' The Thumbs Up
10/7/08 Leonardo DiCaprio's Climate Change Plea To Senators
10/7/08 Russell Crowe/Leonardo DiCaprio Co-Star Fears Exile From Iran
10/7/08 Angelina Jolie's Mother Inspired Changeling Role
10/7/08 Reese Witherspoon And Jake Gyllenhaal Looking For London Home
10/7/08 Amy Winehouse Is Not Bad Influence On Goddaughter Says Mom
10/7/08 Mom's Anguish Over 'Frail And Thin' Amy Winehouse
10/7/08 Kanye West Request Privacy From Paparazzi

10/7/08 Keira Knightley: 'Reviews Depress Me'

10/7/08 Zac Efron Struggled With Dance Scenes 

10/7/08 Angelina Jolie: 'I Live With My Favorite People In The World'

10/7/08 Miley Cyrus Angers Locals With Sweet Sixteen Disney Party

10/7/08 Madonna Bans Sarah Palin From Shows

10/7/08 Hugh Hefner & Holly Madison Split

10/7/08 Ortega Tried To Keep Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Apart

10/7/08 Louis Walsh Predicts Sharon Osbourne's TV Comeback

10/7/08 Vanessa Hudgens Buys Her First Home

10/7/08 American Idol Teen Paris Bennett Is A Mom 

10/7/08 Drew Barrymore Backs 'Gay Friendly' Obama 

10/7/08 Hugh Jackman Stuns Nicole Kidman With Buff Body And Horse Skills

10/7/08 Beyonce: 'Jay-Z And I Are For Real'

10/7/08 Shakira: 'Vote For Obama' 
10/6/08 Another Dancing Injury As Shannon Elizabeth's Boyfriend Blacks Out
10/6/08 Nicole Kidman Has 'No Regrets' About Tom Cruise Marriage
10/6/08 Miley Cyrus' Credit Card Is Grounded After She Overspends

10/6/08 Tom Cruise Comes To Aid Of Fallen Paparazzo
10/6/08 Daniel Radcliffe Mourns Death Of Grandma
10/6/08 Matt Damon Is Surprise Runner In Miami Triathlon
10/6/08 Beyonce Knowles Honored By Children's Hospital
10/6/08 Miley Cyrus Celebrates Sweet Sixteen At Disney

10/6/08 Britney Spears For Broadway?
10/6/08 Wyclef Praises Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie's Parenting Skills
10/6/08 Victoria Beckham: 'Spice Girls Tour Gave Me Confidence'
10/6/08 Australian Idol Dies In Hotel Plunge
10/6/08 Christina Aguilera Refuses To Give Up Raunchy Routines
10/6/08 American Idol Lakisha Jones Weds
10/6/08 Steven Spielberg Leaves Paramount

10/6/08 Oprah Winfrey Sued For Defamation

10/6/08 Angelina Jolie Almost Snubbed Changeling Role

10/6/08 Angelina Jolie: 'Clint Eastwood Is A Gent'
10/5/08 J.K. Rowling Is World's Richest Author

10/5/08 Angelina Jolie Shows Off Post-Pregnancy Figure Premiere
10/5/08 Amy Winehouse's Husband Has Early Release Bid Rejected
10/4/08 Britney Spears Caught Up In Womanizer Hoax

10/4/08 Salma Hayek Laughs Off 'Lesbian' Confusion

10/4/08 Kate Winslet To Star In Vivienne Westwood Biopic 

10/4/08 Elizabeth Hurley Flashes Underwear At Charity Event

10/4/08 Q-Tip Congratulates New Mum Nicole Kidman 

10/4/08 Elizabeth Hurley To Launch Food Brand

10/4/08 Kirsten Dunst Has Turned Her Life Around After Rehab Stint

10/4/08 Helio Castroneves Weeps As He Pleads Not Guilty To Tax Evasion

10/3/08 Eva Mendes Slams 'Prudish' America
10/3/08 Victoria Beckham Is 'Proud' Of Pal Katie Holmes
10/3/08 Beyonce Knowles' Song Overload
10/3/08 Lil Jon: 'Britney Spears Album Will Be Huge'
10/3/08 Cameron Diaz Nearly Turned Down Mary Role
10/3/08 Russell Crowe's Doubts Over Weighty Role
10/3/08 Jessica Alba & Hayden Panettiere Team Up For Spoof Video
10/3/08 Britney Spears to Release Workout Video?
10/3/08 Sienna Miller Saved Drowning Photographer
10/3/08 Russell Crowe's Fears For Leonardo DiCaprio
10/3/08 Amy Winehouse 'Makes Up With Mark Ronson'
10/3/08 Leonardo DiCaprio Debuts Voting PSA
10/3/08 Salma Hayek Leads Tetanus Campaign
10/3/08 Hindu Scholars Call For Natalie Portman Apology
10/3/08 Kanye West Comedy Show Stalled
10/2/08 Cameron Diaz Pays Tribute To Dad At Movie Screening
10/2/08 Madonna's Tour Has Already Grossed $120 Million
10/2/08 Britney Spears Minder Accused of Roughing Up Snapper
10/2/08 Desperate Housewives: Gaby Attempts To Salvage What's Left Of Her Social Clout This Week on ABC
10/2/08 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The Jonas Brothers Make An Appearance This Week ABC
10/2/08 Ugly Betty: Wilhelmina Tries To Poach Betty As Her Assistant Tonight On ABC
10/2/08 Chuck: Chuck Versus The First Date This Week On NBC
10/2/08 America's Toughest Jobs: High Above Tonight On NBC
10/2/08 Single Natalie Portman Sells Up
10/2/08 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Clan Arrives In New York City
10/2/08 Jay-Z Wants A Family With Beyonce Knowles 'Someday'
10/2/08 Ghalib Calls On Radio Help Over Sex Tape Story
10/2/08 Pamela Anderson Urges Cate Blanchett To Snub Armani
10/2/08 Jennifer Aniston Hits Back At Love Life Publicity Allegations
10/2/08 Heidi Klum Cleared Of 'Poaching' Project Runway Idea
10/2/08 Britney Spears' Praise For New York School

10/2/08 Jenny McCarthy Upset About John McCain Snub

10/2/08 Injured Shia LaBeouf Impresses Troops With His Courage

10/2/08 Khloe Kardashian Handed DUI Sentence Extension

10/2/08 Boy George Urges 'Amazing' Amy Winehouse To Get Well

10/2/08 David Archuleta Returns To Small Screen

10/2/08 William Petersen Hints About CSI Movie 

10/2/08 Alli Sims Blocked From Contacting Britney Spears

10/2/08 Double Award Win For Kylie Minogue and Coldplay 

10/2/08 90210 Dropped By Australian Network

10/2/08 Gambon's Royal Joke On Johnny Depp

10/1/08 Virginity Comments Leaves Leonardo DiCaprio Blushing
10/1/08 Tom Cruise Pays Essay Tribute To 'Idol' Paul Newman
10/1/08 Britney Spears Visits Closed School
10/1/08 Gwyneth Paltrow Sells Clothes For Charity
10/1/08 Kirsten Dunst's Teeth 'Weren't Photoshopped' For Magazine Cover
10/1/08 Shia LaBeouf Hurt In Transformers 2 Set Accident
10/1/08 Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynolds' Wilderness Wedding
10/1/08 Britney's Ex: 'There Is No Sex Tape'
10/1/08 Demi Lovato Happy Miley Cyrus Knows Her Name
10/1/08 Kylie Minogue Inspires Paris Hilton's New Sound 
10/1/08 Paris Hilton Rethinks Travel Plans After Pal DJ AM's Plane Crash 
10/1/08 Usher Confirms Lingerie Line
10/1/08 Eager Fans Force Britney Spears To Flee Shopping Spree
10/1/08 Jealous Jonas Fans Target Demi Lovato
10/1/08 Peter Andre & Katie Price Marriage In Big Trouble?
10/1/08 Tom Hanks Remembers 'Extraordinary' Paul Newman
10/1/08 Oprah Winfrey's Mother Sues Store Over Unpaid Bill
10/1/08 Jenny McCarthy Installs Autism Pole For Son's Playroom
10/1/08 Bret Michaels Suspends Reality Show After Crash
10/1/08 Kiefer Sutherland: '24 Movie Is Years Away'
10/1/08 George Clooney Has 'No Regrets' Over Batman
10/1/08 Daniel Radcliffe Brands Male Co-Star 'Gorgeous'
10/1/08 Leonardo DiCaprio's Marriage Plans

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