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9/30/05 Carmen Electra Accepts Her Stomach

9/30/05 Pamela Anderson Sets Low Expectation

9/30/05 Jessica Simpson Felt Guilt Over Large Breasts

9/30/05 The Tribes are Switched Around Next Week on Survivor: Guatemala

9/30/05 "Paint, feathers, and elbows" - Survivor Summary for September 29

9/30/05 Arrested Development Preview Clips for October 3rd

9/30/05 The 4400 Will Return

9/30/05 Michael Vartan to Guest Star on "Kitchen Confidential"

9/30/05 Desperate Housewife to Face Sickening Revenge

9/30/05 Friends Star to Join the Desperate Housewives?

9/30/05 Tara Reid Close to Breaking Point

9/30/05 Robert Carlyle Hates Harry Potter

9/30/05 Jessica Alba High During Filming Into the Blue

9/30/05 Cris Judd: "Jennifer Lopez is No Diva"

9/30/05 Angelina Jolie's Aids Fear for Daughter

9/30/05 Hilary Duff Partners With Elizabeth Arden

9/29/05 Men are From Mars Author: "Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Were Doomed"

9/29/05 Danny Bonaduce Sues Radio Host For Slander

9/29/05 Paris Hilton Cleared of Marijuana Allegations

9/29/05 Elizabeth Hurley's Beau Close to Finalizing Divorce

9/29/05 Kelly Clarkson Lands the Feud She Wished For

9/29/05 Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet to Play Lonely Hearts

9/29/05 Pregnant Jennifer Garner to Show Off Her Curves in Alias

9/29/05 Cris Judd: "Jennifer Lopez is the Love of My Life"

9/29/05 Renee Zellweger to Play Beatrix Potter

9/29/05 Paris Hilton: "Paparazzi and Stalkers Terrify Me"

9/29/05 Ebony Eliminated From America's Next Top Model

9/29/05 Blake McGrath & Kamilah Barrett Eliminated On "So You Think You Can Dance"

9/29/05 Invasion October 5 Episode Preview

9/29/05 Lost October 5 Episode Preview

9/29/05 Production Set to Begin on "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift"

9/29/05 A History of Violence In Select Theatres September 30

9/28/05 Renee Zellweger Praises Co-Stars

9/28/05 Ozzy Osbourne: My Marriage Was Violent

9/28/05 Rhino Linings Teams Up With MGM & Columbia Pictures "Into the Blue"

9/28/05 Desperate Housewives Stars Build Houses for Charity

9/28/05 Paris Hilton Encourages Her Fans to Write

9/28/05 Desperate Denton Urges Women Not to Ignore Cancer Signs

9/28/05 Jon Voight: "Angelina Jolie Is Like the Pope"

9/28/05 Ashton Kutcher's Brother Upset About Missing Wedding

9/28/05 Hilary Duff Urges Fans to Get Fit

9/28/05 Jennifer Lopez Saves All of Her Shoes

9/28/05 ABC Announces Confessions of a Desperate Housewife Contest

9/28/05 Phil Keoghan of "The Amazing Race" Hosts CBS "Eye on American" in October

9/28/05 Lamborghini Drives Next Whirlwind Episode of The Apprentice

9/28/05 The Apprentice's Russian Stripper Exposed

9/28/05 Anne Heche and Tate Donovan Star in "Silver Bells"

9/27/05 National Geographic to Release Companion Book to March of the Penguins

9/27/05 Lindsay Lohan Bares All for Vanity Fair

9/27/05 Renee Zellweger's Heartbreak

9/27/05 Jennifer Aniston Seeks Solace in Gandhi

9/27/05 Clay Aiken Once Had a Pet Goat

9/27/05 Charlotte Church Slams "Nasty, Rude" Christina Aguilera

9/27/05 Jury Service Almost Wrecked Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore Wedding

9/27/05 Jessica Simpson Unveils Another Sweet Creation

9/27/05 Top Court to Hear Anna Nicole Smith's Appeal

9/27/05 Martha Stewart Passionate and Appalled at Next Conference Room Meeting

9/27/05 The Secret Behind Heidi Klum's Rapid Recovery

9/27/05 Kate Moss Offered Gambling Contract

9/27/05 Win a Date With Eva Longoria

9/27/05 The Amazing Race Launches With Outcome Possibly Leaked

9/27/05 Invasion September 28th Episode Preview

9/27/05 Lost September 28 Episode Preview

9/27/05 Desperate Housewives October 2nd Episode Preview

9/27/05 Reality TV Gets Its Own Convention

9/26/05 Kathy Griffin Files for Divorce

9/26/05 Gene Simmons: "I'm Deluded"

9/26/05 Shirley MacLaine and Shirley Temple Join the Anti - Paris Hilton Brigade

9/26/05 Ozzy Osbourne Cheated on Sharon With Nanny

9/26/05 Lost Star Almost Ditched Acting

9/26/05 Jessica Alba Gets a Credit Card Limit

9/26/05 The Skeleton Key to be Released on DVD November 15th

9/26/05 Nicole Kidman Signs Up to Be a Headhunter

9/26/05 Pamela Anderson Files Restraining Order

9/26/05 Bo Bice is a Dad

9/26/05 Gretchen Wilson Slams Paris Hilton

9/26/05 UPN and Google to Offer Streaming Video of Everybody Hates Chris Premiere

9/26/05 Quotables For NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien

9/26/05 Lost Season Premiere to Run Again September 28 Before Episode 2

9/25/05 Jessica Alba to Launch All-Action Video Game

9/25/05 Jennifer Lopez's Perfume Smells Like a Baby's Head

9/25/05 Oprah Winfrey to Produce Broadway Musical

9/25/05 Renee Zellweger Comforted by Damien Rice

9/25/05 Sharon Osbourne Terrified of Cancer Returning

9/25/05 Josh Holloway Created Lost Heartthrob

9/25/05 Jack Osbourne Hates Fan Attention

9/25/05 Gene Simmons Making Second Season of Rock School "For the Money"

9/25/05 Doctor Exposes Lost Star's Skin Problems

9/25/05 Ozzy Osbourne Became Faithful After Faulty Aids Test

9/24/05 Desperate Housewives Star Records Her Voice From Tennessee

9/24/05 Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Wed

9/24/05 Jennifer Lopez Fired Manager Who Told Her to Look Like Heather Locklear

9/24/05 Halle Berry Lusts After George Clooney

9/24/05 Teri Hatcher's Tan Causes Desperate Problems

9/24/05 Seinfeld Star Wins Dancing With the Stars Dance Off

9/24/05 Jack Osbourne: "Mum Sharon Has the X-Factor"

9/24/05 Teri Hatcher's TV Guilt

9/24/05 Desperate James Denton Moves Home

9/24/05 Marcia Cross Looking Forward to Permanent Bed Partner

9/23/05 Sportsbook.com Halts Wagering on CBS' The Amazing Race, Again

9/23/05 Everybody Hates Chris Rocks the Competition

9/23/05 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Attend Bill Clinton Dinner

9/23/05 Shirley Manson Slams INXS for Reality Show

9/23/05 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Announces Upcoming Celebrity Edition

9/23/05 Not a food fight, but a mud fight...... Survivor Guatemala Summary for September 22

9/23/05 Lindsay Lohan "I Was Too Thin"

9/23/05 Melinda Helps a Young Boy Console His Parents on Ghost Whisperer Sept 30th

9/23/05 Everybody Hates Chris Rocks the Competition

9/23/05 The Castaways Take on Crocodile Infested Waters on Survivor, September 29th

9/23/05 Ellen DeGeneres Forces Off James Denton's Jeans

9/23/05 Chris Rock Gets Apology From Old Teacher

9/23/05 Paris Latsis' Dad Reveals Paris Hilton Rift

9/23/05 Heidi Klum and Jenny McCarthy Give Britney Spears Slimming Advice

9/23/05 George Clooney: "I'm Not Hosting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Wedding"

9/23/05 Paula Abdul Wins Bet With Simon Cowell After Emmy Loss

9/23/05 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to be Simple Wives?

9/22/05 Paris Hilton Caught Up in Underage Booze and Drugs Scandal

9/22/05 Jennifer Aniston Finds Love With New Onscreen Boyfriend?

9/22/05 Angelina Jolie to Face Baby Zahara's Mother in Court?

9/22/05 The OC Preview Clips for September 22
9/22/05 Medium Goes 3-D on November 21st
9/22/05 Dominic Monaghan Persuaded Lost Bosses to Alter Character for Him

9/22/05 Rock Star: INXS Props and Memorabilia Up for Bid on eBay to Benefit Charity

9/22/05 Two Hour Premiere of America's Next Top Model Draws Strong Ratings

9/22/05 Ashley Eliminated During Two Hour Premiere of America's Next Top Model

9/22/05 Bravo Offers Million Dollar Prize in Seventh Celebrity Poker Showdown

9/22/05 The Amazing Race: Family Edition Two Hour Premiere Airs September 27th

9/22/05 Get Cast on Reality TV With These Top Tips From A Hollywood Insider

9/22/05 Artem Chigvintsev & Melissa Vella Eliminated From So You Think You Can Dance

9/22/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt Calls in Ghostbuster to Get Rid of Gross Spook

9/22/05 Patricia Arquette Goes 3-D for Spooky Medium Episode

9/22/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants Gratitude From Matt Damon for Bed Gift

9/22/05 Dominic Monaghan's Lord of the Rings Depression

9/22/05 Bon Jovi Stuns Oprah Winfrey With $1 Million Donation

9/22/05 Lost's Jorge Garcia Wants a Love Interest

9/22/05 UPN's "R U The Girl" Finale Draws Strong Ratings

9/22/05 A Hair Obsession Stirs Controversy on the Next "America's Next Top Model"

9/22/05 Invasion Episode 2 Preview

9/22/05 Lost Season 2 Episode 2 Preview

9/21/05 Ashton Kutcher's Graffiti Covered Restaurant Sparks Uproar

9/21/05 Anna Nicole Smith Busts Out About Her Breasts

9/21/05 Teri Hatcher Signs for Clairol

9/21/05 Renee Zellweger's Tearful Eve of Split

9/21/05 Anthony Hopkins Reads Phone Book to Thrill Oprah Winfrey

9/21/05 Keira Knightley Chose Bottom Double for Domino

9/21/05 INXS Pick Good Fortune as New Lead Singer

9/21/05 Maggie Ausburn Wins Big Brother 6 and the Grand Prize of $500,000

9/21/05 Jude Law in Car Smash

9/21/05 Teri Hatcher is Delighted for Felicity Huffman

9/21/05 Ricardo Chavira Upsets His Dad by Getting Close to Tyra Banks

9/21/05 24's Season Five Clock Adjusted

9/21/05 Clay Aiken's Clothes Make Comeback Cash

9/21/05 Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Jeopardizes Future of Fat Actress

9/20/05 Kenny Chesney Was Too Busy for Marriage

9/20/05 Kelly Clarkson Reschedules Dates For 'Hazel Eyes' Tour

9/20/05 Big Brother Finale Summary for September 20th

9/20/05 Kirstie Alley Celebrates Big Weight Loss

9/20/05 Dominic Monaghan Refuses to Confirm His Status With Evangeline Lilly

9/20/05 Kelly Clarkson Bumped into Unpleasant Friend

9/20/05 E!'s Kill Reality Superstar Toni Ferrari Shops Her Own Television Series

9/20/05 Wentworth Miller Guest Stars in Premiere Episode of Ghost Whisperer

9/20/05 Alicia Keys and MTV Debut Next Generation of Unplugged

9/20/05 Seven Celebrities Move into Deluxe Mansion on Premiere of The Surreal Life

9/20/05 Valentino Garavani Slams Paris Hilton

9/20/05 Felicity Huffman Stays in Her Pajamas for Ellen DeGeneres Show

9/20/05 Jennifer Aniston Brings Champagne Gifts to Oprah Winfrey

9/20/05 Jennifer Aniston's Happy Sleep Problem

9/20/05 Alyssa Milano Helps Hurricane Victims

9/20/05 Zoic Flies High With Serenity

9/19/05 Ghost Whisperer September 30th Episode Preview

9/19/05 Oprah Winfrey Declares Luther Vandross "The Greatest"

9/19/05 Quotables From NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien

9/19/05 John Stamos Makes Guest Star Appearance on ER

9/19/05 Janice Dickinson: "I Was Fired From Tyra Banks' Show"

9/19/05 Jennifer Aniston Thanks Her Friends

9/19/05 Oprah Winfrey Ends Feud With Hermes

9/19/05 Jennifer Aniston Ready to Date Again

9/19/05 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Plan Benefit Show

9/19/05 Britney Spears Gives Grants to Hurricane Relief Efforts

9/19/05 Christina Aguilera Thrilled for Britney Spears

9/19/05 Zagat Survey Releases 2006 Guide to Top Movies of All Time

9/19/05 The Amazing Race Set to Begin on GSN on September 29th

9/19/05 And Then There Were Two on Big Brother 6, Janelle Voted Out

9/19/05 Threshold Premiere Draws Strong Ratings

9/19/05 Emmy Winner Felicity Huffman Shut Out of Party

9/19/05 Orlando Bloom Hits Out at Engagement Reports

9/19/05 Jessica Simpson Eyed by Tyra Banks

9/19/05 Desperate Housewives October 2nd Episode Preview

9/19/05 Blake's Tribe Becomes Concerned About His Heath on Next Survivor Episode

9/18/05 Billy Boyd: "I am Not a Lord of the Bling"

9/18/05 Peter Jackson "King Kong is Not Better Than Original"

9/18/05 Nicole Kidman to Return to West End

9/18/05 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Donate to Katrina Kids

9/18/05 Josh Hartnett Breaks Hearts by Dating Scarlett Johansson

9/18/05 Elijah Wood Takes Up On Set Photography

9/18/05 Mr. T Brands Surreal Life Stars "Washed Up"

9/18/05 Naomi Watts "King Kong is the Ultimate Man"

9/18/05 Smoothie Unveiled in Honor of Britney Spears Baby

9/18/05 Johnny Depp Immortalized at Hollywood Theater

9/17/05 Tyra Banks Proves Her Breasts are Real

9/17/05 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Star in Movie

9/17/05 Jennifer Lopez Mink Eyelashes Outrage McCartney

9/17/05 Brad Pitt Buddies Up With Billy Bob Thornton

9/17/05 Brad Pitt Goes Sky High

9/17/05 Renee Zellweger's Baby Row

9/17/05 Nicollette Sheridan Basks in Fame and Fortune

9/17/05 The X Factor Wins Sharon Osbourne a Proposal

9/17/05 Jack White Rushes to Zellweger's Side

9/17/05 Carmen Electra the New Face of Max Factor

9/17/05 Reunion Preview Clips for September 22nd

9/17/05 Return to the Runway Episode of America's Next Top Model on September 20

9/17/05 The Models Battle it Out to Make the Final Cut on "America's Next Top Model"

9/17/05 Ryan Devlin to Host Live Finale of "R U The Girl With T-Boz and Chilli"

9/16/05 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, The Complete Recordings

9/16/05 Tara Reid Loses Designer Handbag Carrying $180,000 in Jewels in Ibiza Airport

9/16/05 Mary-Kate Olsen Resumes Studies at NYU

9/16/05 Renee Zellweger Seeks to Explain Fraud Listing

9/16/05 Angelina Jolie Confirmed as New Face of St. John

9/16/05 Renee Zellweger Cites Fraud in Legal Papers

9/16/05 Nicollette Sheridan Ready for Spontaneous Motherhood

9/16/05 Survivor Still Lighting the Torch

9/16/05 Survivor Guatemala - Better Know As "The Jungle Ain't No Picnic"

9/16/05 Teri Hatcher Doesn't Want Perfection for Emerson

9/16/05 Patricia Arquettee Doesn't Want Emmy Prize

9/16/05 Heidi Klum to Wear Project Runway Winner's Creation

9/16/05 Dr. Phil Was Right, Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney Split

9/16/05 Paula Abdul Finds Love

9/15/05 NBC Takes "The Office" Outdoors

9/15/05 Ashton Kutcher and Carmen Electra Ambush Carson Daly

9/15/05 Vince Vaughn Sorry Jennifer Aniston Rumors Aren't True

9/15/05 Big Brother 6 Contestant Kaysar Ridha to Appear on The Young and the Restless

9/15/05 Cameron Crowe Returns to 'Elizabethtown'

9/15/05 Paris Hilton Hacker Jailed

9/15/05 Britney Spears Thrilled With Healthy Son

9/15/05 Donald Trump Incorporates Twists into the New Season of The Apprentice

9/15/05 Emma Watson: "Hermione is a Part of Me"

9/15/05 Adam Brody Loves Breaking Hearts

9/15/05 Angelina Jolie to Become the Face of St. John

9/15/05 Destini Rogers & Ryan Conferido Eliminated From So You Think You Can Dance

9/15/05 Chris Rock Avoids Family Lawsuits

9/15/05 Lost Stars Raise Cash for Hurricane Victims

9/15/05 Jessica Simpson Thrilled to Escape Nick Lachey's Sports Talk

9/15/05 Arrested Development Preview Clip

9/14/05 Nicole Richie Drug Charges Dismissed

9/14/05 Jennifer Aniston Wins Restraining Order Against Home Invader

9/14/05 Brad Pitt to Bare All?

9/14/05 Heather Mills McCartney Loses Leg in Scuffle With Jennifer Lopez Security

9/14/05 Britney Gives Birth to Baby Boy

9/14/05 DreamWorks Animation Announces "Madagascar 2"

9/14/05 Martha Stewart Presides Over First "Conference Room" September 21st

9/14/05 Carmen Electra Confused by Injury

9/14/05 American Idol Ads Make TV History

9/14/05 Eva Longoria Grateful to Tony Parker for Support

9/14/05 Heidi Klum Names Baby "Henry"

9/14/05 Simon Cowell Scarred by Sharon Osbourne Attacks

9/14/05 April is Voted Out of the House by Her Friend Ivette

9/14/05 Odds Offered on The Apprentice and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

9/13/05 Simon Cowell Terrified TV Fame Would Reveal His Raunchy Past

9/13/05 Olsen Twins Target Boys

9/13/05 Big Brother Summary for September 13th

9/13/05 Cameron Diaz Doesn't Want to Live With Justin Timberlake

9/13/05 Heidi Klum Will Still Attend Emmys

9/13/05 Gwyneth Paltrow's Baby Apple Speaks Spanish

9/13/05 Angelina Jolie's Nightmare Meeting With Dying Baby

9/13/05 Britney Spears Shares Her Fantasy

9/13/05 Teri Hatcher Designs Inspiring T-Shirts for Hurricane Victims

9/13/05 Heidi Klum Gives Birth to Boy
9/13/05 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Premieres September 25th

9/12/05 Aimee Osbourne Mortified by The Osbournes Show

9/12/05 Mischa Barton Thanks Mother for Style Tips

9/12/05 Brad Pitt and George Clooney Pay Student Handsomely for a Ride

9/12/05 Carmen Electra Stings With Scorpion Pet

9/12/05 Marcia Cross Used Shocked Parents as Inspiration for Desperate Bree

9/12/05 Dannii and Kylie Minogue Tackled Salman Rushdie at Scrabble

9/12/05 Shirley Maclaine Impressed With Jennifer Aniston's Professional Conduct

9/12/05 Sienna Miller: "Cheats are Despicable"

9/12/05 Ozzy Osbourne Hires Tour Counselor to Help Him Cope With Dark Thoughts

9/12/05 Justin Timberlake Set for West End Summer 2006

9/12/05 Night Stalker Series Premiere September 29th

9/12/05 Alias Season 5 to Premiere September 29th

9/12/05 Desperate Housewives Season 2 Premiere Preview

9/12/05 Commander in Chief Series Premiere Preview

9/12/05 Survivor Live Online Talk Show Returns for Second Season on September 16th

9/12/05 America's Next Top Model Announces Top Model Top Stars Tour

9/12/05 T-Boz & Chilli Choose the Winner on the Live Finale September 20th

9/12/05 Bruce Willis Moonlights on "That '70s Show"

9/12/05 CBS Announces Television Movie "Mayday" To Broadcast October 2nd

9/12/05 New Line Cinema's 'Wedding Crashers' Breaks $200 Million Mark

9/11/05 Eva Longoria Helps French Basketball Team to Winning Ways

9/11/05 Deadwood Wins Shoot-Out at the Creative Arts Emmys

9/11/05 Kelly Clarkson Cancels More Concerts

9/11/05 Donald Trump: "Martha Stewart Was Not My First Choice"

9/11/05 50 Cent Condemns Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Secrecy

9/11/05 Emily Lloyd Turned Down Brad Pitt

9/11/05 Ashton Kutcher's Fatherly Instincts

9/11/05 Renee Zellweger Undecided on Janis Joplin Role

9/11/05 Simon Cowell Plans Talent Show Movie

9/11/05 Jennifer Lopez Stirred by Hurricane Victims Wooden Find

9/10/05 Britney Spears: "I'm Still Pregnant"

9/10/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt Calls the Ghostbusters

9/10/05 Harry Potter Star Faces Racial Hatred

9/10/05 Charlize Theron: "I Was a Big Bald Baby With a Giant Head"

9/10/05 Mischa Barton Finds Private Home Thanks to The Paparazzi

9/10/05 Jennifer Lopez Puzzled by Huge Panties Hurled at Her Husband

9/10/05 Kanye West Lives Out Oprah Dream

9/10/05 Britney Spears Uncles Feared Dead After Hurricane Katrina

9/10/05 Paris Hilton Works at Avoiding Criticism

9/10/05 Paula Abdul Reveals Fondness for Simon Cowell

9/9/05 Tommy Hilfiger Hands Over a Fortune to Hurricane Victims

9/9/05 Lost Character Lures Committed Fans

9/9/05 Ozzy Osbourne Dreams of Acoustic Album

9/9/05 Angelina Jolie to Air Home Video From African Awareness Trip

9/9/05 Bo Bice Opens His Old Home to Homeless Hurricane Family

9/9/05 Bo Bice Returns With Hurricane Victims Tribute Tune

9/9/05 Howie Gordon Succumbs to the Dark Side of Big Brother 6

9/9/05 America's Next Top Model Premieres September 21

9/9/05 Chris Rock Narrates New Series Everybody Hates Chris

9/9/05 Love is in the Air for Jude Law and Sienna Miller

9/9/05 Simon Cowell Bored With Music Industry

9/9/05 Kelly LeBrock Joins Celebrity Fit Club 3

9/9/05 Britney Spears Baby Exclusively Versace

9/8/05 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Heading to Virginia?

9/8/05 Anna Nicole Smith Blasts Andrew 3000 Over Fur Fashions

9/8/05 24 Gets Bigger

9/8/05 Protesters Slam Jennifer Lopez at Movie Premiere

9/8/05 Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra Struggle to Schedule Children

9/8/05 A Knight in Shining Armour Courts His Fair Lady

9/8/05 Big Brother Summary for September 8th

9/8/05 Evangeline Lilly Ad Makes Airwaves

9/8/05 Lost Cast Have Odor Problems

9/8/05 Nicole Richie's Lesbian Kiss

9/8/05 Ghost Whisperer and Threshold to be Premiered in Cemetery

9/8/05 ABC and Entertainment Weekly Offer Trading Cards for "Lost"

9/8/05 NBC Partners With House Party to Promote The Biggest Loser Season Premiere

9/8/05 Debra Messing's Son Calls Angelina Jolie "Mama"

9/8/05 Chris Cortez Wins "The Cut" and the Opportunity to Design His Own Line

9/8/05 Snow Urbin and Allan Frias are Eliminated From So You Think You Can Dance

9/8/05 Big Brother 6 Meets Two and a Half Men

9/8/05 Reality Stars to Help Raise Funds for Hurricane Victims

9/7/05 Julia Roberts Hugs Hurricane Survivors

9/7/05 Keira Knightley: "I'm a Terrible Friend"

9/7/05 Tom Cruise Plans Biopic on Teen Sports Star

9/7/05 Kylie Minogue's Illness Helps Others

9/7/05 Rachel Bilson in Tears at Her Birthday Party

9/7/05 Paris Hilton "I'm Not Sexual"

9/7/05 JK Rowling Fights Piracy With Harry Potter Downloads

9/7/05 Ailing Kelly Clarkson Cancels Shows

9/7/05 Harry Potter Digital Audiobooks Debut Exclusively on iTunes Music Store

9/7/05 Oprah Winfrey: America Needs to Apologize to Katrina Victims

9/7/05 Third Hour of Prison Break to Re-air Before New Episode September 12th

9/7/05 Jennifer Lopez Forced on Stage During Live Chat Show

9/7/05 Blind Date Kicks Off It's Seventh Season

9/7/05 Two New Series Premiere This Weekend on VH1 'My Fair Brady' & 'Breaking Bonaduce'

9/7/05 April and Howie Nominees for Eviction From Big Brother 6 House

9/7/05 19 Entertainment Announces Mario Vazquez Recording and Management Agreements

9/7/05 Billy Crystal Makes Surprise Appearance on Tonight Show

9/7/05 Broadcast Networks Expand "Shelter From the Storm" Telethon

9/6/05 Tara Reid is Robbed

9/6/05 JK Rowling Portrait Unveiled

9/6/05 Stella McCartney and Pamela Anderson Help Raise Cash for Stranded Pets

9/6/05 Oprah Winfrey Calls on Famous Friends to Help Hurricane Victims

9/6/05 Lindsay Lohan Welcomes Stranded Girl Into Her Home

9/6/05 All Star Cast to Perform on Shelter From the Storm Telethon

9/6/05 Colin Farrell and Paris Hilton Sell Themselves For Hurricane Victims

9/6/05 The Three Remaining Designers Tackle Their Final Assignment on "The Cut"

9/6/05 Two New Designers Join the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Team

9/6/05 A Hurricane Hitting Florida May Be Masking Something Ominous on "Invasion"

9/6/05 My Kind of Town Moves on to Egg Harbor City, New Jersey on September 11

9/6/05 Oprah Winfrey Cuts Her Holiday Short to Visit Hurricane Victims

9/6/05 Eva Longoria Keen to Catch Up With Pregnant Gabrielle

9/6/05 Haylie Duff Puts Singing Dreams on Hold After Paris Hilton Feud

9/6/05 Britney Spears Laughs Off Vegas Show Reports

9/6/05 American Idols Live! Extends Tour for Katrina Victims

9/6/05 NBC to Grant "Three Wishes" the Week of September 12th in Fifteen Cities

9/6/05 FOX Announces Skating With Celebrities Participants

9/6/05 Universal Studios Announces King Kong Promotional Partnerships

9/6/05 Sheryl Crow Announces Tour to Help Unicef

9/5/05 Jeremy Piven's Mother Wants Him to be With Lindsay Lohan

9/5/05 Eva Longoria Can't Wait for Bigger Role

9/5/05 Pamela Anderson Postpones Shoe Line

9/5/05 Desperate Housewives Rule Out Guest Stars

9/5/05 Brooke Burke Eyes Prince

9/5/05 Brooke Burke Rocker Dreams

9/5/05 Britney Spears Defends Her Kabbalah Beliefs

9/5/05 Kirsten Dunst Denies Orlando Bloom Fling

9/5/05 Roger Daltrey Attacks the X Factor

9/5/05 Jessica Simpson Shies Away From Christian Roots

9/4/05 Bush Supporter Britney Spears Didn't Vote

9/4/05 On Superman Return Set, Hero's Suit is Subject of Much Discussion

9/4/05 Sienna Miller Thankful for Jude Law's Support

9/4/05 Shakira Funds New School in Colombia

9/4/05 Christina Aguilera Earns $2 Million as Wedding Singer

9/4/05 Lindsay Lohan is Matthew Perry's New Neighbor

9/4/05 Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn Accused of Mugabe Plot

9/4/05 Britney Spears Scared About Motherhood

9/4/05 Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Vince Vaughn on Chest

9/4/05 Angelina Jolie Takes Action Over Storm Aid Efforts

9/4/05 Jennifer Lopez Records Reggaeton Track

9/4/05 The OC Preview Clips for September 8th Premiere Episode

9/4/05 Preview Clips for New Fox Series "Bones"

9/4/05 Preview Clips for FOX Series "Kitchen Confidential" September 19th Premiere

9/3/05 Britney Spears Orders a Second Wedding Ring

9/3/05 Jessica Simpson to Step into Barbra Streisand's Shoes

9/3/05 Lost Producers Plan Blockbuster Finale

9/3/05 Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliff Considered for Teenage 007 Role

9/3/05 Britney Spears Married to Become Independent

9/3/05 Jennifer Lopez Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

9/3/05 Britney Spears Plans TV Birth Fundraiser

9/3/05 Smoke Halts Work on Pamela Anderson's Sitcom Set

9/3/05 Britney Spears Prepares Goddess Look for Baby

9/3/05 Big Brother Summary for September 3rd

9/3/05 Jeri Ryan's Son Uses The OC to His Advantage

9/2/05 Lost Season 2 to Premiere Wednesday September 21

9/2/05 Jesse McCartney Eyes Anna Kournikova

9/2/05 Pamela Anderson Roast Worried Tommy Lee

9/2/05 Hilary Duff Donates Cash for Katrina Victims

9/2/05 Jessica Simpson Offers Support to Celebrity Couple Over Marriage Rumors

9/2/05 Kathy Griffin to Host Bravo Special "Bravo's All-Star Reality Reunion"

9/2/05 Untrustworthy James Back-Doored Out of the Big Brother House

9/2/05 Lonely Marcia Cross Snubbed Star Trappings

9/2/05 Lindsay Lohan's Father Sings Back

9/2/05 Jennifer Aniston to Blast Brad Pitt on TV

9/2/05 Britney Spears Glad Jessica Simpson Beat Her to Daisy Duke

9/2/05 Brady Mother Frowns on Christopher Knights Romance With Adrianne Curry

9/2/05 Oprah Winfrey Pays for Niece's Paradise Nuptials

9/1/05 Tom Cruise's Naked Brush With the Law

9/1/05 Tom Cruise Pal Reveals Cigarettes & Hunting Past

9/1/05 Britney Spears Mother Surprised at Early Pregnancy

9/1/05 Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon Help Hurricane Victims

9/1/05 Orlando Bloom Unimpressed With Hummers

9/1/05 Britney Spears Muses Over Baby Names

9/1/05 Big Brother Summary for September 1st

9/1/05 Ghost Whisperer to Premiere on CBS September 23

9/1/05 Rock Star: INXS Reach Ratings High for Third Week in a Row

9/1/05 Ty Taylor is the Tenth Performer Eliminated On Rock Star: INXS

9/1/05 Britney Spears Prays for Hurricane Victims

9/1/05 The Tonight Show Partners With Harley Davidson to Help Hurricane Victims

9/1/05 Lindsay Lohan's Reconciliation With Hilary Duff Rebuffed

9/1/05 American Idol Auditions in Memphis Cancelled by Katrina

9/1/05 Michelle Brooke & Craig Derosa Eliminated From So You Think You Can Dance

9/1/05 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Picture Abandoned

9/1/05 Hilary Duff's Phone Problem

9/1/05 Jessica Alba and Joss Stone Reveal Close Call With Surge Knight Shooting

9/1/05 My Kind of Town Heads to Ellenville New York for September 4th Show

9/1/05 John Leguizamo Joins Cast of NBC's "ER"



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