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9/30/06 Christina Aguilera Considers Movie Debut in Jeanne Carmen Biopic

9/30/06 "Reverend Run" Simmons Hospital Room Funeral for Daughter

9/30/06 Eva Longoria Finds Squatters in Her New Home

9/30/06 Jessica Simpson Sleeps on the Floor to Combat Insomnia

9/30/06 Nick Carter: "I Cheated on Paris Hilton With Ashlee Simpson"

9/30/06 X Factor Filming Halted After Hurricane Strikes

9/30/06 Harry Potter Actress Emma Watson Threatens to Quit Role

9/30/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Mother Urges Actress to Get in Touch

9/30/06 Dog the Bounty Hunter's Bracelet Removed For NYC Trip

9/30/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Mother Disputes Attorney's Paternity Claims

9/30/06 CBS Picks Up The Amazing Race for 11th Season

9/30/06 America's Most Wanted Making A Difference Like Never Before Tonight

9/30/06 Alfonso Ribeiro Named Celebrity Duet's Champion on Series Finale

9/30/06 Nanny Yvonne Saves the Day on Nanny 911 Friday, October 6th

9/30/06 Marin Goes to Jack For Help With a Sick Raccoon Next Week on "Men in Trees"

9/30/06 Melinda Helps the Spirit of a Six Year Old Girl Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

9/30/06 The FBI Must Catch a Thief Who Stole a Painting Next Week on Numb3rs

9/29/06 Larry Birkhead: "Anna Nicole Smith Wanted to Marry Me"

9/29/06 Avril Lavigne Apologizes for Spitting at Paparazzi

9/29/06 Aide Confirms Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are Struggling With Romance

9/29/06 Anna Nicole Smith Weds in Spiritual Ceremony

9/29/06 Jason Lee Confirms Jaime Pressly Pregnancy

9/29/06 Miriam Margolyes Furious at Harry Potter Axe

9/29/06 Anna Nicole Smith "Ignorant" of Son's Medication

9/29/06 Kylie Minogue Reassures Fans

9/29/06 Brad Pitt Turns Investigative Journalist

9/29/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Pathologist Blames Daniel's Doctors

9/29/06 American Inventor Finalist, Erik Thompson, Invests Winnings to help other Inventors

9/29/06 Preview For Next Weeks Episodes of Dancing With the Stars

9/29/06 The Victims Give Voice to Their Own Murders Next Week on CSI

9/29/06 Sebastian Builds a Case Against a Heart Surgeon Next Week on "Shark"

9/29/06 Laura Questions Her Late Husbands Integrity on Six Degrees October 5th

9/29/06 Betty Loses "The Book" Next Week on Ugly Betty

9/29/06 Angela Pushes Dwight to Take Action Against Michael Next Week on The Office

9/29/06 Preview for My Name is Earl October 5th Episode

9/29/06 Preview for Next Week's Deal or No Deal Episodes

9/28/06 Orlando Bloom and Penelope Cruz Dating?

9/28/06 Lindsay Lohan Purse Savior Still Waiting for Reward

9/28/06 Anna Nicole Smith Weds in the Bahamas

9/28/06 Britney Spears Fires Publicist

9/28/06 Nick Lachey Prefers Bus Over Plane

9/28/06 Clay Aiken Refuses to Address Gay Rumors

9/28/06 Orlando Bloom's Maternal Woes

9/28/06 Paris Hilton's DUI Arraignment Postponed

9/28/06 Drugs Caused Anna Nicole Smith's Sons Death

9/28/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Ex Demands Paternity Test

9/28/06 Tonight's "The Late Show" Top Ten List

9/28/06 A Satellite Image Generates Questions Next Week on "Jericho"

9/28/06 A Runner Collapses in the Middle of a Marathon Next Week on CSI: NY

9/26/06 A Merge Challenges Castaway's Alliances Tonight on Survivor Cook Islands

9/28/06 Coming Up on Week Four of Dancing With the Stars
9/28/06 Preview for The Biggest Loser October 4th Episode

9/27/06 TLC Announces New Series "The Monastery" to Premiere October 22nd

9/27/06 Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce Knowles: Best Buddies?

9/27/06 Jesse McCartney Regrets Jennifer Lopez Gossip

9/27/06 Kylie Minogue Dreams About Stage Return

9/27/06 Ashton Kutcher Planned Elaborate Prank on American Idol's Ryan Seacrest

9/27/06 Six Feet Under Star Expecting

9/27/06 Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K Stern Plan to Marry

9/27/06 Daniel Pearl's Parents Applaud Angelina Jolie's Role in Drama

9/27/06 Lindsay Lohan Honored by Hollywood Film Festival

9/27/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Lawyer Reveals Paternity

9/27/06 Tragedy Hits Rev Run's Family

9/27/06 1 Vs 100 to Premiere on NBC October 13th

9/27/06 Trading Spouses Season Premiere Friday, October 6th

9/27/06 Senator Collins Heads to Washington on the Next Episode of "Vanished"

9/27/06 Michael Hits the Jackpot on the Next Episode of "Prison Break"

9/27/06 The Bachelor Premieres Monday October 2nd On ABC

9/27/06 Preview for This Weeks Dancing With the Stars Results Show

9/27/06 The Team Investigates a Missing Navy Lieutenant Next Week on NCIS

9/27/06 Bobby and the Gang Plan Their Next Job Next Week on "Smith"

9/27/06 The Teams Mission in South America in Put on Hold Next Week on "The Unit"

9/27/06 Monday's Episode of The Class to be Rebroadcast Saturday September 30th

9/26/06 Johnny Depp Snubbed by "Pirate" Town

9/26/06 Lindsay Lohan Honored by Hollywood Film Festival

9/26/06 James Robinson Backs Down Over Lindsay Lohan

9/26/06 My Name is Earl Star Pregnant and Engaged?

9/26/06 American Idol Star Clay Aiken Stunned by Fans Tattoos

9/26/06 Russell Simmons Named Baby Girl Before She Died

9/26/06 Janice Dickinson Tells Tales on Modeling Industry

9/26/06 Orlando Bloom Hopes to Rekindle Romance With Kate Bosworth

9/26/06 Lost Star Charges Dropped

9/26/06 Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon Join Political Thriller

9/26/06 Preview for Heroes Episode for October 2nd

9/26/06 A Ballroom Dancer and Prison Guard Next Week on Wife Swap

9/26/06 The Young and The Restless to Promote Meningitis Vaccination Awareness

9/26/06 Chevy Chase to Guest Star on NBC's Law and Order

9/26/06 Pete Rose to Visit the Late Show With David Letterman

9/26/06 Frank Fontana Named New Host & Designer for HGTV's Design on a Dime Show

9/25/06 Brad Pitt Teams Up With Nip/Tuck Creator for Transsexual Show

9/25/06 Avril Lavigne Spits at Snappers

9/25/06 Nick Carter: "Paris Hilton Tried to Destroy Me"

9/25/06 Joe Simpson Defends Daughter Jessica Against Jackass

9/25/06 Olivia Newton-John Hails American Idol Contestants

9/25/06 Christina Aguilera Defends Paris Hilton's Pop Music

9/25/06 Gordon Ramsay's Driving Ban

9/25/06 Tony Iommi: "The Osbournes Shows What I've Put Up With"

9/25/06 Howard K Stern to Speak Out After Anna Nicole Smith Tragedy

9/25/06 Dog the Bounty Hunter Pleads to Avoid Extradition

9/25/06 Cheech Marin and Jai Rodriguez are Eliminated on Celebrity Duets

9/25/06 Elliott Yamin's First Solo Concert to Benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research

9/25/06 ABC's "The Nine" Premieres Wednesday, October 4th

9/25/06 Bree Says "I Do" in Fairy Tale Wedding Next Week on Desperate Housewives

9/25/06 Bravo Announces Top Sponsors for Season Two of Top Chef

9/24/06 Paris Hilton Charged With Drunk Driving

9/24/06 Lily Allen: "I'll Punch Paris Hilton"

9/24/06 American Idol Dad Files Libel Lawsuit

9/24/06 Lindsay Lohan to Finally Leave Chateau Marmont

9/24/06 Nicole Richie Slams Rehab Reports

9/24/06 Jessica Simpson Cries Watching Ashlee's West End Debut

9/24/06 Eva Longoria Too Lazy to Look for New House

9/24/06 Marcia Cross Thrilled by "Repressed" English Fans

9/24/06 Shakira Leads Latin Grammys

9/24/06 Simon Cowell's Mother Hit by Car

9/24/06 Preview for This Week on "The View"

9/24/06 Preview for September 28th Episode of The Office

9/24/06 Preview for September 27th Episode of "Kidnapped"

9/24/06 Preview for My Name is Earl September 28th

9/24/06 Special Two Hour Episode of The Biggest Loser Wednesday September 27th

9/24/06 Preview for This Weeks Deal or No Deal Episodes

9/24/06 Carlos Takes on More Than He Bargained for on the Next Episode of Six Degrees

9/24/06 Susan Gets a New Love Interest on the Season Premiere of Desperate Housewives

9/24/06 Melinda is Confronted by a Troubled Spirit Next Week on Ghost Whisperer

9/23/06 Janet Jackson Still Not Talking to Justin Timberlake After Superbowl Fiasco

9/23/06 Paris Hilton Gets Into Costume for Oktoberfest

9/23/06 Harry Potter Star Desperate for Dating Magic

9/23/06 Oprah Winfrey Admits Presidential "Overreaction"

9/23/06 Jennifer Lopez Dumps Her Manager

9/23/06 Nicole Richie Seeks Simple Life

9/23/06 Oprah Winfrey Launches Radio Channel

9/23/06 Jeff Buckley's Mother Denies Brad Pitt Rumors

9/23/06 Marcia Cross Almost Doubled Up Weddings With Desperate Housewives Church

9/23/06 Lindsay Lohan's Father Pleas for Reconciliation

9/22/06 Jack Osbourne Reveals Knife Attack on Sister

9/22/06 Billy Bob Thornton: "Adoption Joke is Not Aimed at Angelina Jolie"

9/22/06 Lindsay Lohan Slams Split Reports

9/22/06 Hugh Grant's "Catty" Comments About Elizabeth Hurley's Fiancé

9/22/06 Jessica Simpson is the Working Girl

9/22/06 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Ruined Eva Longoria's Vacation

9/22/06 Jennifer Love Hewitt Had to Change Revealing Ghost Whisperer Wardrobe

9/22/06 Brooke Burke Expecting Baby Girl

9/22/06 Marcia Cross Expecting Twins

9/22/06 Death Certificate Issued for Daniel Smith

9/21/06 Desperate Housewives Creator Bans More Babies

9/21/06 Lindsay Lohan Dumped by Boyfriend

9/21/06 Jessica Simpson Deemed to Sexy to Sing in Church

9/21/06 Christina Aguilera Wants to Act

9/21/06 Jack Osbourne Refuses to Work With Sister Kelly

9/21/06 Brad Pitt Denies Mission Impossible Rumors

9/21/06 Anna Nicole Smith Sells Son's Photos to Pay for Funeral

9/21/06 Daniel Smith Drug Overdose "Unlikely"

9/21/06 Lindsay Lohan Forced to Wear Cast for Next Six Weeks

9/21/06 Shanna Off Dancing With the Stars

9/21/06 The Team is Sent to Bulgaria Next Week on The Unit

9/21/06 Jake Races to Move Townspeople to Safety Next Week on Jericho

9/21/06 Special Review Episode of Lost September 27th

9/20/06 Clay Aiken Considers Adoption to Help a Child Through College

9/20/06 Christina Aguilera Admires Risk Taking Justin Timberlake

9/20/06 Yunjin Kim Wants Cute, Single Guys to Get Lost

9/20/06 Heart Problems a Curse for Anna Nicole Smith's Family

9/20/06 Daniel Smith Death Inquest May Be Cancelled

9/20/06 Jessica Simpson Still Sleeps in Nick Lachey's Shirts

9/20/06 American Idol Star Clay Aiken Suffers Anxiety Attacks

9/20/06 Christina Aguilera Sends Britney Spears a Bumper Baby Basket

9/20/06 Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Slammed by Priest

9/20/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Son Had Elevated Heart Rate

9/20/06 Saturday Night Live Returns for 32nd Season September 30th

9/20/06 Law & Order Kicks Off 17th Season on Friday September 22nd

9/20/06 Lost Season Three Premiere October 4th on ABC

9/19/06 Angelina Jolie Spends $360K on Banksy Works

9/19/06 Jessica Simpson Movie Cured Post-Marital Blues

9/19/06 Paris Hilton Shamed by Police Tapes

9/19/06 Carmen Electra Pens Sexy Book

9/19/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Ex Discovered Baby Name Online

9/19/06 Orlando Bloom Happy to be a Heart-Throb

9/19/06 Angelina Jolie Lands Dream Role as Taggart

9/19/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Ex Plans to Fight for His Baby Daughter

9/19/06 Jerry Springer Left Without a Dance Partner

9/19/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Son Was on Anti-Depression Medication When He Died

9/19/06 Julio Iglesias to Appear This Week on Dancing With the Stars Results Show

9/19/06 Several Alliances Begin to Form on the Next Episode of Amazing Race

9/19/06 Dehydration Threatens the Health of A Tribe on the Next Survivor: Cook Islands

9/19/06 A Competitive Coach and Chat Room Mom on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

9/19/06 Dog the Bounty Hunter Special Event Tonight on A&E Network

9/19/06 Ryan Star Releases Solo Album

9/18/06 Shar Jackson Refuses to Meet Children With Britney Spears

9/18/06 Mischa Barton: "I Was Too Self-Obsessed"

9/18/06 Lindsay Lohan Falls for London

9/18/06 Name Change for Reality TV's Supernova

9/18/06 Britney Spears Nanny Leaves Her for Jude Law

9/18/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Eye Luxury English Retreat

9/18/06 Second Smith Autopsy "Inconclusive"

9/18/06 Dog the Bounty Hunter Released From Jail

9/18/06 Father of Anna Nicole Smith's Baby Goes Public

9/18/06 Britney Spears Names Her Baby Sutton Pierce

9/18/06 NBC Introduces Deal or No Deal Online Game

9/18/06 Bravo Announces New Show "Better Half"

9/18/06 Wayne Brady Guest Stars on Thanksgiving Episode of Everybody Hates Chris

9/18/06 Carly Patterson Eliminated on Celebrity Duets, Two Celebrities to be Eliminated Friday

9/18/06 Without a Trace Season Five Premiere Sunday September 24th

9/17/06 Bam Margera Reignites Rumors of Jessica Simpson Affair

9/17/06 Paris Hilton Offered Alcohol Counseling

9/17/06 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Hand Over Millions

9/17/06 Rod Stewart to be Guest Judge on The X Factor

9/17/06 Paris Hilton Hands Homeless Beggar $100

9/17/06 Clay Aiken Fires Back at Gay Reports

9/17/06 Scarlett Johansson Thrilled by Josh Hartnett Romance

9/17/06 Brad Pitted Against Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible Shake Up

9/17/06 Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized With Wrist Fracture

9/17/06 Anna Nicole Smith Orders Second Autopsy

9/17/06 Cold Case Season Four Premiere Sunday, September 24th

9/16/06 Dog the Bounty Hunter Airs Arrest on TV

9/16/06 Paula Abdul Date Up for Grabs

9/16/06 Kylie Minogue's New Sense of Purpose

9/16/06 Jennifer Lopez Undergoes IVF

9/16/06 Paris Hilton Refuses Late Night Visit From Steve Coogan

9/16/06 Household Name Fame Cost Marcia Cross Dream Movie Role

9/16/06 British Big Brother Contestant Attacked

9/16/06 Matthew Fox's Treasures Found

9/16/06 Kylie Minogue's Book Inspired by Fans

9/16/06 Producer Hails "Magic" Britney Spears

9/16/06 Special Episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter to Air Tuesday, September 19th

9/16/06 Lea Thompson Celebrity Duets Interview Clip

9/15/06 Kylie Minogue: "Cancer Can Strike at any Age"

9/15/06 Oprah Winfrey Rules Out Presidency

9/15/06 Lindsay Lohan's Argument Shocks Diners

9/15/06 Tom Cruise Comforts Distraught David Beckham

9/15/06 Jessica Simpson's Flirting Fears

9/15/06 Kylie Minogue's Praise for Parental Support During Cancer Battle

9/15/06 Lost Stars Face Skinny Dip Ban

9/15/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Mother Begs for Funeral Reunion

9/15/06 Kylie Minogue's Canine Love Rival

9/15/06 Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested

9/15/06 Anna Nicole Smith "Overwhelmed" by Son's Death

9/15/06 My Name is Earl Preview for September 21st

9/14/06 Orlando Bloom Yearns for the Theatre

9/14/06 Teri Hatcher Worried About Nipples Expense

9/14/06 Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx Desperate for Miami Vice 2

9/14/06 Penelope Cruz Retreats From Hollywood

9/14/06 John Travolta's Attorney Insists Star is Not Gay

9/14/06 Idol Producers to Create New Winemaking Reality Series

9/14/06 Justin Timberlake Revives Stax Glory

9/14/06 Brad and Angelina Federal Agent Imposter Arrested

9/14/06 Anna Nicole Smith Had to be Sedated After Son's Death

9/14/06 Supernova Hopefuls Win Big on TV Finale

9/14/06 Penta Water to be Featured on Third Season of The Biggest Loser

9/14/06 Probst Promises "One of the Best Seasons Ever"

9/14/06 Barbra Streisand Tour Kicks Off October 4th in Philadelphia

9/14/06 Supernova Tour Dates Announced

9/14/06 Close to Home Season Two Premiere Airs September 22nd

9/13/06 JK Rowling Pleads With Airline Security

9/13/06 Madonna Set to Blast Off

9/13/06 Elton John Slams The X Factor

9/13/06 Jennifer Aniston Produces Yoga Video for Pal

9/13/06 INXS Forced to Cancel European Concerts

9/13/06 Former American Idol Finalist Arrested

9/13/06 Possible Charges in Suspicious Death of Anna Nicole Smith's Son

9/13/06 Britney Spears Baby Confirmed by Kevin

9/13/06 Rock Band Granted Injunction in Battle With Rock Star Supernova Show

9/13/06 Daniel Smith Autopsy Report to Be Released on Friday

9/13/06 Mike "Boogie" Malin Wins Big Brother All Stars

9/13/06 Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Thursday September 21st

9/13/06 A Pirate Mom and a Professional Organizer on the Next Episode of Wife Swap

9/13/06 Ugly Betty Series to Debut Thursday, September 28th

9/13/06 Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season Premiere Sunday September 24th

9/13/06 Music's Brightest Stars to Perform on Dancing With the Stars Results Show

9/13/06 James Cromwell and Eddie Izzard Clock In On 24

9/13/06 Wynn Las Vegas Announces 2006 'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions

9/13/06 Numb3rs Season Numb3r Three Returns Septemb3r 22nd on CBS

9/12/06 Ashlee Simpson Gets Chicago Dates

9/12/06 Orlando Bloom Realizes Drumming Dreams With Sheila E

9/12/06 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Wed in Next Six Weeks?

9/12/06 Marc Anthony Dreams Song for Jennifer Lopez

9/12/06 Jessica Simpson's Damage Control With Editors

9/12/06 Orlando Bloom Dreams of the Simple Life on the Cayman Islands

9/12/06 Zach Braff Busted Beating Up Teen on Punk'd

9/12/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Son Died of Apparent Overdose

9/12/06 Britney Spears Is a Mom Again

9/12/06 Daniel Smith's Father Saddened by Son's Death

9/12/06 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to be Distributed Online & Wireless

9/12/06 She Wants Revenge Announces Tour Plans for Remainder of 2006

9/12/06 The Who Tour Adds 14 New Dates in North America

9/12/06 Andrea Bocelli Releases CD, Includes Katharine McPhee Duet

9/12/06 FOX Offers Fourth Episodes of Vanished on the Web

9/12/06 Rating Report: Big Brother & Rock Star Supernova Reach Summer Peaks

9/12/06 Survivor Cook Islands: What Were They Thinking? Jeff Probst Tells Us

9/12/06 Supernanny Tackles Terrors Trevor and Travis September 18th

9/12/06 Season Seven of CSI to Premiere September 21st on CBS

9/11/06 Rosie O'Donnell Slams Lindsay Lohan's Behavior

9/11/06 Suspect Arrested in Jennifer Lopez Film Murders

9/11/06 Jorge Garcia Shrinks to Fit Action Figure

9/11/06 Sharon Osbourne Nags for Illegitimate Kids

9/11/06 Paris Hilton to Visit Oktoberfest

9/11/06 Orlando Bloom Finally Buys First Computer

9/11/06 Lionel Richie Now Better Known as Nicole's Father

9/11/06 Shanna Moakler Feels Betrayed by Travis Barker and Paris Hilton

9/11/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Son Died of Massive Heart Attack

9/11/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Son Dies, Three Days After Daughter is Born

9/11/06 Lea Thompson is Eliminated on Celebrity Duets

9/11/06 Black. White. The Series Available Now on DVD

9/11/06 Survivor Cook Islands: Just a White Boy From Wichita

9/11/06 The Beach is Back - Laguna Beach Season 2 DVD

9/11/06 Laguna Beach Season One DVD Review

9/11/06 New CBS Series "Shark" to Premiere Thursday September 21st

9/10/06 Nick Lachey Scared of Drugs

9/10/06 Watchdog: "Big Brother Broke Rules But Wasn't a Fix"

9/10/06 Tommy Lee Not Convinced Pamela Anderson is Happily Married

9/10/06 Nicole Richie: "Anorexia Reports Are Stressing Me Out"

9/10/06 Dave Navarro to Open for Supernova

9/10/06 Pamela Anderson Slams Pregnancy Rumors

9/10/06 Jane Fonda Praises Lindsay Lohan Criticism

9/10/06 Nick Lachey Still Confused About Jessica Simpson Split

9/10/06 Nick Lachey Finished With Cameras in Private Life

9/10/06 Christina Aguilera Dumped From Vibe Cover for Bobby Brown

9/9/06 Avril Lavigne to Lighten Up Stressful Tour Schedule

9/9/06 Nick Lachey Flattered by Lothario Rumors

9/9/06 Christina Aguilera Still Smarting From Britney Spears Snub

9/9/06 Nick Lachey Keeping Private Life Under Wraps

9/9/06 Brad Pitt Tired of Superstar Roles

9/9/06 Brad Pitt to Take Roles Based on Children

9/9/06 Hilary Duff Approves of Joel Madden's Girlfriend Sophie Monk

9/9/06 Martha Stewart Blasts Donald Trump Over Apprentice Sidekick

9/9/06 Lionel Richie Sought Doctor's Advice over Nicole's Condition

9/9/06 "Talentless" Paris Hilton's on Set Antics Slammed

9/8/06 Lionel Richie Reconciles His Relationship With Nicole

9/8/06 Nicole Kidman's Rome Row

9/8/06 Australian Stores Drop Kylie Minogue's Lingerie

9/8/06 Elizabeth Hurley to Wed Twice

9/8/06 Simon Cowell Duped by Boy Band Signed to His Own Label

9/8/06 Kiefer Sutherland Surprised by Secret Agent

9/8/06 Lindsay Lohan's Purse and Possessions Returned

9/8/06 Brad Pitt Will Wed Angelina Jolie When All People Can Marry

9/8/06 Paris Hilton Denies Kissing Travis Barker

9/8/06 Jessica Simpson Didn't Fire Publicist

9/8/06 Amazing Race 10 Debuts September 17th on CBS

9/8/06 Janelle Voted Off Big Brother All Stars; Mike "Bookie" and Erika Final Two

9/8/06 Survivor Cook Islands: Keep That Megaphone Handy

9/8/06 New CBS Series "The Class" to Premiere Monday September 18th

9/8/06 Kim Basinger Stars in "The Mermaid Chair" Movie on Lifetime Network

9/7/06 Harry Potter Video Banned from Internet

9/7/06 Simon Cowell Duped by X Factor Boy Band

9/7/06 Lindsay Lohan is Prison Sex Symbol

9/7/06 Eva Longoria Sick of Sweaty Sex Scenes

9/7/06 Jessica Simpson Slams Boyfriend Rumors

9/7/06 Dutch Priest Charged in Madonna Bomb Threat

9/7/06 Paris Hilton Regrets Drunk Driving

9/7/06 Lindsay Lohan Robbed at Heathrow Airport

9/7/06 Miss America Slams Paris Hilton for Drunk Driving

9/7/06 Report: Britney Spears to Give Birth Today

9/7/06 Ratings Report: Big Brother All Stars & Rock Star Supernova Deliver Again

9/7/06 Six Feet Under Relives on Bravo Beginning October 2nd

9/7/06 A Beauty Queen and Blue Collar Mom on the Season Premiere of Wife Swap

9/7/06 Six Degrees Series Premieres September 21st on ABC Network

9/7/06 Dancing With the Stars to Premiere September 12th on ABC Network

9/6/06 Paris Hilton Was Going for Burger Before Arrest

9/6/06 Pamela Anderson Left Red Faced by Kid Rock's Hat Choice

9/6/06 Orlando Bloom Troubled by Movie Car Damage

9/6/06 Angelina Jolie's Ex Lover: "She'll Always Be Kinky

9/6/06 Love Island Winner Fined for Speeding

9/6/06 Rachel Hunter Dumped by Make Me a Supermodel Show

9/6/06 Paris Hilton's Mafia Link

9/6/06 Linkin Park Album Delay

9/6/06 Robin Tunney Apologizes for Lying Over Prison Break Exit

9/6/06 Jessica Simpson Sacks Publicist

9/6/06 Dr. Evil Becomes the 11th Houseguest Evicted from Big Brother All Stars

9/6/06 Celebrity Fear Factor Preview for September 12th

9/5/06 Photographer Feels Jennifer Lopez Wrath

9/5/06 Eva Longoria Guessed that Marcia Cross Was Pregnant

9/5/06 Ludacris Demands Apology From Oprah Winfrey

9/5/06 U.S. Version of The Office Coming to the UK

9/5/06 Britney Spears Sandwich Sells on eBay

9/5/06 Rachel Bilson Backed Schoolmate Katharine McPhee During American Idol

9/5/06 Clay Aiken to be Appointed White House Advisor

9/5/06 Lionel Richie Fears Daughter Will End Up Like Diana

9/5/06 Rachel Bilson Bashes The OC

9/5/06 Jennifer Aniston Not on Board With Nike

9/4/06 Marcia Cross Pregnant With First Child

9/4/06 Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo in Love

9/4/06 John Mayer Shuns Jessica Simpson

9/4/06 Dangermouse Owns Up to Paris Hilton Prank

9/4/06 New TV Bachelor is a Real Prince

9/4/06 Lindsay Lohan Not Engaged

9/4/06 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Land Baby Biker Goods

9/4/06 Lionel Richie Ensures Nicole Eats

9/4/06 Christina Aguilera: "I Want a Baby Boy"

9/4/06 Color Me Badd Singer Weds Idol Finalist

9/3/06 Paris Hilton and Madonna Become the Best of Friends

9/3/06 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Divide Assets in Divorce

9/3/06 Another Lost Actor Arrested

9/3/06 Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth Break Up

9/3/06 Top Secret Suri Photos Released Today

9/3/06 Oprah Winfrey's Doctor Helped Queen Latifah Quit Smoking

9/3/06 Tommy Lee's Former Mansion Stars in Reality Show

9/3/06 Fatherhood Helps Brad Pitt Help Others
9/3/06 Christina Aguilera to Renew Vows Every Five Years

9/3/06 Jessica Simpson Denies Dating John Mayer

9/2/06 Justin Timberlake on Cameron Diaz: "We're Not Engaged"

9/2/06 Christina Aguilera's Wedding Woes

9/2/06 Avril Lavigne Annoyed at Critics of Image Change

9/2/06 Lord Voldemort Voted Top Villain

9/2/06 Pamela Anderson's Staggering Beauty Bill

9/2/06 Orlando Bloom "Johnny Depp is No Hunk"

9/2/06 Jessica Simpson's VMA Haul Under Scrutiny

9/2/06 Gnarls Barkley Behind Paris Hilton Prank?

9/2/06 Andy Roddick Denies Maria Sharapova Romance

9/2/06 Brad Pitt Slams Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Rumors

9/1/06 Kelly Osbourne Not Married

9/1/06 Jessica Simpson Struggled With Loneliness

9/1/06 Shakira to Shake it in Bollywood Film

9/1/06 Bam Margera and Jessica Simpson Make Up

9/1/06 Amazing Race Winner Attacks Military Anti-Gay Rules in New Book

9/1/06 Lost Kim Hates Meek Role

9/1/06 Banksy: "Paris Hilton Won't Get It"

9/1/06 Jessica Simpson Wins a Car

9/1/06 Kevin Federline Accepts Britney Spears Explanation for Lap Baby Mistake

9/1/06 Desperate Housewives Producers Launch Investigation After Scene is Leaked

9/1/06 Danielle & Chicken George Evicted From Big Brother All Stars

9/1/06 Teri Hatcher Talks About Her Life & Career on Bravo's "Inside the Actors Studio

9/1/06 Bravo Announces Top Chef Season Two Premiere October 18th

9/1/06 It's Not Too Late to Sign Up for the Big Brother Live Feeds

9/1/06 FOX Announces New Game Show "The Rich List"

9/1/06 Fear Factor Preview for September 6th

9/1/06 Ghost Whisperer Season Two Premiere to Air September 22nd

9/1/06 Star Trek Entering a New Frontier

9/1/06 Paris Hilton's Debut Album -- "Paris" -- Is Top Ten Its First Week of Release

9/1/06 New Line Media Announces New Reality Series "The Reporter"



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